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CORAL - (A Romance Trilogy, Book 1) by Clair Delaney CORAL - (A Romance Trilogy, Book 1) by Sep. 01, 2015 140798 words Sample 15%
When Coral Stevens is given the shocking news that her boss is selling the company, she feels like her controlled, uncomplicated world is being thrown upside down. The she meets her new boss to be, the enigmatic Tristan Freeman. Deeply troubled by how attracted she is to him, she warns him to stay away. Can Coral finally exorcise the demons of her past, and allow Tristan into her damaged heart?
Soliloquy by Mia Soto Soliloquy by Sep. 01, 2015 6165 words Read a sample
A short story...about a boy and a girl and a bottle of red.
ANGEL Book 1 - Guardian by Katrina Kahler ANGEL Book 1 - Guardian by Sep. 01, 2015 20235 words Read a sample
An Exhilarating New Series by the Best Selling Author - KATRINA KAHLER (Amazon All Star Award Author) A unique, enthralling and sensitive story about Ella, a 17 year old girl...her love, adversity and paranormal experiences.
Whips, Ties, And Prying Eyes: His Lustful Desires - BDSM Billionaire Party Erotic Romance by Evelyn Troy Whips, Ties, And Prying Eyes: His Lustful Desires - BDSM Billionaire Party Erotic Romance by Sep. 01, 2015 40113 words Read a sample
Clara's quickly growing tired of her job; a high-class escort, she yearns to go back to college and make something respectable of her life. So when she's offered one final client - a mysterious, enigmatic, and dominantly powerful man - can she resist the opportunity? After an earth-shattering, mind-numbing night with the nameless man, Clara is thrilled to discover he's left his wallet behind...
Sing Me Your Love Song by Raine O'Tierney Sing Me Your Love Song by Aug. 31, 2015 14180 words Read a sample
Who wouldn’t be thrilled at the opportunity to see the red thread of fate that binds them to their destined lover? No more awkward dates, no more broken hearts, no more of the messy unknown that comes with finding “the one.” Just you and your perfect match, right? But Reed and Kennick are about to find out that fate is a funny thing.
Urges by Sky Corgan Urges by Aug. 31, 2015 17831 words Read a sample
Fennel Riegel was looking for a good time. After losing her job and winding up having to move back home, all she wanted was a night to forget herself in the arms of a random hookup. Someone had other plans for her though.
Royal Sins Eight: The Ruler by Tereska Lynne Royal Sins Eight: The Ruler by Aug. 31, 2015 1418 words Read a sample
The Ruler: Since the king is incapable, the queen must rule until her children are of age, buying allies among the commons for the crown using all her wiles, her intelligence, and in the last resort, her body. Mature Content Warning.
Embracing Destiny - Episode 8 by J.D. Selmser Embracing Destiny - Episode 8 by Aug. 30, 2015 2579 words Read a sample
Before Damien could defy Death for love he had to find love worth dying for. See how it all started
Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Charlotte Byrd Desire: Big Bear Outlaw MC Romance Book 1 by Aug. 30, 2015 13303 words Read a sample
HE SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN AN OUTLAW, I SHOULDN’T HAVE FALLEN FOR HIM... Jack Hart was all wrong for me. He was in a motorcycle club. I was studying pre-med. He was a criminal, and I’ve never even jaywalked. After my mom had left, the last thing I wanted was a relationship. But then I started falling for Jack. Why did he have to have a girlfriend? Why did I have to go out with his brother?
For Love & Enchantment by All Authors Publishing House For Love & Enchantment by Aug. 30, 2015 3648 words Read a sample
The Amazon Rainforest holds more secrets than meets the eye. When folklore meets reality the only outcome can be devastating and confusion. Or can it? Edeli & Zavier want to discover if their union if meant to be For Love & Enchantment.
Der Anruf - Teil 1 by Anna Sici Der Anruf - Teil 1 by Aug. 30, 2015 4697 words Read a sample
"Hi," sagte eine weibliche Stimme vom anderen Ende der Leitung. "Also, wo war'n wir?" "Hi," antwortete ich und hielt einen Moment inne, um nachzudenken, wer das wohl sein könnte. Hatte ich einen Termin versäumt? War irgendein Gespräch unterbrochen worden? Bevor ich irgendetwas sagen konnte, fuhr die Stimme fort: "Ah, genau. Du wolltest mir sagen, wie feucht du bist."
The Lost Sunshine by Preeti Bhatt The Lost Sunshine by Aug. 30, 2015 63617 words
True love has the power to find what's lost and revive what's gone- this awe inspiring novel is a love plunge that puts forth the hidden power of love. This enticing novel brings to picture the life of a young girl Naila who falls in love with a man named Taruj who happens to be from IIT. This heart melting love story becomes a lifetime journey for Naila where she finds no exit.
Gothic Blood 1 by Brenda Williamson Gothic Blood 1 by Aug. 30, 2015 4206 words Sample 20%
Valentina Wells doesn’t know a life beyond her estate. When her mother dies, leaving her without family, alone with servants, her instincts of survival take over—thrusting her toward the perilous needs of her once bridled nature.
What Are Friends For? by JC Dixon What Are Friends For? by Aug. 28, 2015 69053 words Read a sample
Nick and Chris had been friends since they met at college, ten years ago. While Chris was gay and Nick was straight, that was irrelevant to their friendship. They had been there for each other through thick and thin. So, what would it take to break that friendship?
Cuckolding the King by Hannah L. Wing Cuckolding the King by Aug. 28, 2015 6499 words Sample 20%
On her wedding night to King Philip, Maria is shocked to discover that her husband is to small to even truly consummate their marriage. Completely unsatisfied by her cruel husband, she finds herself lusting after the man sworn to protect him. She satisfies her desires at the risk of defiling her family name and losing her own head, especially once the king's jealous would have been fiance, Lady Ch
Flash Fiction and Other Stories by Jason Wallace Flash Fiction and Other Stories by Aug. 27, 2015 12916 words Read a sample
Get 7 stories for the price of none! 5 of these are flash fiction (stories written on the spot, based on a picture), while the last 2 are merely additional stories offered, just for you! Get 7 very short stories that are sure to give you something to think about and maybe even a few laughs or sighs. From humor to whimsically ridiculous to romance to strange non-fiction, get it all for nothing!
A New Beginning by Amelia C. Adams A New Beginning by Aug. 27, 2015 41854 words Read a sample
Handsome young heir Adam Brody sees nothing but possibilities in the sprawling old building he's just purchased. With a little hard work, he will transform it into a hotel to meet the needs of those traveling by railroad. Elizabeth Caldwell needs to find work. She must hide her former marital status, and her child, if she wishes to get the job. Will they find their new beginning together?
Cougar Romance: The Talisman: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series (Paranormal BBW Menage Romance) by Paula Knight Cougar Romance: The Talisman: Secret Shades of the Alpha Blood Series (Paranormal BBW Menage Romance) by Aug. 27, 2015 9573 words Read a sample
★★★★★ "POWERFUL! Paula Knight creates an intensely romantic world for young and old alike. A place where there is darkness and light, love and hope, and if you dare to go there you will never want to leave."
Born under a Blue Moon by Laura S. Fox Born under a Blue Moon by Aug. 27, 2015 38427 words Sample 30%
Love is a blessing and a curse
Death in Neverland by Heather C. Myers Death in Neverland by Aug. 27, 2015 0 words Read a sample
Remy dies, shame on her. Remy goes to The Neverland twice - a place for souls after they've died. She meets Nick, a dashing pirate captain with a mythological task; James Hook, a man hell-bent on collecting souls, no matter the cost; and Peter Pan, more boy than man but the definition of evil. People never grow up in The Neverland - because they're dead.
Alpha's Tutor by Fel Fern Alpha's Tutor by Aug. 27, 2015 11874 words Read a sample
A small town boy moving into the big city is a dream come true for shy teacher Remy Carlson. Dreams are good until reality rams its ugly head. Barely able to make rent, Remy believes it’s too good to be true when he’s offered a tutoring job by the city’s most eligible billionaire bachelor and alpha werewolf Ethan Drake.
Stolen Hearts - Book 1 in the Stolen Hearts series by SL Hughes Stolen Hearts - Book 1 in the Stolen Hearts series by Aug. 27, 2015 104291 words Sample 20%
Australia 1971… Troubled nineteen-year-old beauty Evie Rose never had a choice. A victim of her own circumstances she must con, outsmart and outrun her past for a chance at love. Mick was never part of her plan. He was just another cute guy who owned a car she could steal then make everything right. What they experience, lose and suffer in their lives, will define everyone they love forever.
Fierceberry: Family Honor by Moda Mahones Fierceberry: Family Honor by Aug. 27, 2015 20982 words Read a sample
Carmela Vandale must make a choice that will define the rest of her life very soon. High school graduation is just around the corner and she must choose to either stay in the security of her family support system in a small Indiana town or brave unknown daring's of Miami, Florida with her headstrong fiancé. Does a small town raised girl choose familiar safety or adventurous love?
Tilly and Elmer In Decent Exposure by Gene Clements Tilly and Elmer In Decent Exposure by Aug. 26, 2015 7848 words Read a sample
Tilly and Elmer, a sexagenarian couple from Iowa, are at it again. They decide to expand their horizons by taking some classes at the local community college, but this time, their horizons, and their local notoriety, expand a lot more than they had in mind. By the end of the semester, everyone in town is talking about the esthetic qualities of Elmer’s nude body and Tilly’s talent for kissing.
Sommer’s Outdoor Delight by Andi Madden Sommer’s Outdoor Delight by Aug. 26, 2015 1887 words Sample 20%
Sommer is treated to an erotic tryst under a starry sky--a leather belt, spanking, ice-cubes and explicit lovin' included. ~The 15 Minutes of Hot series is a complete, sweet and hot EROTICA romance if you only have 15 minutes of time to read. Perfectly bite-sized erotica for your reading pleasure.
The Hottie Billionaires Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress) by Sharon Rose The Hottie Billionaires Series: Romancing A Banking Magnate (The Billionaire Meets The Damsel In Distress) by Aug. 26, 2015 23819 words Read a sample
A steamy romance between a hot billionaire, who suffers from temporary impotence, and a woman desperate to save their farm from bank's foreclosure. He needs her to bring back his voracious sexual appetite, she needs his money to pay off her family's debt. Together, they signed a contract - she'll be his wife and baby momma in exchange for a large chunk of money. But LOVE is never in the agreement.
Lasting effects of an Indiscretion by Lgoo Books Lasting effects of an Indiscretion by Aug. 26, 2015 6109 words Read a sample
I can't believe there is yet another out break, first it was tomatoes, then lettuce, and now melons! What the hell is happening with our food supply Senator Dave Chesney said to his wife Melody as he laid down the morning paper and took a sip from his coffee cup? My gut tells me its no accident
Kiss Book One by Lucia Jordan Kiss Book One by Aug. 25, 2015 14128 words Read a sample
June is falling for a billionaire who happens to be forbidden in more ways than one...
Pierced Book One by Lucia Jordan Pierced Book One by Aug. 25, 2015 10732 words Read a sample
Lisa thought she’d never love again, until Dr. Luke Miller turns her life up-side-down causing her to question everything she thought she knew. 
Adjournment by Emersyn Vallis Adjournment by Aug. 25, 2015 112099 words Read a sample
Sidney has her life exactly how she wants it. Or so she thinks. It will take one 4th of July weekend, two sisters, and three guys to make her realize who she really is and where she really belongs. This is book one in the Fate Series. (The series must be read in order.)
Second Chances: The Power of Hope by Gabriela Louis Second Chances: The Power of Hope by Aug. 25, 2015 75163 words Read a sample
Alana is a single mother trying to escape the abuse of her current home. She has been saving every penny to be able to move out on her own, and just a day before she reaches her goal, her daughter gets kidnapped. She gets together with her daughter's daddy, whom she has not seen since that one day of passion, and together they have to follow the clues that will lead to their sweet baby.
More Sense than Sensibility –  Shades of the French Revolution by R. J. Weinkam More Sense than Sensibility – Shades of the French Revolution by Aug. 25, 2015 95265 words Read a sample
Young Jane Austen travels with her cousin, Eliza de Feuillide, to answer a summons by a British Agent, Hugh DuBray. Eliza’s husband was recently guillotined, betrayed by a M. Morel, and DuBray wishes to learn what he can. While there, Jane meets the characters and has adventures that inspire her early novels, but her involvement with French and British spies - that must be kept secret.
In Just One Moment by Wendy Nettles In Just One Moment by Aug. 25, 2015 55961 words Read a sample
A modern day fairytale of a country girl and an Hollywood actor who meet and fall in love. But life isn't always Hollywood theatrics and when real life comes knocking on their door, only true love can make this fairytale come true.
A Game Most Dangerous by Megan Derr A Game Most Dangerous by Aug. 24, 2015 5748 words Read a sample
Rain is on spring break with his friends and bored out of his mind—when he's not pining after his best friend Whitney, anyway. Then a storm knocks him overboard and he winds up trapped on an island with an ominous reputation…
Finding Paradise (Book Two in the Love Life Series) by Anne Seaworthy Finding Paradise (Book Two in the Love Life Series) by Aug. 24, 2015 7224 words Read a sample
In this sequel to Haunting Helen, Jamie and his crew are still flying the Lady Kate and catching Dreams - but now they're getting ambitious and capturing the nightmares of a tormented professor. Meanwhile, Jamie must find his true love if he wants to enter Paradise - but does he want to enter Paradise? India is determined to be that love interest. Jamie is determined that she not be the one.
Small Town Secrets by Roxanne Snopek Small Town Secrets by Aug. 24, 2015 17758 words Read a sample
The graduating class of Cherry Lake High School is celebrating their freedom with the traditional camp-out in the Jackson Cherry Orchard on the banks of Flathead Lake, Montana. Nate and Pansy feel that they are guardians of the town, its children and keepers of their secrets. Little does anyone know that they harbor a secret of their own…
Ivan the Heartless by Megan Derr Ivan the Heartless by Aug. 24, 2015 4695 words Read a sample
Forced to find shelter from foul weather, Ivan and his bodyguard stop at an inn only to find they have interrupted a wedding celebration. Invited to join them, Ivan contributes to the celebration by way of a story about things being more than they seem … This is a story posted for free on my website, turned into an ebook for the convenience of those who asked. Thank you for reading!
Fairytales Short & Sweet by Megan Derr Fairytales Short & Sweet by Aug. 24, 2015 26541 words Read a sample
A collection of short little m/m fairytales about kings, princes, knights, and witches. Author's Note: These stories are all posted free on my website and livejournal. They've simply been turned into an ebook for the convenience of those who asked.
Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 1: The First Time by C.T. Phillips Claire, Dan, & Derrick A Polyamorous Bisexual Love Story Part 1: The First Time by Aug. 24, 2015 3068 words Read a sample
Dan and Derrick are new dorm mates at University and have quickly become like brothers. Claire and Derrick are devoted to one another. Dan is falling in love with Claire but also considers her one of his best friends. One night everything changes and Dan begins to question the boundaries of his wants and desires.
VIndicated by Sarina Harlow VIndicated by Aug. 24, 2015 57953 words Read a sample
After a freak accident at work firefighter Damon Gentry heads home to Hindsdale a small town outside of Chicago. Never did he expect to find the girl he met at the bar five years ago to be with his best friend Kevin. Damon comes to realize that everything isn't what it seems in their relationship and sets out to save her, meanwhile facing some of his biggest fears a long the way. Sateen Berkhart a
Wedding Settlement by Suciu (Zlavog) Lucreţia Wedding Settlement by Aug. 24, 2015 2943 words Read a sample
The book "Wedding Settlement" is a beautiful love story between a young Christian and a Muslim man who has founded a multiple family. Each page will move you deeply driven by high intensity of feelings they harbor to each other.
Royal Sins Seven: The Actor by Tereska Lynne Royal Sins Seven: The Actor by Aug. 24, 2015 1422 words Read a sample
Despite stirring discontent in the kingdom, the King will not play his part in the spring festival, leaving his Captain to stand duty in the fire-jump with the queen. But to jump through fire with someone is to wed them for a year and a day. Explicit Content: Adultery
The Bed Tallies by Anne Hendricks The Bed Tallies by Aug. 23, 2015 1875 words Read a sample
Four generations of a family hold a secret in an antique bed - and the fifth generation discovers it...totally by accident!
Wolves in the Highlands by Megan J. Parker Wolves in the Highlands by Aug. 23, 2015 22403 words Read a sample
An artist sets out to find inspiration in the hills of Scotland and falls into the arms of two shapeshifting highlanders. As she’s entangled in their world, she finds more beauty and danger than she ever thought possible. These two beastly Scotsman just may save her career… If they can save her life first.
The Struggling Virgin by Adeyinka Oresanya The Struggling Virgin by Aug. 23, 2015 5473 words Read a sample
Ronke is confident she has finally met the man she will walk down the aisle with until Segun makes a demand that shocks her to the marrow. Torn between her faith and her love for him, she struggles to make a decision.
Silent Tears by Adeyinka Oresanya Silent Tears by Aug. 23, 2015 8535 words Read a sample
‎Ireti Akinwunmi loves her boyfriend a lot, and she is sure he loves her, too. But when his affection leaves her with more tears than she bargained for,  she wonders if what they have is truly love. Will her tears ever dry?
I don't Wear Sunscreen by Kavipriya Moorthy I don't Wear Sunscreen by Aug. 23, 2015 26112 words Read a sample
A chick-lit that is based on the line, life pulls you to the least possible negativity before it thrusts you to shine. The story revolves around friendship, relationship, solitude, pain, compassion and success.
Îngerul Inimilor - ,,Înger” (Volumul 2) by Teodora Constantinescu Îngerul Inimilor - ,,Înger” (Volumul 2) by Aug. 23, 2015 1248 words Read a sample
Uneori trebuie să alegi, mai mult decât crezi.
Manhattan Master by Jesse Joren Manhattan Master by Aug. 22, 2015 12261 words Read a sample
Once upon a time, an innocent Southern girl went to meet a gentleman in Manhattan. Only she wasn't that innocent. And he was no gentleman. One afternoon may lead to good-bye...or happily ever after.
Love Again by Kristi Victoria Hancock Love Again by Aug. 21, 2015 247 words Read a sample
This is a short monologue I wrote about having an old love and moving on to someone new.