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How to Write a Best Seller by Michael Rodriguez How to Write a Best Seller by May 23, 2017 3025 words Read a sample
Have you ever wanted to become a best-selling author but are having difficulties? No problem. This book has just the simple and practical solution to help guide your way to writing in the caliber of famous authors!
Runaway Surveillance by Marissa Craig Runaway Surveillance by May 22, 2017 180789 words Read a sample
Natsumi runs away from home seeking comfort in a city that uses surveillance to deter crime. Her boyfriend, the detective, can’t protect her from the dark side of the city when she insists on bonding with a group of runaways. They offer her friendship and purpose in exchange for obedience. It's Natsumi's choice to follow them, but not really.
Tempest Rising: Episode 1 (Rising Storm) by Julie Kenner Tempest Rising: Episode 1 (Rising Storm) by May 22, 2017 30949 words Read a sample
Ginny Moreno didn’t mean to do it, but when she came home to Storm, she brought the tempest with her. And now everyone will be caught in its fury…
Amaranth's Garden by Margaret S. Haycraft Amaranth's Garden by May 22, 2017 42524 words Read a sample
Amaranth Glyn's comfortable life comes to an end when the church funds disappear. Her father, the church treasurer who drew out the money, is also missing, to be followed shortly by her mother. The disgrace this brings on the family means Amaranth's marriage plans are cancelled. Amaranth is a competent artist and moves away with her young brother to try to earn a living.
Hate Him: Book 1 by Alice Bello Hate Him: Book 1 by May 21, 2017 19327 words Read a sample
My name is Liz Hamilton. My career and sex life are circling the drain. My art gallery is about to become a laughing stock, and I can’t get past the heavy petting stage with a man without turning into a cold fish.
Beginnings (Garden Falls, prequel novella) by Allie Kincheloe Beginnings (Garden Falls, prequel novella) by May 21, 2017 12163 words Read a sample
You know how they say there’s a moment in your life when everything changes? Mine was on a dance floor in the hottest club in town. Not because I met the man of my dreams, well, not entirely. But because I realized I didn’t like who I’d become. That had to change. It was time for me to make some new beginnings.
Story of Tilula by Angelaine Espinosa Story of Tilula by May 21, 2017 18592 words Read a sample
It was not beauty that saved this beast... Once upon a time, there was a prince such as no prince had ever been before. He lived away from all other mortal men and women, never loved and never loving. Then his story unfolds. This is a beloved fairy tale, told and retold throughout the centuries in so many ways and forms. Read once again the story of how love conquers all, even a black heart.
Uma noite de verão by mile Uma noite de verão by May 21, 2017 1980 words Read a sample
Uma viagem. Um garoto. Será que Valentina vai conquistar seu Crush, Tyler? Será que tudo é possível em uma noite de verão, ou essas coisas só acontecem nos filmes? Valentina é tímida demais e insegura demais, mas depois dessa experiência ela descobre muitas coisas.
Love Failure by Sreehari Love Failure by May 21, 2017 3567 words Read a sample
How do we cope when someone whom we loved with all our heart leaves us forever? How can we remain hopeful that after we cross the river of sadness, love will find us again on the other side?
The Artist by Kay Gee The Artist by May 20, 2017 4854 words Read a sample
'Bennett Clay?' she asked him, keeping her voice steady despite the nerves she felt at being in this confined space. ‘You here to save my soul?' he mocked.
A Smooch to the Moon: The Saga Of Untold Romance by Gyan Prakash Tripathi A Smooch to the Moon: The Saga Of Untold Romance by May 19, 2017 31215 words Sample 20%
The writer has tried to portrait the devine love which is beyond the skirts of time. A Smooch To The Moon is a novel illustrating the divine and true love story of a famous social activist and a famous businessman.
Keeping Her: Prequel by Angela Snyder Keeping Her: Prequel by May 18, 2017 3976 words Read a sample
***This is a short story prequel of the upcoming dark romance series, Keep Me. Keeping Her, book one of the Keep Me Series, will be released on 7/7/17.*** I crave perfection, and I'm willing to obtain it…no matter what the cost. My next purchase will be exactly what I need. I'll make sure of it. She will be absolutely perfect.
Underestimated Love by Circuit Static Underestimated Love by May 18, 2017 3848 words Sample 30%
A dramatic tale of romance, betrayal, unrequited love and ultimately... devastating loss.
Advertising For Love by Elisabeth Roseland Advertising For Love by May 18, 2017 27580 words Read a sample
Aisha Anderson hires a professional escort for her company’s gala. Greg Williams plays the role of charming gentleman so well, she almost believes the sparks between them are real. When she runs into a former client of his, the sizzle cools in shadows of doubt. Long-term could be a stretch for a man who’s dated half the women in Chicago and demand could take him away when she needs him the most...
Deviant: Calla & Jason - Part 1 by Rowena Deviant: Calla & Jason - Part 1 by May 18, 2017 13039 words Read a sample
Jason has been in love with his best friend’s girl for a while. They've all known each other since adolescence, but Scott whisked Calla away before Jason could act on his feelings for Calla. But he suddenly finds himself kidnapped, trapped in an unfamiliar place with Calla, and a disembodied voice tells them that they must give in to carnal intimacy to be released! Will they find another way out?
Fanny the Farmer's Stepdaughter (Seducing the CEO) by Camille Legrind Fanny the Farmer's Stepdaughter (Seducing the CEO) by May 17, 2017 5988 words Sample 20%
A sexy, fertile nineteen-year-old tease. A strong alpha male billionaire. Can this sassy little farm girl win a dashing CEO’s love? Fanny the Farmer’s stepdaughter takes a vacation to New York City and instantly falls for a handsome billionaire. A chance meeting between them gets his attention. But can she satisfy her naughty curiosity and lure this CEO into a sexy adventure?
House On The Hill (Come Love A Fey) by Kaye Draper House On The Hill (Come Love A Fey) by May 17, 2017 7173 words Sample 15%
Funny, isn’t it, how the things we wish for so easily become a cage? Trapped in a failing marriage and an ever-increasing apathy for life, Mary stumbles across the house on the hill. After her encounter with the beautiful and otherworldly Giddeon and his elderly master, Mr. Winde, her life is forever changed. But is this the start of her freedom, or merely a slow slide into insanity?
Cuatro días contigo by Emma Colt Cuatro días contigo by May 17, 2017 51618 words Read a sample
Un policía y la testigo a la que debe proteger se enamoran en el peor momento: en mitad de un caso de asesinato y cuando los dos están a punto de casarse... con otras personas.
Deefur and the Mistletoe Incident by RJ Scott Deefur and the Mistletoe Incident by May 17, 2017 7000 words Read a sample
The story of how Deefur, after the great mistletoe incident, ends up with the best bed in the house.
Hard-Core by Jessika Klide Hard-Core by May 15, 2017 21375 words Read a sample
Maximus Aurelius Moore: I'm an Apache pilot that values 'no apologies' honesty. I’m not an "I love you" kinda guy. I'm an asshole. I f*ck 'em then dump 'em. I have too many secrets to be anything else or to have anything real. Then a friend hears of a possible 'gold-mine" investment, a Vegas stripper named Seary. "Will you check her out?" "Affirmative. I’ll let you know if she’s worth it or not."
Seducing My Billionaire Stepbrother, Book 1 by Alexis Adaire Seducing My Billionaire Stepbrother, Book 1 by May 15, 2017 18933 words Read a sample
What if the perfect man happened to live one bedroom over while you were growing up? Jared and I were almost the perfect couple. I had never thought of my tech genius billionaire stepbrother in a sexual or romantic way until the day I accidentally saw him naked. But oh my god, that moment changed both of our lives forever. Now I can't get Jared's gorgeous, so-well-endowed body off my mind.
The Corporal and his Contessa by Beverly L. Anderson The Corporal and his Contessa by May 15, 2017 5415 words Read a sample
Corporal adores his Mistress Contessa. At Her feet, he finds peace and calm from the terrors inside his own mind.
Big Girl, Small Country by Wendell Blue Big Girl, Small Country by May 15, 2017 2541 words Read a sample
Life had not been easy for Sue, a large American woman. In fact, it had generally been painful. Hoping to change her circumstances, she grasps the opportunity to volunteer with a Non Governmental Organization in Central America. The reality she encounters is quite different from that which she had hoped for and expected.
Lizzie's Tale by Graham Wilson Lizzie's Tale by May 14, 2017 63636 words Read a sample
Raped and reduced to working in a brothel to keep her baby, unwed, teenage mother, Lizzie, forges a new life for herself and her child in the Kimberley region of Australia. But can she evade her persecutors and ultimately bring to them to justice?
Handy sandy by james milano Handy sandy by May 14, 2017 13904 words Read a sample
A rebellious yet calm woman with a mysterious past follows the subliminal controlling nine to five routine until one day.
The Retreat (A Clean and Sweet Romance Novella) by Veda Whitfield The Retreat (A Clean and Sweet Romance Novella) by May 14, 2017 24389 words Read a sample
She is a calm, health conscious yoga instructor. He is a wild, party loving, drunken, billionaire celebrity. Their lives are perfectly mismatched… or not? If you love a clean romance with a warm and inspirational sizzle you will love this novella. Buy this sweet and clean romance novella today!!
Flash of Passion by Deborah Cole Flash of Passion by May 14, 2017 19237 words Sample 20%
Crissy Beaumont is starting over. She barely escaped an abusive relationship and now her sole focus is on finding a way to heal. Her life revolves around serving customers at the coffee shop. Simple. Uncomplicated. ... Until Douglas walks in. There's something about him. Powerful. Exciting. Mysterious. Her world is about to change - forever.
The Blue Rose by Seoran Worg The Blue Rose by May 13, 2017 4430 words Read a sample
In a land far away, in a land so different with our own, it is in a land where magic exist and alive. It is a land where a Blessed can control: Wind, Ice and Fire. Lady Carla Koell is betrothed to a man who loves another. What a warrior lady should do? Of course, she should break it off. But it is not as easy as it should be.
By Honor Bound by Elizabeth Easter By Honor Bound by May 13, 2017 2143 words Read a sample
Raiders have invaded Rowena's comfortable existence and killed everyone she knows. Now she is being given to a chieftain's son. Who will emerge the victor?
Strange Path: A Synchronicity Story by Michelle Garren Flye Strange Path: A Synchronicity Story by May 13, 2017 10341 words Read a sample
Hunter Drake, Elf sorcerer, and Josephine, Cherokee maiden, should never have met, but when Josephine opens the portal her family guards, their worlds collide—literally. Now Josephine must figure out how to restore balance between Eladi and Ayeli. Will love help her make the right decision? Or will desire betray both worlds?
The Charade by Daniel Olas The Charade by May 13, 2017 8403 words Read a sample
What if someone tells you that you can actually play games on LOVE? What if True Love is just a fantasy and a fairy tale? I bet this is one of the most controversial book ever. You're truly going to find crazy philosophies here. Enjoy!
Хочешь? by Элиз Вюрм Хочешь? by May 12, 2017 3565 words Read a sample
Кто Вы, не знаю. Пусть ангелы Ада Вам поклоняясь целуют кольцо. Вижу Вас сквозь все земные преграды, Страстное, умное, злое лицо… Тонкие брови, уставшие губы, Черных волос ароматная прядь… Мой Азазель, лучше в Мире не будет! Стоит ли Вам о земном вспоминать…
Exotic Dancer by Andre' Mwansa Exotic Dancer by May 12, 2017 1238 words Read a sample
Marcus walks in a strip club looking for a date, only to meet an exotic dancer that puts him up on a deal. What could go wrong?
Highland Hiatus: A Menu for Passion Romance by Robert J. Morrow Highland Hiatus: A Menu for Passion Romance by May 12, 2017 12731 words Read a sample
London Cartwright is a 5-star chef on hiatus to rekindle her passion for cooking. As she travels the world, her passions are rekindled, but not just for cooking.
The Yellow Sky by Laurentiu Parnica Chescu The Yellow Sky by May 12, 2017 6850 words Read a sample
A short story about a man that goes out to solve the mystery of his missing cat but finds life instead. When weird things start to happen around you, it's life tickling your nose. Every clue counts. This is a story of approximately 7000 words (around 33 pages).
I Had Two Brides In One Day by Mario V. Farina I Had Two Brides In One Day by May 11, 2017 2007 words Read a sample
Grace and I had set a date for our wedding. Alex arranged a stag party in my honor. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of a joke where I was "married" in a fake marriage on the evening before my actual wedding day. But there was a terrible blunder and the "fake" marriage turned out to be a real one. This brought on some complications that readers will find interesting.
The Inherited by Lauren Burns The Inherited by May 11, 2017 151467 words Read a sample
One second Winifred believes that she is a normal girl, the next she finds herself betrothed to a Prince. Together they are thrust into a world of political intrigue, ancient oaths, & deadly mystery.
A Moment for Tara by Tamar Sloan A Moment for Tara by May 10, 2017 24390 words Read a sample
Tara grew up playing and laughing with her two best friends — twins Noah and Mitch. Life is uncomplicated and carefree — until she falls for one of them. The wrong one. Tara is the first born of her pack, and with the title comes responsibility — the expectation that she will bond with an Alpha heir to strengthen her pack’s standing…and Mitch was born seven minutes too late.
Western Heroes:  Burn by Jenny Andersen Western Heroes: Burn by May 10, 2017 87356 words Read a sample
Peace and quiet for a burned out cop? No. Elderly desert rats, renegade bikers, evil drug cartel, naked calendar models, beautiful blonde mayor/photographer...and murder. Just your average small town. Lead Gulch, CA Elevation: 4,079 feet Population: 12...and dropping. Note: This was previously published as Calendar Girl. Only the name and cover have been changed.Lead Gulch. CA
The Devil's Intended-Love & Evil In Palm Beach by Pamela Southwood The Devil's Intended-Love & Evil In Palm Beach by May 10, 2017 93084 words Read a sample
Find Rich Men, True Love, And Keep Your Soul? Meet The Hot Billionaires Of Palm Beach! After a few dating misadventures, a Palm Beach heiress encounters a devilish British tycoon and his mysterious country club cronies. Will she ever find unconditional love? Steamy romance, a hint of the supernatural, and unforgettable true to life characters. A fun, twisted, suspenseful adventure on every page!
Rebel 1: gay bad boy biker (MC M/M) by Lev Vans Rebel 1: gay bad boy biker (MC M/M) by May 10, 2017 3692 words Sample 20%
This is the story of Alan, a yuppie young man who lives in Manhattan but finds himself sexually involved with a dangerous gang of bikers. They are hopelessly sensually drawn to each other and Alan changes his whole lifestyle to be accepted by the men, but little does he know how dangerous they really are. With his favorite bad boy, he will learn the meaning of being true to oneself.
The Witcher: Child of Surprise by Randy Toll The Witcher: Child of Surprise by May 10, 2017 223881 words Sample 15%
Ciri as she is known, had only been just introduced to Galahads hand a few weeks ago. Already she had to leave in a hurry. The hunt had reappeared with renewed determination and aggression. Their goal: To capture the elder blood princess and use her to enslave other worlds. Though the war in the Northern Realms is coming to a close her struggle for life and death, right and wrong is only beginning
How to Play the Game: My Rookie Mistake (Part 5) by DK Fire How to Play the Game: My Rookie Mistake (Part 5) by May 10, 2017 8708 words Read a sample
Justin Cuthbert is a handsome 25-year-old man who loves to sleep around. He is your typical player who’s incredibly successful at what he does; Justin knows all the rules. Until one of his games goes horribly wrong and he’s left to face the consequences of his actions. Justin Cuthbert—the narrator, takes readers on a journey of his naughty adventures, and views of women and sex.
Spoons by Selina Ibarra Spoons by May 10, 2017 2642 words Sample 25%
Love is complicated, especially when it's shared between a guarded heart and a former slave. This memory shared between them, however, is quite possibly far more precious than either of them would ever care to admit.
Lucifer's Symphany by Legend Brook Lucifer's Symphany by May 09, 2017 24527 words Read a sample
Lucifer has fallen, it's touch now kissed with ice. The devil is alone, for nothing can stand against the touch of ice... of death. This story is the journey of Lucifer's fall from a soldier of heaven, to the devil of hell.
Dametria by K. Weikel Dametria by May 09, 2017 3216 words Read a sample
Dametria had to choose between Tamir and Damian. So she did.
The Sheikh's Twin Baby Surprise by Holly Rayner The Sheikh's Twin Baby Surprise by May 09, 2017 61429 words Read a sample
Sheikh Omar Fakim Al-Daqqa has a problem: as presumptive heir to the throne of Al-Thakri, the Middle-Eastern nation’s constitution demands that he must have a child in order to accede to the throne. Knowing that his power-hungry brother is desperate to usurp his throne and have a baby before him, Omar knows he must act quickly, and he already has a potential mother in mind…
A Tiny Invitation by Ipam A Tiny Invitation by May 08, 2017 71007 words Sample 20%
She came home from the boring work job, finding a pile of loose green tinted tiny tree leaves and a set of white soft flower petals that surrounded a tiny white envelope with the colorful design of red flying birds on her front doorstep. She opened the envelope to find a tiny love note in blue ink pen which was a tiny invitation coming from a secret admirer within her apartment building.
Just A Bundle Of Roses by Mario V. Farina Just A Bundle Of Roses by May 07, 2017 1758 words Read a sample
Danny had been dared to send a bundle of roses to Marylou as a joke. He had done this without regard of what she would think when she learned why he had done it. Tom was appalled with this brazen act of effrontery and wrote a country song criticizing his act. He sang it to Danny without a favorable outcome. It was learned that she had been found in a coma in her car. This changed everything.
Nelumbia by Narcisa Amália de Campos Nelumbia by May 07, 2017 3143 words Read a sample
"Nelumbia" é um conto de fantasia, inspirado nas culturas orientais, escrito por Narcisa Amália de Campos , em 1873, sobre um amor impossível e conturbado.