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Farewell Forever by Massimo A. Rossi Farewell Forever by Feb. 18, 2019 2,390 words Read a sample
Non è un racconto, ma un romanzo brevissimo, d'amore. Dove i nomi di lei e di lui non contano. Tutto prende il via da un'insolita telefonata, dove una voce femminile pronuncia una sola parola. Allora lui, uomo solitario, non può pensare che a lei, a una donna che amava tantissimo e che ha dovuto lasciare per proteggerla.
Best Romantic Getaways in India For the Valentine Season by Yuva Trip Best Romantic Getaways in India For the Valentine Season by Feb. 18, 2019 990 words
Valentine’s Day is the very special day for the couples when they flourish their bond and when someone somewhere decides to tell to the special person how much they mean to them.
Just Breathe Out by J Rocci Just Breathe Out by Feb. 17, 2019 12,360 words Read a sample
Darren and Russ have known each other forever, and Darren has been pining after Russ for almost as long. When a well-meaning friend reveals once of Russ' secrets, Darren finds he has a choice to make. Tell Russ his own secret and maybe fulfill all of his dreams, or remain silent and try to pretend nothing has happened...
Mister Right by Eloise May Mister Right by Feb. 17, 2019 34,940 words Read a sample
Sweet Romance. Kelly was engaged to marry Ashton. The doubts she was experiencing as the big day approached were just fear and a natural reaction. Or so she hoped. Ryan Carstair, the MD of her company, was just a rich and handsome guy to crush on, until they became much better acquainted at a company conference. Being with Ryan opened her eyes, and her heart. A dangerous & confusing place to be.
Charity by J.T. Evergreen Charity by Feb. 16, 2019 6,550 words Read a sample
The illustration was of a young man astride a beautiful chestnut horse in a lovely stable setting. He appeared to be naked which I thought odd for an elegant old book. As I looked closely at the illustration, I thought I saw the horse’s tail flick. Then the horse’s leg made a movement. I watched in amazement as the young man dismounted the horse and stood by its side. He looked at me and smiled.
I've Been Waiting for You by Dawn Sister I've Been Waiting for You by Feb. 16, 2019 2,880 words Read a sample
Sol is impatient waiting for Lucien while he talks to the neighbours. Lucien is angry he’s being so impatient. They both have their reasons for being unhappy. I’ve Been Waiting for You is a short, fluffy story in the Locked in the Moment universe, with Sol the Troll and Lucien the Fairy. May contain spoilers, some choice language because trolls swear, a lot. This story definitely contains fluff.
A tánctanárnő by Julia RedHood A tánctanárnő by Feb. 16, 2019 40,300 words
Ophelia felvételt nyer a londoni táncakadémiára. Első napján összetűzésbe kerül az oktatójával, Jodelle Campbell-lel, aki minden lépésében hibát talál. Észreveszi, hogy Mrs. Campbell gyengéd érzelmeket táplál saját neme iránt.
Runaway Couple by Maggie Tideswell Runaway Couple by Feb. 15, 2019 56,270 words Read a sample
Pranking isn't the way to a woman's heart, but has Marcus found that out yet? Piper didn't turst him growing up, and she doesn't trust him now. Enough is enough, but now they are bridesmaid and best man at her sister's Gothic wedding. Will they be the traditional Runaway Couple or will Piper's distrust win?
Memoir for You by Amoi Kin Memoir for You by Feb. 14, 2019 37,730 words Sample 20%
Canisha is pregnant and at a loss of what to do. Changmin is telling her to marry him and Aaron doesn’t want her to struggle on her own. Though Canisha knows she loves Changmin more than anything, she loves Aaron too and can’t bring herself to hurt him. Stuck between the two, Canisha has to make a decision, but will it be the right one?
Art Appreciation by Ande Li Art Appreciation by Feb. 14, 2019 6,790 words Read a sample
Loves comes in unexpected forms, from unexpected sources. What happens when two restless spirits--from the same world, but different times--find each other? A new short story by Ande Li (writing as Anne deLys), about love that transcends time.
Love happens by Inuwa Usman Love happens by Feb. 14, 2019 3,050 words Read a sample
Does love at first sight still exist? Find out as doctor Beatrice found love in an unexpected way.
Nemesis by Ann Sepino Nemesis by Feb. 13, 2019 5,740 words
Welcome to Zircon City, where superheroes and super villains clash. NIGHTWALKER is a defender of Zircon City, with the looks and charisma to match. TEMPTRESS is an offender of Zircon City, with the beauty and brains to back it up. Let the battle - and romance - between superhero and super villain begin!
Valentine's Day with Princess Petunia by K-lee Klein Valentine's Day with Princess Petunia by Feb. 13, 2019 7,210 words Read a sample
This isn't the kind of Valentine's Day Greg Parks was hoping for - stood up by his date, then showered in chocolate milk. But the adorable four-year-old milk-spiller is too cute to get mad at, and her hot dad sure does make a stood-up guy feel a lot more cheerful. Maybe Greg can find more than nostalgia at Princess Petunia's Play Palace
Play Ball by Andi Marquette Play Ball by Feb. 13, 2019 7,080 words Read a sample
In "Play Ball," Andi Marquette introduces us to Riley and Jo, two women who turn moving day into the beginning of something more.
Hearts and Roses by Jove Belle Hearts and Roses by Feb. 12, 2019 3,650 words Read a sample
Set in the small town of Bitterroot, Idaho, "Hearts and Roses" by Jove Belle features Ava and Valentina from the Bitterroot Queen. With love comes marriage, children, and even more love.
The Secret - Arc 1 Book 1 by Alquir Black The Secret - Arc 1 Book 1 by Feb. 11, 2019 9,460 words
One lie is all it takes to get the man of your dreams. Angela is an outcast. A super human. But he doesn’t know it, and he is falling for her.
Jus' Bear with Me by Marie Amme Jus' Bear with Me by Feb. 09, 2019 4,250 words Sample 20%
Plagued by jealousy and insecurity, she turned her back on the one person who knew her soul. They were of the same blood, yet the same happily ever after still has yet to be understood. Will she be able to convince what she meant?
Jus' Humour Me by Marie Amme Jus' Humour Me by Feb. 09, 2019 4,540 words Sample 20%
She begins the scandal, carried and bared by the twins to the world, in their rivalry and in their love. They are sworn enemies yet they are best of friends, they are of same blood, but carry different hearts, yet still, they feel with the same soul. Will they be able to convince you who they truly are? Happily ever after comes in bundles, but before that, you must see the underlying ugly truth
The Prodigal Husband by Aaron D Hawkins The Prodigal Husband by Feb. 09, 2019 17,450 words Read a sample
BASED OF TRUE EVENTS.....Todd an Alecia are boyfriend/girlfriend an decide to get married, things are going great until Todd gets distracted by a girl named Amber an he goes after his lust! Todd then realizes it wasn't the fantasy he thought an it became hell really quick! Todd falls into the bottom but Alecia takes him back an rebuild their marriage!
Entangled with You by Alexia Praks Entangled with You by Feb. 08, 2019 89,840 words Read a sample
Dark. Powerful. Dangerous. James Maxwell is a billionaire elite who runs his underground businesses with an iron fist. You’re definitely worth two million, Mia. Think about it. Two million. Five years. Your brother will go free. It’s a contract. Those are the words of the gorgeous billionaire James Maxwell, the man who makes my heart race and my body tremble with longing.
The Greatest Love Story Never Told by William Wresch The Greatest Love Story Never Told by Feb. 08, 2019 85,770 words Read a sample
Book 7: After her husband is killed, Jessica retreats to her resort in Galena, Illinois. While she is deep in mourning, a Hollywood film company comes to the resort and invites her to join them making a film about Narcissa Whitman, the woman who helped create the Oregon Trail. Jessica travels the Oregon Trail with them. Along the way she finds new love and new direction in her life.
Endure Him - A dark story of Blackmail and Betrayal by J Dander Endure Him - A dark story of Blackmail and Betrayal by Feb. 07, 2019 10,200 words Sample 30%
How far would you go for the man you love? Eleanor’s husband is hiding from the Nazis. When his hiding place is detected by her former boyfriend, the dominant Officer Jordan, her husband’s life is at stake. Only she can stop her ex from betraying him. He promises to keep her secret, but it doesn’t come cheap. He wants something in return. He wants her. All of her. Her body, her mind, her soul.
The Marriage Cruise (a Re-Romance) by Kjersten Beck The Marriage Cruise (a Re-Romance) by Feb. 07, 2019 48,830 words Read a sample
When Ann and Tyler Wozniak begin to struggle in their marriage, their children gift them with a two week vacation on a "marriage cruise." The two go reluctantly on a Love-Boat-esque chance to rekindle their marriage, from designing a new house together to nightly games at dinner with Julie, the cruise director. Will spending all that time on couples-building activities shore up their marriage or d
My Love Affaire with Father Tomas McTavish by J.T. Evergreen My Love Affaire with Father Tomas McTavish by Feb. 07, 2019 18,030 words Read a sample
I was an integral part of Tomas’ life for over sixty years. Aside from the intimacy of love, laughter, tears, joy, sorrows, and the day-to-day living with one another, there was always the subtle presence of the Infinite, that unnamable force which drove him, supported him, and nourished him – always standing between us, or so I foolishly thought.
Air Kiss: A Running on Air Novella by L.H. Cosway Air Kiss: A Running on Air Novella by Feb. 07, 2019 21,490 words Read a sample
Leanne Simmons and Callum Davidson are complete opposites. As soon as they meet they know they won’t get along. However, for the sake of their TV show they agree to put their differences aside, but it’s not as easy as they think.
Rain by J.T. Evergreen Rain by Feb. 06, 2019 4,970 words Read a sample
A rainstorm forced Annie McDougall into The Olde Book Shoppe where she encountered an old Magical Fairy Tale Book where she saw Cinderella running from the palace. She heard a voice calling for her to stay. When she left the bookshop she caught her heel in a grating and was rescued by the charming Marco from Cadiz, Spain. She bought lunch for him at the Lola Palooza Soup and Sandwich Bar. Kismet?
Kyra & Sebastian: The Beginning by Adom Sample Kyra & Sebastian: The Beginning by Feb. 06, 2019 11,110 words Read a sample
The laws set by the iron fist of the Coven of Vampyres pass down to the human reverts was what their worlds were built upon. Love, passion, emotional yearning and above all, human and vampyre fraternization–all strictly forbidden Prequel to the Bloods Passion Saga Story of how Sebastian and Kyra came to know each other told from Sebastian’s perspective.
Death of The Olympian - The Shadow by Robert Gregory Death of The Olympian - The Shadow by Feb. 04, 2019 101,960 words Sample 20%
This is the fourth novel in the series, Spartan Eclipse, and the others in the series, beginning with "Heart ofThe Spartan - The Dark Flower" should be read first. Set in Southern Greece in the middle of the fifth century BCE, this story takes up where the third novel, "Dagger of The Slave - Kalliope's Revenge" finishes, amidst the politics of war and espionage in the Olympic Games of 452 BCE
Revealed by Ella Ardent Revealed by Feb. 04, 2019 25,880 words Read a sample
From the ashes of the Plume rises a new temptation… Athena and Rex are prepared to launch the first two locations of their new club, The Phoenix, when an audacious computer science student insists their systems have been hacked. When Rex learns Amy wants to trade her expertise for special training at The Phoenix, Rex recognizes an offer he can’t refuse.
Heart and Soul. by Von Kambro Heart and Soul. by Feb. 03, 2019 500 words Read a sample
Love is both a beautiful and terrible thing, and there isn't any other way to describe it except as overwhelming. We have no resistance to its power. We are human, and are merely simple players when we get pulled into its caustic game. (Heart and Soul is meant to be read as an ode to the power of Love.)
Dark Affections by Oduse David Dark Affections by Feb. 03, 2019 99,650 words
Dark Affections is a story of love, friendship, betrayal and romance. It's a mystery, fantasy, thriller and romance story of an Japanese American couple finding their feet in a world of industrial revolutions.
آنان که با منند بیایند ـ جلد ۲ by علیرضا خالو کاکایی آنان که با منند بیایند ـ جلد ۲ by Feb. 03, 2019 32,730 words Sample 20%
کتاب آنان که با منند بیایند یک رمان تاریخی ۴جلدی است. این رمان از رویدادهای مربوط به برهه‌ی پایانی حکومت معاویه بن ابوسفیان و قیام حجر بن عدی آغاز می‌شود سپس با مرگ معاویه و به قدرت رسیدن یزید ادامه می‌یابد. خصوصیت برجسته‌ی این رمان آن است که به دور از گرایشات ارتجاعی و آخوندی به رشته‌ی تحریر درآمده. جلد دوم این رمان از نظرتان می‌گذرد
Preciso te Contar Uma Coisa by Bobbi Leão Preciso te Contar Uma Coisa by Feb. 03, 2019 35,790 words Read a sample
Erica decide terminar sua amizade com benefícios com Nico quando vê que ele está apaixonado por ela... só pra perceber que está apaixonada por ele de volta.
An Accidental War by Jay Greenstein An Accidental War by Feb. 02, 2019 18,790 words Sample 20%
Zack Marlin crews a transfer station orbiting Earth. That should be a nice, quiet job. And it is, until impossible strangers begin dropping in and asking for help.
The Sphere by Anathea N. Krrill The Sphere by Feb. 02, 2019 80,700 words Read a sample
The laws of physics do not apply to The Sphere. A second inside equals a day in human life. The artefact makes imagination come true, but life inside The Sphere is solitary. Usually! Enticing, sinister, and dark - The Sphere is an unpredictable factor in the fate of Bella and the man she meets inside. Dylan - an alien, who took on human form to be with her and risks his life in doing so.
Melody's Christmas: Heartwarming Holidays Sweet Romance Book 1 by ID Johnson Melody's Christmas: Heartwarming Holidays Sweet Romance Book 1 by Jan. 31, 2019 78,160 words Read a sample
Can Christmas magic help hear the music again? When Melody's father passes away unexpectedly at Christmas, she loses her love of music. But an encounter with an enthusiastic little boy and his handsome father makes her believe in Christmas miracles. A heartwarming holiday romance with Christian themes sure to get you ready for the holiday season.
Transformation: The Clandestine Saga Book 1 by ID Johnson Transformation: The Clandestine Saga Book 1 by Jan. 31, 2019 90,420 words Read a sample
Cadence destroyed a vampire, and now his friends are coming for her. Like most people, Cadence didn’t believe in vampires until she saw one. She escaped with the help of a sexy, mysterious man. Now, she’s faced with a choice; join the team of vampire hunters who helped her get away or return to life before vampires. Will she be the next victim?
Unloved and Unwanted by Shanycia Mitchell Unloved and Unwanted by Jan. 31, 2019 3,550 words Read a sample
UNLOVED AND UNWANTED is a collection of four fascinating stories that will challenge your views about love and loss as you gain access to the emotions of these abandoned characters.
I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus: A Gay Christmas Short Story by Reanna Pryce I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus: A Gay Christmas Short Story by Jan. 31, 2019 12,320 words Read a sample
Still recovering from an unexpected tragedy, single dad Jacob isn't sure he's ready to move on – until he meets Theo in a bar at Christmas. When what was meant to be a simple one-off encounter becomes more complicated, will Jacob have the strength to fall and trust Theo to catch him? A sweet festive short story of 10,000 words.
Anticipation by Yolande Kleinn Anticipation by Jan. 31, 2019 7,360 words Read a sample
Jason may be a lot of things (stubborn, arrogant, occasionally oblivious), but he's got no delusions about his hopeless and long-secret infatuation with his best friend. The night he tells Max the truth, Jason worries his confession will ruin everything. But he should know better than to underestimate Max. Maybe his crush isn't so hopeless after all.
Baby It's Cold Outside: A Gay Christmas Romance by Reanna Pryce Baby It's Cold Outside: A Gay Christmas Romance by Jan. 31, 2019 31,410 words Read a sample
When Patrick is dumped by his long-term boyfriend right before they take their annual snowboarding vacation, he knows he needs to do something drastic to win him back. But, like, not something completely ridiculous like paying the resident snowboard instructor to pretend to be his boyfriend. That would be insane... Wouldn't it? A sweet and sexy festive novella of 28,000 words.
Biohazardous Affections by Albert Oon Biohazardous Affections by Jan. 30, 2019 9,210 words Read a sample
A virus is accidentally unleashed upon the world, which turns people into cannibals. These infected can eat normal food and even reason with people until they are compromised. Another quirk to this virus is that it gets virgins, who are attracted to each other, to have children, who can perfectly infiltrate human society. This story follows two people that must stay pure until help arrives.
Runner by A Foster Runner by Jan. 30, 2019 78,980 words Read a sample
Drellin lives in a place, a land where just being alive is a crime. She is mixed blood. Marked and hunted, she bears the burden, "RUNNER!" That defines everything. No friends, no family, no one to connect to. Drellin tries to find her place in the world. Everyone wants a place. Everyone needs a place.
Eleni and Menelaos by Yorgos Ntovas Eleni and Menelaos by Jan. 30, 2019 12,490 words Sample 20%
A Love Story! They met by chance in a café out of Antirio. What were the possibilities to meet her again, in a wedding out of Preveza? Infinitesimal, but it happened! Unexpected encounters that led to a great love!!
Lights Out, Valentine by Neil Plakcy Lights Out, Valentine by Jan. 29, 2019 3,260 words Read a sample
South Beach hairstylist Ryan hates Valentine's Day. But when the lights go out while he's cutting his favorite client's hair, will he give his heart away? Only Cupid knows!
De vier en de vijf; twee verhalen by Ceres van Esch De vier en de vijf; twee verhalen by Jan. 29, 2019 5,730 words Read a sample
De vier en de vijf is een bundel van twee verhalen. Het eerste gaat over vier vrouwen -jong en oud- in hun dagelijkse uitdagingen. Vier vrouwen zo verschillend als water, lucht, aarde en vuur. Het tweede verhaal gaat over een jonge vrouw. Haar vliegtuig heeft vijf uur vertraging en ze moet de uren alleen doorbrengen. Tot ze een klapt krijgt van een man. Een eigenzinnige, charmante man.
Long Ago by Earnest Long Long Ago by Jan. 29, 2019 2,240 words Read a sample
A young couple have been dating for really some time going around restaurants and little cafes in town and the young man of the two is desperate to sleep with the girl. Will he succeed? The story is timeless about long ago.
My Neighbor Girl by Cliff Sibuyi My Neighbor Girl by Jan. 28, 2019 18,240 words Read a sample
The book is all about a spoiled boy, nerd and loser, (Carlin) Who fall in love with the girl from the neighbor, (Langa) knowing well the girl is in love with (Bongi), the Bully of the school. Love triangle result in jealousy and murder.
Wedding Bell Blues by P X Duke Wedding Bell Blues by Jan. 27, 2019 30,500 words Read a sample
Jim Nash has no plans to attend the wedding of former best friend Warren to Allie Sands, a girlfriend from his past. All that goes out the window when his current partner, Maddie Stone, sees the emails and convinces him otherwise. With the decision made for both of them, Jim and Maddie are waylaid in a small town on the way to the wedding for reasons unknown.
The Lady of the Chine by Margaret S. Haycraft The Lady of the Chine by Jan. 27, 2019 22,440 words Read a sample
Stephen Wadham, the young minister of the thriving Union Church in London, meets a vision of loveliness while on holiday, the Lady of the Chine. Unfortunately she disappears as quickly as she appeared. Stephen is hiding a shameful secret, and when a small child, cold and hungry, turns up at his church one evening begging for food, he knows his past could be about to unravel.