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Fantasy by Isabelle Corners Fantasy by Nov. 20, 2017 20644 words Sample 20%
Fantasy is about to be gambled away to the highest bidder, but will the love of a billionaire change everything for her?
Short Stories of David Holm by David Holm Short Stories of David Holm by Nov. 19, 2017 2257 words Read a sample
SHORT STORIES OF DAVID HOLM is a collection of Flash Fiction that ranges from relationships to family and the bonds therein.
Adler James by Christa Wick Adler James by Nov. 19, 2017 56387 words
Book One of Real Cowboys Love Curves - Sage never wanted to be any man’s dirty little secret. Been there, done that, the shoe didn’t fit. Arriving unexpectedly in the small Montana town of Willow Gap after dark, she discovers that a “dirty secret” is all she is. Now it’s up to cowboy Adler Turk to prove to the woman that even a bad beginning can make for many happy endings.
Hunter of Souls: Book One by Blush Rose Hunter of Souls: Book One by Nov. 18, 2017 8109 words Read a sample
Persis is an immortal bounty hunter. She spends her nights claiming souls that have gone dark. One night she meets a mortal man and feels an immediate connection. She knows she should avoid him and stay focused on her job, but she is unable to keep her distance. Nothing is as it seems, and nothing will ever be the same again. For 18 and older only, since story has graphic sex and harsh language.
A Taste of Love: Yule Season in Roman Camp by Lizzie Ashworth A Taste of Love: Yule Season in Roman Camp by Nov. 18, 2017 6719 words Read a sample
Serving their masters even in this remote fortress of Roman occupied Britain, slaves Senna and Tutonius share moments of pleasure amid preparations for the mid-winter feast of Saturnalia.
Revenge: A Surprisingly HOT Short-Short Story by Emily Josephine Revenge: A Surprisingly HOT Short-Short Story by Nov. 18, 2017 5116 words Read a sample
In this short-short story, when unconventional Rose reluctantly attends her best friend's pool party with upper-class women from the nearby country club, she encounters the predicted shuns and snide remarks. But she bides her time while waiting for her husband to come home from a month-long absence, because once he shows up, the joke will be on those women.
All I Want for Christmas is a Baby by Penny Michaels All I Want for Christmas is a Baby by Nov. 17, 2017 63125 words Read a sample
"All I Want for Christmas is a Baby." Tatum Kingsley never imagined that uttering those words would change her life forever. But saying them to her best friend's brother/brother's best friend/ life-long pal did it. Carson convinced her that they could do it together - friends and co-parents till death do us part. He just left out one small thing; she's the love of his life.
Make the Yuletide Gay by Addison Albright, Nicky Spencer, Nell Iris, Stephen Hoppa, & Amy Tasukada Make the Yuletide Gay by ,
& Nov. 16, 2017
41630 words Read a sample
Sleigh bells ring—are you listening? It’s that time of year again, and we have the perfect way to get you in the mood: A free anthology! Five holiday stories that are guaranteed to warm your heart, heat up your cold nights, and most importantly: Make your yuletide gay.
Metanoia by Honnah Patnode Metanoia by Nov. 15, 2017 48950 words Read a sample
Metanoia is Honnah Patnode's third published story and her second novella, following her wildly popular Parallel Infinities. She is an amazingly mature writer for her 18 years, and she proves it in her new mythological romance. The interaction between Sirens and Humans, as well as the relationships Honnah creates among the Sirens, will fill you with intrigue and awe. This is a story for lovers.
To Marry a Gunfighter:  A Western Romance by Buck Immov To Marry a Gunfighter: A Western Romance by Nov. 15, 2017 9691 words Read a sample
Ann West Quarll had finally found her soul mate, a man she could love for the rest of her life. But this handsome and loving man had been a bounty hunter and his past might catch up with him. She had seen men try to kill him. Not only that, she had in loved before and seen that lover die. If she risked giving her heart again and would it again be broken? She had a terrible decision to make.
The Other Santa by Anna del C. Dye The Other Santa by Nov. 14, 2017 44169 words Read a sample
Angie has traveled with her father/tutor to many towns affected by the recession. James, the reporter, has caught up with them and that isn't good. Lies and secrets are bound to be exposed by him, with a merry Ho, Ho or without one.
Coming Home by Geri Glenn Coming Home by Nov. 14, 2017 10013 words
Go. Don't ever come back. Ten years ago, Sophie left home with those words ringing in her ear. She was seventeen and madly in love with a boy her father disapproved of. She still is. Now they're back, ready to make amends, but sometimes pride gets in the way of forgiveness.
No Such Thing as Dasher by Juli D. Revezzo No Such Thing as Dasher by Nov. 14, 2017 9392 words Read a sample
For Avery, her holiday duties as a forest ranger oftentimes involve tracking revelers who have lost their way in her wilderness domain. After a camper clashes with a reindeer, however, Avery is shocked to discover the creature is defended not by Santa, but by the formidable, yet gentle, shapeshifting Lord of the Forest. An enchanting fairy tale to celebrate the magic of the season!
Jiyū by Kenton Forshee Jiyū by Nov. 13, 2017 133486 words
Rick Heiden seeks asylum in the United Kingdom where he happens upon an amazing man from elsewhere who needs him in more ways than one. There’s just one problem, a great deal of trouble. Their freedom is on the line, and it takes them here, there, back again, and around the globe. When you have what everyone wants, and there are powerful people who want it, trouble isn’t far behind.
The Second Time Around by Angie Daniels The Second Time Around by Nov. 12, 2017 73037 words Read a sample
Brenna Gathers runs into Jabarie Beaumont, the gorgeous jerk who'd jilted her at the altar. And the truth was that even though he'd broken her heart years before, her attraction is still strong and undeniable. Jabarie is on a mission to show Brenna love could be even sweeter the second time around.
Comorbid Part 8 by Natasha Weber Comorbid Part 8 by Nov. 12, 2017 3701 words Read a sample
Parents can have their childrens' genes sequenced for free when their children turn thirteen. A young fifteen-year-old freshmen by the name of June is ninety percent predisposed to borderline personality disorder. She is hopelessly in love with a mysterious boy named Mercury who, if rumors around the school were to be believed, likely had the psychopath gene
Regency Romance: A Devilish Masquerade Ball by Francine Howarth Regency Romance: A Devilish Masquerade Ball by Nov. 11, 2017 44287 words Read a sample
A Coaching Accident, a Regency New Year Fancy Dress Ball, and a Devilish Masquerade will ensue.
Apocalyptic Fairytales by Melanie Ray Apocalyptic Fairytales by Nov. 11, 2017 383382 words
Too bad it takes Dominic's small Kansas town being sucked under before others understand his gift. Dominic journeys from world to world, to strengthen the love between dimensions. But while trying to save lovers, he meets those who only wish to destroy. And sometimes the best way to destroy someone is where it hurts: In their family. Standalone fantasy book, 1531 pages.
A Love That Destroyed Time by Melanie Ray A Love That Destroyed Time by Nov. 11, 2017 265337 words
A surprise pregnancy. A hidden father hiding as a guard. An oncoming war. To save his peaceful race, a king abuses the trust of his Protector. With treason over his head, the Protector watches over the mother of his children without sharing his secret. However, that is only the beginning of this time travel tale. To end tragically. To end well. To end at all . . .
If I Say Yes (Love & Alternatives #1) by Neha Yazmin If I Say Yes (Love & Alternatives #1) by Nov. 11, 2017 127880 words Read a sample
You know the story where the girl-next-door-type is getting married to a jerk – and she's only marrying him because she's given up on finding Mr. Right – only for the man of her dreams to walk into her life days before the wedding? This is not that story. My story does however, include a man I'm going to marry and a man that... You'll find out soon enough...
Secret Souls by LJ SeXton Secret Souls by Nov. 10, 2017 6428 words Read a sample
This was orginally released in the Souls Series Boxset. It's only going to be live seperate for a limited time. Secret Souls is the story of Barbie and Jeff two people hiding secrets from the people they call family but Barbie is harboring a secret not even Jeff knows. All will be revealed while celebrating Christmas.
Falling For My Best Friend's Brother: Book 1 by Ted Evans Falling For My Best Friend's Brother: Book 1 by Nov. 10, 2017 13303 words
Dr. Emma is four years older than me, but that never stopped me wanting to get up close and personal with her.
Love in the Darkness The Story of a Modern Love by Pedro Hugo García Peláez Love in the Darkness The Story of a Modern Love by Nov. 10, 2017 7891 words Read a sample
Times change, love stories are not forever. A romantic crime novel in which love and drama intertwine.
Shattered Home by J.M. Adele Shattered Home by Nov. 09, 2017 18967 words Read a sample
Aiden Thomas couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a real, live angel in the school yard. There was no way he could’ve comprehended how important she’d become in his miserable existence. Until their world is cruelly torn apart.
I Love You, Squijums by Mario V. Farina I Love You, Squijums by Nov. 09, 2017 1832 words Read a sample
My name is Tom Winston. I've been spending a lot of time with business affairs and taking my wife, Alma, for granted. By some means unknown to me I had images of Alma having lunch with a man unknown to me, also with him walking through the park with her, even sitting side by side in a love seat in a home not ours. I nicknamed my wife Squijums. This story tells whether I am about to lose her.
Ти гониш by Michaela Meneva Ти гониш by Nov. 09, 2017 3138 words Read a sample
"Ти гониш" е разказ за бягството от истината, живота в отричане на реалността и слепотата за видими проблеми. Историята проследява мислите и поведението на трима объркани герои, които се опитват да избягат от проблемите си по грешния начин, само за да се окажат отново в изходна позиция.
For the Love of Scott by Jen FitzGerald For the Love of Scott by Nov. 08, 2017 23923 words
Amputee Scott Hudson returns home to Ten Rigs and takes over the local animal shelter. For six months Ben Thompson has watched Scott work wonders with the kennel and the dogs, admiring his focus and dedication. Can Scott overcome his injury and all that it entails, physically and emotionally, to find love with Ben?
الحوّيطة by said maroc الحوّيطة by Nov. 08, 2017 8426 words Read a sample
مجموعة قصص من تأليف الكاتب سعيد ماروك تجمع بين الوجع والحنين عبر فترات متباعدة من الزمن
A Person of No Consequence by Alison Stuart A Person of No Consequence by Nov. 08, 2017 5955 words
French aristocrat, Fabien, Comte de Mont ClairFabien, Comte de Mont Clair, cuts a dashing swathe through a London society ball, his eyes only for the glittering ladies of the 'ton'. Alone and impoverished, Hannah, Lady Trevan is a person of no consequence but once, a long time ago, she sacrificed her world for the dashing Comte de Mont Clair. Now all she can do is hope that he may glance her way…
Love in the Rough by J.D. Rogers Love in the Rough by Nov. 07, 2017 46139 words Read a sample
Kate Tucker is a professional golfer that just can't seem to pick up a win. She's finished second so many times that the media has nicknamed her Second Place Kate. If that isn't bad enough, she's about to become golf's version of Eliza Doolittle. Her agent has come up with a plan to transform her into the hottest property on tour. Whether she likes it or not.
Baris Puitis & Haiku by Irpan Rispandi Baris Puitis & Haiku by Nov. 06, 2017 611 words Read a sample
Kumpulan baris-baris puitis dan haiku yang saya tulis untuk mencatat lintasan-lintasan asa.
CUT (Devil's Due #1) by Tracey Ward CUT (Devil's Due #1) by Nov. 06, 2017 86881 words Read a sample
Josh was the boy next door. Harlow was the love of his life. And for just one night, she was utterly and completely his. But when she rode away on the back of another man's motorcycle, Josh thought he'd lost her forever.
Miss Elizabeth's Niece by Margaret S. Haycraft Miss Elizabeth's Niece by Nov. 06, 2017 74091 words Read a sample
"You have scandalised your name and ours, and the only thing to do is to make the best of it, and teach Maisie at least the first principles of ladylike conduct." Trevor Strathclyde, from a wealthy and aristocratic family, marries Maisie, a servant girl he meets while touring the Continent. Trouble is bound to follow when he takes her home.
Pink by Misty Vixen Pink by Nov. 04, 2017 9982 words Read a sample
In a world where humans and paranormal beings live together, relationships between them is, at best, tolerated. Nick is an inexperienced human in his twenties. When he meets his first paranormal in the form of a beautiful woman he finally works up the courage to ask out, he wonders what he's gotten himself into when he discovers that she is a succubus...
Blind Date by Misty Vixen Blind Date by Nov. 04, 2017 9213 words Read a sample
In a future where humanity lives side-by-side with a half-dozen other alien species, love and lust between the races is taboo. Despite this, when Robert signed up for a blind date website, he specifically selected 'alien'. He has no idea what to expect, and then he meets Selena. She is an absurdly beautiful, highly sexual, older alien woman, and she seems intent on having a great night with him...
Snakeskin by Misty Vixen Snakeskin by Nov. 04, 2017 8562 words Read a sample
In a world of monsters and magic, Brandon is a young hunter. Today is his first solo hunt, and it hasn't gone well. After taking a bad fall and almost breaking his leg, he is rescued by the inhuman but attractive Audrey. She is a serpentine, a snake woman. When she offers to help him and get him somewhere safe before night settles in, he learns that her interest in him is more than it appears...
The Sexth Sense - Is It In Yet? by M.L. Sawyer The Sexth Sense - Is It In Yet? by Nov. 04, 2017 2695 words
Karen and Luke are just like any other couple - except for the fact that Luke's a ghost.
Genesis 3 The Fall from Paradise: Playing Erotic Games with the Serpent of Eden by Jaguar Vex Genesis 3 The Fall from Paradise: Playing Erotic Games with the Serpent of Eden by Nov. 04, 2017 11095 words Read a sample
Mike played with fire, and he likes the warmth and the beautiful woman accompanying the package. It is the perfect situation for both if only Mike has no wife waiting at home. Now, the fire is consuming everything he got, and he is paying the price. This is a story of Mike’s path to indiscretion, with lots of sex along the way.
Two Sides of the Story by Caroline M Two Sides of the Story by Nov. 04, 2017 3507 words Read a sample
This is the first part of this book and it focuses on the character Kate meeting Jake. It’s a boy meets girl and a girl meets boy story.
Mystery on the S. S. Zephyr by A M Devenish Mystery on the S. S. Zephyr by Nov. 03, 2017 2688 words Read a sample
Hartman is a young, single man living in Perth, Western Australia, during the early 1900s. A decision to take a relaxing cruise on the Swan River to do some bird watching leads him into a situation where he is left with more than he bargained for, a murder mystery sprinkled with a little romance. A romance of his own. Similar books are the Canadian series of the Murdoch Mysteries.
The Book Boyfriend by Karli Perrin The Book Boyfriend by Nov. 03, 2017 9931 words Read a sample
Book Boyfriends only exist in books, right? Wrong. ***The Book Boyfriend is inspired by actual events. Please note that this is a short story, not a full-length novel. It is intended to be a fast-paced, fun and flirty read.***
The Trials: Secrets, Spells and Tales by Liz Rau The Trials: Secrets, Spells and Tales by Nov. 03, 2017 31108 words Read a sample
The Salem Witch Trials are widely known throughout history, but it's a lesser known black curse that has been weighing heavily on Harry. But when a mysterious new girl arrives in town with a hidden past, dark secrets come to light and new stories are woven throughout the threads of time with the help of a gypsy. The only question is, will this be enough to break the curse?
Op een winterdag by Raymond Zachariasse Op een winterdag by Nov. 03, 2017 3449 words Sample 2%
Op een verlaten station is een vrouw wanhopig op zoek naar antwoorden.
The Last Blackstone Dragon by Alicia Montgomery The Last Blackstone Dragon by Nov. 02, 2017 33508 words Sample 20%
Brooding dragon shifter + feisty human + a marriage of convenience = sexy shifter action, hot romantic moments, and a HEA to satisfy you!
Druid Vampire and the Red-haired Deer Woman by KuroKoneko Kamen Druid Vampire and the Red-haired Deer Woman by Nov. 01, 2017 21737 words Read a sample
The year is 1610. While hunting his Archenemy Slaine to the New World, Druid Vampire, Derek Dearg, ends up in a rather sticky situation with a werewolf clan trying to kill him. He's rescued by a beautiful, otherworldly creature- a deer woman. Due to feeling an odd connection with her, Derek is reluctant to leave Awentia behind to continue his quest for revenge, and ends up in the middle of a war.
Incendiary Magic: Dragon Mage Chronicles Book 1 by Aimee Easterling Incendiary Magic: Dragon Mage Chronicles Book 1 by Nov. 01, 2017 26067 words
This free fantasy romance novella is the first in a series of interconnected standalones that are full of "electric story telling" and "wild post apocalyptic world building."
Psuedo Personality by Kimbra Townsend Psuedo Personality by Nov. 01, 2017 50366 words Read a sample
When Beth moves into the Wasatch Mountains looking for a quiet spot to write her next novel, she inadvertently allows a stalker the opportunity to get close enough to kill.
"...Don't Go Falling Now...!!!" by Oct. 31, 2017 43237 words Sample 20%
Yvonne, a lady who got seperated from her husband for many years due to Drug Abuse. Their son Jethro got taken away by Wellfare. Years later they re-unite. She met Steven and had a passionate relationship for 20 months. Jethro re-united with his father, and moved in with his "new" found father. Yvonne and Steven bumped into each and she revealed the truth about her life. He proposed again.
The Point of the Sword by Debra Milligan The Point of the Sword by Oct. 31, 2017 35771 words Sample 20%
The Point of the Sword is a powerful love story of a man of experience, and of the enraptured coming of age of a girl of independence. Set in 1925 in Ship Bottom, New Jersey, this novel presents Andrew Derwent, formerly of the Royal Navy, who has moved to America to start a new life; and Sabine Mercier, a painter. They meet, by chance, on the pure white sands. Their lives will never be the same.
Ink and Kink and Stilettos by Jaguar Vex Ink and Kink and Stilettos by Oct. 30, 2017 9468 words Read a sample
Meet Tyler, a new male prostitute in town. This gig is his first, and this means he will be introduced to clamps and nipple rings and leather and whip. He will be with the Mistress and the submissive. This is his baptism of sexual fire... so he thought. His inexperience made him vulnerable to some "trick of the trades", and this error is costly, if not fatal. He hopes to give you a tour.