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Bridge Day by Mike Bozart Bridge Day by Aug. 15, 2018 2,830 words Read a sample
A late-twenty-something, still-getting-to-know-each-other, content Asian American couple goes to the Bridge Day festival in Fayetteville, West Virginia in October of 2006. All seems to be going well on the autumn-splendor drive up I-77 from Charlotte. But then a veteran BASE jumper has a severe mishap. The mood of the day changes. Suspicions creep in. Sometimes the past is vengeful ... and crazed.
Predator by Hiranya Borah Predator by Aug. 13, 2018 5,610 words Read a sample
The story is written in such a way you that may like the predator though ethically you are supposed to hate the predator. I am sure you love the victim, the beautiful girl throughout the story. It is a fictitious story and if any of the character or situation resembles with any character or situation, it is mere coincidence only.
Crossover by Chelsea Camaron Crossover by Aug. 12, 2018 29,230 words Read a sample
Two motorcycle clubs, two different reasons for being, and one lifestyle find each other together.
Dancing On Rocks by Richard Miller Dancing On Rocks by Aug. 11, 2018 5,120 words Read a sample
A short story following a young woman, sandwiched between the end of the Great Depression and the beginning of the Second World War, as she takes the first steps towards independence after the promise of college was swept away.
Whispers in the Dark by Marisa Quinn-Haisu Whispers in the Dark by Aug. 11, 2018 6,510 words Read a sample
Whispers in the Dark is a creative re-telling of the ancient Greek love story about Eros, the God of Love, and his mortal lover, a human woman named Psyche, two destined lovers who will not let anything or anyone keep them apart.
Serving My Soldier by Chelsea Camaron Serving My Soldier by Aug. 10, 2018 10,780 words Read a sample
A program sending cards to soldiers for her school aligns their worlds. What happens when her time to serve the soldier is up? Can their connection become more than a classroom project? A heartfelt story of two strangers supporting each other from afar coming together to build something real.
In The Beginning by Tamara Miller In The Beginning by Aug. 10, 2018 98,150 words Sample 20%
This series is about 5 families and 5 generations starting in 1914 and will take the reader through the 60s.Working through the loss of a baby, suicide, adultery, alcoholism, gambling addiction, and bouts of depression the family does their best to stay together. After Isla becomes pregnant and is forced to marry, a fall down a staircase is questionable.
The Young Marvel by Uncle Jasper The Young Marvel by Aug. 09, 2018 155,460 words Read a sample
Young English immigrant Gabrielle Fox comes to the marvellous Melbourne of the 1870s and is caught up in the frenetic, often dishonest financial dealings of this fast growing city. While remaining honest himself he wins through to his fortune and to the hand of the girl he loves.
Before the Mellowing Year, Book Two, Part II by Jeffrey Anderson Before the Mellowing Year, Book Two, Part II by Aug. 09, 2018 63,690 words Read a sample
After hard life lessons learned in Boston, Zach Sandstrom is granted a second chance in central North Carolina. Best of all, he discovers not one but two new loves there. But will he be able to keep these opportunities in balance? How will he adjust to this unfamiliar territory and its demands?
The Talk by Coffie O. Lore The Talk by Aug. 09, 2018 5,000 words Read a sample
Wordlessly, we drive. I’m not sure where we’re going yet, and I sense that she can tell. But she is seldom fussy about where our little nighttime drives take us. Tonight, the only agenda is The Talk. Much depends on this Talk. It is a casting of cowries for things to come.
Blood of The Spartan - The Dark Flower by Robert Gregory Blood of The Spartan - The Dark Flower by Aug. 08, 2018 49,690 words Sample 10%
In 465 BC, free spirited Kalliope finds herself in an arranged marriage with Amiantos, a towering Spartan warrior raised in the all male environment of history’s most brutal military academy. Amidst subterfuge, war, natural disaster and slave rebellion, is it possible for love to grow? This novel explores love, sacred and profane, and the nature of power in ancient Greece.
The Masseuse - Act 1 by Kiki Goodman The Masseuse - Act 1 by Aug. 08, 2018 18,280 words Read a sample
If Jacob is good at anything, it's using his hands. Being a talented masseuse has allowed Jacob the opportunity to be something he thought he would never be: hopeful. It hasn't always been that way and coming back to his hometown, Jacob plans to rebuild his life. A happy life. But things don't always go to plan. Nikki, the young, confident real estate agent immediately puts a kink in those plans.
Once Bitten - Chapter One Preview by Zoë Mullins Once Bitten - Chapter One Preview by Aug. 06, 2018 2,560 words Read a sample
***Once Bitten is a paranormal short story. This preview is made available by the author. The short story is available for sale on August 31st.*** Pain. Pleasure. Darkness. The words evoke the creature that thrives on it - the vampire. They can give life everlasting, or the stillness of the grave.
Lynx, Rodeo Romance Book 1 by Connie Vines Lynx, Rodeo Romance Book 1 by Aug. 05, 2018 47,150 words Read a sample
With a dangerous reputation for taking chances and tempting fate, rugged cowboy Lynx Maddox had one goal in life—to win the coveted Silver Buckle rodeo championship. But when he sets eyes on lovely Rachel Scott, he becomes determined to capture her as well.
Her Seducing CEO_A Paranormal Romance_Pleasing Xavier Vol. 1 by Sable Rose Her Seducing CEO_A Paranormal Romance_Pleasing Xavier Vol. 1 by Aug. 05, 2018 41,500 words Read a sample
This inexperienced executive assistant bites off more than she can chew, working with her hotter than hot, well-hung boss who may or may not be an angel… A paranormal erotic romantic suspense story of manipulation and sexual surrender, about a young woman’s affair with her boss. An affair that blows her mind, turns her life upside down and transforms her into his puppet and slave.
Dragon Trust by EJ Marrick Dragon Trust by Aug. 04, 2018 19,140 words Read a sample
Alex spent her whole life hiding her true nature, it had been impressed on her ever since she could remember that she must never tell anyone, but the longer she spends around Commander Kolrynn the harder it is to resist...
She Says, And I Say by Mario V. Farina She Says, And I Say by Aug. 04, 2018 1,910 words Read a sample
Maisey left me some weeks ago. She had good reasons. But I need her back bad! I thought she would come back but she hasn't yet. I think she will come back, though. I got to play it cool when she does and need to practice a conversation I might have with her. This is the conversation written down. It ain't good right now. It needs improvement, but here it is as it stands now.
Above & Below: Mountain Misfits MC Prologue by Deja Voss Above & Below: Mountain Misfits MC Prologue by Aug. 03, 2018 24,750 words Read a sample
Above & Below is the prequel novella to the Mountain Misfits MC series. It features Gavin, the vice president of the motorcycle club, and Sloan, the tormented heroin who he falls in love with.
Strange Love by Rose Anamgba Strange Love by Aug. 03, 2018 5,510 words
He was a philanderer who courted an attractive lady but lost her due to his carelessness. He also courted another lady and married her. He later divorced her due to her stubbornness. He moreover courted another lady, married her and they were blessed with three children. But she later divorced him due to his waywardness. They reconciled after some years and there was excitement in their family.
Winter's Fall: A Billionaire Romance by Olivia Blake Winter's Fall: A Billionaire Romance by Aug. 02, 2018 29,400 words Read a sample
Nicole’s life in Key West was paradise until her father died. Then her stepmother stole his dive company, fired her, and kicked her out of her apartment. Then she runs into bad boy billionaire Andrew Winter, who offers to pay her to be his tour guide while he’s vacationing in the Keys.Why not? The money is good and the company is better, but it’s the kisses that keep her coming back.
The Third Wheel by Katie George The Third Wheel by Aug. 01, 2018 50,790 words Read a sample
When life comes in threes... Kristina Flores will have to stand up for herself, even when a possible love interest finally enters the picture.
From South Central To Calabasas by J. Buchanan From South Central To Calabasas by July 31, 2018 5,990 words Read a sample
A new style of story✍🏽✍🏻✍🏿
Petra Pan by KuroKoneko Kamen Petra Pan by July 31, 2018 91,900 words Read a sample
In order to save Neverland from an evil, shape-shifting Aztec god, Petra Pan travels to London, England, along with her male fairy companion, Tinker, in order to find a worthy knight. Petra encounters the heroic, fencing champion, Eirwen Darling, and falls in love with him at first sight. Will Eirwen succumb to Petra’s innocently lewd advances and find his happy thought in time to save Neverland?
TRIÁNGULO, poemas para suspirar by Fermín Deliz TRIÁNGULO, poemas para suspirar by July 30, 2018 3,790 words Read a sample
Pareciera ser un convenio, un contrato entre tres; acordado consciente y voluntariamente con la intención de obtener los mismos resultados para todos. Mas no, no se trata de ello: son emociones, sentimientos que se conjugan entre sí involuntariamente, como si fueran actos de magia. ¿De qué forma, por ejemplo, interfieren en nuestros pálpitos y pensamientos la naturaleza, la mujer y el amor?
I Give You Me by Joycedmot I Give You Me by July 30, 2018 8,350 words
Book Two of the Hard Love Series
The Hunted - The D'Silva Brothers #2 by Penelope Greene The Hunted - The D'Silva Brothers #2 by July 30, 2018 42,870 words Read a sample
Old friends and enemies are turning up in Willow Grove, it's getting harder for The D'Silva Brothers to contain their secret. Will Alison be able to stay away or will both brothers continue to have a hold on her?
Between Favours - The Champagne Hurricane Trilogy - Book 3 by Tam Sturgeon Between Favours - The Champagne Hurricane Trilogy - Book 3 by July 29, 2018 105,890 words Read a sample
Told in the first person by three main characters, Tee Jackson, Terri Manley and Stevie Manley, their together journey unravels. Tee knows her feelings for her, married with children, brother-in-law, Stevie, have grown, but she is unable to tell him, and he regrettably feels the same way. When their weakness is confessed to the wrong side, lives change direction, and then everybody loses.
A Scritped Life by Tam Sturgeon A Scritped Life by July 29, 2018 48,320 words Read a sample
Tilly Stiller is the author of a book that is swallowed up by a Hollywood Director to become an Oscar winning Blockbuster. Charlie Kerman is a high profile, Rock Star Playboy who is asked to work on the soundtrack with the older English woman. Through a few strange events he realises the cover doesn't always tell the story within and, as his feelings for her change, Charlie finally sees the light.
The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down by Jillian Bald The House of Baric Part One: Shields Down by July 29, 2018 188,490 words
The House of Baric is Mauro's story. And that of his mismatched Ottoman bride brought into his Venetian world in 1648 to marry a stranger. It is a clash of cultures; a clash of sexes. It is a story of love--Mauro and Resi's. And a story of loss. And one of discovery and humor and adventure. It is a tale of happenings in the lives behind the walls of The House of Baric. Come along on their journey.
كبير العيلة (الجزء الاول من سلسلة عشق الجنوبي) لـ منى لطفي by احكي ياشهرزاد (منى لطفي) كبير العيلة (الجزء الاول من سلسلة عشق الجنوبي) لـ منى لطفي by July 28, 2018 189,750 words Read a sample
كبير العيلة رواية طويلة اجتماعية رومانسية سرد فصحى حوار عامية مصرية لهجة صعيدي بقلم منى لطفي
Demon Blood: A Demon Soul Prequel by Christine Ashworth Demon Blood: A Demon Soul Prequel by July 27, 2018 16,750 words Read a sample
In the 1970s, the Council of the Fae hadn't been heard of in several years, despite open portals from the Chaos Plane to the human plane being on the rise. Demonic chaos and death spreads further when France loses the ancient Fae who held the secrets of closing the dangerous portals. In service to her country, human-Fae hafling Marie-Therese Gosse leaves her homeland to seek answers from Gideon
An Ardent Affection #1 by Grace Reeve An Ardent Affection #1 by July 27, 2018 8,920 words Read a sample
Elizabeth is understandably a bit worried about submitting to her new husband's desires. Little does she know that Mr. Darcy desires only to submit to hers. A Pride and Prejudice intimate variation/sequel. First in a series of short stories about the Darcys' marriage bed.
She Got Me: Deja by Just Bae She Got Me: Deja by July 27, 2018 15,480 words Read a sample
When Malik's brother DeShawn tells him to go and speak to the pretty girl he'd been staring at all night at his 23rd birthday party, he never guessed the path it might lead him down.
Аксинья by Sasha Ri-En Аксинья by July 25, 2018 3,160 words Sample 30%
Всё, что осталось у Яна после расставания с любимым - это пустота, отчаянье... и кошка.
Arctic Heat 1: Northern Lights by Nick Kove Arctic Heat 1: Northern Lights by July 25, 2018 26,230 words Read a sample
It was supposed to be a three-week holiday—but it turned into so much more. An arctic wasteland is not my idea of a holiday destination. If I ever want to see my best friend again, however, it’s where I have to go. With shit-all to do, I didn’t think the holiday would bear repeating anytime soon… but I hadn’t expected Jonathan.
Hard Luck by Rose Anamgba Hard Luck by July 24, 2018 6,690 words
Her step mother maltreated her and she was forced to relocate to her aunt's house. Her aunt drove her out of the house because she was raped and impregnated. She was sheltered by a kind woman until she gave birth to a boy. She later abandoned her son and left for the city, and a kind man trained him. After Faith recovered from a ghastly accident, she looked for her son and reconciled with him.
Let Us Be Standby Lovers! by Mario V. Farina Let Us Be Standby Lovers! by July 24, 2018 2,450 words Read a sample
My company wanted me to learn conversational Spanish. Julie Webster was my tutor. We met for an hour at my home for an hour-long session each week. Inadvertently, we fell in love. This was not a good thing since both of us were married. Julie suggested we be standby lovers. At first, I was angered because I didn't know what that meant. She explained it to me. This story explains it to you.
Falling in Love in Barcelona by Gus Murray Falling in Love in Barcelona by July 24, 2018 4,520 words Read a sample
Jessica goes to Barcelona to spend her holidays
Falling in Love in Barcelona by Gus Murray Falling in Love in Barcelona by July 24, 2018 4,520 words Read a sample
An american tourist goes to Barcelona to spend her holidays.
Natalie's Wedding (The Bridesmaid's Checklist series) by K.T. Castle Natalie's Wedding (The Bridesmaid's Checklist series) by July 24, 2018 103,490 words Read a sample
Kassandra never thought she’d be in another committed relationship, but now she’s living with her boyfriend Josh. Things can’t get any better. But they can get worse. When she digs up one dirty secret after another, she can’t help but wonder if her man’s womanizing days are really behind him. Sometimes, love makes us twist reality to avoid hurting those we hold closest to our hearts.
Crescent Calling by Nicole R. Taylor Crescent Calling by July 23, 2018 56,750 words
When Skye Williams sees the Irishman she’s been crushing on turn into a fox, she realises she’s more than an ordinary woman. She’s the last Crescent Witch. Thrust into a world she never knew existed, Skye must face her past to embrace her powers and become who she was born to be. She better do it fast, because magic is being extinction.
Twins by TL Reeve & Michele Ryan Twins by
& July 23, 2018
4,130 words Read a sample
After Danielle’s strenuous delivery of Nicolas, Kalkin has done everything he can to keep his pregnant mate, Keeley calm in the last weeks of her pregnancy. However, the twins have other plans. Follow along as the Raferty twins make their debut.
Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 by Damon Rain Seeker: Magic Means Book 2 by July 23, 2018 113,040 words Read a sample
A succubus with a crush, a client stuck in a time loop, irate religious profiteers, a bossy customer who wants a job, a tribe of faeries, and various forces of darkness ranging from the overt to covert threaten the early days of Van Veld Books and Technical Wizardry. Even so, they won’t affect Scott and Mack’s destinies as much as their hidden allies and the secrets surrounding them.
Keeper of The Tides. by Von Kambro Keeper of The Tides. by July 22, 2018 2,320 words Read a sample
Despite her peculiar behavior, a man becomes fascinated by a woman that appears to be talking to a tree, but when he approaches and begins a conversation with her he discovers that he was right, but she eventually reveals to him that she has Autism.
In Deep by Racq Symphony In Deep by July 22, 2018 10,260 words Sample 10%
Sia Jacobs, leading black attorney at her law firm runs into trouble at home when she finds out that her loving husband has suddenly left her. She spends the night at the Ybor City Jazz House in Tampa, Florida, sulking about her failed marriage when she encounters T.K., A UPS employee that strikes her interest, among other things.
Helen BackStory: Lisa, Cindy, and the Violin by Kay Hemlock Brown Helen BackStory: Lisa, Cindy, and the Violin by July 21, 2018 27,780 words Read a sample
Junior Helen meets Lisa Wallace, a young ice skater after an accident, then meets Cindy, a hooker who has amnesia. Then she acquires a fabulous, unaltered Baroque violin, and gradually becomes an accomplished violinist, and a lyric soprano. Finally, Cindy leads her to an entire set of cousins she never knew she had. This gives you the background of some central characters in the Helen story.
Pride & Prejudice bilingual by Palm Hearts Pride & Prejudice bilingual by July 21, 2018 237,580 words Read a sample
Jane Austen's classic love story now in bilingual form for Spanish learners. El clasico romantico de la literatura inglesa ahora en formato bilingue para estudiantes de ingles.
Room Service (Good Girls Gone Bad Volume 1) by Mindy Wilde Room Service (Good Girls Gone Bad Volume 1) by July 21, 2018 22,160 words Read a sample
Lucy is a good girl, at least until her life completely implodes. A terrible family, a jerk musician boyfriend who ran off with all her money, and now she's been fired. Desperate times call for desperate measures. When she comes across a job listing that seems to good to be true Lucy is forced to make a choice. A choice that will lead her into a romantically lit bedroom with a mysterious man.
To The Woman He Loves by Theresa Hodge & Shani Greene-Dowdell To The Woman He Loves by
& July 19, 2018
48,990 words Read a sample
My secrets…my lies cost me a price I wasn’t willing to pay. Who would’ve ever thought our happiness and love for each other would end up at this point?
An Armour of Light by Jiah Joseph An Armour of Light by July 18, 2018 6,260 words Read a sample
The beautiful priestess of a forest shrine tucked away in Imperial Japan attracts the attention of the evil Emperor. Who is the mysterious masked horseman who saves her from the Emperor's soldiers?