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Unusual Wedding Proposal by Mario V. Farina Unusual Wedding Proposal by Oct. 16, 2018 950 words Read a sample
Ruby and Ted were playing a word game named Splinters. Ted decided to "pop the question". He did it in a novel way with the word game. He asks the question and Ruby responded in like fashion. You'll enjoy seeing how Ted asked Ruby to marry him.
Conversations with an Angel by Kevin Klehr Conversations with an Angel by Oct. 15, 2018 5,690 words
Jamal has a typical mother who'd like him to succeed in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to marriage. But Jamal already has a partner. His name is Farnham. And while Jamal doesn't want to disappoint his family, his mother's interference is pushing Farnham away. In the end it will take a voice of reason to help Jamal rethink his life.
His Spark by DJ Jamison His Spark by Oct. 14, 2018 6,510 words Read a sample
Josh, a bookstore clerk and Harry Potter fanboy, is holding a book club meeting when in walks the perfect Malfoy. Josh lures the blond-haired, gray-eyed Dylan into joining the book discussion for an evening. But when Dylan rushes off afterward, Josh thinks the spark he felt must have been his imagination. Until he receives an invitation to the Halloween party. Will he find his Malfoy there?
Nothing but the Truth? So Help Me God... by Cleo Wodehouse Nothing but the Truth? So Help Me God... by Oct. 14, 2018 80,710 words Read a sample
Indirect communicator Finn finds himself in the possession of a great power: people can no longer lie to him. Although a fascinating gift in theory, it alienates him from everyone until he turns to Leah, who always speaks the truth, no matter what. When two opposing poles on the communication scale work together, what will they discover about their environment, about themselves and each other?
Torn Between The Game and Love 3 by Courtney Monya Torn Between The Game and Love 3 by Oct. 13, 2018 49,810 words Read a sample
“This must be what death feels like”. - Toney There is so much blood coming from his neck. My hands begin to shake as his blood drips from my hands onto my clothes. C’mon Ra, get yourself together. This is what you were asking for. I quickly go to Romeo’s contact, calling him. “Romeo! Toney’s been shot!” -Ra “I never wanted to be a part of this". I continue to tie Horacio’s arms and legs to the
Dawn of the Night by Albert Oon Dawn of the Night by Oct. 12, 2018 4,790 words Read a sample
Dracula and his army are conquering a weak Europe with more demonic forces infesting the East. Alucard, Dracula's son, and his wife Silvia are also vampires, but they're going to destroy Dracula in order to save the world. Even though they will die along with the rest of the vampires, undead, and demons, they go anyway despite the consequences and the many challenges they will face.
Hellions Ride On by Chelsea Camaron Hellions Ride On by Oct. 12, 2018 13,310 words Read a sample
Hellions Ride On One job, one ride, could it turn into something more? His cut is life. Axel Devon Crews was born a Hellion and proudly found his place within the club. He has been ordered to transport a female to Chicago alone. He has one job to complete. She has this one chance to feel free. They have this one ride to share. Can one ride turn lust into love … a second time?
Predestined - Book One by Sasha Hart Predestined - Book One by Oct. 12, 2018 15,040 words Read a sample
In the wake of her abruptly ended engagement, Kayla travels to beautiful Hawaii to be a bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding. As soon as she arrives on the island, she catches the attention of the best man, a dominant who will stop at nothing to make the prim and proper bridesmaid acquiesce to him. Will Kayla give in to her hidden desires or will she be able to resist the enigmatic Ryan Harper?
Diary of the Shattered Soul, #3 by Lainey Miller Diary of the Shattered Soul, #3 by Oct. 12, 2018 3,530 words Read a sample
Things seem to look up for Tess as Jonas asks her out on a date. However, trouble lurks around the corner.
Second Chance Layover by Lila Shaw Second Chance Layover by Oct. 11, 2018 17,810 words Read a sample
Two childhood friends are reunited at an airport during an extra long layover. He's the boy she secretly crushed on in high school. She's the little sister of his best friend. What was once off limits is suddenly too tempting to resist...except for an old ghost from his past that threatens to taint the present. *This work contains the complete story previously published as a serial in 4 volumes
The Tale of Two Barons by Linda Rae Sande The Tale of Two Barons by Oct. 11, 2018 99,380 words
A sensual tale-within-a-tale of a baron, a book, and a bride-to-be. Lady Evangeline is about to buy a book when Baron Jeffrey Sommers appears with the same intention. With only one copy available, they agree to read it together--despite the impropriety. Evangeline's reputation as a bluestocking could use a bit of scandal, but when life begins to imitate art, she has to read between the lines.
In Memo by Marjolein Meijering In Memo by Oct. 10, 2018 1,210 words Read a sample
In memo is een kort verhaal over het leven en de liefde, geheel verteld door Post-its, smsjes en andere kattebelletjes. Het is eerder gepubliceerd in het Nederlandse literaire tijdschrift Passionate Magazine.
Broken Bear by Alice Bello Broken Bear by Oct. 09, 2018 17,830 words Read a sample
What can a werepuma do? Stormy is lost. Her grandmother died a few weeks ago and she’s been driving ever since.
Tempestade de Guerra by Giselle Carvalho Tempestade de Guerra by Oct. 08, 2018 191,200 words Read a sample
Mare Barrow aprendeu rápido que, para vencer, é preciso pagar um preço muito alto. Depois da traição de Cal, ela se esforça para proteger seu coração e continuar a lutar junto aos rebeldes pela liberdade de todos os vermelhos e sanguenovos de Norta. A jovem fará de tudo para derrubar o governo de uma vez por todas — começando pela coroa de Maven.
EMOTIONS by Michael Williams EMOTIONS by Oct. 05, 2018 3,650 words Sample 20%
EMOTIONS is a collection of short stories that showcase emotions rarely spoken about through fictional characters.
Diary of the Shattered Soul, #2 by Lainey Miller Diary of the Shattered Soul, #2 by Oct. 04, 2018 3,760 words Read a sample
A new rival makes herself known, which will only make Tess's life harder.
Outta Here by Niu White Outta Here by Oct. 04, 2018 61,100 words Read a sample
BEDTIME READING FOR IMAGINATIVE WOMEN WARNING: As well as a hot body and a healthy sexual appetite, SandraLou has A SENSE OF HUMOR Outta Here is a hot, hilarious and gripping erotic comedy. A FULL LENGTH, STAND ALONE NOVEL, 18+
Second Chances by Sylvie Torok-Nagy Second Chances by Oct. 03, 2018 44,250 words Read a sample
After over twenty years, Ava Davis finds herself without a husband, without a home and without a clue as to how she and her daughter will survive. "Home" is her only thought for starting over. Things are looking good until she finds herself in hot water when her first love turns out to be her new boss.
Teacher by TL Reeve & Michele Ryan Teacher by
& Oct. 01, 2018
5,270 words Read a sample
Danielle and Keeley are in desperate need of a teacher. Mark Hill, teacher by day, author Orion Davis by night, knows he's the man for the job. Can Mark convince Danielle and Keeley he's the solution to their problem or will his lie of omission force them to reconsider?
Remembrance by Heather Hildenbrand Remembrance by Oct. 01, 2018 84,690 words Read a sample
"From award-winning, best-selling author, Heather Hildenbrand, comes a sizzling, sassy new paranormal romance series that fans will devour!" It's Witches, Werewolves, & WTF?!
The Blind Date by Katie George The Blind Date by Oct. 01, 2018 51,000 words Read a sample
You never know whom you’re going to get… The Blind Date pairs Tessa Flores and Dev Virani on an unusual blind date that will send them on an eccentric treasure hunt across Memphis, Tennessee.
The Prince and The Escort by Marilyn Cruise The Prince and The Escort by Sep. 29, 2018 35,940 words Read a sample
Can an escort and a prince find their own fairytale ending? Indulge in this blazing hot chemistry between Jennifer and her prince in the first book in the series, A Scandalous Royal Fairytale...
The Love You Give Me by Kelly Violet The Love You Give Me by Sep. 28, 2018 14,080 words Read a sample
Rae I learned early in life never to hope for much. Then a boy crashed into my world and wouldn’t take no for answer. Wouldn’t just leave me be. Now, it was the end of my senior year and things were as good as could be. Xander I was on top of the world. High school was coming to an end and there I was with my best friend, Rae, along for the ride. My dream girl.
Greek Billionaire's Blackmailed Bride by Leslie North Greek Billionaire's Blackmailed Bride by Sep. 28, 2018 29,050 words
Greek banking heir Antonio Rosso is shocked when his late father leaves the beloved family villa to the one woman he never wanted to see again: Claire Bennett.
Diary of the Shattered Soul, #1 by Lainey Miller Diary of the Shattered Soul, #1 by Sep. 28, 2018 3,450 words Read a sample
Follow the diary of a broken porn star trying to overcome her depression and drug abuse.
The Accidental Stranger by Cj Fosdick The Accidental Stranger by Sep. 27, 2018 95,050 words Read a sample
Jessica Brewster is being watched...and things go missing from the remote Wyoming home she shares with her toddler. In a freak accident, she shoots the bearded thief stalking her before she recognizes the mesmerizing green eyes that belong to the only man she ever loved.
No Faerie Tale Love by Mercedes Jade No Faerie Tale Love by Sep. 25, 2018 105,330 words Read a sample
First in a debut series by Mercedes Jade. A sexy reverse harem in a dark, romantic fantasy setting featuring Fae.
Not a Not a "LOVE" Story by Sep. 24, 2018 120,530 words Read a sample
He's a guy that doesn't even know the meaning of the word "love." She's a girl who's scared to know what the meaning of the word "love" is. Add them together, and you might just get not a "love" story.
Dandelions Wish by Leonardo DiSalvatore Dandelions Wish by Sep. 22, 2018 6,260 words Read a sample
A extradinary love with an ending Bret is a beautiful girl with a smile that makes all of the cacoons give birth to thousands of butterflys within Jayson's stomach.  Just by
Heart Throbs by Karen Tomsovic Heart Throbs by Sep. 22, 2018 54,090 words
Reluctant actress Amanda Monroe’s plans for domestic bliss are thrown into disarray when two movie hunks guest star on her sitcom – one, a handsome leading man with a seductive proposition, and the other, an old pal with wedding plans of his own. First in the City Lights New York series of standalone romantic comedies.
Plain Woman Seeking Love by Mario V. Farina Plain Woman Seeking Love by Sep. 22, 2018 1,710 words Read a sample
I inadvertently discovered that Andrea Stanton was planning to place a display ad in the paper stating she was seeking love. This was none of my business, but I was moved to discuss this endeavor with her and accosted her with this objective. I discovered she had little feeling of self-worth. As a psychologist, I felt I could intervene and did. This story tells the outcome of this bold action.
Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated by Wanitta Praks Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated by Sep. 22, 2018 42,570 words
Upon uttering the word coffee, Jenny Stone somehow finds herself paying off her father’s debt by working as a maid to the billionaire mafia boss, Giovanni Dente. Between serving him coffee and doing his dirty work, she finds she stuck in this intricate web that he binds around her. She wants to escape. But what can she do when her heart is totally captivated by him?
Went to Woo a Porn Star by Ina Disguise Went to Woo a Porn Star by Sep. 21, 2018 8,890 words Read a sample
Probably the happiest story you will read this year. Cynthia has had a bad year. She randomly staggers into a porn star online, and in the course of wooing him, asks herself questions about the nature of respectability, personal values and how to live happily with yourself and others. (adult themes, but don't expect erotica)
The Girls in the Club by William Wresch The Girls in the Club by Sep. 21, 2018 94,940 words Read a sample
Jessica returns to Wisconsin and takes a job at a large resort only to discover young women in the Gentleman’s Club are being held against their will. As she fights for their freedom, she loses her own and becomes the mistress of a Mafia Don. As he expands his business, she becomes his business analyst – and his lover. She needs the help of the police, but faces arrest herself.
Romantic Nonfiction by Dustin Lewit Romantic Nonfiction by Sep. 19, 2018 580 words Read a sample
A new collection of 4 pieces of flash fiction written by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. Copyright 2018 by Dustin Schuyler Lewit. All rights reserved.
The Book Addict by Karli Perrin The Book Addict by Sep. 19, 2018 6,920 words Read a sample
My name is Halle Hennessy and I’m a book addict. ***The Book Addict is inspired by actual events. Please note that this is a short story, not a full-length novel. It is intended to be a fast paced, fun and flirty read.***
Trapped Like a Rat by Lilith T. Bell Trapped Like a Rat by Sep. 19, 2018 30,530 words Read a sample
Infiltrating a pirate ship disguised as a boy is easily the most dangerous thing Brigid O'Cullane has ever done. But she has no choice if she ever wants to regain the treasure map that belonged to her dead father. Liam Lynch holds the map now and he may well have had a role to play in her father's death. When the dangerously sensual Liam catches her, he hints at secrets she never dreamed of...
Wicked King Dick by Malachi Stone Wicked King Dick by Sep. 19, 2018 94,870 words Read a sample
First love, recaptured in a chance encounter after decades apart, transforms into deadly burning desire. Here's a nostalgia piece, my personal foray into Jean Shepherd Americana.
Sweeps Week Murders by Malachi Stone Sweeps Week Murders by Sep. 19, 2018 74,500 words Read a sample
Ambitious prosecutor falls for seductive murder defendant. When TV cable news finds out the truth, it's the end of life as he knew it.
Dead Man's Act by Malachi Stone Dead Man's Act by Sep. 19, 2018 72,080 words Read a sample
Small-town lawyer solves murders and deals with woman troubles..
Haru to Aiden: A Novella Teaser([A Steamy New Adult Stepbrother BL) by Alexia Praks Haru to Aiden: A Novella Teaser([A Steamy New Adult Stepbrother BL) by Sep. 19, 2018 19,900 words Read a sample
Haru to Aiden is a BL stepbrother romance full of angst and smut scenes. If you’re a fujoshi and have a thing for stepbrothers love, then this is the book for you. 

Eighteen-year-old Haru Ono has been in love with Aiden Davis, his older stepbrother, since he was in middle school. Trying to keep his feelings under wraps is annoyingly hard when they’re living under the same roof.
Montenegro. by Von Kambro Montenegro. by Sep. 18, 2018 3,870 words Read a sample
A woman seeking adventure and escape from her boring life gets more than she bargained for, but would she do it all again? (Based on, and Inspired by the movie: Montenegro.) (This is the beginning of the story and will be updated periodically.)
The Deceiver's Secret by J. A. Jackson The Deceiver's Secret by Sep. 17, 2018 29,910 words Sample 10%
After Eve receives a warning from a mysterious woman, suddenly strange things start happening around her! Prepare to lose yourself in a fascinating world of romance, intrigue and sultry secrets, a world of decadence, adventure and excitement, a world you’ll never want to leave!
Dirty Filthy Rich Boys by Laurelin Paige Dirty Filthy Rich Boys by Sep. 16, 2018 17,070 words Read a sample
From NYT Bestselling author Laurelin Paige, discover a whole new world filled with sex, love, power, romance and dirty, filthy rich men. Sabrina is caught between the sexy, player, Weston King and the teacher's aid who torments her, Donovan Kincaid.
Taken by the Barbarian Princes (Skatha Chronicles, Book 1) by Lily Reynard Taken by the Barbarian Princes (Skatha Chronicles, Book 1) by Sep. 16, 2018 18,680 words Read a sample
Torn from my home on my wedding day by the conquering troops of General Vespasian, I offer myself as a war-prize to two handsome, muscular barbarian princes in return for my family’s safety. Hardened by years in the army, these two men are looking for a voluptuous wife. Before they return to their tribal homeland on the distant Roman frontier, they will take what they’ve come for.
कदाचित हेच आहे प्रेम ( sample) by abhishek dalvi कदाचित हेच आहे प्रेम ( sample) by Sep. 16, 2018 10,530 words Read a sample
लेखकाची ही कथाही अशाच दोन पात्रांशी निगडित आहे .ज्यांची कुटुंब ,शहर, रस्ते एकमेकांपासून फार दूर आहेत .पण त्याचं प्रेम ,आकांशा आणि नशीब त्यांना त्यांचं आयुष्य एकत्र जगण्यासाठी मदत करत .आता त्यांचं आयुष्य म्हणजे नियतीचा मेळ आहे , नशिबाचा खेळ आहे मी प्रेमाचे फळ हे ही कादंबरी वाचून तुम्हीच ठरवा .
VIP: Taken by the Billionaire by Tasha Fawkes VIP: Taken by the Billionaire by Sep. 15, 2018 44,250 words Read a sample
Daniela Caldwell's day is bad, and getting worse. Work accident, emergency room visit and now this; finding her longtime boyfriend in bed...with a guy. Can it get any worse? When a kind stranger, Aria, invites her on a weekend trip to Florida with the promise of hot guys and parties, she goes along. Nothing like a fun weekend to help take her mind off things.
Devil's Toll by Malachi Stone Devil's Toll by Sep. 15, 2018 95,290 words Read a sample
DEVIL’S TOLL takes you on a death walk with a modern woman who, after her mysterious premature demise, must face the demonic harrowing of her soul by those malevolent unearthly beings who walk among us unseen.
Catching Avery by M.E. Clayton Catching Avery by Sep. 14, 2018 106,860 words Read a sample
What happens when you run into your bosses while you're out on a girls' night? Well, if you're Avery Ellis, you drunkenly blurt out how you and your friends are out looking to make your sexual fantasies come true. Probably not the best career move, but there's no going back. Especially when one of those said bosses offers his services in the interest of safety first!
Come un batter d'ali. Semplicemente il destino by Mew Notice Come un batter d'ali. Semplicemente il destino by Sep. 14, 2018 9,490 words Read a sample
Un amore intenso, romantico e per sempre. I moderni Romeo e Giulietta.