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The Accident by J.T. Evergreen The Accident by March 21, 2019 3,440 words Read a sample
My mother was thinking of hiring a surrogate to accomplish her penchant for grandchildren. Then – the accident. I’m a lawyer and was on my way to court when the accident happened. She fell down, I lost my balance and joined her on the sidewalk.“Why don’t you watch where the hell you’re going?” “Do you need a lawyer?” “What?” “I may sue you.” “For what? “Breaking my heart.” "You're kidding?"
Love the Cook by Daria Parker Love the Cook by March 21, 2019 760 words Sample 30%
Love Goldenheart was a teenage girl who owned a restaurant and her life was normal until she met Luke Windfall. Shortly after meeting Luke, Love was strangled by her uncle and so her aunt and uncle were imprisoned. Due to Love's parents being dead and no other family to live with, she moved into Luke's house. Please enjoy this romantic short story.
Falling for You: Contemporary Romance Sampler by The Wild Rose Press, Inc. Falling for You: Contemporary Romance Sampler by March 20, 2019 30,750 words Read a sample
Sample Chapters of Contemporary Romance from The Wild Rose Press Inc.
Areli, las grietas de una mente adolescente by César Gabriel Rodríguez Ordóñez Areli, las grietas de una mente adolescente by March 18, 2019 66,040 words Sample 20%
Basada en hechos reales, esta novela retrata a Areli, una joven de escasos recursos económicos que vive en un barrio de clase media en el México de finales del siglo pasado. Su caótica y disfuncional familia, así como una serie de hechos desafortunados, la convierten lenta pero inexorablemente en una mujer depresiva, desubicada y con una mente al borde del desequilibrio. Primera parte de tres...
River of Stars by William Wresch River of Stars by March 18, 2019 88,320 words Read a sample
Book 8 - Jessica agrees to help with another movie. This film stars six women who served in Iraq and are now canoeing the route used by Jolliet and Marquette as they discovered the Mississippi. As they paddle hundreds of miles, the women reflect on their time in Iraq and their life since their return, while Jessica helps with the film and searches for love.
Wanted in Paradise by Kate Ashenden Wanted in Paradise by March 18, 2019 61,960 words Sample 10%
Wanted in Paradise is an action-packed romantic suspense novel about forbidden love, alpha male rivalry, and the glamorous lifestyle of swoon-worthy wealthy men - all set in a tropical location!
Dear Future Boo by aremotobi Dear Future Boo by March 18, 2019 10,840 words Sample 20%
Every girl has that dream guy they want to spend their lives with. This books is a real and honest account of ladies who share their desires about the man of their dreams!
Sex Prescribed, Jewels In The Night & Sea Of Secrets Romance Box Sets: Jewels And Panties: A Billionaire Doctor Series by Brooke Kinsley Sex Prescribed, Jewels In The Night & Sea Of Secrets Romance Box Sets: Jewels And Panties: A Billionaire Doctor Series by March 17, 2019 48,170 words Read a sample
Sex Prescribed, Jewels In The Night & Sea Of Secrets Romance Box Sets
Jewels and Panties (Book, Three): Sea Of Secrets by Brooke Kinsley Jewels and Panties (Book, Three): Sea Of Secrets by March 17, 2019 15,200 words Read a sample
I’m falling in love with her and she has to know. The only problem is that she found my secret and ran away back to the house, back to Phaedra’s lair where only the most wicked and evil acts take place. If only she didn’t jump to conclusions.
Jewels and Panties (Book, Two): Jewels in the Night by Brooke Kinsley Jewels and Panties (Book, Two): Jewels in the Night by March 17, 2019 20,350 words Read a sample
She’s too perfect, too good for me and she doesn’t even know it and her body drives me wild! I made the biggest mistake of my life letting her stay in that house and I’m hellbent on getting her outta there. But I can’t hide my secret life from her forever.
Jewels and Panties (Book, One): Sex Prescribed by Brooke Kinsley Jewels and Panties (Book, One): Sex Prescribed by March 17, 2019 22,970 words Read a sample
Lincoln has studied every part of the female anatomy... ....and how to stimulate it!
The Billionaire's Trap: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by Brooke Kinsley The Billionaire's Trap: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance by March 17, 2019 20,680 words Read a sample
John Batista, a sex crazed billionaire carries out his cruel research in his home laboratory. But his last victim has escaped, and he’ll do anything to stop him telling the truth… As Cassie bonds with the man with the terrifying story, things begin to heat up. As she spends more and more time questioning him, she can’t deny the attraction between them. Will she risk her job just for a few moments
Insta Love : Best Friends To Lovers (Her Dominant Alpha Male Possessive Romance Series Book 1) by Brooke Kinsley Insta Love : Best Friends To Lovers (Her Dominant Alpha Male Possessive Romance Series Book 1) by March 17, 2019 21,880 words Read a sample
Paige Manning has the seemingly perfect life, a respectable husband, a nice house in the suburbs and an easy job. But it doesn’t matter how many people envy her, she still can’t shake the feeling that everything’s wrong and of course, husband, Arthur is at the center of her troubles.
First Impressions Don’t Always Count  (The Prelude) by Keith Guthmiller First Impressions Don’t Always Count (The Prelude) by March 14, 2019 24,320 words Read a sample
First Impressions Don't Always Count (The Prelude) is an introduction, an introduction to a pretty screwed up life, but a life desperate to change. Fortunately it does, but not in this one. In this one we get to see how much anguish a person can fail before something snaps. And sometimes the snap is the thing that can change us all.
Trading Hearts by Katrina Liss Trading Hearts by March 14, 2019 50,680 words Read a sample
Steamy office romance. When Fliss was sent to New York for a year on an exchange with another trader, she was looking forward to the challenge of the job. Romance didn't feature on her agenda. Until she met Jason, her new desk manager, and the spark of attraction ignited. But the more she found out about him the more she realized what a bad boy he was, both at work and at play....
Hola, Soledad by Olivier G. Durán Hola, Soledad by March 14, 2019 13,410 words Sample 24%
Tras la máscara de joven exitoso Ezra esconde un corazón atormentado que convive día tras día con la soledad, a la cual escribe para desahogarse, sin obtener respuesta… ¿Y si, de pronto, sí fuera respondido? ¿Hasta dónde estarías dispuesto a llegar por alcanzar la felicidad?
Party at the Lunar Pack (Lunar Pack #1) by Rosa Swann Party at the Lunar Pack (Lunar Pack #1) by March 14, 2019 9,520 words
Roy never thought that one party with his hot new neighbours would turn his whole life upside down!
Seized by a Mercenary by Kayci Morgan Seized by a Mercenary by March 13, 2019 10,350 words Read a sample
Born a noble, I never expected to be bound, chained and stuck in a cage. Yet here I am, at the mercy of a common mercenary. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. I suppose it doesn't matter. No one cares how a slave feels. Though there is something strange about this man that draws me to him. In the wake of losing everything, could I have possibly found something better?
The Necklace - The Dusky Club, June 1962 by Linda S Rice The Necklace - The Dusky Club, June 1962 by March 13, 2019 79,050 words Read a sample
What if you could travel back to the past to meet the man of your dreams when it would be possible for him to fall in love with you? Susan does just that going back in time to meet James, the man she has loved for over 50 years. Will James end up to be the paragon Susan’s always thought him to be? Or, will she learn that sometimes when a dream comes true, that it’s not quite what you expected?
The Devil's Advocate by Michaela Haze The Devil's Advocate by March 12, 2019 65,850 words Read a sample
Dahlia Clark is a Hell Broker. You want to sell your soul, she’s your girl. The only problem? She’s not seen her boss, Luc, in over two centuries. Not since he forced her out of hell, out of his bed and condemned her to be his eyes and ears on the surface. As far as breakups go, it could have been better. When Dahlia finally starts moving on... the Devil has other ideas.
A Fortune in Blood by Amy Sumida A Fortune in Blood by March 11, 2019 12,220 words Read a sample
A prequel to The Last Lullaby. Banning Dalca is just cutting his teeth as a blooder; moving up in the world of vampires. By chance, he sees Fortune; the human daughter of a sea merchant. His infatuation leads him to save her life and make her immortal. But immortality doesn't always mean invincibility. He may have saved Fortune's life just to lose her in a far more bloody way.
Remington's Tower (Maple Ridge #1) by Katharine Sadler Remington's Tower (Maple Ridge #1) by March 11, 2019 100,840 words Read a sample
Remington has been sheltered all her life and, just when she's finally free to see the world and fall in love, the nightmares start. Her past isn't what she's always believed it to be, and the people she loves the most aren't who she thought they were. She's going to have to figure out how to come to terms with her past before it destroys her future.
Triple Jeopardy by Mario V. Farina Triple Jeopardy by March 10, 2019 1,950 words Read a sample
Abigail and I had met at a writers group. She seemed to like everything I wrote and, soon, we were going out for coffee together. Then, we fell in love and began thinking of marriage. Curiously, she seemed to be having trouble with her mind. She would tell me something one day, something different the next. I couldn't understand it. One day I demanded an explanation. Get ready for surprises!
Lucy by Janeth Rice Lucy by March 10, 2019 5,090 words Read a sample
Within a space of twenty four hours, Denis Beamer has had the worse of his experiences in his entire life. In the daytime his sex-mad pregnant wife insists that he must fuck her asshole and pussy in turns before bathing her in their one room apartment. In his dream that night he finds himself on a bus that is traveling to an unknown destination.
Harem of Seasons 2.5. Winter's Dragons. Draconic Affairs by Eva Brandt Harem of Seasons 2.5. Winter's Dragons. Draconic Affairs by March 10, 2019 18,800 words Sample 20%
Once upon a time, a firedrake, a ryu and a wyvern melted a snow queen's heart and learned to love and be loved in the process. But before they were her soulmates, they were bitter rivals. This is their tale, the story of three dragons who almost got each other killed more than once and ended up building a new life together, regardless.The story of the soulmates of Queen Cheimon, Lady of Winter.
Avery, The Lost Star by Sidgal Avery, The Lost Star by March 06, 2019 45,600 words Read a sample
Big intergalactic Country Music star, Avery Thomas is kidnapped just a few months before her grandest performance yet. she is taken to be used in a scheme of betrayal and deceit for a throne her race has nothing to do with, but handyman, Ash Karmer comes along with her and her abductors and their plans are messed up in more ways than one. Ash and Avery get out, but getting home will not be easy.
Highway Shoes by Leigh Barker Highway Shoes by March 06, 2019 19,010 words Read a sample
Highway Shoes - 5 Bitesize Read Short Stories Romance, heroism, redemption, lost love - 5 stories of roads less traveled. …Route 50 …Ventura Highway …Country Roads …Lincoln Highway …Daylight Pass
Holonauts Beyond: Episode 3 by Marlynn Swanigan Holonauts Beyond: Episode 3 by March 06, 2019 90 words Read a sample
Fullscreen images and only subtitles, it's like watching a movie. [WAM!!] "You can't be serious." "It's serious, some guy actually made a formula that makes holograms real" "HEY, GET AWAY FROM HER YOU CAMPER!!" "LAG!" This February, [WOOM!] "You hang in there, whatever it is, we're gonna win," Find out why critics are raving, [SCREECH] "Wait, my watch," "Vukodlak," |-|0|_°NAU+S™
Stay With Me by Sidgal Stay With Me by March 05, 2019 67,390 words Read a sample
Laurien Caine announces on National radio that she is a transsexual and things go very sour, but they do get very sweet when the mayor's son falls in love with her. Things change a lot and what followed is just a roller coaster of emotions. Loyalty, Family, Friendship and Love all play out perfectly in Stay With Me, Inspired by British artiste, Sam Smith's award winning song, "Stay With Me;'
Fixing Emma: A Jane Austen Diversion by Riana Everly Fixing Emma: A Jane Austen Diversion by March 05, 2019 8,190 words Read a sample
Priya is enjoying Jane Austen's novel Emma on the fancy new eReader her uncle gave her. But when the story doesn't meet her expectations and she voices her comments, strange things start to happen! Suddenly Austen's classic is all mixed up and Priya is to blame. Can she fix the story in time for Valentine's Day? A short story of about 7500 words.
Hunted by His Alpha by Marie Medina Hunted by His Alpha by March 04, 2019 16,820 words Read a sample
Gregor arrives in the fae court ready to cement an alliance. When he finds his mate there, he doesn’t hesitate to make their union a part of the momentous event, even though he neglects to inform his newly found mate about any of this.
Billionaire Bronco by Arcadia Rose Billionaire Bronco by March 04, 2019 7,860 words Read a sample
Daniel Irons is a hot, bad boy billionaire from out of state with a love for adventure and women. Kaitlyn Greene is a small-town Texas girl with a "nice girl" reputation, looking for excitement. When the playboy cowboy comes to town looking for a secretary for his ranch, Kaitlyn lands the job. The thrill and excitement she experiences under the infamous Daniel Irons will change her life forever.
Heaven Lies East of the Mississippi by Anna Scott Graham Heaven Lies East of the Mississippi by March 04, 2019 84,220 words Read a sample
When Kendall Schultz walks away from professional soccer and his longtime girlfriend, tragedy threatens to destroy the American superstar. In rural Tennessee, Kendall meets Sarah Dwyer, a widow whose son Heath reflects Kendall’s regrets. Can a sporting icon set aside catastrophe or will his chance at happiness be forever lost?
Sweet Things by Francis W. Porretto Sweet Things by March 04, 2019 3,770 words Read a sample
A romance with extra calories, specifically for those of us who are past the middle of life but who remember the excitement—and the surprise—that come with finding “the right one.” WARNING! Your diet had better accommodate sweets!
Daughters of the Past: A Historical Fiction Anthology by Nola Li Barr, Louisa Bauman, Lauren Lee Merewether, Kimberly C. Miller, & Gracie Stathers Daughters of the Past: A Historical Fiction Anthology by ,
& March 03, 2019
100,640 words Read a sample
Taste the past with a collection of novellas from five decorated authors spanning ancient times to the last century. Experience love, tragedy, faith, and acceptance with these five women and their courageous journeys!
Breakdown by P X Duke Breakdown by March 03, 2019 23,860 words Read a sample
Jim Nash and his partner's faithful dog Friday are left to fend for themselves when Maddie Spence is called home. A concerned client lands on their second-floor doorstep, convinced his wife has gone missing. The police won't get involved. It's too soon, and the wife hasn't been gone long enough.
Morning Coffee by Jove Belle by dirtroadbooks Morning Coffee by Jove Belle by March 02, 2019 1,890 words Read a sample
"Morning Coffee" by Jove Belle is a short story about  love in a small town.
Unscripted: Episode One by N.J. Adel Unscripted: Episode One by March 02, 2019 7,070 words Read a sample
Her Italian heartthrob best friend. A packing, sexy broker with the cheekbones of a model. A secret crush. And lots of dirty hot and shocking secrets.
Problems with Passion & Power: A Collection of Short Stories by Abigail Smith Problems with Passion & Power: A Collection of Short Stories by March 01, 2019 4,900 words
PROBLEMS WITH PASSION & POWER is a collection of short stories with varied genres of fantasy, mystery, and suspense. These stories focus on characters that struggle mentally and physically with the concepts of passion and power. They learn the importance and danger of both attributes within their own unique circumstances and mistakes.
The Princess of the Bottom of the World (Episode 1): The Journey to the Bottom of the World by Dan Linehan The Princess of the Bottom of the World (Episode 1): The Journey to the Bottom of the World by March 01, 2019 14,040 words Sample 20%
While returning from Antarctica to a seaport in Argentina, Scott Sullivan is surprised when Cassandra, a lively and beautiful crew member from Chile, suddenly appears at his cabin. The encounter revives desire that he had long lost, but the future finds him haunted by another woman.
The Phoenix by K.L. Lawson The Phoenix by March 01, 2019 80,510 words Sample 10%
Never turn your back on the Brotherhood and Never fall for your target. For Officer Alex Stone, the latter has just become a major problem.
The Six Month Arrangement by Daisy Loveless The Six Month Arrangement by Feb. 28, 2019 15,160 words Read a sample
Madison Whitaker is all set to marry her longtime boyfriend, Erick Switzer. All they need is the marriage license... Except Madison is still married to her high school sweetheart, Jake Harrissen... who is refusing the divorce.
Blindsided by LM Tate Blindsided by Feb. 28, 2019 66,840 words Read a sample
A journalist's life is turned upside down at the death of a half-brother she never knew. Taking over as guardian of his four children, Hannah is way out of her depth. Her late brother's best friend, the obnoxiously attractive rugby coach Mika, knows she'll fail. As she faces destitution, Mika makes her an offer she can't refuse. Will he try to steal her family and her heart too?
Billionaire's Trust by Brooke Shelby Billionaire's Trust by Feb. 27, 2019 10,480 words Read a sample
Silicon Valley CEO Stefan Mason is taking his company public but there is a flaw in the code. He needs the help of Autumn Grace, a former employee and girlfriend. She needs a second chance after her business failure left her in debt. He couldn't bring himself to trust her before, can he now?
The Green Dress by J.T. Evergreen The Green Dress by Feb. 26, 2019 4,810 words Read a sample
Pamela entered The Olde Book Shoppe and discovered the man, who left her standing at the alter years earlier, in an ancient fairy tale book. It began with the illustration of a jail cell and the shadow of a slumped figure but when the figure slowly straightened, stood, called her name, and moved toward the bars framing the page, she panicked.
The Return of Trudy McKendrick - Book One by CJ Daniels The Return of Trudy McKendrick - Book One by Feb. 25, 2019 45,220 words Read a sample
Trudy is in her mid-thirties, single mother to two-year-old Grace. She is a journalist who writes honestly about folds and dimples and dangly bits that didn’t used to dangle; horrific blind dates; the rise of uber eyebrows; the unnecessary invention of the burpee... There are parts where your heart will stutter for her. But we're all a bit Trudy, somewhere deep down.
The Girl with a Golden Smile by Elly Kamari The Girl with a Golden Smile by Feb. 25, 2019 9,250 words Read a sample
Nicholas saves a woman on a rainy night, and finds that he can't forget her charming smile.
The Crystal Ball by J.T. Evergreen The Crystal Ball by Feb. 25, 2019 6,970 words Read a sample
Destined to live alone because of her looks, she compensated her sadness by spending a day at the Fuga Centro Salon & Spa on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. But Kismet had other plans for her when she discovered The Olde Book Shoppe on her way home which held the crystal ball that would change her life forever.
The Genie by J.T. Evergreen The Genie by Feb. 25, 2019 3,660 words Read a sample
As she approached the display, she was drawn to a beautiful bottle of Aquamarine color, laced with cyan and deep marine blues. She could not resist picking it up and smoothing her hands over the comely contours. As she did so, the bottle shook slightly which surprised her. Little did she realize she was about to collide with her ancient past.
An Ode To My Fair Lady by Mario V. Farina An Ode To My Fair Lady by Feb. 24, 2019 1,040 words Read a sample
Angie and I had been married a month. On our anniversary, she told me she didn't have self-esteem. I told her she was beautiful and had many good qualities. Nothing I could say would budge her notion about self-esteem. To try to convince her she was wrong, I started a love poem to her. She didn't like it. However, changing a few words made all the difference. This story tells what they were.