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The Corpse Bride

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The Corpse Bride

The news of a woman's tragic death spread through the town like a fire. The name of the woman was Maria Stockwell. She was the only child of a wealthy businessman who owned several buildings in the town.

Maria was such beautiful young woman who was always helping people. What really happened to her was so tragic and horrible that she was unprepared for it. She was going to her coming out party that her parents were planning.

So two days of the before the party she went to the dress maker and pick out the material. She and the dresser talked as she took the measures.

The dressmaker said that the dress will be ready in time and will be delivered to the house.

Maria thanks her and walked out of the shop. All sudden Maria felt like she was being watched and started to walk faster. She called for a carriage and quickly got in. The driver asked her,

"Miss, are you well?"

"Yes, I felt like I was being followed." Please take to Minersville 23 Street."

"Yes, Miss."

While the drive Maria tries to collect her, of course, no one will be following her. The carriage stops and she pay the driver and the driver walks to the side of the door and helps her out. Thank him and again she started walking down the street. Maria sees her house and turns down to the gates. The gate of the around the house was white, the house was not that big it a two story house that had two white pillars and the upstairs had a baloney. The door to the house flew opened and her mother stepped out another door.

"Daughter you are late you miss tea." You just have to go tomorrow. I see you later on"

Yes, mother." I will don't worry."

Her mother hurried along and entered and the carriage and it left.

Maria entered the house and put her gloves and on the table and her purse. Suddenly a maid enters the hallway and saying:

"Oh Miss Maria, your father is having one of his fits:

"I am coming. Dry your tears and get back to work.."

The maid left and Maria went to the father office and went in.

Her father was sitting on his desk with a pile of papers and he was muttering to himself. He looked up and was going to say something one he saw Maria.

"Maria, where have you been?" I feel my heartbeat is being too fast and I am working with moderns."

"Calm yourself down. I help you father, I don't want to be fatherless before I get married."

"Your right my dear. Come and help get out of this mess."

By the nightfall and the next morning, everyone in the surround towns heard that Maria was dead. To make this more tragic it happened after her wedding and she was still wearing her wedding dress.

What happened on that night is still unknown but the police are still looking into it. There strange part of it that Maria's fiancée disappeared the police went to question him farther about Maria's disappearance. It was like all traces of him were gone. The quarters that he was staying at were all clean-up the only things that were left were the strange boxes of dirt.

Maria's father spent no expenses looking for the killer of his only daughter. His wife was to grief struck. She would just sit there in Maria's room looking out the window, once awhile she takes only broth and a piece of bread. Maria's father spent all his time at his office or at his home.

In three days time, an inquest into Maria's death was going to at the local courthouse. So Maria's father seconds his business partner Eric to attend the inquest.

"Go to Maria's inquest and find out all the information that you can, Eric. In the morning I have to meet to the police."

"I will, Robert. You can count on me." I want to know what happened to Maria."

"Yes, we all do. Since her mother is such a state of grief I will tell her when the time is right. She might ask you but don't tell and the information that you might have."

"Of course I won't." I leave that up to handle."


In the meantime, the police were making inquiries on where Count Dragos. So far the information that he came from old world village in Romania. Some history of the area had been destroying by fires. The fires some the records and books and the people had to rebuild a try to remember its own history.

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