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Passionate Daydreams

Our First Selection of Real Erotic Interludes

By Misty Musette

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Your Voyeur

Afternoon Delight

Can You See Me Now?

Get Well Soon!

Dinner For Two

Camera Play

A Girl Walks Into The Bar

Author’s Notes

Your Voyeur

She thought I was sleeping, as I lay quietly on the bed in the darkness. She stood in front of the dresser mirror and took her clothes off silently. Her shadowy figure was silhouetted against the glare of the bathroom lamp. I peeked through clenched eyes as each piece of clothing was removed and dropped to the floor where she stood. She smiled at her own beauty in the mirror as she tied her hair up. I smiled to myself as well. Every curve of her body outlined against the light made me ever more excited. She walked the last few steps to the bathroom completely nude. I could see her luscious body even clearer in the bright light once she entered the bathroom.

She bent over at the hips, her sweet round ass facing me, as she lighted several aroma candles in each corner of the bath. She returned to the doorway, and tried to look for me in the darkness. I continued my fake slumber. She heaved a disappointed sigh, then flipped the bathroom light off. She paused another moment, fully nude in the doorway, waiting, listening, silhouetted by the candles behind her. The flickering flames streaming a dim glow of light between her thighs. My goddess was built for pleasure.

Returning to the tub, she tested the warm bubble bath with her toe, and I held my breath as her long slender leg slipped deeper into the bubbly froth. First one leg, then the other. Cupping warm water in her small hands, she splashed the warm suds over her breasts as I watched intently from the darkness, just a room away. The silvery bubbles clung to her body, a bridal veil of delicate innocence. Inhaling deeply, she drew in the candle’s aroma, and slowly slid her body deeper into the bath. I watched as she lay there for many long minutes, soaking, and relaxing, and breathing in the soothing vapors from the candles. I grew harder, and more excited with each passing moment.

Sitting up, I remained shielded by the darkness. I could hear my own deep breathing, and my heart thundered in my chest. I wondered if she could hear me as well. For many long moments, I pondered, whether I should approach, or let her relax. I chose to hide in the shadows a bit longer, and watch the sensual display through the open door.

Tip toeing across the carpet in the darkness, I crept to the edge of the bathroom door, and peered through the corner for a better view. I was breathing heavily, and I grew stiffer and more excited with each step. Suddenly, the floor creaked. “Hun?” She called toward the dark bedroom. I bit my tongue, I held my breath, and stood silently in the unlit room. “Are you awake?” Her voice trailed sweet and gentle. I never uttered a word. “He could sleep through a train wreck”, she muttered to herself, then returned her focus to her warm bath.

Suddenly, I heard her pull the plug, and the water burbled as it began to empty down the drain. She pulled the shower curtain closed in one swift motion, and relocated the candles up higher to the window sill behind her. I could see her delicate body silhouetted against the candle light, casting her shadow onto the translucent shower curtain. She turned on the shower and jumped and yelped as the water hit her, first a frigid cold blast, then warming quickly. I watched as she bent over, grabbed a razor and began to shave her long legs. Quickly gliding the razor up and down her legs in long caressing motions.

I approached even nearer, just a few feet away from the closed shower curtain, trying not to make a sound. My manhood jumped, as I watched her finish shaving by making a few final short strokes around her well-tended muff. She laid down the razor and turned off the shower. I froze. Paralyzed by her shadow on the shower curtain. Would she open the curtain and notice me? What kind of pervert had I become? A voyeur in my own home, lurking n shadows, stalking my own girl?

There was a sharp cracking sound as she opened a bottle of lotion, and began to massage the moisturizing elixir onto her body. My face was now inches from the curtain, my breath almost imperceptibly rustling the thin plastic sheet. My hands traced the shadow of her body as she moved. My fingers followed the faint shadowy outline of her full breasts. Light and dark lines sketched against the bright curtain. She bent over again as she rubbed more lotion onto her legs. Her firm rounded hips almost touching the curtain. My extended manhood just inches away, separated by the thin plastic shroud. I want her so much.

Another sharp cracking noise as she snapped the bottle closed. She took a deep breath, and with a gentle puff, blew out one of the candles. I panicked as the room darkened a little more. I took several delicate steps back out of the bath, then raced across the carpet back to my former resting place. I lay down and pretended to sleep once again. With another puff, she extinguished the remaining candles and the room went completely dark. I could hear the shower curtain slide open, and her wet foot stepped out and slapped the tile floor. There was a rustling in the darkness as she dried her body, and wrapped the towel around herself. Soft catlike footsteps approached from the darkness. My eyes had still not adjusted to the night. Where was she now?

Then a gentle whisper, only inches from my ear, “Did you enjoy the show”?

Oh God, I was caught. How well she knew me!

Afternoon Delight

Lunchtime rendezvous have always been so difficult to setup with our hectic schedules always just missing each other. Somehow today, we have made time to share an extra-long lunch break together. I see your car is already in the driveway when I arrive. I race into the front door as the car door lock chirps shut behind me. “Babe? Are you home?”

“I’m in the Kitchen”, your angelic voice beckons in response. I kick off my shoes and throw my keys onto the hallway table and sock-slide into the kitchen door, trying to hide the fact that I am slightly out of breath from racing home.

You are doing something at the sink, and your back is toward me. I gaze for a long moment at your sexy curves, neatly wrapped in a tight black pencil skirt, your white silk blouse tucked neatly into the waistband. You look over your shoulder, “Just a sec”. If you only knew that was an eternity for me frozen in this moment.

After several long moments of tracing your curves with my eyes, I take off my jacket and hang it over the back of a chair. I walk up behind you and kiss your neck. You sigh and reach up over your shoulder to touch my face. “Mmm”, you sigh. Your rear is so soft as I lean over your body. My hand reaches around you and deftly flicks the top two buttons of your blouse open. I turn you around to kiss your face, and press your hips against the counter with my hips. I love to feel the warmth as your large full breasts fill the space between our bodies. They are trying so hard to escape your fitted blouse, I steal a peek down your slightly open blouse, your generous cleavage is trying to pop the next few buttons open as well.

“Why don’t you relax?”, as you loosen the knot on my tie, you turn around and worm you way free of my clutches and lead me to the table, holding my tie over your shoulder as you walk. I feel like a puppy on a short leash. Leading me to my chair, I sit down, and you remove my tie completely. I have no idea which direction you tossed it. You ask me to remove the green leafy parts from a bowl of strawberries. You return with cups of sugar and chocolate.

“What’s this, are we doing coke now?”, as I play with the bowl of confectioners’ sugar. You reply with, “Don’t be silly”, as you poke your finger into the bowl and daub some of the fluffy white powder onto the tip of my nose. I manage to reach out and playfully separate another button on your blouse before you can pull away. You open the freezer and dig out some ice-cream which you have already pre-scooped into small serving dishes. The few seconds of frozen blast from the freezer have instantly perked your nipples. They appear to be trying to pierce through your silk blouse like icepicks. You see me staring at your chest, and notice that my pants have perked up too in delightful response to the vision before me.

You sit on the edge of the table beside me, and hand me one of the bowls of ice cream. I offer you a spoonful and you open your lips to my advancing spoon. I ‘accidentally’ miss and drag the spoon across the top of your lip, leaving a mustache of melted cream over your mouth. You squeal, then slap my shoulder. Just before you can spin away toward the sink to clean your mouth, I grab the zipper on the side of your skirt, and it quickly falls open with a metallic ripping sound. The tight skirt still clings to your hips, but now the black fabric has fallen open a little and I can see the top of your red panties as you turn away.

I spill the sugar everywhere as I stand up quickly and follow you to the sink. “Let me help”, I offer, but you refuse and spin toward me pushing me backwards with wet hands, leaving two hand-print size wet splotches on my shirt. The cold water makes me take a step back. “Take your shirt off, it will dry faster”, you order as you help remove my shirt and hang it on the back of another chair. You take a step back and admire my chest, so I playfully flex a little to entertain you. You respond by coming closer and dragging your long fingernails down my chest. Ahh, that’s sooo Nice! I look down noticing that you have covered my chest in white powder from the spilled sugar on the table.

I pull you closer and kiss you deeply. I try to open you blouse and forgot there were still buttons fastened at the bottom. The buttons pop off and fly in different directions, bouncing across the floor with a rapid tappity tap sound as they ricocheted around the kitchen. “You idiot, that’s my fav…”, I stop your comment with another kiss, sharing the powdery mess with your body as well. I pull your blouse away from your body, and toss it to a corner of the kitchen counter, it lazily drapes over the coffee pot.

You reach down and grab my belt, and with nimble fingers you quickly pull it completely free of the loops and toss it over your shoulder, the buckle cracks the cookie jar open as the belt falls to the floor. Cookies spill out over the counter and onto the floor. One of us laughs out a quick, “Oh Sh!t”. But we are too excited to pause our frivolous escapades.

I reach behind you and fumble with your bra clasp, and it springs open, releasing your firm full breasts with wild abandonment. I toss the bra over my head, the straps get tangled in the chandelier above the dining table. You giggle and fumble with my zipper as I try to take you skirt off, but we seem to be getting in each other’s’ way. I finally get your skirt off and toss it into the far corner by the fridge. You stand before me in your skimpy red panties, tied with a ribbon on the sides. You bend down to help remove my pants. You get one leg of my pants off before …

… A loud piercing scream erupts as the smoke alarm announces that your blouse is smoldering over the coffee pot. The kitchen quickly fills with thick rancid smoke making it difficult to see anything very well. I yell and race to take the blouse off the coffee pot, and I stumble across the kitchen, my pants are hanging on by one leg, getting tangled around my ankle. I toss your flaming blouse remnant into the sink. You scream, “Oh my God!” as the alarm becomes unbearable to hear anything else. Another “Oh My God” echoes down the stairs as the sound of small feet come racing down toward the commotion.

We look at each other in astonishment as we both realize the babysitter has been sleeping upstairs this whole afternoon! In a panic, we begin searching for our remaining clothing before she can enter the kitchen. I slide on your skirt, and quickly toss it to you, but you pull it on upside down, the waistband tight around your knees, and the split hem now loose around your hips. I grab my shirt off the back of the chair and loop it around my waist just as the door bursts open.

The sitter scans the room in startled confusion. I have finally silenced the alarm, however, the room is still filled with smoke. My pants are tangled around my ankles, and my shirt is wrapped around my waist, barely covering my boxers. Your skirt is on upside down and your arms are wrapped around your chest trying to cover your breasts. Your bra is proudly hanging like a flag from the chandelier. Crushed chocolate chip cookies and ice-cream are smeared all over the floor, and we stand together smiling back at the babysitter with sheepish grins on our sugar coated faces.

“Do I want to know what just happened?” she quizzed. We both laugh and shrug our shoulders…

Can You See Me Now?

Have you ever had that feeling that someone was watching you? Or feel the breeze blowing through your hair that feels like someone's hand just brushed it aside?

She stood alone in the elevator, feeling uneasy as she ascended from the creepy labs on the basement level. She always hated the dark hallways and stale air down there. It felt nice to get back to the upper floors with windows and clean ventilation. A shuffle. A creaking sound drew her attention to the corner of the elevator. Whew, nothing was there. Just her imagination running wild. However, it really gave her the feeling that she wasn’t totally alone. The lift stopped, and the doors opened, so she quickly stepped out and looked back over her shoulder into the empty elevator. Just as the doors started to close behind her, they paused half-way, and re-opened by themselves as if someone had exited behind her. But she could see no-one else around. She stood transfixed as the doors closed again. She pondered in silence at the strange activity.

She backed away from the door and bumped into a desk, which screeched as the metal legs slid across the tile floor.

She ran down the hallway, looking for someone, anyone, so she wouldn’t feel so alone in this creepy place.

Turning the corner, she bumped into a tall guy knocking his handful of papers to the floor. She yelped in surprise. Noticing how distraught she appeared, he grabbed her by her shoulders to help steady her. “Are you OK?” he asked?

She started to apologize for bumping into him, when suddenly she had the distinct feeling that someone else was dragging their fingers down her back, from her neck, down her spine, to the curve of her hip, making her jump again. She spun around to see that no one was behind her. She apologized again, and left the man standing there, with his papers all over the floor and a confused expression on his face.

She raced into a nearby restroom and locked the door. She needed privacy. She needed to recover her composure. What the hell was going on?

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