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An Unusual Love Affair


By Hiranya Borah

Copyright 2017 Hiranya Borah

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Situations may change drastically within a span of few years. Human relations are also changing over time. It happened to Manish’s family with few twists and turns. However, final U-turn of relation between Manish and his wife, Priya is the icing on the cake.

It is a fictitious story. Any resemblance with the main characters with any living or dead persons may be a mere coincidence only.

Thanks to my readers and friends and above all my family for their constant support to write something usual and unusual. I love them all.

Thanks to Smashwords for publishing this story book along with my other books.


Chapter I: Manish and Priya

Manish is an intelligent engineer, having an excellent job in IT sector located in Delhi. He married to Priya who happened to be his childhood love. Both the families of Manish and Priya are staying in the same locality of a suburb of Delhi. Priya is a modern working lady.

However after their marriage, they took a rented house near to the working place of Priya. In the process, Manish had to travel almost 20 KM daily for his duties.

One day during breakfast, Priya told Manish that she wanted to leave her job as soon as Manish would get his first promotion. She showed her optimism that after Manish’s promotion even with one salary they would be able to manage their daily needs. Manish appreciated her wish.

Considering those issues like promotion of Manish and leaving of job by Priya, they decided to have a baby only after few years; that is after attaining their financial stability and sufficient time for their child etc. In other words, they delayed their decision to have a baby as they were not mentally prepared to have a baby immediately after their marriage.

They were a happy couple till misfortune struck the couple like a thunderstorm on a day with clear sky.

Chapter II: Near Fatal Accident

On a fateful day, Manish had a near fatal accident in the early morning when his bike was hit from behind by a dumper while he was returning home from his night shift. He would have died in that accident on the spot itself had he not been picked up by a PCR van and was admitted to the nearest hospital. Priya was also immediately informed by the police.

When Priya reached the hospital, Manish was undergoing an emergency operation. Within few hours both the families reached the hospital.

After fifteen days, when Manish was discharged from the hospital, he was no more the same Manish, who used to be. Lower portion of his body had been permanently paralyzed.

As usual, everybody near and dear to Manish and Priya thanked the God for saving his life. But---

Chapter III: Life Made a Messy-Turn for Manish

Everything has changed for Manish and Priya after that very accident. Manish and Priya got a hefty compensation from the Government.

However, Manish who was working in a private firm had to resign from the job for his disability after the accident.

Good news for the couple was that on compensatory ground, Manish got a clerical job in the Municipality office, dumper of which made him disable for the life.

In a sense, there was not much difference of financial status of the couple after the accident. Rather, with getting hefty compensation and after getting a Government job, financial condition of the couple improved. But both emotionally and physically everything had changed for the couple all time to come; at least for the time being.

Now both of them want a baby. But how?

Chapter IV: Arrival of Arindam

Arindam, a close friend of Manish saw Priya after three years. Actually they never met each other after the reception day of Manish-Priya marriage. Arindam is Manish’s friend from their college days. Manish and Arindam got their job in the same company after passing out from the same engineering college. However three years ago, just after Manish’s marriage to Priya, Arindam was sent to Australia for an off-site assignment.

While Arindam was in Australia, he got married to a girl from Kolkata. Due to some reasons, Manish could not attend his marriage for which Arindam showed his unhappiness to Manish. However, while still in Australia, when Arindam heard about the accident of Manish, he became extremely upset and therefore, on his return to India, he rushed to his friend’s house to meet him.

After few visits of Arindam to Manish’s place, both Arindam and Priya became closer. Initially, Arindam extended moral support to the couple as a true friend of Manish. But slowly Priya and Arindam felt that both of them wanted little more from each other than what a society normally permits.

Therefore, within next few months, Priya and Manish developed a relation which is more than a relation between a wife of a friend and his friend.

Priya knows her requirements. She needs the company of Arindam to meet her physical needs. For financial needs she is somewhat dependent on her husband Manish and for emotional support she needs both Manish and Arindam. She could have deserted Manish, had Arindam decided to divorce his wife. Arindam categorically told Priya that he was not going to divorce his wife Anamika and leave their only child for the sake of Priya. Even he told Priya that if she was not comfortable with the ongoing arrangement, he was ready to dump Priya.

Priya is an intelligent girl. She knows, if Arindam leaves her, probably, Manish would not allow another male to enter their home. Therefore, she wanted to continue her relation with Arindam with the existing terms and conditions.

Manish was also noticing the new development with help-less-ness and with lot of heart-burn. He gave a long thought on the unholy development of his wife and his close friend. Still he loves his wife as much as he did few years ago. He was not willing to hurt his wife. He understood her necessity and compulsions. He took few days to take a decision. Then after passing few sleepless nights, he arrived at a decision.

Chapter V: Unholy Agreement

One day, Manish called Arindam and Priya near to his bed where most of the time he had to pass for last two years. Both of them were little bit nervous for hearing something nasty from Manish.

As both came and sat near to him, Manish told, ‘I know, both of you have developed a relation which is perhaps not good for me and Anamika. However, I gave a long thought on the issue. Finally, with a heavy heart I realized, I have to come to the terms of the reality of life. I should not expect, Priya will live her whole life without any physical relation with anyone. It is most likely that I shall never recover to have physical relation with Priya. Therefore, I decided to allow your relation to go ahead. Only my request to both of you, please keep the whole murky episode as a secret from our families. ‘

There was silence in the room for next few minutes. Both Priya and Arindam became ashamed of their acts behind Manish. They were more ashamed to know that Manish was aware of those illicit relations from the very beginning.

Manish again started. ‘Do not become ashamed of your acts. Particularly, Priya, I understand your compulsions. What you are doing today, may be, in your place every young lady would have done it.’

Priya became more ashamed to hear those words of wisdom from her husband.

After few minutes of silence, both got back to their wits. As requested by Manish, Priya and Arindam promised to keep the secret to them only.

No, they did not promise to severe the illicit relation between them.

When Arindam and Priya left the room, Manish wiped his tears from his eyes which were coming out of his eyes silently and steadily.

Chapter VI: Miracles Do Happen

Whether you believe in miracle or not, miracles do happen in our life sometimes.

One day, Manish was lying in his bed with a vague look to the ceiling. He saw a large lizard was chasing a small lizard. Manish thought that the larger lizard was chasing the smaller one for food or for some other reason. But his presumption proved wrong when he saw the larger one jumped upon the smaller one and remained on the smaller one for some time. He looked at the lizard-couple continuously till they separated from each other.

After the accident, after more than two years, for the first time, he felt something, a kind of small spark on the lower part of the body.

Though Manish and Priya had no physical relation for the last two years, they were still good friends and Priya used to take care of Manish properly. Therefore, Manish confided Priya about his experience of that day. Priya also showed interest to know the whole story from Manish.

After hearing the story point by point, Priya saw a hope in the unexpected turn of the event. On the very next day, Priya took Manish to the doctor who attended him last time a year ago and declared that there was no hope for Manish to stand on his own feet.

The doctor attentively heard what Priya and Manish told in minute details. He immediately prescribed some medicines and asked Manish for some tests.

A long medications on Manish and two more operations in the next few months made Manish almost normal to stand on his own feet.

One day, after recovery of Manish substantially, when Arindam came to meet Priya, she told Arindam, ‘Arindam, you helped Manish and me when we needed you most. We shall remain grateful to you for what you have done for us in the last few years. Now, I think we do not need your help any more. So in future whenever you visit us, please visit us as a mere friend only.’

Arindam got the message loud and clear. He left Manish house in a huff and he never returned.

The author is a Government servant and a man of vivid experiences derived from his official postings across the country, travels across India and numerous visits outside India. He is presently placed at New Delhi.

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