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Martina’s Memories

By: C. Desert Rose

© April 2017 C. Desert Rose

All rights reserved

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Published by: C. Desert Rose

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BISAC: Contemporary Drama

First eBook Edition

Printed in the United States

Martina Foxworthy, now old and gray, feeling feeble, aged and lonely, stared outside of the sole window in the bedroom of her log cabin home. Sitting on the old and tattered wooden rocking chair that always faced it, she considered the fog that seemed so thick it could be cut with a knife. There was, of course, something dream-like in the smog that gave way to a vivid memory of her youth. Allowing her mind to wander, Martina followed its lead.

The spring of her eighteenth birthday, Martina felt like a misfit just as she had her entire life. She’d been told that said feeling would change when she got older. Well, she was older now and nothing had changed. She was, for all intended purposes, an adult. Eighteen; she could vote, smoke, buy alcohol—although not consume it—even go into a bar if she so desired. And yet, that profuse and innate sensation of not fitting in had become such an all-consuming part of her life that Martina didn’t know how not to feel it. Every spring, during the Easter Holiday, Martina and her kin took a two-week hiatus at the family log cabin, purchased an umpteenth million years ago, by her great grandfather Martin Foxworthy the Second.

If anyone ever wondered how she’d gotten her name, all they had to do was look at the family tree. Her father, Martin Foxworthy, was the fifth in his bloodline. And, since he’d not spawned a son first, but a daughter, Martin added an A to the end of the name and blessed their female child with a name that no one would ever want.

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