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By Margaret Chatwin


“Whoa, she’s drunk as hell.” Colt said it, and the other guys sharing his table at the local bar laughed. All of them except Aaron. He pinched at the base of his nose where it was beginning to hurt, and lowered his head. His dark eyes, however, remained on the same thing everyone else’s was on. Her.

He’d been watching her all night. She’d come in around 10:00 with a couple of her girlfriends and they’d had a few civilized drinks. By 11:00 they’d been joined by a few guys and had drunk a few not so civilized drinks. By midnight her friends had split and she’d taken to shooting shots with some man, twice her age, at his table.

She was getting a little rowdy. Boisterous too. Saying everything so loudly that the whole place could hear. Laughing at every word the guy she was sitting with said, funny or not. And, now, she was crawling, on her hands and knees, across the table top toward him.

Her bent position made her jeans sculpt perfectly, like a layer of paint, around her smooth, tight ass and thighs. And the tank top she wore was falling off. One of the straps was down around the middle of her arm and the entire right cup of her lacy black bra was on display.

The bra was damn sexy, but not doing its job of holding her in. Her plump, soft breast was on the verge of escaping, and every guy in the place was waiting for the second when it did.

She stalked across the table top, growling like a wild animal on the prowl, toward the man. About halfway to her destination, she staggered, and her movement to catch herself dislodged a thick strand of her long sandy-blonde hair. It fell over her shoulder, blocking Aaron’s view of her boob, but he kept right on watching.

The man she approached chuckled then leaned forward and shoved his wedding ring clad hand down her shirt, groping at her tit. She threw her head back and moaned deep in her throat as if an orgasm was already pending.

Then he kissed her. Grabbed her by the back of the head and thrust his tongue in her mouth. She groaned again and tried to get closer to him without breaking his hold.

“Guess we know who’s going to be doing her tonight.” Colt’s words had a way of making Aaron’s man part pulsate and while overly aware of the ache, he focused in on the girl with more purpose.

She inched her way forward, still lip locked with the man, and he tightened his grip on her boob. Grabbing until it appeared to hurt, but she didn’t scream, instead she continued to lean forward. Pushing herself until she was so far off balance that she fell. She landed on her chest on the table, breaking the kiss and knocking several shot glasses to the floor with a clatter. Then she laughed hysterically.

“Hey, Ashley, get off the table,” the bar tender called out. He didn’t wait for her to obey on her own; he rounded the bar and hurried across the room to make her.

“Awe, Brandon, you’re a party pooper,” Ashley pouted as he slid her off of the table and back into her seat.

“Get up there again and you’re outa here for the night, you hear me?” he said, picking up the glasses from the floor.

“Bring us another round,” the man with Ashley said.

Brandon flashed the stranger a not so happy look. “Don’t you think she’s had enough?”

“Give her one more, let’s see what happens,” he laughed.

“Ashley,” Brandon turned his gaze to her. “I think you’ve had plenty for one night.”

“I’m fine. Bring me another,” she giggled.

“Make it a bottle,” the man grinned.

Brandon gave him a harsh eye, but didn’t speak. He wasn’t the one that brought more booze, either.

When it arrived, the man poured Ashley another shot and she drank it down like it was water.

“Oh, shit, I’d hate to be her head in the morning,” Colt laughed and then he slapped the table top in front of his three friends. “Well, I think I’m done with the bar scene for this Friday night. I’m gonna head over to Lisa’s party. You guys coming?”

“I am,” Jake said.

“Me too,” Calvin agreed, and both guys rose to their feet and moved toward the bar to settle their debt.

“How ‘bout you, Aaron?” Colt remained a little longer.

“Na,” Aaron shook his head. “I’m gonna have another drink.”

“Another? You haven’t even finished the first one you ordered hours ago.”

Making direct eye contact with Colt, Aaron picked up his glass and tipped it back. He drank until it was empty then motioned for Brandon to bring him another.

Colt shrugged. “Whatever, man, but there will be plenty to drink at Lisa’s, and I’ve had several girls begging me to bring you. I guarantee you could take home whichever one of them you like best. Hell, with your good looks, you could bag all three at once.” He grinned and slapped Aaron in the chest.

“I might be along later.”


The second Colt moved away from the table, Aaron’s eyes was back on Ashley and they remained there for the next twenty minutes. He watched her drink down another shot. Watched her kick off one of her high heeled shoes and stretch her foot out under the table to rub the man’s leg. He watched the man lift her foot higher until it was pressed between his legs, and he watched Ashley laugh. He watched every move she made, and the only time his dark eyes wavered was when hers started to lift in his direction.

He was texting then, or pretending to be. Focused completely on his phone. And only when he heard her talking to the man she was sitting with, did Aaron find her with his gaze again.

By the time last call rolled around Ashley wasn’t laughing anymore. She was looking pretty peaked and she shook her head when the man across from her offered her another drink. He insisted, and eventually she gave in. The drink, along with the many others, did not agree with her and after drinking it she sat, silent and still, arms wrapped around her abdomen while he finished his.

“You coming with me, Darling?” he asked.

It took her a moment to register what it was he’d asked, but when she had, she nodded slightly.

“Great. I’ve got a room at the Hilton. We’re gonna have a lot of fun. I’ll go pull my car around front for you.” He rose and before he even reached the bar to pay up, Ashley laid her head down on the table.

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