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The Car Ride

By Kiki Goodman

Chapter 1

Mike Toussaint logged off the new computer he had just installed in the administration area of Callander Industries where he worked. The company had a range of services and products on offer, covering data mining and analysis, as well as the enterprise hardware arm of the computer industry. This ranged from networking equipment, firewalls, wireless infrastructure to warehousing and stocktaking equipment. In the scheme of things, they were a relatively small player in the field, given that they only had just over two hundred employees, and their competitors had headcounts ranging in the thousands. But they were good at what they did and had the sales to back that up, showing strong growth over the last three years.

Mike turned around in the swivel chair to leave the workstation when Amanda Hollister walked into the front office with her always pleasant demeanour shining through. She was one of the administration assistants at the company and was very good at her job. He always liked talking with her and found her to be genuinely interesting and not vapid like so many others had been. Deep down he found her attractive, even though many of his colleagues at times would call her plain or uninteresting behind her back. There was just something about her he found appealing, and incredibly attractive. Mike always kept his thoughts to himself, but liked how she would walk around in the tight corporate skirt and requisite white blouse that made up the company uniform. At times, he enjoyed the way her rear would wiggle and wobble as she walked, but scolded himself for having those thoughts. After all, she probably didn’t find him attractive in that way, not that he was ugly. But Mike couldn’t help it. Amanda was alluring to him, her dirty blonde hair, doe eyes that sparkled when she smiled and long neck were sexy. Not to mention how she filled out her uniform, her skirt stretching when she sat down, and her blouse buttons ready to pop as it tried to contain her figure. Mike didn’t care what people were saying about her, and in his eyes, Amanda was just perfect.

As she walked closer he tried to think of something witty to say, but drew a blank when she smiled at him and they locked eyes. It was happening more and more. When Amanda would look at him, Mike would feel his mind go blank and be drawn into to her eyes. It took him a moment to compose himself and try to think of something to say, to tell her how she was making him feel but only uncertainty filled the empty void. He chastised himself for not be able to take a chance, but then guilt replaced the uncertainty. Mike felt it wasn’t right to make a move at work, not with their colleagues around and definitely not in the office. And even though he felt Amanda had been friendlier of late, he still couldn’t find the words to take it that step further, let alone ask her out on a date. Mike, however, was thankful that they bonded on many things such as movies, music and games, relishing the chance to converse with her about a new movie that was out. He figured that since they were the same age, it made sense that they shared similar interests and could bond the way they did, the age barrier not an issue for them. For Mike, it also didn’t hurt that he enjoyed her sweet-smelling perfume, which ignited a feeling deep inside if he was around her for too long. She would often smell like strawberries mixed with something he could never put his finger on and found it to be incredibly intoxicating.

“Hi Mike, how are you?” Amanda asked in her warm, genuine tone. Today as always, she seemed as lively as ever. Mike felt his anxiety disappear now that Amanda had started the conversation and put him in a good space.

“Good. And you?” Mike replied standing up and motioning that her computer was ready to use. “All set up and ready to go.”

“I’m good. Thanks,” Amanda said moving close to him and brushing past him as she sat down in the chair.

“If there are any issues, don’t hesitate to call me,” Mike said with a smile while making sure she could log on to the computer.

“Oh, I won’t,” Amanda said looking at him warmly. She seemed to have a way of disarming Mike and making him feel comfortable around her. It was something he found endearing about Amanda and only added to her attractiveness.

“Great. Well, I’ll leave you to it,” Mike said but stopped when Amanda turned to him quickly.

“Albert’s looking for volunteers,” Amanda said which wasn’t the first time Mike had been told this. Albert Minsk was the head of marketing and would gather employees to help on trade show days or to hand out flyers at events across the city. Mike realised that tomorrow there were a few events that the company was going to attend and market their products. Having the company name out there with anybody and everybody was Albert’s way of making sure no one was missed. It was colloquially coined the ‘shotgun’ technique by the staff or ‘spray and pray’ as Mike like to call it. Albert would take four staff around and get them to setup a stall, handing out brochures and flyers, while talking technical with customers. While Mike didn’t really mind it, it wasn’t something he was looking forward to, given that he enjoyed being behind the scenes.

“Hmmm, I might have to make myself scarce,” Mike said with a chuckle.

“You don’t want to help out?” Amanda asked a little forlorn.

“It’s not that. It’s just that I don’t want to be stuck with some douche bag from accounting or those pricks from programming,” Mike replied with a shrug. “They would make the day suck. That’s all.”

“Oh, I get you,” Amanda said seemingly warming up again. “Would it help to know that Katie and Olivia are already lined up?”

Truth be told, Mike didn’t mind either of those two, but wasn’t sure he wanted to be stuck in the car on such a hot day. Being the tail end of summer, there were still some hot days left and this week had already proven that.

“Well, that’s not so bad I guess,” Mike said trying to be polite. “And of course, Albert is going as well of course. I mean why wouldn’t he, he is the marketing guru, right?”

“Yep. And just to make you feel better, I’m going along too,” Amanda said twisting playfully in her chair. Mike felt his heart jump for a moment and saw a glimmer in her eyes as she looked at him. Was there something there that he hadn’t picked up on before? Or was this simply a ploy to get him to help out? Perhaps everyone else had already said no and this was Albert’s plan to get someone to go along. Mike was cautious but if he got to spend some time with Amanda perhaps it was worth it.

“I see. Well, I might just have to go see Albert then,” Mike said with a comical tone which caused Amanda to giggle.

“Come on, it’ll be fun. Then we can hang out like we always said we should,” Amanda said practically egging him on. True, they often talked about hanging out but it was just that, talk. When a date seemed to suit both, one of them would come up with an excuse as to why they couldn’t make it. A proverbial cat and mouse game that seemed to be stuck in a loop. If it wasn’t Mike saying at the last minute he had something on, it was Amanda who did the same. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so hard this time to hang out. After all, they would be stuck in a car together all day.

“True,” Mike said mulling it over in his mind while looking at Amanda. There was this unexplainable hope in her eyes and he could feel her almost pulling him to her, to come along for the ride. “I probably should help promote the place. Do my bit. I’ll see Al.”

“Great!” Amanda said almost too excitedly. If Mike didn’t know any better he would have said Amanda was excited about the possibility of him helping. “He’s in his office.”

“Thanks, I’ll catch you later,” Mike said walking out as Amanda waved before turning back to her computer. Mike looked back and had a strange feeling that he was being played. Not in a bad way, but he felt as though something was going on, she seemed a little too enthusiastic. He quickly brushed it aside thinking he was being juvenile and decided to take it at face value. Perhaps his charm had finally worked, even though he was your average guy with short dark brown hair and pleasant personality. He was fairly tall, always clean shaven and well-built but didn’t have a six pack which most women seemed to want. He was fit, but when women found out he was a system administrator they usually stereotyped him as the geek and put him in the friend zone. That was a lonely place to be in, not that he was unpopular but Mike never seemed to be boyfriend material. Then again, perhaps he was reading too much into it. At thirty years old he was still single, having had a couple of short lived relationships with women who only seemed to want him for his money. Not that he was rich by any means, but he earned quite well and lived quite comfortably. He was sensible and perhaps that was what brought him undone.

Mike stopped at Albert’s door and knocked.

“Come in,” Albert said and Mike complied. Albert was sitting behind his desk, the fifty-year-old with greying hair and youthful flavour savour which looked wrong now that he was middle aged. Albert was good at what he did and knew how to excite people when it came to products, but he had a strange sense of self, that came across at times as a teddy bear crossed with a Lothario. A strange mix given he was married with five kids. “Hi Mike, what’s up?”

“Hi Al, um,” Mike replied with a pause wondering if he really wanted to volunteer. He then looked back in the direction of Amanda and decided to go for it. “Do you need help tomorrow?”

“Well, yeah, you want to help out?” Albert asked lighting up at the potential solving of his problem.

“Sure, Amanda is going as well, right?” Mike replied making sure he wasn’t being lured in.

“That’s correct. We’d love for you to help,” Albert said with a nod, looking at his computer screen and then back at Mike.

“Ok, sure. What time?” Mike asked heading back towards the door.

“Meet outside the back of the building at seven AM. We’ll load up from the store room and then hit our first event at eight,” Albert said looking at his computer quickly before looking back at Mike.

“Alright. See you then,” Mike said moving out the door as Albert nodded. Mike walked back to his office feeling hopeful that he could spend the day with Amanda, but unsure of what he had just got himself into. He had to be up early on the weekend but figured that if things went ok then it would be worth it. But what if they didn’t? Would it just be a waste of time for him then?

Chapter 2

Agreeing to help at the events seemed a life time ago. Truth be told it was only yesterday, but Mike felt that they had already been through a weeks’ worth of work this morning. The first event had gone quite well with the group staying longer than they had anticipated, talking with customers well after it had finished. Mike hadn’t had the chance to talk with Amanda much, let alone the others, as one of their current clients was talking with her for the last hour. Steven Stone was the lead developer at Scanmen Securities and would often saunter into their offices on business and chat with the ladies. Today was no different. Mike couldn’t understand why he was here, but figured it must have been something to do with Amanda given how he was hanging around and talking with her. Every so often he would touch her on the arm or joke with her which seemed more like flirting than talking. At one point, he even got her to pose for a selfie with him and put his arm around her. Katie Davis, who was in sales and marketing simply shook her head as they packed up their gear and looked at Mike.

“We need to get moving, he’s just a pain in the butt,” Katie said the frustration apparent in her voice. She was excellent at her job but would get uppity when her schedule got messed up. They had another two events to go to today and they needed to be at the other one in an hour. Granted it wasn’t as important as this one, but they still wanted to have a good showing.

“I’ll say something in a sec,” Mike said picking up a couple of bags and following Katie to the car. She was a couple of years older than Mike but you wouldn’t have picked it. She was the redheaded sports freak who was the epitome of athleticism. If she hadn’t been told what to wear, she would have had a sports bra and spandex running shorts on, with matching expensive running shoes. Everyone knew that would be the case as she would often wear that to work, straight from the gym before changing. Some of the ladies in the office would be jealous and some of the guys would drool. However, today, everyone was wearing black shorts, the white polo shirt with the company logo and a matching baseball cap. It was all about promotion. Some just wore it better than others. Mike found Katie funny and enjoyed hanging out with her but knew she was way out of his league so never even gave it a second thought.

Mike looked back at Amanda who was starting to look a little annoyed at being held up, but he couldn’t tell if she was enjoying his conversation or not. He put the bags at the back to the car as both Katie and himself were ready to load it up for the next stop, but didn’t have the key to open it. Seeing how confident Steven was, he wondered if he should just stop being sensible and live a little, which he knew deep down was one of the reasons he decided to get out today and help. Put himself out there and see where he ended up. It couldn’t hurt, could it? His thoughts were interrupted when Olivia Wallander dropped one of the heavy bags next to him and sighed.

“Fuck, that was heavy!” Olivia said which caused Mike to smirk. She was as beautiful as she was crass.

Olivia, the brunette bombshell, was part of human resources and she had volunteered to help out knowing full well it gave her credit not to do it another time. She was pleasant and quite lovely, with most people liking her throughout the organisation. Olivia’s smile was quite contagious and she was easy on the eye, being more like a model than anything else. She filled out the uniform quite well with most of the attention of the male public going to her, rather than the other four. If Mike didn’t know any better, it was more than likely the males wanted to get a close up look at her straining shirt. Olivia was Mike’s go to person with any human resources related stuff and a couple years younger at twenty-eight. He found her easy to talk to and was friends with her, having just been invited to her birthday a few weeks ago.

“I bet, I’ll just grab the last couple and give Amanda a nudge,” Mike said heading back to the packed-up stall. Steven was still talking to Amanda as Albert talked with the event organiser. He picked up the last two bags and turned to Amanda and Steven. “Sorry Steve, we’ve got to run. Do you mind?”

“Ah, yeah, no worries. Thanks Amanda,” Steven said warmly. “Give me a call.”

“Ok. No worries. Bye Steven,” Amanda said smiling as he walked off. Mike tried to ignore it and not to let on how he was feeling. He decided to stay professional. After all, he was technically at work.

“Are you right with that?” Mike asked seeing Amanda pick up the bagged pop up shelter.

“Sure am,” Amanda replied. “Thanks for jumping in there. I couldn’t get him to leave.”

“No problems. I’d say he fancies you,” Mike said with a laugh after watching them carry on for an hour.

“I’d say you were right. Gave me his number and all,” Amanda said which hit Mike in the stomach. He wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t want to come across as jealous but he didn’t want to come across as a wimp either.

“Here, give it to me. I’ll fix him,” Mike said which sounded better in his head than out in the open air. Amanda looked at him a little surprised and then smiled.

“Oh? And how do you propose to do that?” Amanda asked seeming a little flirtatious. Mike was a little flabbergasted but figured he had already said something he shouldn’t, so why not just keep going. Try and make a joke out of it to smooth everything over.

“Well, I’ll call him up and tell him no one messes with my girls. Then, you know what, ah! I got nothing,” Mike said shaking his head but causing Amanda to laugh. Mike stopped for a moment and felt like a complete idiot for even trying to think of something witty. Amanda stopped next to him.

“I don’t want it anyway, so you can have it,” Amanda said giving him the number. “I guess I just wanted to see if it would make you jealous!” Mike looked at her dumbfounded and must have had a look on his face because she giggled and then continued walking. “I’d say mission accomplished.”

Mike was beside himself. He just felt a spark shoot through him but at the same time felt incredibly nervous at what had just happened. But then as it always had a way of doing, doubt crept in. What if Amanda wasn’t serious, was she just doing it for fun, to toy with him? His thought process was interrupted when Olivia brushed past him with a box.

“Sorry,” Olivia said causing him to snap out of it and continue to take the bags to the car. He looked around and saw Amanda talking with Katie as they walked back down to the stall for one last check while Olivia put the box at the back of the car and head around the side. Mike put the bags down behind the car and turned to find Albert with the keys and suddenly the boot opened. Mike grabbed one of the bags and loaded it in before he looked around seeing Amanda and Katie walking back towards them. Amanda had her hair down over her shoulder, framing her face nicely and Mike couldn’t help but notice her tanned legs and swaying hips as she came closer. For a split second, it was all happening in slow motion until a passing car sounded its horn, snapping him out of it.

“It’s getting warmer,” Mike said as the two ladies approached the car and he tried to divert his attention.

“I’ll say, can’t wait to go for a swim this afternoon,” Amanda said putting her hands on her hips and turning. Mike couldn’t help but stare as she turned, the white polo shirt fit snugly to her body and showed off the slight curve of her stomach, the roundness of her bra beneath and the large cheek of her backside.

“Not a bad idea. At the pool downtown?” Mike asked trying to make small talk and be inconspicuous.

“No, at the river. Wanna come?” Amanda replied looking back at him with a smile before Olivia slammed the front passenger door shut and then Katie moved to the other rear passenger door.

“Sure, if you don’t mind?” Mike said picking up a bag and placing it in the back of the car. Amanda picked up one of the bags and shuffled between Mike and the car, pushing her backside out as she placed the bag into the rear of the car. Mike shot a quick glance at her backside as the fabric tightened around her flesh, creating a wonderful view of curves and fullness.

Not wanting to be obvious, Mike picked up the bag Olivia had dropped and put it in the car standing behind Amanda so he didn’t get in the way. Amanda backed up into Mike and he felt her buttocks squash into his groin. It wasn’t the first time something like this had happened. There were times at work they had bumped into each other, but it was the first time outside of work, so to speak.

“I don’t mind at all,” Amanda said turning around so that they were facing each other as Mike let go of the bag. “Sorry.”

“No, it’s ok, my fault,” Mike said looking slightly down into her eyes. At six feet tall, Mike was no basketball player, but he wasn’t short either. Katie nearly matched him height wise as did Albert, but Amanda was slightly shorter, while Olivia was the shortest. A fact not lost on any of them, as Olivia would remind them at times when she couldn’t reach something.

“Got everything?” Albert asked causing Mike to move out of the way as he came up with the last of the promotional material and shoved it in the car.

“I think so,” Katie replied, standing there like a personal trainer with her hands on her hips.

“Yep,” the others replied almost in unison.

“Ok, let’s go to the next one,” Albert said getting into the driver’s seat. Mike looked at Amanda and thought he saw a brief mischievous look, but upon second inspection there was nothing. He sat in the back on the right-hand side and just as he reached for the door, Amanda grabbed his hand gently.

“Sorry, do you mind?” Amanda asked slowly taking his hand off the door and putting her left leg inside the car. Mike couldn’t believe it, Amanda was getting in the car over the top of him.

“Probably easier if I get…” Mike replied before Amanda moved further in, her firm buttocks hovering over his body.

“No, it’s ok,” Amanda said climbing in. “Whoops!”

Mike looked around and saw Katie getting in the left-hand side of the car, seeming oblivious to what had just happened. He quickly checked the front where Albert and Olivia were buckling up and conversing, again oblivious. Amanda was sitting in Mike’s lap and slowly began to wiggle her butt into his crotch while moving into the car. He felt his cock starting to stir and closed his eyes hoping that she wouldn’t pick up on his stiffening prick. Ever so gracefully, Amanda slid over into the centre seat and looked at Mike smiling, while reaching for her belt.

“Sorry about that,” Amanda said sweetly, with an innocent charm.

“Oh, no problem,” Mike said reaching for his belt trying his best to think of something else. She lingered for a moment and Mike was sure she was pushing her chest forward at him. He noticed her bra encased breasts straining against the fabric and quickly went about buckling himself up. Even a quick thought of her bra sent surges down to his manhood. It was not what he needed right now. His hand reached down beside Amanda’s hip and he immediately felt the warmth emanating from her, letting his hand linger for a moment.

Amanda then moved into his hand, gently crushing it between the two of them as she buckled her belt and the car came to life as Albert got the show on the road.

“It’s rather hot today,” Amanda said looking at Katie.

Mike nearly spoke, but not because of the temperate and thankfully Katie spoke up allowing him a welcome diversion.

“Isn’t it,” Katie said in agreement. “Al, can we get the air on?”

“Sure thing,” Albert said flicking a switch and turning a knob. They started to pick up speed and head for the next destination with everything quietening down, except for the radio which Olivia turned on to the popular top 40 station.

Mike started to relax in the back of the car, his left leg gently leaning against Amanda’s smooth, supple skin. He tried to put the thoughts out of his head, but all he could do was think about how good Amanda’s butt felt, all firm and round. He needed a distraction and began looking out the window, the last thing he needed was to pitch a tent in the back of the car with two women next to him. He looked at the houses going by, one by one their differences apparent at this slow speed. One had an antenna out front the next didn’t. He started looking at the different mailboxes, one was white, one stainless steel, then a large square and white one, one with a slot in the fence and he started to feel himself calming down. It felt good. It’s not that he didn’t like Amanda, he did, he just wasn’t sure she liked him like that. Mike wasn’t sure what to do but wanted to make certain he didn’t scare her off if she did like him.

“See anything interesting,” Amanda said leaning over him a little and pushing her breast into his left arm in the process, as she twisted for a good look out the window. He turned and immediately looked at the side of her face, which was now only a couple of inches away from his own. He could smell her sweet scent and see the beautiful blue of her eyes. Her skin was smooth, from her ear, down her jaw line and to her lips. Those sexy, full lips. Her nose was large, but that didn’t worry Mike. It suited her as did her well-manicured dark brown eyebrows that didn’t match her long hair. Mike wondered if her dark blonde hair was truly her hair colour, or if she bleached it. Not that it mattered, he was just curious.

“No, ah, not really,” Mike said as her hand grabbed his thigh and her arm rested against him for support. “Just, watching the world go by.”

“That’s a shame,” Amanda said turning more and looking into his eyes. If she was any closer, their noses would be touching. Mike felt a pang of excitement run through him as he took her all in. Her arm and breast squashed up against him, her hand on his thigh and the warmth of her touch. “Let me know if you see anything. Maybe something you like… that you want to point out.”

“Absolutely… No problems there,” Mike said berating himself for not whispering in her ear that he had seen something he liked. Amanda gave his thigh a squeeze before letting go and shifting herself back into the centre of the car.

Mike crossed his arms and looked around the car. Olivia was car dancing, her head bobbing in time with the music. Albert was nearly doing the same but kept an eye on the road and Katie stretched her arms forward between her legs before sitting back. The car picked up speed and turned a few corners with them all moving in time with the car. Amanda would slowly press into Mike and then Mike would do the same as the car would go the other way. Amanda moved her right foot so that it was up on the centre console in front and let her leg fall to the side, so it was now over the top of Mike’s. Amanda put her hands in her lap, but moved her right arm so that it was now resting on her leg. He looked down and traced her leg from her smooth tanned calf, up over her knee and down her firm thigh, following the smooth skin until it reached the fabric of her black shorts. The loose fabric from earlier was now tight against her skin and cutting in slightly. He followed it further, into the crease of her leg and then to the bulge of her womanhood.

Mike wondered what she looked like naked and started to feel his cock stirring in his loins. The car hit a bump, snapping Mike out of his daydream and when he realised what he was doing, he looked out the window to try and distract himself. But it was too much, he wanted to look at her again. Mike turned and looked at Amanda’s arm noticing that they, too, were smooth. He figured she either didn’t have any arm hair or removed it. Either way it didn’t matter, he just had never noticed before. He adjusted his arms and recrossed them, with his right hand stretching beneath his arm and suddenly feeling something on his left side. Mike explored a bit and then realised it was Amanda’s bra he was feeling underneath her arm and along her side. He quickly retracted his hand and swallowed hard thinking he had just crossed a line to which he was going to get in trouble.

“Anything out there now?” Amanda asked softly twisting to see how the window and lean into Mike. She winked at him and then peered out the window. Mike was excited and had to think quickly. Was Amanda coming onto him and he just had to go for it? What if it was something else? What if she was simply innocent in all this and truly wanted to look out the window? His excitement willed him to take a chance, hoping to answer the first question. Mike let his hand wander back to her side and his fingers follow the edge of her bra forwards.

“I guess. Some nice houses,” Mike said trying to make sure that no one else noticed what was going on. If this really was what he thought it was, he had to play it cool.

“It’s an expensive area that for sure,” Olivia said piping up from the front.

Mike took the opportunity to let his fingers roam further forward but stopped when he felt the bulge of the cup and the line start to curve downwards. It appeared to be the start of the underwire in her bra. Should he go for it? Start to wander underneath a little or retreat? He was after all at her right breast and could feel the heat penetrating his fingers. It was as though there was something there, willing him to take the chance.

“Yeah, one day I might own a place here,” Katie said will a little giggle causing Olivia to giggle.

“When you win the lottery,” Olivia said and they laughed some more.

Amanda then gently flopped her right hand into Mike’s lap and let it rest on his manhood. It was the answer that Mike needed to his question. She slowed dragged the back of her hand over his arousing cock and stopped to the side, slightly pressing against the base of his shaft.

“It’s lovely,” Amanda said looking out the window. She leaned over a little further to look up at some of the large houses as they drove by and Mike took his chance.

His fingers wandered down the underwire and around the curve of her breast surprising Mike with its fullness and how it was completely different to how he had imagined. They always looked a nice size, but clothes could be misleading and he started to feel his cock stir at the thought that Amanda had rather large breasts. The car suddenly hit a pot hole and bounced causing Mike to get half a handful of her breast ever so briefly and he felt a nice amount of weight to it. Not only that but for that brief second, he felt some heat enveloping his hand and fingers. Mike was going to go further but Amanda quickly sat back up and moved her hand, running the back over his cock once more before taking it away and placing it in her lap. Mike almost bit his knuckle in awe at the sensations she had just given him but used all his might to not move and simply keep calm.

“Almost there,” Albert said hitting the blinker. Mike was beside himself and struggling with that comment. Yes, they were here to do a job, but he wanted more time. More time in the car with Amanda but also, he needed time to clear his head. Was this all a bit of teasing or was there more to it? It had been an interesting morning already and Amanda seemed friendlier towards him than usual but then again, he hadn’t masturbated in a few days so it could be his head talking. Perhaps if all went well, he could tell if she liked him when they got in the car next. If she sat down next to him, great, he could take a bigger chance, it not, no harm, no foul. He decided that was going to be his plan as the car slowed and came to a halt.

Chapter 3

It was hot and only getting hotter. Amanda had been brushing up against Mike the whole time they were handing out promotional material and speaking with customers. He didn’t help the situation by cautiously grazing a hand over her backside or getting a little hands-on when he was moving around her for promotional material. If anyone would say something he could simply point out he didn’t want to knock her over and was making sure she was steady as he moved her to the side. He probably could have done that by asking, but he wanted to test just how far he could go placing his hand on her hips and moving her gently. It obviously proved quite successful, given she did the same thing to him a couple of times and even bent over in front of him deliberately, pushing her butt outwards while her legs were straight.

Mike took a few moments to compose himself, feeling his arousal no longer dormant but easily controllable while sitting there in the car. He didn’t even think about leaving his door open to let Amanda through again and felt his hope diminish when heard Katie outside the car door ready to get in.

“No, I’ll go in first,” Amanda said to Katie. Mike watched as Amanda climbed into the car and sat down beside him, his hope restored that the journey home would be interesting. Like the last time, she pushed up against him and raised the right side of her buttocks as she buckled up and then as casually as could be put her hands down and let one fall into his lap. Mike looked around to see if anyone noticed while the others got into the car and once he was satisfied they hadn’t seen anything, he looked at Amanda. He was impressed, she didn’t let on anything and was looking straight ahead as though nothing had happened. The car came to life and they were on their way home before Mike realised they were moving. Amanda’s hand slid down his leg to his crotch as the car took off and Amanda only moved it once he crossed his arms.

“It’s hot, isn’t it?” Katie said fanning herself. Mike would have agreed, but for a very different reason. If only Katie knew what was going on between Amanda and himself, she would have chosen her words differently.

“I’ll crank it right up,” Albert said flicking all the switches and knobs to get the air conditioning going.

“I’m going to go down to the pool when I get back,” Olivia said proudly. “This heat is killer. Wanna come?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Katie replied happily. “Right after I hit the gym.”

It was such a typical response from Katie that everyone laughed giving Mike the distraction he needed. His hand started to wander again and felt along Amanda’s side, quickly moving forward. He accidently poked her in the breast and retreated but Amanda simply moved closer to him and looked out the window. Mike looked at her and saw the sparse freckles over her nose and under her eyes and noticed she wasn’t wearing much make up at all, if any. His hand wandered forward again and felt the bulge of her bra, going forward slightly before Amanda moved her hand to his crotch once more.

Mike felt his cock spring to life and moved so that it wouldn’t be obvious he was growing an erection. He didn’t want the embarrassment of being seen with a hard on in the car with his colleagues. Amanda twisted and looked out the window, moving so that her breast was now more in Mike’s hand. Feeling the surge inside of him, he moved his hand and cupped her breast as best he could, feeling his cock twinge and instantly go hard. Amanda’s breast was bigger than he realised and his cock strained at the excitement of this whole moment. Given that his colleagues seemed none the wiser and Mike was groping Amanda’s breast in the car as they drove home made him wonder if this situation could get any hotter.

Amanda gingerly sat back and looked out the other window dragging her hand across his crotch before placing it back in her lap. Not wanting to let the moment pass, Mike then moved his hands down, one; so he could shield his straining hard on and two; so that he could try something else. Reaching across himself, Mike let his right hand wander down Amanda’s hip and then slide up under her shirt. He looked at Amanda to see if there was a response, but she simply looked straight ahead as if nothing was happening. He could feel the sexual energy between them and he was certain she could too, but she played it awfully cool.

Undeterred, Mike let his fingers find the top of her shorts and hooked his finger inside the top, feeling her skin for the first time. It was soft and smooth as he started to run his finger along the inside of her shorts. Amanda moved her leg and pushed it up against his causing him to look up at her. She was biting her bottom lip momentarily before composing herself and Mike knew he was getting to her. He pushed further, his finger moving around the front of her abdomen and enjoying the soft flesh he found there. Mike felt his cock straining to break free of his shorts and didn’t think he could get any harder. He thought he’d punch a hole in a brick wall with how hard he felt. Never in his life had he felt this hard and it was all because of this sexy woman sitting next to him.

Mike had the urge to go for it. He pushed slightly so that his fingers slipped further down the front of her shorts and found top of her panties. Without considering he might get caught, he pushed his finger underneath the elastic of the panties and felt a surge run through him when he felt the soft, smooth skin down there and the heat that went along with it. He shot a glance up at Amanda who swallowed hard and bit her lip again before looking out the window on Katie’s side. Mike quickly looked around the car to make sure he wasn’t noticed and pulled his hand back to a safer area. He wasn’t sure, but he felt as though Amanda was disappointed he had removed his hand. He could feel her deflate a little.

Mike had a crazy idea and with how turned on he was, he just had to go for it. He tapped Amanda on the shoulder and pointed out his window at the houses going by. She then leaned over to get a closer look at what he was pointing at.

“See the top of that building over there?” Mike asked pointing at the sky scraper in the distance. There were several of them so he knew he’d have to be more specific, but it was all part of the plan.

“Which one?” Amanda replied looking further out the window and leaning a little bit more. Mike took that as his cue and grabbed her left hand which was hovering over his thigh.

“That one right there with the white writing on top,” Mike said putting her hand down on his rock-hard cock.

“Which…,” Amanda said and caught herself once she realised what she was holding onto. Mike felt a surge of sexual energy run through him and his cock pulse all while breathing in her wonderful fragrance. He felt Amanda grip his cock through his shorts and noticed her breathing change while she felt all over his shaft. Finally, she composed herself again. “Which building, I can’t quite tell which one.”

“The one that says National Trust, white writing,” Mike said pointing to it and then moving his hand to grope her breast. Once his hand had a firm hold, he felt Amanda grip him tighter on his cock before rubbing it gently.

“I can’t quite see, I’m just going to, move slightly,” Amanda said keeping a firm hold on his cock. Amanda then moved her leg and leaned over further so that the front of her body was facing Mike as much as possible.

Taking the hint, Mike ran his hand down to her stomach and tried gently to get his hand in under her shirt. Surreptitiously he moved his fingers inside her shorts but couldn’t quite get underneath her panties, pushing down instead over the fabric to her mound.

“Right on top, there is a guy, can you see him?” Mike asked trying to keep the charade going. He wasn’t sure it was going to work, but given what was going on right now, he didn’t want to stop. He felt Amanda squeeze her stomach muscles a bit as his hand moved down over her mound and felt the incredible heat coming from down below. She stroked his cock again and pushed herself up against him, squashing her breast into his arm.

“Oh yeah… what about him?” Amanda asked sounding as cool as a cucumber. Mike was impressed at how well this was all going, but he wasn’t sure they could keep it up otherwise they’d end up fucking in the back of the car and probably be fired.

“I saw him… oh wait, no he stopped. He was swinging something up there. I couldn’t quite make it out,” Mike said trying to feign disappointment. “I thought you might be able to, but he stopped.”

“Oh… ok,” Amanda said shifting back to her seat as Mike’s hand slipped out of her shorts. She let go of his cock and Mike felt himself deflate but it was probably a good thing. If she kept it up and they played along for a few more minutes, he was certain he would have messed up his shorts.

“Probably a window washer,” Katie said politely. “See them all the time around the sky scrapers.”

Mike breathed a sigh of relief. Either Katie was playing along which was doubtful or simply joined in the conversation and provided a nice distraction. A welcome one, given how hot things were becoming.

“Yeah, you’re probably right,” Mike said adjusting himself in his seat to take the strain of the shorts off his cock.

“Any on your side?” Amanda asked placing her hand back on Mike’s thigh as she looked out Katie’s window. Mike smiled to himself at how well Amanda was keeping up the act. He figured right then and there that he wouldn’t want to play poker with her, she had in incredible poker face.

“Nah, we’re nearly back at the office. The only thing we’d see are birds and bird shit on top of the roofs,” Katie said bluntly which caused Amanda to giggle. Mike chuckled and took the time to relax as they rode into the office. It wouldn’t be long and they’d have to unpack the car and the last thing he needed was a raging hard on he’d have to hide when getting out of the car. Hopefully it would go down by then.

Chapter 4

Mike felt his cock start to harden again thinking about the moment five minutes ago when Amanda accidently fell into his lap as they got out of the car. She ground into him before getting up and apologised with a cheeky grin that no one else but Mike saw. He had to think of bad thoughts to stop his erection getting worse, but found it wasn’t working.

Thankfully, he had agreed to lock up the store room and put the last of the event gear away, letting everyone else go. Albert had thanked him for all his help and Olivia was happy she didn’t have to hang around and could go home, telling Mike she owed him one. Katie waved goodbye and disappeared before he could say anything else, which left him alone with Amanda. She was getting the last item from the car while Mike was carrying the last of the bags into the storeroom. It was quite a large space, with boxes of equipment down one side of the wall, office supplies in one corner, a small car sized bench in the middle and some pallets and racking down the other side. It was roughly the size of a three-car garage, but was used to store and despatch equipment with all the requisite moving gear by the bench.

Mike pushed the moving blankets down the end of the bench and put a bag on top, while he stacked another underneath for next week. Just as he put the last one down, he saw Amanda with the large folded shelter come into the store room.

“That the last of it?” Mike asked going back to the store room entrance and seeing everyone gone.

He closed the door so no strangers could come in and headed back to where Amanda was in the store room. Amanda was having trouble lifting the folded shelter up to the shelf on the wall when Mike came up behind her and reached around; helping her put it on the shelf.

“There we go,” Mike said pausing for a moment behind Amanda.

“Yeah, thanks,” Amanda said pushing back into him and feeling his cock on her buttocks.

Mike immediately put his arms around her and pulled her in, letting his hands roam around her body. Amanda turned her head back to him and kissed him, finally letting her earlier charade disappear and embrace the freedom being alone allowed. Mike’s left hand reached up and groped Amanda’s breast causing her to moan softly as they both began to breathe heavily. She ground her buttocks into his raging hard on and Mike shoved his right hand down into her shorts finding her hot, panty clad pussy. He couldn’t wait to explore further and stuck his hand inside her panties and quickly moved down to her pussy. Mike was surprised to run his fingers through coarse pubic hair, given that earlier in the car he figured there was none. He just didn’t go far enough down with his hand.

“I’m so wet,” Amanda said breaking the kiss off and turning around with Mike’s hand still down her pants. She reached down inside his shorts and grabbed his cock, her eyes widening. “It felt big in the car, but damn!”

“You’re so hot! What did you expect?” Mike said kissing her once more as she began stroking his rigid member. Just then Mike heard something and stopped, looking around the store room for anyone and listening just in case.

“Something wrong?” Amanda asked through heavy breath.

“No. Thought I heard something, but I closed the door,” Mike replied kissing her passionately once more. “Everyone has gone.” He broke away and pulled her shorts down letting them drop once they were past her knees. Amanda kicked them off and then Mike grabbed her red panties. He noticed that they had darkened in the middle and pulled them down slowly, seeing her wetness all over her shaved pussy lips. The coarse pubic hair he felt earlier was a small triangle shape above her smooth folds and was trimmed short, looking incredibly sexy. He slowly pulled them down and helped her out of them noticing that she was indeed dripping wet, it wasn’t just a metaphor women used to describe their arousal.

Amanda kissed him again and then grabbed his shorts, pulling them down with reckless abandon so that Mike was now naked from the waist down. His cock had sprung free and Amanda smiled at how wonderful and hard it looked. It was straight, thick and uncut, just how she liked it, with hair free balls and shaft, and trimmed pubes up top. She looked up at him and smiled.

“What? I manscape, so?” Mike said before Amanda grabbed his cock and kissed him. He looked around to find his clothes and then looked at Amanda. “I need to get…”

“No,” Amanda said shaking her head and cutting him off. If he was hard before, he was even harder now. He didn’t think it was possible to get any harder but that did it. Amanda wanted it raw and it turned him on no end as much as it did Amanda.

Mike’s hand found her pussy once more and began finger fucking her while she jerked him off. The rawness of it all was incredibly intoxicating, making Amanda squeal in enjoyment as his fingers found the right spots. With the way it was going he wouldn’t last long and neither would Amanda. There were no words, they had an unspoken dialogue and knew what the other wanted. Mike quickly turned her around and took his shirt off throwing it on the floor with the rest of the clothes. Amanda followed, her shirt hitting the floor before Mike pushed her over the small bench in the middle of the store room.

Amanda spread her legs and put her arms down to steady herself, gripping the edge of the bench as Mike moved behind her and put his hands on her hips. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her wet slit causing Amanda to groan in appreciation. Not wanting to wait any longer, Mike slowly pushed the tip of his cock into her wet opening and then further, feeling the slick, hot sensation of her pussy holding him tight.

“Oohhh!” Amanda said feeling him go all the way in. It was a cry of passion, savouring the first feeling of his cock going into her hungry pussy.

“Holy fuck,” Mike said pulling out and pushing in again, slipping all the way in with ease.

“Oh, my god, so full,” Amanda said letting her head drop as Mike slowly started to pick up rhythm. They were both on edge. They had been for the last couple of hours and now they were simply ready to fuck. Horny and needing release, Mike started to fuck Amanda and was met with her pushing back into him. He could feel his arousal spike instantly and by the noises Amanda was making, knew she wouldn’t be far off either. He could feel her pussy quiver and convulse over his cock.

Mike reached up and unhooked her bra with one hand, letting her tits free as the bra slid down her arms from all the rocking. He reached under and groped her breast, noticing her hard nipple and feeling a surge through his cock when he realised his hand didn’t fit around her breast. Amanda moaned and thrust back harder causing Mike to pick up the pace. It wasn’t about making love, it was about fucking. Pure, simple, animalistic fucking. And they both wanted to fuck as hard as they could. They had been teasing each other all day and now it was time to release all that pent-up demand.

“I’m going to cum!” Amanda said through strained breathing. She moaned and groaned as her body started to quiver and shake. Mike grabbed hold of her hips and pumped hard into her feeling his own orgasm quickly approaching.

“Me too!” Mike said before Amanda’s legs started to go weak and she tried hard to stay up.

“Oh shit!” Amanda said tensing up and bucking her hips wildly.

Mike held on, thrusting hard into her as her pussy convulsed around his cock. His balls started to ache and he felt the surge through his cock, knowing it was nearly time for him as well. Amanda started to breathe again, the shivers and quivers still rocking over her as she tried hard to stay up on her elbows, her back arching as she squeezed out her orgasm.

“I’m gonna… where do, uh!” Mike said feeling his cock about to burst.

“Just in. Fuck! Uh!” Amanda said still thrusting and arching her back as her comments tipped Mike over the edge.

Mike gripped her hips hard and thrust deeply into Amanda’s bare pussy releasing rope after rope of his hot semen into her and splashing against her cervix. With each thrust Mike would hold a little longer as he felt his balls unload what he had been building up all day. It felt like a lot and more than he was used to, but Amanda was hot as hell and he enjoyed every single second of her. Finally, Mike stopped, buried to the hilt inside of Amanda and tried to catch his breath after feeling light headed. He lay on top of her for a moment and felt the light perspiration on her skin and smiled at how it felt so good.

“You’re incredible, you know that?” Mike said picking himself up and pulling out of Amanda slowly so that he could sit down on a box beside them.

“That was amazing,” Amanda said getting up and turning around to face him. She sat back on the bench and looked around the store room. Mike watched her lovely round breasts heaving up and down with her chest as she recovered. The large areola and pink nipples looked incredible and set her breasts off nicely.

“I honestly thought I had no chance with you,” Mike said politely. “I’ve always wanted to, but it just never you know…”

“Took you long enough,” Amanda said sweetly. “I’ve been dropping hints for weeks now.”

“Are you serious? I thought you were being nice. Just being you, I didn’t pick up on anything different… really,” Mike said looking at her sexy, sweaty body and enjoying the view.

“I know sometimes women can be too subtle. But, well… I guess that’s why I pushed you to come today,” Amanda said with a giggle admiring her sexy Lothario. “You look even better naked.”

“Now that’s something I can pick up on!” Mike said as they laughed. They looked at each other for a moment, their eyes breaking contact to explore each other’s bodies before coming back up. Amanda raised an eyebrow and smirked while Mike simply looked pleased.

“Never thought it would be in the store room,” Amanda said softly as they relaxed more from their vigorous session.

“What do you mean?” Mike asked looking at the sweat beading on her skin and thinking how hot she looked wet. He couldn’t wait to go swimming with her this afternoon.

“With you. I was hoping we would go out to dinner, maybe get it on in a hotel, or even the back seat of a car.”

They both laughed when they realised what she had said. They were practically having sex in the back of the work car, with their clothes on of course.

“I’m sorry. I couldn’t wait. You are just too damn hot! Seeing you in those clothes all day, and then in the car… fuck, I was ready to explode. How about tonight I make it up to you?” Mike said looking into her beautiful eyes. He caught her smile and knew she was happy with that suggestion.

“I couldn’t wait either. That was so erotic today,” Amanda said getting down off the bench and moving to Mike. He stood up and kissed her, putting his hands on her hips and pulling her close.

“Yes, you are,” Mike said kissing her again. This time his hard on pushed into her abdomen causing Amanda to look down and smile.

“I can’t believe you’re still hard,” Amanda said giddily. She looked around the storeroom for a more comfortable place and grabbed the moving blanket that was on the end of the bench and put it on the floor. She winked at Mike and put her arms around his neck enjoying having him against her.

“Me either,” Mike said kissing Amanda in the afterglow.

“Round two?” Amanda asked with a giggle. Mike smiled and nodded. “And this time, I’m on top.”

“Ok,” Mike said lying down on the moving blanket on the floor and putting their clothes as a makeshift pillow under his head. Just then they heard footsteps and froze in place. He looked at Amanda and her at him, worrying that they had been caught when Katie came around the corner.

“That was so fucking hot to watch! I’m glad there is a round two,” Katie said pulling her shirt off over her head and throwing it away before doing the same with her bra. Her taught figure came on display, showing off her six pack and pert breasts and Mike nodded his approval. Amanda smiled and then moved on top of Mike’s legs ready for the next round.

“I thought we were done for sure,” Mike said in relief as Katie stripped off her shorts and underwear and dropped them to reveal a completely bald pussy. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing but didn’t question it. Obviously, there was some plan here because even Amanda didn’t flinch as Katie removed her clothes and stood beside them.

“Are you kidding? I want my pussy licked and I don’t care by who,” Katie said as Amanda stroked Mike’s hard cock.

“Is anyone else here that we don’t know about?” Amanda asked squeezing her own breast with her free hand. It was starting to heat up again in the store room.

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