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Warrior and Waitress (Part One)

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Warrior and Waitress (Part One)

It was a normal day at the inn. I was working, as per usual. Serving clients as one of the local bartenders was my life. I worked most of the night until early morning, then slept in one of the inn's rooms. Eventually I had to wake up to help Juvius, the owner, cook. Afterwards I would clean some rooms and serve clients all over again. But some nights, I wouldn't go to an empty inn room. And most of those accompanied nights, it was this one person that just walked in.

In her usual way, she strode into the inn. The heavy wooden door would open with that jagged swing. Politely, she would close it behind her with that tight pull it needed. Her armor would often be dirty, either of blood or mud. Today it was mud. The fur on her shoulders would need a wash, along with the metal plates on her torso and arms. I knew inside the fur boots were also some metal plates. A heavy sword was glued to her left side, and a bag over on her other side. But even with all her equipment, those golden brown eyes would mark you the most.

She removed her horned steel helmet as she walked towards the counter. She let that dark brown hair loose. The sides of her head were braided back, revealing all the more her strong square jaw. Her face always had war paint. It was two bars sliding down from the forehead to her jaw. She was a warrior, respected by all. Beautiful and powerful, all in a wonderful mix.

She went around the fire and passed the tables to take a seat at one of the stools. It took only a few paces, and she'd be at the counter in the back of the inn. She always chatted a bit to Juvius about the latest rumour, and maybe a new bounty. I couldn't resist lending an ear as they spoke. I felt butterflies in my stomach when I heard her ask for the best room. Again. She always did, but it didn't make it any less special. She took the key and went to the left, up the stairs to clean herself and rid herself of her armour. And she would always come back down afterwards, only a loose tunic and a belt on. A belt that was on her hips, showing some curves otherwise unseen. No war paint. As I thought of it, the memory replayed in the actual reality. She slowly stepped down the stairs in her tunic and pants, looking at me with a smirk. She knew she was melting me into a puddle of goop.

She sat once more at a stool by the counter. The same routine happened. Though she would be right in front of the Juvius and his barrels of various drinks, she would wait for me to pass by. She always did that. She would flash a breathtaking smile and ask me for a beer. Eventually, I noticed this was on purpose and that I was quite unique. Most people would approach her to coax her in bed and she looked like she would snarl like a beast. They couldn't get close. Me? I flirted to her shamelessly. So did she.

Heya, Sylvie, can you get me a drink?”

This time it was with a wink. I grinned and then I swept down to kiss her cheek. “Of course, Luna.”

Luna's eyes glowed, happy. From then on, anytime I passed by we chatted a few lines before I was off serving some people. Once people started leaving, she moved to a table to the left of the bar. I knew why. Less people meant I had more time. Also, the chairs at the table were sturdier, wider. And thus, the next time I passed by, she invited me on her lap. I couldn't refuse. I sat on her, shivering slightly and feeling full of butterflies in my stomach. By her deep long breaths, the ever present slight smile, I knew she was having them too. Nestled into her welcoming warmth, I rested my head at the crook of her neck, smelling her clean self. She always smelled of field, forests, mountains… She smelled like Adventures. Her arms came around me, and I always felt like she was holding me safe. Warm. Cared for.

But while this looked like a simple innocent hug, it really wasn’t. I would breathe in on her neck at spots that I knew were sensitive. My hand would toy with feather touches on her collar bone. Her hand would slide on my back, on my side. It was a deep tender press, rising up to tease my side, my hips, and sometimes teasing my lower back. My lower back was this odd sensitive spot of mine, something she discovered. Sometimes she would gently dig her finger at that spot and I’d have to hold a moan from slipping into her neck. Whenever needed, I would get up to check on the clients. Then come back to the soft and tenders touches, to hitched breaths of later promises. Until, well, the innkeeper Juvius had enough. On my next visit to the counter, he spoke.

Go Sylvie. I’ll take care of it. You have fun.”

With a wink, he kept to washing the remaining tankards. I turned to her, seeing her rise to her feet. She was an inch or so taller than me. She offered her hand, and I took it in mine with a smile. She led me to her room, then closed the door behind me gently. I noticed she had left a couple of candles burning. She tugged at our joined hands, pulling me towards her. Her other hand set on my hips while her lips stole mine. She tasted of ale and wilderness. Our tongues battled as my first moan of the night slipped out of my mouth. My hands gripped at her body, hurrying to take away the belt to see what lay beneath the fabric. It was a beautiful sight that I rarely got to see, and so, I wanted to enjoy every minute of it.

Luna kicked her boots away and let me remove her tunic. All that was left was those black pants. I couldn't resist. I removed myself from her, making space to allow me to stare. I bit my lower lip, gazing at the scarred, muscled, body in front of me. She had this wonderful swell of hips, hinting the slight lines of muscle at her stomach, which I knew were very strong abdominal muscles. Up were her breasts, perky and round, a wonderful size to play with. Her shoulders were set, tight, as my eyes finally met hers. But those golden pools had desire deep within them, and stole my breath away more than her naked torso ever could. Her quirky smile was my only warning. She moved closer to me once more, kissing more feverishly. I felt her remove whatever else she wore.

Then her hands slid on me, taking away the clothes I wore. The apron at my waist was first, then my skirt, pooling at my ankles. Her hands touched my skin, my thighs, then firmly but softly, slid up my body. Up my hips, under my shirt to my waist. She then slid them to my ribs, deliciously close to my breast wrap. I put my hands up. She broke the kiss, breathless. My shirt was lifted away, her hands sliding the material up my arms to throw it somewhere in the room, her eyes burning over whatever inch of skin revealed. Under the intense gaze, I immediately attached myself to her lips again. It was partly to soften the burning shivers through me, but also, it was rare I could kiss these lips. She was as intense in her lips as with her golden gaze, melting onto mine. Our tongues were playing, our breaths raging.

Her hands reached my wrap, tugging gently here and there to free me. My mind was elsewhere; to her mouth, to my hands roaming on her skin. I felt goose bumps under my fingers as I just tried to touch her everywhere. I could feel her hard muscles twitch or tense under my touch. I could feel the bumps of old scars. I felt her breathing more erratically on my cheek. I massaged her breast, playing with her nipples a bit. She bit my lower lip gently. I knew I was teasing her, and it was her way to show her frustration. I chuckled. I licked her lips then her mouth, searching for her tongue, kissing her deeply when it did join in. My hands circled her hips tenderly, making her shiver. My wrap was lost at my feet. One of her hands went to my breast right away. Her other hand went to my sensitive lower back, digging her fingers in gently. It brought pleasure, but also brought our warm bodies together. Less unfocused now, she kissed me more deeply, leading the dance. A moan escaped my lips.

We moved, her leading me to the plush bed. I felt the fabric behind my legs and broke our kiss. I stared into her eyes, panting. Only then I noticed her golden eyes were almost glowing, the pupil was dilated, and that she too, was panting. The desire I saw made my knees weak. I sat on the bed, not breaking the eye contact. Her hand went to my shoulder, gently pushing me. Luna followed me as I felt the fabric meet my back, as she climbed on top of me. I felt like a prey. A very willing prey...

Her eyes broke away to look at pillows atop the bed. She looked back down to me and smiled. Her soft voice spoke.

Put your head on the pillows. Be comfortable. You might be here awhile...”

I nodded. I didn't reply that it meant I would barely sleep. I couldn't just sleep in, like she. I had work. But reality was swept away in a dark corner of my head. I crawled up, resting my head on the pillow. I'd be damned if I didn't enjoy this beautiful warrior atop me.

When I was settled, she moved atop me once more, holding her weight on her elbows. She lowered herself, kissing me feverishly again. My hands rubbed her warm skin, up and down, my brain numbed by her passion. She broke the kiss to nip my neck. I moved my head, making room for her to do as she pleased. And she took the new freedom; her teeth sank gently, then she sucked, licking the tender skin after it all. Shivers ran through me, my breath hitched.

At a slow pace, she gently made her way lower. My collarbone was generously licked and sucked. She went to my breast, licking every inch of skin on her wake. Sometimes a light nip, sometimes a gentle suck. She avoided my nipple at first, licking around it, making me quite aware of it. I wanted her to suck it already. Give it attention. Once every bit of skin on my breast was kissed, she leaned over it. She licked the nipple in smooth circles. I arched to relieve the ache there. To tease further, she blew warm air on the now wet skin. I whined. Luna chuckled low, a deep sound.

She took it in her mouth and sucked generously. I moaned, arching some more into her. She shifted her weight and let her other hand play with my other breast. My hands gripped at her back. While it felt good, this teased me. It kept sending hot waves through me. My core was hot. I felt it slightly pulse, wanting that skilled tongue further. She hadn't visited in a while...

She shifted her weight to the other arm, now kissing my other breast. She teased less though, already lavishing my nipple with licks. A nip, to then suck tenderly. I dug my fingers in her back. I tried to push her a bit, invite her to go lower. A warm breath of air, barely a chuckle, was my answer.

She left my nipple and went between my legs. Luna didn't waste a moment. Her tongue swiped a long lick, from my entrance to the top of my clitoris. My toes curled, I arched and moaned low. Pleasuring sparks ran from her touch to every parcel of my body. She did a few of those before focusing on my pearl. She licked up and down lightly. Then she took it tenderly in her mouth, sucking on it lightly while flicking it. My hips twitched, inching towards her. She let go gently and then proceeded to lick me in big, slow, but firm circles. I gripped the sheets underneath me, every circle bringing me a step closer to flying away.

And then I did. I felt the sparks run up my spine to my head. I arched and flew away in pleasure. The shiver slowly rolled up my spine, into my body in little sparks of pleasure. Once the peak passed, I relaxed a bit, moans flowing at a more regular pace. She was relentless, switching her tactics here and there. The fire was building again in my body. My mind was robbed, hips twitching and muscles straining, all depending on what she did. The second peak had me slightly screaming. I saw white this time. But she didn't stop. Instead she inserted a finger. The coils of pleasure built higher and I was just lost. Lost in pleasure, in endless peaks upon peaks of burning pleasure, climbing higher and higher.

I felt high, away, and the sensations were getting to be too much. I gently put my hand on her head, looking at her, and spoke, breathless.


Luna stopped to look up at me with those fiery golden obs. She slid her fingers out gently, then proceeded to stretch my legs out. I groaned. They were sore from staying open like that. She gently laid them on the bed, and then climbed to me, her lips stealing mine. I tried to respond to her fierce passion, but it was rather hard. My brain was replaced by a pleasing buzz. The golden eyed beauty let go of my lips and nuzzled into my neck, engulfing me in her warmth. She held me against her, let me regain my breath. The world felt like it was spinning.

All I could feel was this bliss of pleasure, this high. And then slowly, my senses came back. At first it was the touch. Her skin under my hands. Then the warm skin on my body. Her hot breath on my neck. I could hear her breathing too. I could smell her now, her smell of forest and sweat. Maybe a bit of my own... I opened my eyes that I didn't know had been closed. I moved a bit to look at her. She rose above me, staring at me. I brushed some dark strands of hair behind her ear, enjoying her beauty.

Then I smirked. She visibly shivered at my hungry gaze. My hands grew bold, gentle strokes on her body turning into tender caresses. I pushed her up so I could suck at a nipple. I felt the rush of air out of her lungs as I sucked on the wonderful thing, letting my other hand tenderly massage the other one. Once I found this nipple to be well cared for, I switched breast, letting my other hand massage the tender flesh. She quivered, her hips twitching every now and again. I let go of her and put my hands on her hips, motioning her up. She looked into my eyes, golden orbs dark and surrounded by a lovely blush. They lit up when she understood what I wanted.

She took hold of the headboard, lifting herself so her vagina was close to my face. I guided her the rest of the way, finally reaching and flicking my tongue across her folds. She let go of a small gasp, making a sweet shiver of delight and pride run through me. I was glad she was a warrior; she could stay like this for awhile. And she did.

Slow languid strokes had her toes curling, while I gently shifted to soft circles on the clit. Tenderly slow and wide circles seemed to be her favourite. I kept to the last one. I knew steadiness went pretty far with her. Her moans slowly rose as her breath raged more and more, until one long exhale was heard. She gasped after, trying to breathe, but I kept on. She twitched but kept her hip towards my lips, demanding more. I gave her what she wanted. Constant, steady, switching here and there to not get a cramp. I know she would much rather me switch than stop. Said the hips rolling towards my tongue, the tensed arms holding the headboard. The moans flowing in higher and higher, until it all broke into a soft scream. I lost track of the orgasms she had, keeping focused on bringing her more and more pleasure. When her hips twitched away, for once, I let go of her, stopping.

I encouraged her down as I wiped my face on the sheet. My arms slid around her, holding her tight as she regained her breath at my neck. I sighed, content. I loved these nights with her. While intense, it was filled with tenderness. Luna laid in my arms, petting me slightly, her breathing turning back to normal. Gently, I let the exhaustion and everyday stress slowly leave me.

Are you okay?”

The voice was soft, but husky, light in the air. Luna didn't move much otherwise. I snuggled into her, nodding, then answered.

Yeah, I'm fine. I just, love this.”

Love is a big word," she said, lifting herself on her elbows. Those golden eyes stared at me as if I was made of the most precious stone. One hand gently slid on my cheek, replacing some hair behind my ear. The touch was light and sweet. She held my face in her hands, then leaned in and tenderly kissed me. We kissed gently, with no urgency. Just appreciating each other's company as rare as it was. She broke it, staring into my eyes.

Come with me.”

My heart stopped.

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