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Vampire Punk

By KuroKoneko Kamen

Copyright 2017 by KuroKoneko Kamen

Cover Design by Leah Keeler

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This is a work of fiction. All characters are invented. Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Chapter 1: Katana

Archangel Uriel had made a tremendous mistake. She’d secretly fallen in love with a bloodsucking vampire with a handsome face and had decided to break The Rules and save his life even though he’d been fated to die. Because of this transgression God had assigned Uriel to be his guardian angel.

God had explained that since she’d saved his life he was now her responsibility. And this would have been all well and good if Uriel were still in love with him since she’d have the opportunity to be close to him. However, Uriel was no longer in love with Slaine ‘Pain In the Ass’ Morvyn.

Why? One may ask. Well, ever since his unrequited love Rebecca ‘Becca’ Thorn (now Becca Dearg) got married Slaine had gone off the deep end and was drowning his sorrows in booze, drugs and women nightly.

Slaine had become a despicable man. How could she have fallen in love with a perverted, bad boy freak? She wondered in despair. He was even having sex with more than one woman at a time. Utterly shameless!

Any ‘love’ Uriel had felt for Slaine had shriveled up inside her heart and withered away. Her duty as Slaine’s guardian angel was to help him find true love in the form of his Judge, so he could be redeemed of his sins and join God’s Holy Army. A Judge was a very special human with a pure heart and soul that had the ability to redeem a vampire or demon with his or her love.

For example, once redeemed a vampire would regain their soul. Only after they were in possession of their soul could they then become an official member of His Holy Army and join the fight against Evil.

Slaine Morvyn was a unique case, however, since he’d already managed to get his soul back. Now he just needed the love of a Judge to redeem him of his many sins.

But before Uriel could even think to introduce Slaine to a delicate female Judge, she had to get him back on track and reform him of his evil ways. Her work was going to be cut out for her. That was certain.

Uriel was currently seated at a table inside a popular, San Francisco, Goth nightclub named Iron Casket. She was using her angelic power to remain invisible so she could spy on Slaine Morvyn.

And don’t get her wrong. She wasn’t stalking him - she was spying. As Slaine’s guardian angel she was supposed to be keeping an eye on him.

And there he was dancing sexily on the dance floor while surrounded by a group of three vampire wannabe girls. Slaine was wearing a black T-shirt with a silver skull on it, black leather pants, a leather belt with a glittering skull, and biker boots. His chin-length snow-white hair was slicked back over his head, but a few strands had come loose during his dancing and framed his face.

Slaine’s eyes were a glittering, ruby red and he had extremely pale skin making him look like an albino. All the black he was wearing was really making his exotic features stand out, and there were a lot of people openly staring at him.

Yep, Slaine Morvyn was looking quite fine on that dance floor as he shook his-

Uriel’s inner thoughts came screeching to a loud halt. No, no, no. She did not just think Slaine looked hot dancing to Goth metal with sweat glistening on his brow, and his hips gyrating sensually to the pounding bass. Gah! Uriel gripped her head with her two hands in horror.

For her own good Uriel turned her attention to the three girls that were dancing with Slaine. Those tramps, er, nice young women were dressed in punk outfits. One had a short bob of black hair and was wearing a red and black Gothic Lolita style dress with a mini top hat. The blonde was wearing a black bra with a sheer top over it, tight black pants, and high heels. Lastly, the brunette was wearing a green tube dress that made her green eyes stand out along with a pair of black thigh-high boots.

All three of the tramps, er, girls had fake fangs stuffed into their mouths, which meant they probably had blood fetishes. This was a good thing for Slaine since he could drink from those three girls without any problems.

Uriel was unconsciously grinding her back teeth as she watched Slaine’s despicable display of depravity. Try saying that five times fast. She’d ordered a Cosmopolitan and the waiter had delivered it to her table probably thinking that whoever had ordered the drink had gone to the bathroom or was on the dance floor.

Uriel thoughtlessly picked up the martini glass and took a sip of her Cosmo.

A few people seated at the table next to Uriel’s noticed the floating martini glass and began to rub their eyes in disbelief and give suspicious looks to their own drinks, wondering what the hell was in there.

Ten minutes later, Slaine and the three girls decided to take a short break from dancing and headed back towards their table which happened to be right next to Uriel’s.

Slaine sat down at the table with his prey and put his arms around two of the girls’ shoulders smoothly, and ordered them all drinks.

That’s when Slaine noticed something out of the corner of his eye - a floating Cosmopolitan that was obviously being drunk by a ghost. An amused smirk curled his lips. He had company. “If you’ll excuse me, ladies. I’ll be right back.” Slaine stood up from his seat at the table.

The girls pouted. “Hurry back,” they called after him with flirtatious winks and waves.

Slaine sauntered over to Uriel’s table and took a seat directly across from her. He could smell his guardian angel’s unique strawberry bubblegum scent.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t my stalker angel,” Slaine drawled.

Uriel was so caught by surprise by this that she ended up spitting her drink out onto Slaine’s face.

Slaine frowned and grabbed a couple of paper napkins from the dispenser sitting on the table in order to dry his face off. “So not cute,” he groused.

“How did you know I was here?” Uriel asked in a low voice.

Slaine gave her a look of disbelief, and hoped he was staring at the right spot. “The floating Cosmo kind of gave you away, baby.”

“Oh crap! I forgot about what that would look like…and don’t call me ‘baby’. My name is Uriel!” the angel snapped hotly.

“Uriel.” Slaine tried her name out on his wicked tongue. “So why are you following me? Are you in love with me?” He teased in that smooth black velvet voice of his.

I used to be. Uriel was inwardly fuming. “Hell no. I’ve been assigned as your guardian angel. I’m going to help you find your Judge so you can be redeemed.”

The vampire’s expression darkened and a deep scowl formed on his face. “My Judge…?” Slaine’s thoughts immediately went to the woman he’d fallen in love with - fashion blogger Becca Dearg. They’d had sex, and he already had his soul back. Slaine’s expression became cold and unreadable. “There’s no point. Thanks to Becca I have my soul back.”

“Of course there’s a point,” Uriel huffed in exasperation. “The love of a Judge will redeem you of all your new sins. And there are a lot. I’ve been watching you, buddy.”

“New sins?” Slaine raised an eyebrow at the angel.

“Yes, ever since your unrequited love Becca got married you’ve fallen into depravity,” Uriel began to nag. “You’re having sexual relations with multiple women, doing drugs, and drinking heavily. You need to stop this horrible lifestyle immediately!”

Slaine had flinched when Uriel said ‘unrequited love’. Ouch. Way to twist the dagger in a guy’s heart. “No thanks, Mom. I happen to like my current lifestyle. I have no interest in ever falling in love again. Love is pain. Love is stupidity. Love is…” Slaine shook his head.

Uriel bristled at Slaine calling her ‘Mom’. Love is pain? Heh…she could relate. Love was stupid? She could relate to that too. She’d fallen for Archangel Leviathan a millennia ago, but he’d fallen and become a demon.

Not that long ago, she’d become merman Levi Devlin’s guardian angel, knowing that his true identity was Archangel Leviathan. She’d selfishly tried to stop Levi from finding true love with his fated Judge, Vivien Tempest. And she’d failed.

In the end Levi and Vivien had fallen in love, and Vivien had redeemed Levi so that he was now a part of His Holy Army once more. She hadn’t been good enough for Levi. Or at least this is what she believed. “I can relate,” she said softly.

Slaine raised his eyebrows at Uriel. “You’ve been in love, angel? I thought angels weren’t allowed to fall in love.”

Uriel coughed into her hand. “That’s…none of your business.”

“I am interested in flings though. I usually go for bad girls, but I may just make an exception for you. From the glimpse I got of you when you saved my life you were pretty hot. Why don’t you materialize so I can see what you’re wearing?”

“I doubt you’d find it very exciting. I’m wearing my usual battle armor,” Uriel said in a droll tone. Uriel’s battle armor consisted of a silver breastplate, armored skirt with spikes, shoulder armor with spikes, arm bracers, and armored boots with heels.

“You wore armor to a club?” There was an incredulous note to Slaine’s voice. “Well, what do you have on underneath? Can’t you just take your armor off?”

“I’m naked beneath my armor,” Uriel replied dully.

Slaine’s eyes popped. “Yeah…don’t materialize naked, angel.” He stroked his chin thoughtfully. “You know, if you’re going to be stalking me to clubs all the time you should really think about getting some clubbing clothes. That way you don’t have to sit there all invisible and lonely.”

Uriel bristled. “I’m not lonely!” She objected vehemently. “And I have no interest in human fashion. It’s utterly ridiculous!”

This was a lie. Uriel was actually very interested in human female fashion, but didn’t know the first thing about it. She also didn’t know what colors would look good on her, or what kinds of articles of clothing she should buy. Skirts? Jeans? Tank tops?

Uriel wasn’t very ‘feminine’. Well, she looked cute and feminine, but when it came to the way she acted she was a bit of a tomboy. Okay, a lot of a tomboy.

For many millennia, she’d fought side by side with her brother Archangel Gabriel while protecting the Universe from violent alien races. Especially the bloodthirsty Lunarians - a plant alien race with dangerous psychic abilities.

Fighting battles, winning wars, sword fighting - these were things she knew about and was good at.

Things like how to be graceful, feminine, pretty, how to put makeup on, or how to dress like a human girl were beyond her.

And maybe this was why she’d failed to win Levi’s heart. Sadly, she could relate to Slaine, and his unrequited love and pain. It was one thing they had in common.

But that still didn’t excuse all of his recent rotten behavior. She had to change him somehow. Maybe Slaine had a point though, and she should at least try to make an effort in her appearance. She could start trying to dress like a human female and wear makeup. After all, how hard could it be?

While Uriel was lost in her thoughts, Slaine reached his hand out and felt the cold, hard steel of her breastplate. He ran his hand upwards until he could feel the soft flesh at the top of her breast.

Uriel felt Slaine’s hand on her chest and was abruptly snapped out of her thoughts. “Pervert!” Uriel slapped Slaine hard across the face and with such force his head snapped sideways.

Slaine removed his hand and when he turned his head to face her, his expression was blatantly unrepentant. “I just wanted to make sure you weren’t lying to me, angel.”

“Yeah, right.” Uriel did not sound at all convinced. “Keep your hands to yourself, vampire.”

“Well, I shouldn’t keep the ladies waiting.” Slaine stood up smoothly from his seat at their table. “See you around, angel.”

“Ladies…what ladies?” Uriel muttered darkly to herself. “And aren’t you supposed to be working? I thought you were the manager here.”

Slaine raised an eyebrow. “I am working. Half the job of a good club manager is socializing. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have work to do.” He turned around and walked over to the table where the three punk, Goth girls were waiting for him.

“My, isn’t Dracula a lenient boss. Who would have thought?” Uriel muttered as she glared at Slaine.

The owner of Iron Casket was none other than the legendary, ancient vampire, Vlad Tepes otherwise known as Dracula. Dracula had recently been redeemed by the love of his Judge - a Battle Nun named Kendra Knight, and had been turned into a human.

Because of his redemption, Dracula had turned a new leaf, and no longer permitted his fellow vampires to feed from unwilling humans or to kill them. Iron Casket had become a neutral zone for vampires, demons and humans to mingle in complete safety.

Uriel took a moment to admire the club’s décor. Dracula had spared no expense and the tables and chairs were all antiques. There was red and black striped, Victorian style wallpaper on the walls. Everything was lit by candlelight inside of the club, and there was no electricity (except for the sound system).

Huge, wrought iron, medieval chandeliers with hundreds of lit candles hung from the ceiling. Bronze candelabras sat on the tables as well as glass globes with candles inside of them. The candlelight was casting a flickering, spooky, golden glow about the entire club. The humans probably thought the lighting was romantic.

Slaine and the girls ended up drinking for an hour longer before Slaine asked for the check. Uriel watched as the vampire stood up and the three girls began to accompany him out the club.

Just. Like. That.

Mr. Smooth Vampire Punk.

It made Uriel want to pull her hair out. Calm down, Uriel. She told herself. Stay cool. She took out a piece of bubblegum and plopped it into her mouth. Chewing gum was a nervous habit she couldn’t seem to break.

Uriel stealthily followed behind the group and exited the club just in time to see a valet arrive with Slaine’s latest ride.

The angel’s eyes widened and she smacked a hand to her forehead in utter disbelief. “You have got to be kidding me.”

Most vampires and demons who were trying to live their lives and blend in with human society liked to remain low-key and didn’t purchase overly extravagant cars.

But that wasn’t stopping Slaine Morvyn apparently. Slaine’s new car was a red and black, four-seater Lamborghini Aventador. It must have cost a fortune. And the doors opened up like wings. Who does he think he is? Batman?

Slaine caught the keys the valet tossed his way as he stepped out of the car. Slaine hopped in behind the wheel and started the engine. With excited giggles and murmurs that were definitely related to the car the three girls filed into the car.

People were even taking pictures of what was happening. They must have thought Slaine was some kind of celebrity or something. Geesh! Uriel almost panicked, thinking that Slaine’s image wouldn’t show up in those photos until she remembered that Slaine had his soul back thanks to Becca Dearg.

Becca Dearg. Pffft. She thinks she’s some kind of modern-day Gwenevere or something. I’m in love with two men. Pu-lease. Uriel waited for Slaine to speed off in his Lamborghini before she summoned her wings. They emerged from her back and spread. Uriel’s wings were white and feathery with blue tips. She loved her wings.

With a flap of her wings she took off into the night sky, glad that it was clear out, and pursued Slaine’s Lamborghini while remaining invisible.

She followed him all the way to his apartment building where he owned the penthouse apartment. Silly vampire. There were a lot of glass windows in that particular apartment. She didn’t know what Slaine was thinking when he bought that place. Unless…he had suicidal tendencies, she supposed.

Uriel flew up to Slaine’s balcony and landed there. She went to the sliding glass door, opened it, and entered the apartment. Silly Slaine, he should really lock his door. But at least he was making her job easier. She smiled impishly to herself.

The last time Uriel had been to Slaine’s apartment was when she’d been checking up on him to see how he was doing after she’d rescued him. He, of course, never knew about this visit since she’d remained invisible.

Uriel’s thoughts drifted to that fateful day a few months ago when she’d randomly decided to save his life. Slaine, Becca and Derek (the Druid Vampire Hunter who Becca was currently married to) had just defeated Dracula in battle and had saved San Francisco from a Zombie Apocalypse.

Towards the end of the battle, Slaine had fallen off the roof of a building and ended up in a garbage dumpster. With his keen hearing Slaine had been able to hear when his two friends defeated Dracula. The only problem was that Slaine had also heard his friend Derek proposing to Becca. She’d said ‘yes’ and after that he’d lost all motivation to leave that dumpster.

Uriel had been watching Slaine, and had realized that he must have been feeling suicidal since dawn was approaching and he’d made no move to leave the dumpster. Uriel had then taken it upon herself to get his ass out of that dumpster, and take him to safety.

As the humans say: ‘No good deed goes unpunished’.

Konichiwa,” Uriel muttered to herself as she looked around Slaine’s apartment. She’d forgotten about Slaine’s fetish for all things Japanese. Authentic Japanese brush paintings depicting tranquil mountains, white cranes and green bamboo were hung on the walls. One scroll looked like it had the teenaged mutant ninja turtles on it. So weird.

On display inside of a large glass case was a suit of red samurai armor including an impressive horned helmet. Two katana, Japanese swords, were on display on the table in the living room that sat in front of the huge flat-screen TV. Talk about spoiled.

Uriel heard the front door being opened and almost dove behind the couch before she remembered that she was invisible. Story of my life. She thought bitterly to herself.

Slaine entered the apartment along with the three girls. He had his arms around two of their shoulders and he began to lead them to his bedroom. On his way, he paused for a moment, sniffed the air, and then smirked.

The vampire opened the door to his bedroom, flipped on a light switch, and ushered the girls inside. “Why don’t you ladies go ahead and make yourselves comfortable while I go get us a bottle of wine.”

“Ooo sounds perfect, Slaine.” “Yeah, thanks, Slaine.” “Don’t keep us waiting too long, lover boy.” The girls chimed in their sexiest voices.

Slaine closed the door, spun around and crossed his arms over his chest. “I know you’re here, Uriel. I can smell you.” A cocky smirk was playing on his lips.

Uriel allowed herself to materialize so that Slaine could see her glaring at him with her hands on her hips. “I do not smell!”

Slaine sauntered over to Uriel until he was standing directly in front of her. He leaned forward and then moved his head to smell the crook of her neck. “You smell like strawberry bubblegum.”

Uriel flushed and had to resist the urge to swallow her gum. “I-I do not!”

Slaine pulled back and his expression turned serious. “Why are you here, Uriel?”

“I…I’m here to stop you! You know, having an orgy is a grave sin!” Uriel wagged her finger at him. “You should tell those girls to leave at once!”

“Uh huh.” Slaine gave her a bored look. “And then how do you expect me to get the blood I need to survive, hmm?” The albino vampire tilted his head at her and gave her a pointed look.

“That’s…” Uriel frowned and chewed her gum loudly.

“Unless of course you’d like to take their place in my bed,” Slaine suggested with a waggle of his eyebrows.

Uriel was so taken aback by Slaine’s perverse offer that she slapped him hard across the face out of reflex. “I…I….you wish, vampire! I’m not a slut like them!”

“Slut? Don’t tell me…” Slaine leaned forward, his tongue coming out to catch a drop of blood from his split lip. “You’re a virgin.” His tone was highly amused.

Uriel’s blush intensified. “That’s none of your business!”

“Hmm, a virgin. Sadly, I don’t do virgins.” Slaine put his hands out before him in a helpless gesture. “Well, you could always join in on the fun?” His look turned hopeful.

“No thank you,” Uriel huffed and blew a bubble right in his face.

“Your loss, baby,” Slaine purred. “I guess you’ll just stand out here and listen to us like a pervert as I make love to those beautiful ladies in there.”

“That’s not making love! That’s-” Uriel began to object, waving her hands wildly through the air in front of her.

“Oh, you’re right, sorry. I’m going to go in there, and fuck their brains out. Then I’m going to give them the best orgasm they’ve ever had. I’m going to make them scream my name.” A cocky smirk curled Slaine’s sinful lips.

Uriel’s jaw dropped open. She couldn’t even form a response to all those lewd things that Slaine had just said.

Slaine reached inside of Uriel’s gaping mouth, plucked out her gum and plopped it into his mouth. “Thanks, baby.” The vampire then strolled into the open kitchen, opened a cupboard, pulled out a bottle of wine, opened the bottle, grabbed four glasses, and headed back to his bedroom. He made a rude, suggestive gesture with his tongue at Uriel as he passed.

Uriel clenched her trembling hands into fists. She was shaking with rage. The nerve of that punk! And he stole my gum!

Slaine entered the bedroom and he shut the door behind him. Uriel just stood there staring at the door like an idiot. That’s when the noises started. First, it sounded like they were kissing since there were all these strange slurping and sucking noises.

“Oh Slaine.” “Oh, right there.” “Oh yes, yes.” “More.” The girls began to moan as Slaine pleasured them. The girls’ moans became louder and more insistent as the minutes passed.

“Ah!” One of the girls cried out and then the sound of the bed rocking could be heard as Slaine probably pounded into her. Uriel covered her ears with her hands as her face turned as red as a tomato. Oh my God! He’s really having sex with one of those girls in there! And the other girls…are watching!

“Oh yes, yes, yes! Slaine! I’m going to…! Slaine!” The girl cried out in ecstasy.

Uriel couldn’t bear to hear more. Her eyes prickled with hot tears. No! She didn’t care who Slaine fucked! She spun around on her armored heel and made her way back outside to the balcony. Remaining invisible, she summoned her wings and took off into the night sky.

She headed back ‘home’. Home was a penthouse apartment that she shared with her stern, overprotective brother Archangel Gabriel. A few minutes later, she landed on the balcony outside of their apartment, opened the sliding glass door, and stomped inside with thundering steps.

“Argh! I can’t believe him!” Uriel threw her arms up into the air in exasperation. “The nerve of that depraved freak! I can’t stand him!” She complained as she stalked through the living room.

Upon hearing his sister’s arrival, Gabriel swiftly exited his bedroom dressed in a black muscle shirt and matching sweatpants. He had a towel around his neck and had obviously been using the punching bag in his room. When Gabriel caught sight of his sister’s trembling form, and didn’t know that it was from rage and not fear he immediately grew concerned. “Uriel! What’s wrong?”

Uriel pouted at her brother. Archangel Gabriel was an incredibly handsome man with a warrior’s physique. He had the same snow-white hair as Uriel, but wore his short, and gelled into spikes. The tips of his white hair were blue. Gabriel also had the same icy-blue eye color as his sister. “It’s my ward…Slaine Morvyn. I just can’t stand him. He’s such a perverted freak!”

Alarm flashed in Gabriel’s ice-blue eyes and he strode over to his sister with lightning fast steps. He grabbed her shoulders in a firm grip and looked searchingly into her eyes. “What? Did he do anything perverted to you!”

“Well…” Uriel couldn’t help but recall how Slaine had reached out and grabbed her boob at the club.

Gabriel dropped his hands, and stepped back with a furious look on his face. “I’ll kill him!” He tossed his towel aside, and willed his battle armor to appear on his body. His armor consisted of a stainless steel breastplate, shoulder armor, gauntlets, and armored boots. The Archangel’s armor was covered in spikes for an extra menacing effect. The last thing to appear on his body was his broadsword, strapped to his waist by a thick leather belt. Gabriel unsheathed his sword and started for the balcony. He was out for blood.

Uriel was snapped out of her thoughts when she noticed her brother in full battle armor heading for the balcony. “Ah!” She ran over to her brother and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Stop! Brother! He didn’t do anything to me! I swear!” Uriel was being dragged across the floor. Her brother was like a tank on a warpath and there was no way to stop him. Uriel let out a defeated sigh. She had a card to play though. “Brother, I’m hungry.”

Gabriel stopped and glanced back at Uriel with a questioning look on his face. “You’re hungry?”

Uriel nodded and gave her brother her best puppy dog eyed look. Her big blue eyes were already naturally wide so when she did this it usually worked like a charm on her brother and got her anything she wanted.

Gabriel huffed resignedly and sheathed his sword. “I suppose Slaine Morvyn will have to wait. Dinner first.” He made his way towards the kitchen with purposeful steps.

Uriel let out a breath of relief. Safe.

“What would you like to eat?” Gabriel questioned.

“Meat,” said Uriel simply.

Gabriel chuckled. “Could you be a little more specific, sis?”

Uriel shrugged. “Hamburgers…maybe.”

“Hamburgers it is then.” Gabriel went to the fridge and began to get out all of the needed ingredients. “Why don’t you watch your favorite human movie while I make dinner. It always seems to cheer you up.”

“Good idea, brother.” Uriel strolled into the living room and walked over to the entertainment center. There was a row of DVDs and she selected her favorite movie: The Hunchback of Notre-Dame. The Disney version.

She popped the movie into the DVD player, grabbed the remote, and made herself comfortable on the white leather couch. Uriel turned the TV on, hit the play button, and the movie started. A smile formed on her face. She loved this movie. It had action, adventure and romance. The perfect combination.

The moral of the story that ‘true beauty lies within’ resonated deeply with Uriel. This was probably because the Hunchback reminded her of someone dear to her from long ago. Someone that she thought she might have been falling in love with before his untimely demise.

Uriel would always cry at the end of the movie because she was rooting for the Hunchback and his secret love, and was pretty sure Esmeralda had feelings for the Hunchback too. Even if she had ended up with Phoebus at the end.

Halfway through the movie Gabriel announced that dinner was ready. She paused the movie and made her way into the kitchen. She took a seat at the kitchen island and looked down at her plate. She began to salivate.

Gabriel sat down across from her and they both put their hands together before them to say grace. “Lord, thank you for the meal we are about to receive. And thank you for keeping my sister safe. Bless this meal. Amen.”

“Amen,” Uriel echoed quickly and then began to dig in. Her brother had prepared her hamburger just the way she liked it with everything on it. It had lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, pickles, onions and even bacon.

Gabriel smiled fondly at his sister as she began to pig out. His sister was so cute. The cutest thing on Earth, no, in the Universe. He loved to spoil and pamper her when he got the chance. “Guess what, Uriel.”

“What?” Uriel asked with a mouth full of food.

“I made chocolate cake for dessert,” Gabriel revealed smugly.

Uriel swallowed her enormous bite. “Have I told you recently how much I love you, brother?”

Gabriel flushed slightly and his chest puffed up with pride. Yes, he prided himself in being the best brother in the Universe.

After they finished their burgers Gabriel served the cake and they took their plates into the living room. This way they could enjoy their cake and watch the end of the movie at the same time for ‘maximum enjoyment’ as Uriel would say.

Gabriel was happy to oblige his sister and didn’t care if Uriel got crumbs all over the couch either. He’d clean up after her later.

As the siblings watched the rest of the movie and ate cake, Uriel snuggled into her brother’s side. He was always so cold - temperature wise. And she hoped that her own body heat would warm him up a little bit.

Her brother Gabriel could control the element of water and ice, but there were some drawbacks. Uriel was able to control the element of wind - not as fun. She’d always been a little envious of her brother being able to control the element of water since there was so much you could do with it.

If I had control over the element of water…Levi and I would have something in common. I’d be a part of his world. Gah! Why am I even thinking about him? Stupid merman. Uriel shook her head and concentrated on the sweet Hunchback on screen.

When the movie finished Uriel wiped a single tear from her eye and pressed the stop button. Immediately the local news came on. A blonde female news reporter was reporting live from Pier 39. “Hi, I’m Cristy Stevens, reporting live from Pier 39 where an evacuation order has just been issued. Five people have died tonight from a mysterious animal attack.”

Uriel and Gabriel shared a speaking look at the use of the phrase ‘animal attack’.

“The victims are all suffering from the same strange bite wounds on their necks…” Cristy continued in a dour tone.

Uriel’s heart skipped a beat. Vampires. This incident had obviously been a vampire attack. But surely Slaine had nothing to do with this. After all, he was currently having fun with his three vampire wannabes back at his apartment.

“The vampires are at it again.” Gabriel stood up and checked his sword. He began to head towards the balcony. “I’m going out.”

Uriel stood up next. “And I’m coming with you.”

Gabriel hesitated and gave Uriel a searching look. “Uriel, if Slaine is out there killing innocent people then I’m going to decapitate that son of a bitch.”

“If Slaine is behind this then I’ll kill him myself,” Uriel said firmly, even as her heart twisted inside of her chest at the thought of killing Slaine.

Gabriel looked pleased and nodded. “It’s times like this that make me so proud of you, Uriel. Come, let’s go.”

“Roger that, brother.”

Gabriel slid the sliding glass door open and the two Archangels stepped out onto the balcony. Gabriel closed the door behind them and the two angels summoned their wings. White feathery wings emerged from their backs and spread. With a flap of their wings they took off into the night sky. They were a formidable brother sister duo that was one to be reckoned with.

Gabriel and Uriel flew over the glittering city of San Francisco and headed directly for Pier 39 where the night’s attacks had taken place. They reached Pier 39 a few minutes later, and began to fly over the restaurants there.

That’s when Uriel spotted a lone figure bathed in moonlight, standing on the edge of a roof and peering down into a dark alleyway. The man was dressed in a white kimono with the pattern of red chrysanthemums on it, and a red obi sash belt was tied around his waist.

“Slaine?” Uriel quickly followed Slaine’s line of sight and spotted a man, woman and a small child between them. With cameras around their necks, backpacks, and baseball caps on their heads that read ‘Pier 39’ they appeared to be tourists.

Slaine’s glowing red eyes were tracking their movements intensely. He unsheathed his katana with one fluid motion and leapt off the roof.

“No!” Uriel cried out and flew towards the alleyway at top speed with her brother right behind her. The two Archangels arrived just in time to see Slaine land in the alleyway right in front of the family.

Slaine then turned his back to the family and stabbed his katana forward into the dark shadows of the alleyway.

A cry of pain rang out, and a man staggered out of the shadows. A man with glowing red eyes and gleaming white fangs. The vampire hissed at Slaine angrily, bearing his fangs, and lunged at Slaine with his claws raised.

Slaine showed the vampire no mercy and slashed his katana through the air and decapitated him. Blood splattered through the air and onto Slaine’s face and kimono. The vampire’s head fell to the ground and rolled towards the terrified family.

When the head stopped in front of the family and stared at them with its now lifeless eyes, the family screamed in terror.

Slaine shot them an impatient look over his shoulder. “What the hell are you people still doing here? Get the fuck out of here, idiots!” He snarled at them.

“It’s a monster!” The father screamed at Slaine’s face.

A flash of hurt crossed Slaine’s gaze before a cool mask of indifference fell over his face. He smiled at the family, showing his fangs. “That’s right. I’m a monster. Now get the fuck out of here if you don’t want to be next!”

The father took the hands of his wife and child, and they ran for their lives.

Slaine sighed. “About damned time…stupid humans.” He returned his attention to the shadows of the alleyway. A group of five vampires emerged, all with furious looks on their faces. All five vampires were dressed similarly with spiked silver collars around their necks, black T-shirts, leather pants, and biker boots. Due to their dyed hair, mohawks and piercings they looked like thugs.

Uriel saw that the vampires were closing in on Slaine and was about to fly down and help him when her brother put a hand on her shoulder, stopping her.

“We have to help him!” Uriel snapped at her brother.

“Wait,” Gabriel said while keeping his eyes on Slaine. “Just wait.”

Slaine looked the five vampires over and his lip curled back in a disgusted sneer. “And what the hell are you guys supposed to be…some kind of gang?”

“We are a gang!” One of the vampires immediately declared. “We are the Stray Dogs!” He puffed up his chest with pride.

Slaine raised an eyebrow at him. “The Stray Dogs Gang? Never heard of you. You must be small fries.” He proceeded to pick some wax out of his ear in a bored gesture and flicked it off into the air.

The vampire bristled. “We’re new! Our beloved boss just turned us and gave us the order to wreck havoc here at Pier 39.”

“Your boss? Who is he?” Slaine demanded.

The five vampires shared a conspiratorial look and then chuckled darkly. “We’re not telling you! We’re loyal only to the boss! We’re the boss’s loyal dogs! And you’re either with us…or against us! So what’s it gonna be, punk?”

“I rather eat shit than be a part of your stupid gang,” Slaine smiled viciously.

“Does that mean he won’t join us?” one vampire asked dumbly.

Another vampire was quick to hit him over the head. “Yeah, you fucking idiot! Just keep your mouth shut. You’re making us look bad.”

The vampire frowned and rubbed his head. “Sorry, dude. So what do we do now?”

“We kill him, duh.” The vampire rolled his eyes in exasperation.


The five vampires whipped out their weapons and began to close in. Two pulled out switchblades, one pulled out a long length of chain, one took out a crowbar, and the last whipped out a baseball bat.

Slaine raised an eyebrow at the hodgepodge of weapons. “What? No guns? What are you teenagers?” His lip curled back in a condescending sneer.

“Shut up, punk!” The vampire who appeared to be their team leader shouted loudly. “Get him!”

The vampire with the length of chain attacked first. He whipped the chain out towards Slaine’s head, but Slaine lithely dodged and charged forward. With a slash of his sword he decapitated the vampire.

Once again blood splattered through the air, and a head and body dropped to the ground. The first vampire Slaine had killed was already turning into dust and in a few minutes the vampire Slaine had just killed would also be nothing but a pile of dust too.

“Jim! No!” One of the vampires cried out in outrage and attacked Slaine with his switchblade. “You’ll pay for that, you bastard!” He stabbed his knife through the air.

Slaine blocked the knife with his sword. A loud clang filled the alleyway. The vampire’s eyes widened in surprise, probably surprised that Slaine could keep up with his new superhuman speed. The vampire didn’t give up though and continued to slash his knife at Slaine viciously.

Slaine humored him and blocked a few attacks with his katana. A few seconds later, he yawned widely. So goddamned slow.

A bat went swinging through the air, aiming for Slaine’s head. Slaine sensed the attack coming from behind and ducked.

The bat ended up smacking into the face of the vampire with the other switchblade, knocking his fangs out with the force of that tremendous blow.

Slaine straightened. “Man, you guys really are idiots.” He chuckled.

The vampire with the bat lowered it and began to apologize to his comrade. “Fuck, I’m so sorry, man. I didn’t mean to.”

“You fucking idiot!” the vampire roared, blood, teeth, and spit flying through the air. “Look at what you did to my face!”

“I think it’s an improvement,” Slaine drawled sardonically.

“What was that, asshole?” The toothless vampire lunged at Slaine with his knife raised.

Slaine dodged and the vampire stumbled past him, tripping over some of the garbage that was in the alleyway. Slaine spun around and decapitated the vampire from behind. More blood, and another body and head dropped to the ground.

“Hey, that wasn’t fair. He had his back turned,” the dumb vampire pointed out.

“Who said this was a fair fight?” An evil smirk curled Slaine’s lips.

“But aren’t you the protector of this city? The hero…Druid Vampire Hunter, Derek Dearg?” The vampire questioned confusedly with his brow furrowed.

A muscle beneath Slaine’s eye ticked in irritation at the mention of his rival and the vampire who’d married Rebecca Thorn.

“No. I’m not Derek Dearg,” Slaine said through gritted teeth. “My name is Slaine Morvyn. And I’m no hero. I’m just doing this for fun.”

“You bastard!” The vampire that was good with a knife attacked Slaine again while the vampire with the crowbar attacked from the opposite side.

Slaine blocked the knife attacks with his sword and then spun to gracefully parry the crowbar. The vampire with the bat just watched slack-jawed as Slaine effortlessly fought his two opponents.

Slaine was able to disarm the vampire with the crowbar and took that opportunity to take his head off. Slaine felt a sting in his back and reached behind him to pull out the knife the vampire had thrown at him. He tossed it aside casually.

Slaine spun around and glared at the vampire. “Was that supposed to hurt?” He sneered. “You idiot, you should have gone for my head. Something like that is nothing compared to the torture I once endured.” Slaine charged forward and swung his samurai sword through the air.

“No! Wait! Stop!” the vampire cried out and raised his hands in a surrendering gesture. “I’ll…be good! I promise! Please!”

Slaine mercilessly decapitated the vampire. “Well, I don’t believe you.” As the head and body dropped to the ground he approached the dummy with the bat.

The vampire dropped the bat and raised his hands up before him in surrender. “Please…don’t kill me.”

A wicked smile curled Slaine’s lips. “Today is your lucky day, dumbass. I’ve decided to let you live another day. I want you to go back to this boss of yours and tell him that this is my city and that he has to get through me first.” I can’t have any vampires that feed and kill prowling around the city that my beloved Becca lives in.

“But I thought Derek Dearg was the official ‘Hunter’ protecting this city?” Dummy said.

“Shut up.” Slaine swung his sword and his blade rested against the vampire’s throat.

“Shutting up now.”

“Tell your boss this is my turf. Got it?”

“Got it.”

Slaine smiled, whipped his sword through the air to remove the blood from its blade, and then gracefully sheathed his katana.

“Are you…a samurai?” the vampire asked with a note of awe in his voice.

Slaine chuckled. “No. I’m just a good for nothing vampire punk. Now, hurry up! Get going!” He clapped his hands.

“Right!” The vampire took off into the shadows.

Slaine shook his head. “It’s so hard to find good help these days.”

“Come, let us return home, sister,” Gabriel said with a slight smile on his face. “There’s nothing left for us to do here.”

“Alright, brother,” Uriel agreed. She was slightly stunned by what they had just witnessed. Slaine Morvyn had protected a human family and killed several of his own kind. He’d acted like a hero. Well, a slightly psychotic hero, but still…

“Perhaps there’s still hope for him yet, dear sister,” Gabriel grudgingly allowed.

“Yes.” Uriel smiled goofily. “There is definitely hope.”

To be continued in…Tattoo 2: Athame

Chapter 2: Athame

Contrary to popular belief Slaine Morvyn took his job as Manager of Iron Casket seriously. That’s why the following night at Iron Casket by the time Slaine was finally finishing up his paperwork it was already ten o’clock. Approving or disapproving booze and food orders took time.

Dracula had given him his own office space on the second floor that had an extra room attached to it that was a small bedroom with a private bathroom. Theoretically, this room was to be used in the event Slaine had to pull an all-nighter, grew tired, and would then have a place to sleep.

Or if Slaine pulled an all-nighter, lost track of time, and ended up getting stranded at the club during daylight hours. A scary thing for any vampire. But what Slaine ended up using that spare bedroom for was usually for a quickie and feed with a vampire wannabe girl.

Slaine never took the same girl to his bed though. He didn’t do the whole girlfriend-boyfriend thing. He was so over the illusion of love. Love was a joke. And he was tired of being the butt end of that joke.

Slaine cracked his neck from side to side and stretched his arms over his head. He needed a drink. He exited his office and made his way down the stairs into the club.

The club was already packed. More than a hundred punks, Goths, and wannabe vampires were dancing on the dance floor. The Goth metal was pumping from the club’s speakers (the only thing hooked up to electricity). The large wrought iron chandeliers filled with dozens of lit candles shed their flickering light upon the dancers.

Slaine strolled towards the bar and could feel several hungry eyes on him. The vampire smirked cockily. He knew he looked good. Heck, he always looked good.

That night he was wearing a black T-shirt with a rhinestone, gothic cross on it, red leather pants, biker boots, and his signature white leather trench coat with lots of straps and buckles. Sometimes the ladies needed something to hang onto.

As Slaine walked his trench coat billowed out behind him like a cape. He took a seat at the bar on one of the tall stools and ordered himself a drink. The Goth bartender set the drink down in front of Slaine a few minutes later.

Slaine picked up his drink and spun around on his stool so he could watch the people dancing. He took a sip of his Black Russian and ogled the scantily clad girls. He thought back to last night and couldn’t stop the leer that spread across his face. The fun, kinky times he’d had with those three vampire wannabe girls had been great.

He’d been a little disappointed to discover that his stalker, er, guardian angel Uriel had been long gone by the time the girls had fallen asleep and he’d exited the bedroom to see if she was still there. Er, to get a glass of water in the kitchen.

But no, she hadn’t stuck around. Prudish angel. His loud fucking had probably been too much for her delicate sensibilities.

Slaine found himself searching the crowd for a bob of curly white hair with punky blue highlights. Maybe Uriel had taken his advice and gotten herself some normal human clothes so that she could stalk, er, guard Slaine without having to be invisible. Yeah, right. He knew the chances of that were pretty slim.

There was a sudden commotion on the dance floor and the crowd seemed to be parting to let someone through. A beautiful woman, perhaps? However, the sound of people snickering and jeering reached Slaine’s sharp ears.

“Would you look at that?” “Who comes to a dance club dressed like that?” “Is she supposed to be a clown?” “Wow. That’s a fashion emergency if I ever saw one.” “People like her shouldn’t come to places like this.” “Yeah, she doesn’t belong here.” “Leave!” “Get out of here!” “Freak!” Random people on the dance floor were making insulting exclamations at whoever was walking through the crowd.

The crowd parted enough for Slaine to see the person everyone was talking about and his eyes widened in alarm. Oh shit.

It was Uriel.

And she was dressed like a…clown?

Uriel had on an extremely large amount of makeup. Her face was completely overdone with too much purple eye shadow, bright red lipstick, and red rouge on her cheeks. The rouge looked like two red circles had been painted on her cheeks.

And what the hell was she wearing!

Uriel was dressed in a tacky, sky-blue dress with puffed sleeves and a full, belled skirt. The dress was made out of a cheap, blue stain material. It would have almost been pretty, but a dress like that was completely out of place at a Goth club like this where most of the girls were dressed in short tube dresses or booty shorts.

Uriel, on the other hand, looked like she was going to prom, or going to get married at a trashy chapel in Las Vegas, or go to a Gypsy wedding.

The angel was frowning as she looked around her and realized that everyone was staring at her while pointing, laughing, and insulting her. She was about to turn around and flee the club when suddenly her eyes met with Slaine’s.

Ice blue clashed with ruby red.

Uriel’s face flamed with humiliation. She spun around and began to flee, but ended up tripping in the four-inch high heels that she wasn’t used to wearing. Uriel fell flat on her face on the floor. How embarrassing. She wished the floor would just open up and swallow her whole.

A female vampire wannabe who was holding a glass of red wine stalked over towards Uriel’s fallen form and emptied her wine glass over Uriel’s head and onto her dress. “Oops. I’m sorry. I thought you were a trashcan!” The girl sneered loudly, an evil smile on her face. Several people laughed in response.

Uriel felt tears burning her eyes. Sometimes humans could truly be so cruel.

But then a gasp rose up from the crowd and Uriel felt something being draped over her head and body.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, you ugly bitch?” an angry snarl reached her ears.

Uriel’s eyes widened at that familiar deep voice. It was Slaine! Uriel looked up and was surprised to see Slaine Morvyn standing protectively in front of her. At first Uriel thought Slaine was talking to her, but then she saw that his gaze was on the woman who’d insulted her.

“Excuse me?” the vamp girl said, her tone incredulous. “Did you just call me ugly?”

“I call it how I see it.” He started to look her over from head to toe. “Fake teeth, fake tits, dyed hair. Wow. Your natural self must be truly hideous, huh?” Slaine’s lip curled in a sneer. “You’re just jealous that my friend Uriel looks prettier than you…even in that hideous dress. And her boobs are real. FYI.”

The vamp girl was clenching her hands angrily into fists at her side. She let out a hysterical squeal. “Ugh! How dare you! Just who do you think you are! I want to talk to the manager…I’m going to get you fired, buddy.” She flipped her hair over her shoulder.

“I’m Slaine Morvyn - the manager of this club.” Slaine stared down his nose at the girl in a condescending manner. “And you are hereby banned from this club. We don’t need ugly bitches coming here. It’ll scare off our male clientele.”

“The manager? I can’t believe you’re protecting that fashion emergency!” The vamp girl pointed her trembling finger at Uriel indignantly.

Two bouncers grabbed the girl’s arms and began to literally carry her out of the club.

“Let go of me!” the girl screeched, incensed. “Unhand me at once! Argh! You’ll hear from my lawyer about this!”

Slaine spun around, dropped to one knee in front of Uriel in a very prince-like manner, and held his hand out to her. “Milady.”

Uriel looked up at Slaine, put her hand in his, and allowed him to help her up. There was red wine all over her dress. Slaine clucked his tongue at the sorry sight. “Your dress is ruined.”

“I don’t care…it’s ugly anyways. Apparently, I have no taste in human clothes. I was better off being invisible. In fact, I think I’ll go back to being invisible.” Uriel began to turn invisible beneath Slaine’s coat.

“Ah! Don’t do that here. Come on.” Slaine swiftly began to escort her across the dance floor and to the side exit. Slaine pulled Uriel out into the alleyway and closed the door behind them. Uriel was silent. Slaine walked around to her front and crouched down to peer up at her face. She was already completely invisible again. Shit. “Uriel.”

“Here.” Uriel removed Slaine’s trench coat and returned it to him. “I no longer need it. I should have known better. I’ll never be a beautiful, feminine woman. I’m an Archangel. A warrior for God. Nothing more.”

“Uriel, I…”

“I’m sorry, Slaine, but…I really can’t handle your teasing right now. I…I need to be alone for a while.” Uriel’s voice was close to breaking. “Try to stay out of trouble for one night. Goodbye.”

“Uriel, wait!” There was a rush of wind and the sound of flapping wings. Slaine was left feeling strangely empty without her presence. “I wasn’t going to tease you,” the vampire said to the empty alleyway. In fact, he’d been about to tell Uriel that she looked ‘cute’. Completely out of place inside of a Goth nightclub, but still cute. Even with her overdone makeup.

Slaine kicked a beer can and sent it flying out of frustration. “Goddamn it.” Because of him Uriel had been hurt. Sure, he enjoyed teasing Uriel, but he never truly wanted to hurt her.

After all, he owed his life to her. He was alive thanks to Archangel Uriel. And Slaine always repaid his debts.

Slaine reentered the club and headed back over to the bar. He needed another drink. The bartender made him another Black Russian and Slaine spun around on his stool to watch the people dancing once more.

A few people raised their drinks in Slaine’s direction and he nodded. He flushed, feeling odd. He wasn’t used to being the hero.

Even as he tried to find the night’s conquest, his thoughts continued to stray to Archangel Uriel. She was an enigma. He couldn’t quite figure her out. At first, he’d been sure she had a crush on him because she’d gone out of her way to save his life. But now it was obvious she didn’t like him. And even if she did like him…he wasn’t the right man for her. Uriel was pure, innocent…

And he was trash. A druggie, a playboy, and a drunk.

He was a disaster. A mess.

Uriel…deserved better.

At that moment, there was another commotion among the crowd. What now? Slaine wondered as he watched the crowd parting in much the same way they had for Uriel.

But this time the crowd was parting out of reverence and awe - not disgust.

“Wow. Look at her.” “She can’t be human.” “She’s a goddess.” “She’s…perfect.” “Hey, babe, marry me!” “No, marry me!” “So beautiful!” The crowd parted in front of Slaine so he could see the woman everyone was gawking at.

She was absolutely stunning. The woman had long, shiny black hair that had been artfully styled into a side braid. The braid dangled over her right shoulder. A few locks of hair were loose and framed her face. She had otherworldly bi-colored eyes. Her right eye was a sapphire blue and her left eye was a ruby red. Colored contacts? Slaine wondered. It was not unusual for club patrons to wear oddly colored contact lenses.

The woman was wearing a short, slinky, sapphire-blue dress, and thigh-high black leather boots. There was a black velvet chocker around her neck with a single ruby dangling from it. The dress was low-cut and showed off her ample cleavage. Wowzers.

The woman seemed to be looking around the club for someone. Lucky bastard. Slaine sneered jealously in his mind. At that moment, their eyes met.

The mysterious woman smiled, revealing her fake fangs. She started to approach Slaine with purposeful steps, swaying her hips.

Slaine frowned and looked at both of the seats next to him in case he was mistaken that she was approaching him. He didn’t want to make himself look like an idiot by waving to her or something when it turned out she was going over to some other dude.

But there wasn’t anybody seated in his vicinity. Slaine’s white eyebrows rose as the stunner continued to approach him. She was a perfect ten.

The woman stopped right in front of Slaine, and smiled seductively at him. “Good evening, handsome. Would you like to dance?”

Slaine frowned. He didn’t like being called ‘handsome’. He has his reasons. But how could he turn down the opportunity to dance with such a stunner? She was even a vampire wannabe by the looks of things.

Score! Slaine smiled charmingly in return. “How could I refuse a request from someone so lovely?” The vampire slid off his stool, took the woman’s hand, and guided her out to the dance floor.

The crowd parted for them as if they were a king and queen, and it irked Slaine a little as he remembered what had happened to poor Uriel earlier. Human beings were incredibly superficial. True beauty lay within? Bullshit.

“Is something wrong?” the woman questioned perceptively, sensing Slaine’s unease.

Slaine shook himself from his dark thoughts and turned his attention back to the beauty in front of him. “No, sorry, baby. I guess I have a lot on my mind tonight.”

“Don’t think about work. Try and enjoy yourself. Life is short,” the woman purred in her silky voice. She had a strange accent. One Slaine couldn’t quite place.

The woman had a point and Slaine tried to clear his mind. “So what’s your name, beautiful?” Slaine asked as they began to dance to the Goth metal music.

“It’s Ruby. And what’s your name?” Ruby purred.

“Slaine Morvyn.”

Ruby was a pleasure to watch dancing. She was very good. A little toss of her head from side to side. A bounce of her breasts. She ran her hands up and down her sides in a sensual manner. These little moves kept Slaine’s eyes riveted to her.

They started to dance closer and closer until Ruby spun around and began to dance with her back to Slaine. She bent her legs and slowly slid back up Slaine’s body. Slaine liked that teasing move.

Ruby boldly pressed herself against Slaine so that her ass was pressing against his crotch. Slaine put his hands on her hips as they began to sway and move to the music together. His crotch was rubbing against her ass and he could feel himself harden in his red leather pants.

He began to rub his erection against her ass unable to help himself. Ruby had to feel his hard-on, but she didn’t seem to mind. In fact, it looked like she was reveling in the way she was making Slaine feel and the effect she was having over him.

Ruby spun around and danced closely to Slaine. They began to grind their bodies lustily together. Their faces were getting closer and closer until they were only an inch apart. They were so in sync that they closed their eyes at the same time and leaned in for a kiss.

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