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The Carrero Effect

Book One of The Carrero Trilogy.


Book one in The Carrero Trilogy

  • Book 1 – The Carrero Effect.

  • Book 2 -The Carrero Influence.

  • Book 3 – The Carrero Solution.

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Chapter 1

I slowly smooth my hands down my pencil skirt and tailored grey jacket before touching up my dark lipstick in the hall mirror with a look of resignation. My eyes scan and check my tawny hair is neat and sleek in its high bun and I appraise my reflection with scrutiny again to make sure it’s precise. I sigh once more and take a steadying breath to try and feel ready.

I'll do!

I look as good as I know I'm capable of and I'm mildly satisfied with what I see before me, a cool efficient image of cold poise and grey tailoring that exudes authority. I narrow my eyes to look for any flaws to my immaculate armour, any stray hairs or specks of dust or creased fabric and see nothing.

I've never been a lover of my own reflection with my young appearance, cool blue eyes and pouting lips, but nothing is out of place at all and I look right for my new role as personal assistant to my very high profile boss. Professional and capable on the outside which I guess is what matters, calm and uncompromising with every detail in place and clothes flawlessly neat.

I slide on my stilettos gracefully with a slow careful motion, keeping my balance with one hand on the wall and hear the movement from the room at my back, glancing up at the mirror in response.

'Morning Em's...God, you look efficient as always.' Sarah stifles a yawn as she wanders from her room and rubs her eyes with the back of her fist in a very young manner as I watch her in the reflection behind me. It’s unusual for her to be up this early on her day off, Sarah has never been a lover of mornings for as long as I have known her.

She's wearing her baggy pink housecoat, messy bleached blonde short hair sticking up at all angles from her head, casually loveable as always and I feel a warm affection for that bundle of happy energy. Her bright blue eyes are heavy with early morning fatigue and she's watching me closely with a silly smile on her face. A little too closely for my liking.

'Good morning Sarah.' I smile lightly, I try to ignore the way she’s looking at me and straighten up to stand tall. I turn, lifting my briefcase deliberately from the floor in front of me and head forward into our open plan apartment, always conscious of my grace and mannerisms under scrutiny even in front of her and push out the sense of tightness in my nerves today.

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