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How to Play the Game: My Rookie Mistake (Part 5)
By DK Fire

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Learning a new skill

I arrive at the office in a great spirit. I grab my coffee from the shop downstairs and take the first sip while I wait for the elevator to arrive. After only a few seconds I’m bathing in the kick of caffeine. I’m ready to conquer the world, and mainly Amelie. I’m so nervous about our date tonight; I have no clue what she prepared for me. Thinking about our kiss yesterday makes me smile, she’s full of fire, our chemistry is inevitable, definitely a lot of sparks, I would even say fireworks between us. If kissing feels so amazing, I can only imagine how good sex is going to feel. My face stretches into a big smile, and I take another sip of my coffee.

“Hey, there stranger” no way, not her. Her moaning sounds so much better than her voice.

Good morning Lindsay” I hold the elevator door open for her and wait for her to get in. For God’s Sake, hurry up already! I have a meeting to attend. I kind of wish there would be someone else with us in the elevator, so I won’t have to talk to her. If only I could have been that lucky.

“So how was the rest of your weekend?” she looks at me, and I wonder how much tighter can her dress be. Her tits are literally popping out, and I’m not sure if she realizes her outfit is a bit inappropriate. But then again, who cares, at least all the horny old partners will have something to look at.

“The rest of the weekend was good” short answer, and we still have ten floors to go.

“My weekend was good as well” Lindsay responds to the question that I never asked. “Carla left for her trip and won’t be back for another three weeks, so I have the apartment all to myself” she smiles, and I’m disappointed. Her and Carla come as a package, without Carla, Lindsay is my last priority.

“Maybe you can come over tonight?” Lindsay asks while exiting the elevator.

“Sorry, I’m busy tonight, but maybe next time?” By next time I mean when Carla is back, and we can have another wild threesome night.

I’m trying to rush through my work as quick as possible. I don’t want to be trapped here longer than I should. I have a very important commitment with Amelie tonight.

“Hey dude, how’s it going?” I answer my cell phone while eating my lunch at the desk.

“Not bad, and you? Still on for tomorrow?” Nick asks, and I almost drop a piece of sandwich onto my keyboard.

“Yeah for sure. Can’t wait for the chicken wings.”

So how was your weekend? I heard you got wasted on Saturday night.”

“Yeah, I did.”

“How did it go with that new girl from work?”

Oh my God! Do I have a story to tell you guys?” I cover my mouth with my hand and almost whisper “I had a thre...umm...three-way call...yeah I need to set up a three-way call” I say as I look at Fiona who’s standing beside me.“Will talk later” I hang up the phone and smile at Fiona.

You had a three-way call?” Fiona raises her eyebrow.

Yeah, for work?” I state flirtatiously and thinking Fiona would be a great addition to our fun threesome.

“Anyway, have you looked at your email? We have a briefing that I need you to attend.”

“With pleasure” I smile.


I pick up a bouquet of white roses for Amelie and wait patiently outside of the Tea House. I’m praying that we won’t be going to the homeless shelter tonight.

As soon as I spot Amelie approaching my car, I smile. I want to hide it away, but the more time I spend with her, the harder it gets. I get out of the car and walk toward her, imagining how excited she will be when I give her the flowers. But she quickly dissolves my fantasy, when she looks at me as if I just gave her a paper bag full of shit.

“Thanks, I prefer red ones” unenthusiastically she takes the flowers. Obviously, no matter what I do won’t be good enough for her.

“This is a bit rude. A complete lack of gratitude” I growl. I have to admit I’m a bit hurt.

“What? I'm just honest” Amelie says and waits for me to open the car door. “Come on, I’m sorry” she smiles and falls into my arms. How am I supposed to stay mad now? I hold her tight and kiss her forehead, at least she’s not wearing her stupid baseball hat.

“Let’s roll” she smiles and releases my body.

“So where are we going?” I ask nervously.

“We are going to my place,” she says, and I’m ready to clap my hands. I can’t believe how easy it was for me to win the bet. I’m tempted to text Nick and ask him to bring my $500 tomorrow night.

Sure thing” I show off my white teeth. Thank god I brushed them before leaving the office.

She gives me the directions to the sketchy neighborhood which I’ve heard of, but never actually been to. It’s the neighborhood where you see peeling paint on houses and messy yards with dead grass. Amelie is brave for choosing to live here; it doesn’t look like a safe area.

I pull up in front of the old run down apartment building, and Amelie invites me to come up. I’m feeling edgy; finally, I’ll get to taste her.

“Keith is not home yet; he’s working at the auto shop until 9.”

That’s plenty of time for us baby; I promise you will enjoy it.

Amelie opens the door to her premises, and I can’t wait to get inside and start kissing her.

To my surprise, her apartment is not set up for sex or foreplay. The furniture in the living room is cramped together in the middle and is covered by plastic, which makes it look like a crime scene from one of the Dexter episodes. There are two buckets of paint and brushes nestled in the corner.

You’regonna help me paint the living room” Amelie takes off her hoodie, walks to the kitchen, and places the roses inside the vase. And I’m thinking of the proper excuse to make my run. It’s either that, or I tell her I hate her.

“I can’t paint, if you haven’t noticed, I’m wearing a suit” I mumble and head to the hallway to put my shoes back on.

“Don’t go” she stops me and locks my face in her palms. Her touch is soft, and my dick is hard. I lean over and touch her lips with mine, that’s all I can handle right now if I start penetrating her with my tongue I might not be able to control myself.

Fine” I smile and walk back to the living room. “Since I can’t paint in my suit can I take off my clothes and show you my perfect body?”

“I didn’t know there is a mirror behind me,” Amelie says.

“What do you mean?” I frown

“Because it seems that you are talking to yourself” Amelie laughs.

“Oh whatever, not my fault, I’m perfect” I tilt my head to the side and show off my awesome jaw line.

“Jeez...alright then” Amelie rolls her eyes and throws a shirt and jeans at me.

“What’s that?”

“It’s Keith’s old clothes; you can wear it.”

“I don’t want to wear his clothes.”

“Well, I don’t want you to be naked, painting.”

“Why not?” I inch towards her.

“Because it’s stupid” Amelie bites her upper lip. “Besides, God forbid you get paint on your perfect skin, it’s gonna be a real tragedy” she smiles and dimples form on her face.

She just loves to make fun of me.

“Fine, I’ll change” I give her my devilish smile and start to take off my jacket and my dress shirt. With the corners of my eyes, I catch Amelie’s stare. Damn, I wish I could put on “Pony” by Ginuwine and start stripping for her.

“Can you hurry up?” Amelie interrupts my sexy routine, and I slam my nut suck into my trophy cabinet and quickly put on the ugly old jeans and the t-shirt.

“How do I look?” I ask her.

“Like a loser...ok, let’s start” she hands me in the brush and opens the bucket of paint.

“Have you painted before?”


Amelie looks around and asks,

“Is there someone else here?” seems to me that my stupidity is getting to her.

“No, I never painted before” I look down.


“Yeah, I bought my condo new and my parents always hired contractors to renovate our house.”

“Must be nice to have the money” Amelie needles.

“Yeah, it’s not bad” I respond and try to pay attention to Amelie’s movements.

“Ok, so, just watch me” her hands and arms move fast, and I can’t get the hang of it, so I come up with the great idea.

“I’ll tell you what Amelie, how about you and I go for dinner tonight, and tomorrow, I’ll hire you the contractors that will finish this in no time.”

“No way! Come on, don’t be a pussy, this is not rocket science. Just dunk the brush into the paint, and then move it up and down against the wall”

I sigh. I would prefer if you move up and down on my dick.

“See...it’s not that hard” Amelie paints a good chunk of the wall while I’m still standing like a retard without knowing what to do. Clumsily I mark two lines on the wall. Why does her side of the wall look so smooth?

“Oh, look at you! You’re doing great” Amelie lies

“Whatever” I grunt, sometimes I hate her.

“So is it just you and Keith that live here?” I try to distract her with the question, so she stops judging my lousy work.

“Yeah, just us” she skillfully moves the brush across the wall.

“Where is your mom?”

Oh, who knows? She comes and goes; she’s got a substance abuse problem, so…” Amelie sighs, and I’m a bit stunned how casually she talks about it.

“No family is perfect, I guess. So what happened between you and your dad?” she changes the topic.

I’m not sure if it’s fair for me to complain about my life when Amelie had it really rough.

“Long story,” I say and stare at the perfect patch that I just painted. I’m getting good at that.

“We have time” she smiles.

I’m reluctant to talk about my family, and especially my dad. I never opened up to anyone about it.

“Well, my story is not as dramatic as yours. You might think, I’m a rich kid that needs something to complain about…” I clear my throat.

“Not at all. I like listening to you” her eyes sparkle, and I want to hold her.

“In a nutshell, we just don’t get along. We have different views on things. He’s got this successful construction company which I should be working at, but I decided to do my own thing, so I went to Law School.”

“You are a lawyer; I think that’s pretty good.”

“Yeah, thanks. Not good enough for dad though. He comes from nothing, and he achieved a lot. And by my age, he had a successful company and blah blah. So he considers me dead weight.”

“That’s not nice.”

“Whatever” I gesture with my hand and tilt my head to the right admiring my paint job.

“You’re doing great” Amelie smiles, catching my narcissistic look.

I think so. I’m a quick learner.”

Next time you can help paint the bedroom.”

“Yes, please” I laugh.

In a short hour and a half, Amelie’s living room is done. She turned this boring task into a fun activity. Perhaps, I should invite her over, and we can paint my living room.

“Keith will be here soon.”

“I thought he doesn’t finish till nine. We still have time” I don’t know why I’m saying that.

“Yeah, I suppose. You should clean up; you can take a shower if you want.”

Can we maybe take a shower together?

“Right...Ok” why am I acting so awkward? Fucking annoying!

When I come out of the shower, I’m wearing a towel around my waist, and I’m praying that Keith is not going to magically appear and break my nose.

Where are your clothes?” she asks and drifts her eyes to the big spot on her t-shirt.

Aw...it’s right here” I point at my business attire

“No shirt eh?” she smirks, and the wave of excitement runs through my body

“Just like the first day, we’ve met” she continues.

Oh, I remember, when I drove my car to the auto shop, and she was there. I almost kissed her and then she slapped me.

“Right” I smile and grab my shirt. I want to make a move, but something is stopping me, I don’t know what it is. I don’t want to scare her. I put on my pants, and as I start to button my shirt up, she comes behind me, wraps her arms around my waist and places her cold, cute hands on my chest.

“Thanks for your help” she whispers.

You are welcome” I cover her hands with mine and take a deep breath. I’m dying to kiss her. I turn to her, press my hand against her cheek and feel her skin. I lean over and connect our lips. My lips are firm against hers, but the kiss remains soft, gentle and slow. We hold it for a few seconds before our lips and tongues begin to move in a perfect sync. I exhale through my nose, not wanting to let go. My entire body is taken over by the overwhelming feeling of panic and lust. I move my hand from her cheek to the back of her head, my fingers tangling in her long, dark red hair. I lightly pull her into me, adding more pressure to our lips, deepening our kiss. Her body trembles, I know it’s hard for her to control herself, she’s melting in my arms. I move my hand to her waist, and her shirt lifts up a little, giving me the opportunity to touch her bare waist. The smell of her perfect skin is clouding my mind. I’m fighting the urge to not move my hands further up closer to her chest. I want to feel more of her body. She boils my insides; she increases my desire for her with every kiss.

We finally pull apart, both of us still breathing heavily, drunk of our passion.

“You should leave soon” she murmurs, looking down, she’s afraid to look up knowing that I might lock her lips again.

“You want me to go?” I press my lips against her forehead, not letting her go.

“Keith will be back soon, and I still need to take a shower, I probably smell” she pulls away. “ I hope I didn’t leave any paint marks on you” she examines my shirt, and I genuinely don’t give a shit if she did. She can take all my clothes and tear it apart as long as we stay here and kiss.

“Why does Keith hate me so much?” I look into her eyes.

Because you made me cry” she brushes off my hands and walks to the kitchen.

“I better clean up here” she looks at the flowers that I gave her.

“When am I gonna see you again?” I ask and put on my jacket.

“I don’t know” she shakes her shoulders.

“Are you working at your coffee shop tomorrow?” I ask

“Yeah, from 1 to 9” she sighs

We can see each other after you finish work.”

I can’t believe I just said that. I’m committing an ultimate crime; I’m giving up my bros for Amelie.

“Might be a bit late” she yawns. “How about Wednesday lunch? I’m off Wednesday” she smiles.

Sounds good. I’ll pick you up at eleven thirty then?” I’m sure I can take longer than an hour for my lunch. This should be interesting. “But just to warn you, I only have an hour for lunch.”

“Why are you telling me that?”

“So we don’t drive to a homeless shelter or paint someone’s bathroom,” I say, and it makes her laugh.


I put on my shoes and linger a little in a hallway, hoping for a kiss or a hand job, but all I get is a smooch on a cheek and a goodbye wave. I can’t believe that’s all I got for 2 hours of my time if it were work I would have billed her for $400.

Three more weeks left before the bet is over, and I’m nowhere near Amelie’s pants, well at least she kisses me voluntarily. Wonder why she’s so reserved? I thought it would be way easier. I let a heavy sigh out and start the car.

Chicken Wings

Tuesday is the game night, and the bar is overcrowded. Thankfully, Sean and Nick got us a table.

“Hey, boys” I drop my hungry body on the chair. “I’m only twenty minutes late this time?” I take off my jacket and roll up my sleeves.

“Yeah, whatever” Sean grumbles. “Busy jerking off or what?”

“What looks good?”

“Why are you even looking at the menu, when we all know what you’re gonna order.”

“Yeah, who am I kidding? Tequila Lime and Dill Pickle”

“The waitress is cute” Sean stares at the server’s tits while she’s serving the table next to us. I lack the energy to pick up, so I let Sean go for it.

“Ugh…” I shift my eyes onto the menu.

“Busy day?” Nick asks.

“Busy weekend” I grin and remember all my adventures.

“Hey, did you bone that 18 years old yet?” Sean asks, and for some reason, I want to punch his face.

“Not yet,” I say through my teeth. “But I had a threesome.”

WHAT? The three-way call was your way of telling me you had a threesome?” Nick laughs.

“Well...Fiona was standing right in front of me, so had to use “code” words””

“No freaking way, who did you have a threesome with?” Sean asks.

“That girl from work and her roommate.”

Wow...impressive...did she orangutan, you guys?” Nick asks

“What the fuck does that mean?” I ask confused.

“You know, it’s when a chick is on her knees with her arms bent and forearms facing forward with a dick in each hand” Nick bursts out laughing.

“Oh fuck off man! That’s fucking gross! Her roommate is a girl…”

“That’s hot. How was it?” Sean asks and I know he’s dying from jealousy, he’s just not as good as me when it comes to picking up women.

“Nothing special really…” I abruptly stop talking and fighting the corners of my lips from lifting up. “Oh fuck, who am I kidding, it was fucking fantastic” one side of my lip tugs upwards creating a sinister smirk as I remember my wild night with the two women.

“So proud of you” Nick taps me on a shoulder.

“My duty, my pleasure.”

“So what’s happening to the teenage girl?” Sean asks as if reminding me that there is one girl out there that is not giving in into my charms.

“Nothing is happening” I grumble and take a sip of my beer, desperately waiting for the chicken wings to arrive.

“I warned you man that she might not be as easy as you think” Nick states the obvious. “Did you guys go on a date or anything?”

Why do I have to give him those details?

“Sort of…” I sigh. “Well...I saw her couple of times” I look up at the ceiling.

“And? What did you guys do?” Sean needs to get his nose into my business.

“We donated clothes for the homeless shelter.”

“What the fuck dude?”

“What? I can’t do something nice for once?”

“Alright...jeez...don’t be so defensive!” Nick tries to calm me down. “Well...did you guys do anything else?”

She made me volunteer to serve lunch at the homeless shelter the other day.”

My last disclosure almost makes Nick and Sean choke on their drinks. They don’t say anything, but I know exactly what they’re thinking–it all sounds so lame.

“Hmm...so you only saw her twice?”

“I saw her last night. I was over at her place” I smile remembering our passionate kiss. Damn, she’s such a good kisser.

“Now we are talking...so…” both Sean and Nick look at me as if I’m about to tell them who killed Kennedy.

“So, nothing.”

“Did you guys do it?”

“No, we didn’t,” I tell the truth. “We painted”

“Painted what? Your dick?” Nick laughs at his stupid joke “Or did you paint her like that girl from Titanic…” he keeps throwing dumb jokes my way.

I can’t help but laugh.

“No, we painted her living room.”

Did she give you a blowjob for that?”

I wish…

“No, we just made out” I can’t believe how immature that sounds, even back in high school I got more action.

“You’re telling me that after volunteering and doing all that crap for her, all she gave you is a smooch...Man, you are a champion!” Sean needles.

“Whatever…” I’m getting upset now. “We have a good time together; I’m still trying to figure her out. I can’t just stick my dick inside her.”

“Why not?”

“Because I need to get to know her. She’s very cute” thoughts of Amelie warm my heart.

“If we didn’t have a bet, I would think that you’re falling for this girl” Nick comes up with a terrifying conclusion, and it’s hard for me to swallow.

“Yeah, I think so too” Sean agrees. “But I gotta tell you, man; she’s totally friend zoned you.”

And that’s when my heart drops and my testicles disappear inside my asshole.

No freaking way” I’m furious. This can’t be! I can’t be in the fucking friend zone. I rather shoot myself.

Dude, I gotta agree with Sean on this. She seems to be using you for her whims, and she ain’t giving you anything in return. So welcome to the club” Nick grabs my shoulder and gives me a weak smile. Both Sean and Nick are experienced in the friend zone department, unlike me.

“No, I don’t think I am” I doubt myself.

“Well, when are you seeing her next?” Nick asks genuinely wanting to help with my dilemma.

“Tomorrow, for lunch” I almost bite my tongue. Lunch, of course, that’s what fucking friends do.

“Lunch eh? Can you move it to dinner?”

“No, I can’t. She’s working” I cover my mouth with my hand and stare at my chicken wings. I’ve lost my appetite.

Hey, cheer up man, you still have three weeks to go,” Nick says and takes a bite off his burger. I suppose he’s right; I can’t believe I’m falling into the friend zone.

It sucks, it feels like someone has punched me in the stomach. I think my game is over. May be I should take a step back and run away as fast as I can.

I check my phone in a hope to get a message from Amelie; instead, I get bombarded with the texts from Britney and Tiffany, which makes me roll my eyes.

Sean and Nick change the topic and start talking about cars. I force myself to eat a couple of wings hoping that it will somehow fill up the vacuum in my gut.

“Hey did you hear that?”


“Supposebly Nick is buying a new car.”

“Good for him...also it’s ‘supposedly’.””.


“There is no such word as supposebly; there is no “B” in the word”

“Whatever” Sean grumbles and I’m getting agitated, so I excuse myself to the bathroom.

I splash cold water on my face. Amelie is just playing with me. Who would have thought that an eighteen-year-old could be so smart?

When I return, we have visitors at our table–our mutual friend Vincent and his girlfriend Patricia. They are a great couple; their craziness seems to match well.

“Oh hey, guys!” I say and try to squeeze another chair at the table.

“Sorry, did I take your seat?” Vince asks.

Obviously, you did, but that’s ok, I still like you.

“No worries. What are you guys doing here?” I ask and seat next to Vince.

“It’s a date night, but Patricia wanted to watch the game. So instead of having an intimate dinner, we’re cramped together with you lovely people” Vince says with disappointment.

“Stop being a pussy. I want to watch the game. Thank God we run into you guys; there are like no tables left here.”

“They do have best chicken wings,” I say and look at my full plate.

Nick and I went to high school together with Vincent. He was the smart kid, always helping us out. I like his sense of humor. He’s been dating Patricia for three years now, and we all think they are heading towards marriage.

“So what have you guys been up to? Any new adventures for you Justin?” Vince asks with the smirk.

“Nah...not really…” don’t want to talk about it anymore.

“Oh come on Justin, don’t be shy” Sean needles.

Oh fuck off” I mumble. “Whatever...I think I’m in the friend zone.”

“What? No way!” Vincent opens his eyes wide which makes him look Caucasian.

“Yeah, can you imagine?”

“Who’s the girl?” Patricia takes a break from her food and gives me full attention.

“It doesn’t matter. You guys don’t know her. She’s just a girl I bumped into...so.”

“Is she blonde?” Patricia asks, and I wonder how it is relevant.

“No. Dark Red.” I think of Amelie’s soft long hair.

“That’s hot” Patricia nods.

“Whatever. You also think Asians with small dicks are hot, so your opinion doesn’t matter” Vincent is sarcastic

“Wow, that’s rude” Patricia crosses her arms.

“That’s fucking racist” I look at Vincent.

“Oh whatever, it’s true though. I can say that; I’m fucking Asian if you haven’t noticed.”

“Yes, we know…” Nick rolls his eyes.

“Great talk guys” I give them thumbs up.

“Ha...sorry...are you sure you are in the friend zone though? Maybe she’s just shy? Not every girl is a whore and has to jump into your bed on a first date” Patricia says.

I guess I haven’t thought that.

“Perhaps. We make out a lot” I try to think of something positive.

“See… I don’t think you are in the friend zone unless she started telling you about her boyfriend” Patricia clarifies and I’m sort of glad to get girl’s outlook on this situation. Of course, I’ll keep our bet with the boys a secret; I’m pretty sure Patricia won’t approve of that.

Maybe Patricia is right, and Amelie has her boundaries, she makes guys work for it, is she a cock tease? What am I supposed to do? She keeps turning me down when I ask her for dinner. I think I’ve got an idea in mind and if it doesn’t work out, then I will accept my defeat.

Friendly Lunch

Amelie is waiting for me outside the apartment building. To my surprise, she changed her outfit a little. She’s still wearing an oversized hoodie, but this time her jeans look tighter, her hair is pulled back in a messy ponytail. Nice. Natural.

I get out of the car to greet her. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to buy her flowers. I need to make sure I get her red roses next time.

“Hi!” She smiles wraps her arms around me. Is that a friend’s hug?

“Meelie” I call her and kiss her forehead “Sorry I’m late.”

“No worries. I’ve only waited for 45 minutes.”

“Seriously?” I ask terrified.

“I’m kidding, I was only waiting for a few minutes” She smiles and pulls away. No kiss. Obviously, we’re just friends. Sick of this high school. She walks ahead, and I can’t help but check out her perfect shaped butt. The excessive amount of saliva appears in my mouth, and I hope I’m not drooling like a dog.

“Where do you wanna go?” I smile and watch her put on a seat belt

“I feel like Pho.”


“Yeah Vietnamese soup.”

“I know what it is. Are you sure you want that? We can go somewhere nicer” she’s definitely a cheap date. Correction–she's just my friend.

“Nah…not dressed for the occasion” she smiles and I stare at her like an idiot. “We should probably get going” she’s hinting that I should stop glaring at her and start the engine.

“There is an awesome little restaurant just in a plaza around the corner.”

I hate using chopsticks, I was never good at it, I end up splashing the oily soup all over my dress shirt. Amelie laughs, great; I’m glad I’m just a clown for her.

“Take a spoon!” Amelie slides a spoon over my way.

“What about noodles?”

“Just use the fork” she chuckles. Well, at least I make her laugh.

With Amelie, I’m not afraid to look silly or act myself. She doesn’t seem to judge me, and I don’t need to wear a mask. I just hope being myself will be enough for me to break through the friend zone.

“Doesn’t it taste good?” she asks.

“Yeah, it actually does” I finally give up on my chopsticks and use spoon and fork instead.

“I know the best food in town” she smiles.

She probably does, usually small restaurants–holes in the walls, have the best food.

After we finish our soups, I only have ten minutes before my lunch hour is done. I’m starting to realize how much I enjoy spending time with her, but unfortunately, time seems to be flying at an enormous speed when she’s around.

“Do you need to go back to the office?” she asks as I pay our bill. Eighteen dollars for both of us, she’s the cheapest date I’ve ever had. Even if I don’t sleep with her and lose the bet I want to take her out on a proper date. She has to have good memories of me.

Yeah…” I check my phone “I think I can take an extra half hour” I smile, and it makes the corner of her lips go up, and it’s the best reaction that I can think of.

That’s cool. I have about half an hour before I start work. Can we grab some ice cream?”

“Aw...you want an ice cream?” I pull her in and put my hand around her waist.

“Yes,” she shyly looks down and I press my lips against hers. She reacts to the kiss, and then we start our make-out session.

“Your change!” an angry Asian man hands me the coins.

“Keep it.”

I park the car in front of a family ice cream shop. Of course, Amelie needs to support local home grown stuff. I can’t argue with that. This particular ice cream shop has been around since before my parents were born. I remember dad took Madeline and me here once before he really started to hate me.

“What flavor do you like?” I ask Amelie

“Strawberries and chocolate.”

“That’s traditional” I kiss her cheek, I can’t seem to keep my hands off her. I need her beside me. I want to smell her skin.

Amelie orders two big scoops of ice cream, and I go for cookies and cream flavor.

I quickly finish mine while Amelie is still struggling with hers.

“Do you need help with that?” I flirtatiously ask.

“No, I’m good” she licks it, and this ice cream looks bigger than her head.

Alright, I’m way past lunch hour. I need to drive her to the Tea House.

“Look at you; there is ice cream all over your mouth” I reach for a napkin and try to clean up her face. I lean over to her, and nothing else matters. As I touch her cold lips with mine, the smell of strawberries fills my nose. My hands are tight on her waist. She opens her mouth inviting me for a visit, our kiss is in perfect sync. I pull her even closer to deepen our kiss. Her kiss, her smell intoxicates me.

“Excuse me” an older lady pushes past me, trying to get inside the ice cream shop and we are blocking the entrance. I guess she doesn’t approve of our soft porn kissing.

“Oh sorry” I unlock my lips and move to the left together with Amelie.

“You should get back to work,” Amelie says. When she’s about to take another bite of her ice cream, we realize her cone is empty, and two scoops are melting on the floor. We haven’t even noticed how it fell.

“Oh shit!” I laugh “Do you want me to get you another one?”

“Nah, I should watch my diet anyway” she smiles.

“Do you want to meet for lunch tomorrow?”

God, why can’t we go out for a proper dinner?

Can we have dinner instead?”

Umm...I work from 1 to 9 again” she sighs.

Aw ok. I’ll pick you up at eleven thirty tomorrow and drive you to work.”

“Well, thank you. I have a personal chauffeur now.”

Ouch...I hope that’s not all I’m to her.

“Great…” I look down.

“I’m just kidding, don’t be so sensitive. We can grab food and hang out.”

Can we grab food and have sex?

“Sounds good” I smile.


As I get inside the office elevator and stare at myself in a mirror, I see a different person. My face is all red, and it’s...glowing?!...what the hell? My cheeks are burning. God damn it, I’m so pathetic. I have to admit though, that kiss outside of the ice cream shop wasn’t friendly, it was passionate. I know she wants me just as much as I want her.

My good mood helps me get through work very fast. I’m enjoying every minute of today. Nothing can get me down today even additional tasks or projects.

“I really enjoyed our lunch today...and ice cream” message from Amelie. Aw...I did too. Tomorrow will be even better.

“Hi, there Justin” Britney’s hand rests on the back of my head. I take a deep breath and turn around.

“Hi” I grumble.

“Where have you been? Never responded to any of my texts.”

I didn’t respond to your texts because I genuinely don’t give a shit. It’s simple as that.

Working, you know? Busy” I turn back to my desk and look at my computer screen.

“I really need your help” she sighs and stands beside me, so my face is almost on her tits.

“What is it?”

“My car got serviced today, and I need to pick it up. Could you please drive me?” she smiles.

Why me? Doesn’t she have friends who can help her? Or just take an Uber? Or even better take the bus.

“Please, Justin”

She corners me. I’m just going to do it so she can leave me alone.

“Fine” I reluctantly say. “We leave in an hour.”

“Perfect!” her face lights up “It’s actually close to your place so no detour for you.”

Please, Britney, say no more!

An uncomfortable silence fills up the car like a bad smell of rotten egg fart. We have absolutely nothing to talk about. Why does she even want to spend time with me?

“You are so quiet today,” Britney says and looks out of the window.

“Just normal” I want to tell her that all we ever did was fuck.

I’ll drive her to pick up the car and then tell her that we should not see each other anymore.

The next thing I know, without a warning Britney bends over and skillfully unzips my pants. I don’t have time to react when she frees my dick from tight boxers and embraces it with her warm lips.

“Fuck” I let out trying to concentrate on a road. My dick quickly grows and turns into a thick rod. My brain wants her to stop, but my dick thinks otherwise. Britney begins to moan sweetly, she’s really into it, caressing my round knob of pink flesh and massaging my nuts. I keep my two hands on a wheel. Britney groans harder and louder; her movements are faster and harder as if she can’t wait to swallow my semen. I want to come and get it over with. I’m about to release my load when Britney stops and asks to pull over. Oh for Fuck’s sake, what’s now?

I turn off from the major road and drive to a quiet street.

“Just pull over there” Britney points at the deserted alleyway.

As soon as I put my car into park, Britney jumps on top of me and starts to ride my cock so fast that even the car caught up with the rhythm. I want to finish, and selfishly of me, I don’t care if Britney will reach a climax. I grab her ass and skewer my dick harder and deeper inside.

After we finish having sex, I come to the conclusion that my heart and cock weren’t that into it. I need to diplomatically let Britney know that I no longer want to see her, and the fact that we have casual sex doesn’t mean that I like her or that we’re dating.

I watch her getting inside the auto shop, and as a real true coward, I drive off without talking to her.

That evening I get a message from Amelie wishing me a good night and telling me how much she enjoys spending time with me. My chest tightens as I read her message, and I’m not sure where it’s coming from. I have to work so hard to rationalize my actions–sex with Britney. I wasn’t into it, she literally threw herself at me, I keep telling myself that, and why do I need to justify myself any way? But guilt is not letting go. One hour passes, and guilt is eating and pestering me like gasoline in my guts. Fire is burning in my mind and throat. Remorse hits me like a sledgehammer. Why? Why? I’ve never used to feel this way before. I never was committed to anyone, even now rationally thinking I’m not attached to anyone. I’m free to do whatever I’m pleased to. But when I close my eyes in an attempt to get some sleep all I see in front of me are the pure, innocent eyes of Amelie.


For our second official cheap day date, Amelie picks a deli that serves the best sausages, sandwiches, and subs in town.

We grab a table outside on the patio, and our knees almost touch under the narrow table. Amelie eats her sandwich with the greed as if it’s the last time she will ever consume food.

“Take it easy...You’re going to choke, and I’m gonna have to revive you, you know, do mouth to mouth.”

“Ha... you wish...you dirty boy,” she says with the smirk

Oh, you have no idea how dirty I’m. Goodness, things I would do to you my darling. Sigh.

“I think mouth to mouth is not part of CPR anymore.”

“Oh really? Well...I would still do it to you.”

“Of course you would” she laughs and finishes her sandwich. I grab a napkin and wipe the sauce smeared on her face.

“You are such little...” I pause.

“Piggy?” she smiles.

I was gonna say, baby.”


The weather outside is perfect. You have to love the beautiful warm sunny days that invite summer dresses and short shorts onto the streets. The wind is somewhat cooling, refreshing in combination with the sunshine.

“Did you see those?” Amelie turns and sees a girl who’s wearing a short skirt that reveals her long legs and a see-through top that’s tied in a knot on her belly and whose big tits are bouncing up and down as she struts along the street.

“See what?”

“Boobies!” she almost yells.

“No, didn’t notice” I lie.

“Shut up! I’m sure you saw it!” she grabs my forearm and looks at me.

“No, I didn’t” I can’t help but grin.

“Hmm...Somehow I don’t believe you, but I have to admit I didn’t see you staring” she bites her lip.

Of course, you didn’t see me looking because I checked her out ten minutes ago. You have to be quick with those things.

“Look at that...” she points at the three girls walking in front of us. All three of them are wearing shorts that resemble more of a belt as it barely covers anything.

“Yeah, I saw that” the truth finally comes out.

“You did, did you? I didn’t see you looking though”

“Amelie...” I stop and look at her. “You have to be quick with these things. I saw those three as soon as we left the restaurant.”


“Oh yah...as soon as I saw them my eyes were scanning three blocks ahead. That big tit girl, I saw her before she even left the house” I attempt a joke.


“No, I was kidding, but I tell you one thing I’m quicker in these things than you’re. You’ll never catch me” I wink.

“Right. Are you just as quick getting girls into your bed?” She raises her eyebrow, and I swallow a lump in my throat. I have no answer.

I drive her to work and walk with her to the coffee shop.

“Thank you for lunch” She smiles and I touch the curl of her hair. I tilt my head to the side and lean over. She succumbs to my passionate kiss.

“When do you want to meet up next?” she asks as we pull apart.

“I’ll text you” I kiss her forehead.


I ask Madeline to meet me after work. I might need a woman’s opinion on the matter. I finish all my of work tasks on autopilot because, of course, all my thoughts are preoccupied with Amelie. Why does time fly when I’m with her? Why do I even want to spend time with her knowing that sex won’t be involved at the end of the day? Why do I tell her things and why does she listen?

I wait for Madeline outside the bookshop that she works at. She’s running behind, and I’m getting agitated. I don’t like waiting, but then again, I’m changing since I’ve been waiting to have sex with Amelie for so long. I probably won’t be able to get it up anymore by the time she says yes to me. Sigh. Why am I doing this to myself? I keep staring at my phone, expecting to see a message from her. I’m a fucking pathetic loser. God, please free me from this obsession. I keep reminding myself that as soon as I sleep with her, all my feelings will fade away.

“Are you praying or something?” Madeline asks while walking my direction.


“You were looking up, staring at the ceiling or something, so looked like you were praying” she laughs. She’s almost right.

“Whatever...let’s go.”

She walks beside me looking like a zombie as all her attention is glued to the phone.

“Are you updating your Instagram?”

“Yeah…” she snaps a selfie of the two of us.

How much do I hate social media, words can’t describe. No privacy. Most of it is also bullshit and fake, make me want to puke.

“So what are we doing today? Why did you need me?” Madeline finally pulls the head up and takes a break from her phone.

“You know, I just wanted to spend time with you.”

“Oh come on, cut to the chase already, what do you need?”

“I need you to help me to pick a dress.”

She stops and grabs me by the forearm.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you finally came out! Now we can go to the gay clubs together!” she laughs.

“Oh shut your mouth when you’re talking to me” I try not to laugh.

“Is the dress for me?”






“Justin, who’s this girl?” Madeline looks surprised.

“Well…” I don’t want to talk about it.

“Oh, I get it! It’s that co-worker who you got that ugly plain button up shirt for?”

“Was the shirt that ugly?”

“Well, it wasn’t sexy. So is it her?”

“Not quite.”

“What does that mean? It’s not for your co-worker.”

“It’s complicated.”

“Justin, just spit it out.”

“It is for the same girl, but she’s not my co-worker” I exhale.

“Who is she? Do I know her?”

I really hope not.

“I don’t think so.”

“Why are you buying her dress?” Madeline frowns.

“Because I want to do something nice.”

“Hmm... So when are we going to meet her?”

“Probably never,” I tell the truth after the bet I’m not planning on seeing her again.

“Oh. So it’s just a temporary thing then?”


“How old is she?”

I feel like I’m in a courtroom. How many questions is she going to ask him?

“Why do you want to know?”

“Just cause. She’s old, isn’t she? It’s Fiona?!” she points at me.

“What? No!” I walk ahead, and all I want for Madeline is to help me pick a dress and stop talking.

“Same age as you?” she lifts her eyebrow.

I don’t respond.

“You’re scaring me right now; do you take her to the early bird special?”

“She’s not old, alright?” I turn away.

“Has she graduated high school?”

“Yes! She’s 18!” the truth slips out.

“18?! Why do you need to buy a dress for the 18-year-old? Just buy her a chocolate bar, she would be happy with that” Madeline laughs.

“Are you going to help me or just make fun of me?”

“Alright...alright,” Madeline says and walks into the store. “This is my favorite store; I usually buy my cocktail dresses from here. You know the ones that make you look sexy.”


“ Ha...let’s see…” she starts to look through the clothing rack. “ Her size is small right?”

I nod.

“What color of the dress?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

“Of course you don’t. Well, what’s her hair color?”

“Reddish, dark red” I smile when I think of Amelie.

“Ok. What about her skin tone?”

“Beautiful” my answer is so dumb, but I couldn’t help it.

“Are you sure she’s just temporary?” Madeline looks at me suspiciously.

Just please help me find a dress” I grunt.

An hour later and there’s no success at finding anything. None of the dresses are good enough for Amelie. Madeline is cranky and tired, dragging her feet behind me.

“I’m tired” she whines.

“I know, me too” I sigh. “But I need to find something for her.”

We make another attempt and enter the last store in the mall. Another half an hour of searching and Madeline gives up.

“Dude, you are worse than a woman! Can’t make up your mind. Samantha Jones was right about men “ You could lay your pussy on a table right in front of one and still not know what he’s thinking”” She quotes a line from a show.

That’s disgusting Madeline” I can’t believe she said that “Who the hell is Samantha Jones?”

“Girl from Sex and the City...Duh”

“Sex and the City? Isn’t like an old show? I don’t think you were even born when it first came out.”

“It’s classic” she argues.

I look over at the dresses. Madeline is no much help for me anymore. I almost give up on the idea of the perfect gift for Amelie when I feel the perfect material–a dress that is made of silk–like her skin. I take it out off the rack, and it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Elegant, sexy and seducing.

“That’s nice” Madeline runs up to me and touches the dress.

“Ah! Four hundred dollars? Jeez! I really want to meet this girl. She’s definitely got you.”

That’s just a tip of the iceberg; she has no idea that I spent $1000 just to have a twenty-second dance with Amelie.

“May be” I respond.

“Do you like her?”

“Oh for sure” suddenly slips out “I mean, no.”

“So yes or no? Actually, you don’t need to answer; I think that little girl really got ya.”

I go to the counter and pay for the dress. I can’t wait to see Amelie wearing it. I just hope she doesn’t turn down the gift. My plan is all set. Saturday I’ll finally have sex with Amelie, and then collect my winnings from Nick. No more giving control to Amelie, she will be playing by my rules now.


I put the present box containing the red dress and a note inside my desk. I need to make sure I hide it from unwanted eyes and provocative questions. My initial plan was to take the present myself to Amelie during my lunch hour, but that came down crashing when Fiona requested my presence at the boring lawyers meeting during lunch hour. Of course, my request to see Amelie this evening was turned down, what else would I expect from her? My doubts are starting to creep in again. I was so confident yesterday after I got that awesome dress but after getting another rejection to meet up after work, I feel low. This present is my last attempt to knock on Amelie’s doors, literally.

I keep glancing at the reception desk, waiting for Lindsey to leave so that I can mail my package. I’m trying to avoid her as I haven’t returned her five hundred messages.

I sprint to the desk as soon as Lindsay disappears.

“Hello, Justin” Michelle greets me. “What can I do for you?”

Can you fire Lindsay?

“Umm…Could you please mail this for me?” I smile.

“Absolutely, where is it going?”

“Tea House” I clear my throat.

“Oh, same place as the last time?”

“Yep. Address to Amelie” I still don’t know her last name.

“Will do” Michelle gives me a dry smile.

“Also, can it get there by 1 pm?” I know that’s when Amelie starts work.

“Of course, Justin.”

Michelle seems nice, too bad she’s not my type at all. Too plain for me and I’m too shallow for her.

“Hey there” there it is, the kid’s voice high on helium I recognize. Why didn’t I make my escape sooner?

“Hi, Lindsay” I pretend to smile. She looks at me expecting more. I take a step back and contemplate my escape, but Lindsay doesn’t get the hint and inches forward my way.

“I have to get back to work” I scratch my forehead and take a step to the side when she stops me.

“You never returned my messages,” she says with pity. How else can you interpret my silence? I’m not into you; I’m not interested in you unless your roommate or other girl is involved and we can have a wild threesome.

“Sorry, been busy” which is partially the truth. Just let me know when your roommate is back and then I’ll make sure to respond to your message.

“Catch up later” I grin and turn around, attempting my exit. She doesn’t stop me. Thank GOD!

It’s going to be a great Friday night for me; I’m spending it at work, penetrating case files.


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