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(Is that real?)

Copyright 2017 Andre’ Mwansa


This eBook is a work of fiction, any resemblance to actual people living, dead or in between is pure coincidence.


(Is that real?)

Would you like a dance?’’

So, I’m here once again. Oh, I mean my first time to be in a strip club. My last wanting to find that girl didn’t end up well, a lot of you know my story.

I’m sitting next to the dance floor, admiring how this girl is shaking it. I can only wish I was a girl right now. At least that would have made it much easier to touch her, right? Rather than die with it. The way she’s shaking it, makes me fully understand why some men leave their home to come to these clubs. Ish, she’s on my laps now, and seconds later wiggling her ass on my face, so I ask: “Is that real?” pointing at her ass.

She turns looking at me, as if she really wants to put the whole thing in my face just to let me know. She continues wiggling on my face, only saying: “Yeah.”

“It’s like an earthquake, Can I touch it?” I pleaded.


Before I even withdraw my hand, I receive a big slap on my cheek. She calls me a pervert, and heads back on the stage, shaking her right thigh now.

Fifteen minutes later she leaves the stage, but before doing so, she blows a kiss in my direction and I am the only one who grabs it, and put it on my chest.

The other guys, roll their eyes at me, so I leave and head to the bar. There I sit and ask for a strong drink, probably that will put me off anything.

Before I even start sipping my drink, I notice the exotic dancer that had slapped me, sit next to me. Fully clothed now.

“Get me a drink.” she said.

“What?’’ I asked.

“Get me a drink,’’ she said again. “Isn’t that what you men do when you come at a bar?”

“Er….what drink?”

Instead she grabs my whisky, almost draining it, dryly. She drops the bottle saying: “that’s better.’’

“What’s your problem?’’ I asked.

“What’s my problem?’’

“Why did you slap me back there, after giving me the permission to grab your ass?’’

“I didn’t say yeah to grab, I said yeah to touch.”

“All right, all right, but I don’t think you’ve answered my question yet.”

“It’s what we do to save our reputation right here all right? Our boss always tells us ‘Act like you don’t like it!’ so you get a slap, did it hurt?’’

“What do you want?’’ I asked.

“I can see it’s your first time in a strip club.”

“What has that to do with anything?’’

“Why are you here….what’s your name?’’

Telling her my name won’t do any harm, right? “Marcus.’’

“Yes Marcus, why are you here?’’

“I don’t know, looking for a date?’’

“In a strip club?’’


“Yeah I get it. You see those girls there?” She said pointing at the far end, second table to the right.

“Uh-huh, why about her?’’

“The one in blue is ogling you, go and ask her out?’’

“The one in blue huh?” I stood up, and walked to them, specifically to the one in blue. What she was exactly putting on, I can’t say.

“Hey, hi?” I said to her. “I saw you noticing me so I came here to show you that I did notice you too.”

“Heard that line before,” she said. “Google right? But anyway how much?”


“Don’t you want to spend a night with me?’’

“I would like to.’’

“How much do you have?’’

“I didn’t know you were a hooker, I was only lookin…..’’

All she did was throw some drink on me. Her friend’s laughed, and I headed back to the exotic dancer.

“See?” she said to me, “that is what you get looking for a date in a strip club.’’

“Guess you’re right then.’’

“Yeah, but I can help you.”

“Help me with what?’’

“What you came looking for.’’

“What did I come here for?”


“Okay,’’ I said dryly.

“I may maybe give it to you for free, but I’ve only two rules,’’ she said.

“And what are those?’’

“No threesomes, and no blow jobs without you putting on a condom.’’

“What are you, a porn star?’’

A slap on my cheek.

“Are you pretending not to like the name?’’

“Are you in, do you want me to help you?’’ she asked.

“Of course, I mean why wouldn’t I’’ I stood up, not knowing where I was about to go, only knew that I was going have the best night of my life.

“Hold on,’’ she grabbed me. “Don’t you want to drink to that?’’

“Uh…yeah,” we both filled our cups and I said, “virgin no more!’’

She just looked at me saying nothing.

We drunk about two and a half bottles of booze when I decided to break the silence. “So, how did you become a stripper? Talent or something?”

“You mean an Exotic Dancer?’’

“Whatever suits you.’’

“It’s quite an embarrassing story,’’ she said.

“Hey, I’m a virgin,’’ I said not embarrassed.

“If you say so,” she began. “It was only a few years ago, after high school graduation. Me and my friends were planning on how we will celebrate our throw of books for a while, when one of my friends suggested we visit a strip club. Everybody was all for it and so was I. We spotted one, and walked in, guess that was a terrible idea anyway, because guess who I found?”


“My father. In a strip club. Being lap danced by one of them. So I’d walked to him and told him that I was quitting school to become a stripper since that’s what he liked.

“A few days passed and I was stripping in front of a bunch of sickos, but of course my father had stopped visiting strip clubs by then. Only I couldn’t stop because I was beaming with the money I was earning. A few months passed and I came to know that it was actually my talent.”

She continued. “What would you do if you walked in one and found your sister is an Exotic Dancer? Would you not go ahead and become one?’’

“I’m a man.’’

“So what? We have a hundred of them here.”


We chatted some more, played dart, played pool, in which she won me anyway and had lots to drink that I couldn’t even stand on my own. My only fear being whether my willie will be able to stand on its own.

Finally we started heading up the stairs, probably to her room. As we walked up the stairs, I noticed how much her ass wiggled, so I dared to ask if it was real again, and same yeah is what I got. We walked in and she jumped on the bed saying: “Would you like a dance?’’


“Noooooooooooo!” I woke up to find her looking at me. “What time is it?’’

“7:02A.M. what, had a bad dream?”

“A nightmare.’’

“What about?’’ she asked.

“I was being forced to touch some sagged jelly ass.”

“Well, I think it has more to do with you being obsessed.”

“So, did we do it?’’



“You were soo drunk, and I couldn’t get it in my…... you know.”

“So, I’m still a virgin?’’


“Can we do it, I mean like right now?’’

“Sorry dear, my shift is due,” she said checking her phone for time I guess, “….about now.”

“I thought you only do night shifts.”

“Step down and go check yourself, some of them are too obsessed to even go home.”

She jumped down from the bed, heading to the bathroom. I saw how much her ass wiggled and I had to ask: “Are those real?”

To be continued…….

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