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Handy sandy

                                                                                Chapter one

A dawning sunset approached the shore line through its breezes of a once tragic love. They flew towards a young average sized teenage girl lying on the silky sands. she had long blonde and black wavy hair that glowed up her innocent yet tough baby blue eyes. she wore a silver dress that matched her silver heels with colorful bracelets and a crescent necklace. she turned and innocently said, "i fucking love your dumb ass!" she then smacked his face and laughed. a young man looked in shock as laughter flooded through his veins. 



he had short brown hair and green eyes. he wore a blue dress shirt and black jeans with black boots. young man "haha, that's very holy and clean huh?"  he lifted her up and powerbombed her onto the sand. she coughed up in pain as she smiled at him with sand in her teeth. Young man "this is love in our own way" they vigorously kissed and caressed another’s bodies. they rolled around in the sand. girl " were like a rolling thunder of dreams, going through sandy times of all times" 



man "you are my sand castle, i am your tower" they smiled with awe and passion as they held another. she felt him enter her. she moaned with innocent oddity. girl "show me that kaleidoscope professor! the man shivered with fire. man "ahh, it's like going to starbucks! she sighed. girl "it's like my father punishing me!" the man moaned with confusion. he put a hot dog in her mouth. Man “here, you need to build muscle. it has protein in it.” she sighed louder. 



man "uhh sandy?!" sandy "what my little pepperoni?" man "look!" she opened up her eyes to see naked people flying on a plane jerking off. she looked awau in disgust. there were newscasters recording them. man "wait, is that dr phil? sandy "yea, there's bill clinton and the hulk! man "he's really hulking that green pea huh?" sandy "get off of me!" man " I don’t know i think its kinky! kind of like a magical act of sexual horniess! sandy back handed him in his face. 



the man sighed in anger and surprise. man "that’s just going to activate my limit break!" sandy " oh shit" suddenly sephiroth appeared laughing as people in black cloaks ran towards power rangers. they began fighting. a light appeared. as it disappeared, she awoke on the beach alone. she jumped up in a worried state. sandy "pepperoni?! where are you!" she desperately ran through the sandy grounds, screaming his name. sandy "adult man! batman! saint Patrick! 



she dropped to her knees. sandy "it was all a dream? boing. sandy "she heard a boing sound from the water. she slowly walked to the shore line. she saw a glass bottle floating away. her eyes lit up as she jumped into the ocean as she swam towards it. she caught it as she tried to opened it. she slashed it with a sword. she shot it with a gun. sandy "open fucking sesame!" it finally opened up. all about dre played. sandy rocked her head up and down. she shook it as crack rocks came out. 



next came out condoms, a chicken and an alien. sandy looked in confusion with a sarcastically serious face. Sandy “finally” a letter came out. she opened it up. it said "screw off, you will die and i like myself! she shook her head. underneath it said, "we fell apart like grains of sands in our hands, forming into a ocean of memories, remember me when you see every grain of sand" the letter turned into the cookie monster. she screamed as she awoke. 



                                                                                       Chapter two

She noticed the tv as she laid on the black couch with fifty blankets. she wore white underwear and a black tank top. there were Barbie dolls with heads cut off and hanging men in little babies in black suits on strings. the tv showed darth vader on a skateboard riding down new york streets while going to the bathroom. darth vader "well my wife did it again!" a tall general in a green army suit was next to him. general "she used the force of sith baby making?" darth vader made a laughing sound through his breathing. darth vader "no no, she ordered the wrong couch. general "ahh yes, that’s the worse!" 



darth vader "its won’t matter when the plans for the get together with her family fall through. it is when i will be the leader of bingo!" sandy shot the tv with a pink hand gun. she belched as she ate chips off the table. she read the chip bag. sandy "only six years old. it ages like fine wine" she shrugged. she grabbed a unicorn shaped bong and smoked it. then drank five beers as she jumped up. she got onto a dragon shaped tricycle. she grabbed her stomach as she threw up and pooed. 



people yelled at her as she passed them through the suburban street, lois lane. watching her crumbled black two story house with a black picket fence and dead grass disappear. she rode through the concrete highways, causing many accidents. sandy yelled "ohh eat a pickle!" she crashes through a window of a tall building with glass windows. employees in white suits with ties starred in shock and caution. she slowly got up and wiped herself off. she looked at everyone with a serious yet funny face. 



sandy "what?" a tall thin lady in a black work skirt and white blouse walked to her with fury. she said, "i know you are special but dudette, you are in your underwear" sandy looked down and looked up and shrugged. Sandy "so are you just in a normalized way" she walked off. a man said to her, "you really make an entrance huh sandy?!" sandy "the more unexpected the entrance is, the grander it is, do it to surprise and make the one think, not flash dinky" she slapped his butt. 



man "my name isnt dinky!" is it? he had shoulder length black hair with blue eyes. he wore a white dress shirt with black slacks. she grabbed plastic knives and threw them at someone in a black ninja outfit. sandy shouted "food utensil slash!" the ninja side stepped and tried to back flip but fell down. a female voice shouted, "oww fuck!" sandy grabbed her hand and lifted her up. sandy laughed. sandy "you'll be ninjette mistress soon my young old weedhopper!" 



she removed her mask to reveal a young woman with sleek brown eyes and short shoulder length black hair. sandy "you are asian neki and you can’t even ninja. that's like a jewish nazi or a killer who can't kill. is that possible? neki "hmph! i do ninja with my typing arts! also all Asians aren't one type miss ireland. Aren’t you supposed to be cutting potatoes under the rainbow bridge with high trolls?" sandy smirked. sandy "only on sundays" 



neki "we have that report on how rabies were formed and why we have balls and why Asians and Spanish people are loud" sandy "report, smesnort, there just another way of corrupted control with no substance or style" an older man with a long white beard, glasses and tights walked in. he span around hitting down cubicles and papers. he whispered into sandys ear, "are you the fountain of youth because i can see now" neki crackled. trying hard not to laugh. 



sandy smirked. sandy "are you the sky of oldness because i lost the feeling in my legs? you look like santas gay uncle" his happy face slowly turned into a frown. sandy "you look like merlins accountant. you look like the biggest weed wizard of tellahs past life. he laughed in a anotgozing tone. old man "ha! your defensive attacks are secret acts of love" sandy "sure thing" she began typing insanely fast on her pink and blue serpent shaped keyboard. 



everyone circled her as they watched in shock. neki "you move so fast, even for my Asian speed!" sandy typed data entries into the computer. sandy "it’s easy, it's just entering numbers of your insides, like life itself. open up your mouth freak toads!" a tall man in a black and white toad outfit jumped through the room. nekis eyes opened up. neki "could it be len?" len "i think it is! 



dinky "who the hell is this frog thing?" neki "You newbie! it is tadio, master of gaming and data entry!" tadio jumped in front of them, crashing into the desk. he jumped up and growled ribbit!" neki "it’s the only one who can come close to beating sandy!" sandy laughed. sandy "this virgin tadpole can’t beat me!" tadio took off his mask and put his cape in front of his face. tadio "its time!" he sat down next to her in front of a computer. len "chaos, order, creation!"



they both began to type fast as frogs began to jump across oceans leaf pads. sandy "sound effects! tadio imitated whoosh and slahs sounds.  neki "meow! tadio is about to win! as his frog jumped into the last pad, sandys jumped onto his and across the finish line. tadio laid there in surprise and disappointment. sandy lifted up her arms and flexed. sandy "of course i won!" neki jumped up and screamed puurrfect!" tadio "just luck! till next time my lady! he jumped away into the door, crushing it. 



her curvy boss walked in as everyone went quiet. she had black high heels that matched her black skirt and white dress tie. she had brown eyes and long brown hair in a ponytail. sandy "yo what up mr.s shelia! my homie! she shook her hand and slapped it down and up. shelia stood ther in confusion and awkwardness. shelia "yea right. i want this report done by now! haha I crack myself up. in one minute! okay by today! if you dont then you will die! i am the best. i am the boss! sandy wanted to scream out but she stayed quiet. knowing she had to for now. 



blood rished through her veins. the clocks on the walls started laughing and getting alrger. sandy murmered, "fine" sheila laughed as she walked out. neki "that cursed sheila!" len "yea, how much longer do we have to work for that demonic overgrown baby tyrant"  sandy slammed her head on the counter. neki "dont worry sandy, I’m a piece of garbage that doesn’t deserve to live, I’m just an emotional alien freak! she began to cry and ran into a closet. 



sandy "no neki, you don’t, well yea its true. neki sighed in shock as she cried more. sandy "I’m kidding neki! get out of your ddark emo place!" neki slowly opened the door. she stood there as she hugged sandy. sandy "that’s right babe, we go way back right?!" neki "i guess so" let’s get to work! she raised her hand in excitement. the phone rang. sandy picked it up. she sensually said, "well hello there stud, do you want me in your balls?" a old lady answered in shock. 



in a appalled tone, the old lady said" i can’t believe you would say that to me! how inappropriate and wrong!" sandy talked as herself. sandy "sorry about that ma'am, that was our new robot we've been trying out. are you interested in gonnes car insurance? old lady "well yes. the phone clicked. the lady looked with surprise. lady "hello?" piece of shit kids!" sandy laughed. 


                                                                          chapter three

neki called up a emergency number. a older man answered. man "what’s your emergency?!" neki screamed " i don’t have you! im a killer cat! I’m a human!" he hung up the phone. she grabbed her mouth as sandy laughed with her. a woman entered the room. sandy "who that? neki sighed. neki "its like the new woman worker thing" len stuttered slowly "I heard she’s oprahs and kujas experimental child" she was a large woman with a blue leather coat over slacks. 



she had brown eyes and long black hair. they came together, rubbing their heads behind another, looking at her. len "go say hi!" neki" no way. len "how about your san.  sandy walked to her. sandy "welcome to gonnes where the truth is lies and everyone hate you!" the woman stared at her with a serious face. the woman uttered in a monotone voice "umm, i can’t speak right now, im a workaholic!" as she turned she pushed sandy across the room with her butt. 



sandy fell through stacks of papers and into a drawer. neki "sandy!" she ran to her. neki "what’s wrong with you? why don’t you kill her? sandy got up. sandy "I’m already victorious in knowing it’s an illusion, besides that was fun. sandy said to herself, "damn witch, why don’t i hit it up like before?! this damn anxiety! screw you!" dinky walked to sandy with over confidence. dinky said in a loud voice. dinky "hey sandy, you need a ride home?" sandy scratched her butt. 



sandy "i guess" they walked down the black carpet stairs towards the double white glass doors. sandy "ahh damn, the sun! why is it there?! dinky "maybe because it's our birthplace and ending, the source of vision and life?" sandy "haha, maybe this artificial contract of light and life, what is light and is there more behind it?" dinky "maybe, that’s what great about. sandy closed the door. dinky head flew back. dinky "good convo" 



he got into his modern white sedan. he turned the key. suddenly the wipers swung back and forth, the radio blasted i love you by barney. dinky turn it off. Dinky "why did you do that?!" sandy "you are no fun! it’s just a coincidental moment of your insanity and life! dinky said in a smart alec tone "well let’s not add to it" sandy eyes opened up. sandy "watch out captain moody man!"  



dinky "it's cold wear my hoodie. dinky looked to see sandy with his car hood on her head. dinky was in disbelief and shock. he yelled "not that hood!" he ran after her. he caught her and put his hood back on his car. dinky "get in now! bad kitty!" sandy pouted her lips and widen her eyes. dinky " that won’t save you!' sandy stretched out her leg as she got into the car. dinky drove away. 



sandy "have you ever just wanted to leave everything and go far away?" dinky "no i must hold onto my responsibilities" sandy "come on dinky, it’s in all of us, a chilling sense of release and change, its what gets us alive, like going into outer space of wonder" dinky "i never thought of it that way, i guess i would" sandy put her face onto his. sandy "let’s go!" dinky "not now!" sandy "figures" 



dinky "by the way you look creepily proper in that underwear"  sandy "Pssh, is it creepy or our view of it? sandy responded in an overly joking tone. dinky "where are you from?" sandy "well lets ssee, my mom’s vagina, my dad’s balls, space. dinky laughed. dinky "really" sandy froze. it was like she thought about it for the first time. sandy "i only remember growing up in new York with my mom and younger sister. 



ehh, who needs memories anyway, everything is about now right?" dinky stood at the darkening road in wonder. the bright orange glow slowly dimming onto the scenery of earthly buildings as the shadows grew. dinky "the past is a tricky battle sometimes but in the end, it's about the now" they arrived at her house. dinky "heres my card" sandy "oh your weed card? dinky quickly said, “no” as if he knew she was going to joke. 



sandy "chaos card? or maybe a stalker card? dinky "no its a card to my number, you know just in case you need another ride" sandy "did we just have sex?" dinky stood there looking at her in shock and wonder" dinky "we did swap each other through another in another way so yea" sandy "so you want to come in for death and insanity? dinky stood at her in fear. dinky "sounds tempting but not now" sandy bursted out laughing. sandy "no silly, I’m just saying something different from the usual societal robots of control, it like we don’t even think anymore. just do"



dinky "yep. and when we do, its feels the same. alright i'll come in your alternate universe. beep beep" they got out of the car and walked to the house. sandy "bear!" dinky eyes opened up. a large black bear roared with anger at them. sandy tackled him to the ground. she rolled around with it. dinky stood there in shock and amazement. sandy picked it up and suplexed it. sandy got up covered in dirt. sandy "alright lets go" dinky "ok that was unbearable" 



they walked into the house. he walked through hanging strings of heart shaped pieces of paper. sandy "don’t mind them, their just notes from me" he then walked through another door of stringed food and Barbie dolls. sandy "hey, you got to vent on the popular narrowed minded people sometimes" sandy "this is my humble castle of modern day new york" there were posters of demonic goddess to pink fairies. 



there was a black gun shaped chair and a crystal table that sparkled with your movement. dinky "it’s very nerdy and dark" i dig it. sandy "all right!" a beer struck dinky in the face. dinky "oww, what the hell?!" sandy "beerprise!" dinky picked up the beer. dinky "for sure" he opened it and drank it. dinky "there has to be another way to make a living" sandy "there’s plenty of ways, were just so caught up in surviving that we don’t realize" 



dinky "all a part of the modern day slavery condition. soon well change it, i'll make sure" sandy shrugged her shoulder. sandy "maybe. she walked to a picture. sandy "this is my mom. she had long brown hair and blue eyes. she wore a black dress. dinky "she’s nasty!" sandy "what?! she’s hideous! but aren’t we all? Wait i mean, how dare you!" dinky "whoa, I’m kidding. She’s bootiful like you. sandy chuckled. sandy "thanks. 



she took care of me and my sis when my dad left when i was twelve. she was in the military. they performed experiments on her, ended up killing her. she looked down. dinky "damn military always messing with our true natural soul. you okay? sandy "of course i am" she wasn’t. she took every ounce of herself not to burst out. dinky "she did it for you so take it as a strength, she’s always inside you" sandy giggled then thought about it. dinky "you dirty mined freak" 



sandy "she gave me a crystal feather but i lost it. it was a heir to the family dysfunction, a symbol of unbreakable freedom" dinky "im sorry, if i find it I’ll burn it and give it to you" sandy "where’s my money" crusty voice "did someone say money?! a large crab with legs appeared next to her. sandy "not for you mr crab! mr crab "aww, i need it! he slowly left out the window. dinky stood there in disbelief. sandy threw a few dollars at dinkys face. 



dinky "oh no its ok. sandy slammed him into the wall. she pointed a gun at him. sandy "take it!" dinky "whoa, okay now i will!" he was shaking. he ran out and screeched out in his car. sandy stood there in deep thought. she shot a ant as she fell onto the floor.  sandy "i wonder how much longer till I’m free. she looked at the picture. sandy "right mom? it was the next day and sandy was talking to neki. 


                                                                                      chapter four

neki "i need to get meowmy meeowtail furred" she wiggled her brown and blue cat tail. sandy "thatsssss veryssss truessss" len "indeedroof, iroof, needroof aroof beardroof" sheila stromed in laughing evily. she had two small people in a demonic suit. they had red and black horns and make up. sheila "you dont just add the sound of the animal after every word you dumamals!" sandy "ssaysss whosss?" 



sheila froze. she began choking as she fell to the ground. everyone jumped up over her. they touched her. neki "you alright sheila?!" len poured water on her. shelia eyes opend up with rage. sheila pushed him away. neki "i got it! neki threw food on her. she sighed in pain. sheila "i have goals, im a goalie, i can’t die! I have goals!”. she coughed. sandy reached down her pants and searched for something. sheila eyes widen as fear shool through her. sandy pulled out her phone. 



she looked at her emergency contacts. there was captain planet, oprah, George washington, godzilla and emergency masters. she laughed in confusion. sandy "is she crazy? wait i know that” sandy jumped onto her body. something flew out of shelias mouth. it rolled into the corner. sandy picked it up. it was the head of captain kirk. captain kirk dramatically said "oh no, what happened to me, i... don even know why im me" 


sandy "shut up u dramatic fool! she threw it out the window. it rolled onto the streets as cars ran it over. captian kirk muttered, "I’m not dead yet! is this... the end? shelia got up. sheila "this isn’t the end you hear!" she laughed manically she slammed into the door. sheila held her head. sheila made a little fake laugh as she left. dinky "what just happened?" sandy "i don’t know but let’s get out of here everyone!" 



len "i don’t know, i need money to support my crack habit" neki "meowsa, i need cat gold to support my mil habit!" sandy yelled with passion, "come on, it’s all there free, u have to take a chance to find something better, more! take it all and leave it behind!" everyone looked at another with thought. sandy grabbed a chainsaw and lifted it in the air. everyone held the hands at her. everyone sandy no!" she cut through her cubicle. sandy "im cutting through my past, the lifeless thing that keeps me from being me!" 

 neki began to throw papers in the air. neki "yea, screw this place!" len began humping his desk. dinky "no len, that’s not. ehh have fun. he ripped off his clothes. he ran to the window screaming "I’m a free man! feel my nakedness! he jumped out the window. everyone yelled, "dinky!" everyone ran to the window in shock. sandy yelled, "you ok dude?!" dinky raised his middle finger up. sandy smiled. 



 they rand downstairs towards him. sandy sat next to him. sandy "you will die soon and you are ugly" dinky looked at her in disgrace and pain. dinky "really?! sandy laughed out loud. sandy "no. I’m just showing you that lying can be good. dinky looked at her with a sarcastic serious face. sandy dragged him into his car. dinky went over bumps of grass and rocks. "ahh, watch it!" she lifted him up as he fell down again. 



len "i'll help. sandy 'no!" she desperately helped him up and slammed him onto the car. he slowly fell down again. dinky "damn it, enough!" len lifted him up and threw him into the backseat. everyone got in as sandy drove away. dinky murmured "were dead!" neki screamed with excitement as she yelled, "lets live on the end! it’s the most fun!" len "where are we going?!" sandy "i don’t know, let’s just drive as far away as we can!" 


                                                                                 chapter five

they drove for miles and miles, passing monuments and state lines. cloudy landscapes glimmering the dawning skyline reflected through the mirrors. len "is this Mississippi?" neki whispered "i think it is pissipme" len laughed sarcastically. Len "too funny neki”. sandy "where is the misses?" len "that’s teh name of the state, there is no magical figure" sandy "that makes no sense, it’s like an old lady without a diaper or a government without a mentally disabled dictator" 



neki "guess what? yellow pills are sunsets on Tuesdays! fiery knives are inside the mouth! they looked at her in confusion. len "what are you saying?" neki "what are you saying?! i did it! i took these acid pills for the first time!" len "oh no" their coming! dinky lowly said, spider man tripping out or a five-hundred-foot penguin zombie?" pain rushed threw him. neki "sheila!" sandy "stop it. there’s no way they can get us. 



they heard a cop siren. len "what you say attracts other things connected to it" it began to playing to a beat. it made boos and ohh sounds. sandy stopped the car. their eyes squinted in surprise. a baby voice spoke through an megaphone voice "yo were the cops, you better stop before you get popped, better not hop, watch us flop and plop, you are just a piece of crap and were too so let’s do it! oh yea, good people, good people with a unfournate unlucky fate, what you going do when controlling arrogant weirdos come for your balls?!" 



neki eyes lit up. she started to shake and quiver. she stuttered, its... she sheila and the ancient people of the dark!" she sniffled her tears. hide! she slips down to her seat. sandy "yea they'll never find you there" len "uh guys" neki "not now len!" len "look!" they look to see the sounds were coming from a large tv screen. they coundly believe it. neki "it’s still alive!



dinky "ok who’s killing her?! i will!" sandy began driving again. sandy "stop it neki. it never happened" nekis eyes looked up with excitement and hope. sandy "the room effect" len "ahh yes, when you go through a door and forget why you did, you went into another dimension with new thoughts and plans" sandy "so with every state we passed through, we've erased what we did as it’s a different dimension" neki "hmm, got it" dinky coughed blood. dinky "I need help!" 



sandy "oh i know you do. she chuckled. they arrived at an asylum in the middle of a dirt field. it was a tall building with white nad black stone walls with a black gate in front of it. sandy slammed through it. len "sandy! their going to think were crazy!" sandy "ha, what is crazy!? just the notion of it is insane! their the one needing to be locked up" they arrived to the entrance. neki "I’m not getting out!" sandy and len got out and walked torwards the white door. 



dinky "not this kind of help" neki screamed "open sesame!" dinky "no that doesn’t open this kind of door and they can’t hear you!" the door opened. dinkys eyes stare at it in shock. neki waved her hands around him. sandy "well that was easy" they walked through the door. they saw empty hallways with white walls. as they walked further in they passed paintings of clowns and demons naked. it spoke "do you mind? we’re trying to have sex here!" in a mouse voice.



sandy looked at len in a weird way. a voice spoke from a room. voice "ohh, ahh, don’t come in here or you will have a great life!" sandy "what?" she opened the door. the voices screamed "i like cheese! have you been to Alaska?" its nice this time of year!" sandy and len looked at another in oddity. floating white ghosts came after them. len screamed as he ran out the room. sandy stood at them with no fear you can see. 



she walked by them and found a projector. she turned it off as the ghosts disappeared. sandy shook her head. sandy "what a joke" a voice spoke. voice "that’s the point" little papers that said fear fell onto her. the voice laughed manically" sandy said in a sarcastic tone "oh yes, I’m so scared!" neki "you feel that?" dinky "your fearful insane bouts of belligerent oblivion?" neki "no the car shaking!" dinky "it’s not. the car shook. 



dinkys eyes lit up. a spooky voice spoke. voice "how are you?!" neki jumped up and shrieked. neki "I’m fine!"  a tape recorder fell through the window. neki screamed and threw it at the window breaking it. As she cried she yelled, I’ll fucking blast you away! I am a queen and I am so beautiful!” dinky rolled his eyes. dinky "that’s the thing where the voices came out of!" neki "ohh” another voice of an alien spoke. "knock knock!" dinky "well who could that be?" voice "your imagination" haha! kidding. it is I the pizza guy!" 



neki "we didn’t order pizza" dinky "this asylum wouldn’t either" there no one here. the pizza guy threw the pizza in rage. he shouted "i hate this job! i can’t stand it! fucking pizza shits! took off his clothes and ran off. neki sat in fear as she shook. neki "what’s going on?" dinky "this is very weird" Len was running and running. len "how far does this place go? he turned to see he was on a treadmill with a doorway in front of him. len "damn you!" 



he saw a door with papers on them. one said, "you'll be safe in here you dead freak" another said "free food, weed and safety!" he went inside. he saw pieces of food everywhere. in paintings and on the table. he picked a apple up and bit into it. he spits it out. len "ahh, its plastic!" a chilling female voice spoke "hehe, what’s the difference to you? it's just an impulsive desire to satisfy an unaware instinct!" 



she came out from the shadows. she had a long white gown with white eyes and long silver hair. chills ran down lens spine as he looked at her eyes. she slowly came towards him. she lit up a cigarette. len slowly reached into his pocket. he pulled out a cd player. he pressed play. vanilla ices song ice ice baby played. the ghost lady screamed. ghost "no! not that song!" she covered her ears as she shook. 



he said, "communism is good. she screamed. len "trump is a good president" she shook as she disappeared. sandy heard a noise from a music box. she approached it. suddenly a chair arose under her. she fell into it as toy straps wrapped around her. a lady’s voice laughed. voice "you’ll never get out!" sandy lifted up her hands with ease. the lady’s face stood there in disbelief. Lady "no matter. my name is your mother. 



sandy "huh?" suddenly a phased wave waved by. sandy was a young girl in a living room. she saw a feather flies into the next room. an angelic voice spoke through it. feather "i miss you sandy. every feather in flight is a old connection reignited. a release of what’s always inside. retrace it to your heart. it turned into a black figure. sandys bones shook in terror and wonder. sandy "who are you! come back!"



she awoke in the asylum with len in front of her. len "we’ve got to go!" sandy shook her head. sandy "you are right" they walked towards the entrance. bunnies came running out of the doors. they ran towards them. sandy and len began to run. they ran out of the asylum and into the car. neki "go go go!" giant bunnies flew out of the building towards them. sandy slammed on the pedal as they turn around and around. 



neki shivered in fear. neki "not now!" sandy laughed. a bunny jumped onto the car. bunny "Rawr! i am your end!" everyone’s eyes looked in surprise. len "what the fuck?!" the bunny latched onto len as it tried to bite his neck. len tried to push it away. sandy kicked the bunny in the face. it fell out the window. len breathed in and out heavily as he grabbed his neck in fear. she finally drove forward. 


                                                                     chapter six

dinky "well that was interesting" neki "where do we go now?" sandy saw a young girl runs towards a house. sandy made a sharp right turn, almost flipping the car over. Everyone yelled. they saw an old house in the distance. len "whoo hoo! hopefully no ones in there" dinky "sandy no, you don’t even know these people" sandy "ehh put a cork in it" they pull up to the house. it had signs that said, keep out, i will rape you nicely so come in for peace, this is a sign and mini billboard" 



sandy "ill check it out losers" sandy walked up to the rusted door and knocked in a beat for three minutes. she screamed, "anyone fucking there you fucks!?" no one answered. she opened the door. she walked in. len got out of the car and ran to her. inside were dusty couches and chairs. on the brown wooded walls was pictures of ants, bees smoking blunts and a leprechaun having sex with Godzilla. 



sandy looked in confusion and shock. sandy "what the hell?" dinky and neki looked in fear. they heard screaming from the house. neki threw her arms around dinkys leg. dinky roared in pain. dinky "ahhh that hurts!" sandy crawled towards the car. dinky "no way! he got out of the car in pain. he fell the ground and crawled to her. dinky "you alright!?" what happened?!" sandy "this joke! she rubbed his forehead as she jumped up. dinky "i hate you!" 



sandy "thank you!" she whispered in his ear, "the way you came to me in pain was sweet" dinky stood at her in confusion. a little felling rushed though him. he shook his head. they entered the house. dinky "this is firt class crapio" sandy "hey, it’s a free place" she went into the refrigerator. rats and barney the dinosaur were drinking beer. barney "hey get me another will ya?" she grabbed some and closed the refrigerator as she shook her head. 



she handed dinky a beer. dinky looked at it. it said, "lower inhibitions, foolish decisions and addicted loser lite" dinky "prefect. he hit sandys beer as they drank it. neki "you and your evil beer! she took out a tab of acid and ate it. everyone rolled their eyes. len pulled out a serpent bong as he put weed in it. neki "what weed is that?" len "deceptive alieneam, oblivious highness, spaced out empathy and smoke of the snake" neki "nice!" sandy "i want some!" 



they all sat around the coffee table as sandy and dinky took a hit. sandy "how is it?" dinky "my first time. its pretty Smokey" sandy laughed and chuckled as she lost her breath. len "i can see the light, and its dracula and little Debbie as a unicorn dragon!" neki eyes lit up. neki "i see it too! i also see demons and angels of ghandi and Hitler. len "hey what if this smoke is the truth and were in a smoke of artificial clarity?" everyone looked at another in wonder and interest. 



sandy "maybe, i just thought it was the smoke of Smokey the bear and forest fires. they all busted out laughing. neki suddenly stopped laughing. len "why did you stop laughing?" neki "hes here!" Smokey the bear "hey yo, its me. only you can prevent sober fires stoners!" he smoked a bear shaped blunt and passed it to neki. she stood there in shock, frozen. everyone stared at him. neki slowly grabbed it and smoked it. 



neki "where’s dinky?" dinky was in the kitchen. he had rocks, grass, paper, milk carton in a pan. it bursted into flames. dinky "I’m hungry damn it!" sandy jumped up and pushed him out of the way. he slammed into the cabinet as ti ell off. she sprayed a fire extinguisher onto it. dinky "that's sandy, always handy" sandy stared at him with a light smile, eyes red as the sun. they walked outside. 



dinky "how you just wing it and fix things is something else. how do you do it?" sandy shrugged. sandy "maybe because i don’t know, its like a spontaneous moment of staged improvisation" dinky stood at her in amazement and wonder. dinky "look at the sky. it’s like a world of dreams, connected with celestial bridges of stars and moons. sandy looked up in awe. sandy "yea, its like an old home of odd mystery. i want to go there, it’s like a liberating adventure of my past i can’t get over. 



 for so long i've always lived in the past, regretting it all, wondering what happened, i know the truth is out there. will you help me find it?" dinky "i feel the same sometimes, everyone always telling me to be better, to be a more like a regular guy, we all are in our own way right? sandy "it not our contructs of what means what, it is the core of it that determines us, to me you are a good man of soul and heart" she fell over the step. dinky caught her arms as he pulled her back. she laid back onto him and caressed his head. dinky "maybe that this is our adventure out there. he turned her around. dinky "I’ll be your saving arms that always catches your wings of releasing wonderus heart. well find it together. she smiled. she said in her head "i want to tell you so much more but i cant" 



he leaned in to kiss her lips. she ducked. with the look of shame and disappointment dinky looked down. sandy "haha! dinky slowly looked up. sandy pointed at him as she laughed. sandy "your face is too funny!" dinky turned red. dinky "no it's not!" sandy stopped laughing. she ran into him kissing his lips and neck. dinky "kissed back and caressed her body. they both moaned and sighed. sandy she whispered in his ear, "nice pants. i got them from monopoly mart a year ago. they kinda fit tight. she ripped them off as they fell into a room with stars and scientific equipment everywhere. dinky felt the blood rush to his head and heart. 



dinky said in a fiery voice "yea?! how about yo come into my pants so you can uncover my spaceyscope, watching you from afar, enhancing the effects and wonder of interaction!? sandy sighed louder. sandy " i love when you talk nerdy to me! with every oddity and reflection, we escalate this collision hmm?! dinky raored. dinky "i am your brother!" sandy "i am your momma!" 



they both poured tubes of chemicals onto another. dinky screamed in pain/ dinky "ahh! my face is burning!" sandy "good!" they bumped into tables. sandy "ahh that hurt! fuck u table!" condoms flew from the closet. a figure walked out of it. a man’s voice spoke. man "be safe kids!" sandy "is that dr phil?! dr Phil "of course it is bitch!" he threw a condom at her face as he jumped out the window. they looked at another in confusion as they began making out again. 



neke "len? len caution responded with fear and wonder. len "yes?" neki spoke in a high pitch voice of excitement. neki "why do you have lungs, eyes and why are blue lights blue?" len stood there in disbelief. in the highest state he’d ever been. thinking of the most profound answers to the seemingly dumbest question. len "because we say that. lungs help us breathe but why did we breathe? if everything is inside then we don’t breathe right?



blue lights are blue because they are our soul, blue is red in another way, brimming our blue mystery" neki stood at him in wonder. neki "you are so smart!" len shook his head. len "no no, just observant" okay maybe a little. they both laughed loudly. neki laid onto his lap. len petted her head. len "good wizard kitty" they laughed. neki "meow! she made an angry cat screeching noise" len "it’s okay neki" 



neki "you ever wonder where we will end up after this? I’ve always thought about it, where do we go? sometimes i can’t wait to see what’s out there, i think that is when we know ourselves, what this is. len was in shock. he never heard her talk like that. len cleared his throat. len "wow neki, that was deep and true. in our wonder, we escape into it all. now being older i feel younger than ever. Well see it together" neki "its about our outlook on life that makes us young or old.



len kissed her. neki purred as she lightly scratched her body. neki "rawrr!" len "i have some wisdom for you my lady! neki "that meow mix is a fraud?!" len "yes!" it was dawn. the rising sun began shining on the beer bottles and bongs. neki opened her eyes as lens arms was wrapped around her. " fire!' sandy screamed. neki jumped up and hit lens balls. len "ahh!" sandy "ha kidding!" the front door opened. 



 two large men, a kid human ant and a baby seal. the baby seal was wearing a red hat and sunglasses. the human ant was wearing a thong. the two wore a cape with a beer brand on it called, alcoholiser with a red bandanna and blue jeans. they had crooked eyes with long brown beards. everyone stood at another in shock and awarkkness. the seal spoke. seal "what the shit are you doing in our house you simpwtons!" they looked at another in fear and shock. 



sandy threw a pillow at them as they all ran through the house. the men and seal chased after them. the seal clapped as it said, "the clap is coming!" clap off out of here!" the seal grabbed nekis leg. neki struggled and shook her leg. neki "help!  a seal has my leg!" sandy whack it with a big fish. neki "thanks sandy! look out!" neki caught the man’s lunging arm and monkey flipped him over her. dinky stood in the kitchen with a box of cereal. the man taunted him. 



he threw the cereal at him and ran towards sandy. he grabbed her and neki as they ran out the house, they ran into the car. neki "wait! where’s len!" sandy "we can’t stay here! he probably got out!" neki "sandy no!" dinky "drive off for now!" sandy screeched the tires on the dirt. neki jumped out the car. dinky "neki!" dinky picked her up and threw her in the car. neki ""no! i won’t leave him!" dinky "he’s not here!" sandy drove off. 


                                                                                  chapter seven

sandy "what an adventure huh!" neki "yea, really good one you backstabber!" dinky "umm what she did wasn’t a back stab, more like a abonnement" sandy "sorry but we'll find him" a young woman was walking down the road with her thumb in the air. she had tight black slacks with a white tank top. she had long blonde hair and blue eyes. dinky shouted at her, "yea good job, a okay!"  he put his thumb up. 



sandy shook her head. sandy "she not saying that, it means she hitchhiking" dinky "ohh got ya" neki "maybe she's nice" sandy and dinky looked at neki with a serious sarcastic face. sandy stopped. dinky "no way, don’t do it sandy" sandy "i feel something telling me to do it" dinky "ahh yes, the gut instinct of right and wrong, a impulse of connection, guilt that screams form the heart, just another possibility that you chose" sandy "right" dinky slammed his head back. dinky "more fun time!" she reversed up to the woman. sandy "want a ride?" the woman replied in a calm tone. woman "i guess" she got into the car. 



everyone was silent. neki whisperd to sandy. neki "maybe she's an ancient alien. sandy whispered, "shh!" neki "maybe a long lost dinosaur" dinky "you know she can probably hear you right?" neki "no way!" the woman quickly looked at neki with a scary face. woman " i am a alien! ha! dinky and  neki jumped back and held another. she laughed. woman "no probably not. im an actress. everyone’s eyes lit up. sandy "who? whoreiana?" she laughed. 



woman "you are in thie car with a stranger dear. no my name is angeli jellya. im heading back to the set of a new movie" dinky spoke with confident machoism nervously. dinky "so you beautifully act huh? sandy slapped his face. dinky "ahh!" angeli "I’ll get you in the movie somehow" everyone cheered. she silently said, "it's a movie about really dying and it starts now!" angeli reached into her crotch. everyone gasped besides sandy. she lifted up her hand. 



she pulled out a dildo, a match and a magazine. everyone sighed as they whistled. a head appeared next to neki and dinky. a man jumped onto angeli and began choking her. neki and dinky screamed. dinky :its len!" neki "len! neki jumped on him. sandy 'fucking len?! get off her! it wasn’t a gun!" sandy looked to the road to see a oncoming vampire smoking crack. she stood in shock as she swerved out of the way. 



len let her go. he made out with neki. neki "where were you?!" len "i was in the trunk! thanks for leaving me!" everyone pointed to sandy. sandy laughed. sandy "pssh, you guys came too!" len "it’s okay. you knew i was here right? sandy winked. dinky "what was that? sandy "oh that a new way of communication. it means good friend" dinky "sure" he rolled his eyes. 



angeli stood there in shock, breathing heavilty.angeli "wow, what a start huh?!" were getting close!" everyone looked to see the sign of mollywood on a hill, surrounded by glistening grass and sand. Dinky "mollywood?" angeli "yes, someone on molly renamed it. ha, so funny!" the car began to shake. sandy "what is that? neki said in a conniving voice, "it's your orgasm of dinky" sandy laughed sarcastically. sandy "it's your vagina breaking!" 



len "no, everyone listen! its our friendship breaking!" neki slowly turned around. she gasped a she desperately tried to point to the back window. len "what neki!?" le looked to see a fifty foot telle tubbie with sharp teeth. len "look!" everyone looked. they all gasped in fear. sandy pressed on the pedal. the telletubbie began running towards them. Angeli "go go!" neki “no! I have to charge my phone!” dinky “what? You will be dead thought? Neki “yes but my ghost will it and I’m expecting a call!” sandy "there a wall coming up with nowhere to go!" 



angeli screamed clap on clap off as she clapped her hands. sandy "that doesn’t work like that!" suddenly the tubbie disappeared. sandy "what?! what evil dumb blonde magic do you use?" angeli "blondeis!" she pulled out a bottle of yellow dust. dinky "even magic is sold to the highest bidder" angeli got out the car. angeli "come on guys!" they all got out and followed her. there were many steel doors with movie sets all around them. 



len jumped up and high fived a hand sign signal. neki "no silly, its saying not to cross. len "oh well, you make me jump up neki!" neki jumped up. neki "me too!" they entered one. inside they saw a fox drinking a soda. fox "this soda is the meaning of life, the savior of me! he drank it in slow motion. get foxta soda! he splashed it into the camera. he began to choke and die. voice "cut!" spider man came out. spider man "hmm, it was good but could be better" take five million!" 



fox "hey, are you feeling down? like a collapsing piece of crap that never will amount to nothing?" well then get zombiera! with one zombie pill, you'll feel better and become an unaware zombie!  side effects include death, mindless insanity, false life of corruption, more depression. ehh fuck this! you want the truth!? all medication is a secret way to control and destroy your true heart and mind! wake up people! 



angeli "here we are!" they stood in front of a green screen. suddenly a city appeared on it. neki "whoa!" angeli "now I’m going to shoot you guys as you walk through the city" she pulled out a handgun. sandy "not a real gun right? angeli "of course not. it’s a super real one! everyone froze. neki "this is an movie" anglei "yea a real one!" dinky "no!" she lifted up her gun and aimed at them. 



they heard a gunshot. angeli looked down and touched her chest. blood ran onto her hand. angeli looked behind her. there was a man standing with a black handgun. the man walked up to her. man "bonjour bitch!" he shot her right boob. the man stood up and looked at them with a fierce face. man "she was under control from that drug, actosia" sandy "what’s going on?" 



man "i am milto. just like most medication, mollywood created one to control and the minds and creativity of directors and movie makers for profit. she had the new one that makes you really do those acts" neki "thats crazy!" milto "yea, hey you guys want to direct?" sandy raised her hand. sandy "hell yea i do!" she ran to a large white video camera on two metal legs.  she looked thought the lens. 



dinky "one of your dreams huh?" sandy spoke with enthusiasm. sandy "oh yea, the whole idea of watching ideas from your mind and heart is chilling and deep “dinky "it's the only way to really know or see it all, your vision alive, it's like watching your life play out. let’s watch it together. sandy nodded. sandy "okay now dinky just look at the camera with all your emotions, your heart. become it" 



dinky stared at the camera for two hours. sandy "cut! we did it!" dinky that's it?!" milto "the deepest and most creative works are in their simplest most oddest wonder" a week went by. milto "congrats sandy! he handed her a paper. it read, New movie called, face man is the highest grossing film of this decade!" sandy and dinky  stood in disbelief. they hugged another in joy. sandy then threw his off. dinky "that's my sandy!" sandy grinned at him. 



they ran into another room where neki and len were. neki was on her knees in front of len. len was sighing and moaning. three men came rushing in with guns. Len grabbed a shot gun and shot them. he then started writing a paper, talking to his boss and playing soccer. they stood in shock. sandy "our movie is number one!" neki choked as len fell over. "that's fabyouus!" neki said coughing. 



len struggled to put his pants on. len "good work young waddlewalkers!" milto ran in. he was heavily breathing. neki "what now!?" this! he screamed as he threw a paper at lens face. sandy picked u=it up. sandy "a famous actress has deemed handy sandy as a hack. she just created a flim with no substance, a common form of entertainment that appeals and resonates to our minds disguised as a masterpiece" 



sandy dropped the paper. dinky "no sandy!" she yelled with fury at dinky. sandy "i don’t need you or anyone! i will make my own films!" she threw camera across the room. dinky "damn she is strong" dinky "come on, we can do this!" sandy "no we can’t! i want to be the star. you know it’s all about the creator!" dinky laughed. dinky "well if it wasn’t for me, there would be no film!" sandy "why don’t you act more, wait you can’t!' dinky eyes opened up. he was going to speak then walked off. 



neki "sandy!" sandy looked away in madness and sadness. she walked away slowly. len "i can’t believe this!" days went by. sandy made movie after movie. she made a video of her sleeping and jump roping. she sang. sandy "im sleeping in my bed, I’ll turn you red in the head! this is all i do! that’s right!" she opened up her phone. sandy "miss ceco, what position is my new movie?" ceco in a robotic voice said, number zero bitch! Sandy’s eyes lit up. sandy "what you say!? you are just a robot!?"



ceco laughed. ceco "and you are just a dumb unoriginal hack that makes boring ass movies!" sandy threw the phone at the wall. sandy " i won’t stop!" neki and len entered her room. it had cameras, beer cans and papers everywhere. neki "hey snady are we feeling dandy?!" sandy threw a beer can at her. neki licked it. neki "just remember were here for you okay?" sandy "there for me? are you ever there for me? does it matter anymore?!"



len "dont let this fame and material consume you, you always have that heart and soul okay?" sandy "sometimes even that is tainted, i can't take this anymore!" neki andlen walked out. dinky was standing there with an angry face. neki "go talk to her!" dinky "no! why should i? she doesn’t care about me!" len "true care is more than you see, it’s in these times of seemingly empathy that we realize the true love" 



                                                                      chapter eight

dinky walked in with caution. dinky said in a nervous and angry tone. dinky "hey sandy?" sandy remained motionless. either ready to kill him or fall to the floor at any moment. sandy sighed. dinky "we miss the old you, come back" sandy "old self? so you only like the old me? what about loving me always!" dinky eyes lit up. dinky yelled, it’s hard to love you when. he stopped. sandys heart rushed with happiness and sadness. sandy said in a low shaky voice. sandy "you love me?" 



dinky wanted to say it. he didn’t know what to say. dinky "i." sandy looked down. sandy "i knew it. no one ever loved me! just like my family, they always left me in the cold. suddenly sandy was a young girl in a backyard. she was running around with a young boy. they giggled. sandy "so do you like me? the boy shrugged. he then hugged her. sandys eyes lit up with awe. 



 two shadowy figures appeared from the old white house door. it had classical windows and cut grass on the siies of it.  in a dark voice, one of them said, "what are you doing?! why aren’t you being what we want you to be?! the other figure spoke in a light tone. voice "we don’t love you anymore! go away! they closed the door. sandy began to cry.  



the boy held her. Boy "don't worry, you are great the way you are" sandy slowly looked up at him in wonder. tears filling up more than ever. "I’m never enough for anyone in this world! There no better and it's what i decide right?" sandy said as she cried. the boy nodded. sandy dinky looked down with emotion. dinky "i know the feeling, always going through life being judged not enough for biased societal standards of empty and arrogant safety.



through the years i've learned that it isn’t about them, it about you sandy" sandy slowly turned around and stared at him with a serious face. one that could mean death or love. sandy was about to burst. sandy cried out with passion. dinky walked up to her. dinky "i'll be your tear catcher! he caught her tears one by one. sandy began crying more. dinky "come on now!" she giggled and sobbed. 



dinky hugged her. sandy 'sob, hiccup, i have a question for you. dinky "go for it" sandy "why do we dream? sometimes i have dreams of my family and lovers but its always different" dinky "me too. the answer is in the question, we dream because it is our real true hearts free. let’s find out what happened to you okay?" sandy "hey, i can be like im skydiving. whoshh, crock crock!" dinky laughed. dinky "nice crow and wind noises" 

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