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Fanny The Farmer’s Stepdaughter

Seducing The CEO

Camille LeGrind

Smashwords Edition

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Fanny stepped out of her cab in Midtown Manhattan and couldn’t stop staring for hours. Her eyes stretched impossibly wide to soak up the strange and scary landscape.

Shiny skyscrapers towered above her. The busy streets shook in waves of people bustling about their day, zipping through life at a jackrabbit’s pace. Everybody looked fancy and sophisticated and dressed like high-powered people who mattered. The city’s glistening sheen invited Fanny inside its glamour and frightened her away at the same time. Whoa! New York City! she gasped. Just like I always imagined it.

Then she narrowed her focus to the men. And found herself growing lightheaded and woozy. She’d never seen so many handsome fellas, each one stylish and seemingly loaded with a fortune. They carried briefcases and were clean-shaven and important-looking, reminding Fanny of the handsome men she’d see in the movies. The kind that delivered that special tingle in the secret place between her thighs -- that place Mama didn’t like to talk about. The kind she thought about when she spent hours alone hugging her pillow, kissing it, pretending it was Brad Pitt or James Bond or Mister Wagner, her school principal. Her eyelids eased shut and Fanny began to wish she could slip into a private place, hidden from all passersby. Just her and her soft, silky pillow…

She thought long and hard about a strong set of arms slowly roping around her waist. Imaginary kisses pecked at her shoulders, then dropped south to her spine, and moved to her backside until she felt a delicious tongue probe inside her panties. “Ahhh,” she groaned, face glowing with joy.

But then a loud, brassy voice interrupted her naughty thoughts. “Hey, Blondie!”

She turned, saw a black fella racing toward her, grinning like they’d known each other for years. But his face was unfamiliar. His clothes were colorful and fancy like the garb of a king from some faraway fantasyland. “Baby, I know just what you need, you dig? Check these out!”

The man pulled out a pair of glowing, sequins-dotted jeans and a handbag to match. Fanny gasped. The clothes sparkled in the midday sun, looked like something they’d wear on one of those dance channels or music videos.

“Blondie, these would go just great with that cowboy hat and those sparkling blue eyes of yours!”

Fanny blushed. “Well gosh, Mister. It sure looks nice. But I don’t suppose I could afford anything as fancy as that!”

“Can’t afford it?” the man shrieked. “Baby, this is on special offer for you and only you! Normally, this combination here will cost your pretty behind a good three-fifty, maybe four hundred. But for you…” He leaned in, making sure nobody else could hear. “A hundred and fifty!”

“Wow!” Fanny gasped. “You’d do that just for me?” she pulled out her wallet and scrambled through the tangle of wrinkled five-dollar bills she’d been saving up for weeks.

The man’s eyes widened. His voice sailed to the upper registers. “And girl, you know with this combo, you gonna’ need some shoes…” he reached down for a bag, started digging through it. But he froze when he heard a voice from behind.

“Uh, yes, officer, I believe this is the man who –“

The man raced away like lightening, leaving behind a tattered shoe and dropping a wristwatch that smashed to bits when it hit the sidewalk.

Fanny was confused, looking for the officer the other man had mentioned. But there was none. Only a handsome guy in a grey suit, his ear cupped to a cell phone. He stepped up to Fanny, spoke in a deep rattle of a baritone. “You really should be careful about buying anything on the street like that.”

“Thanks, Mister.” She said with a gulp. “But I don’t understand. Where’s the officer? Why did that nice fella run away like that?”

“Well, in a nutshell, he was selling inferior – and probably illegally obtained – goods at inflated prices. And the officer was imaginary. Designed to send him scurrying away.

“Wow! You sure do know a lot about these things, Mister.”

“Stick around and you will too.” As his face warmed into a cocky grin, he extended a hand. “Call me Aaron. And you are?”

“Fanny,” she whimpered, overwhelmed by the man’s confident charm. She was blushing, unable to gather any more words. He wasn’t the first good-looking man she’d ever met, but this one was smart too and well-dressed. He was like a movie star, playing a lawyer or a politician, except he was right there, freezing her into place with an unrelenting stare, and bringing her knees to a slow buckle with the hickory scent of his cologne. “It really would be awfully nice if you could teach me everything you know about this place so I could –“

He stopped her with a finger to her lips. It landed gently, lovingly, a teasing promise of what could come later. His finger remained as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell phone. “Sorry, I really have to take this.” He slowly dragged his finger away, leaving her lips with slight tickle that sent Fanny spiraling adrift, lost in fantasy.

She watched as this stunning man spoke, his voice firm, but loving. His eyes piercing into hers as if challenging her. Are you ready for a man? A real, man strong and commanding. Can you handle it?

“Yes, that would be wonderful!” he thundered into the phone. His words may have been meant for somebody else, but his gaze swept across Fanny’s body from the tip of her forehead to her toes. “Well, if he can’t deliver the Texas cuisine we need, it looks like we’ll have to find another caterer, then? Great, I’ll get right on it.”

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