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Mauricio’s precious mask

That happened in 1979,it was on a Shrove Tuesday,the day when the first carnival took place in Venice,Italy. It was a new idea of a strange carnival where you can meet new people,dance and also drink with them without knowing who the person you danced with was,every participant took a new fake name so that people call him/her with that name, I think that the idea of this new extravagant eveniment was to dance,to live a one unforgetable night,to fall in love for a few hours,and when you wake up the next morning to dream about a masked person and to live the passion like in stories,without any responsability,so that rich people could dance and fall in love with poor ones,in real life this becomes hard to happen and to live with, it was like a dream,like nothing happened. That night André,the new waiter,was employed especially for this event,it was known that the audience will represent a new record,people from all over the world got curious about this new thing, André originally worked as a scavenger on a beach in France in Nice,his wage was too low to live a decent life,so when the italian bar internationally announced they are hiring some waiters and barmen,he took the chance and travelled to Venice,during his work in Nice,one sunny day the beach was full of tourists,and suddenly a huge cloud covered the sunshine,it started to rain,André was there,he saw some bottles but one pink bottle won his attention,that time bottles were green or transparent,it was clear that the bottle was manually coloured by someone,it had a letter inside, Andrè used to find bottles like this,most of them were in italian and came from a beach in Italy, some of them were about love, about death or about being poor,it was written on that piece of paper “ Dear God,you created me too normal,too boring,too…common,you gave us money and a happy family,I got bored,take my life so you can show me something I have never seen before”. It was written in french,Andrè got surprised,letters in bottles usually contains wishes or something related to love,here was something different,something else. Like I was saying,people from all over the world attended to that party,Americans,Japanese,British, Mexicans and so on. You can’t even recognise them due to the masks. People there had a lot of good time. Andrè had to work very hard that night,he also was a heart patient,he had a lot of troubles because his ill heart,his mom died when he was sixteen so he had to take care of his little brother aged nine that time ,they had a rough life,he worked at a bakery,it is not easy to work ath the age of sixteen,boys at your age are going to high school and playing football,Andrè was not worried about these things,all he was thinking was his little brother,he tried to give him his best,to educate him and to ensure food,all his fatigue was extinguished by the picture of his brother eating some bread before going to sleep. His brother was little and unthankful by things he have and thinking about things he doesn’t have,he was so smart that he won a schoolarship to Britain at the age of fifteen,so Andrè completed his mission by offering his brother education,that was a huge responsability for him. Andrè got bored from that work,he decided to change his lifestyle so he applied for a job as a scavenger,just to drive a car,he loved travelling and driving,so working with the garbage was his lightening door to achieve what he wants after his brother has gone. Later that night,when eveybody was getting ready to leave,appears a girl who apparently was late,when she realised that the party is over she took a chair sat down and started to think ,five minutes later the bar was empty,Andrè was arranging the bottles and the plates,Adrianne had a mask and refused to take it off,it was a dream to dance and drink with somebody that she has never met before,Andrè was also wearing his mask,his fake name was Mauricio, it was written on the mask,Adrianne’s name on the mask was Maria,after hearing the story Andrè realised that it was not too late to invite the lady for a last dance,she accepted his invitation and started talking,laughing and dancing,they flew to another dimension a whole dimension for them,nobody could see them ,nobody could hear them and the most important,nobody could know them,not even they..while dancing Andrè’s mask fell on the floor, Adrianne saw his face for a few seconds,it wasn’t so clear but it was sufficient,after their last dance it came the time to say goodbye,neither Andrè nor Adrianne didn’t know anything about the other one but his/her fake name,they wished they could see each other again.. Adrianne was a doctor in Paris,her salary was so big,she didn’t count her money ever,her work was so tiring,every year she goes to the beach,Nice. After spending almost a month there,it came the time to go back to regular life,but the beach season was about to end so they organised a one last party on the beach,nobody worked that day,even Andrè was there.

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