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Triple T

Taste – Temptation - Toys

By E. R. River

Copyright © 2017 by E. R. River, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with real people, locals, situations or names, is purely coincidental.

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Note from the author

Hello my fellow readers,

These small novelettes are through the first stories I ever wrote, and the first I dared to publish. They are intended for mature readers only, and that fact is reflected in the plot and the character’s actions.

I intended these stories to be sensual, sexy and fun. Because of that I used BDSM elements like dominant-submissive play, bondage, sex toys, anal sex, voyeurism and other hot things.

I intentionally kept them short, because I wanted you to enjoy the fast-paced plot, without having to sit for hours at end to find out the outcome of the book.

I hope I succeeded in writing them to your satisfaction and that you’ll enjoy every minute while reading them.

Sincerely yours,

Elena Roxanne River


Skylar entered the Notebook Café, her eyes looking for her sister’s red mane of hair. She, Tara and Christian were the sixth generation of the Lauren family born in the US, but the Irish ancestry was still strong in their genes.

Unfortunately, red hair, green eyes and freckles weren’t the only characteristics they inherited from their Irish ancestors. Stubbornness was the primary personality trait in their family, and that’s why she was meeting her younger sister in secret.

Sky spotted Tara in the back corner of the café. She made her way to the reserved table, a warm smile lighting up her face.

“Hey sis’, how’s it going?” Sky gave Tara a tight hug, then seated herself across from her. She watched Tara’s smile appear, but didn’t reach her eyes. Something was wrong; Tara was a jovial creature and this restrained person was scaring Sky.

“Hey Sky, I’m good. How are you?” Tara’s posture was subdued, a deep emptiness filling her voice.

“I’m fine,” Sky told her. “What’s wrong with you, Tara? You don’t look good today. Are you sick or something?”

Tara shakes her head in denial, trying to give her sister another fake smile. “I’m good, I swear. I have something for you.”

Sky looked dubious at Tara’s face. She knew that sly expression to well because she’d grown up with it. That look meant trouble on Tara’s part; trouble from which Sky will have to drag Tara out, as usual. Being the bigger sister, Sky had the responsibility to keep her baby sister out of trouble.

Christian was the muscle man, saving Tara from her mistake boyfriends. Well, he used to be the muscle man when Tara was still living at the Lauren residence and wasn’t disinherited by their stubborn father. Sky use to take care of any monetary expenses Tara owed to different people, and keeping their father from killing his youngest daughter in a fit of rage.

Right then, Tara was wearing the same mischievous expression she had when she was seventeen and snuck her boyfriend in the house; a boyfriend that was a about ten years older than her. A boyfriend that was a convicted felon and that in the course of an hour managed to deflower the youngest daughter of Magnus Lauren, steal some of her mother’s jewelry and leave without anyone being the wiser.

Of course, Sky saw them enter the house through the back door, and she saw the look on Tara’s face. It was the please don’t tell, I just want to have fun look, so Sky let them be. The next day however, their father’s rage was like a storm that brought the entire house down.

He’d cut off Sky’s allowance for six months, which was the length of time it took to pay her mother back for the stolen jewelry.

Chris got his car compounded as a reminder of his father's power, and was forced to go to College with a driver and a couple of bodyguards tailing him. Tara suffered the most; she was sent to boarding school in Switzerland with no phone calls allowed, no visitation rights except their mother’s, and no credit cards since everything she needed was paid by their father through bank virement.

Those were some shitty years for all of them. To Magnus’ despair, Tara never did what he wanted, which was taking a role in the family’s company after graduation. The last time Tara was in the Lauren residence, was the day she told their father that she’d rather kill herself rather than working in his Company.

That was the last day they’ve been a family; after that decisive speech, Tara took off and never returned home, Magnus disinherited her, Chris fled to Europe and their mother started drinking heavily.

Sky looked at Tara’s usually happy face. She saw exhaustion and a maturity she’d never seen before in her little sister. She reached for her over the round table, gripping her right hand.

“What’s up, Tara? I can see you don’t feel well,” Sky asked gently, giving Tara’s hand a light squeeze.

Tara smiled but sadness penetrated her features. “Nothing sis’, I’m just in a sad mood today,” she waved a hand dismissively. “Anyway, like I said, I have a gift for you.”

Sky sighed, letting the subject drop. “What?” she asked suspiciously.

“Now, now, don’t narrow your eyes at me, this isn’t something bad.” Tara reached in her purse, taking out a voucher. “I was supposed to go shopping with Sonia this weekend but she, Tavian and Sean are going to his parents’ house, and I’m just not in the mood to shop without her.”

Sky took the shopping voucher and almost fainted in disbelief. The ticket was from the sexiest, and naughtiest, lingerie shop, Triple T. The amount to spend was for twenty thousand dollars!

Sky started to hyperventilate, she had money due to her trust fond but she’d never considered spending that amount of cash on skimpy lingerie. The fact that she had no boyfriend, or sex partner in any way, was another deterrent to spend that amount on underwear.

“Tara this is insane,” Sky whisper the words. “How in the world did you get your hands on this coupon?” lifting her eyes from the voucher, Skylar saw Tara flinch, and guilt filled her heart. “I’m sorry,” she started to apologize, but Tara cut her off.

“It’s not stolen Skylar,” Tara barked in annoyance. “One of the owners of the Triple T owed me a favor and I collected, that’s all,” she lifted her shoulders in a casual shrug. Tara looked at her watch.

“Look sis’, I have to go. I’m meeting someone for a job interview and I don’t want to be late,” Tara stood, kissing Skylar’s cheek. “See you later sis’; and enjoy your shopping, “winking, Tara headed for the front door.

“Later babe,” Sky yelled after her sister. “And thanks!” she watched Tara wave then drive away.

Skylar picked up the voucher, staring at it like it was something alien. A tingle started in her stomach. She knew what that meant; she needed to have her master. Suddenly she knew on what she was going to spend the voucher.

Grinning like a satisfied cat, Skylar prepared to have her dreams come true. “Triple T, here I come,” she whispered to herself then left the café for the forbidden land of sex toys.


Tristan Drake entered The Black Belt, looking around just to get a feel for the night’s vibe. There were a couple of scenes in play on the stage, some Mistress’ with their submissive crawling after them, a few beginners and their experienced Masters. He walked to the bar.

“Hey Smithy, how’s it going tonight? Any problems I should know about?”

Tristan was one of the owners of the club and the most involved in its activities. His older brother Tavian, had a ten percent share of the club, their best friend Mark, a thirty percent, and Tristan, sixty percent since he was actually running the club and had another interest in keeping it open; his pleasure toys inventions.

“Nope boss, everything’s good so far. Out here anyway, “the big bartender amended.

“Any problems in the private chambers?” Tristan’s curiosity was peaked.

Usually, the club was running smoothly; the clients were allowed in only by recommendations, and after the first visit, they had to pay a membership fee. The submissive were protected from the most zealous Masters, and anyone who broke the club’s rules were out for good; no second chances given. So, this exception was making Tristan very curious.

Smithy pursed his lips thoughtfully. “Go take a look in chamber four.”

Tristan nodded, walking down the shadowy corridor to chamber number four. The door was open which meant the Master working this submissive didn’t mind an audience. Tristan watched Master Robb paddle the small ass of a woman tied to his bench. Sweat was dripping on Robb's face, but the subby just squirmed, pretending to moan in pleasure.

Tristan didn’t know who the woman was, but it was obvious that Master Robb wasn’t doing it for her. Evan if she was tied up, the woman was still in control of the situation, of herself. That wasn’t what Master-submissive relationship should be.

The submissive must surrender complete control to her Master, trusting that he will never hurt her. By the looks of it, Master Robb was getting frustrated with his submissive and was losing patience. Tristan needed to stop the session, otherwise Master Robb will hurt the woman, forcing Tristan to cancel his membership.

“Master Robb, can I talk to you for a second please?” Tristan addressed the man.

“Of course, Sir.” Master Robb left the submissive where she was, exiting the room.

“Selena is here tonight and I know you two have a strong bond. I don’t want to see her disappointed when she finds out you took another submissive in her place.” Tristan saw Selena enter the club while he was still speaking with Smithy. He quickly formed a plan to get the stubborn submissive out of Robb’s hands.

Master Robb’s face lit in happiness. “Oh Sir, she’s not my submissive,” he pointed toward the tied-up woman. “She was just looking for a temporary Dom; just for the night. Selena told me she wasn’t coming tonight. So, I thought. . .,” Robb’s words drifted off when he saw Selena walking down the corridor. A huge smile appeared on his distraught face and his posture changed immediately.

“Don’t worry about the one in there,” Tristan nodded to the tied woman. “Go make your Selena happy Master Robb; I’ll take care of this one,” he barely spoke the words, that Master Robb took Selena’s arm, dragging her in another unused chamber. Tristan looked at the waiting woman, sighed and entered the room.

She was still wearing her black lace thong and matching bra. Her eyes weren’t covered and her gaze was too clear. Tristan shook his head slightly; Master Robb didn’t even manage to strip her completely, let alone get her in an aroused state.

The subby’s eyes were following him. Tristan was circling her, walking the space around her. The submissive didn’t speak. That was a good sign; the eye follow, not so much. Tristan untied her from the working bench, watching her stand in front of him half naked.

Tristan was intrigued by the woman who had to be a submissive, but she was still so defiant in the face of a dominant. Too bad he wasn’t in the mood to work a submissive tonight, otherwise this little subby would find herself gaged, bound and fucked in every position he knew, and some new ones he managed to invent.

“I’m Master Tristan, but you’ll call me Sir, like everyone else here. What’s your name, subby?” Tristan kept his voice cool.

“Skylar, Sir,” she answered in the same cool tone the Master was using.

She was watching the very fine man study her body with interest. His black middle length hair was perfectly arranged. Skylar imagined her hands burying in the thick, shiny strands. His green eyes were a shade lighter then hers, and right then were piercing in their intensity. This was a man used to dominance. Sky shivered at the thought of pleasuring him.

“Well Skylar, Master Robb is busy with another submissive tonight. He won’t be able to work with you anymore. You can find another willing Dom to top you, or you can return another night; just make up your mind quickly so you don’t keep the room occupied,” Tristan started to turn, leaving the woman to her decision-making moment.

He stopped when he felt Skylar’s hand grasp his bare forearm. Tristan looked back; deep green eyes meeting light green ones. He glared at the woman, compelling her to drop her gaze and her hand.

Skylar was feeling cold at the thought of going home unsatisfied. She didn’t want to wait another week until she was able to come to The Black Belt again. She was burning with the need for release.

“Wait! Can you be my Master for the night?” her cheeks heated up. Sky knew she was crossing all kind of limits, but she wanted to try the gorgeous Master Tristan out for a night.

Tristan’s body surged at Skylar’s simple, but very disobedient question. His cock hardened instantly. A jolt of heat spread through his veins and he suddenly had a change of heart. He would enjoy disciplining Skylar for the rest of the night. He glared at her but talked calmly, using his dominance to make Skylar tremble.

“I did not give you permission to touch me. You will receive ten paddles and thank me for each one. Now, take off your clothes and beg my forgiveness.”

“What? But…,” Skylar began to protest. She’d never been entirely undressed in front of any Dom. She was uncomfortable doing it now in front of Master Tristan and his judgmental gaze.

“Now, Skylar! Or you go home for the night.”

Skylar swallowed hard. She took of her bra and panties, never looking Master Tristan in the face. She kneeled in front of him. That should have been a sign of submission but her eyes raised to his, and her entire body was stiff, unyielding.

Tristan pursed his lips in consideration. Skylar was one fine woman. Her body was sculpted perfectly; probably in the gym. Her breasts were perfectly proportionate; not too small, not too big. Just the way Tristan enjoyed them.

Her hour glass waist didn’t have a bit of cellulite and between her thighs…Tristan almost sighed aloud. Her bare pussy was pink and perfect. The hood of her clit was pierced; the tiny silver ball was glinting, drawing his eyes there over and over.

“Have you ever had to beg for forgiveness, Skylar?” When she shook her head in denial, Tristan let out a deep sigh. “When you beg for forgiveness, do it properly. The correct position is on your knees, forehead on the ground in front of you, hands linked behind your back or beneath your forehead.”

Tristan watched Skylar readjust her position. With her ass in the air and her hands behind her back, she was vulnerable and very open. “Now, what do you say to me, subby?”

“I’m sorry for touching you without permission, Sir,” her tone said otherwise. She was on the defensive.

Tristan was impressed with Skylar confidence and determination to hold her ground. Unfortunately for her, he was her Master for the night. His heart leapt with anticipation. He'll enjoy making her lose that tight control she was holding on to.

Grabbing a leather paddle, Tristan walked around the defiant woman. “I’m going to be your Master for the night, Skylar. You’re going to be my submissive. This is my choice. What’s your safe word?”

“Pink, Sir,” Skylar said tonelessly.

“Pink it is; use it when you feel you can’t take anymore and I’ll stop. You’ll do what I tell you, when I tell you, otherwise you’ll be punished, is that clear?”

“Yes, Sir, “Skylar said. She wasn’t enjoying this Master at all. She preferred Master Robb instead of this man. A sharp blow landed on her right butt cheek. Sky jerked in surprise.

“What the. . .”

“Silence!” Tristan barked the word. “I did not give you permission to speak, subby. When I talk, you pay attention. When I ask a question, you answer. Do not speak uninvited again, is that clear?”

“Yes, Master Tristan,” Sky gasped.

“What do you say after every blow?”

“Thank you, Sir,” Sky whispered.

“Good girl,” Tristan caressed the ass cheek he’d just hit.

The burn spreading through Sky’s ass cheek was unexpected. It didn’t hurt that much, but the sting was enough to make her fair skin feel warm. And that warmth was spreading, going down, down, where her female parts were waiting for release.

Tristan’s blood started to pump hard through his veins at the thought of the night’s entertainment. He nodded in approval when his little strong headed subby responded. He could hear the submission that was in her nature, in her voice. She was starting to understand that he was the boss, not her.

He gave Skylar another two strikes, one on each butt cheek. Her body arched slightly, and she gasped.

“Thank you, Sir,” Skylar said through her gasping breath. The sting was intensifying and it was…wonderful. Her entire body was warming up and the slick proof of her arousal was beginning to slide down one thigh.

“Look at that,” Tristan purred. “The little kitten is dripping wet after only three blows. I bet I can make you cum until I reach ten,” he gloated. “When you’re in my presence you will wear absolutely nothing.”

“But. . ., “Sky began. Her protest didn’t get far. Another blow hit her buttocks.

“You were saying?” Tristan asked politely. He was caressing the leather paddle. It was one of his favorite pain toys.

“I won’t wear clothes in your presence, Sir,” she answered brusquely.


“Thank you, Sir.”

Tristan grinned, feeling satisfied. “Very good,” he praised his rebellious subby. He wanted to gather the liquid slowly making its way down her inner thighs, but he needed to finish his punishment first.

The next three blows were fast and a bit harder than the others. Tristan was trying to figure out her pain thresh hold. He didn't want to hurt her unintentionally, but he liked a submissive who could take a large amount of pain.

"Ah! Thank you, Sir," Sky said in a small, trembling voice. She was ashamed of her bratty behavior and feeling exposed by this man who was making her cry. She never cried in front of others, and she was disgusted with herself for doing in in front of Sir.

Tristan's heart was melting at Skylar's bravery. She was in pain but she was too proud to use her safe word. She was crying silently, the trembling of her shoulders giving her way. He was about to give her the last three blows, but another trickle of juiced came out from her pussy.

"Fuck," he groaned silently. He couldn't resist. Using his left hand, Tristan gathered the wetness flowing down her legs and massaged her pussy lips. He circled her swollen clit, then pressing hard on the little nub.

"Sir! Please!" Skylar bowed her back, lifting her forehead from the ground.

"You will cum only when I say, subby," Tristan commanded. He pushed three fingers inside her fast and hard. She was scorching hot and when he plunged his fingers inside her channel, another wave of juices splashed out of her. The sound of her wetness and the smell of her arousal was driving Tristan insane.

Then he realized that even with three fingers inside her cunt, Skylar's pussy was able to take more. He grinned when he imagined all the things he could push inside her.

"Skylar, have you ever tried fisting?" he asked calmly.

A gasp escaped her before she responded. "No, Sir."

"Is it a hard limit for you?"

"I don't know, Sir."

"I want you to let me try it right now. Remember that you have a safe word you can use if the pain is too much for you."

"Yes, Sir," Skylar whispered nervously.


"Perfect. Just relax and breathed, subby. The muscles of your pussy are very relaxed so this will go easier for you. I don't need lubricant; the high amount of juices coming from your cunt will help with that," he pushed the three fingers inside her, separating them to stretch her entrance.

"Does that feel good, subby?"

"Yes, Sir," Skylar gasped. She was burning up with need. Her skin was flushed, her head was fuzzy, and her pussy was weeping for Master Tristan's cock.

"You are very swollen inside. My fist will fill your pussy, stretch every muscle, caress every millimeter of your inner walls," Tristan whispered. Shit! When he came to the club, he didn't expect to have such an entertaining night.

Skylar's whimper made the Dom in him burn with the desire to take her. He started working a fourth finger inside her, curling his knuckles to form a fist. When his subby gasped, Tristan stopped, letting her adjust to the feeling of pain engulfing her pussy.

"Do you want me to stop, Skylar?" he asked. He didn't want to push her to take his fist if it was too much for her.

"No, Sir. Just give me a moment to take in the pain, and the pleasure."

"Good girl," he said, caressing her pink ass gently. After a couple of minutes, her breathing evened and Tristan started pushing his thumb inside her cunt, forcing the rest of his fist inside her.

"Sir!" Skylar screamed, beginning to lift her forehead from the floor.

"No!" Tristan commanded, putting his other hand in the middle of her back, keeping her in the correct position. "My fist is inside you, Skylar. Just breath and relax for a second. If you lift your body now, your pussy will squeeze around my fist and it will hurt."

Skylar nodded without saying anything. He pussy was stretched to the maximum. Tristan's hand was filling her. It was the maximum degree of pain she'd experienced in her life, but it was the kind of pain that was making her cunt burn.

"Skylar, I'm going to move my hand inside you. If the pain is too much for you, use your safe word, am I clear?"

"Yes, Sir," Skylar said, trembling in anticipation. She gasped when Tristan rotated his fist inside her stretched channel. His knuckles were scraping across her inner muscles, pushing against her burning skin.

"Tell me how it feels, Skylar," Tristan whispered.

"It's…I've never…Can't find words, " she gasped. When Master Tristan opened his fingers the slightest bit inside her pussy, Skylar screamed. The pain was…Slap! The blow that hit her right ass check distracted her from the pain in her pussy.

"What the …" she started to ask but then Tristan opened his fingers inside her again, followed by another slap on her left part of her ass. Skylar couldn't take anymore. The pain inside her cunt mixed with the burn of her buttocks, was more than she could take. She was preparing to use her safe word but she felt Tristan's lips kissing her reddened ass.

"Just one more time Skylar, and your punishment it's over," Tristan said in her ear. "Can you take one more time, subby?"

"Yes, Sir," she whispered through her ragged breaths.

"Good girl," Tristan praised her, caressing her backside. He opened his hand inside Skylar's tight sex, and gave her the last blow across both ass cheeks. Her scream of pain soothed his sadistic part, making the Dom in him relax. He waited for her safe word to come from her trembling lips but to his surprise and pride, she didn't use it.

"Thank you, Skylar, for letting me fist you. In a way, I took a part of your virginity and I'm honored that you gave me this pleasure," Tristan said.

"Your welcome, Sir," Skylar answered. Her chest was full of joy because she managed to please this strong, beautiful Master.

"Now, take a deep breath, relax your sex, and when I pull my fist out, let your breath go while pushing my fist out," Tristan instructed her. Skylar released her breath in a whoosh and in one move, he pulled out his hand.

Skylar whimpered at the multitude of sensations left behind Tristan's fist. Pain from the forced stretching of her skin, a burning sensation in her inner muscles of her pussy, emptiness after his fist was out.

Sir's hands came around her, massaging her trembling body. She didn't move from her submissive position and that seemed to please him because he started kissing her back. They stayed like that for a few minutes until Skylar's body stopped shacking, and her breathing returned to normal.

Tristan never took a permanent submissive, but he had a feeling that this gorgeous sub was about to stay with him for a while.

“Skylar, what did you learned from your punishment?" he asked.

"Never speak unless I receive permission from my Master," she answered.

"Good girl. Because tonight you pleased me, I want to give you a gift," he helped her from the floor and on the bench, she was using when he interrupted Master's Robb session.

"On your back. Ass to the edge, and legs wide open. I want to tie them to the iron legs of the seat. Hands above your head and grip the top edge of the bench," Tristan gave his commands with iron control in his voice, even if his cock was about to break in half inside his pants.

Sky did as she was told. Her heart was pounding with excitement. The burn in her ass cheeks reminded her of his punishment. For a moment, she considered disobeying him just to feel the slap of his leather paddle on her skin again.

“Perfect! I love to see your pussy open,” Tristan's' smile was very satisfied. He took a step back, watching his handy work. “You look so pretty in this position. Now, let’s find a beautiful mask for those gorgeous eyes of yours.”

Tristan walked to the back wall, where several leather masks were hanging. He chose one for the eyes only. He picked up a red gag ball, giving it a squeeze. He walked back to his waiting submissive, watching her eying the objects he was carrying with fearful eyes.

“Did your previous Masters use a mask or gag on you?” Tristan was curious since she seemed to be an experienced submissive.

"No, Sir," she said.

Tristan groaned internally. She was a stubborn submissive, so he figured none of the other Masters managed to control her properly. Apparently, this was his lucky night.

“It seems I'm going to take another part of your virginity tonight. I’m honored to be the first to introduce you to the eye mask and the gag ball,” he crouched, placing the leather mask over Skylar’s eyes and tightening the belt behind her head.

Skylar's body trembled when the mask settled over her face, taking her vision away. Tristan caressed her thighs, trying to keep her calm.

“Shh, easy. I’m here to take care of you,” he whispered. When he felt her body relax, Tristan placed the rubber ball to her lips. “Open up,” he told her and she obeyed. Tristan placed the rubber ball in her mouth, tightening the leather belt.

A knock at the door made Tristan stop in the middle of his session.


“Enter!” Tristan barked, aggravated by the interruption.

“Sorry Sir, but there is a man looking for you at the bar," Smithy talked while watching the open body of the woman tied down. "He said his name is Carlos.”

“Carlos is here?" Tristan's eyes started to sparkle with glee. "Let him in, Smithy. And, bring a bottle of whisky, two glasses and ice.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Thanks, Smithy.” Tristan watched the bartender retreat. He turned to his submissive. “Well Skylar, we’re going to have a guest tonight. I want you to behave and be friendly. Carlos is one of my oldest friends. I want him to have a warm welcome in the States.”


Sky couldn’t understand how her night spiraled so out of control. All she wanted was a little release. What she got was a ruthless Master willing to expose her naked body for the entire club to see.

She almost passed out from embarrassment when she heard the bartender talking with Master Tristan, and probably looking at her wet, open folds. For a few moments, Sky contemplated using her safe word. But there were two reasons she didn't.

First, the damned rubber ball was in her mouth, and second, she wanted to cum too bad to be able to leave the club. But now, Sir was going to bring one of his friends into their session. Skylar started fighting the bonds.

She wanted to be free, wanted to leave, she never signed up for a threesome. Sir’s big hand landed on her quivering belly, and Skylar stopped fighting, looking him in the eyes. She wanted to protest but couldn’t say a fucking thing because of the gag ball.

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