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Soul Mates.

Book 1: The Beginning.

Christine Wood

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Christopher Holland:

I am sitting alone on the hotels plush sofa, watching as the world goes by, well my father’s world anyway. I’m sat waiting patiently for God to return, sat on sofa waiting, and it is where I have been sat for ages too, and I’m pretty sure my backside has moulded perfectly into the comfortable leather section. A sofa which has housed my butt quite comfortably, that it has no complaints, my butt not me, me I have plenty of damned complaints. Mainly that I am all too often left waiting for God to come back and show his face. Why am I surprised though, this is nothing new for me, getting comfy on sectionals? I frown as the ladies in the finery say I look cute and could eat me up and take me home, please do, it has to be better than sitting crowd watching, again. After several hours sat here I wish they would take me home. I have to wonder if he will even remember where he left me this time it wouldn’t be the first time he’d forgotten he brought me out?

Right Father, so, where are you? Stop here you said don’t move you said, so I did as I was told and waited. I am unmoved, forgotten, bored and way past tired, so where are you Father? As I wait, I ask the lady for another coke as she passes by me again, she’s been keeping a watchful eye on me and has seen to it that I have remained topped up and fed all night and is mothering me a little, something I’m actually quite grateful to her for. As I watch the last guests leave, the man who has also been keeping me in his eyesight too, comes towards me and is talking to someone on his walkie talky. Great, I’ve now attracted the attention of the hotels security, I’m nine years old of course they’re wondering why I’m here and alone at this time of night.

God must had felt it was acceptable to leave me here on the couch, at this grown up party whilst he left with his new friend, another lady who lives with us. She’s his latest Boudoir Bunny whatever that means, because she and the others aren’t cute and cuddly like a rabbit. These bunnies change my father from being the bad tempered arrogant man that he is all the time, into a happy man and they make him laugh a lot, which he never does around me. He disappears to his rooms with them and they make noises in there and it’s there where they call him God.

“Hello young man, are you meant to be here?” He’s kneeling by my side and smiling.

“Yes Sir I am, I’m on the guest list Christopher Holland, it may be next to Hoyt Holland, my father? He went to discuss business and told me not to move Sir, so I haven’t.” I was always taught to be polite, even when angry. Glenda said I was to use good manners at all times and especially so if I am angry, because she says that ‘manners maketh a man.’

Glenda is Jefferson’s wife and he is my father’s head of security. She has raised me since I was a baby, she is my loving nanny, Glenda is my mother in all but name, she is all I have known, and like me she didn’t like God very much either, in fact I’d say hate was the only thing that vaguely resembled any emotion where Dad and she were concerned. She often said that his soul was as black as a witch’s tit. I never asked her how she knew a witch’s tit was black, I did however think that she was one for a long time, because she cursed Dad a lot and then he would be sick for days at a time afterwards. The security guy is still here again and my dad still isn’t.

“Well, the party’s over now and it seems your father may have left without you?”

“Tell me about it Sir. Still he left me the hotel key, so I guess I should go to my room then?”

“No, I’m sorry we can’t allow a minor to be left in a hotel room alone.” His eyes stared into mine with what looked like pity, that look I have seen all too many times before…

“Well Sir that’s fine, I’ll just get my dad’s driver to take me back home and wait for him there I suppose? Thank you for worrying about me, he does this a lot.” Just then Luis Humphries walks by, great could there be any more spectators seeing my humiliation?

“Chris, good you are still here, are you coming up to our rooms? Mum has said you can spend the night, come on, come and watch the football game and chill for a while. They have just brought my baby sister home from hospital. He’s with me Rogers, you may want to ask Bedford, but Dad and Mum have approved it. Chris often stops with us, as he’s my friend Rogers. You’re new, so you will get used to him being here, we hang out here in New York a lot, come on Chris come up and please meet my sister.” He grabs my arm before I can change my mind. Why not, it beats spending the weekend on my own at home.

“Thanks Luis, I don’t know where Dad went, but he was drunk and with a couple of blondes when I saw him last.”

“It’s no problem Mum saw you sat there on her way up to our rooms, but she had her hands full with the baby and was worried about you. She had me come over and rescue you from boredom. Had it not been for the baby I would have been here to sit and room watch and flick peanuts with you, but I was at the hospital. I bet it was a damned sight more interesting drunk watching here, than it was watching and waiting for Bella Pooh to come.”

“Bella Pooh, you watched who pooh, that’s gross?”

“I didn’t see anyone literally pooh, my sister Isabella, but I call her Bella Pooh, because that’s all she does, that and cry.”

“At least you get to spend time with your sister, I get snatched weekend with Smelly Mel.”

“I suppose it could be worse, but it’s been me, Mum and Dad for so long, I now have to share. Let’s get you upstairs, there’s a pizza with our name on it.”

“There’s no need for your mum to do this you know? I can hike myself three blocks up and go home I have staff to cater to my every whim. Why we even needed a suite here is stupid, we only live down the block?”

“I know, I think it’s hilarious but my dad said it was because it was free and your dad likes free stuff. Humour my mum please, you know she likes to mother us and as she said, she won’t be getting to see you as much soon, not when we leave for boarding school. Mum wants me to go to normal school here, but because they go everywhere all the time I have to board, it has been decided. I think they should have hired me a tutor, until I go to high school, it would have been much better for me.”

“Oh, so I won’t be seeing you as much then?”

“Nope sorry partner, its boarding school for the next five years for me, but after that Dad says we are stopping put in London when Bella is five, so she can go to normal school, then her and I get to go to school and college in one place. We will be based there then, besides he is missing Rachel too and that’s where she lives.”

“How is the wicked step sister?”

“Still a bitch, but Dad loves her, what can I say, love is blind? Here we are.” We are in their private rooms and I am mother hugged to death by Maria, his mum.

“Good you brought Christopher to stop, how are you Christopher? We saw that your father left you again, really he is...”

“…A drunken waste of an excuse for a parent? I know and Glenda will be mad when she finds out. I can get Gran to come for me but I think she’s with my Aunt Luisa in Mexico and they live in the back of beyond. I can call her home and get a message to her. Glenda is away seeing her sick sister with Jefferson, or I would have been home long ago had either of them been here.”

“Well until you contact her you are stopping here with us. I will send word to your father’s people that you are here. Luis needs some boy company because his sister is driving him potty with her crying and poopy dirty nappies.” She goes to the bassinet and takes out the most beautiful baby I have ever seen, she smells so nice, like baby powder and not very poop like at all. I peer at this pink thing in her blanket. Why does Luis not like her, she is cute.

“This is Luis’s baby sister, she is called Isabella and she was born four days ago, what do you think?”

“She is so cute and she has my birthday too, she’s my sort of twin sister. Oh she grabbed my finger that’s so sweet, can I hold her Maria?” I know she is little and fragile, but as I’m made to sit Maria gently passes her over and I smile down at her. I shake in case I drop her, but she is so beautiful I just sit and stare and as she hears a door slam she jerks and her little arms jump from her chest and she cries as she does, so I shush her.

“Shush Bella, shush I’m here shush don’t cry, I am Christopher and will look out for you, always.” She grabs my finger and cries. Luis comes back and gives me the ‘I told you so look’.

“She does that a lot and gives me a headache apparently, she will stop sometime soon.” After what seems like a long time, Maria takes her and declares she needs a feed and her bottom changing…


I am woken from my wonderful dream as the plane hits an air pocket and I bounce in my seat, that was a great dream I was having, and one that made me feel like it all happened yesterday. I then wish it was yesterday when I last saw them, alas it’s been ages since I have. I do this reminiscing thing every time I think of them, wishing that I’d done things differently, you know wish I’d been in touch more with my twin sister, well more than I had been at least? Remembering them again makes my drunk ass smile, I day dream about her and her family a lot, but stupidly I have let the relationship I had with them slide as the years rolled by. That was a very nice week to have at their hotel suite. I was part of a family, unfortunately not one of my own. I am really tired and need to sleep, but I don’t know if I can? I close my eyes and try again and to be honest I didn’t have to try too hard...

I remembered again being part of their happy family, for a while at least. I’d often wished and hoped they’d adopt me, alas they couldn’t. I think they tried to, but God was a petty bastard, he didn’t want me but he didn’t want anyone else having me either, even my grandmother tried many ways to get me too and failed. I remember another great time spent with them and settle back into my reminiscing. Bella was about four I think, or perhaps nearly five? She was due to start school and they were moving, so Dad had allowed me to stop there with them as a favour to Maria, he really did it because it really meant he could go to Monte Carlo and the French Riviera without me for two whole weeks. I was thirteen and an angry teenager and he was still a womanising drunken idiot.

I was taken to their suite in New York, and smiled as Bella grabbed my arms as soon as I landed in their living room, where the rugs had been pulled back and a dance floor had been made, she immediately asked me for a dance, before I could say no she climbed on my feet, as she had been doing with her father, who was teaching her to dance like a Princess, using his socked feet to glide with her around the floor. She did the same with me and he smiled and rubbed his feet, mocking me.

“Pweeze, can you dance with me Prince Cwisstofer?” Her front teeth were missing and as she asked she hid her face, she was still really shy.

“Your wish is my command Princess Isabella.” We had a little dance and as I bowed, when the song finished, she said “fanks you” and disappeared to her room, Maria was watching and smiling, she has a beautiful mum smile.

“At least your toes were saved Luis, she can and will bother Chris for a while if you’re lucky? Here have a soda Chris and there are cookies on a plate, if Bella hasn’t squirreled them away in her room, she may give you a couple if she has.” Maria passed Luis and me a coke, her smile was beautiful, her dark hair was exactly like Bella’s and so where her eyes, so shiny and the deepest shade of green. She was and is so warm and mothering Luis and Bella were both so lucky to have such nice and caring parents, I was so envious of the two of them.

“Thank you, I like Bella she’s quiet and keeps herself to herself, my sister is a pain, and she is joined at my hip when she’s here. Ask Luis, she nearly killed him paint balling the other week, he felt her pain.”

“I saw the bruises she really is a wild child, though knowing Luis he deserved them. Where is Melissa?” Luis smirks.

“Back home, she starts her fourth new school soon, so her mum had her go back for the uniform fittings.”

“Expelled again, what for this time?” Maria laughs, as I tell the tale of my fiery half-sister Melissa.

“She did a roof top protest to free the rabbits in the science labs, after she’d set free the frogs, toads and rats, she is an animal rights activist this week, next week it will be a new cause, but whatever it is it will cost her mum a fortune and will involve another school move.”

“She is bat shit crazy Mum, she’s like a boy who wears dresses and is a bully and a freak…”

“Now Luis that’s Chris’s sister you’re talking about, be nice.”

“Yeah well she is. My arse and my nethers are still bruised she went all manic on my knackers Mum.”

“Luis Yannis Theodore Humphries. What have I told you about that potty mouth of yours?” Oops Luis got the full name treatment and I laugh. This is why I like it here, the boring conversations involving everyone, my faux family do normal happy things, they talk and laugh at each other and with each other, but the conversations are just family stuff about normal everyday family things, and I’m included in their talks and their family activities, whilst I am here.

“Sorry Mum, but they did hurt. What do I call them then, because you moaned when I gave it and them, I mean my nethers you know their correct name the other day, you know my penis and scrotum?” He is doing it to make her blush and she does.

“Umm, yes, well, enough of that now, eat your cookies I have dinner to prepare.” She was red as a tomato. I look towards the kitchen area again and the little body of Bella is perched on the breakfast bar and is now eating Mac and cheese, she is giving me the stare with those eyes. She is really cute, with her raven black curls and green demon eyes, she is quiet and shy too. I smile and wave, but she only sticks out her tongue and runs to her room. That’s the last I will see of her for a while. My stay with the Humphries lasted another fourteen wonderful days, Gran came to collect me and it was with a great sadness that I said goodbye to my faux family. Hugh was stood with his arm over my shoulder.

“We will no doubt see you at the next conference, if you’re there?” No doubt you will, I thought.

“I may be, but I don’t know for sure? Dad was on about moving to Vegas full time and living in the hotel there it’s easier than here in New York for him. He’s selling the mausoleum he calls home, so I don’t know? He just tells us we’re going and I follow.” Hugh gives me a manly hug.

“Well our door is always open to you Chris. Kathleen make sure you look after your grandson, this one he’s a really good kid.”

“I know and one my son-in-law forgets he has, thank you for keeping him safe, I just wish he’d let me have Christopher, he needs his father like a fish needs a bike.” They laugh as Bella runs in, smiles, gives my legs a hug and goes back to her room, as I said she’s a cute and shy kid.

“Right Christopher, the car and Jefferson are here, let’s go see your arse of a Papa and see if he’s brought you anything nice back this time, I wonder if he got married again?” I give her the look, Dad doesn’t do marriage he does Boudoir Bunnies and that’s it. I wave at the family I wished I was part of and headed back home, I don’t know why I bother, because it’s just a stopping point before I am packed off back to school. There was no sight of my father that time, he never came out of his room, so I had two very nice days with Gran instead, she helped me ready my trunk and get my uniform, he never even bothered asking was I home! Like I cared whether I saw him or not. My father was an ass of a man and had no rights to call himself my father, all we did was share the same DNA, unfortunately.

Bella and Luis were taken to London a few weeks later so that Bella could start her education and me? I carried on with my life at my private boarding school. Our friendship and family time was a little lapsed, what with differing countries and work getting in the way, I grew up and didn’t get to see them much again, but that was the last time I was happy with them. I wrote to Luis and called him the odd time, but that was the days before emails and mobiles. Snail mail ruled the waves and phone calls often went unanswered.

I toss and I turn and wake up as I think of them. Fuck me, I feel guilty because I didn’t make the effort to see the Humphries as a family unit again for quite a while, schools and my sister got in the way, though I’d see Hugh for coffee and there were a lot of quick hello goodbyes at airports and in hotel lobbies, but that was the last summer I spent being part of being a proper family. I sit up and reminisce these are not only dreams but are the things that have shaped me, things I grabbed inspiration from and things that fired my brain into overdrive. Things my father did to make me hate him and made me vow to be a better man than him, something some areas of my life could do with more improving upon. I loved the Humphries family and hated Hoyt Holland, he gave me no reason to love him, and so I didn’t. He was a man and still is a man I do not wish to know. He is my father in name only. If I am ever going to be a father, I will be just like Hugh and be the best. My children will come first and every time too, they will not be abandoned for others to raise as I was.

Dad paid for the best all male boarding school he chose an all male school to make sure I didn’t have any fun too, though he said it was to make sure that I concentrated on my education and not on girls, he did it out of spite and spite alone. Even though we spend weeks apart, he and I still have as little to do with each other as possible. He’d send the jet and a member of his staff to pick me up for school breaks, to spend quality time at a place Dad liked to call home, the top floor of his hotel in Vegas. I hardly saw the man who fathered me but hell what you have never had you never miss, right?

I graduated high school and I graduated from college, giving the valedictorian speech on both occasions. My cheer squad at my graduation were my grandmother, Glenda and Jefferson oh and not forgetting ‘Mouthy Mel.’ Gran had had no choice but to sort of adopt Mel too, because after her mum died Mel was sent to live with Dad and me, so she was made her an honorary granddaughter, given that we spent a lot of time together and whenever we could, because we were at different boarding schools, schools that I was sure were purposely on differing sides of the country just to stop us being closer, and yes, our father was that petty. Neither she or I were as dependant on my father as he had hoped and unlike the other Holland Bastards, didn’t need or want him, my half brothers and sisters, and I had a few, were from Boudoir Bunnies who were cast out when they refused to terminate their baby bunnies which they had in hopes of trapping him into marriage. My father only married the one hotel heiresses, my mother, the rest were women he used and threw away.

He saw his other bastards, his words for his children not mine, when he had too, even then they were left with my Glenda in the hotel suite that was mine and Mel’s, they stood around for days when they first arrived, waiting like I had to, for an appointment with God. I gave up needing him in my life and waiting around after the summer he stopped coming out of his room after one of my sisters and her mother died. My life was fine without him but the others needed him and they needed him, if only to suck up to Daddy for his money. Mel and I we were from rich mamas so didn’t need him. Much to his disgust. We were not willing to give him more than he ever gave us as he got older and why would we, and he hated us for it. Mel and I we loved winding him up, he knew we didn’t need him, but he needed us and that felt good!

He planned on me attending his alma mater, but I didn’t like that idea of following any of that fools footsteps and so I travelled my own path. I skipped out on University after two years because I figured I’d learnt as much as I could from books and needed to learn stuff from the real world. I had enough money of my own, as I inherited Mum’s trust fund at twenty-one, it was the biggest blessing and gift I ever got, because when I had it, I didn’t need then to depend on dear ole Dad, and neither did I need a bog-me-down-job that paid me a crap dollar amount every month, nor did I want to work for my dad, but I still needed excitement and challenges that a challenging career would bring.

I was an adventure sports junkie, I always had been and wanted the same rush in my work life, I wasn’t a studious guy, but I did have a high IQ and was just too damned clever for school. I found that excitement within the world of mergers and acquisitions. There I finally found the adrenalin rush I needed. It was a gamble giving up the academic side of my life, but one that for me paid off. I have a great sixth sense when I find a certain business or if I’m approached with a good idea. I’m a modern day gambler, come game hunter all rolled into one. I get a head rush with each new business deal I do. I’m always looking for the next big take over because I love the mundane research, the brain psyching planning, the heart stopping financing, the adrenaline of the chase, the head rush of the capture, and unfortunately as is the case in the majority of deals I do, the killing of a business. That is the worst part for me, that painful feeling of failure, the unpalatable task of stripping down the business that’s too messed up to be saved.

Hey, I have to tell myself, I didn’t kill it, the previous owners did and I can’t bring back a corpse that’s been dead for years, no matter how much money I throw at it, so I don’t. I strip it down, sell what I can and build on the land, replacing the dead business I’d acquired and I then try replacing it with new workable businesses that the area needs. I was green before green was not just a colour in art. I then research and build, I hope at least, a business capable of being sustainable, profitable and one that is able to bring jobs to the area. I feel I need to give them something back and in doing that I hope I am creating for the areas future, so far this has worked and made me very wealthy, and liked by many people who work for me, I am a great boss and landlord.

I don’t go into a venture intending to strip them down, it’s just the way this business is, but occasionally I love finding the one business that can be saved, the odd diamond in the rough. The businesses I like saving the best of all are the ones where I know the old owners undervalued the opportunity they had and let it fall through their fingers and into mine. I love actually sticking my finger up to the business world and saying I was right it could be done, and I did it better than you did. I love that first step into the unknown, the risk I take could end up being disastrous, especially going on just my initial gut instinct, but I have been lucky I guess, because every business I approach could have the potential to be a horrific mistake? The next deal could be an epic fail and leave me with massive losses, but as yet that hasn’t happened, and touch wood my gut instincts don’t ever let me down.

I’m busy running through some figures for the new land I need to expand my little mining operation, one I had purchased in Australia a few weeks ago, when I opened up my emails for confirmation of the purchase of yet more land, and to my surprise I’d received an invite to the Humphries Hotel Benefit Ball. I was shocked, really that had come around so quickly again? Every year I get one, and unfortunately whilst in college and uni it clashed with exams and the last couple of times I was in Australia, chasing the next big deal and unfortunately was too engrossed in making the next buck, greed meant I was too busy for my faux family, that and running around chasing skirt, drinking and having a wild time. It seems I am more like my father than I thought. This one though had a personal note from Hugh, which sparks my interest.

Please be part of Isabella’s sweet sixteenth, we would dearly like to see you, and it’s been a while since we last saw you. The parties in the Las Vegas H and you know we’d love for you to come and be there, it is after all your birthday too, Son.’

My lord she was four or five the last time I saw her, shit. Just where has all the time gone? I in-boxed Hugh with my acceptance saying that I’d love to come and be a part of it, after all I was going to be in America, what’s the harm in a small detour to see Bella and Maria again? I’m now heading to that baby’s sixteenth birthday party. I feel really happy I am going to see them again. I felt yet another pang of regret, regret that I hadn’t spent enough time with them all. Luis and I met up for boozy weekends, were we’d spend the weekend doing man stuff, sailing, golfing, rock climbing and all the big adventure stuff and the occasional ride out on my horses, my other passion. My horse farm and my sanctuary from madness.

I’d not seen Bella and Maria in a long time, for my shame I’d only seen Maria a few times more than Bella as I grew up and moved on. Until getting this year’s invitation I hadn’t given them a lot of thought at all unless I was drunk and maudlin that is, and considering they were all I thought of before I hit my rebellious teen years, I feel like crap in my failure to keep the connection we had going. My mind is a shipwreck at the moment and is crowded and right now thinking about it, it’s a lonely place and it needs filling with family, even if it is with my faux family. I’d had a business deal to finalise first, so it meant a stopover in Miami. My life is lived on planes and in the numerous offices I have over the world, so when there is an opportunity to relax and let my hair down, I indulge and last night was no exception, but why in hell’s name did I go out afterwards, especially with nothing to eat inside me and all with very little sleep?

I’m now paying for it because I’m above jet lagged. I’m now hung over and in need of coffee. In the last week I’d been busy and made millions and spent far more to acquire more. I’d done the deal for the land to build my new shopping mall on in Miami a couple of nights ago and I am suffering for it now. I also bought into a new chain of Asian hotels, which were heading down the flusher. The ones I really wanted however were the diamonds in the rough I occasionally find, those were the hotels with casinos and a couple even had clubs attached, they are in Hong Kong were they like to gamble and the younger generation love nightclubs clubs. The one I knew would be a winner was called number eight, the date of my birth on the eighth month in the year nineteen eighty, yes, my lucky number is eight, so with my gut telling me it was a winner, I’d bought the struggling hotel chain.

Whilst doing the land deal in Miami, I went to a bar to celebrate with the seller of the land as he was in the chair. Too right he was, because he had just been paid millions of my hard earned money, and yeah, we celebrated around the clock. Two days later and with a drink fuelled memory loss, I am arriving in Vegas and I’m agitated, a little sore and in no mood to talk to anyone. I’d had hardly slept on the flight here and when I did I dreamt of the Humphries family, so I was feeling a tad sorry for myself. Then after being woken at an ungodly hour to take a call of great importance, which it turned out was only my being summoned to a meeting with the great Hoyt Holland, my father and the most sorrowful excuse for a parent anyone could ever wish for. Crap, the cracked record is playing, that’s all I ever bleat on about my Daddy Issues. That’s why I got shit faced this weekend, because I knew I’d have to see that bastard.

I had hoped he was having heart attack number two, but alas no, he needed something done and now. I wasn’t in the mood for the get right here now thing he demanded, I was however hung over and in need of sleep. I hadn’t even planned on coming to Vegas, not until I got the invite two days ago, so how the fuck did he know I was even going to be there. Ouch, my head aches with all his shit, how does he know where I am? I’d had an extremely heavy day and night of drinking and I’d partied hard apparently with a woman called Valarie? Had she not texted I wouldn’t have known with whom I’d had the pleasure, why did I say pleasure, because it was far from it.

What was it with me picking up women in dive bars and expecting them to be classy? What woman in her right mind and within ten minutes of saying hello handsome what are you called, is allowing me, a stranger to nail her hard and in her own hotel room? What woman in her right mind does that, offers up unprotected sex, just so she could feel me in her? A desperate one that who. What did that make me? I know, like my father. Maybe in hindsight I should stop going in those types of bars, and thus I’d stop meeting those types of women?

I step off the jet and I turned my phone back on, I noted the sheer amount of messages and text’s from last night’s woman, Valerie. Her name was on my caller ID, she had texted then phoned and left rather a large number of voicemails, like thirty or more and all this between me skipping out on her at her hotel, to me getting onto my jet. Being as I was still damn hung over, I’d turned that phone off to grab some sleep. Now it buzzes like it’s going to explode as text message after text message comes in. Wow, not too stalkerish at all, I read the things before I delete, maybe I had met a classy woman, maybe she was just saying thank you?

Val: Baby thnx for evrythin, hope to do it and you again soon X

Oh she was being polite, what a surprise.

Val: Call me X

Gheeze, gimmie a chance to read it before you demand more. Forty seconds between texts, I’m slipping and I’ve picked up another stalker.

Val: Honey call me Pleazzzze X

Two minutes between the texts, umm she’s getting the message.

Val: So I was thinkin, I could fly and meet you X

What the hell did I tell her, I pray to God it’s not where I as heading? Shit, just how drunk was I?

Val: Getting hot thinking of last night X

Val: Going to bed, thinking of you X

Val: Rubbing myself, there but you do it better baby x

Val: I’m all wet for you, baby come see X

Val: I’m coming thinking about you as I put my fingers in the place you visited wow damn baby I’m coming X

Val: Baby, baby, baby I need you to fuck me again X

Val: Fuck me hard and spank me master X

Val: Damn, you have the biggest dick I have ever had. You touched the back of me, and I ache and I doubt I will be able to walk straight, and I’ve had a few good lovers. None like you X

What a surprise I picked up a desperado and there you have it I am like my father, the last dozen texts are the reason there will be no revisit, she wasn’t even that good in bed. She was just someone to blow my load in and get home. More texts arrive and they are doing nothing in helping to arouse me, that part is dead, but I suppose one side texting is just a text, not sexting. I read and see what else I’m good at, as I do like a good review. I laugh and read on.

Val: Can’t sleep thinking of you X

Val: Why did you leave me when I fell asleep? X

Val: Did you get a call to do brain surgery X

Val: I would have appreciated a note or you waking me X

Val: I feel used. Gary did you use me? X

Well I will give her ten out of ten for realising that I may have used her, a little. Okay yes, I did use her a lot, but in my defence, I did not come on to her. I did not ask her for sex, nor was it me dry humping her at the bar. I did not take her to my hotel room, and I was not the one naked and throwing myself at a stranger when we got there, yes, I was a stranger, because not once did she say oh and I’m Valerie, pleased to have you. I was however very impressed when she said she was a zoologist and she loved her job. Maybe, I thought to myself at the time, maybe this girl was a step up from my usual type. Then I’d asked her in what specific field of zoology was she in? She looked at me in all seriousness and said she didn’t work in a field, she worked in the ticket office at Denver Zoo, and there it was, yes, she was dumber than I thought. She worked in a zoo, so she thought she was a zoologist. Sorry, but she had definitely been hit with the stupid stick more than once. So she was just my type, my usual taste in girls was fulfilled, blonde, boobs and yes normally no brains behind the beauty and just looking for a goodtime, also usually drunk and with no ties, I was taught by the best, my father.

That’s when I told her I was a world renowned brain surgeon and she fell for it, hook line and sinker. She said I looked kind of hot and that my hat made me look more like a sexy cowboy, than a surgeon. She liked the sexy Stetson I wore, she took it off and ran her hands through my hair, putting it on and smiling so cutely, she looked good in it too. I smiled sexily at the complement saying, “thank you, lady zoologist, perhaps I should have come out in my scrubs?” I took back my hat and then she went all kind of dumb on me.

“Why would you want to come out wearing a bush Gary?” Oh hell, I laugh as I remember the look on her face when she said it too. She was either really drunk or not real smart and I’d go for the later.

“Oh hell are you for real lady, because a shrub is a bush? Unlike scrubs, which are the things I operate in, you know, like the guys wear on the television shows. You know, what we doctor types are seen wearing in all the soaps and documentaries, you know the blue and green things, the coloured overalls I perform surgeries in?” Her reply was priceless, so damn priceless, so why was it that I was so damn shocked?

“You’re on television too cool? I’ve done some television filming too. My friend and I had a part in the ‘Girls-Gone-Wild’ thing on our spring break here in Miami last year and we won a competition to come back again this week. That was exciting, the producer’s friend said I could do movies, and have a really good time and make lots of money, because my unnaturally large and yep natural boobs are awesome. Apparently, my big tits are amazing, do you like them Gary?” She was about to pull her top down to show me them and yes, the rack she had was indeed pretty big, but I didn’t need to see them in the flesh to know that, because there was more than enough on show already.

“The boys loved them, and all we had to do was parade on stage and get showered with water wearing white tee shirts and bikini bottoms. For some reason they liked it when Wendy and I did our college cheer. We have to do a new one this year, and we have been practising really hard all year, do you wanna come see me dance?” I smiled as her and Wendy gave the whole bar a show, before coming back to me with dollar bills in her cleavage. I bet they did well, she had a really nice ass, but her tits were huge and the good gents of the bar had had a good ole time with my date for the night, Miss Wet Tee Shirt, oh a classic. Then she made another play for me, I’d had a drink or two and was all for calling it a night, but when she started the whole come on, with the hard sell of her body, telling me she could and would give me a ride like no other, all as she dry-humped me at the bar.

She had her hands down my jeans and began feeling me up, and shrieking at the size of my cock, her hand was shaking as she pulled on it a few times. I whispered to her that it was only a semi at the moment, she smiled licked her lips, then she said whispered back that she hadn’t been laid in a while, and she wanted me back in her hotel room. She had guessed correctly, that I would need a helping hand in getting rid of the hard on she’d given me, and yeah so shoot me. I took her up on the offer, I’m a hot blooded male, and okay, all be it that I was a whiskey fuelled one. One, who’d just had his cock nearly ripped off at the root as she started to jerk me off in the packed bar, and she was right I was so in need of a nameless sex session. I dumped the dude I bought the shopping mall off, in the seat with her friend and I went back with her.

She took me to her hotel room where I did just that, fucked her senseless and allowed her to ride me hard, yeah sure she did it well, and somehow, I was made to feel like I was just a fella she’d chosen to drag back for a booty call. Oh, I could make a joke about how I felt used and abused. Yes, I have a wicked sense of humour, she told me I was the most beautiful man she had ever seen, and asked had we met before? All as she jumped up and down on my dick, whilst screaming for me to twist and play with her boobs and to make it harder, how hard did she want it, it was as ridged as steel already. She screamed for me to fuck her harder and to make her come hard.

She made stupid amounts of small talk as I fucked her. I was both weirded out, and amused by her, because this was definitely the weirdest most talkative ride I’d ever had then after she gave me a hard fuck and long one too, she wanted the kisses and the caressing, and being a bastard I thought of my own needs before hers, because I didn’t do those things, I do just the business end of this sex thing, and that’s all it is to me meaningless sex. She fell asleep and she tried hugging me. Err no, I pulled away damn fast, no way do I do the post-coital hug fest with anyone either, that’s for solely for lovers and not being in love with her, I ain’t doing it. I fuck them, throw away the condom, shower their smell from me and leave.

I have no time to feel sad and blue about using them. I can’t get emotionally involved like that with any woman, especially a girl that’s tantamount to being a hooker, though I didn’t have to pay for sex with this woman, I did leave a tip as I hadn’t had to pay for her drinks all night as I usually did. I’m a bastard because of the way I use women, and as much as I hated my dad for doing this and I’d always swore I’d never do the things he did. I do though and more. I know I am no better than he is, but she wanted it, they all do. All the women who come on to me, they do the chasing and the asking. They always have done, I’d been having sex since I was sixteen, so there was a lot of women to compare this night to, and yeah, I loved sex and enjoyed being chased.

I learned early the ways of the chase, from the hours studying it from my home. Home that’s a laugh too, because I lived in a hotel right there on the strip in Vegas, where girls and women came for the ‘what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas experience’ and yeah, I’d experienced it all alright, with plenty of casual sex partners and stopovers. I was a red blooded male who was offered it on a plate all the time, and most came on to me because my dad owned the hotel they were stopping in. I was the Prince of the Empire and sowing my young oats whilst I could, because I went to a private boy’s school, so there were no school girlfriends, and I really didn’t miss it, in fact I studied hard and fucked hard when I went back to Vegas.

Even when I hit college I didn’t find a girl who would become more, like I needed the constant moaning of a girl on my arm, I was offered it, but I had enough of what I needed with the ‘hotel fodder’, a crude word my father used for the constant fresh supply of women passing through the doors. I’d never gone steady with anyone I’ve never had a girlfriend, nor taken anyone to the prom or any dances for that matter. I did get to go to fancy balls, benefits and dances with my father, all prettied up and dragged to the cattle market, because Dad had high hopes that I’d snag a hotel owners daughter, yeah right Dad it works for you, not for me.

I had some pretty smart clothes in my wardrobes. My tuxedo collection is the best and in all styles and colours, including the one Luis and I got for our trip to the year 2000 Mardi Gras, in New Orleans. From what I remember of it we had a fantastic time and we collected many girls phone numbers, and over the fantastic final week of carnival my headboard was quickly filled with girl’s beads, I won the battle of the beads. My suit for the ball which we were actually there to attend, was pale blue and Luis wore a pink one and whilst drunk we pulled more girls telling them we were gay than we’d had hot dinners, and we’d had, as I said a very busy few days.

They are all hanging in the wardrobe of my penthouse suite in New York they are all still there, from my very first one worn at the grand age of two years old, to the last one I bought a few weeks ago, though that one didn’t fare too well after a night in the pig pen. I joked with Gran that I’m keeping them for my son, which makes her cry, that one day I do actually want to settle down and have children and she is glad that the way my father has raised me has not ruined the idea of me one day wanting to have a family. I have to admit that the idea scares the crap out of me. What do I do if I do get it all wrong? What would I do if I married a girl who turned out to be a gold digger? Could I even raise a kid, ‘cos he sure as shit didn’t? Shit, I have years left yet before I need to settle down. I’m only twenty-four now, and I can plan that when the quarter century hits me, that particular milestone arrives in a couple of days. Besides I have yet to meet the one, if there is in fact a one out there for me.

I look at the phone again, and what a surprise even more texts arrive, is she about to become a problem like Gina? She was my biggest stalker sextexter, the fiery red headed Italian, now she was a weeklong fuck fest and boy I didn’t need sex for a couple of weeks after those days, but she’s a story for another day. Where was I? Val and sex text reading, that’s right.

Val: Gary, you aren’t replying. X

Val: So when you get back, in town call me X

Val: Seriously, you are a shit texter. X

Val: Okay one more sex text, I need to get off and so badly. Fuck, your fingers are the ones probing my sex. They pump me hard, your rough thumb strokes my clit over and over, and your fingers plunge into me over and over, you’ve made me so wet, I need a clean-up on aisle pussy. You’re lapping my love juice and thumbing my ass oh baby that’s naughty, you say you want to fuck me there too, umm baby do it, I need you there, do it.

As I bend over, and show you my ass. You lube up with the tingly gel, and as you fuck me hard for what seems like an eternity, you tell me you love me as you come hard. I have come so many times, as your fingers play with my clit and the other squeezes my tits, you scream to a shuddering end, and hold me asking for more of the same. Argh but Gary, I didn’t get more you ran away, but I will have you again baby you know I’m a really good fuck. You do want the more I can give you. X

Val: Sleep well and wank off to that and honey it will be my pleasure to do it again, ‘cos baby, Val is waiting to be fucked hard again and damn I’m all wet again and wow that orgasmic finish has wiped me out, sleep well, I know I will baby. X

Wow, such an imagination, so I guess I should block her number and delete the damn texts. One night and she’s already too clingy. The bags are loaded in the car as I delete and block Val from my life, it was what it was, a one-night thing. I must note not to leave phone on the nightstand for unauthorised taking of my number and why the hell did I say I was called Gary? I normally tell them I’m Jude, as in Jude Law, because I look like him, apparently? I leave the plane, and Jameson, my dad’s right hand man and the man who was more of a father to me than Hoyt ever was, is calling my name.

“Mr Holland, your father is expecting you.”

“Right stop that, it’s Chris, you have known me all my life Jameson please call me Chris, why are you being so formal again? Is it my father again? How is the old bastard Jameson?”

“He’s much the same, and is alone and he has been for the last six months, since your last visit. I have been told by your father I will lose my job, if I forget my place, he has never liked me calling you Chris or Christopher for that matter, and as Glenda is in need of the fantastic medical care she is getting as part of my salary, I can’t afford to piss him off and lose her the care she needs, her cancer is back Chris, and she’d like to see you before you fly off again, you will call in, won’t you?” She was as good as a mother to me, when we lived at the mansion, but when we left there she wasn’t allowed to come with us to the hotel, and they had to rent a small condo when we moved. Poor Glenda lost her home, me and her garden, and as soon as I came into my money it was the first thing I bought them, a nicer house and one with a garden and pool, Jameson gets good money from dad, but I know a million-dollar house in a nice area, he simply couldn’t afford. They happily agreed to live there, as my guests after refusing the deeds, besides arguing with Glenda is pointless she wins every time.

“Hell yeah, try to keep me away. Why did you not tell me before? I could have flown back sooner, and as to paying for treatment, did you forget I have money too, and anything that woman needs she gets. Do you hear me anything, she is like the mother I never had, and I hope you and she know how much I love her right?”

“She does, and the sunflowers and giant daisy’s you send her every Friday lets her know you do, as do the phone calls and your daily email updates of what you have eaten and where you have been, they too are keeping us informed that you are safe and well. I didn’t tell you she was ill again because she knew you would worry, but Christopher Robin Hoyt Holland, you need to come and see her more, whilst you can.” Oh shit, my full name means this shit is serious. As in she’s really ill and there’s nothing more they can do serious, we knew this would happen but not so soon as this, fuck I thought I had years left with her? I’m about to say something when he nods his head, like he read my thoughts, we quickly change the subject before he and I cry.

“Has Dad given up the Boudoir Bunnies, and is someone monitoring his messages and mail, because he sends me the weirdest requests and just lately damn near on impossible tasks to do.” He smiles.

“We do, and yes his problem is getting worse, he is losing his grip on reality, and sees no one, his food is left by the door and he sits in his suite watching old movies and films of your mum. He has taken this anniversary hard, twenty-five years and still he weeps like a baby, but the bunnies stopped calling and living in the hotel when the heart attach scared him witless.” Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, not, because I don’t do birthdays because for some strange reason celebrating the day your mum died is a bit of a buzz kill.

“He is gonna be fun then, no sex and a bad heart? Well anything else I should know about, before the great Hoyt Holland permits an audience?”

“No, but he is in no state to be seeing you really, he even after all this time blames you for her death so just watch yourself. Oh, and Roger’s back with your sister Catherine, both are in and out all the time they are up to something, but his room is very secure and secretive these days, so much so he debugs every day, he doesn’t even trust me and he has a throw away phone for calls to those two, so I have no idea what their game is? Your present is here, Happy Birthday Son, I know before you say it, it’s just another day, but it’s your day and Glenda wanted you to have this it means a lot to her.” I open the package and there’s a fob watch, an old gold fob watch and chain. I fight the urge to cry.

“It was her Pa’s and having no kids she wanted the nearest she had to one have it, sentimental old fool that she is, don’t forget to go see her.”

“Thanks Jameson I will, she really is ill?” He nods back, no tears, no tears, shit a tear.

“Yes, now back to your father and his mourning your mother be careful I have never seen him so badly affected by it.”

“He will never forgive me for killing her, I have gotten used to that, but what do his doctors say about him, is he losing his mind and his heart how is that problem?”

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