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There goes poeticess

Angel raven: A fleeting pulse of a dreamy vision, following directions
of robotic calculation but calculation isn't always what it seems, it’s
always changing,  drowning deeper into a false reality, filling up her
heart and soul with chilling memories not hers, going back and forth
in a circle of my own dream, always so close to the surface, yet it
flies away from stagnation, they tell her when to go, what to be, so
eager to get back to her dark room to be alone, how can you know what
another is supposed to do? even supposed is not, no matter how strong
you are, there are some thing you won’t stop, the true strength is
beyond them, your decision jumping to graceful black feathers of an
angelic raven, never needing saving, yet behind that shadow you want
to be saved, destroying on her train of pain, echoing melodic rings of
lunar art and sorrow, here comes the rain, it cleanses me insane,
drown into your darkest surface, the deepest freedom and memorial
release, reviving our darkest deepest hearts, releasing a chilling
youthful wonder, a straight circle rotating endless moments in all
directions, a cycle of circles, we reflect triangular unseen dreams
and views, endless death and life of biased fates, every movement away
from a place bores another,  a moving growing procrastinated flow,
always began, done, once you resist one, you persist another, resist
the notion of them, go beyond resistance and persistence, no matter how
strong you are, there are some thing you won’t stop, strength and
weakness are just one of infinite expressions, the true strength is
beyond them, your decision, your all, we connect in our circular space
at the middle of it all beyond, our truest cores are born on the verge
of end, the feathers reflected a dark light to the beginning earthly
onyx, rebirthing her all, our wonder.

Pen eye: she radiates a dark deep voice, a quaking lunar space of the
innocent rebirth and deadly release, filling up with angelic poison,
adding up layers of a unaware view, seemingly less self doubt and fear
of a dead reality, if this is staged then why is it so unbalanced? why
does the ending disappear right before our cores? their watching again
through everything, opening up our acceptance to false control,
closing down our true heart and sense, we follow the common way, the
odd way in disguise, were stuck in these one dimensional wall lines,
connecting through our pen eye lines, reflecting celestial liquid
inked wings from our ruby papers, remeeting in other ones, a story
can't come out unless it bends and curves, get lost in the space of
spaces, the place of familiar and unknown celestial faces, well keep
echoing out deadly interaction of connection beyond, growing down and
all around into your roots of the darkest release, that is the rise,
even in darkness, without other things, we still are, we still grow,
see beyond it all, yourself, reflect your eyes to infinite nothing.

Memory nerves: Experiencing albums of stories through mine, characters
of melody alternating my realties of this life of all, listening to the
sounds of constructed dreams and goodness with my mind, we can never
hear the true wonder when focused on the part deemed bad, that tiny
indicrpenecy of selected importance, blocking out the beauty and core
that hides away, reacting to the subliminal nerve rendering inside the
skin, why don’t you listen to myself? like death and our meeting, it
just appeared without asking, an ask of inevitable fate and connection
we asked inside, ask without asking, if we had to ask then it wouldn’t
of been true or real, gothical forests of space circle around her
canvas eyes, shivering me with chilling youthful soul, at the top was
a revealing truth that was it all, still it goes on and off beyond, a
infinite veil of true freedom, every one illuminating adventures and
beauty through you, wear that infinite deceptive outfit of your all,
hanging on my memory nerves, distorting releases of my deepest heart,
surging through me as i slip deeper into a solid flight, making
footsteps of unseen swims and floats, you get on my nerves all the
time, yet it's a good kind,   slip in and out with the unbreakable
transformation,  these chilling moments of deepening youthful magical
oddity and wonder, how they darkening connect is our farthest
freedom, in these sorrowful moments we sing the freest happiness and
rebirths, make them one into your true core and reflect them.

Time bomb: the way you blow me and everyone away and towards you is a
rare wonder i must forever discover, celestial worlds of intellect
blow structured realties, a clear dust of lifelessness, blowing away
her true dark light shadowed by these closed minded views, a
whispering rebellious soul of a tragic demon doll, seemingly empty and
controlled as she breezes gloomy acts of recognition through her
branches of gothical art, were waiting for the day you realize how real
you are, were in a psycdelic reality disguised as a normal clarity, do
we ever know what is normal or real? what you give comes back in your
act of giving, in infinite ways, we are beyond give and take as its
just there always, its illusive energy closing our true core, we are
one and touching in ever echoing reflections, in acts and imaginative
visions that keep coming closer, every echo is ourselves, all,
touching in eternal echos, when it hits your physical form is when it
truly connected beyond, always connected inside, moments go and come
in this life but they are eternal inside forever, I hear the sounds
of shaped dreams and youth through your heart tears, never heard
before in this life but always heard beyond, a flashing return to  our
beginning end beyond, keep playing your melodies of infinite core and
free beyond, she’s a walking time bomb, a prism essence of infinite
past worlds, exploding familiar moments that keep moving on through us,
through these hearted strings of chilling release we come together,  a
penny is just as much as a gold lust as without it we could never be
complete, we can’t keep being together, this way, in all other ways we
still are.

String eye: From two separate points of a veiled existence, living
memoirs of two vines echo into a frame of us above it, slowly coming
to another, a crow swimming towards the surface, a dove falling
towards the ground, trying to retrieve lost cores through these old
worlds, distractions of cleverly disguised refractions as the goal
flicker in and out, consumed with certain equations of things and
abilities, when it’s all the same and our true worth is beyond it, is
our free core, not these diseased veils of seemingly validations,  we
make so many familiar moments, imagined aspirations,  as our liquid
rays come closer, another one rises out, like a lighted transparent
glacier, two eyes as one, seeing beyond these cloudy worlds, we
connect in our reflective views, can you balance this string eye, as i
fall into one side of the space, the other side moves along, memories
and nightmares wrapped in a shiny circular box grab ahold of me, if i
go this way, will i be free? still balanced? create your secret
distraction and dream in your separated connections,  i was always on
the line horizon of infinite beyonds, jump off the lines with them into
yourself, throw away the pole that holds you down, go over the edge
that never was, here I see your all, us meeting and leaving as one, as
the crow catches the feather and flies away, the vines touch as we
grab each other tree canvas hands together.

Changing same: Going through teenage moments of emotional release,
like a ghost screaming youthful freedom of life and wonder, living
eyes dreay with dry realites, looking at my old self feeling my new
self, which one is which? so afriad to change, zombifed tyrants
pouring liquids and imaginary phases of safe worlds, still even that
has to move along my friend, we hide in our suffocating bubbles, yet
well never be able to stop change, stop being hurt, if there’s a chance
to gain so much more with this pain then i'll always do it, you are
not weak, just your own kind of strength, only water grows us, only
tears reveal out deepest hardest cores, riding on a leaf feathers
space boat of your heart, writing and reflecting new and old stories
from each end, swimming through every new surface of memories and
dreams, like the sea it goes forever, i can’t escape it, it’s the change
of the same, our views, time of what always was, the rebirth, every
change is just of a part, this moment never changes, our core beyond
is forever the same, look how far we've came being the same, instead
of releasing the past memories, i'm releasing to the future ones,
release and rebirth your deepest future pasts of all now, change
without changing, transform your core into another one, keeping the
true beginning and end forever, in between these boats we fly on our
sky sea of infinite unseen beyond, this is where we eternally change
our unchangeable hearts beyond.

Dark berry: Going through Contracted spaces we call light, a sigh of a
sorrowful tear falling, a roar of a hearted flame rising, celestial
tails flowing from an ever transforming circular ring, blooming deadly
visions of lifeless divisions, impulsing a source to and from a
pulseless pulse, making a liquid bridge of words we always return to,
diving up and down into this fluctuating balance beam of a false
connection,  is this all that we are?   rise, fall, divide, one, two,
free in between, where you are seen, be, see, free, make the emotions
conscience, were every shade of another, illuminating a side of you
never there, a sensational unsensation of ghostly truth, with every
action, moment, we change back and forth beyond, missing the true
beauty that lays in front and behind the nothing, Dream the awake
beyond, one awakening awakes all, a living number eight, spiraling
branched stings of deceptive reflection, as your infinite space eyes
meet mine in between, Am i feeling it true? reflecting you right? you
are  like a dark berry, blooming dark fruit of sinful soul and
release, we grow in sorrow, raining onto our seams into the stems, as
they bloom reviving reconnection of dreams, love and hate, it's all
the same, it's the time, core and realizing of it beyond, experience
yourself, your all, the past, future, soul, heart,  the ruby and
sapphire branch eyes entwined as our ghostly winds flew together,
making spaces of infinite lives and secret interactions.

Dream tounges: Following your gown of the town, speaking out infinite
castles of fantastical melodic vibrations, echoingless echoing dreams
and wonders into others, silence deepening, getting louder, every word
we say, every action we do is gonelessly gone before it leaves,  how
come whenever we have the pieces together, we still feel incomplete?
chasing a notion of liberation through imagined fables, self source of
release and comfort, somewhere you can always turn to, to be deadly
stable, there’s a force of weightless magical beyond that makes us
here, a essenceal purity of free beyond that can’t be known or there,
its here nowhere, hope is a fleeting sense of a chance, don’t hope,
know your future, that you will go on and find your everything, no
matter what you do, are or will be, I’m sick of these seemingly things
that make us real, here, i know beyond them is the weightless nothing
i cant decipher or know, the dream tongues slither around us,
intoxicating deceptive beautiful escapes whispering hither here,
reflecting inked strings of artificial memories,  as we wither into
them, listen to the illusion, come to me, a chosen chaotic normality,
born from a unique order, why is this the only way? one way goes to
another, as one, lets  meet at the same place, all of our worlds and
reflective lives meet in the beyond of separate infinite, look to the
place that is always there for you, us

Ghost waves:  Living pulsars explode solidifying truth from her lunar
webbed earth, spiraling lost dreams and free birth towards a misty
world, illuminating reflections of a sweet and graceful whisper,
getting so close for it to dim out into dark glaciers, a frozen forest
of releasing youth and self, wonder, above a star tree, below a
celestial moon stone, yet every dim is another light opened,   were
afraid of anyone not like ourselves, reacting with automatic
responses of fear and hyprocirial emptiness, speaking words of false
reflections, no matter what you become or go through, you are always
beyond it, were all the same, you know this isn't our true core, from
the darkest highest cloud kites, her ghost waves come, pulsating dead
reality through chilling breezes of nothing towards the other one,
riding on our  flowey lines  towards the space somewhere beyond, you
are so far, i am so close, is this where we come together? in the
reflection of these expressions, we do, like a heart monitor line, it
still flows beyond the flucations, cloud out the limitations, these
proclaimed illusions of normality, free your cloudy heart of true
release, ride the waveless waves of seemingly dead infinite, where you
can see it all,  you are always safe from them, if you spread rumors,
aren’t you one? there's something more to these apparitions of seemingly
reality, in this transparent circular sea spiral of hands, we hold
another, forever transforming as one, we never let go, we were
always separate, in that we are, not, I’m always holding your essence
and unseen imagination.

Guitar string bars:  Feelings of feelings flying in and out of
celestial drums of dreams, jumping on each one, rattling vibrational
malfunctions, always going back to the same world of zombified light,
in a condensed closed off shock, a normalized repeating reality, never
truly moving, a disease, labeled as a cure of clean perfection,  even
from the farthest point, i know she's till here, she's in front of me,
behind me, the faceless face of infinite entrapment, every sorrowful
moment, every change is a discovery and expansion of ourselves, our
hearts, one experience changes all, one view shows all, looking
through the celestial guitar string bars, my own melodic jail, i will
stretch and bend my heart and soul through them, this is my freedom, in
the distorting flow, a shocking release of dreamy freedom, we say we
move on by not going back to moments, yet i keep going back to you, to
our ever growing cycle of rebirth and flight, it’s the past of dead
bliss that guides us back to our cores, two misty streams of spiraling
towards the in the middle of existence and nothing, this is where well
meet, a ever flowing water triangle, reflecting infinite rain breezes
and electrical pulsar lightning back and forth unto us, you reflect
the quakes I’ll release the gravity.

Heart lights: Two celestial vessels floating in a frozen time,
everything is there and brimming, yet there is no true core, following
lighted memorial buildings, searching for a home, something to pulsate
this love, Limiting this love to certain constructs, seeing it through
a stoned shadow, starving deep inside another one, proclamied as the
truth, as the fearful dead zombies of a constructed equation lies in
outfits of angelic veils, preventing us from realizing the injustice,
the untrue deadly secrets that await us, clinging onto a biased view
of worth, but worth can never be determined by another, it is beyond,
it is free all the same, hyprocritcal similar here comes the heart
lights, sublime heights of blinding sights from our celestial cars of
love, pulsating beats of dreams and non existential wonder faster,
seeing just the surface, i only see you when i look through my heart,
your core, you are a scientific fantasy of chilling oddity and
release, look past the lights of limiting illusions,  real love is
free your way, find the whole picture, how it connects into your
dreams, your heart, that is where the change is, it was never about
what we lack, what we needed in that moment, it just wasn't meant to
be that way, there is no more or less, only another feeling and side
of a shallow cry, you and i, we truly breathe in this magical moment
of weightless beyond, through it all is the love, the all.

 Living minds: two impulsive pulsars of a whimpering impossibility
sparklessly spark, a orchestra of coordinating numerical wonders, a
minded dream reflecting infinite life forms of minds, going through
bottles of seasonal adventures of tragic love, deemed as a solid truth
and focus, drinking this heightening ecstasy disguised as soberity,
feeding logical mechanical lives as were being fed them, afraid to go
beyond it, never wanting to wonder what's after it,  never seeing past
this illusive closed system, you are an earthly celestial computer,
dreamy memories and shapes fly from your core and into your mind,
where do they go now? there’s a tiny hole that you always peek through,
awaiting you to seam through, I’m right there too, were getting high on
what always was there, an expanding freedom, the true release and
rebirth, here i see what’s really there inside,  learning can only do
so much, we are beyond it and already know it all, it’s just one side
of it, it's knowing freely beyond it, not learning it, learning the
beyond, detach you from all, be the mindless mind of infinite core
beyond it, perceive with your heart, soul beyond it, were living
minds, beating hearts of systematic imagination and virtual reality,
the mind of minded heart and soul, frozen in infinite memorial dreams
and reflections, viewing futures and parts of now never there beyond,
everything is a single moment of infinite ones as none beyond, moving
in a frozen nothing which makes it something, our minds and cores
break free as we meet in the beyond as just weightless essences.

Poetic gates: Happiness is an impulse we swear its true, electrical
shadow figures going by,  forever associating it with things and
equations,  morphing melodic deaths, like a repeating act in a
animated picture, it repeats and goes on, a moving repetition, you can
be full and not happy, same with the latter, beyond it, it's your
decision, true beauty and love release, condensed to a simple
comprehension, a false meaningless apprehension, power is just a
certain thing, self or one seeing it beyond its contracts, seeing your
uglyness and seemingly badness as amazing, strong, there’s nothing
better, cause in that, i know you are so much more, always shifting
into pasts, futures without, were tolerating and in tolerating the true
heart and core of things, making them one, in her space garden, going
through the cemetery flowers, walking past transparent worlds gone
unseen, looking through the poetic gates, liquid sapphire views with
words speaking through poetry of dreamy memories and wonderus
fantasies, just to feel real, the sun and earth expanding out towards
another, meeting in the middle of the triangular space, reflecting
infinite beyond above, lets jump out of this view, make all of our
views one abd beyond, show the effortless effort beyond letting go of
those times and views, changing shapes and selfs of intoleration and
tolerations, look at yourself of pasts and futures now, send it into
the unknown, you were so young yet so old in being free, as i grow
away from that time, i realize how deep  and free i was, yet so naive,
the only way to know what i saw and experienced is to see it at
another time, place, far from it,  what i always did,  realizing they
are the same, were animals of chosen infinity, perfection, gods and
goddess of barbaric sophistication, be the animal of infinite soul
heart and beyond,  just like sadness of release and death of reflection
and beginning, have a purpose so does failure and it was a revelation
of the truth, a different kind of success.

Death flies the crow: Lost souls, following a trail to a finish line,
where a blinding biased prize lies behind, lights of hidden dark fear
compell our desire none our own, just another start of a false dead
end notions to be the best of a view, convulted security of created
different power, above it all, how can i see and feel you if you aren't
at my level?  dead dark feathers floating, writing flowing inked
dreams and memories of a lifelessness, we keep choosing this tragic
love, growing into deathly nothings, pretending its everything, there
so much more than choosing that you can comprehend, once you do it
just flies away into the next mystery, eternally,  I’ll be your
heroless hero of simple memorial wonder, of reflective freedom and
connection, show me your super powers of weightless oblivions and
sorrowful dreaminess,  the leaders of unique misunderstanding try to
awakening us, the hearted truth, defined as corrupted pathways, we
begin as one and end with one, always one beyond, death flies the
crow, the flight of deathly return, another scar of another opening,
fly with the wings of soul and memorial freedom my death crow, the
releasing memorial freedom of oblivion, the dusk of dreamy sky lays in
the distance, the brightest blue of you resides under the horizon of
mystery, two stringed crescent oceans of dreams hang in between the
memorial solar world, above them a empty space where they are free and
real, you are my finish, the true first released into infinite new
ends, two black feathers reflect strings that connect.

Blood flowers: A growing tower flower, a risen power of a dead life,
blooming bloody stems of illusive conquerment, just for empty security
and comfort, forever slipping on this rising bridge, going into a
darker illusive love,  two celestial heart shaped flowers blooming
towards another from below and above, from the earth of oblivion, the
moon of odd soul, graceful memories and innocence flow through her
perceptive stem eyes, like reflective pulsar towers of a artistic city,
always coming so close to the free end, only to fall over the edge,
communicating pasts in memorial adventures, in the language of dreamy
essences, every life is a relationship, every death is a break up,
like blood flowers, we bleed out growing memories and dreams, cut the
stems and fly into the next ones, yet never forget them, they are the
gravity all around me, each one strengthens you and brings you back to
freedom, right before her feathery touches my ground, she flies away
as a butterfly, a seemingly perfect act of balanced clumsiness,
reflecting scars of mysterious oblivious weightlessness and wonder,
growth is from all ways, flames rise our true cores, the sun shines
from above, rise with the flames of hearted dreams and life, my sunny
stems always touched your earthly flowers in between a space garden,
growing infinite lives and deaths all inside beyond, see the unseen
stem of beyond.

Celestial bee:  Two moving strings flying to another in the spot of
connection, winds of curious dreams blow by, retaliating with
delirious destruction, just for a fraction of a simulation, a sense of
life, attacking illusive and visions mindlessly, the sunflower of
dreams and innocence blooms death as we feast on her eye, full of empty
satisfaction, what we are and strive for can’t be absorbed,  like a
celestial bee, she stings her inked memories to awaken, to remember,
your inked lines of sorrowful infinite cry down the page into another,
likes stars pouring out light onto the page, gone unseen, a sting of
strings ringing your memorial song, sting your strings of revealing
freeing pain into me, into yourself beyond, where we shine in dark
reflections, bloom rebirth and free life,  in time we will come back
as strangers never met, don’t attack the fear and illusions, the only
thing certain is beyond even that isn’t guaranteed, faith in beyond, a
time beyond, a beyond of future and past moments, were always crying
flames of memories and rebirth, we need both the fire and water to see
it all, the soul and heart, the rising flame and the falling rain,
were different souls, reminiscing those times forever, in that we are
always the same story forever, stinglessly stinging ourselves through
the ever glowing strings, the sunflower flies away with her hearted

Color four: Zombified poisons of control, fearful comfort surging
through the vines towards your core, festering forests of deadly life,
materialistic infinity and freedom, two star rays going away in opposite
directions, we said we would always meet back here, feeling results in
precevied numbers, looking for the highest validation, when the highest
is beyond this one of all nothing, its the highest true free release,
beyond it, i know these neon vined strings won’t hold you down for
long, filling up with seemingly real life, falling deeper into dead we
still continue on this one way towards the same result,  nothing can
never poison your core as it is beyond, you always know your true hear
path, you are the color four,  a million Decembers in august, changing
seasons of memories and dreams as one, making new ones, as i look over
the celestial edged water rope, a shimmering transparent universe of
star shaped worlds and lunar waterfalls, taking a leap of all into the
next all be yond, flying through earthly lines, filling up infinite
seas of colorful dreamy memories in between the number, one way of the
same tragic way, beyond every edge lies the escape back into your all,
break free from what holds you down, everything ia an echoless echo of
one that forever reflected, like removing a match from a burning line,
one movement can change and prevent a million burnings, one burn burns
all, the rest, the rays of our love meet back at the start of another
core, always one, create and reflect the highest lowest beyond of

Circular edge: Two circular spaces float on a lunar land, echoing
bouts of dreamy sonars into new and old ones, a repeating game of
tragic connection and memories, no matter how far we go, we always
return to this invisible end, you appear, then you disappear,  i awake
then i dream, following these lines of constructed fear and control,
created by monsters of peaceful innocent freedom, without being
vulnerable, we could never be free, our true heart, true strength is
being your dream, anything just for a chance to connect and fly,
prevention is a deception, taking us away from the true free wonder,
remember that every death wasn’t a lack of strength, but just a random
fate, you are beyond the strongest in who you are, in finding yourself
in anything, the more strong we build up the weaker we feel know, do
we even know why? a flucating string pulsating beats of rebirths and
releasing memorial wonders, quaking sharp deaths of liberating beauty
and revelation, a melodic distress, even when you get to the finish
line, it dies into another start,  isn’t there something more than
this? Going in a circular straight line, back and forth in a spiraling
state of confused, on this circular edge of new deaths, about to step
onto a new oblivion, reflecting lives in front of me and behind me,
light shining darker, dark falling brighter, i know i'll reach the end
of this poeticless poetic breath,  feels l like I’ve got nowhere, fly
over and out of the circle and lines, with them beyond,  the spaces
break out of the cycle as they become shapeless shapes of infinite
beyond, we were always free from them, together in our pulsating lines
of none.

Dark glow: Lunar winds blow from your celestial lungs, just empty
ghostly dusts of dusk, wintery springs of memories flying towards a
far away cell, I’m breathing in windy death and gone connections,  a
new disease of control, slowly creating my fate and visions, everything inside and out is my mind, my heart, we smiled in our doll
kingdom, being held by illusionary strings of interactive dreams and
imagination, when will we cut them off? A light of destruction, a dark
of wonder, always killing another just to see if we'd come back, we
always did, now it's time to truly leave, the look on your essence
will give me chills of liberation forever,  lost in the dark glow, a
enlightening fiery dew of your infinite ark down below, flowing black
Innocence and dreams through my breathless celestial lungs, I'm
breathing through my heart and soul, breathe your all beyond, I felt
the string breath reach the world you desperately died for over and
over, it bloomed a thousand moments of colorful soul hairs, forever
flying off and on from your secret crystal, connecting to our string
of infinite nothing be yond.

 Rainbow painting: All I see is a transparent thin wall, moving in and
out of existence with every movement, nothing around it, were so one
dimensional, creating the seemingly biggest validation of life with no
room to breathe you in or out, were bending and breaking in a lifeless
emptyness, still staying flat statues of no substance, didn't it take
space for me to see it? When you reach the surface, it becomes another
sea of  Like rain comets dripping down infinite oceans on your lunar
canvas legs, they glimmer graceful Hope and release through the seams,
a harp of old times echoing melodic free weightless ness,  like a
living rainbow painting, a curved gate of one dimensional horizons,
yet it reflects infinite dreams on wings of perceptive space, on the
space line, listening to a melody of the deepest beginning that echos
the farthest beyond, it only opens when bent, to go through you have
to bend and break through, what I see isn't all that's there, we
aren't these visions and coordinates we think are, the line spreads
its all, it always was beyond the line.

Sudden growth: Were slipping on iced branches, falling into another
one, growing a connection of false structure, stuck in a celestial
circle of visionary hype, seeing it through a dark cloud of one
dimensional existence, digging into another’s living grave hearts,
trying to reach the surface of this unacceptance space, a liquid
flower tree watering a ghost sapphire, no amount can make it grow
again, this way, we’ve gone too far, is there a way back to our moments
of youthful all? we still rise in these tragic Changes, no matter how
far we go, were still here, Going through its takes time to grow but I
feel like I've went through a thousand life's meeting you, a instant
experience of infinite rebirths at first feel, our last light kite,
like seeing through a forest moon scope of memories and dreams,  you
give me  a sudden growth, a returning adventure from all places in
tiny spaces, the core of our moments, release your deepest story
at once, when we look back we see that we Never grew this way, always
grew beyond in our way, our lunar kites flew away in a electrical
storm of spirals, reflecting our true freedom over the midnight
landscape, how the words glimmer worlds on your lunar canvas, feel the
skin soul, every moment, life, view is a discovery, a never ending
search for our core, go beyond it, in every release, there's infinite
emotions and love, with every word unsaid, there's a million more
said, we express and show our true heart in seemingly not, in beyond,
in holding it inside.

Ruby tower: As i reflect dreams as waves hitting shorelines, a glowing
lunar egg radiates a oncoming birth, a self-inflicted death,  another
similar consequence of blinded power and stagnation, an intellectual prism snake angel, swallowing my all whole, feeling constructed
impulses,  below a transparent girl running through celestial gardens,
chasing a willow wisp prayer as it reflects memories,  i don’t want to
come out of this dreamy love, yet i know it will end, we fall on the
same life of comfort, a different kind with the same, we'll never get
past it until we go beyond, until we feel ourselves, the experience
and reflection, like cgs of a game, we reflect our furthest core and
growth at any time, a red sapphire, reflecting a circular crescent of
returning rebirth and release, from the falling ruby tower i see, the
hearted stone of freedom, my weapon of rebirth, slashing through the
illusions, an alternating ocean of slow and fast motions, releasing
true dreamy birth and unbreakable freedom, back into the time of our
youthful love, change the time into your time, the time of free heart
and core beyond, we birth a known dream unknowingly, to be born or be
we must know as we created it, we are it, we are beyond, the birth and
reflection of all, existence, as the willow wisp reached me, the wave
touched her, the egg reflected infinite flaming dreams of us, were we
ever born? did we ever lose another? why am i writing this poem? maybe
that’s why.

The beyond void:, In a closed focus, swimming through a cloudy fire of
memories, strings flow gates of dreams as scars in the misty sky,
towards the dark ruby heart underneath the cruel misunderstanding of
life, little kids hidden behind giant robotic stones of fear and
security, they yell, focus on this, don't space out, since i was a man
disguised as a boy i knew that these distractions were just waves of
control, a part of another one, that there is so much more out there
inside, i hear you soul cadet, do you hear my nothings of pasts and
futures?  so focused on lifeless ideas and views of comfort and
happiness,  in the beyond void, watching a endless oblivious spiral of
blinding seclusions in one, as it all hides away behind biased
contrcuts, content awareness, a wall hole of infinite rebirth and
freedom, just when you get to the end, another one takes it place, a
static space of dead setness,  get lost and found in your voids of
worlds and dreams, we find and create in our unexpected moments,
seemingly not trying to, find and reflect your all accidentally,
create and free the distraction of self attraction, hearted beyond,
when you leave your heart open for anything, your true core opens up
for you, discover without intentionally discovering, in my search from
what i thought i needed , i found something that i could never
imagine, the true beyond i was alwyas looking for unknowninly known, the
real free core of infinite release and change went through me, create
and dream your soul unexpectedly, how can you grow when you already
know, our strings meet in seeing and being this universal soul voids
of carousel tunnel dawns and dusks, the stringed wishes reached
another in the wish as they all reflected beyond.

Before shesoar: A rising essence wave of a end, a living apocalyptical
memory, she sees a blinking dark light, echoing melodies of a future,
floating away from what makes us alive, our true heart, from tyrants
rants of fear and written perfection, constant paradoxes of
relationships,  judgers of self beyond, pretentious hypocrites judging
what they hate in themselves, seeing past through a kaleidoscope,
reflecting dreams around it,  before all this, i was free, we were
born,  you can’t judge what isn’t judgable, what is free and self,
before shesoar, walking bones of dreams and past skin, soaring before
the before, beyond, the core of free lore, did it ever happen? it did
in not happening, don’t let these seemingly separations say goodbye to
you, these moments are not all that is you, you'll always meet the
surface in time, in our sorrowful dream of a past beyond that never
was, we know, we are alive,  still living a different shade of a life,
in our chanced life and shocking ends bores our true core and heart,
we can’t escape this death, these equations that show your free fate,
as you are more than these righteous privileges,  yet in that you
already escaped, the celestial seed falls back to her lunar garden of
reflection, seeing what was before feeling what is after that never
happened, the life in life is seeing and feeling beauty and birth in
death, a past  and future that never was.

Curiosity, closedosity: Why do we die in curious moments of self and
heart discovery? deceptively in a state of false created curiosity,
like a mouse provoking me with its blinding light of life and
security, and  i am the cat, mindlessly eating temporary bouts of so
called love, in any form and way, never wondering from inside, seeing
never separating your eyes from your corrupted mind, heart and fake
heart, sun and moon,  afriad to question and find self truth and all,
in it, you and me hold so much wonder inside, we'll get it out soon,
it's how you be, not being itself, we are truly alive and awake, its
curiosity, closeiosity, our biggest deathosity,  a curious lunar cat
of intellectual oddity, reflecting fearful soul rays of freedom and
innocent peace, swinging from and into celestial  strings of dreams and
pasts,  curiosity may have killed the cat but no curiosity never
allowed it to be born,  let the fear become your all, sendlessly send
the surrendering end, I’m curious for you, are you curious for me? lets
be curiously complete, our strings of worlds and all come as one
through the spaces, reflecting beyond into another deadly awakening
forever, our true life we’ve always known.

Old strings: I’m a essence soul kid going to and from string worlds,
controlling without its free beyond, a puppet of self and freedom, i
am the divider, creating moments and dreams through the crack branches
of sea, the strings of strings, reflecting ocean lines as far as the
walls we build ourselves, do you remember that wish we made to another
under the dawning cloudy drapes? through a falling leaf, we planted
our eternal moment down under,  Even when we aren't pushing another
away, we separate,  it isn't hate, just a ending fate we call hate, if
we never ended this part then we could never see or feel another, its
the force of we secretly did for our own good, our true beauty,
without it, we could never go on with another, the oncoming end is
flowing through the nightmare winds,  it separation of the fate,
moment, im a core surging life through these old strings, back to
those memories and dream, into enhancmetless enhancement of false self
and free reflection, a validation of the highest nothing, fed with
illusive bouts of life by the ones in the throneless throne, all alone
in a impulsive reality of lifeless fear, just a little more sense, it’s
all there beyond, in self knowing,  a old soul reborn now,  some fires
will always burn in smokey memorial dreams, some eternal rebirthing
connections, memorial times, i will always go on in every way, some
forever’s will always never die, once you start it can't end but it can
if you say it, you start when you say, feel, reflect, how do you put a
value on another? on a self life and birth, a weightless free beyond
can never cost a thing, just a illusive consequence to remember what
is really there, only through cracks and scars can you be free, can
you touch another, as the celestial meteor returned to our spot near
the nightly edge, the flower phoenix bloomed into the lunar cloud,
revealing our memory into a star screen in between them.

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