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Carl was about to enter in his car, he bought some beers in a convenience store. The store was just beside the busy street. It was nine in the evening and the weather is cold, after the rain pours.  He was about to open the door, but he notice a girl on his right side.

The girl walks fast and out of her mind. The girl looks good in her white jeans and blue blouse. But her face is pale and stressed. She suddenly runs into the center of the road and stops.

Carl got shocked from what the girl did. He saw a truck that is in rush towards the girl. "Bullshit!" He mouthed. Carl quickly thinks a suicidal attempt. 

The girl raises her arms up to the level of her shoulder. She is willing to hit by a ten wheeler truck. The truck repeatedly horns for the girl to get out of the way. But the girl doesn't care. 

Carl drops the plastic bag which contains the beers that he bought. He quickly runs towards the girl to save her. He knows it, suicide.  The screeching sound of tires shows that the driver tries to stops the rapid run of the truck. But because of its speed it might hit the girl before it stops. 

With full force, Carl jumps in to the girl to save her. Fortunately he reaches her before the truck breaks her. He pushed the girl out of the way. But the truck hits Carl's knee as it passed by. Carl held the girl before they fall and roll on the road. After a couple of roll they stopped, and the girl was on top of Carl.

Carl tries not to mind the pain that he felt from falling. But his knee was starting to get hurt. The girl's face was buried on his chest and lies on top of him. When she gets conscious, she rolls over and sits on the ground.

She was puzzled on what happen. She can't believe that she was alive. Her heart breaks as she stares at the man lying on the road just to save her. She's worried on him. 

Carl tries hard to get up. He gets on his feet even if his left knee was in pain. The girl look at him and their eyes met. "She's pretty" He said to himself. He holds the both shoulder of the girl to help her stand. They move into the center island.

"Are you crazy?!" He was annoyed.

The girl stares at him with a blank face. He creased his forehead waiting for an answer. 

"Maybe" The girl said.

"You wanna die?" Carl ask

"Of course! Yes! You really ask" She's annoyed

"Wow! It's you. It's what you want. But, if ever you have a big problem you should not kill yourself… It's never the answer" Carl said

"You don't know… anything!" Her eyes get wet and tears was about to flow in her eyes. "I'm very… very… very tired"

Their attention was captured by the truck driver who is walking close to them. "Anyone get hurt? Come on! I'm going to bring you to the hospital"

"I'm okay" The girl said, and then she looks at Carl who was trying to ignore the pain. "Ask him"

"I think you need some medical attention boy!" The driver said loudly. He taps on Carl's shoulder.

"Nothing to worry sir… just some light scars" Carl said.

"Well. Good. I have to go now. My truck blocks the way" The man said.

The driver walks toward his vehicle. After a few steps he pauses. He turned to the two. The man looks at Carl and locks his eyes to the girl. 

Carl got shocked when the man transform into a demon. His face was dark and has two horns in both sides of his forehead. The demon's body was covered by a black smoke that encircle to his body. The demon's eyes are blazing as he locks his stare at Carl. His fangs show as he opens his mouth. The girl holds tight in Carl's arm. She feels afraid of the demon. 

Carl got frightened by a sudden show of the demon. But he fights the fear. Non-human creatures were normal into Carl's eyes. He was a psychic and a former assassin of huge group of cult.

The demon turns his head forward and walks away. In a second, he morphs back into a man. A black smoke flew into the air.

"Did you see him?"  The girl asked. There was a sound of fear in his voice. 

Carl nodded. Their eyes met. "She was disturbed" He thought.

Carl holds the girl's hand and walks to the side of the street. They stand beside his car. The girl feels pity on Carl because he can't walk properly. She feels ashamed because of the people that keep on eyeing at her.

"I think it's better if I'm gonna take you home" Carl offered. The pain he felt on his knee mirrors on his face.

"Uhmm.. No thanks… I'll just get a taxi" She said. "And I'm ashamed on you" 

"I'm just worried on you, after what I saw.… Come on"

"Do you have a third eye?" She asks.

He hesitates. "Uhm... Yeah… Something like that"

"I'm afraid that I might implicate you" 

"Don't worry about me. I'm used to it" He held her shoulder and smile. The girl also smiles at him, she blushed

"Come on… I'm gonna get you home" Carl offered.

"Okay" She smiles. Her face and mood lightens. "Thank you"

While on the ride, the girl was silent. Her head leans on the window of the car. She was sitting in the passenger seat. The demon might do more something on her. Her worst nightmare.

"Are you still afraid?" Carl asks. The girl turns on him.

"I'm always afraid on him" She said. "Sir"

"By the way… I'm Carl… And you?"

"Melissa" Smile lined on her lips.

"Nice to meet you Melissa" They shake hands.

Melissa smiles timidly. "You almost get killed because of me… I think it's not nice"

"What important is you didn't hit by that truck"

"I'm just desperate to free myself on him… But… Thank you Carl" For almost two years she felt safe against the demon. She knows it's just a short period of time. She didn't even know if the man beside her would still want to see her again.

"Don't be scared" He said. "I'm here"

She smirked. "You will leave me" All of her friends leaves. Since they've known that she was disturbed by a demon. 

"I will make a way to help you. It's a demon"

Melissa can't explain what she feels while she was with Carl. Her heart throbs abnormally. She's taking glances at Carl's face. She takes advantage while he looks straight at the road. 

"He's very handsome. My God!" She thought. Her heart pound faster every time she looks to the man beside her. She forgets her problem for a moment. A disturbance that is destroying her life for so long. Sweet smile came back to her lips.

Melissa was captured by Carl looking at him.

"Oh… Why?" Carl asks. Melissa shakes her head in denial. She felt ashamed. She blushed. It is because of Carl's eyes stick on her face. Carl forgot that he was driving. Her body felt numb while they drown their selves looking at each other.

"Eyes on the road!" Melissa suddenly said. "Be careful" Carl turns his eyes on the road.

"You like me" He stated. 

"Oh.. Wow!" Melissa can't think what she had to say. "You're over thinking about me.. huh" She laughed.

"Just kidding. I just want to see you smile" He creased his brow and smile. "It's nice to be with you"

"Oh yes I'm a nice person…" She cut off, when Carl turns to her. Her heart pounds wild again. "I can make you happy"

He chuckled. "You're different" He winks. "By the way… How old are you?"

"I'm twenty two… And you cutie?" She said

"I'm twenty six pretty girl" He answered. "You look matured"

"Uhh yeah… I noticed… It's the demon's fault. I look old. He keeps on disturbing me in my dreams. I can’t have a good sleep" She frowns. "I'm afraid to sleep".

Carl feels pity on her. "I can help her. If I do it. I got to do it quick. And leave" He thought. "Incubus" He said.

"Yah… It's incubus" She reply. Sadness crosses on her face.

They entered in a high class subdivision. The address she said to him. Carl was impressed. He was amazed when they stopped in front of the house of Melissa. 

"Wow!… Your house is so big" He turns to her.

"Uhm... We own a company" She smiles. "That's the reason"

"Oh I see… You are a millionaire's daughter and you want to end your life?" He was puzzled. "You have a good life. Don't waste it"

"That was before" She fake a smile. 

He gets out of the car and opens the door for Melissa. She gets out and stand in front of him. Carl closes the door while his other hand was on the roof. Melissa was in prison between his arms.

"So… We have to separate now" He said

"I feel sad" She frowns. This is the first time that she felt safe. "I'm happy when I'm with you. Even if we had just met. You make me happy for a short period of time"

"Really?" Their eyes locked

"Yes its true" She smiles. Her face felt hot. Her heart pounds wilder as he sticks his eyes on her. "I feel safe when I'm with you"

"We're still going to see each other… right?" He said. Carl holds her both shoulders to comfort her.

"Thank you so much Carl" She sighs. "You stopped me from my craziness. If you did not came to stop me. For sure, my family will be mourning me tomorrow"

"It's nothing to me… Just promise that you are not going to do it again" He comb her hair behind her ear. The tickled on her face rush to her heart. 

"Never… I promise" She shakes her head while smiling.

"You're cute" He smiles.

Melissa taps Carl's chest. "I'm not" She wrinkled her nose. "His chest was firm" She thought.

"I think it's time to enter in your mansion and have a rest" He removed his one hand from her shoulder while the other was on her back to guider her from walking. "I hope you're not hurt"

"I'm okay" She can't hide her happiness. They walk up to the front of the gate. They face on each other.

"Good night Melissa"

"Same Carl" She steps forward and kissed Carl on the cheek. "That kiss means, more on saying thank you" She blushed.

Carl was shocked from that kiss. His heart makes a one big pound and repeatedly beats faster. The kind of heartbeat that he never wants to feel anymore. He doesn't want anyone or girl to be killed again because of him. His old group was chasing him. But Melissa needed him. 

"Welcome… You are not just cute, also sweet" His smile reaches up to his eyes. He pointed his open palm to the gate.

"Bye Carl" She waves her hand. Carl also waves his hand.

Melissa turns back and walks to the side of the gate. She taps her finger in a small screen. The screen opens. She was about to input her password when Carl called her. 

"Melissa" Carl called.

She quickly turns and walks near to him. "Why?"

"Can I get your number?" He asked

"Sure" She was thinking about this before she turns back earlier.

Carl give his cellphone to Melissa. After she typed her number she quickly gave it back to Carl. "Call me" she said

"I will" They both smile. After a few seconds of staring at each other. "Close your eyes" Carl said. 

Melissa wondered, but she obeys. Carl holds her hand, while his other hand goes on her head. He put his two fingers at the side of her forehead. Carl closed his eyes. They stay in that position. After less or more thirty seconds, he released her. 

"What did you do?" She was wondering.

"I do that… For me to enter… In your dream"



I was in the basement and waiting for the elevator to open. As the door opens, there are two women kissing. They look hot and beautiful. They keep on kissing like they don't care about the world. The other women glance at me.

I am tired and in pain. I badly need a rest. I was annoyed because they just stay inside. I decided to get inside and let them do their sexual business. They were at the back, and I am in front. They moan in pleasure.

They let out a loud moan. I think they were at the height of their pleasure. I heard them chuckled. I get startled when I feel some one hug me from behind. She kissed me on my nape. It was deep. It gives me a sexual sensation. I suddenly like it. The other woman walks in front of me and kiss me on my lips.

I was delighted, that's why I did not bother to argue. The girl behind me search for my dick. It was hard. I get hornier because of the healthy boobs that press on my body.

Suddenly the lights turn off and the elevator stops. The two women giggles, they're enjoying their show. The woman in front of me unbuttons my polo and undresses me. I feel their hands caress my muscular body. They've get hotter and sweeter.

I pull the woman in front of me and kiss her on her lips. We've exchanged kisses. Hot and deep. My dick gets harder. The girl behind me is enjoying choking my dick, moving up and down. Moan fills the dark elevator.

I step forward until the girl leaned her back in the door of the elevator. I kissed her deeply; it heightened the tension of our lust. She moans as I planted kisses on her neck while squeezing her breast. Moans of pleasure are the only sounds that can be hear inside the dark elevator.

I lifted her skirt and put my hands inside her panty. I gently rub her cunt. I can see the bliss on her face even its dark. I turn to face the woman behind me, I was shocked.

My eyes widened as I stare in to the red eyes of the woman. It's flaming and blazing. As I face the other girl, they are the same. Goosebumps. They laughed, they're voice is tiny. Like a witch. I felt nervous. Something wrong. Suddenly my eyes open. I wake up. It's just a dream, maybe a nightmare. I'm still in my car in the parking lot, in the basement of my condo.


I was lying in my bed and still thinking what happens earlier.  "If ever you have a big problem you should not kill yourself… It's never the answer" Carl says to me mark on my mind. I know he's right. Suicide is never the answer.

Maybe he is the answer to my problem. And he came to the time when it's not yet too late. I had hope, when he says that he is going to help me. But his life might be in danger because of me.

The demon is too strong. My father had sought for help from different people, exorcist, priest, faith healers and many other paranormal personnel. They all failed. Days later, we receive a news that some of them died. Disturbance of incubus was not easy to handle. Because it is going to attack you in your dream. Wherein my mind and body was unconscious. I can never fight him in my dreams. 

The demon can do anything that he wants in me inside my dream, my nightmare. He can play me, scare me or even kill me. He was the devil in my dreams, the king in my nightmares. 

"Should I accept his help?" I feel restless in my own bed. That guy makes me smile. It felt like a thousand years since the last time I smile, happy. Why do i feel this way? My heart jumps up to my throat when I was in prison between his arms.  My heart thrills in happiness as I remember the moment that I was on top of him. "I want to see him again".


My day past thinking if I will be going to help her. My situation is complicated. If I used the ring, Leopold might find me again. I already have a quiet life in this place. It's almost a year since I stay here. 

I busy myself in arranging the display of items in my jewelry store. But the girl occupied my mind. I feel pity on her. 

While driving back home I already decided.

I will.

I rush in to my room. I open the cabinet and get the small box inside the pocket my leather jacket. The box contains the ring that Master Leopold Pierre gave me. He was a business magnate, legal and illegal business. And he was the leader of the cult. He adopted me. 

I suddenly remembered what he told me when he gives me this ring. "I give you this ring to protect you from bad and dark elementals. This ring holds strange power."

"It will extract your hidden ability. I know that you have a unique ability, that's why I am giving this to you. Take care of this, it is one of the most important thing that I inherit from my father"

I wear the ring in my left hand. I suddenly feel a strange force that encircles around my body. I feel cold. I close my eyes for a while, and when I open it, I started to hear voices. Different voices. Seeking for help. Some are angry. 

A woman appeared in front of me. She wears a black long dress. Her face is filled with anger. Her stare is like a dagger.

Our eyes locked. After a moment she disappears. I am not afraid because I already wore this ring before. I have seen many creepy creatures. But the worst thing is, I'd never been encountered a demon.

Creatures from other dimension appear. They are in every corner of my room. I just stand and watch them. After a while. "Do not disturb me! Or else all of you will be in trouble!" I shouted.

After I shouted on them, they disappear like a bubble. My body feels heavy and weak. I walk through my bed and lay down until I fell asleep.


I was breathing hard because of endless ran. I was in a dark abandoned building. Alone. I get inside and out from and different rooms. The demon is chasing me, and I am doing my best to escape him. Even though I know that he managed this world.

"Fuck I'm here again!" I said to myself.

After a couple of minutes of staying in the dark room. I decided to run again. When I get in to the hallway I was shocked in horror. There is a black pig in front of me. It was a few meters away. The light turns on and off. The pig and light frightens me.

Every time the light turns off. I can see the glaring stare of the pig. It's eyes is red. The pig makes a deafening sound. It roars like a monster.

"Shit!… Incoming!" 

I quickly turn and run away from the pig. I ran fast. I had to wake up from this nightmare before he caught me. I am almost near to the end of the hallway, I had to turn left. 

But before I reach it, the surrounding suddenly changed. I was now running in the dark forest. The demon can control everything in this world. I can be running naked if he wants to. But the demon cannot control me. My fear is eating me but I had to be strong. I am suffering for so long. I need to keep going on, and fight for my life. Hoping one day everything's going to be alright.


I wake up in the dark forest. I can hear the sound of the bats roaming above me. I stand and feel the surroundings. I got shocked and jumps backward when I saw a big cobra in front of me. Its position is ready to plant its venom. I slowly steps backward as I keep my on the cobra. I was hoping that it will not follow me. And I'm lucky.

"I did it… I am here now Melissa" I said to myself. "Fuck this place!".

It felt strange inside her nightmare. I don't know where to go because of darkness. I feel nervous even though I am used to see creepy creatures. Maybe it is because I am not in real world, that's why I feel this way. One thing, I have no idea what can Incubus do.

'I'm worried for her. I don't know what is happening to her right now'. Based on my previous experience in intruding a dream. The dreamer doesn't ​still know that I already gets inside his or her dream. She can't see me even if I'm in front of her. Unless I shout.

"Melissa" A name that repeatedly run in my mind, and my heart wants to find.

The forest is wild and lots of trees. I just walk around trying to find her. I walk. Walk. And walk. Hoping to find her quickly. But it's hard. 

From a distance there was a big tree. It was bigger than the others. There was a woman walking around the tree. She's naked and has a perfect shape. She looks alluring, and I can't stop myself to go near her. I stand close to her. She looks so sad. She keeps on walking encircling the tree. I'm feeling horny. She is now walking back to me again. I want to touch her. If I did, she will see me.

"No!" My mind shouted. I realized that it was a trap. Oh my God! The demon almost caught me. I turn back and walk away from the woman.

"AAAHHHHHHH!" I heard a woman shouts. The voice sounds familiar. Is it her?

I quickly run to direction where I heard the voice. I am hoping that she was Melissa.


I was running fast and I stumbled. My head hits on the ground. I'm feeling dizzy. But I try my best to get up quickly. I am feeling tired, but I still need to run. I want to run. Damn that pig! That demon. I will not give him easily what he wanted. I can escape. I need to wake up to get out from this place.

Sometimes I look back while running for me to see if the pig was near me. I know that pig is the demon. I can't see him from behind. After I look behind, I look forward. I suddenly notice a big hole on the ground. It's too late for me to stop. My heart froze, as I stop myself from running. I'm at the edge of the hole. The hole was deep and dark. My foot slides due to the momentum. I fall on the hole.

Before I fell reach for the plant on the edge and cling on it. "Help!" I shouted. Even if there's no one that will help me here. I was hoping that I was shouting too in my bed so that my sister can wake me up. I was whimpering and shouting. The plant was near to be broken. After a while, I fall to the deep dark hole.


Carl saw her before she falls. He runs fast to reach her but it’s too late. She didn't see him because he was at her back. He stops at the edge of the hole. He is full of regret upon looking down the hole. "Sorry" He said to himself.

Melissa falls directly to a chair in front of a table. The table is full of delicious foods, and wine. There was a candle in the middle of the table. It serves as the only light in the dark room. Her white nightdress has lot of stains.

Melissa hears sounds of footsteps that are walking near to her. The demon appears as he reaches the beam of the candle. He only wears ragged pants. He walks close to the table and sits in front of her. 

"Eat now Melissa" He said. His voice is like an angry tiger. "I know you're tired from running.

Melissa remained silent and glares at him. Deep inside her is filled with fear. "Wake up" She repeatedly says to her mind.

With no doubt, Car jumps on the hole. He hits hard on the ground and rolls a couple of times. He endures the pain and force to stand. He immediately notices the beam of the candle from afar. He finally saw her.

Carl walks near to them. He was feeling nervous. Because he doesn't know what will happen next if he show up. He stands in the middle of the rectangular table. When he looks at her he feels how afraid she was. He also notices how beautiful she is.  Different from the one he met. 

"Please…. Let me go" She begged. Tears fell from her eyes.

The demon takes the glass of wine and throws it on her. But before it hits her face, the glass breaks. The broken glass splits and fell on the floor. But the wine threw on her face. 

Carl gets angry on what he saw. He feels pity on Melissa. She suffers too much.

"Don't ever say that again!" The demon shouted. His voice is filled with anger.

"I am much willing to die than to live in this dark world with you!" She sarcastically said. "I don't want to be your toy!" She sobs

"I rule now your world Melissa, you're mine. I don't care on what you feel. You are my pleasure" He laughed. "Just accept your dark fate. Surrender your soul on me and we will live forever. I can give you all you wanted" He stands and walks near to her. He holds her face and force to face him. "Worship me" He stare at her with his big red eyes. But Melissa turns her face to the other side. She doesn't want to look at his scary face.

"Fuck you!" He slaps her hard for being impolite. Her face gets red. She cries.

Carl was waiting for the perfect timing to show himself. He can't use the extra strength that ring gives him. Because it was blessed under the demon's name. It has no effect on demons. 

The demon throws the table with his one hand. He dragged Melissa towards the dark. She protests, because she knows what's going to happen next. 

Carl follows them.

Melissa tries hard to let out from his grip. They walk in to the dark until she found out that they enter in a prison. A torch in the wall is the only light in the room. It was a medieval prison room. 

The demon throws Melissa in the wall. She groans in pain as her back hit the wall.  Suddenly, she found out that she was handcuff on each side of her arm. The cuff has chain and attached to the wall. 

Carl stands on the open door of the prison, feeling afraid on what will the demon do to her.

Melissa's white night gown changed in to a red negligee. The demon loves to see her like this. She was protesting against ​the handcuff. Hoping that she will wake up from her nightmare. Before the demon molest her again.

The demon knelt in front of her. He holds her waist and licked her tongue on her legs. She cries. She feels dirty to herself. The demon wipes his tongue on each leg. After a while he licked her tongue up, moving to her cunt up to her waist. Until he reaches her breast and kissed her neck.

"Let me go!" She shouted 

He pressed his body against her. His mouth was on her ear. "I enjoy playing with you Melissa" He whispers. "Run!" He shouts

Suddenly she was release and run

"Run Melissa!… Run!" He shouted

Melissa ran towards the door where Carl is waiting for her. Carl thinks that this is the right time to show up. Before she passes the door, he shouts.

"Melissa!" He shouts. Her face lightens upon seeing him. Their eyes met. Carl takes his steps close to her. They were a few steps away from each other. When they reach each other Carl hugs Melissa. She felt safe again inside his arms.

The demon was shocked in Carl's appearance.

Carl released her and held her face. "Wake up!" He shouted. After that, Melissa slowly faded away. He was alone, with the demon.

They were face to face. The demon's face is filled with anger. Carl gets nervous. This is his first encounter with a demon. He encourage himself to be brave. Fear is not in his vocabulary at this time. 

"I know I am not strong enough to defeat you. I swear I can make a way to send you back to hell" He emphatically said.

"You meddler… You will pay!" The demon shouted.

The demon quickly disappears. Without a second he appears in front of Carl. Strong wind burst out. Carl gets terrified. The demon is levitating and his left hand was ready to choke him.

Melissa woke up from sleep. She sits on her bed. She was worried because Carl was left with the demon. She prays for Carl's safety. "Lord please protects him, help him to protect himself. He just wanted to save me" Tear pours in her eyes.

Before he eventually choke by the demon. Carl's hand clenched the demon's forearm. He hardly resists the demon's intention to choke him. Unfortunately the demon was too strong for him.

The demon chokes him.

The demon's sharp nails jabs into his neck. Carl almost stifles. He was hardly choking by the demon. He was protesting while holding the hands of his enemy.

"Feel my wrath" The demon angrily said.

Suddenly the jail was filled with fire. Carl gets frightened. Because he might get burn. He feels toasted in the middle of the fire.

The demon spread his wing. His wing was big and like to a bat. He forcibly flies up in the sky, while he chokes Carl with his one hand. The prison ceiling got broken. Carl is getting weak.

Jovie open the door of her younger sister's room to check her. She was Melissa's elder sister. Jovie saw her sister crying. She quickly walks near to her and hug her.

"Issa? Why?" She felt worried. "Don't cry… I'm here" She caressed her back. "Is it Vessago again… huh?" 

Melissa nodded.

"Carl… Sis" Her voice cracked, she sobs. "Carl"

"Carl who?" Jovie asked.

"Carl…" Melissa repeatedly said while crying.

"Issa stop… You're having a nightmare again" Jovie feels pity on her. She saw her sister suffers a lot of times. Sometimes she sleeps with her sister to watch her. She laid Melissa on her bed and gives her a hug. Melissa keeps on crying until she fell asleep. 

Jovie didn't leave her sister and sleep with her.

When the demon reaches the height that he wants, he forcibly throws Carl to the ground. Carl burst down to the ground. He was awakened as he falls. He forces himself to wake up to get back in real world. He doesn't want to hit the ground because it might really kill him. 

"Wake up!" Carl repeatedly shouted. He was close to hit the ground.

Carl opens his eyes before he eventually hits the ground. He wakes up lying on his bed. A figure on top of him shocked him.

The demon was on top of him, levitating. They were face to face. The demon screams out loud.


Heavy force pushed Carl against his bed. "AARRGHHH!" Carl shouted. Invisible force gives pain to his body. 

"In the name of Jesus Christ!" He shouted. "Minions of Satan!… Get out of my house!" Since he left the cult. He was baptist under the Catholic Church.

Vessago slowly faded away on top of him.


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