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Thank you, dear love for picking up IMPRINT ON MY HEART. Here’s thanking all those who helped me to write this book

I must thank my brothers, everything started just because of your support. It was you, who found that i had a great path in this field. I am also lucky to have your support from start tofinish. Hope I will satisfy your expectations.

Once again thank you my dear for coming into my life. Am sure that you won’t believe, it’s me writing a book. Anyhow it was all your memories that made me go ahead with my life.

I want to share something with you. With this book i am going to explain my love towards her.

The characters in the story

Adithya,Vidya,Rahul, Rahul’s Mom & Father, Pari (Vidya’s bro), Vidya’s mom & Father.

Prologue fun

I was sitting alone in my room, it was dark inside. I made a story for making a short film. Later I discussed with my brother, he said it was good. Then I thought of writing it as a book instead of wasting time. It was a difficult task for me to finish it and named it as IMPRINT ON MY HEART.

JOURNEY TOWARDS LOVE is a small fiction based on love. It shows various situations, that has brought changes to my life. It’s based on a typical South Indian boy named Adithya, who fell in love with typical South Indian girl named Vidya.


That was a fine day, Adithya and his brother was supposed to go to Pushkar to spend some time with his uncle during his vacation. And while boarding the train at chennai central to Jaipur. Train number 12967 Jaipur SF train was about to start on 17:40pm. Adithya sat inside the train and he was playing games in the mobile while his brother was waiting outside the train for someone.

Note: (Adithya will be referred to as I and Vidya will be referred to as She.)

Five feet, three inches is out of ordinary for an Indian girl. Her long neck, long arms, and long legs drew my attention towards her. I noticed that she had long beautiful fingers. And then later on only I came to know that its, my brother’s friend and she is also joining us for this trip.

I wouldn’t say I fell in love with her. I wouldn’t even say I felt attracted to her. But I felt something deep inside, strong enough for my heart to say, you have to talk to that girl atleast once .

"I don’t believed in reincarnation, but after meeting you, i am sure i must have done something right in my past." , I said to myself.

My brother introduced her to me, I thought that she came alone but her brother and her mother accompanied her . After a short introduction about her to me I said hello andshe replied hii with a beautiful voice. Voice..... What should I say about her ... her voice is like the sweet bellsringing. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I only wanted to figure out a way to talk to her a lil bit more. And it was around 7:30 ,time for dinner .we had dinner together and I kept staring her and all of the sudden she looked at me; she caught me staring at her.she walked towards me and asked what i am doing . I was just!!!!!Unable to believe my eyes oh vey !!!!!!! "Was she talking to me??? "I asked myself, she waited for my reply and i replied her back about me . And its time around 8:30 time to bed she such a beautiful girl in front of me, travelling with me for almost 5 hours and also to travel even more for 30 hours. I couldn’t sleep, I opened the window near me and I just controlled myself by not seeing her. But, I was not able to control my eyes from looking at her. I was planning on how to start the conversation with her tomorrow.

Early morning she woke up and looked me like she haven’t met me and that was the first she saw me. I wished her happy morning and then she came back to normal and she smiled and replied good morning. She went near themain door and I also went behind her. I stood near the door and started staring her and was also enjoying the chill breeze at the same time.

Slowly the chill breeze changed into hot weather because, its summer so we couldn’t able to think about the cool breeze in this season. I simply sat near the door step and enjoyed the trip. She went back to her seat and she had coffee, after sometime ‘Hey,’ The voice came from behind . Her perky voice startled me; I turned around. I had prayed this to happen. I and Vidya stood near the door step and was talking something rubbish, but that rubbish made was a pleasant conversation.

Around 12 and it’s time for lunch Adithya, Rahul (Adithya brother), Vidya, her mom& her bro all of us had lunch together. After lunch it’s time for play cards(ass) I, She, Rahul and Vidya’s brother we played,I enjoyed the moment with her playing cards sitting next to her. I couldn’t even imagine that i am playing cards with her that to I am sitting next to her the lovely moment for me. Most beautiful girl on the planet, owner of extraordinary eyebrows and speaker of wonderful lines, had yanked my heart out of its hiding place.

At this time one song comes to my mind

Idhayam urugi than karainthu povathaip


Naan parkkiren

Intha nimidam than innum thodarumaa ketkiren

Unnai ketkiren

Idhu enna indru vasantha kaalamaa

Idaiveli innum kurainthu poumaa

Ippadi oar iravu

Ada ingu vantha ninaivum marakkumaa....

Of course, I could not show it. I didn’t have the courage, nor would it be a smart idea.

I just enjoyed the journey with her and making some funny things to make her happy.

It’s a kind of confusion that Is she single? or committed?

How should I ask her directly? If she said yes, what will I do?

I just walked towards Rahul and asked him that is she has any crush on anyone, and he replied No.

And after hearing thismy heart beat was faster, and my heart said She 'sYours!!!!!

I just looked her Childish behaviour, soft nature, innocent character. I thought that I should not miss her in my life.

This journey made me most memorable one in my life. I enjoyed the train journey and never expected this will happen in my life.

I won’t believe Love at first sight but that time i realised the meaning of love at first sight.

You made me believe in soul mates.

And the thing is she also enjoyed the journey with me and Rahul.

(Rahul- what should I want to tell about Rahul he is my Philosopher, Guide, friend, Best brother I know well about him and he too know well about me. He helped me a lot in my ups and downs. He is like a person who will do anything for me. So I taught that he is the right person so I should go to him and I should say the thing that I love her.)

I walked towards him and asked him to come near Door. He guessed what I am going to say about and he reacted that he could not know anything about the matter. I explained him about the fell in love with her, he giggled and said that I know that you are in love with her,

And it’s was easy for me to explain him about my love.

He said that I will be there for you...... these words gave me the courage and I got confident that if any problem arises he will be there for me. I was strong enough to solve any problem in future. The night i looked up into the star and matched each one with a reason why i love you. I was doing great until i ran out of stars...

I love you with all my life,

But it’s not lie you will

Ever know.

It’s time for dinner we had our wonderful dinner in our last night in train and also had some fun in the train. All of them slept except me and my love we both were talking. That lovely movement i enjoyed a lot even, she too enjoyed. That night has went good, by talking to her. All of the sudden she went to sleep. I started doing my work started starring her. Running train late night sweet mood, the thing is that she is with me, that is enough for me.

Train journey came to an end, we reached jaipur at around 6 in the morning. We took cab to reach pushkar.

pushkar is a town bordering the thar desert. It is a town in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan. Pushkar is one of the oldest existing cities of india. It lies on the shore of pushkar lake. The date of its actual origin is not know, but ledgend association brahma with its creation.

Pushkar ha s many temples. Most of the temples are very old.

The prime attraction of pushkar is the pushkar lake which is considered sacred like Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. Pushkar has become a place of Hindu pilgrimage because of this holy lake. Our temple were located near the pushkar lake. The travel is almost 3 hours from jaipur station to pushkar. While travelling to pushkar from jaipur was like good road journey. Surrounded by mountains lakes etc etc etc...... it was not the first time to visit pushkar but, was first time to visit pushkar with the girl whom i love.

We reached pushkar temple by around 11 clock and went to see my uncle, whom i love most after my parents, he bought me a pack milkybar chocolates. Had some fun with uncle and had our lunch together with my uncle, aunty and brother. At the evening i went to temple with my brother, my brother introduced all his friends to me and i had a chat with them with my funny Hindi. Ya i am not good in hindi but can able to manage with the hindi i know, that’s the thing in me.

Ya that’s right i want to explain the home where we stayed in pushar, its like bech mey mandhir tha charo-hore Ghar tha uska picha bagicha tha one of lovely place in Rajasthan. There is one jain temple near our house, pushkar lake, gayatri devi & savitri devi hill temples. And the day gone with these.

Next day morning, after seeing her “you look wow”!!!! I complimented her looks and saw the stars twinkling in her eyes. Telling your girl how nice she looks will instantly pep up your partner, make right a bad day and best of all, make her feel truly loved and appreciated. She thanked me and just went of . i thought that these words will make a change in my life but it gone fail, its ok no worries one day she will understand my love.

In the evening of that day i saw her wearing chudi with long hair and the mole in her cheeks were soo cute!!!!! and i went near her and said “you are so beautiful” ( its like no matter how many times you have said it before, nothing compares to these simple words in conveying the depth of your love) ya little bit she understood the thing what i am going to say and she thanked me with her perky voice. Where there is love there is life,My mind said keep on trying and don’t miss her at any cost.

When i look at you, i sort of believe that god is biased, and puts in a bit more effort and time in making some people and luckly you are one amoung them, and even i am also lucky to have you in my life.

Waiting is the sign of true love and trust.

Why ? because everyone can say I LOVE YOU

But not all can say I'll WAIT FOR YOU

and this the thing in love i has to wait for her and her reply. The best relationship usually begins unexpectedly in this way she came in my life. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me.

And the days went by talking to her and chatting to her in message even though she will be sitting close to me but i won’t talk to her in person, but i will text her. That’s one kinda feel.

And the day arises,

I know it’s morning because i can’t hear the whir of the machines yet and because my heart is pound ring right of my chest. That’s how i woke up every day?? This the day i gonna express my love towards my her, this the feeling that every boy/girl will feel while expressing their love towards their partners. That feel i had felt now. Is it soo quick to express my thought to her?? I questioned, but my heart says if yu love someone just don’t hesitate to say to her, this words were running in my mind.

My mind asked the question that ?

I think it’s pretty obvious that if you just say “i love you” to some stranger they probably think that you are joking or worse. But this will not happen because m not the stranger said my inner voice. But how to propose a girl soo soon because we din’t know each other clearly even her birthday date? This question raised in my mind, m soo confused and my heart steps fast as m gonna participate in the track event and as if its time to hear the gun shot.

I just kept calm and sat near the staircase she crossed me as if she dint see me sitting near the staircase , you have made my dream come true. As i get butterflies in my stomach when you turn my side and smiles at me. You make my sadness disappear with your beautiful smile.

All of the sudden i went near her and started expressing my thoughts towards her ........

How it had happen even now i can’t understand???

Am i having guts to express my love towards the girl whom i love? But its okie what she replied?

I started expressing my love to her like,

I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

And the thing i said was i don’t know what you think of me but, after seeing you i think about you all the time.

(note these conversation will be in tamil because i want these conversation to be natural what had happened while proposing)

Me- hey vidya

Vidya- sollu adithya

Me- busy ah, un kita peisanum pesalama?

The conversation started in this way

Vidya – sollu da paravala

Me- na sollaraney nu kochikatha

Vidya -first yena nu sollu da

Me- yena nu therila unna pathathum oru madhiri aaitan

Vidya- oru madhiri na ??? yena madhiri puriyara madhri sollu adithya

Me- ella na unna love pannaran nu nenaikaran

Vidya- dai yena da oolara lusu madhiri peisatha da adhu lam onnum ella its just infatuation.

She replied

The heart beat was even faster then before, as if i was stuck in the lion’s cage.

Me- hoii ma serious ah dhan solran

IVidya - ella adithya adhu seripatu varathu

Me- yen seripatu varathu renduperum orey caste dhana

Vidya - adhu problem ella but see the age difference ne yene vida 5 months chinavan.

Oh my god!!!!!! I dint expect this twist from her. i lost the hope and, even i replied her like i m justifying that m correct.

Me- irukatum adhula yena iruku

Vidya- lusu madhiri peisatha adithya , adhu lam aathula othukamata.

Me- konjam yosichi sollu vidya lz

Vidya- idhula yosika onnum ella ma sry thappa nenaichikatha vidu intha thought ah erase this from ur mind.

I will go and find my ways and you go and find your ways.

It’s over now.

She said this and moved off.

I explained the matter which happened in the morning to Rahul. He said that leave da dnt worry for it oneday she will definitely realise your love and she will come to you, now forget about her and erase these conversation from your mind.

But It’s easyto Delete a number from ur mobile...

Or ignore a call..

But... it’s impossible to erase someone from your

Memories and life whom you loved most someday...

She brighten up my day every time i saw her.

This is my reply to him and i moved from that place

I still remember the words which rahul said to me while i was in depression

Failure is not the opposition of success,

It’s just part of success.

After hearing these words from him i got some kinda energy and also some hope.

I started waiting for her from that time with my hope that she will come to me one day .

We four (me,She,My bro and her bro) we played shuttle together.

And i can’t forget that lovely moment with her in my life .

We used to play shuttle in the evening and me and vidya will be pair in the team. I loved the moment and enjoyed a lot af that time.

Jab Rahul.. muje hour vidya kho chidathatha. Thab merey dhil me fhool kil uttha-tha hour soctha tha ki agar yey sach ojadatha tho acha lagtha. That movement will be like butterfly flying inside the stomach.

I am not well vesered in playing shuttle but vidya and rahul will play gud . i tried to play well to impress her but unfortunately i couldn’t . but she played well.....

I din’t tell this thing about her that is... vidya is an athlete, even i and rahul also an athlete.

I and used to go for track events and has won many prizes in SGFI (School Game Fedration of India). Rahul used to play Kho-Kho also and has went fo many district matches. Vidya was Represented from her school in 400 meters in district meet. This more then enough for an athlete.

Oneday we went to her school S B Gandhi Public and went to meet archana mam house. We spend some time in mam’s house and had some fun with them. Rahul and vidya spoked with mam in hindhi and i was like( vasanamey puriyalaye) that was my reaction in that moment.

Daily me and rahul amd his father will go to take bath in holy river called pushkar which is very famous river in Rajasthan. We (me and Rahul)n don’t know to swim but my uncle taught us how to swim and gave me good guidance for us. We used to play cricket in the morning hours with rahul friends and was enjoying every single moment.

Cricket....cricket....cricket that was the only sport i know in those days. We used to play street cricket, terrace cricket, will play cricket inside the room.

One of our favourite movie is Paiyaa we ( i and Vidya) will not forget that moie beause we watched the movie together and we used to sing the movie songs together. Her favourite song in paiyaa ada da mazhai da song . she loved that song and the other thing is on those days i used to remake some songs and will sing for her.... that was the ovely moments and best moments in my life........ she sings well also. I will listen her singing and will not disturb her in the middle of her singing.

At this time one song is coming to my mind

Vidiyal vanda pinnalum vidiyaadha iravu yedhu,

Poovaasam veesum undhan koondhaladi,

Ivvulagam irundha pinnum irulaadha baagam yedhu,

Kahir vandhu paayam undhan kangaladi..

Pala ulaga azhagigal koodi unn paadham kazhuvalaam vaadi,

En thalir malatae innum thayakkamenna

Ennai puriyatdhaa idhu vaazhvaa saava..........

This song is such a beautiful song composed by A.R.Rahman. the song stats that hero is waiting for the positive reply from heroine and so that this song is composed...

Why suddenly this song comes to your mind????

Ya i am also waiting for the positive reply from my love...

And the days passed like, i will share many things with her, she will also at the same time. Now she and me become close then before. The word hoi is the best word she liked from me.

When she crosses me i used to start conversation with the word hoi.....

While i am saying the word hoi i used to see her face, her face will became brighter then before... and her she will be blushing.... i don’t know why?? The word makes her fell brighter.

My heart feels like a bird talking off in the air every time you smile upon me.

Any time i start feeling low, i just think of you and i see smile on my in my face.

We used to play cards (ass) together and if she lose the match i will become more upset then her. and i will play for then after i finish my cards first. We used to eat pani puri at every evening together and gulfi too. She is a pani puri lover.. yes obviously!!! every girl loves to eat it but she is also one among them.

What’s the secret for looking more and more beautiful with each passing day??? I used to ask myself. Because i don’t have guts to ask her. yes she will not make this serious even though i can’t.

One day we four ( me, vidya, rahul and pari) we planned to go to Gayatri Devi temple which is located 2Km away from our house. It’s the hill temple we should climb the hills then only we will reach the temple. Rahul and pari climbed fast, me and vidya were little bit slow because she can’t able to climb the hill. I holded her hands and walked with her. that was the first time i holded her hands. Its like your hand fits in mine like its made only for me.

(Holding hands is like is a promise to her that what ever happens i will be there for you my love and i will never let you to face any problem, we both will fight together.)

She saw me and i saw her eyes... what a eyes man... some times eyes can say more than the mouth... i saw something new in her eyes which i never saw before.

Damn, your eyes. I love looking into those beautiful and powerful eyes....

I loved to be with her forever and my love has become even more stronger.

My heart says don’t miss her, don’t miss her..

And there was a conversation between me and vidya

Me- hoi

Vidya- enna da

Me- yena ma mudiyalaya.

Vidya- ella da paravala na varan yenala mudiyum

Me – mudiyala na sollu i will lift you from here to temple

She giggled at me

Vidya – idho paru da comedy pannatha summa va

Me – ella d na serious ah peisaran

Vidya – dai va da ippidiye kai pidichikitu

When she said that come with me by holding my hand!!!! My heart beats faster then ever and i was shocked and stunned. Is that was her reply???

My heart felt somethimg like how the sound of your voice gives me butterflies. How your smile makes my heart skip a beat and how every time i’m with you, i feel so complete. And finally we reached the temple together. we entered sanctum sanctorum that was really hot and we couldn’t withstand the heat. After few minutes we came out of the temple. Like the same we went back home by holding her hand.

Another she with her family planned to go to jaipur visit and i also wanted to join her for the visit but unfortunately i couldn’t join with her, that day was like i am unlucky fellow even i could’t get chance to go with her for the jaipur visit. I said this to rahul and cried, he could’t able to stop me and convince me. It felt like how unlucky fellow you are even you could’t have chance to go with her to jaipur. I scolded her because she left me alone, and she din’t take me to jaipur. Later i realised that are you mad? Why should i scold her? and i felt sorry for scolding her. men hate to cry, they rarely ever do. But when a man cries over you, i can guarantee he loves you. Because men only cry when they lose something or are afraid of losing something that they love much or more than themselves. and she reached pushkar after visiting jaipur by around 10:30pm. i was waiting for her near the staircase till she arrive. She came, she was so tired because she didn’t getenoughsleep. That’s one of the side effects i don’t get a good night’s sleep. I saw her with face full of tired and she felt like she’s all alone and only one trying... and she finally gave up, dropped the fake smile as tears ran down her cheek. After seeing this scene i was like everyone is sitting in the sunshile, while i drown in the rain in winter season. I hate seeing my mom crying. Not that i don’t love my dad, it’s just...i think i care more about my mom. As like that it feels me.........

And finally the day arise i should go back to Chennai with Rahul.... i was like overconfident that she will love me, but i wasn’t happened.

The last conversation with her

Me- hoi...

Vidya- sollu da

Me- ippo koodava unaku onnum thonala

Vidya- yen thonala you are a good friend of mine da i like you very much.

Me – but, i love you d

Vidya – na sollitan la love lam set aagathu nu please maranduru adithya

Me – yena d ippidi pannara

Vidya- yena na than appovey sonnan la love lam set aagathu nu ippo yena d pannara nu keta na yena sollanum.

Me – cha konjam overconfident ah irundutan d. Ne yena love pannuva nu , but unna maraca mudiyuma nu therila

Vidya – summa sollatha da Chennai ku ponathum ne yena maranduruva infact na unaku neyabagam kooda irukamatan

Me- appidi lam onnum ella pakalam yaru marakara nu okie bye na kalambaran

Vidya – ok da bye.

I gave her a hand shake and i moved off with my brother to jaipur station.

I cant able to forget her, the tears are rolling around my cheeks, i wiped away the tears from my eyes.. but... i can’t able to wipe the pain in my heart. I’ve learned, is really just love. It’s all the love i want to give but cannot. All of that unspent love gathers up in the corner of my eyes, the lumps in my throat, and in the hollow part of my chest, and the love with no place to go.

I miss her talk, her smile, her funny things which i loved most...

In this way the part of the story ends.................

IMPRINT ON MY HEART to be continued..............................

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