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Off With Their Heads, Part Five Of The Wonderland Series

Robert Hill

Copyright 2017 by Robert Hill

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Lupita Espinoza could hardly believe what Gebrihl had spoken into her mind. He described a place so perfect - perfect in every way for each and every individual - that all other dimensions could not compare.

It was paradise.

She took notice of the last rays of the sun glinting off the snowcaps of the Swiss Alps beyond her window view in the private train cabin while she rested her head against Bernie’s chest. In any other context it would have been the perfect romantic moment; a special moment that Lupita had always dreamed of having. There alone with Bernie, her white knight, cuddled next to him as the train rushed along through the alpine wilderness. It would have been perfect, except they were not completely alone, and the situation that placed them on the train was not an ideally romantic situation, either.

At least the private cabin kept them isolated from the other passengers on the train to some extent. Being accompanied by two extraterrestrials, despite their ability to make themselves invisible; it seemed a good decision to get a private cabin regardless the expense. Neither Lupita nor Bernie wanted to draw personal attention from their fellow travelers and have any sort of accidental detection of their otherworldly companions.

They were heading south to Venice to locate the nearest 'contactee'. Although neither of them were certain how they would precisely locate 'contactee #78', a Miss Sofia Scarpacchio - seeing as they did not even have her specific address - this seemed like their only possible chance if they were to return to Antarctica. The plan was simple, Bernie had said to her. Find the 'contactee', call Raul on the sat phone in Antarctica so he could activate the Mirror Anomaly, and then jump back - hopefully without anyone there realizing that they had both teleported halfway across the globe and back.

Bernie was sleeping, a gentle snore sounding to the slight heave of his chest with each breath. Lupita was listening to Gebrihl and Mikihl describe that other dimension in the universe from where they had come and so desired to return. The dialogue between them was calm, almost monotone, as they included her in their telepathic conversation. Yet she could feel an intense urgency coming from them, as if it was a newfound desire. No, not quite urgency, she thought. More like excitement over the possibility of finally finding what had been lost to them thousands of years ago on this tiny blue planet upon which they had been marooned. And now it seemed that their chance had come, thanks to the accidental discovery of the Mirror Anomaly found beneath several layers of Antarctic ice and snow.

'Yes, we are happy by the possibility of finally returning to our dimension,' said Mikihl, overhearing her thoughts.

Wonderland, she then thought to herself.

What they were describing seemed like a wonderland to her with its possibilities to have whatever you wanted becoming your reality. Lupita started to believe that perhaps she really was as Bernie had so often called her – Alice. It was appropriate, also, it seemed to her, seeing as how this whole adventure had started one day a couple of months ago when Bernie Skarpinski showed his face in her bathroom mirror in place of her own reflection. And then it wasn’t too much longer after that she literally fell through her own mirror, just like Alice in Wonderland, ending up in Antarctica where Bernie had been there on the other side with the alien’s recently uncovered device humans called the Mirror Anomaly.

Then things got really interesting after that when she decided to use the Mirror Anomaly to create another mirror portal connection, allowing her to escape from Antarctica in order to avoid having to return to Corpus Christi, Texas, with her abusive boyfriend, Raul, while at the same time pursuing a misguided infatuation with yet another Mirror Anomaly 'contactee' in Rothenburg, Germany. That’s where she became trapped when she learned that 'contactee', a man named Johann, whom she had become quite enamored with, was actually married. Rothenburg was also where she met the martianos, who seemed to think she – Lupita Espinoza – could help them get back to their place in the universe. It was a good thing Bernie had decided to jump through the same mirror portal connection in search of her, or else she would have been at a total loss as to how she would be able to help them get back to their home.

And what about this home the aliens described?

The way Gebrihl and Mikihl talked it seem more illusion than real. It was a place that was different to everyone, but perfectly different, they had said. When she asked Gebrihl to explain, the best she could understand was that it was something like heaven itself.

'Yes, Lupita,' Gebrihl spoke into her mind, his translucent, glowing form barely becoming visible to her in the dusk of the day. He was sitting across from her in the cabin, and although Mikihl remained unseen, she suspected he was sitting beside Gebrihl. 'As humans understand it,' he said, ' heaven would be a perfect description of from where we come. Picture in your mind the most ideal place in all of your world; that is what you would find in our dimension.'

'You mean like a quiet middle-class neighborhood with perfect families and perfect lives?' she said back to him through the use of her own mind.

In the past day since they had begun making their journey from Rothenburg, she had found that if she tried really hard she could communicate with the aliens in their fashion - by projecting her thoughts directly at them. It came as a shock to her that she could do this, but Gebrihl had not appeared astonished by this at all, merely stating to her that he had allowed his mind to be open to her, thus facilitating the connection.

'If that is what you picture as your own state of perfection, then, yes,' he replied. 'Perfect families and perfect lives would be your reality within our dimension.'

'Actually, I’m not sure what perfection would be for me,' she said, glancing away from the translucent beings sitting across from her.

And that much was true. Nothing in Lupita’s life had been perfect, especially now.

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