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Her Best Friend Forever

by Dreamweaver594

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While sitting on the back terrace watching the sunset with his wife Mieko, Kevin finally broached a subject that had long been dormant in the deep recesses of his soul. It was based on a deep-seated curiosity about women, and how they think.

Mieko was a very smart businesswoman he met in college his freshman year. It was a freshman mixer, one of those dreadful things that the college administration organized, sort of like a church social. Heavily chaperoned and lacking of anything that young students could use to get into trouble, like alcohol and libertine behavior.

Mieko stood off to the side, as Kevin did, not wanting to get too involved and therefore be labeled as ‘one of those people’, however one perceived it as being either good or bad. Actually, Kevin first noticed her in the reference stacks of the old library. He was totally smitten and looked for her at the mixer. He smiled to her and she reciprocated, thankfully. They started dating a month after their freshman year began, Kevin shared several classes with Mieko and it was clearly evident from his actions, that he was smitten. For that matter, so was she and by their sophomore year they were living together.

Mieko was always a little standoffish. She didn’t belong to a sorority or gather in the gossip groups that clustered around the lunch table each day in the student lounge. Labeled as ‘one of the smart ones’, she excelled in the math and science classes which propelled her to the top of her class, both in academics and scholarship, much to the chagrin of her fellow female classmates. Kevin always thought it was out and out jealousy; he wasn’t far off.

Kevin was a popular student, average in his academics, choosing to concentrate more as an artist and illustrator in the art department. He ‘got by’ in most areas other than art and graphics where he excelled. As a couple, Mieko and Kevin made an unlikely pair, nevertheless, they fell deeply in love and for most of their friends, they were considered inseparable.

After college, Kevin found a job in Columbus as a graphic artist, illustrating book covers for an up and coming publishing house. Mieko had her pick of entrepreneurial businesses flourishing in the city. She eventually settled with a ‘green company that was focused on innovative technology. She wasn’t a technician as much as she was a tremendous saleswoman. Unfortunately, that required travel on her part and it pulled her away from home frequently. However, Kevin was never far from her mind.

One lazy Friday afternoon they found themselves lounging on their terrace as trees swayed gently in the breeze and birds looped overhead in the constant search for the next bug sandwich.

"What's it like to be you?"  He asked sitting comfortably in a lounge chair on the terrace. He was gazing out across the backyard and watching the sun dance among the clouds as it slowly disappeared beneath the horizon. He glanced over at his wife. She’d flopped down on the fabric-covered lounger, her favorite chair, after she retrieved the wine bottle off the kitchen counter. Her raven black hair fell loosely from her head like a shimmering waterfall. Usually she tied it back or up but tonight it was radiant, just the way Kevin adored it. It framed a beautiful face with ruby lips and high arched eyebrows above eyes that captured Kevin’s heart the first time he saw her.

At first Mieko didn't understand the deeper implications of the question.  It had been a long day at the office and she was exhausted. She responded with the cursory flippant remark. "Well in these heels right now, painful." She kicked them off and they tumbled to the patio pavers.

He smiled. He expected that in the back of her mind she might be curious about this, too. But it certainly wasn’t something she expected him to ask. He glanced over and saw her sneaking a quick peek in his direction. He moved over to sit at her feet then he reached down to lift them up and place them in his lap. He began to gently rub the arches of her feet pressing against her aching muscles.

“Oh, my God, that feels so good,” she murmured.

Suddenly, feeling bold, he decided to pursue his line of thought more diligently.  "No sweetheart, to be you?  Women always share things so freely with other women. Guys never do that. What’s it like to be able to be open and intimate with another woman?  To share feelings or thoughts that you would never reveal to a man, even your husband?”

He watched her a moment out of the corner of his eye. Would she understand the implications of the question?  He was serious about this; it was something that he mulled over in his mind for sometime. He decided to push the issue and see if she rose to the occasion. “What I mean is, to freely discuss the most intimate details of a relationship knowing full well that those details would never be revealed to your husband or anyone else for that matter."

She sat up. “What brought this on?”

“Curiosity? Women, especially you, fascinate me and I always want to know more about them. So, what’s it like?”

"I don't know, because I've never had the experience you've described."

"What do you mean?"

"I've never met a woman I trusted enough to share anything like that.  If you'll notice dear, all my friends are really acquaintances.  I know them, we invite them to dinner occasionally, and they reciprocate. But there's nothing intimate about it.  The only true friend I have is you."

Kevin paused a moment and considered her response. “But I’ve seen stories on television and read them in books where girls share everything.”

“Well that’s just make-believe, at least for me. I understand what you’re asking and I’ve known other women who have had close female relationships, but I’m just not one of them.”

Mieko glanced at him again. Curiosity was dancing in her eyes. “What about you? Don’t guys talk about things they would never want their wives to know about?”

“Perhaps some do, but mostly no. Being open and candid about a man’s relationship with a woman flies in the face of male pride. No one would admit anything about their performance or if they did it would be laced with bravado and tempered with lies.”

“Humph, and you think women are any less tempted to exaggerate or stretch the truth? My love, you are indeed naïve.”

“No. Yes. Perhaps, a little.”

“Women have to be so much more guarded than men,” she said tipping the wine bottle and filling her glass again. A splash of red wine spotted the table and she dipped a finger into it and sucked her finger into her mouth.

“You do know that drives me crazy when you do that, don’t you?”

She looked at him coquettishly as she set the bottle down, her eyes dazzled with a devilish gleam.

Kevin stood up and swept her into his arms. She giggled and squealed as he embraced her. His arm moved down beneath her perfect ass and lifted her up to carry her into their bedroom where he laid her gently on the bed.

“You are so incredibly beautiful,” he whispered as he leaned over her and kissed her lips then trailed kisses down her neck to the valley between her breasts.

She moaned and squirmed under his attention. He sat up and pulled his shirt off as she moved to unbuckle his belt.

“Let me,” she whispered as lightly drew her nails across his naked back then moved to push his pants off his cute butt and down his legs. She brought her hands back up to knead his butt cheeks for a moment then she moved her hands around to cup his balls and wrap them around his rigid shaft.

“Mmmm, very nice.” She lightly raked her fingernails across his perineum as she slowly stroked him.

Kevin groaned and kissed her again then he moved his body down between her thighs, leaving her hands to pinch her nipples as they moved by on his way to the moist heaven of her clitoris and sweet full lips. He extended his tongue and began to lightly tickle her clit, knowing that it would drive her wild.

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