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Kingdom of Ryeo: The Proposal

Jade Ryre

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.
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First Edition:
September, 2017

Author’s note: This work is only for ADULT.

All characters are 18+

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Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Chapter 1

49th year of Ryeo Kingdom.

It had been almost seven years since the last time Prince Ryu set his feet in the capital city, Kaeso. He still remembered his colossal mistake, which enraged his father, King Leo. And he blamed himself still. He was eighteen at that time, still half a boy and half a man. This time he wouldn’t make the same mistake, he vowed.

He slowed down his horse, noting that the city had changed. It had expanded more in seven years of his exile than in the twenty-four years of his grandfather, the old king’s reign.

A waft of stench hit his nose. After lived years in the north border among the high mountains and vast grassland, he came to detest this unwashed smell of the city. Street vendors and beggars were loitering on the street, jamming the road. He knew with wars broke in the north and west border many peasants fled to the city. He glanced up, seeing the unfinished great wall that surrounded the inner city of Kaeso. Is this why father build a wall? he wondered.

“We are close now, your highness?” said his traveling companion, Lord Joon.

He gave Joon an amused look. Joon always called him by name, but now, he was back to call him ‘Your Highness’. Ryu himself almost forgot how to be a prince. But he was a prince all the same, albeit the cursed one.

They paced the horses faster, and soon, they arrived at the palace’s gate. His father’s palace was beautiful, he thought. It was big, built with white stone and oak tree, and among them, stood hundred feet pagoda. They just started its building when he left the palace years ago, but now, the white-stoned pagoda was already finished.

Everything was changed. He wondered whether he could recognize his brothers, sisters, and cousins. He had an older and two younger brothers and many half-siblings from his father’s second queen and concubines. He should be third in the line to the Ryeo’s crown, but he wasn’t sure where his place now. His mother, the queen, wasn’t fond of him, and likely didn’t count him as her son.

He felt tightness in his chest as he walked following the court lady to the king’s throne room. He wondered why his father summoned him home, he had a suspicion, of course. He was twenty and five after all. It was past time to marry. But he doubted his father would agree with his choice of bride, his father never had.

The majordomo with blue livery opened the courtroom and bade him to enter the room. From the corner of his eyes, he saw his brothers and ministers were standing in rows. The court and palace’s life was as foreign as his brothers’ face to him. Seven long years

Ryu and his escorts were walking with steady steps, head bowed. Just below the throne, they stopped and gave a kowtow to the king, the descendant of the dragon, the blood of the sacred.

“Raise,” came deep voice of his father, so he did.

He glanced up, looking at his father’s old face. His father’s eyes were as black and piercing as ever, but his hair was snowy white now. Ryu felt tightness in his chest again. Time had passed.

“I’ve heard your bravery, Son,” the old king said. “Chasing the Tan isn’t small feat.”

“Thank you, your majesty, but I just led your army. It’s—”

“So you’ve learned humility, Son,” the king cut him with good humor. “That’s good… that’s good. I suppose you know why I call you here.”

“I suspect that I do, your majesty.”

His father looked at him with shrewd eyes. “Who is your choice then?”

He knew what his father was about, but he was taken aback at his blunt question. Ryu didn’t know that he was given a choice. Arra… he thought, but no, she wasn’t of royal’s blood. He remembered another woman his father had banished from the city just because he had fallen in love with her. No… he couldn’t say Arra name.

One thing, he had learned in these seven years that to achieve what one truly wanted, he had to make the enemy thing otherwise. He would guilt trap his own father. He would ask the impossible, Princess Luna. She had rejected many suitors, his own brother, the crown prince, was among them.

He squared his shoulder, “Princess Luna of the Moon Clan, your majesty,” he said in a sure voice.

Gasp and hush descended the room. He knew he just uttered an outrageous demand. Princess Luna was the priceless jewel of the kingdom. If she married, he was sure it wouldn’t to an exiled prince like him. He knew from the tale that the crown prince hadn’t give up on her yet.

Luna… He vaguely remembered her. But she was merely a girl back then, a girl with unnatural golden eyes, unlike others’ black or dull brown eyes. Even then, he knew that she was going to mature into a beauty.

He was a bit taken aback when he heard his father thundered laugh instead of scorn.

“Well, girl. It seems all my sons want to marry you. What do you say?” his father said to the woman in a golden robe who stood in the front row.

He felt like the wind was knocked out of him. She was gorgeous. Her golden eyes were sparkling in merriment. Her big eyes were fringed with long, dark lashes, making her eyes looked even bigger. And her lips, oh, God, it begged to be kissed. Then, she looked at him in the eyes with a hint of mischief in her eyes.

“Are you sure want to marry me, Prince Ryu?” she asked with a smile, flashing her charming dimples.

Ryu furrowed his brow in annoyance. Just say no and be done with it, he thought. “Yes, if you’d have me,” he said with confidence he didn’t feel.

She smiled wider. “Of course, I am honored to be your wife,” she said simply.

What? Did she just accept? No, it can’t be. She supposed to reject his offer. A myriad of feeling was warring in him. He didn’t know how to feel. If he were any other man, he would feel overjoyed, but he loved another.


Since he was born, he was unwanted. He brought a curse to the kingdom, they said. It was what his father and his mother, the queen thought. For the night when he was born, was also the night when his grandfather, the founder of Ryeo Kingdom died.

The prophecy said that two princes would born from his father’s line. One would bring prosperity, and one would destroy the kingdom. And people believed that he was the later.

He still wondered, why his father wanted him to stay in his court? He was good in the battle, but he was useless in court’s intrigue. His brothers were good at bandying words, but not him.

He turned around on his bed. It was soft, unlike what he used to back in the northern border. But somehow, he couldn’t sleep here. Oh, Arra, what should I do? I’m a bloody fool!

He couldn’t tell his father that he was merely bluffing. He still remembered what his older brother, the Crown Prince Kyo, said during the court this afternoon. Ryu is jesting, Father, he always does

Curse him! he knew his brother wanted Luna himself, even though, he already had one wife and five concubines. As for Ryu, he only wanted one, only one. He couldn’t fathom how a man could live with so many women at once. He wondered how his father lived with two queens and fifteen concubines. He knew his father’s women fought each other. And their war often extended to their offspring. And he was the odd one among them, he was the queen’s son, but not quite.

He closed his eyes, trying to summon Arra’s face. She was pretty, in an earthly way, unlike his betrothed, Luna. Luna was more like a goddess than human.

He closed his eyes tighter. Arra… oh, he tried to remember the feel of her mouth on his cock. Yes, I’d better remember that.

Arra was the female version of himself: stubborn, brave bordering to reckless, and not much of a diplomatic. Looking at the debacle, he made, yes, they were not much of diplomatic.


He was naked. He remembered fell asleep in the palace. He smelt a flowery perfume of a woman. He knew she was hovering close. Lazily, he grabbed her arm and kissed her lips, but there is a niggling voice in his head. It feels different It somehow felt fuller and tastier. He nibbled her lips and rolled her into her back. His hands wandered to her rounded breasts, shaping her. He heard her moan. It’s odd, he thought. But he continued his assault. He was growling, and his cock ached.

Suddenly, he felt a jab on his rib.

His eyes flew open and golden eyes welcomed him. Her eyes were clouded with lust. Her black hair was splayed around her heart-shaped face. And her lips, oh, God, it was swollen! He groaned again before he dove his head, and kissed her with more urgency. He licked her like a starving dog. He kneaded her rounded bottom. Sweet… it was big, but not overly so, perfect for his hands.

She turned her head, making him kissing her cheek and jaw instead of her lips. “Ryu… can you please stop we need to talk,” Luna said, breathless.

He grunted again and drew back a little, his harsh breath fanned her soft blushing cheeks. Their eyes met for a while. Their breaths mingled.

She bit her lip. He groaned like a beast. He needed to taste her, he felt like going to die if he didn’t. He needed to bury his cock in her.

With a loud growl, he kissed her again and again. His wandering hand shrugged her robe, freeing her naked breasts.

He chuckled between kisses. He loved her breasts. He thumbed her nipple, making it stood proudly before his fingers.

“Oh… Ryu…” she moaned as she brought her arm around his neck, answering his kiss deeper.

Roughly, he grabbed her hips, angling her to receive his throbbing cock. Sweet hell! she was tight, but wet and hot. He nudged in. His big knob was an inch in. Her cunt was so tiny, so small. It was so difficult to push in.

“Oh sweet…” he moaned while his hips withdrew a little and shoved in with more force.

Out of sudden, she pushed him and almost kneed his balls.

“Bloody hell!” he shouted, doubled over in pain. “What’s that for?”

Her golden eyes flashed. Swiftly, she tightened her robe, shielding her beautiful body from his wandering gaze.

“I’ve told you, we need to talk,” Luna said. He knew she tried to be calm and cold, but it looked ridiculous with the state of her robe and swollen lips.

“Is it your habit coming to man’s room naked?” he said, amused. She wasn’t naked, but to his eyes, it was just the same. Her silk robe was clinging to her womanly curves, hiding nothing.

“Is it your habit to attack a defend less female?” she talked back.

A wave of shame hit him. He felt a little ashamed. He was dreaming of Arra, then it was changed Oh, hell! Awkwardly, he picked up his robe and used it to hide the stubborn part of his body that refused to calm down even after the action had finished.

“You’ve changed,” she said softly.

He raised one eyebrow. Changed? What she remembered of him? She was a mere girl of eleven when he left the palace.

“I taught you to knee a man’s private before. I shouldn’t do that if I know you’ll use it to mine,” he said, smiling ruefully.

She flashed him her beautiful smile. Oh, hell, his cock hardened again.

“Yes, you did that,” she said. She seemed more relaxed now, and her robe slipped a little revealing a hint of her breast.

Curse her! he thought. “What do you want?” he said gruffly.

“Please don’t cancel the marriage…” she whispered.


“I need to marry you,” she said more forcefully.

Of course, he couldn’t cancel their marriage. His father would have his head if he did. But need to marry Oh, god, did someone left her with a child?

“Need? Did you…” he glanced to her flat belly, “oh, never mind.”

She looked at him with a composed face. “If I say I’m pregnant, will you marry me?” she asked with vulnerable in her golden eyes.

“Yes,” he said without thought. Arra would understand it.

She smiled sadly. “You haven’t changed,” she said. “You’re still big oaf as stupid as ever,” she added with a fond smile.

Thank god, she wasn’t with a child. An involuntary smile tugged his lip. “You little kitten,” he said without heat.

“I love it when you call me kitten,” she paused for a while. “We must marry. I know you’ll need me if you want to survive the palace, a big oaf as you are.”

He chuckled. “Do I really?”

“Yes, you are. Isn’t you just set a trap for yourself as soon as you enter the palace?” she asked with humor.

He hated to admit, but she was right.

“And I need you. I need the protection of your name. As cursed as you are, you still a prince, the king’s son,” she paused to take his hand in hers, “please don’t do stupid thing. I’ll let you marry your lover from the north. You can make her your second wife, not a mere concubine.”

Her touch burned him, but her words left him speechless. For a woman to give her blessing to his husband’s other woman was uncommon, why, his own mother was forever jealous of his father’s. He wondered, what makes her this desperate?

“I love her,” he paused, looking at her betrothed square in the eyes, “Arra is her name,” he added.

She nodded. “I expect nothing less from you,” she said with a sad smile.

“I won’t love you,” he added stubbornly. He looked at her face, seeking any hurt feeling, or any expression.

She smiled again. “I know, not everyone blessed with love. For some being alive is a blessing.”

“I won’t bed you,” he said.

Her eyes widened. “That’s fine with me,” she said with a hint of doubt.

“Tonight, I thought you’re her,” he said. He knew he was deliberately cruel. “I don’t desire you,” he added. But he knew for sure, that’s a lie. She needed to look at his raging manhood under his robe to know that.

She drew a deep breath. “But I want a son someday… I’m sure you won’t be happy if I carry another man—”

Swiftly, he took her body, crushing her into his chest. “No, I won’t,” he growled. His dark eyes met her golden ones.

She nodded. “I thought as much,” she whispered. Their eyes held for several moments. He saw her eyes start to darken.

Suddenly, she closed her eyes. “I need to go…” she whispered.

He slackened his grip on her body. He turned his face from her, suddenly, he felt ashamed of himself.

“Until our wedding day, Ryu,” she said before she kissed his cheek. It was a chaste kiss, but it burned and quickened his loin all the same.

After she was gone. He sat, slumped on his bed. He felt like losing a big battle. Oh, Hell! How he supposed to keep his hand off her delectable body? It was only lust, he knew that. Oh, Arra, I really want you here.

Chapter 2

Ryu was sending his friend, Joon, back to the north. He and his clan’s men were ready to depart. All their horses were already brushed and saddled.

It was the time to say their goodbyes. Ryu saw the awkward look on his friend’s face. Joon knew about Ryu’s relationship with his sister, Arra, and was expecting him to be his brother-in-law soon. But that was before his blunder with the king.

“I suppose congratulation is in order, your highness,” Joon said, unable meeting his eyes.

Then, the awkward silence ensued.

“Will your sister forgive me?” Ryu mused aloud, “I know your sister, she won’t. She’d likely throw my proposal to my face.”

Joon glanced up at him, seemed taken aback. “Proposal?”

He smiled ruefully, “Yes… silly isn’t it? I guess the door already closed there.”

Joon cleared his throat. “I know my parents are unusual. And Arra and I, we… we think that we can be like our parents, one husband, one wife, but—”

“I know. Just give my letter to her, will you?” Ryu cut him. He wrote his heart in the letter, he dearly hoped that his beloved would understand.

Ryu felt tightness in his heart as he saw his friend rode further, hidden in the cloud of dust. He longed to go with them, racing his stallion fast and welcoming the cold north wind. But he had a wedding to attend, his own wedding.


Finally, they left him and his bride in their wedding chamber, but he knew the servants were nearby, ready to record what would happen in their marital bed. He wondered whether they would record each grunt and moan. He wanted to chuckle at the thought.

He and his wife wore a bright red robe, but luckily, he didn’t have to wear huge hair ornament like his bride.

He looked at her. She sat demurely in their big bed. She looked so soft and womanly in her bridal gown, but her cat’s eyes looked at him with silent annoyance.

“You’re supposed to help me to take this off, you know,” said his bride, pointing at his heavy hair.

“Right,” he said simply, and marched to the bed like a soldier ready to go to war. He prayed to the god to give him strength tonight.

Her flowery perfume tickled his sense. It smelt so sweet but dangerous just like her.

He climbed the bed, facing his bride’s back and looking at her hair in confusion.

“What I suppose to do?”

“They teach you how, aren’t they?” she said softly with a hint of impatience.

Yes, they did, but he wasn’t listening, his mind was preoccupied with Arra and his sad fate.

In the end, he just tugged her hair, trying to understand how it worked.

“Ouch, gentle please,” she moaned. Hell! His cock was hardened at her plead. He imagined another scenario she would say it.

“Sorry,” he mumbled as he worked harder to untangle her hair. I won’t bed her, he said to himself over and over again like a mantra.

After a lot of tugging and pulling, finally, her hair came unbound. It was long pas her hips. As if in a trance, he stroked her hair. It was so soft in his hand.

Suddenly, she stood, and he had to let go her hair. His eyes widened when she took off her red robe and revealed the sheer chemise underneath.

“I won’t bed you,” he whispered, but his eyes unable to leave the curves of her body.

“I know,” she said. “But I’m not planning to tell the world of the fact,” she added.

Swiftly, she climbed the bed and tried to tug his sash lose.

He stilled her hand, “What are you doing?”

She smiled, flashing her dimples. “Don’t be afraid. I won’t bite. I’m just trying to help,” she said mischievously.

“Don’t play with me,” he warned.

But she wasn’t afraid, she leaned closer instead and licked his lips, teasing him, making his body shook with need.

With a loud growl, he rolled her on her back, and kissed her full lips, licking, nibbling and bruising her while his hands wandered, mapping her body. He couldn’t care less about the servants outside, let them hear him. He didn’t really care.

She brought her arms around his neck and rolled him. She was hovering over him. He could feel her hot breath close to his face.

Hell! He felt a jolt of please as he felt her small hand stroked his cock through his clothes.

“You like it, don’t you?” she whispered near his ear, while kept stroking him with one hand ever so slowly.

His hips bucked. “Faster,” he growled.

Instead of going faster, she stopped her hand and chuckled softly. “You won’t bed me, remember?” she said mockingly.

“Damn you,” he growled and tried to move his hand, but to no avail.

He glanced up and saw a red ribbon on his wrists. The little kitten had tied him to the headboard.

Untie me!” he growled. It was her plan all along. Damn, the little tease!

“Huh? I think you should ask nicely,” she said while her hand back to stroke his traitorous manhood.

His hips bucked involuntarily.

“Do you want me to help you?” she asked sweetly.

He only could close his eyes, praying for strength.

He felt her small hard wandering his body, tugging lose his robe and trousers.

“Arrgh…” he groaned as he felt her small hand circling his naked cock.

“Do you like it, don’t you?” she asked again.

She leaned closer and licked his nipple. He groaned loud and asked for more. But she drew back again. Her hands wandered his hard belly, skimming it and brought goosebumps all over him.

He bucked his hips. His cock ached. He needed inside her.

“My cock,” he grunted.

“Emm?” she said before she licked his cock tentatively. “Too bad, I’m not in the mood to play,” she added, then she released his cock.

Oh, no, you didn’t! Using all his strength, he pulled the ribbon and broke the headboard in process.

He rolled her onto her back and tore her chemise.

He saw a flash of horror in her golden eyes. “You’re at my mercy now,” he panted.

She started to open her mouth, trying to say something, but he wouldn’t have it. He dove his head and brought her nipple into his mouth and sucked hard.

He felt her fingers in his hair as she arched her back, feeding him more with her aching nipple.

He grunted loudly and moved to another breast.

“Ryuuu… ohhhohh…” she moaned while her body arched in need.

He drew back, releasing her nipple with a loud pop.

“Do you like it, don’t you?” he panted. Her golden eyes were darkening with lust.

He put his finger into her tight cunt. Damn, she was so tight.

Her eyes were fluttering close when he started to pump her wet stealth. He saw her bit her lip to stop her moan of pleasure.

Finally, he couldn’t stand it. He needed to be inside her now. He lined her cock to her tight opening.

Feeling his tip there, her eyes opened.

“Ryuuu…” she moaned weakly.

“Shuush,” he silenced her with a kiss as his cock slowly stretched her tiny cunt. She was so slick, but his cock was too big for her. She was straggling him with her muscle.

Ohh… ohh…” she moaned, and thank god, she didn’t make him stop.

He was breathing hard. He felt her fingers on his back, clawing him. She was so tight. He knew it would be hurting her, but he kept pushing inch by inch.

“It’ll be fine soon,” he panted.

Then, he felt it, her maidenhead. He stopped for a while. He closed his eyes in rapture. Her cunt felt so good, so tight.

He forced his eyes to open and saw her golden eyes. She looked at him with a mix of lust and something else.

“It’ll hurt a little. Don’t cry,” he warned before he shoved hard, breaking her maidenhead.

She cried aloud, but he stifled her with a kiss.

Please forgive me! But he was unable to stop his bucking hips. Her cunt felt like heaven, and he was unable to stop his cock from plowing in and out her in mad pace.

“Oh, God… you’re so sweet,” he grunted before he came back kissing her swollen lips.

She clawed his back and bit his lip, but finally, he felt her body started to move, answering his, her hips were following his, slowly at first.

He wrenched his lips from her, “That’s it, yess… that’s it,” he grunted, encouraging his bride, while kept giving her deep and hard, again and again.

She put her legs around his waist as she bucked faster, keeping up with his rapid rhythm.

“Oh.. Ryuuu… yessohhhh…. what you do to me?” she panted.

He bit her ear. “I fuck you, Kitten,” he whispered.

He felt his cunt tighten hearing his crass words. He glanced down to see his cock dipped in and out her small cunt. He felt his body shuddered. He knew he was close to release. But he wanted her to come first, so he brought his hand to her cunt and rubbed her.

“Ohhh… ohh…” she moaned. And he felt her cunt clenched, again and again, milking his pummeling cock.

He threw his head back and let out a silent moan. His hips were jerking, impaling her hard, sending a jet of his seed deep inside her.

“Arrggh,” he grunted as he jerked again, flooding her with his seed to overflowing.

He felt her cunt spasm again, massaging his cock tighter.

“Take this,” he shoved hard for the last time before he collapsed into her soft body.

They were breathing hard, and their bodies were damp with sweat. He rolled her with him. He was sated and exhausted.


It had been a week since his wedding night. And he couldn’t believe he had lost his control and took his bride’s virginity. And he was avoiding her ever since.

He read Luna’s letter once more. She wanted to play chess with him tonight. He scoffed. If indeed he visited her chamber, it wouldn’t be chess they played, but entirely another game, which involved them being naked and breathing hard. He couldn’t believe himself when he was near her. So, it was best if he stayed away. He could stand the wondering gaze and snicker from his father’s court, but he couldn’t stand her nearness.

His servant was calling him from outside. He stood. It was the time to attend the court. He sighed wearily. He hoped he wouldn’t make another blunder today. His brothers seemed happy to poke fun at him. But his father seemed to trust him. His Majesty gave him an important task in the army, much to his brothers’ dismay. He suspected it was thanks to his bride. She seemed to take her role as his protector in court too seriously, more than once she had saved him from his errors. Unlike a sword, the game of words was foreign to him, and much to his sorrow, it was as deadly if not more.

He wondered, what his bride's plan was? And why she chooses him? For he was sure she was plotting something inside the pretty head of hers.

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