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Mail Order Bride

The story of a middle aged man

and a teenage girls love.

Copyright 2017 Charlie Wish


This story contains explicit details of sexual acts between consenting adults. If explicit details of sexual activity are likely to offend you in any way then please do not read any further.

Chapter 1

Steve North walked into the Old House At Home public house as he does at 8 pm every Thursday. "Hi Steve," said his oldest friend Will Allen. "Pint?"

"Yeah please"

"What's up mate? You sound a bit down"

"Ah, you know, same old, same old. Hey, how's that fit wife of yours?"

"Fucking great. You should get yourself one. Given me a whole new lease of life."

Steve laughed and said, "Yeah right, I'm not as lucky as you, ya fucker. How'd you find her anyway, you never really said?"

"No, not told anyone."

"So what's the big secret about it?"

"Kind of unusual and you know what people can be like. Just don't want the aggro. You know how it is."

"Oh come on Will, we've been mates for donkeys. I'm not gonna tell anyone."

"Let's grab that table in the corner." They both took their pints over to the corner table out of the way of the few others that were in the bar and out of earshot.

"Okay, so now I'm curious. What's going on?" Steve said.

"The wife is one of those mail order brides you hear about."

"Fuck me. No kidding?"

"Nope. Straight up."

"I thought they were just scams and stuff"

"Most are, but there are a few genuine ones around. Look I am only telling you this because I reckon you would benefit. I have seen how miserable and lonely since that ex-bitch of yours left you and how dreadfully unsuccessful you are at picking up women."

"Fuck off."

Will laughed and said, "Now now. I'm trying to help here. As far as I can see I'm right, though. When did you last get a shag?" Steve opened his mouth to answer when Will added, "That you didn't have to pay for?"

"Cunt," Steve said and Will roared with laughter.

"Stop fucking enjoying yourself at my expense," Steve said with a smile on his face.

"Sorry mate. You make it just too easy."

"Anyway, how do you sort out the scams from the real ones. A gullible twat like you must have got ripped off thousand."

"Yeah thanks, touché. First one I went to, yeah, was a scam but got out before they got any money. Anyway was a good thing as because of this I was on a forum trying to warn others and got chatting to a bloke who recommended a genuine one. Well to cut a long story short, turned out they were the real deal."

"Well, I have to admit never seen you so happy. Maybe worth looking into. Is it expensive?"

"Yeah, fuck loads, but they are bloody good. They matched me up perfectly the first time."

"What happens if you don't like who they post to you?"

Steve roared with laughter. "You silly fuck, they don't post em to you. It's not really mail order that just seems to be the popular term. To answer your question, I'm not entirely sure of how it works cause they got it right first time. You get to meet the girl on a kind of chaperoned date and if you don't get on or don't like her you get more goes. The bloke reckoned that they rarely get it wrong first time. I think there is some limit as well."

"So who are these people then?"

"I can put you in touch but they are not cheap, as in 20k not cheap."

"Fuck me, how much?"

"Yeah I know, but trust me when I tell you they do a lot of work for it and apparently half the money goes as a sort of dowry to the family."

"So these people sell their daughter?"

"It's not like that really. What the company does is compensate the family for the loss of money that they would potentially lose for not having a working family member in the household."

"Oh, yeah, I suppose," Steve said not completely convinced.

"One other thing I should warn you about. They are thorough. I mean, really thorough. They will want to delve into your life, personal life, in a lot of detail."

Steve frowned at him. Will continued, "Especially past relationships and why they ended. They pride themselves in perfect matches and apparently if you are totally honest, as I was, they get it right and find your perfect bride." Will leaned forward towards Steve and said in a hushed tone. "Even intimate details of your sexual preferences and kinks."

A smile spread across Steve's face and said, "Bet you made them blush."

"Fuck off. Your probably weirder than me," and they both roared with laughter.

"Want another one?" Steve said and held up his empty pint.

Chapter 2

Steve held on to the contact details for 4 days not sure if he should or not. It was a lot of money and they were going to ask some very personal questions.

Eventually, he decided he would call them and find out some more, after all, he could always back out if it doesn't feel right. To his surprise, he was told the initial interview was free and was done face to face at their offices in the city. He made an appointment for the day after tomorrow.

Steve arrived at the very expensive and plush offices at the agreed time. He was greeted by a very pretty receptionist with an Eastern European accent who told him his consultant will be with him soon and could he fill out a questionnaire while he waited.

Steve sat down on a comfy leather sofa and looked at the form on the clipboard she gave him. The first page was the usual stuff of personal details and some past relationship questions but simple enough off.

The next page was entitled fetishes. It listed, in alphabetical order every type of fetish there was with five columns of tick boxes. Like, Want to Try, Not sure but will try, No Way, No idea what this is.

Steve glanced down the list and thought most of these is going to be a no idea. Turning over the page the list continued and onto the third page. Christ thought Steve, I had no idea there were so many.

For the Like, he ticked Anal, Blow Jobs, Cunnilingus, Fisting. That's not very many he thought. For the want to try he ticked Golden showers, Watersports. For the not sure column, he ticked Age play, BDSM, Bondage, Dom(me), Enema, Master/Slave. For the no way, he ticked S & M and Scat. All the rest he ticked the no idea box.

"Hello Mr North," said an average looking guy in a suit. "I am Alex Cook, your consultant." Steve stood up and shook his hand. "How are you getting on with that?" Alex said.

"All done, only just, though" and Steve handed him the clipboard.

"Would you like to follow me." He led Steve through to an office. The walls were covered with wedding photos of lots of different couples. Steve guessed these were all the success stories. Alex indicated for him to sit in a chair on one side of the desk as he went round to the other whilst looking at Steve's completed questionnaire.

"Judging by your answers I can guess you have been honest with them," Alex said

"Yes, my friend told me I should be totally honest with you."

"Good. Yes, that is very important. We want to get this right the first time and honesty is absolutely essential for that. What we will do here today is find out about your past and relationships. Then we will chat about what you're hoping for. If I feel we can help I will then explain the next steps. All okay?"

"Yeah sure."

"I can see from the form that you were married for 15 years and then divorced. Tell me what went wrong."

"Not quite sure how to put this but essentially .... well you see...... from my point of view ..... errrrm."

"It's fine Mr North, there is no need to be embarrassed. Please just say it how it is. I have heard everything. I guess it was a sexual issue."

"Yes. I am, what my wife ended up calling me, a sex maniac. I prefer the term sexaholic. In the beginning, this was fine and we would have sex a lot, and I mean a lot. Then as time passed she slowly went off it until she was totally frigid and didn't want to know. She also started resenting my attempts to bring the sex back into our lives. After about 3 years of this, she finally said she had had enough and divorced me."

"Let me tell you, I hear that particular story a lot. Although it quite often takes a lot longer to get there, so thank you. Was there any other contributing factors?"

"No, I genuinely believe that was the root of it. We argued about everything but I think that was simply because I was so damn frustrated and we were both angry all the time."

"Did you try therapy?"

Steve laughed and said, "I wanted to, but there was no way she would. She said there is nothing wrong with me it's you that needs the help. So no we never did."

"Since your divorce have your desires changed?"

"No, not at all. Fortunately for the internet, I get to at least watch without having to hide what I am watching from the bitch."

"Have you been with any other women since your divorce?"

"No, well only a couple hookers."

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