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June’s Steamy Affair

An erotic romance with Amorous International!

by Anthony Barton



‘We’ve been expecting you. We’re from Amorous International. I’m Wanda. This is my partner Robert. Have a good flight?’

‘I don’t know. I’ve never flown before.’

‘How old are you?’

‘I’m twenty-four.’

‘Welcome to the Island, June. We have a romantic rendezvous set up for you and Peter. Let’s shake hands.’

June shook hands with Wanda first, and then, more shyly, with her male assistant, Robert. ‘I hope this is going to be fun? I haven’t ever had a proper holiday. Is this really an island? Are there animals?’

‘Here is our Range Rover. Hop in! I’ll drive. You can sit beside me. Robert has your carry-on. You understand that we at Amorous International are dedicated to helping young people like yourself and Peter understand one another.’

‘I didn’t see Peter on the plane.’

‘We like to have our customers arrive separately. That way we have time to prepare you both for your tryst. Peter arrived earlier. He is waiting for you.

June bit her lip. ‘I won’t know what to say to Peter. I’m hopeless’

‘We understand. Don’t worry! We’ll teach you all you need to know. You and Peter have met before?’

‘We have exchanged texts.’

‘Okay. That’s a beginning. We shall have to introduce you gradually to the loving arts. Sit back! Have fun! The first and most important thing to know at our age that getting to know someone else is not all about sex.’

‘It’s not? Wait a minute. How old are you?’

‘Not much older than you are, but a little more experienced. Really knowing someone is more important than going to bed with him or her.’

‘I want to really know Peter.’

‘Good! That’s a great start. The second thing to understand is that people don’t change. Whatever Peter is like, he’s going to be stay that way. You may think that getting to know you will change him, but it won’t. Not one bit. If he’s unkind, he’ll stay unkind. If he’s a bully, he’ll stay a bully. That’s how people are.’

‘You make it sound scary.’

‘It’s worse than scary. It is life. It is being brave and risking everything. And sex is part of it.’

‘You’ll have to help me with that. I haven’t a clue what to do. Honestly.’

‘Okay. Let’s start with your clothes. That is a lovely outfit you’re wearing, June, but if you want to learn about sex you’ll need to wear something a little looser and more inviting.’

‘I can’t afford anything expensive.’

‘No problem. We provide the gear as part of our service. You may have to trust us a little, and put aside your shyness for a while. Think you can do that?’

‘I can try.’

‘Good. I’ll just pull over here. This is our outfitter.’

The vehicle drew up outside Hanger and Webster: Outdoors Recreations.

‘Hop out. This won’t take a moment.’

Listening to the strange cries of birds she had never heard before, June followed Wanda into the outfitter’s changing room.

‘Turn around. I’ll help you with the zip. You won’t be needing your bra. This is your first holiday. You’ll want you to feel the wind on your body.’

‘Oh,’ said June, shyly, covering her face. She was so embarrassed.

‘Nice panties. Here is a plaid shirt from Bushman’s. Try it on.’

‘It’s a bit big for me.’

‘Robert, put your head in here. How do you think she looks?’


‘Put on this pair of trail pants to go with the shirt, and these slip-ons to show off your ankles. That’s better. Now you’re ready. Hop back in the jeep and fasten your seat belt! Here we go!’

June held on tight. What a ride! She caught terrifying glimpses of a steep-sided valley loud with the roar of a cascading mountain torrent. Eagles screamed. The vehicle rocked and growled. She gasped. She had never experienced anything like this in her entire life. Her chest rose and fell. She had never been anywhere like this before. She was so excited she nearly wet herself.

Wanda threw her a sideways glance. ‘Tell us what you know about Peter, June.’

‘I’ve watched him race on my phone. He’s a super swimmer. He works out every day. He has a fierce coach who won’t let him see girls. His parents won’t let him either. They want him to win a medal in the Olympics. They don’t want him wasting time with, well, someone like me. Oh! It’s all quite hopeless. It’s all a terrible mistake. I’m just a fan. I work at a fast-food restaurant. I’m doomed!

‘The first thing we need to do is put you at your ease sexually.’

‘I’m all right, really I am,’ said June, tensing up. ‘There’s no need for…oh!’ She gasped. Fingers were gently massaging her scalp. ‘That feels so nice. Thank you. Having my head rubbed makes me feel so… I don’t know…so peaceful.

‘All part of our Amorous International service,’ said Robert in a deep male voice in her ear, and for a moment June glimpsed his handsome face in the vanity mirror.

‘How long have you two been working for Amorous Arousals?’ she asked, leaning back a little to let Robert go to work on her temples.

Wanda took a hairpin bend at speed, scattering gravel from the dirt road. ‘The idea came to us one night when we were having a beer at The Stone Tankard. How are we doing so far?’

‘I’m still scared. I mean it’s nice having my head rubbed. It’s just that you’re not at all what I expected. You’re both so young and helpful. And I still don’t know what I’m going to say to Peter. He’s an Olympic champion, and I’m a nobody.’

‘Better rub her shoulders, Robert. I’d do it myself but I’m driving.’

The vehicle careened around another sharp bend, sending stones tumbling down into the gorge. June glimpsed a pillar of rock sticking up out of the ravine. She heard a roar from somewhere down in the valley.

‘What was that?’ June asked anxiously, leaning forward to look.

‘One of the wild animals we promised you in the brochure. Give her a good rub, Robert. It is wonderful what a good massage can do for you when you’re nervous about meeting someone for the first time.’

Obediently June leaned forward still further. She had never felt a young man’s hands on her before, except for that one time at school, behind the canteen, with Johnny Cartwright. But that didn’t really count. That had all been over so quick. Just in and out, and he had never come back for more. The pig.

‘The sound you heard was a bear,’ explained Robert.

She could feel him exploring the curves of her shoulder blades. His hands moved easily under the voluminous Bushman’s shirt. He seemed to be enjoying the feel of her smooth silky skin stretched tightly over her bones. She swallowed. She began to feel tingly all over. Robert seemed to delight in his work. Perhaps shy young women like herself were his bread and butter? She could feel her whole body waking up.

June decided to relax as best she could and just let things happen. She felt the warmth of Robert’s breath on the back of her neck and gave a sigh of pleasure. This was her first time being massaged. It felt good. She wanted more.

‘Some of our bears can run at forty miles an hour,’ Robert murmured, his lips brushing her \ ear.

When she felt his fingers to brush very lightly against the sides of her breasts she wriggled her shoulders to show Robert from Arousals International how much she appreciated his attentions. It was so nice to feel wanted. She was here to meet Peter. Would Peter make her feel wanted? She was not sure. His parents had told him not to touch girls, and he had his swimming to think about. He had to keep in training. Perhaps she and Peter would never get to first base.

The Range Rover skidded to halt.

‘Here we are!’ said Wanda cheerfully. ‘This is where we have arranged for you and Peter to meet. It’s called Kingfisher Falls! Isn’t it great? We searched the whole island to find it.’

As the back of Robert’s hand brushed lightly across her right nipple, June felt an explosion of pleasure which went all the way down to her groin, leaving her gasping.

She felt quite dizzy.

Breathless, she flung the passenger side door and jumped out. She goggled at the falls. White water plunged into a deep pool, making foam. A fish jumped! Rays of sunshine made rainbows. What a spot!

‘Am I really here? I can hardly believe it!’ June was so excited to be abroad for the first time ever that she reached out both hands to Wanda, eager to share her joy with the guide from Amorous International.

Something told her that Wanda had been dying to cuddle her from the moment they had met at the airport. June saw nothing wrong in that. After all, Wanda was in the profession of helping lovers, and her calling must have some delicious perks. Surely Wanda was not about to miss this opportunity to get up close and personal. Perhaps Wanda would help her take the next step towards intimacy?

‘Nobody can see us here,’ shouted Wanda above the thunder of the waterfall.

Wanda draw June close and hug her fiercely. ‘We have the whole place to ourselves. Peter is waiting for you deep inside the mountain. Would you like Robert and I to prepare you for your tryst, or do you want to go straight to Peter now?’

‘Prepare me, please.’

‘Very well. Listen carefully. Choosing a partner is important,’ said Wanda, running her fingers through June’s hair. ‘Whatever you do, don’t choose Peter because you are frightened that you may never find another man. Far better to stay by yourself than to hook up with someone you barely know. Trust me.’

‘Would it be selfish of me if I chose him anyway?’

‘Very selfish. Don’t think you have to commit yourself. You don’t know Peter yet. Sometimes it takes years to get to know someone. Look into my eyes!’

‘Suppose he gets up close with me like you are now? What shall I do? I’ve never been kissed.’

‘Tell him you’ll let him kiss you if he wants to. Offer to rub noses with him.’

June was startled. ‘Rub noses?’

‘Like this.’

June felt Wanda’s nose rubbing against her own.

She giggled. ‘That feels so funny.’

‘It is the way the Bedouin say hello. Now to prepare you for your meeting with Peter, I’m going to ask Robert to massage your lower body, starting with your legs. Hug me if you are frightened.’

June hugged Wanda tightly her as Robert loosened her trail pants and went to work on her legs.

‘Oh, Wanda!’ murmured June. ‘Oh, Robert! I never knew it could be like this.’

June had never been with a man or a woman. She buried her face in Wanda’s neck. Was kissing was allowed? Was kissing part of the Amorous International program?

It was. As their lips met, June felt a thrill of unbridled sensuality course through her veins. Oh, oh! And then, just when she thought she couldn’t bear it anymore because she was so wildly happy, she felt Robert’s hands exploring the soft undersides of her knees and enjoying her lovely smooth legs and her smooth rounded buttocks.

‘More! More!’ she gasped in between kisses.

As Wanda’s kisses became more eager, and Wanda’s tongue began doing things to June nobody had ever done before, June tried to return the favor by putting her own tongue inside Wanda’s mouth to see what would happen.

Wanda responded with a hug that left June gasping for breath.

Meanwhile Robert’s hands were exploring June’s inner thighs.

June was ecstatic!

Then Robert’s hands paused. He was getting very near that place between her legs that June liked to play with at night when nobody was looking, that secret little knob of pleasure she liked to fondle while she thought about Peter and his big shoulders.

June moaned. She wanted Robert’s hands to move on. She was desperate for his hands to move on.

Robert’s hands moved on.

She felt Wanda unfastening the buttons on the Bushman’s shirt one by one. As the shirt opened up, June went half out of her mind with excitement. She felt Wanda lick her left aureole with her tongue. June felt her nipple swell up into a hard little nub.

June caught her breath.

It was so bitchy. She moaned.

‘Now I want the other one, my pet,’ Wanda whispered hoarsely.

Wanda worried at right nipple savagely until June squealed with delight.

June could feel her whole body starting to hum like a spinning top.

Wanda undid the last button.

June saw Wanda and Robert exchange glances. She saw Robert nod. Working as a team the two experts from Amorous International helped June out of the Bushman’s shirt, one sleeve at a time, running their hands softly over her bare. June was thrilled. She was so happy. She was so excited. They wanted her! So far as she was concerned, she was all theirs. She was hankering to be taken. She could think of nothing but her growing desire, her mounting craving for fulfilment.

June was topless. She was young and breathtaking.

She could see the admiration in their eyes.

She smiled when a golden spot of sunshine lit up her tumbled hair and one of her smooth, delectable shoulders. She sensed that Robert and Wanda wanted to tumble her.

But Wanda and Robert went no further. The lesson was over. June was now ripe for the taking but they were not the ones who were going to take her, for they were professionals.

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