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How to Play the Game: My Rookie Mistake
By DK Fire
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Copyright 2017 DK Fire

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How did I end up here?

Get the hell out of my house!” an angry male voice echoes in my ears.

What did you do to my daughter, you dirty bastard!? You got her drunk so you can take advantage of her? You prick!” I can still hear the annoying lady’s voice.

I can’t believe this is where I find myself –naked on the street, trying to pull on my pants as quickly as I can.

The evening started out so promising. Drinks after work and flirting all night with Tiffany. She looked good tonight; a low-cut top that showed her full breasts and short skirt. I was in the zone. I should have known better though, I mean, she brought me to her parent’s house. Quick excursions around the house quickly lead us to the steamy kitchen. We couldn’t hold back anymore; I needed to have her right there. Passionate kisses quickly changed to an intense thrusting until the loud, unceremonious entrance of her parents who’d just returned from a 70’s concert. And that was that.

I finally manage to get my legs into my pants –will have to go commando. My boxers left on the kitchen floor. A nice souvenir for her. I put on my suit jacket over my bare torso; my dress shirt is nowhere to be found.

I walk towards my baby, the one that has never done me wrong, the one that will always be there for me no matter what, the one that will always makes me happy–my ScarJo, Subaru WRX STI.

I get in and finally breathe out. God this was stressful! Thankfully, I was quick enough to grab my phone. The light from the screen blinds my eyes.

I’m so sorry; this was so embarrassing! I would really love to see you again. I’ve had tons of fun, and I hope you can forgive me, and we can continue our introduction in a hotel next time” A message from Tiffany.  I’m definitely in! God, I’m good!

I start up ScarJo; her engine sound is the music to my ear. It’s time for me to get to my apartment and get some much sleep. It’s Britney’s last day tomorrow, and I still haven’t properly introduced myself to her. I need to get inside her before it’s too late.

I love driving at night - even the air feels fresher when the streets are empty. Come on ScarJo, let’s see what we’ve got, I push on the gas and get lost in speed.

Oh no! What’s wrong baby? I don’t like the sound you are making!” My steering wheel is shaking. This doesn’t seem right. I need to take her to the nearest auto shop as soon as possible.

Hang on! We will get you fixed.” My friend Google will help me find something. Darn it! I wish it wasn’t so late!

Oh here we go, the only auto shop that is open at this time, and it’s not far from here. God must love me a lot!

I pull into the shop, but no one seems to be around. This is just great; my car won’t get serviced today. Damn!

I finally spot a figure inside.

Hey dude, I need to service my car.” I approach a young guy wearing the mechanic uniform and baseball cap.

Hey mate, you will have to wait until I’m finished here” a soft girls voice responds. The mechanic turns to me...

Oh shit! My are a girl, I couldn’t tell from behind. I thought you were a bit small for being a mechanic.”

Yeah, whatever man...” Her words didn’t match her body. “You are going have to wait for a bit, I’m just going to finish with this car.” She points at the parked Honda Civic.

“Right...are you sure you know what you are doing?” I make an assumption, and this tomboy looks like she’s about 18 or so.  How much does she even know about cars?

She shifts her eyes on me, and I swear to God, I feel like she’s about to slap or kick me in the nuts. Her eyes look angry which for some reason makes her look cute.

“Whatever, you can go somewhere else if you like, I don’t need to waste my time on you, on your WRX.”

Well, at least she can distinguish Subaru from Mitsubishi.

How long will it take to get it fixed?

As long as I need.”

Great...” What a sassy little...

You can go home or to the clothing store to get yourself a shirt, I can call you when it’s done.” she says while inspecting Honda.

Is she flirting with me? Asking for my number? She is so not my type. Her face is all dirty from grease, and I can only imagine how bad she smells. Wouldn’t be surprised if she’s got short hair underneath that cap...And God, look at the baggy uniform!

“Are you deaf?”


I asked if you want me to let you know when I’m finished with your car.”

Are you allowed to talk to the customers this way?”

Whatever.” she continues working on the Honda.

“Fine. Yeah, give me a buzz when you finish.”


“Please what?”

“Give me a call please?” she corrects me, and I’m ready to walk out of this stupid auto shop.

This night just can’t get any worse! Jeez, who does she think she is? I’m going to vomit. But I have no choice but to obey her if I need my baby fixed.

“Yes, give me a call please when you finish.”

“With pleasure,” she says with sarcasm.

“Are you going to write down my number or what?”

I’m a bit busy right now, as you can see. Just write it down, there are pen and paper at the cashier desk.”

I roll my eyes; I can’t believe this audacious teenager.

I should get out of here. After writing my number on a piece of paper, I walk out without saying goodbye. It’s time for me to order an Uber.

Two minutes later, I’m in the car reflecting on a day. Damn, those were good boxers that I left behind at Tiffany’s parents place. Oh...and my dress shirt, that is tailored made in Thailand. Tiffany’s dad is probably burning my belongings right now.

Not even 10 minutes into my ride, I receive a phone call from unknown number.

“Hello...” I answer the phone in a baritone voice.

“Hey, your car is ready.”

“Who’s this?” I know exactly who it is, but I chose to play a little

The mechanic from the auto shop.” Sassy’s girl voice responds.

“It’s ready already?”

“Are you deaf? I said it was ready!”

Jeez...alright, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

She’s so rude, unbelievable! I can’t wait to get my car. I hope I’ll never run into that creature again.  I politely ask the driver to turn around and drive back to the auto shop. Twenty dollars later, I’m back where I started.

“Here,” she hands me the key for the car. “It’s ready.”

Perfect.” I reply

“You are welcome.”

God, please give me patience!

She hands me in the bill. What??? I can’t believe this!

“No freaking way I’m paying you $450! This is a total robbery! You can’t be billing me for almost $500! I need to speak to your manager because this is ridiculous!”

I had to replace a part and change the oil,” she continues calmly when I’m so furious and ready to blow up.

“I’m not paying that! I’m not going to be scammed by some teenager.”

“You better pay!!” she yells.

No, I won’t! And you can fight it if you want! I will see you in court!” This is ridiculous, I’m not getting ripped off by some impudent girl who has no idea what she is doing.

I turn my back to her and start to walk away when I feel her grip on my forearm. I didn’t expect an attack.

“Let go of me!” I abruptly pull my arms.

“You are not going anywhere until you pay your bill!” she screams and tries to stop me one more time. And at this point I have run out of patience, I try to gently push her away, but instead, I pull her in. Our eyes meet, and our noses almost touch, that’s when I notice her full lips, they were hidden before by the black marks of grease on her face. An instinct and hormones within me are starting to rise, and I lean over to her.

Hard, loud slap follows.

“What the hell are you doing? You’re a dickhead!” she yells from the top of her lungs.

Nothing.” I brush off my clothes, making sure no grease stains are left on my expensive suit jacket.

“I’m out of here!”

Without looking at her or paying the bill, I get into the car and drive off.

I can’t believe this just happened. What the hell was back there? Why did I even lean over to her? So mad about my actions! Must be my blue balls talking.

The wheel is not shaking anymore, and the ride feels smoother. Wonder what she did? Maybe I should have paid the bill...ah...whatever...I need to get home already. I’m sure she overcharged me anyway. I shouldn’t encourage crook like behavior. With my guilty conscious being tucked away underneath my perfection, I press on a gas and direct my baby home.

As I get through the door of my loft, my cell phone rings. Damn! I just remembered I left my phone number with that mechanic girl! She will probably start harassing me! When I look at the screen, I breathe out with relief.

Hey mom.”

“Hi, Justin! What’s up?”

“I don’t know; you called me” I turn on the light in the hallway and head straight for the fridge, I need to get myself a cold beer, I deserve one.

“Don’t speak to your mother in that tone.”

I extend my hand away from my ear as mom’s voice deafens me.


“Anyway, so what’s happening on Sunday? Are you coming over for dinner?”

Wouldn’t miss it.” I say sarcastically and take a sip of my beer

“Are you are going to be by yourself? Or are you bringing someone?”

“Who would I bring?” I frown.

“I don’t know...maybe a girlfriend.”

I have way too many to choose from. Anyway, I gotta go now, it’s getting late, and I need to get to bed.”

“Ok, have a good night.”

Hell, I already did!

“Yes, thank-you mom” I smile and hang up the phone.

I quickly down my beer and jump in the shower.

While in bed I keep thinking about today and somehow my thought are keep getting traced back to that girl in the auto shop, not even thoughts of hot sex with Tiffany can erase the image of that girl’s face. Ha...Tiffany, though, totally hot! It was her last day in the office, and I probably won’t see her again. I need to switch my focus to Britney, her last day is tomorrow, and I can’t let the opportunity slip away.


“So how did yesterday go?” Chris asks me referring to my time with Tiffany.

Oh man! Do I have a story to tell ya…” I respond while fixing my cereal in the office kitchen.

“Please spill the beans.”

“Her parents walked on us” I whisper the word sex as if suspecting that someone is listening.

You must be joking...well I guess I’m 32 and all the girls I hang out with don’t live with their parents...actually scratch that...who am I lying to? I’m married and been with the same person for about ten years.”

10 years eh? That’s a long time! Have no idea how you don’t get bored!” I scan Chris’s hair, he has it nicely slicked to the side. I like his skinny black tie, nice touch.

No man. I might sound corny, but when you meet the one, you won’t want to sleep around.” he smiles and shows off his white teeth.

Frankly, I don’t believe “the one” bullshit. I think it was made up by women so that they can keep their men on a tight leash.

Right.” I don’t argue and pretend to believe him.

“So what’s next?” Chris asks while taking a seat at the kitchen table since we still have few minutes to catch up before starting our work day.

“Going to ask Britney out for drinks tonight,” I say with the smirk. “Her last day today.”

“Oh, of course, I should have known.”

Ha...I know...anyway, we will see how I go, just hope she doesn’t live with her parents.” I laugh.

“No kidding.”

I quickly finish my cereal and down my coffee.

Oh hey guys!” Fine looking blonde Britney makes her grand entrance into the kitchen.

Hey.” Chris responds shyly “anyway, I better get back to work now” He tactfully gets up and leaves.

“How are you, Justin?” Britney raises her eyebrow, and her face expresses desire. I can’t wait to be alone with her. Can’t wait to grab onto those big tits and lick the hell out of them.

I’m well, thank you for asking” Look at those perfectly shaped butt cheeks. I can’t wait to caress them.

Your last day is today?” Last day for you, perfect time for me.

“Technically is, but I need to briefly come in tomorrow.”

Are you having drinks after work?” I ask trying to keep my eyes on her face and not her jugs.

Yeah, I think we gonna go to the Met. You are welcome to join.” she winks.

Hell yeah I’m going, even if I wasn’t invited. I can’t wait to get with you tonight.

“That’s cool.”

“Are you going to come?”

You have no idea baby, and I will be coming all over you.

Not sure yet. It’s getting busy at work.” I keep my cool.

“Well, I hope to see you there,” she says flirtatiously, and I suddenly have a flash-forward of the evening with my dick in her mouth.

“I will try my best.”

I stand up and come up to Britney close enough to smell her fruity perfume.

You have a good day.” I smile and tap her on a shoulder.

“Yes, you too.”

Oh, I will, can’t wait till the work day is over. It’s going to be a long day of answering the emails and sucking up to the management. Sometimes I can’t believe how much longer I will be slaving myself until becoming a senior associate at this firm. Probably another two years, and then another ten until making a partner. Oh least my journey won’t be boring with all the women coming and going through the firm, and my dick is going in and out through their pussies.  They can’t resist my looks–blonde hair slicked to the side, defined jaw line and gray eyes. Women dig it.

I look at my watch, and it’s close to 6 pm. Britney left with the girls already. I need to time my appearance. I don’t want this evening to get out of hand. I just want to get inside Britney.

And this annoying number from auto shop keeps calling me. That girl mechanic wants me to pay my bill. Heck, she isn't getting my money. I block the number, so I won’t be bothered anymore and can enjoy my evening with Britney.

One drink for me and a few for Britney, and we are driving over to her place. Didn’t take her long to invite me over for a “cup of tea.”

“So this is where you live…” I say as we enter her premises.

Yeah, bought this one bedroom, I needed to get out of my parents' place.” She smiles while taking off her high heel stilettos and showing me inside.

Thank God she doesn’t live with her parents.

“It’s nice,” I say as I scan my surroundings. Nice size living room. Her living room walls are filled with an inspirational writings pictures, and I want to roll my eyes, but instead, I pretend to be interested and not judge.

Britney offers me a beer, and I politely reject it since I’m driving. As of this moment, I want us to get down to business, or better say, for me to go down on Britney.

She hands me the glass of water and sits next to me. I look at her cock-sucking lips and pray to God that she will occupy them with my dick and not empty conversation on the topic that I don’t give a shit about.

After sipping on her wine, she licks her upper lip, and it’s time. I shift closer and look her right in the eyes in an attempt to create that “fake” magical moment that all women sought for.

I put my glass of water on the table and lean over to her. I gently lock her face in my hands. I softly touch her lips with my thumb. They are just as warm and ready for some actions as my cock is.

I enter her mouth confidently, and my tongue skillfully moves around. Without hesitation, I sneak my hand underneath her dress and feel her silky underwear. There is no resistance, so I move her underwear to the side and prepare my index finger for penetration.

My fingers get wrapped in warming moisture of her insides. I move faster and faster her mouth opens wider and wider as if begging for more. She unbuckles my belt. Yeah, baby, come on, you go!

Her hand slips inside my underwear and reaches out for my full aroused cock. As she strokes it back and forth, I try to locate her g-spot with my fingers. Here it is. She can’t help but moan.

She bends her head down as I pull her hair back and consumes my penis with her mouth.

Very tenderly I move her head up and down, and we both catch the rhythm.

To my disappointment, however, she quickly stops the blowjob ritual and says,

“Go down on me.”

It’s not a question; it’s an order.

I give her a convincing smile as if eating out pussy is my favorite item on a menu.

I sit her down on the couch, pull her dress up and remove her silky underwear. Her pussy is wet and ready for some tongue action.

As I make my rounds with my tongue between her pussy lips she whispers,

“Eat my ass.”

“Wait, what?” She catches me off guard, and I’m stunned by her request.

“Eat my ass,” she says it in a sexual way, and I’m left with no choice but to explore a more localized area of the butt. I dive right in and eat it like an apple fritter.

Her moaning and body trembling gets me hard in an instant. I enter her pulsating with desire pussy and fuck her hard until dawn.


My alarm goes off right at 7 am, and I can barely open my eyes. Perfect, only 4 hours of sleep for me. That’s what I get for lasting almost three hours last night. It was a bit strange, kind of hard for me to finish. Not sure what the problem is, Britney is hot and has everything going for her.

I hope I’m not getting bored of sex. I brush off this depressing thought and make myself a strong French press coffee, which will hopefully get me through the morning.

It’s so warm outside, perfect weather for shorts and t-shirt, but I’m forced to wear a suit every single day. It’s starting to get to me.

I start my WRX and put the radio on in an attempt to keep myself awake through the long journey to the office.

While driving, I’m starting to think of my next target. Tiffany and Britney are now gone. Who shall I pick next? That’s the million dollar question.

Suddenly, my smooth journey is interrupted by the huge traffic jam.

You must be joking? I am going to be late, and that makes me angry. I’m always on time. This road never gets congested, and I wonder if there is an accident.

After sending an email to my team informing them that I will be late, I call the office and speak to Human Resources.

That’s not a problem, Justin.” The soft voice of Sarah comforts me. “I know the traffic is brutal today. There is a protest happening…”

“Protest? Are you serious?”

I should know these things, but I didn’t get a chance to check up on the news this morning.

“Yeah, something about equal pay in the workforce.”


“Yeah…Anyway, take your time, don’t worry, you are not the only one who’s running late.”

Sarah’s sweet voice makes me curious. Maybe she can be my next target? Wonder how shy she is? But do I want to go there, considering she works in HR, it can be a bit dangerous?

Thanks, Sarah, I will see you later.” I hung up the phone.

I should probably get her a coffee one day or something and see if I can break the ice.

Looking over at the heavy traffic ahead, I make an executive decision to park my car and wait it out until this craziness is done. Besides, I could use another cup of coffee.

I turn my wheel and direct my car into a quiet street. As I prepare my car for parking, I hear a bang. I look at my rear side mirror, and there she is standing behind my car.

I’m pissed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yell and stop my car to get out.

“Recognize me?”

“Yeah. I guess. You can’t just be banging on people’s car.”

“I hardly touched your bucket, don’t be so sensitive.”

Whatever.” I breathed out heavily. I should’ve known she would be here. Of course, marching for the equal pay in her baggy jeans, oversized shirt, and a baseball cap.

“You haven’t paid your bill!” she shouts at me.


“You have to pay for the work.”

“God damn it! You looked at my car for 30 seconds.”

“I fixed it!” she screams.

This day just can’t get any worse.

Whatever…are you following me or something?” I’m getting impatient. “This is called harassment!”

“I’m not following you! I need you to pay your bill.”

She’s getting on my nerves now. It’s not that I don’t have $500, it’s the matter of principle, she doesn’t deserve to be paid so much for 20 minutes of work.

“I’m not paying it,” I say sharply and inch forward towards the car. I have to get out of here.

But she’s not letting it go, just before I get inside the car, she roughly digs into my forearm and tries to stop me. Even though her frame is quite petite, her grip is strong.

Let go of me!” I pull my forearm away.

She doesn’t give up and tries my other arm when I hear the painful sounds of my stitches ripping, and my expensive suit jacket gets ruined. That completely sends me over the edge.

I look at her with my angry eyes and unexpectedly grab both of her tiny wrists and press her body against my car. I block her escape with my muscular torso, and she’s got nowhere to run.

I stare at her green eyes, and sudden excitement runs through me. I can smell the scent of her youthful, flawless skin.

“What’s wrong with you?” I whisper while glaring at her intensely. She’s silent, still baffled and in a state of a shock. I can’t help but to move my head down and persuade her innocent lips. I lock them in, at first hesitant and timid, she partially opens her mouth and lets my tongue in. I can hardly control my actions.

But a hard kick to my balls quickly gets me in line. I hadn't experienced this kind of a pain since grade eight when I ran a marathon without boxers, and after I had reached the finish line, I thought my testicles were going to fall off.

My body squirms in an excruciating pain forcing me to let her go and almost collapse on the ground.

FUCK!” I force out.

“Did you like that?” she mocks me while looking down at me, enjoying seeing me in agony.

“Why the hell did you do that?”

“Next time you won’t touch me” she grins and runs off.

With the great effort, I climb into my car and throw my ripped suit jacket onto the passenger seat. Fucking hell! I put my head on the steering wheel and take a minute to think.

I think I’m going crazy. WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT BACK THERE? I’m losing it completely. I don’t think with my head anymore; it’s all about my dick. I should see a specialist about this. Maybe I can ask my mom to refer me to her shrink? I might be a sex maniac and a complete idiot.  This girl might be under age and could easily report me for assault, and that would end my career.

I start the car and aggressively push on the gas. I need to take a ride, I turn into the opposite direction of the traffic and drive my car onto the highway. I need some speed to help me clear my head.

What is it about her that drives me so crazy? Her ugly clothes or her baseball cap? Tomboys never attracted me before. What if I’m into men now? ARGH….Jeez, fucking Christ she’s SO not my type! WHAT IS IT THEN? Maybe I should go in and pay that damn bill to end this misery and pray to God that I won’t run into her again.

Deep down I know what this is all about, it’s her innocence and purity that I’m drawn to. But what if it’s just her cover? For all I know, she might be working as a hooker late at night.

Out of anger, I bang on my steering wheel. I need to pull it together.

With my rage building up inside me, I don’t notice how I go over the speed limit. I hear the siren behind me. Great, now I’m getting pulled over by a cop. What else will I have to face with today?

I finally arrive to the office with a $300 speeding ticket. I can’t believe that girl just cost me almost $800; her bill for fixing my car, and now this speeding ticket. Of course, I can’t forget about my awesome expensive suit jacket that I will need to get to the tailor to have it fixed.

As I walk to the kitchen, I see Britney standing in front of the fridge. She bends over, and I scan her appetizing ass. She’s just casually packing her lunch. She looks over at me and bats her long eyelashes. I give her a smile. It’s funny how casual we are, considering that just last night our private parts were in each other’s faces.

Hello there,” she tries to put on her sexy voice, and it sounds so fake. I gaze at her face and only now realize that her eyelashes are fake and about to come undone. Wonder what else is fake on her? Her tits felt real but who knows. I should probably be careful when I pull down on her hair extensions next time, don’t want it to come off unexpectedly.

I put my hand on my forehead to make sure I’m not sick, why am I noticing this stuff now? Who cares if she looks plastic and fake, she’s a great fuck.

“Justin, are you there?” she waves her hand in front of me.


“Are you alright?” she asks and puts her hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah I’m fine, sorry” I need to concentrate. “Did you say something?” I try to give her my charming smile.

“I can’t believe you didn’t hear me.”

“Yes, I’m sorry, just didn’t have a good day…”

“Oh really, what happened?”

I got a speeding ticket.” and got kicked in the nuts.

“Oh shit!”

“It’s what were you saying?”

I said that I have a little surprise for you.” she winks.

God, please don’t tell me you are pregnant.

“Oh yah?” I try to keep my cool.

“Aren’t you surprised to see me here?” she seductively walks my direction.

“A little bit?” That's a good question; I thought her contract was done.

“My contract was extended, so I will be working here for another year…”

Great! Fantastic! Why don’t I just hang myself by my nuts and get it over with? What else is going to happen today?

Right on!” I pretend to sound excited.

“So maybe we can spend more time with each other?” she stands right in front of me and puts her naughty hand on my package, she slightly moves her hand up and down, and it doesn’t take me long to get a partial boner.

“Oh hey, guys.”

Britney jumps off almost across the room from me as one of the partners walks into the kitchen. I quickly turn to the sink in an attempt to hide my erection.

Hello Martin.” I turn on the tap; I would definitely like to use some cold water on my cock right now.

“Hi Justin.”

Anyway, I gotta get back to work.” Britney waves at us and disappears in the hallway. Thanks for leaving me here by myself.

“Everything is good?” Martin asks

I nod.

“Do you mind?” Martin points at the sink “I need to wash my hands.”

I glimpse down at my package, and I’m safe to get back to my desk.

All yours.” I awkwardly move to the left.

Friday night

Finally, the work day is over, and I’m getting excited for some drinks with the boys. I tried my best today to hide from Britney. I need a break from her, and I can’t believe she will be working on the same floor as me. Why did I have shit where I eat?

One last email sent, and it’s time for me to wrap up. First, a couple of drinks at the bar downstairs and then see where the night takes us.

“Hey man…” I answer my phone

“Hey, lover boy! What’s shaking?” Nick asks.

Nick and I go a long way back–he’s been my best friend since junior high. We always have fun together and know each other well. He’s just finishing up his business degree, and then he wants to go and travel, kudos to him.

“Not much. Just finishing up, then quick drink with the partners downstairs and then I’m ready. So where are we heading tonight?”

“Don’t know, it’s a Friday night; skirts up, tits out.”

Hell yeah!” I laugh.

“Maybe Argyle? There is always a lot to choose from in that place.”

True.” I picked a hot chick over at that bar couple of weeks back.

“Yeah let’s do it, man! Gotta go now!” I hung up the phone.

I keep checking my watch while trying to finish my last drink and boring conversation with one of the partners. There is nothing interesting for me here, no girls to look at.  I’m trying my best not to zone out while one of the senior partners is talking about something.

That’s great Charles” I take my last sip.  “It’s getting late now… I should get going.”

“God, Jeez…it’s still early. Going to the club or something?” Charles asks

Yeah, why not? It’s Friday night.” I admit

“Totally…have fun while you can, cause once you're married, it’s all over” he laughs with his mouth open.

That’s exactly the reason, why I will never settle down. I see too many of unhappy husbands at my law firm, always so preoccupied with kids, or wives that don’t put out.  No, thank you!

“What took you so long?” Nick asks while standing outside the Argyle.

“Sorry man, some people just like to talk” I get my wallet ready and make sure I have enough cash for our cover.

“Wow, it’s getting busy!” I say as I scan all the women that are lining up to get inside the bar.

“Hopefully, we can get in,” Nick says anxiously.

“Don’t worry man…I got it”

I make my way right to the front of the line and speak to my security buddy. I know all of the important people in the city. My security friend lets us in right away after I sneak in $100 bill in his jacket pocket. It has been an expensive week for me!

“Is Sean coming?” I ask Nick as we enter the club.

Who the fuck knows, the guy is always late. He’ll text me when he’s here” Nick responds.

The club is electric tonight, and everyone is feeding off the smiles and fast dancing. I glimpse around; good vibes flow like a good virus. There is love in the air all hyped up and ready to give us a good time, and I can’t help but smile. This music is bringing me higher. I probably need another drink, so I don’t lose my buzz.

“Do you want a drink?” I yell in Nick’s ear.

“Yeah, I will have a beer.”

You got it!” I tap him on a shoulder and make my way to the bar.  As I look at the girls, I’m starting to realize how they all look alike, like creepy clones from some horror movie. Thank God, they are all wearing different clothes otherwise I would have thought there was a glitch in the matrix.

What’s wrong with me? When will my old self be back? I used to get excited by all the tits and asses, but now I don’t seem to care. I need to start drinking heavily.

I try to squeeze my way through people pushing and yelling, trying to move their clumsy bodies into the rhythm. I endeavor to find an opening so I can make my way to the bar. Someone pushes me to the right, and as I struggle to find my balance, I catch the glimpse of the real beauty. I move forward to see her closely. Her hair is deep hues of fierce crimson against her radiant face. Her smile is warm with a hint of shyness, and her lips look like a frozen rose, dangerous but beautiful. I’m mesmerized by her creamy smooth skin. She looks so delicate. Under my gaze, she doesn’t withdraw or flinch as if she knows me already. She’s not making a step forward, so I need to get to her right away. I’m concentrated on the fitted lace blue dress she’s wearing, as my eyes guide me through the darkness right to her arms.

The distance between us is getting smaller, and I almost reach her when a rough tap on my back distracts me.

“Hey man, time for drinks?” Sean asks me with a smile.

“Oh hey there.”

As I turn back to search for the blue dress, it suddenly disappears. I look around in a panic but can’t locate the beauty that I just saw.

“What are you looking for?” Sean asks as he sees me wiggling my head back and forth.

Nothing.” I grunt. I make the full 360, and she’s nowhere to be found.

“Are we getting drinks or what?” Sean asks while pulling me towards the bar.


With the drinks in their hands, Sean and Nick seem to be in a good spirit throwing their looks at the girls. I’m not interested in anyone, all I want is to see that blue dress again—my next target.

A few moments later we are talking to a group of women, and one of the blonde ones is throwing a sexy glare at me, but I can care less. She’s trying to tell me something, but I don’t put an effort to hear her. I’m simply not that into her. I lean over and yell,

“I can’t hear you.”

I turn to Sean, and he gives me a disapproval look.

“What’s going on man?” he murmurs.

“Nothing,” I say through my teeth. I’m still mad at Sean for ruining the moment for me with the girl in the blue dress. I want to leave now; I’m getting bored.

“I think I’m gonna get going,” I tell Sean.

“What...are you serious?”

I usually never leave a party early, but today I’m not in a mood.

I wave at Nick and shake Sean’s hand.

“I’ll see you guys later.”

“Have a good night ladies!” I smile at the group of girls.

I spot an exit and mentally prepare myself for an escape. As I push my way through drunk people to the exit, the stage by the dance floor lights up. It catches my attention, and I try to see what’s happening.

How’s everyone doing?!” A lady in a red dress yells out.

Fabulous...what’s going on?

“Thank you all for coming, I hope everyone is having a good time!” she shouts into a microphone.

Yes, everyone is drunk. Just get to the point already. I stand in the corner to get the view of the stage.

“As you all know, two days ago we celebrated International Woman’s Day. I hope you all made your ladies happy!” She screams in a high pitched voice.

No shit, I’ve made my lady happy, I ate her ass.

“We have a little surprise for you gentlemen!”

Can’t wait, spit it out already so I can leave.

“We would like to invite you to have a dance with these beautiful ladies. Please place your bids, and all the money raised will go to the women’s shelter!”

This is bullshit. I will never pay to dance with anyone. With the corner of my eye, I catch the glimpse of blue. I open my eyes wider to make sure it’s her who’s getting on stage. Where was she all this time?

I don’t see anything around me, all I see is the lace blue dress and her long wavy crimson hair.

I squeeze through people, hitting them with my elbows, I can’t miss my dance.

Impatiently, I’m waiting my turn to place the bet on my girl. Starting bet is $50.

Ten girls later, finally it’s my time.

The lady in a red dress takes the hand of the girl in a blue dress and says,

“Let’s welcome Amelie!”

Amelie, what a charming name. Everything about her is stunning–her long legs, her beautiful shoulders. I clap my hands like a little kid at the zoo.

“And the starting bet is $50!” the MC shouts.

“$100!” I yell

“We have a bet for $100! Anyone higher than that?”

Everyone shut the fuck up!  My heart is pounding like crazy, and for a second I’m afraid it will jump out of my chest.

$150!” A husky male voice yells from the back.

No way! I’m dancing with her tonight! Like it or not!

200!” I continue.

We have a bet for $200.” the entertainer gets excited and lifts up Amelie’s hand. “Anyone higher?”

No, nobody! AMELIE IS MINE.

“250!” the same voice echoes.

You must be joking?

“$300!” I don’t give up.

“$350!” that same male voice informs as if mocking me knowing how much I want to win.

Fuck this; I’m going for it!

“$1000!!!!” I shout from the top of my lungs!

“Oh my god!” the MC screams in excitement! “We have a $1000! Anyone can offer more?”

The club is quiet, and I know I won.

“Amelie will be dancing with this lovely gentleman” the MC points at me, and my face stretches into a smile when I look at Amelie’s gorgeous face. “Please get ready; the music is about to start. But first please settle your bids with me.”

I line up with the other guys to send my credit card over the limit. But I don’t mind; I’m possessed by my desire.

“What the fuck dude?” Sean runs up to me.


“You are gonna throw away $1000?”

“I’m not throwing it away; I’m donating it to the woman’s shelter” I make my excuse.

“Fuck man, like seriously! A grand?! I will suck your dick for a grand.”

“Oh fuck off!” I push Sean away, I know he’s trying to point out what a foolish decision I’ve made.

I’m waiting like a child for the music to come on. I can’t keep my eyes off Amelie; she’s standing on the stage, waiting to fall into my arms.

A slow melody begins to play, and MC announces that it’s time for us to break in into the couples and begin our dance. My palms are getting a bit sweaty, and I watch Amelie coming down the stairs and making her way to me.

I can’t wait to place my hands on her curvy waist.

“Hello, I’m Justin,” I say hesitantly, and gently lock her hand. She smiles shyly, for some reason her smile is so native to me, so familiar.

I softly pull her in. The fragrance of her body is innocent; it’s drowning me in. I wrap my arms around her small body and enjoy the moment.

“What was your name again?” I whisper in her ear. I want to hear her say her name.

She abruptly pulls away and looks into my eyes.

“You have an idea who I am, don’t ya?”Amelie says with the voice of the tomboy girl who kicked me in the nuts a few days ago. I feel like I’ve just been shot.

You are such a loser.” she mocks me.



My eyes are open, I’m awake, even though I want to be dead. How could I have failed so miserably? I can’t believe I didn’t recognize the tomboy in that goddess in a blue dress. I’ll be the subject of mockery for her for the rest of her life. Fuck! She was right - I’m a fucking loser! It’s her hair that tricked me! Her beautiful hair was always hiding underneath her stupid baseball cap! And her ugly baggy clothes covered all of her appetizing assets.

Reluctantly, I roll over in my bed to reach for my phone.

“Where the hell did you go?” I read the message from Nick. Duh, obviously I had to escape home after such shame...and Amelie...Amelie...she just disappeared again... I didn’t even have time to grab her number. She just vanished into the night, and I was too stunned by my stupidity to stop her.

I drop my head on the pillow and try not to think, but all I see is her eyes that are the color of a dazzling emerald.

I have to get up and eat something. I’m an idiot! I spent $1000 last night on a dance that lasted about 30 seconds. Why didn’t I stop her when she revealed who she was? I was shocked and just got rooted to the floor. All I remember is opening and closing my mouth like a fish without saying anything. Seriously, I should just slap myself.

I have to find her; I need to redeem myself. I want a proper dance with her and a proper kiss. She can’t trick me and run away.

I grab my phone and scroll down through my contacts; I finally find the number for the auto shop.Amelie, you are not going to get away from me, I promise you that!

“Auto Tech Automotive, Keith speaking.” A rough male voice answers. “Hello?!”

“Ummm….ummm…,” I mumble.

“Can I help you?”

“Umm…Is Amelie there?” I finally spit out.

“She’s not here. Who’s asking?”

I panic and hang up the phone. This is official; I’m turning into an obsessed teenager. What’s with AMELIE? I just have to let it go. God damn it! There are so many hot girls around, and every single one of them I can have. Why would I want to waste my time with some teenager?

I almost convinced myself that I’m free of this obsession, when the sudden flashback of her face and scent of her skin, reminds me that she’s not going anywhere.

How can I cure myself? I think I know where it’s all coming from. It’s her resistance. I need her to give in to me as soon as possible.

After the shower and breakfast, I get dressed and get into my car.

“Come on ScarJo, take me to that auto shop.”

I will pay Amelie a visit. I’m sure as soon as she sees me in my sexy jeans and t-shirt, she will be smitten. Hell, I’m a catch! She should feel privileged by the fact that I even think of her.

I put on music and concentrate on the road. As I notice the sign for the auto shop, all of my arrogant thoughts suddenly disappear, and I’m feeling hesitant and apprehensive, sort of like a rice pudding.

I’m definitely making that appointment with the shrink; I’m in need of therapy.

I pull into the parking lot, and I swear to God at this moment I can hear my heartbeat. Must have been the strong coffee that I had this morning.

I was greeted by the big guy with the long beard as I walk inside.

“Can I help you?”

His size startles me, and I don’t seem to find words.

“I’m waiting…” The impatient guy throws my way.

I keep looking around, hoping to spot Amelie, but clearly, she’s not here.

“Ummm… Is Amelie here?” I finally manage to murmur.

“No, she’s not here” he abruptly responds. “Wait...did you call earlier today?”

“Me? No.” I lie. “Why?”

“Oh, some retard called and asked for her and then hung up.” The big guy is blunt.

“Definitely wasn’t me…” I try to turn on the lawyer in me and lie convincingly.

“Can you tell me where I can find Amelie?” I ask.


“NO?” I’m not used hearing that answer.

“Why do you need to see her?”

Why is it any of your business? I guess I have to play by his rules if I want to get some information.


“Well, what? Get to the point!” the big guy orders.

I have no choice but, to you tell the truth, I’m obsessed with Amelie, and I need to have sex with her otherwise, I will go crazy.

“Look, I would like to apologize to her.”

“For what?”

Why is he in my face so much?

“I forgot to pay my bill.”

After a long pause, the big guy goes,

“Oh, I think she told me about it...hey Keith, the douchebag that skipped on his bill is here!” he yells, and I hear a series of boots tumbling onto the floor.

“I’m standing right here!” I say unhappily; I guess good manners are not used here.


Jeez...just shoot me already.

The second guy whose name I assume to be Keith shows up and stands next to me. I feel that this is the end for me. Just don’t hit my face or rape my ass.

“Hello, Keith.” I try to sound firm. “Yeah guys, look, I’m sorry that it happened this way. I want to apologize to Amelie.”

“I don’t think she needs your apologies. But we do need you to pay your bill.” the big guy laughs, and I’m tempted to stick my fist in his mouth.

“Well, I will pay the bill when I see Amelie.”

“No man, you are going to pay your bill now!” Keith taps me harshly on my shoulder. I am probably not going to get out of here alive. All this trouble for a girl, who would have thought?

“Right.” I bite my lip and squeeze my phone in my hands.

“It was $500 right?” the big guy asks.

“No, it was $450.”

“Sorry man, have to charge you a late penalty fee.”

Fucking hell! I want to run, but I know that Keith is standing behind me. Two against one, odds are not in my favor. I do feel an adrenaline rush and strong temptation to punch something or someone. But why go there?

“Totally understandable.” I squeeze through my teeth.

Fuck, just want to toss my credit card into his face. Instead, I put it on the register and wait for him to process it. Please, go ahead, rob me, cause I’m fucking rolling in it.

“All done, Justin.” The big guy hands me back my card.

“Look, I know what I did was wrong; I feel bad about it.”

“You should,” Keith grumbles.

“Fine. But can you guys tell me what days she works here?”

“She doesn't.”

“What do you mean?”

“She doesn’t work here anymore.” the big guy sticks a toothpick into his mouth.

“I guess it’s no point of me asking you for her number.”


“Well can you guys maybe give her my number, I just really need to speak with her and apologize.”

I look at both of them with sincerity, hoping that my genuine request will make them understand.

“Sure, you can write it down here.” The big guy hands me in a piece of paper.

I write down my number and leave auto shop covered in “dirt” and shame. Karma is a bitch.

Sexy Times

Enough is enough; I tell myself while driving away from the shitty auto shop. No more of this crazy obsession. Analyzing everything now, I realize that I’m chasing something that doesn’t exist. Who the hell is Amelie? She’s no one to me. Empty space.

As I pull into the driveway, my phone vibrates, and I look at the message.

“Are you free tonight?” Britney’s message reads.

“Free like a bird,” I respond. I know this is exactly what I need.

After two minutes, I receive her response.

“Wanna cum over?”

“Hell ya, will be there at 7.” I type in with the speed of light.

Right at 7, I’m standing at Britney’s door, holding the flowers and a bottle of fine red. Britney is my savior she just knows what I need right now–easy, hot sex.

Britney answers the door wearing shorts that barely cover her firm sexy ass, and a white t-shirt with no bra, her nipples are hard; I can’t wait to kiss them.

“Come on in…” she invites me inside, and I get the full view of her bottom, and I want to smack it.

“Thank you.” I tail behind her.

“How was your day?” she asks while grabbing two wine glasses from the cupboard.

Fucking awful!

“Good, didn’t get to do much.” I lick my upper lip, getting ready for my performance.

“I see...” she responds while opening the bottle of wine. She fills up both of our glasses.

I get a slight taste of the wine, while Britney downs hers quickly. I know it’s time for us to get busy. As if reading my mind, she comes up to me, and I can’t wait to fuck her. I roughly grab her face and penetrate her mouth with my passionate tongue. I pull her hair back and feel her fine ass. She takes off my shirt and unzips my pants. My dick is fully erect and ready to go. I pull up her shirt and lick her full breasts; I can’t get enough of them. I want her fucking pussy right now. I strip down her shorts and feel her through wet underwear. She’s ready to go. Her t-shirt falls down, and we 're both completely naked. She lowers down and takes my entire cock into her mouth.

“Yeah baby, suck it harder.” I murmur while slightly moving her head back and forth. She looks up at me and smacks her face with my dick.

“Do you like that?” she asks while licking it like a lollipop.

“Fuck yeah.” My voice shakes from the pleasure.

“Are you ready to fuck me?” she asks while lowering her body to the doggy position. She’s waiting for me to take her.

I get down on the floor and look at her nicely shaved pussy. Britney bends her back, and I lightly caress her bottom with my dick, then slide it between her butt cheeks…Britney trembles, her body thirsts. I continue teasing her, caressing her lower back, her legs with the tip of my dick which is wet from her juices. She moans. I want her to want more, so I bend over and touch her clitoris with my tongue while touching her inner thighs tenderly.

I can see her nipples are hard. I direct my cock into her pussy and enter it slightly, just a few inches. She breathes in heavily, biting her lips. I pull out my penis a little but then suddenly plant in deep, then deeper, then again and again. With each movement, our pace becomes faster and faster. Her ass hits my thighs, and her pussy is all wet.

“Fuck me, like I'm a whore!” she yells out while panting. I want to leave her sore.

“You’re a fucking slut.” I twist her hair in my fist and pull it back.

How hot and passionate she is. A little more and my sperm begins to move, slowly rises to the head. Our thrusting is fast, very fast. Without restraining herself, she screams, her body shakes in a powerful orgasm. Slightly holding her ass, I pull out my dick and semen pours out like a powerful jet. It flies on her back, then again and again.

My knees are weak. I try to catch my breath; I fall onto my back and feel my pulse. Fucking hell, so thirsty.

“That was so good,” Britney says with a husky voice.

“Yeah, it was.”

After a few minutes, I scrape myself off her kitchen floor and head to the shower.

“Do you want me to join you?” she asks flirtatiously.

“Nah…I will be quick.” I turn her down.

After the shower, she comes up to me and says,

“You can stay here if you want.”

“Umm…I have plans in the morning, so I should get home.” I smile and kiss her forehead.

It’s time for me to get out.


I couldn’t be happier to get a message from mom saying that the family dinner has been cancelled, but she still wants me to come over. She’s probably going to feed me, so I starve myself for the whole day.

I love our family home; it’s a three story, spacious house with enormous backyard and beautiful garden.

“Mom!” I shout while walking through the front door.

“Oh hello darling,” Mom says while walking down the stairs. “Thanks for coming”

“No worries,” I answer and give her a hug.

I hear Madeline’s footsteps coming up from the basement. My younger sister Madeline, she’s 23. We get along most of the time.

“Hey, loser.” She gives me hi five.

“Nice to see you too,” I grumble.

“Come on kids, let’s have some lunch.”

“Where is dad?” I ask while making my way to the dining table. Mom made her signatures burgers. Love them.

“He’s golfing today.”

As we sit down and the first question my mom asks.

“So, what did you get up to this weekend? I hope my angel didn’t do anything immoral?”

I’m not sure if she's sarcastic or not.

“Oh boring…really…nothing.” I say as I bite into my burger.

Madeline downed her burger in two minutes. I was worried about her; I didn’t want her to choke.

“Hey, dude…are you dating Britney?”

And now I almost choked.

“What? What Britney?”

“Britney Blinman?”


“First of all, how do you know Britney, and secondly, I’m not dating her, let’s make that clear.”

“I went to the University with her. Well, she thinks you guys are dating.”

Must be joking? Why would she think that?

I nod my head.

“Well, she is cool.” Madeline smiles

Yeah, she is, same with her pussy, but I don’t want to date her. Jeez…

“Are you guys friends?” I need to establish it.

“We knew each other from our University days, and we also have some friends in common. So…I can see us becoming close friends.”

Happy to hear that…not…

“Blinman…that’s a very familiar last name…hey, I actually think her dad is some kind of big shot businessman. Might be helpful for your father.” Mom touches my forearm, and it’s becoming harder for me to keep my food down.

“Why are you telling me that?” I ask with anger. “I’m not going to marry her, jeez…I’ve met her like…” I try to remember how many times we fucked “…twice”

“Don’t you guys work together?”

“So? Doesn’t matter if we do…Anyway, let’s close the subject.” I put half of my burger on the plate. I lost my appetite.

Thanks guys for all the pressure. I have to do something about this situation with Britney.

Unexpected Surprise

Monday mornings are as assured as the ties and just as unstoppable. I need a few more hours of blackness. Soon there will be traffic noises, the smell of neighbors making coffee and toast. I need to move my ass and get to the office; otherwise, I will be late.

“How was your weekend?” Chris asks while pouring himself a coffee in the office kitchen.

I don’t know if I should tell him about my epic fail with Amelie.

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