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Before The Gift (Part One)

It was mid-afternoon. We sprawled in our chairs beside each other. Maria, with her fiery hair and severe attitude, was reading a historical book. I, watching her from the corner of my eye, was pretending to read a sci-fi novel. At least, until she spoke without even looking up.

“Your book is upside down,” she said dryly.

Blushing, I flipped it straight side up. Then I set it on the hand table beside me. “Hun,” I said gently.

“Hm?” One of her severe eyebrows lifted. I rested an elbow on the armrest nearest to her and leaned over with my chin on my fingers.

“It's been a while since we had sex,” I said sweetly.

That severe expression turned towards me. A faint blush appeared on her cheeks. “And, ehm, so? Is this, some, request?”

I smiled and nodded. The blush grew brighter on her face. She set the book down. “Oh.” And she seemed almost confused. “But-” and she bit her lip while looking at me. “I was hoping-” and her words died away.

My anticipation melted away like sludge on a candle. “Is the book that good?”

“It's terrible actually. Dry and sopophoric. But sweetie I,” and she worried at her lip. Now it was her turn to lean on the armrest so our hands could brush. “I might have had this plan.”

“Oh?” I straightened. This was a surprise! She had been so off-handed lately. So dry. So, so … unsexual. She'd barely touched me.

Mica cleared her throat, looking away. “I ordered us something and- people say that to build anticipation for some big event you don't have sex until that date so,” she wilted guiltily. A 'forgive me please' smile appeared. “It wasn't supposed to take this long but the delivery got delayed and,” she fidgeted. “It was supposed to be a small wait to make you hungry, not a starvation period.”

“Aww,” I reached out and petted her arm. “Sweetie. You got me something?” She nodded eagerly as I stooped across the distance, drawing us together so our lips brushed. “Tell me what it is,” I whispered, tickling a finger up her neck. She gulped.

“That's a surprise. I had this all planned out.”

“And I'm going to ruin your plans. Come on, I've waited long enough.” And I stood bossily.

“But, but-” she protested vainly as she looked up at me. Squirming, she fidgeted. “But I -”

“Now,” I said in a mock-strict tone, holding up a finger. Her lips curved into a guilty smile.

“Alright, I suppose we could bend the rules.”

I reached down and hooked a finger into her shirt's collar. Stooping, I tugged us together. “I won't tell if you don't,” I whispered before lowering my lips to hers. It was sweet, her lips so smooth and moist to the touch. She was pliant and eager for all my desires- so I drew back before I demanded too much. “Come this way,” I teased before plucking gently at her shirt.

She stood and I offered her my hand. Then, leading the way, I tugged her after me to the bedroom.

“So this gift,” I said as I shut the bedroom door behind us.

“I'm not telling you what it is,” Maria said stubbornly as she stood at the foot of the bed.

“No? Maybe I'll have to sneak it out of you,” I murmured as I walked towards her slowly. Again she gulped as her eyes slid down my body then back up, admiring my curves and the sway of my hips.

“Well,” she mumbled, “if your arguments are really good...”

Now standing before her I slid my palms up her sides. The soft fabric of her shirt rippled under my fingertips. Up, up, I glided, caressing her sides then her bust and now her shoulders. A shudder ran through her. I cupped her chin. “Oh, I have good arguments,” I murmured.

A nervous chuckled fluttered up through her. “Really?” she asked as her hands slid to my hips. But she was already leaning into me, drawing me to her as I kissed her sweetly. My hands buried in the soft silk of her hair. Our lips pressed together. I invited, and our tongues danced slowly. As we kissed my hands skimmed down over her shoulders. I stepped as close as I could so our bodies were pressed against the other as we moved. She was slowly and absent mindedly massaging my lower back with the tips of her fingers. I was tracing down the seam of her shirt to find the bottom at her hips. I plucked at it, lifting it to uncover the smooth surface of her stomach. She gasped as my fingers petted there, as I lifted the shirt between us inch by inch while we still kissed. It was only when I reached her breasts that I drew back from her lips with heart pounding and breath caught. Her eyes stared back at mine, yearning with desire.

“I-” she croaked, licking her lips. I grinned as she gulped for air while I traced the delicate outline of her bra.

“You?” I whispered into her ear, encouraging her to speak. I loved to know her thoughts. A shuddering breath slid from her. She pressed her lips into the crook of my neck. Her arms passed around my shoulders and she rested against me.

“I love you,” she whispered and my heart melted. Now it was I who buried my face in her shoulder.

“I love you too,” I whispered, shameful for I was certainly as red as a beet. I planted a kiss on her neck. Then, combing her hair aside, I flicked my tongue over the lobe of her ear. “However,” I purred. “You've tortured me with denials in these past few days. I'd say you owe me some turns.”

She chuckled and drew back. “Do I-” I whipped her shirt up and over her head. With a surprised 'mph!' the shirt was off. I tossed it aside to the floor.

“Yes, you do,” I whispered. Then, tugging us together, I told her how much I wanted her. How I'd needed her. She gulped and shivered as my fingertips ghosted up her bared back, snagging on her bra. My lips brushed against the curve of her neck. “And you made me wait,” I whispered as I unclasped her bra. She shuddered, the bra falling loosely around her. Drawing back I trailed my touch up over her shoulders. My fingers slid under the straps of her bra. Delicately, careful not to scratch her, I draped them down her arms and tossed the bra away.

Now she stood before me with her breasts bared and her eyes gazing unwaveringly into mine. I cupped her cheek. “I love you,” I whispered tenderly. “But you've made me wait so long,” I murmured as my fingers ghosted up her stomach. Goosebumps rose over her and she gulped once more. I leaned in for a sweet kiss. Her hands clutched at my shirt, bunching it around my waist in her fingers. Slowly the kiss deepened, her nervous and fluttering, I persistent in my demands. When I drew back there was a fiery blush on her cheeks to match her hair.

I trailed my fingers up her side, circling up around her breast then down to trace around her nipple. Grinning, I stooped to lower my lips to follow after my finger. A gasp answered just before I reached the soft skin. I kissed first, my palm reaching to cup her breast up. Then I drew the nipple into my mouth with a bold suck. A groaning hiss slid from Maria. Her hands buried in my hair as I drew on the nipple, sucking hard. Releasing the nipple gently I drew it again into my mouth to suck on it all while flicking the nipple with my tongue. While doing this my other hand crept up to her other breast. I tweaked it, teased it, and tugged insistently before deciding it was time to switch.

Carefully, I let her nipple escape my lips one final time. The hand that had been cupping it now reached up to toy with the pert nipple. Glancing up, I saw the bright blush had deepened on Maria's cheeks. Her eyes were half-lidded and her lips parted in early pants. Smug, I combed my hair behind my ears and leaned to her other breast.

On this one, I took my time. I licked it softly at first, then generously. I nibbled the nipple. I drew it wetly into my mouth but did not suck. Slowly I let it slide out, still without suction. Then I nibbled it, all while tugging and flicking her other nipple a little roughly. A low groan, accompanied by her fingers clutching at my hair, told me she was teased enough.

I sucked roughly on her nipple all at once, drawing it fully into my mouth. I bit softly, I tugged and released quickly to draw it back in for another suck. She squirmed. Her hips twitched in a thrust. When I released the nipple the next time, it was to rise up and claim her in a fierce kiss. With a moan she tugged me towards her- but I drew back nearly as soon as we'd tasted the other.

“You're still not naked,” I teased as I knelt before her. Maria bit her lip, looking down at me in trembling anticipation. Kneeling on one knee, I slid my hands over the hips of her pants, over to the button. Carefully, slower than I could have, I undid it. I even undid the zipper. Then, in one long motion, I drew her pants down.

Her legs were slim but well curved. Her hips were hugged by light blue panties with little lace edgings. My eyes feasted there, on ever subtle detail of her most private curves that I could almost see beneath that fabric. As her feet stepped out of the pants I glanced down to make sure I wouldn't trip her, then tossed the pants away. Then, as if alive and with a will of their own, my hands began to glide back up her legs. She stepped her feet apart just enough to give me access while still allowing me to pull her panties down. But I was not so fast.

My fingers hooked on the panty line, tracing around her stomach and hip curves. Purposefully, I did not pull them down. “So?” I teased. “About this gift. What was it again?”

“Not yours yet,” she answered breathlessly but still cockily. I grinned.

“Hmm,” I hummed as I leaned forward and nuzzled against the crook between her legs. “Ah?” and I gusted hot breath over her special spots. “Are you so sure?” I asked cheekily, glancing back up to see the results.

She was flushed, blushing furiously, but still determined. I chuckled and tugged her panties down. “Very well then,” I murmured as the delicate fabric glided easily down her thighs. She stepped out of it, and the panties were tossed away to lay atop the pants. Sitting back on my heels I leaned back and took in the sight of her.

Mica was slim, her hips not voluptuous, her breasts small but pert. She was still blushing bright red and it had spread down across her chest. Her arms were hugging her chest in a sign of timidity and she seemed to want to cross her legs too. I tickled my touch up her thigh. “Don't be shy,” I said gently as I looked her purposefully up and down. “You're so beautiful to me.” And I gazed into her brilliant eyes. She smiled sweetly but she was still nervous.

Leaning forward I kissed her thighs while massaging them firmly with my fingers. Her breath trembled as my fingers kneaded and worked their way up, my lips trailing in their wake. As I rose her legs stepped wider apart. Her torso leaned back to hold onto the railing at the base of the bed, all while tilting her hips forward to greet me. Once more, I found myself pressing my lips to her folds. This time there was no fabric between us.

I parted her folds with two fingers, spreading her wide so I could see her clit. At first I gusted hot breath over her, preparing her for what I was about to do. Then, closing my eyes, I set my lips to her clit.

At first I licked down, soothingly spreading wet warmth across her. As I lowered and tasted her sweet wetness I curved back up in a long and languid stroke. When I reached her clit it was a stubborn nub beneath my tongue. I played with it, flicking it and teasing it to the left and the right. I even sucked gently on the tip before drawing it all into my mouth. Then, just to tease as much as possible, I began drawing circles there. After three, I stopped and drew back.

“So?” I said, licking my lips. A groan answered me. I rose, wiping my mouth on my sleeve. “How about you sit on the bed?” I murmured as I kissed her breast then nibbled my way up her shoulder.

“O-okay,” she said breathlessly. I took her shoulders in both my hands and gently lifted her up from leaning backwards against the bed's foot board. Instantly her arms wrapped around my shoulders as she drew up to hug against me. Nestling into my neck she showered me with kisses. I chuckled.

“You have to move if you want to get on the bed,” I teased.

“Oh!” she said, releasing the clutch around me. Still her fingers wove loosely in my hair, unwilling to let go. Slowly, as if we were dancing, I drew her around the bed's corner and backed her up against the side of the bed.

“Sit down,” I murmured, gazing into those brilliant eyes. She did, her hands trailing down my chest as she lowered. For a moment it seemed the roles were reversed. Maria was now the temptress and I the blushing one. Yet it was just a fleeting glimpse. I crouched down, and her legs swiftly parted for me. “Just lie back and relax,” I said in a whisper as my palms glided up her thighs. She did, the bed creaking as her lithe frame leaned back into it. I smirked and appreciated the view, directing my gaze from her breasts that were now perking up into the air, down to her hips and vulva that was swollen and wetly awaiting me. I licked my lips greedily.

“Now,” I murmured as my fingers reached up to caress there with a light brush. “What should I do? Should I tease you some more?”

“No,” she groaned playfully.

“Hmm,” I answered as I probed her entrance lightly with my index finger. I leaned over so my lips brushed so close to her clit. Her musky scent tickled my senses, my breath in turn gushing over her as I spoke. “What about that gift?” I asked softly.

A groan answered me. Her thighs twitched and squirmed as she readjusted herself. I smirked. “Lie still,” I ordered gently. “Just relax.”

“You're teasing me!”

“Oh? Am I?” I teased before sliding my finger in fully. In one long stroke I slipped within her wet folds, plunging in up to my knuckle. A sharp gasp was heard. Her breasts lifted and trembled as she tensed. Her fingers gripped the sheets. Within her, I swirled and massaged against her g-spot. “Do you like that?” I whispered, knowing full well the answer.

“Y-yes,” she squeaked, her breath coming in sharp bursts.

“Good,” I murmured before licking her clit. A small sound of surprise slipped from her, and her inner walls clenched around my finger. But as I continued licking, up and down and up and down, she relaxed. A low moan answered my efforts. Her fingers wrung into the sheets and her thighs spread wide in welcoming. Careful to keep my rhythm the same, I began drawing my finger out then in, plunging precisely so that my stroke massaged all her favorite spots. Then, I added a second finger.

A gasping moan rewarded me. Her breath grew ragged and eager. With a quick suck on her clit to keep it sensitive, I switched from up and down to circular swipes.

A whimpering cry trembled through her. Her hips twitched and thrust towards me. Her thighs trembled as she grew so wet and slippery. I sped up the rhythm, thrusting firmly against her g-spot while my tongue kept time in circles against her clit.

With a small cry, she came. It was beautiful. Her back arched up off the bed, her fists gripping the sheet with white knuckles and her breasts in the air. Her stomach fluttered, her inner walls spasming and gripping slickly to my fingers as I greedily thrust against her. A final spasm ran through her- and she collapsed backwards onto the bed. A hand reached to bury in my hair, patting clumsily to tell me wordlessly that she was done.
Still, I gave her one final lick. Then I drew my fingers out. “So,” I said as I snatched up a tissue from a box on the nightstand. A long groan rewarded me. I stood, stretching my legs out as I looked her over. She was smiling dizzily, sprawled like a starfish. “Had a nice time?” I asked gently before wiping my chin and hand on the tissue. Maria nodded contently.

“You've earned your gift,” she teased. I squawked.

“Since when did I have to earn it?”

She giggled and held up her arms. “C'mere,” she mumbled. “I want you.”

Smiling happily at the joy on her face, I crawled onto the bed and lay down beside her. Immediately she looped her arms around my shoulders and held me close. I nestled into her, my face on her shoulder and my hips hugged by her legs.

After a few moments of content silence, she spoke. “You're still dressed,” she said.

“How observative of you,” I said cheekily, leaning back to look her in the eyes. “What are you going to do about it?”

Maria smirked. I gulped.

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