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Office Inferno; When Passion and Lust Burn Hotter Than Fire

M. Dennis Gibbs

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Note: Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals. I have tried to recreate events, locales and conversations from my memories of them. Some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed to protect the privacy of those depicted. Dialogue has been re-created from memory. Discussion of future events is based on my speculation, and hope that things will turn out that way.

Dedicated to John Lee, my beautiful nephew…LaVerne Muchen, my sister…Kenneth Gibbs, my father…Robert Sanchez, my uncle and dear friend. Our hearts will go on…in time.

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Have you ever been at a place in your life where you believed that you had everything under control, and things are going your way? Then, you make a series of choices that send your life spiraling towards oblivion? With each turn there are great, mind-numbing sensations that send you over the sexual edge, and at the same time could send your life, your world crashing down around you in embers. It becomes a drug…an addiction. When it’s good it’s good. When it’s bad, it is terrific. This is my tale of that eternal passion that ruined my life and many of those around me. Don’t be sad for me. This needed to happen. ”All my life I dreamed of an ocean of loving acceptance and then came you: then God took knives and carved your existence…you can tell from my pigment that I’m still bruised; spent long cold nights just dreaming of warmth in the sky on a planet where suns don’t move; I crept through time and space in a race to get back to the playground where I found you…”

Chapter I: I Just Got This Job

Life is good! You will hear me say that a lot. I am married to the woman of my dreams, we have three beautiful kids, and I made it through twenty or so years in the military with stops in Afghanistan, Iraq, and many other Godforsaken hell holes around the world. The fact that I am still alive and in pretty decent health is a miracle. I am happy. I’ve made it to life part two, and like all good soldiers, my time has come to transition to the next phase. I am starting a new job today. Not sure I am ready to put down the battlefield gear and pick up a laptop, but I am sure gonna try. My kids need me at home. They do not need uncertaintay of whether daddy is coming home from another tour. And my wife, my sexy wife that I met on a deployment in Thailand, is standing over me in the bed preparing to give me my congratulatory wakeup Asian pornstar experience!

I love waking up this way. Lucy was in rare form today. I regret that I have not learned as much as I should about her culture, but what I do know is that she has the spirit of caring for me, her man, coded within her DNA. She asked me if I liked the view. Imagine four-feet, eleven-inches of rock hard Asian body. Her ass is as tight and as tiny as it was the day I met her. Her toned belly and kissable belly button providing just the right frame for her perfect round breasts with nipples that react beautifully to the touch. How did I get so lucky I had to always ask myself beacause I know that I have not always been the best husband. Of course I love this view of her standing with her feet on either side of my head and I am looking right up into her lightening-bolt landing strip trimmed above her perfectly kissable v-spot. It too, is as perfect and as sweet as the first time we made love.

She went from standing to kneeling and then to writhing on my face all in one motion. You’ve got to love a tiny lady that has some skills. She buried her face into morning wood and just in case he were not already fully-awake she gave it a wakeup kiss. Lucy grinded down on my mouth to ensure that she was getting as much from the encounter as was I. I completely forgot about my own needs and just focused on trying to get her tiny throbbing bean in between my lips. She squirmed her appreciation at least three times by my count. Then, just as quicky as she moved into the position to straddle my face, she climbed my ten inch tower and gave me one of the best rides of my life. To watch her beautiful ass bouncing up and down on a rock hard piece of me, was too much. I reached up and pulled her ass down onto me as much as I could as I felt myself go weak. She arched her back over me so I could reach up and twist her diamond hard nipples. Lucy screamed, “Oh my F’n God…four time, four time!” That was my reward. She got four this morning, yes!

The rest of the morning was pretty much a blur. I showered, labored over which suit and tie to wear on my first day of work even though I had planned my wardrobe for weeks ahead of my first day. I was quickly entertained by the sounds of the kids running up and down the hallway screaming and playing as they were getting ready for school. The house filled with the smell of bacon and eggs cooking in the kitchen. Lucy was a dynamo. She ran the house and our lives like a finely-tuned machine. As I finished getting dressed and made my way down the spiral staircase, I saw my beautiful bride and kids waiting for me almost like one of those fairlytale, “Sound of Music” families. Lucy immediately grabbed my necktie and pulled it up away from my neck and then in one motion pulled “the right” necktie out from behind her back and helped me tie it. She fixed my collar and then ushered me to the kitchen table for breakfast. The kids all said a prayer and hugged me as they dashed out for the school bus. They prayed that I have a wonderful first day at work. They are sweethearts; my two boys and little girl in the middle. We had a saying in our house, “there’s nothing too big for us to accomplish…nothing can defeat us!” We are typically the smaller, underdog in every undertaking, but we always come out as victors. Sounds corny, but it works for us. One of the reasons for Lucy’s dynamite body is because she was an Olympic Taekwondo Competitor, and she still worked out with the kids as their instructor. This was about as perfect of a life as I could have asked for and my first day as a civilian had the best beginning ever.

Lucy worked for a consulting firm across town from my new office. It made no sense for us to drive two separate cars into the city, so I drove her to work and then headed to my job. To my surprise, I have an assistant? I have an assistant! She was waiting at the security gate for me to show up for my first day. Dawn was the incumbent in the position I was hired for. She was getting ready to retire, but agreed to stay on and assist me for a few months before she left. Dawn had my parking passes, door badges, office keys, email, and everything all set before I showed up on day one. She even paid my first month’s fees for the water club. I could not have asked for a better reception. Dawn showed me the way up the twenty-six floors to my corner office facing the river. As I picked my jaw up off the floor and turned to look at Dawn, it was almost as if my face was asking a question that she was ready to answer. “Yes, Mr. Jackson, this is all yours…you run this place!” I was overwhelmed. After such humble beginnings, survining war and heartache, I felt like I had finally arrived. Hell, I don’t even know what it is we do here, but this welcoming has made me so grateful that I plan to do whatever I can to repay them each day for the rest of my life.

“Hello Mr. Jackson,” said a tall distinguished woman with an outstretched hand as she breached the door to my office and walked sharply towards me. “Well, hello,” I replied. This was my new boss, and the head of the firm Elaine Rothschild. Elaine was a tall, very attractive and charismatic woman. She had been an Internal Revenue Special Agent and Auditor for two decades and then opened her own firm that conducts investigational audits contracted out by the government and many “Fortune 500” firms. Many of the engagements are so top secret that sometimes we would only be privileged to the numbers and not any other information about the agencies we were reviewing. Not even the names. Elaine would guide me, and she let me know that her vision for me, since I had just recently retired from the Army was to have me engage with a lot of the military and defense customers to ensure our projects were going well. I would have a team of hundreds of employees at my beckon call. This day just keeps getting better!

Elaine took time from her busy day to walk me around the building and introduce me to all of the division managers on each of the twenty lower floors. The top six floors were executive suites along with legal and public affairs. I was in awe of how many young and dynamic people were in our employ. I saw degrees and certifications from schools like Harvard, M.I.T., Dartmouth, you name it. Many of these talented folks were just happy to have a shot. I knew that I could lead men and women in uniform, but this was a new adventure for me. I was expected to take the brilliant minds of this company and guide them to excellence. My confidence was definitely going to be a challenge. We continued on with our “three-hour tour!”

The final stop along the grand tour of the building was the executive garage. Elaine told me that starting tomorrow I could start parking there; a priviledge I would find out later that not even Dawn enjoyed. The firm also had a fleet of towncars that I could use at my leisure to travel around the city for meetings and even lunch. Of course, each towncar had its own driver and they were instructed to take certain executives wherever we wanted or needed to go. Again, I was picking my jaw up from the floor. As we headed back to the office, now through a set of hidden elevators that I had not seen on the rest of the tour, I had to get reassurance that all of this is real. “Ms. Rothschild,” I asked, “Are you sure I am the right man for this job…it seems like a whole lot?” She quipped, “Honey, its Elaine…Ms. Rothschild is my mother.” She went on to tell me to relax and I will be just fine. I countered by saying I am just so overwhelmed. I told her how hard it was for me to adjust to a position where I could have everything I have ever dreamed about. I laughingly said, “When I saw my office, I almost asked you to pinch me.” She replied, “All you have to do is ask,” with a sly look on her face. I had an odd tingle run down my spine, but I just brushed it off as her just genteel nature, and southern charismatic personality.

I spent the rest of the day unpacking my boxes. They were mostly mementoes from my time in the Army, and family photos. I had my own office supply closet within my office. Whoever had the office before me left a putting machine in the corner that I played with for a while. I dared not go and explore other parts of the building because I did not want to get lost. Finally, I went down the hall and asked Dawn where I could eat lunch and where the restroom was. To my surprise, I had my own washroom in my office, and if I wanted lunch, the firm would order in food from any restaurant in town for me. Dawn also let me know that there is a worldclass fitness center in the building that is absolutely free to executives. I mentioned to Dawn that the entire day has been truly overwhelming and that I was blessed. I did tell her about Elaine’s comment about being pinched, and Dawn said with a chuckle, “You’ll find out!” Dawn said, after seeing me and knowing that the firms was in good firm hands, that she has no regrets retiring and that I would not see her very much after my first few days.

Five o’clock came around quickly. I left the office and started towards home. I picked up Lucy and downloaded my day moment by moment to her. She said she had not seen me that excited since the birth of my daughter. Lucy was so perfect. She allowed me to gush the whole ride home, and constantly reassured me. She was so cute. She was as excited as I am and was so supportive of my new endeavor.

Lucy could not believe how many perks I have already been given access to. We got home and we were too excited to cook. We ordered pizza and went outside and played soccer with the kids until bedtime. Lucy and I sat in the bed and chatted while we watched “A Football Life, Steve Smith, Sr.” on television. I was too giddy to sleep. Lucy sensed I was full of emotion and energy, and she decided to calm me down in her special way. She started at the foot of the bed and crawled underneath the covers. She made her way up to me. Surprised, I started to pull the covers up, but she said no, leave them. Next thing I know she was kissing my thighs and pulling my rod out from my boxers. Lucy knows how to drive me absolutely crazy.

She played and kissed all around my legs and she tenderly rubbed my boys to get me to the edge. Then, suddenly without notice she took me deep into her mouth. Lucy feverishly kissed and sucked on me until I was begging her to let me bury myself inside her. She grunted, “No baby, I’m going to take care of you!” I peeked under the cover and I could see her beautiful ass grinding away as she was taking me deep into her throat. She was pawing at her sweet “v” while she was taking care of me. That sight was enough to take me over the edge and she stayed on it until I was drained and spent. The next thing I knew, the alarm clock was blaring and it was the next morning. My new job is turning out to be a key to a beautiful life. I jumped out the bed and started to get dressed. I just got this job, and I will never do anything to hurt this wonderful opportunity I thought as I merrily got dressed. Life is good.

Chapter II: Unusual People

A few weeks went by and I was doing very well. I had started to meet the staff and especially my immediate team. Boy did the youth and intelligence of this crew impress me! Any one of them could be running their own firm they are so sharp. Then, there were no bad looking employees throughout the firm. I rarely saw civilians throughout my military career, and when I did they looked like they could be my mom or dad. These peoples’ ages were anywhere from between nineteen and thirty years old. Every woman I encountered looked like she just fell off the cover of a Maxim Magazine or Vogue. The young men were more of the same. Very stylish and well put together. While I was no slouch in the looks department, I was war-hardened and grizzly in comparison. If I saw some of these guys and gals on the street I would never believe they work for an auditing or financial investigations company. You could never sell me that this was the case. One thought that repeatedly crossed my mind was that I am super lucky to have Lucy at home or else the temptation in this place would be unbearable on a day-to-day basis. Now, military women may not all be super attractive, but many of them are. I have been able to resist temptation for more than twenty years. I should be okay for the next twenty. By then, I will be too old to cut the mustard, but I could still lick the jar.

We start each day with a daily briefing by each of the project teams, and once a week my team briefs Ms. Rothschild. Up to now, my team has had nothing to report, but today we received our first assignment under my watch. I met Lee Bush, who works as my engagement leader. The title does not quite match what Lee does. He is the jack of all trades and my right hand for everything we do on my engagement team. Lee is a former Marine, and we speak the same language. I did not hire Lee; he was here when I got here. He has been a blessing because without him I had been an introvert and spent a lot of time resigned to my office or speaking only to Dawn or Ms. Elaine. Lee got me out of my shell and we spend a lot of time together at work. Typically we eat lunch every day. He is a bit of a womanizer, and he talks about all of the women in the office.

“You fucking Ms. Rothschild,” Lee asked as we sat in a diner down the street from the office?” I told him “No way!” He explained that in his eleven years at the company he has never seen a black person make it beyond the nineteenth floor, let alone be one position down from the boss. I did not know what to tell him. His skepticism made a lot of sense because I did not possess any special talent that made me obvious for the position. I tried to ignore Lee’s persistence that there was “something up” with my being hired.

Lee was a jokester and his womanizing knew know bounds. He saw Lucy’s picture in my office and started telling me that he was in love with my wife. Not in the literal sense because he had never seen her in person. He has only seen her picture on the credenza behind my desk, and he knows I go home to her immediately after work every day without fail. There are a lot of people from the office that hang out after work and there are happy hours almost daily. I promised Lee that I would eventually go to one of the happy hours or after work functions, and as a bonus I would invite Lucy to come. Lee’s wife was no slouch either. She had been a runner up to Miss South Carolina a few years before he met her, and she was always getting attention from guys whenever she was out. She decided to take time off from work since they have started to have kids although she has a PhD from Princeton and was making twice as much as Lee before she left the job.

Carla is Ms. Rothschild’s personal assistant. She was getting ready to retire, but Ms. Rothschild asked her to stay onboard for a few more years at double the salary to help keep the company moving forward. I became close to Carla through my friendship and camaraderie with Lee. Carla and Lee have been pretty close for the last few years and Carla keeps him apprised of what Ms. Rothschild is thinking. Carla is also a perv. When she goes to lunch with me and Lee they both sit there and talk about all the women and men that pass by, as well as some of the more attractive people in the office. It was refreshing to see that people are real no matter where they work or where they are on the ladder. Since I was not yet close to Ms. Rothschild I leaned on Carla to help me stay on top of Ms. Rothschild’s expectations so I could ensure that I would remain successful.

One afternoon I went to lunch with Carla because Lee was out at an engagement meeting. Carla spoke more direct to me than she had in the company of Lee. I took the opportunity to ask, “Carla, what can get me fired?” She told me that there are a few things that could get me fired. First, do not piss off the customer. If we insult or upset any of the firm’s paying clients it is almost automatic that you’re gone. Second, be prepared for everything. If you have a meeting with Elaine or a public engagement or whatever you do as an employee here do it well. Third, do not discriminate. Elaine just came off an Equal Employment Opportunity lawsuit a few years ago and she is very sensitive to the appearance of discrimination. Carla let me know that the rumor of my being hired is based on that EEO case. There is a quiet rumbling that the EEOC required Rothschild’s to hire more black executives. If I fuck up, that could set this company back and justify their decision to not have more blacks in my position; in their minds; that of the board members…if all that Carla is saying is true.

The last thing Carla told me that could get me in hot water was “letting my dick get out of my pants.” Carla said, “They’re a lot of sexy females at this company.” “No shit,” I quipped back in a matter of fact tone. I didn’t want to be that blunt but my military mind took over for that split second. Carla went on to say that instant termination would occur, but not from inappropriate relationships internally. Although bad, it’s when you fuck one of the clients. Also, Carla mentioned that Ms. Rothschild is very jealous. “She has no kids and no family,” she said. Don’t parade your happy life around in front of her. She hired you and not your wife and kids. I told Carla that I believe I understand everything. I was grateful for such sage advice and I listened intently. Carla also cautioned me that when I go to lunch or dinner with Ms. Rothschild that I should never let her have more than one glass of wine. “Elaine cannot handle herself beyond that,” Carla said. She closed the conversation by saying, “If you want to ever screw me, I’ll take it.” I was stunned. In the military I had never experienced people telling me directly what’s on their mind. These are some unusual people. These conversations were all so sobering. Especially the threat of losing everything if I let my dick out my pants as Carla said. Funny, in that same conversation she offered me some ass. I appreciate my sexy wife more than ever. As Carla and I walked back over to the office she cautioned me that the office is full of gossip, so be careful. She also told me if I wanted to know anything about anyone in the building; who they’re sleeping with, who is getting a divorce, etc., all I had to do is ask the town car drivers. They see it all and hear it all.

On the ride home that night I was quiet and a bit troubled by my thoughts. Lucy could sense it. She told me that she was going to take the kids to practice and suggested that I hit the driving range to blow off some steam. She knows just what’s going on in my head and is in close tune with me. I took her up on her offer and I wanted to try out some new long flight balls that I just got. I spent a couple hours at the driving range trying to just unwind and get myself together. What was I worried about, it was just conversation and at that point I had no intention to do anything wrong. Life is good. When I get home I will spend time with Lucy and the kids and focus on my meetings with the client tomorrow. Heck, I haven’t done any work yet and that’s what is most important; the work.

I pulled up to the house and it was pretty dark. I wonder if Lucy and kids skipped dinner and went straight off to bed? I walked in the front door into the living room, and there were candles lit and soft music playing. We have a counter between our living and dining rooms and above the counter there was a handwritten sign that said “Phuket Massage.” I said to myself, “What the F is Lucy doing when I am not home?” There was a note on the counter that said “bang the gong for service.” I could barely see by the light of the candles. I found the gong on the counter and rang it. Lucy appeared from behind the counter wearing a nurse’s uniform. I said, “I never saw this…” She shushed me and said welcome sir. You want massagi today? I tried asking where are the kids and she shushed me again. “No kids here sir.” She walked me into the dining room and all the furniture was gone. There was a massage table, and side table with oil, stones and hot towels. I again tried to ask questions like how she did this and how long has she been planning for this? She did not let me speak. I thought it peculiar that her Thai accent was back and thicker than I ever remembered. Finally, I just went along with.

“Unressy sir.” I guess that meant undress. She had me take off all my clothes and lay down on the table. She commenced to giving me a very thorough massage. I didn’t even know she had these types of skills. She made me totally relaxed. My bones and joints felt better than they have in years. “What job,” I asked myself as I totally forgot about everything except my hot Asian Barbie Doll looking devastatingly stunning in her blue scrubs, hair up in a bun. She told me to relax with the hot stones on my back while she went away to prepare my shower to “rinsee” the oil off. That accent on top of the wonderful massage was making me crazy. I felt like I was going to drill a hole in that table. When she came back, she removed the stones and led me down the hall through our completely dark bedroom into our master bath only illuminated by candlelight. The shower was already running and she guided me inside.

I called for Lucy from the shower but I did not see her in the room. I guessed to myself that the massage was all I was in store for tonight. A few minutes later, Lucy appeared and helped me step out of the shower. She dried me off from head to toe and brushed my hair back. Then, I noticed there was an air mattress on the floor. Lucy had me to lay face down on the air mattress still completely nude. I felt her hands softly rubbing all over my body. Then, I felt warm massage gel being applied all over my back, my ass, and the back of my legs. Lucy must have ditched the scrubs because I suddenly feel her smooth round ass and pussy grinding up and down my back. She used every part of her body to massage every part of mine. I could not see her, but I could feel every breath and heave over her breast. I could feel her tiny perky nipples outlining my entire body. She started to moan softly as the massage gel made her body plane against mine. I could tell she was getting super horny. Then, she positioned her lightening bolt landing strip on the curve of my butt, and she grinded on me like she was fucking me. I heard her moaning and cooing uncontrollably. Then, I felt the familiar shiver of her sweet orgasm as she kept rocking and bucking against me.

After she rode the last waves of her orgasm, Lucy turned me over and she continued to massage the front of my body with her body until I was begging her to fuck me. I told her, “Make love to me, jack me off, whatever, just do it quick because I am about to burst!” Finally, she moved up my body and kissed me passionately while my erect cock was positioned between her slippery legs. She started dry humping and making out with me as she hungrily devoured my tongue. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, she positioned herself to take me in slowly, but she controlled me so I could not thrust or fully enter. Her muscle contracted and she controlled me by just the tip of my wooden soldier. She rode me until I filled her up and she kept stroking until I was completely drained. Lucy just lay there kissing me until I was barely conscious. She gave me a quick shower and I was off to bed. The next morning, the house was back to normal and there was no sign of the previous night’s activities. When I went downstairs for breakfast I thanked Lucy for a wonderful night, but Lucy acted as if she had no clue what I was speaking of. Life is good. I once asked Lucy, where does she come up with these ideas; these things that we never tried before. She answered simply, “Cosmo.”

Chapter III: It Begins

People at the office are usually so subdued compared to what I am used to from my time in the Army, but today there seems to be a sense of urgency. It is engagement day. I thought the fashion and excess was a lot during a normal day, however everyone was dressed to more than impress and the smell of Chanel permeated the air. The hallway was full of carts containing binders and there were moving guys taking them down to a moving truck in the garage. I did not quite understand what was going on, but I did not want to let on that I was clueless. I asked Lee what was happening, why did it look like we were moving out of the building?

Lee explained that when we engage with a client we gain access to all of their records, their receipts, everything they have done financially and operationally upwards of the last ten years. The books going to the U-Haul are briefing books. We sit down with the CEO or in the case of Feds, their Director, and we give them a comprehensive explanation of what to expect during the engagement. If the engagement takes a full year, then we go over every month of activity. It’s all in those books. You will get a special book with a script that tells you exactly what to say and there are some FAQs that you can read from if you are asked questions. I told Lee that I had no clue what I was supposed to do because I had never done this before. Lee reassured me that the team was there in support, and I will have an iPad in front of me that Lee will use to instant message me with technical information if necessary based upon the types of questions I receive. “Oh, by the way, you’ve got to give an entrance address…a speech to kickoff the engagement,” Lee said.

I was shook up.

The morning was a blur. To make things worse, Dawn was packing up and leaving her office today. She was tired of engagements, and she was joyfully leaving the building on the same day I would either become a success or brilliant failure. I wanted a cigarette, a shot of whiskey, a joint, or anything to get my heartbeat to stop pounding in my ears! Carla rang my desk and said glibly, “It’s time to go.” I got into the elevator alone and made my way down to the garage. I was trying to maintain my cool.

I got into the town car with Carla and Ms. Rothschild. I expected the conversation to be a briefing or a pep talk about the work. Instead, Carla and Ms. Rothschild talked about where they go to get hair and nails done, and the water club delivery driver and how hot he is. Ms. Rothschild asked me to pass her briefcase. I expected her to pull out financial documents, or briefing papers. Instead, she pulled out Cosmo and other fashion magazines. Ms. Rothschild pulled the perfume sample page out and rubbed it all over her neck and wrists. She spoke to Carla as if I was not there and I was embarrassed by how graphic their conversation was. Ms. R. with the Cosmo up to her face asked Carla had she ever let a guy cum in her mouth when she was giving him a blowjob. I was numb! I could not believe she would ask such as graphic question with me right here. Carla said, yes she has many times. Ms. R. said that she’s never tried it yet, but she will the next time she blows a guy, and she peaked at me over the top of the magazine. She looked over to Carla and said, “Look CG, I’m making him nervous.” I looked her right in her blue eyes and said, “I’m a soldier…I don’t get nervous, I get results!” Ms. R. could not handle my intense stare and turned away but continued to smile. I took the conversation as Ms. R. letting me become one of the guys. I did not think too much of it. Glad she feels comfortable enough with me to make off color jokes.

We arrived at a Federal agency headquarters. I expected the government to make us get out of the car and inspect everything, especially given my experience; twenty years of living on military bases. In this case, they were expecting us, and let us come right in as if we had a key to the place. I could feel my heart beating like a bass drum in my chest. I was about to have my first experience doing what I am being paid to do. We arrive at the building and there is literally a line of staff members lined up on either side of the entrance to receive us. We walk through the line and shake hands. I introduce myself and listen as they mutter back their names and titles. It is all a blur to me. We are welcomed into a large, “Hollywood movie-esce” conference room and Ms. R. and I are ushered to the head of the table. We sit directly across from the leader of the government organization. I can feel my hands start to tremble as I try to arrest my nerves. I hear my notebook buzzing and I open it to find that my iPad has started receiving messages from someone…a script that tells me what to say.

“Hello, I am Miles Jackson…” the words on the iPad scrolled. “On behalf of Madame Elaine Rothschild and the rest of the team, I would like to say thank you for that wonderful welcome into your space. Rothschild’s has been conducting these types of engagements for a number of years, and we look forward to a seamless, process that is minimally-disruptive to the fine work your men and women do each day.” At that point, my eyes glazed over and I could not make out the words as they scrolled in. Nervous I looked at Ms. R. to see if she would take that as a cue to start speaking and bail me out, but she just smiled at me and looked back across the table. So, with my new life on the line, I just decided to speak extemporaneously and wing it.

“Mr. Director…I spent twenty plus years in the Army. Over that time I have made tremendous sacrifices to keep this country safe and accomplish my ultimate goal; to get back to my family the same way they left me and I left them. It is with the thought of them that I was able to perform successfully, and to hold myself accountable. Therefore mistakes would not become a limiting factor to prolong my reunion with the folks I love. I have made it through war, and many rough times, but I am here today to share my experience with all of you fine folks. And in reading your mission statement, and understanding what you do as an agency, I feel that you folks make the same types of sacrifices and strive to achieve similar goals; to be the best that you can be. So at the end of the day you can get back to your loved ones and to make them proud. We here at Rothschild’s will work with you in partnership so that we can get through this process so that we can get back to our life’s journeys…together…as a family.”

After a long thunderous pause, the director of the organization sitting far across the other side of the table replied by thanking us for coming in to help them perform their critical work. He continued by saying he is honored and privileged to have our team led by a decorated service member. He welcomed us and offered full and open disclosure of information, mutual respect, and any support we needed as we carried out our work. The director closed by asking his team to stand and applaud Rothschild’s for the leadership and professionalism we bring to the organization. The ovation was overwhelming and I could feel a pride that was reminiscent to my time in the military. I looked over to Ms. R. and she had a look of fondness that I typically have only seen when I look in my wife’s eyes. I feel that my adlibbed speech was impressive enough to win her over, or her stare was the gaze of death and she would let me have it on the ride back. Just as my thoughts were getting more and more overwhelming, I felt a reassuring hand rubbing my back and shoulders. This was a good start for me. Life is good.

The day dragged on with meeting after meeting. I did not have much of a speaking role throughout most of it. I tried to do as my Army Colonel would say in the Army, “Listen twice as much as you talk…you have two ears and one mouth for a reason!” I tried to be a sponge and soak up all that I could from every meeting. I met so many people and tried to understand what their role is in the organization as well as how it correlates to our work with them. My mind was having a difficult time keeping up. At the end of the day, it seemed as if I had been swimming in a virtual sea of faces and a universe of date. To close the first day of the engagement, we were back around the big conference table and I let the Director know that I am a firm believer in being visible and accessible. His employees as well as mine would have access to me day in and out. He reaffirmed his gratitude and he walked me out with his hand on my shoulder as if we are old friends.

On the trip back to our building Ms. R. told me how pleased she was with my performance. She was giving me far too much attention, but I tried to be gracious in acceptance and humble at the same time. I am still overwhelmed because it seems like plenty of things can and should go wrong but they are not. Carla was silent and on her phone during the entire trip. I glanced at my iPad and saw that Lee had been texting me all day. Most of it a bunch of gibberish, but he did quip about Carla and Ms. R. tag-teaming me in the car on the way back to the building. I looked at the ladies and blushed as I had to look away. I am starting to really like Lee and I feel I need his big personality to counter balance my quiet nature. We arrived back at the office. I read through some of my emails and cleaned out the inbox on my desk. Read a few pages of the briefing books and then left for the day.

When I picked up Lucy I told her how pleasant the day had been and I tried to repeat the entrance speech I gave to the director and his staff. I could not remember most of it and Lucy is so supportive that she is going to be proud either way. I told her that I was even starting to warm up to the boss and that they had girl talk with me sitting there in the car as if I was a confidant. Lucy was alarmed. I was not expecting her to react badly to me sharing my day; each aspect of it with her. She started to cry and ask me if I was attracted to my boss or any of the women at my job. I reassured her that she, Lucy Jackson, was more than enough women for me even though she is half the size of most other women. For some reason, she was disturbed by the thought of me having inappropriate conversations or maybe even worse with my boss or some “unknown” woman at my job. I ride to work and back home with Lucy, and I eat lunch with Lee so I am not sure how I have created this uncertainty with her If for no other reason, I don’t have time or opportunity to mess around, but she was not convinced.

Lucy has not touched me in several weeks. As hard as she loves, she hates even harder and holds a strong grudge. I have been working hard to get back into her good graces. Today, I decided to go to her building and take her flowers and have her join me for lunch. Lee has been begging me to see her in person, and he uses the credit union in the building next door Lucy’s office. So I let him tag along. The town car dropped us right in front of Lucy’s building, and I picked up flowers at a stand on the corner. Lee and I walked into the lobby like we owned the place. My gosh, I thought the women that worked at my building were all stunners, but Lucy’s takes the cake. Even the gun toting female security guards look like they just left the Playboy Mansion for a costume contest. What is happening to me? I never used to notice things like this. Maybe Lee is rubbing off on me in a negative way. Or, could it be that the comments made by Ms. R. and Carla have done something to my mind. I need to get myself together.

Lee looked up at the glass elevators and the look on his face was priceless. He muttered, “look at the fucking tens coming down that elevator!” I turned and glanced up and it was my sweet angel Lucy with three other women. I suspected that they were heading out to lunch. She saw me standing there holding flowers and her face lit up. When the elevator opened, she came running over to me; her high heels clip-clopping the whole way. I swept her tiny body up in my arms and we embraced for an eternity. When we returned to reality, I finally gathered my senses and let her go. I turned and introduced her to Lee. Lee was in love at first sight. “You’re beautiful,” Lee said to Lucy in a loud whisper. Introductions were all around as I met her stunning coworkers. They were angels in the flesh! “Lunch on me everyone if you’ve got the time,” I shouted to the group, and we were off.

We went to a restaurant-bar a couple blocks away from the building. Lee and the girls were chatting it up. I was basking in the presence of my beautiful Lucy. The ringleader of the girls, Tanya, who looked like a model, was verbally sparring with Lee who was putting on his Marine Corps charm. They were hitting it off very well and the conversation continued around the lunch table. Tanya mentioned that Luce, as they call her, has not been her bubbly self lately! I told her that Lucy is worried that I may be getting some unwanted female attention at work but it’s no big deal. Lee chimed in and said, “yeah…my boy Jackson wouldn’t tap that dinosaur when he has Lucy Liu’s twin sister at home!” Everyone laughed. Tanya, looked at me with a firm gaze and said to me, “Don’t you hurt my sister!” I replied, “I have been taking care of Lucy for twenty years. I won’t let her down.” Lee ordered a drink and lunch turned into a three-hour affair. I lost track of the time and did not realize that I could be making a big mistake being new to the company. Lee and I said our good byes and took an ride share back to the office.

I tried to avoid Ms. R’s office and Carla as I ventured back. I had not seen either of the ladies all week, and today is Friday. If I can make it out of the building at five then, I will be good. Especially since I have a small hint of alcohol on my breath. When I opened the door to my office I was startled. I saw a pair of super long legs and a skirt sitting on my couch, face buried in a binder. When I entered, she put the binder down to reveal a cute young woman that I had never seen before. She stood up to come and greet me as I entered my office. “Are you from H.R.” I asked her? “No,” she replied. She mentioned her name is Brittany, a rep from the agency. She explained that she has been assigned to my team to act as a liaison between Rothschild and the government.

Brittany was a cute young girl fresh out of college. She is very tall and statuesque. In fact, with her heels on she was several inches taller than me. She looked a bit nerdy with her blonde hair up in a bun and her rimmed glasses. I asked her how old she is and she let me know that she just turned twenty-four. She was super-shy acting and would not look me directly in the eye. There was something really hot about the awkward meeting we were having. I really did not know exactly what her role is and really what she wanted with me. I called Lee up to my office so maybe he could help shed some light on the matter without me having to ask Ms. R.

Lee came up and before he was any help, he had to make inappropriate remarks. Of course, he thinks she is very cute, and asked her if she was dating. Once we got past the awkwardness Lee explained that agencies often send a rep over to expedite furnishing any items required to be provided by client when asked. Lee whispered that Brittany is probably a brand new junior analyst that does not know how to do anything yet other than call the right desk to get the necessary documents when needed. Coming from the military I know how convoluted information gathering can be. I did not know how much I would need Brittany, but as the review went forward she would prove to be invaluable. I let her know that I was leaving for the weekend and that she could have access to whatever she needed. When I turned to walk out the door, she said quietly “I like Harry Potter movies.” “Pardon me,” I said. “I like Harry Potter movies Mr. Jackson.” Bewildered, I said “I like those movies too.” She looked at me in disbelief. “If you like those movies so much, what do you like about them,” she asked. “Well, in Harry Potter, the smallest, non-magic-born member of the group, Hermione, comes in and always saves the day,” I said. I continued by saying, “One day…a figure like Hermione may have to come and save us!” She smiled her approval. She must have seen the Gryffindor scarf draped on my chair from when I took kids to Orlando this past summer.

I picked up Lucy and she was back to her bubbly self. I was happy to see her smile and happy again. She asked could we drop off Tanya and Melanie, and I was ok with that. Melanie jumped in the front seat and the other two jumped in the back. Mel plugged her iPhone into the aux cable and started blaring music very loudly. The girls were all giggling and dancing wildly like they were at a club. I asked Mel why they were so amped up. She said they stayed at the bar and had quite a few more drinks after Lee and I departed. In fact, Melanie and Tanya are heading out to the club later on and asked if I would be ok watching the kids. I would love to. Lucy looked at me in the rear view mirror from the front seat and mouthed “No, I’m not going to go.” I tried to encourage her to go and have fun especially that I am now back in her good graces, but she was adamant to go home and spend time with the family.

I dropped the two girls off at a bar not too far from where Lucy and I live. Lucy got out of the car and exchanged hugs with them before jumping in the front seat. I noticed, they all kiss each other on the lips and give each other deep hugs. I could feel that familiar itch in my pants just thinking about what my wife must do with these beautiful girls when they go on business trips and retreats. I mean, each one of them is a stallion. They could throw little Lucy around like a rag doll. When I got home I pushed Lucy right into our bedroom and closed the door. I took this prime opportunity to let my mind and my fantasies go wild as I dined on her body like it was a cupcake. After several days of being frozen out, I had my way with her; keeping on her red bottom stiletto heels and her dress that she probably paid too much for. After tonight, it’s not going to be any good because we are going to sweat through it. As I was trying to dig for oil in her tiny frame, my mind could not get over the thoughts of Tanya, Melanie and Lucy kissing, and as I am about to release the thought of Brittany entered my head. Lucy and I collapse next to each other. I understand picturing Tanya and Melanie, but Brittany? I asked myself, “What the heck is that all about?”

“Good morning you,” I heard Lucy’s sweet voice call out. It was more like afternoon by the time we peeled our sweaty bodies up from our night’s slumber. Pillows and clothing and all our stuff was all over the place. “Hey you,” I replied to my baby. “We got kind of wild last night don’t you think,” she said with a hint of inquisitive sarcasm. “Well, I enjoyed it. It was wild and I hope we can have a repeat of that type of action soon,” I said as I tried to reassure her that my time with her was another small slice of heaven in our perfect lives. We just lay there and chatted like we used to do when we were young. Now that we have kids and responsibilities it seems like we are always on borrowed time. It was sweet laying there looking at her. The conversation took a weird turn though…

“Jack, babe,” she called out to me. I replied, “Yes mama.” She looked at me with a really sobering glaze and asked, “What do you think about Tanya and Melanie?” This caught me off guard, but I was stoic in my answer. I could no let her know that the thought of either one of their hot bodies would be enough to spark me into action for another round. “They’re fine,” I said but I had something gnawing at the back of my mind. “Why did you all kiss each other on the lips” I asked cautiously? She looked at me with a devilish smile and really rocked my world! “Why Miles Jackson, let me find out that you want to have a threesome with me and one of the girls! I was planning on giving you that for your next birthday,” she chuckled. I could barely open my mouth to respond. My mouth was bone dry in shock from what I just heard. “Baby, you know you’re the only girl for me,” I belted out. She said, “That’s what I better fucking hear.” She went on to say, “If you did want a threesome I would be so disappointed but I love you so much I would do anything to please you!” I reassured her that the threesome thing was not something I was interested in, but every guy at some point in their life thinks they are up to that type of challenge. I reminded her of the surprise massage and NURU session, and all of the outfits and role playing Lucy does to keep our bedroom spicy. I am pretty content. Little does she know that recently, something inside me has made me notice women more and more. If Lucy ever mentioned having a threesome with either Tanya or Melanie again and if she were serious, I could never pass that up. Tanya is reminiscent of Pamela Anderson in her prime and smart as any woman I have seen; present company included. And Melanie is Carmen Electra with an ass like J-Lo. Any man would be lucky to have either one of them or my Lucy in the sack, but for now, I live in the real world and I will come back to it.

Chapter IV: Perks of the Job

A few weeks have passed and I can officially say that I am no longer a brand newbie. I know quite a few of my coworkers on all the floors and I really get along with Lee, Carla, and even Ms. R. We have become pretty tight and I find myself to be the sounding board for a lot of intimate discussions. People seem to confide in me quite a bit. When I mention it to Lucy she is convinced that it is my quiet and reserved nature that makes me a magnet for people that want to vent. I try to be cautious and not give Lucy any hint that I am having the time of my life at work. I do not want to see “fragile Lucy” reemerge.

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