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Ink and Kink and Stilettos

A Red Room Dark Erotica

Smashwords ISBN: 9781370157365

jaguar vex

Life will not be the same after this BDSM night.

They are my first customers, couples. My baptism of fire. My mentor --- the person who introduced me to this gig is behind bars right now, and I must do this alone. No expectation, all in. I will be paid for the “services” and I cannot complain.

Bondage, torture and edging are fantasies we repeatedly spilled our lust on, but being in the red room with a real Mistress and a submissive is heart racing. You need to be flexible, you need to be creative to give them what they…desire.

I am a male prostitute. I am pleased (and hoping that you are too) to meet you.

Chapter TEN

I received more than ten messages from Willie the next morning. Today is audit season and Mr Montt asked me to report for work in the afternoon. I was thinking, maybe after lunch?

The number that registered is not Willie’s number, but he did say on the first messages that he will be using that unknown number to contact me all morning. At first it did not register that there is urgency and caution on his message, but on the fifth messages and thereafter, clearly, something is not right.

“Do not go to the office today”.

“If authorities come to question you, say nothing”.

“Police and investigators in the office. Seizing some documents”

“Police to arrest Mr Montt for white crime charges”

“There is arrest warrant for me and J. Will be at the police station. Last message”.

I was already coming out of the house when I read the last message. My intention is to go to the office, posing as a client to know what is going on. When I read the charges for white crime, I felt stupid for attempting to pretend, because in one way or another, I will be in a crime scene and will be implicated. I am now on my way to the metro station, without any idea where to go.

It was nearly lunchtime when I receive a call. It is an unknown number and now I am hesitant to answer. This might be policemen. The fear of going back to prison haunts me instantly. While I have friends inside, I told myself I will not return there unless visiting someone.

“Hello?” I finally answered after three missed calls.

“What the fuck man!” it is Willie on the other line. “Why ain’t you answering your phone?” he seemed pacified, but in a rush.

“Because your messages said the authorities are after the office” I said. I am whispering. I don’t want people to hear the conversation, even if they cannot hear the person on the other line.

“Hello, are you still there? Willie asks.

“Yes, I am still here” I replied.

“Don’t worry, you are cleared of responsibility on the office police matters” he assured me.

“What the hell is going on Willie?” I asked.

“No time to answer that. I just called to say that I will be staying in prison tonight, and will not join you on the gig” he narrated.

“You are in prison and you are still thinking of screwing two people tonight?” I asked, I am a little angry.

“Yup. We agreed that this gig will push through tonight. You will be the one servicing the couple. It is late to pull someone to accompany you” he said. “Listen, except for my participation, everything else will be as planned. Only this time you will be a one-man team. Do you understand?”

“Do I have a choice?” I sarcastically replied.

“You have. You can chicken out on the gig tonight and end up jobless and hungry tomorrow” his voice is calm and controlled, like talking to a younger brother explaining something complicated.

“Do you mean we are out of job in the office?” I asked.

“From the looks of what is happening, that will be in the affirmative. But get through this gig tonight and you will not be worrying about money in the next few weeks” he explained. The payment for the service tonight is two thousand two hundred for eight hours. Even if split, I can survive the next month.

“Take the money after the gig. It is yours” he then talked to someone beside him and I heard that he is reminded of a time limit. “Okay, go to the gig as planned. Remember our terms of engagement. Walk out if they want to do something we disagreed to do. I will call you tomorrow” and call was over.

The remainder of the day is spent preparing. I “thoroughly” cleaned myself and ensure that I will not have unnecessary odour in any angle or turn of my body. Everything is trimmed, not shaved. I do not want hair follicles to ruin two grands.

At exactly 9:00 PM, I am knocking at an apartment door in the middle of a good neighbourhood. The flat is on the third floor, and looking at the communal area, there is just two flats per floor. My fear was showered with excitement. At least I know that I will not be mugged and left dead on an alleyway trash truck.

Or is it too early to tell?

“Just a minute” a voice of a woman answered the door bell I just hit twice. I heard her walking to the door with clacking sound.

The door opened with a tall, middle-age woman in a red, sleeveless dress. Her complexion is fair, her skin is smooth, and her lips are red in lipstick, inviting. She is also in red heels that produces a clacking sound as she walks. She is gorgeous.

“Oh, I thought there are two of you?” she winked.

“Initially” I replied. “This is my first time and I said give this to me as my baptism of fire”.

She smiled. She invited me in and offered me a glass of wine.

The place is penthouse-looking, with paintings on the wall of the main area. There are some sculptures--- all naked, all depicting sexual congress. House appliance and furniture complement to give the entirely of the place class and artistry.

“I am a leather shoe designer” she said, beginning to undress. Her dress fell smoothly, as if someone is pulling it from below. She revealed her black leather bra with silver hardware.

“Nice” I complimented while drinking the content of the wine away. I began unbuttoning my shirt.

“No, not yet” she protested. She motioned for me to follow her in the bedroom. Her walk is smooth and sexy. Having the view from behind her, I can feel the tightening of my underwear.

The room is almost empty except a solid four poster bed. The paint is white, now red because of lighting effects. Pillows and blankets are on the floor, making way for more space. There is a bottle of wine on the floor with three clean glasses, and some towels.

The husband is also there. The long-haired man who is fully naked now, positioned eagle-spread on the bed, tied by red ropes. Tattoos covered his arms and legs, but the whiteness of his skin is highlighted by those parts not covered with permanent ink. His chest for instance, is smooth and hairy.

He is soft now. His pubic hair covering most of his manhood. It is quite cute, a little muscle resting on the comfort of a bush of unshaved blackness. His balls also soft that one is dangling on his thigh, the other hidden, cold. If I will go to the foot of the bed, I will see his butt cheeks and hole.

But what caught my attention is that he is also wearing a red high-heeled shoes like his wife. The fit makes his calves more prominent. It is sexy, and I am feeling a little wetness.

“I will be called Mistress for the next eight hours” the woman said. “Here is the payment” handing to me hundred-dollar bills. I just put the money on my bag which I carried from the receiving area.

“Mistress, may I speak” asked the man tied on the bed.

“Yes, but make it short and brief” she answered coldly. She is now putting leather gloves.

“Dude” he called me. “Please help me last the eight hours” and he winked, smiling. His teeth are of great shape. His eyes are wide, they are colored blue. His jaws are perfectly placed to make an angular face. If he will be clothed now, I can see him posing for men’s perfume on malls and billboards. But now, he is within the confines of his wife’s fantasy.

“I will try” I said and smack! I was hit by a small paddle out of nowhere.

“Ask permission before speaking” she told me. I nodded, and I begin undressing. The last thing I take off is my tight, bulging underwear.

“Oh shit” said the man on the bed.

The women whacked him with the paddle again. Only this time, she is smiling too.

Chapter ELEVEN

“Let us begin” said our Mistress.

The husband and myself are naked now, and the feeling of excitement tempers the room’s centralized air-conditioning. The fiery feeling of experiencing something pleasurable for the first time is enough to make me hard, and my hardness reflects to the husband’s readiness in action. He is still lying on the bed, but is ever curious with my movements. I feel as if I am a vulnerable prey roaming a deserted street, waiting for the predators to come and claim me.

She opened the drawer near the bathroom door. I can see assortments of sex toys and more. There are clamps and chains and things that I will not touch while outside shopping. Things that without touching will make your skin tingle and shiver --- either by the pain, or by the sensation brought about by pain.

She lifts a dildo, and then a mechanical one --- her fingers measuring the length and width. She looked at me as if asking if I can endure these when her naughty side take over. I just swallowed my spit and that makes her smile. Finally, she takes the small whip and demonstrates how she will use it. It looks painful, but when it comes to pain, I suffered more painful stuffs.

I was instructed to kneel at the foot of the bed, facing the widely spread legs of the husband. As if teasing me, I saw how the husbands hole moves – so excited of whatever the Mistress will order me to do. He is so restless because of anticipation. If Willie had given them a “good time” before, then this sexual invitation means they are expecting this much.

“Lick” she said with authority. From the moment when she orders me to kneel, I have given the control of me. She stands with confidence, her breasts exposed except her nipples, that she is teasing as she gives the orders. I stood and is ready to position myself in between the husband’s butt cheeks. But she swats me with her mini whip and I stopped.

“Lick the bottom of the foot” she clarifies.

Then I understood. Without a word, but a nod to convey that I understood her instructions, I sit on the bed and obey her orders. I expose my tongue and look at her for permission. She nods. I begin reaching for the exposed foot, big enough to prove the belief that the size of which corresponds to the size of the member. Now that his cock is erect, it is not far in terms of measurement.

The moment my tongue touches the sole of his feet, he gave a little moan. I care less if it is because of this pleasurable sensation is sexual of due to ticklishness, I continue licking. I lick the finger, the nails, the skin in between the other fingers and the skin at the sole of the finger. I can feel the little hair that is there, and I lick the skin to where they grow. I can hear him trying to say something until he cannot hold it back anymore.

“Permission to moan loud my Mistress” the husband said with short breaths.

She nods.

The room was filled with erotic sounds --- moaning in between groaning, as if my tongue is a feather that touches every part of his body. His body is shaking.

I saw the Mistress join us in bed, and I continue licking. She caresses the chest of the husband that makes the sound louder, more erotic. He whispered some words but is immediately answered by the whip.

“Suck” she ordered. “The thumb” she clarified.

“No, please no” he said. I heard him yelp as she hit him again. He whimpers.

I touched the right foot and slowly put my mouth on the largest finger. My palms are wet because of the saliva by my own licking. I started playing with the thumb by my tongue and this makes him move as if in convulsion. I can see his erection hardens.

“Fuck” he moaned and was hit by the whip again. I paused and see the Mistress playing with his nipples now. He uttered words again and the whipping is there again. Until I can hear him muffled and saw that the Mistress is covering his mouth.

“Lick the fingers” she commands.

I didn’t let go of the tongue for a moment, as if a dangling cock that needs to cool down. But I begin playing with the fingers with my own. Because both feet are far apart, I can just concentrate on the right foot, so what I did was to lie horizontally in an attempt to position my mouth on the right foot and my cock touching the left one. It proves difficult, but I can hear him yelp whenever his foot touches my hard cock.

After playing with individual fingers, sucking them alternately, the Mistress stood at the foot of the bed and watches my “performance”. She then plays with the left foot (that was left unattended) with her fingers. She sometimes brushed her fingers to the head of my cock that is on “stand by”.

“Not yet!” she shouted that made me stop sucking the pinkie foot finger. When I looked up, I realized that the order to contain was meant for the husband. His cock head is now oozing with precum and is slowly dripping on the shaft. I felt my cock throbs.

She then pulled me out of bed to the husband’s disapproval.

“Who gives you the permission to drool of sensation?” she asked the still whimpering husband. The husband shakes his head.

She looks at me and when our eyes met, she hit me with the whip. I suddenly took my eyes off hers. “This humble slave is not worthy to look you in the eyes Mistress” I said softly.

“Good, you are learning” she complimented. She studied me intently. I can still hear the husband in the background but right now, I am full focused on her gaze, her inspection, her approval. “Tell me, what part of your body brings you pleasure?” she demanded.

I know I am not allowed to speak. It would not be roleplaying if I just point them for her. So, what I did was to put my middle finger on my mouth and play with it for a little while, then with the wet finger, I slowly play with both nipples and closed my eyes, as if I am the only person playing with my nipples in the room. When I opened my eyes, she was smiling.

“Oh my God…” I heard the husband gasp. Ordinarily, I would expect him to be whacked again, but the Mistress did not move. She was so entertained by me playing with my right nipple using my wet finger.

“Yes” she whispered. “Play with it as if you are playing with mine” she teased. She was behind me and I can feel one of her nipples touches my back skin. I am thinking that she takes off one of the nipple covers to tease me.

I caress, I pinched, and I pluck with the nipple. When I felt the finger is dry, I put it on my mouth again. I perform as if I am showing her how I will put into my mouth the erection of his husband later, and made a motion of putting my fingers back and forth while moaning a little. Her heartbeat is getting faster by the sight of my finger fucking my own mouth.

“Now,” she is still whispering “Imagine that is your finger playing with my pussy” and she touches me again, this time I can feel little hair from her front touching my behind.

“Release me Mistress please…” the husband begs.

She just gave a little laugh. My eyes are closed now because I am feeling sensation coming from my own acts and from hers. It is as if I am assigned to pleasure the front side of my body and she is assigned to take care of the back. When both sensation collides, I swear I lost hearing.

The Mistress pulls me again to the bed and when I opened my eyes, I saw her nakedness. Yes, my imagination is correct. She now joins the nakedness in the room. Her pubes are well maintained, but they are still noticeable when she let them touch another skin.

The husband’s erection is still there, but not as excited as before. The head is still wet but the precum already flowed to his semi-maintained pubic hair. His chest is red because of the earlier “whippings” and his nipples, while pinkish, are not as hard when I am sucking his fingers.

“Now lick” she commanded.

I nodded, sit on the bed and begin crawling towards the husband’s right foot.

“Awww” I said when she hit my butt cheek with the whip. I saw her shaking her head. I crawled towards the husband’s thighs.

“Ouch” the whip hit my left calf.

She shakes her head again.

I come to her because this time, she is playing with her nipples with one hand, while the other hand holds the whip and the tip is touching her other nipples. She is smiling. Her gaze is inviting. Her horniness is inviting.

In no time, I am claiming the pinkish jewel on her breasts --- licking, sucking and biting them like an infant after he was deprived of his mother’s milk. She gives in to me and put her hands up in the air to give me a more exposed view. She gasps and give little sounds bordering to pain due to my little bites and pleasure from my tongue action.

The husband is making a begging sound as if he is a kid not included on the game but is pleading to join. But he cannot. His excitement, like his hands are tied. As painful as it can be, he has no choice but to watch.

“Please Mistress, release me”

But then we just continue playing and riding the waves of sensation.

“Mistress, let me join you”

Again, no response.

The Mistress throw the whip on the bed, and while I am using my tongue to pleasure her, she allows me little pleasure by playing with my nipple using her fingers. When long nails traced the nipple and pinched the tip, I gave her a deeper bite. I groaned, she moaned and the husband on the bed is squealing, wanting to partake the sensation we are sharing --- and we are selfish to share.

Chapter TWELVE

The next hour is about pleasuring the Mistress. She knows how to play this game, obviously, managing to stop whenever there are attempts to bring her to pleasure. Without her whip on her hand, she resorts to slapping and biting. Not once did she hit my face when it tried to penetrate her, and she bit my shoulder when I tried to put two fingers inside of her.

The husband gave up from begging to join already – maybe he accepted the fact that he will not be “serviced” the next hours. But my movement with the Mistress seems to turn him on, and because we are pleasuring each other on the bed, he can sometimes put his foot on my buttocks or touch the Mistress.

I am ready to enter her. She is wet by my tongue flicking and I am wet because of the ecstatic sensation. Being watched by a begging man while doing nasty things with the wife creates another layer of gratifying sensation. I am ready to enter her.

She stands up and leave me on the bed, my head swirling on my desire to claim her while my cock’s head is dripping in precum. She left as if she has something to do. She enters the bathroom and I heard the opening of the faucet. The husband touched me using his foot, asking me to do something to his erection. I smiled. I crawled near him and allow him to see and feel my nakedness by our skins touching.

“No!” she said. I almost jumped because of agitation. “You will not touch him without my permission”.

“Mistress, please…” the husband begs again.

I froze, and I am very still waiting for her command.

“Jerk yourself off” she orders. She is holding a glass of red wine. Her nipples are wet with water. Maybe she has washed my saliva from her breasts. I saw droplets of water on her pubic hair, I am guessing she washed it as well.

“Mistress…?” I asked. I am not sure if I heard her command clearly.

“Jack. Yourself. Off” she said. Loud. She is like a mother giving lessons to a troublemaker son.

I felt ashamed hearing it like that. I feel threatened and it shows. My hardness is slowly fading. My head, like my cock is slowly going south. It may be because I am not used to people asking me to do something for them. Or that it brings back the humiliation I am commanded to do in prison. Suddenly, I feel small.

She hits me with the whip again, and with that, I am taken back from the past that is the prison to the room with a slave on an eagle spread position. I am here again, and I need to perform. If she wants me to jerk off, I will jerk off.

I started playing with my cock to make it hard again. She smiled while looking at me playing with myself. I can see the husband trying to see my body, and I move to let him be the exposed voyeur I want him to be. In a minute, I am really hard. The veins are on the shaft, the head is shining, and the tip is wet.

When I tried to reach for my nipples, the Mistress hit my arm, prohibiting me to create a pleasure of my own, except these which she orders. But she clearly does not understand that what she can prohibit, I can get from somewhere else. I begin playing with the tip and the head of my cock. I jerked in little movement to that part that joins the head and the shaft. The electric sensation now overcomes the rhythmic movement.

I closed my eyes and imagine myself on the prison again, being pleasured by my regulars ---two persons licking my nipples, one sucking my hardness, one licking my butt hole and my “owner” torridly kissing me. They are doing the pleasuring simultaneously and even if one stops, I will not mind because of the fountain of sensation washing my body that moment.

I know that I am near because I can feel that fire building in my groin. I opened my eyes and saw my Mistress with semi open lips. The husband is gyrating his hips as if imagining that I am sitting on him, my anal opening locked to his hard and throbbing cock.

“I am near Mistress…” I told her. She did not blink. She retains her expression in between satisfaction and awe.

“Let me cum too Mistress…” begs the husband.

I look at the man tied on the bed and begin flicking my tongue as if I am a snake smelling some prey through my tongue. When my tongue touches both sides of my mouth it sends sensation to my groin.

“Here I am Mistress…here…I…am…” and I spilled my milk on the bed sheet. More than ten throbs follow the initial squirt. Each throb bringing that weakness to the body. That state also makes the body more sensitive, and a single touch is just too much.

The husband stopped moving his hips. I cannot see his cum, but his cock will not hide his desire to cum as well. His eyes are closed, and his forehead is crumpled as if feeling the sensation that left me seconds back. My palms are stocky and wet.

“Again” she said out of nowhere.

“Mistress…I…” I want to refuse but I hesitate.

“Again!” she shouts.

I looked down again and saw the mess that I have done. If in ordinary days, I will not even touch the spilled liquid on my chest and abs, but I cannot find anything to wipe it out.

“Again! Jack off. Again!” she demanded, this time louder

My hands automatically moved. I closed my eyes again and imagine scenarios that can make me hard again. I tried to touch my nipples, but she shouted again. This time I jerked just the head of my cock. It is still sensitive and there are times when I can feel sensitivity pretending to be pain but I continue.

I know that it will take a while for me to release now but I need to be creative. From the kneeling position I was before, I sit on a meditation position and opened my legs wider, giving the Mistress the best view. I lean on the husband’s legs and I can see him with full effort to help caress my skin using his foot. Maybe he can also see and feel the efforts needed to release again less just minutes apart.

It took me three minutes to release the pleasure liquid --- obviously lesser than before. The controlled moaning of the husband helped, bringing me an erotic imagination of what I will do to him to thank him helping me cum. He also seemed satisfied because he is not completely helpless, and his horniness was fed by our touching skin.

“Again” she said. I look to her and her gaze met mine. She then freed one of the husband’s hands from the bondage. “Sit here” she orders me to sit beside the husband.

I followed intently. My cock is still throbbing when she touches the head. I move it out of her reach not because I want to but because it is a defense mechanism of my body whose parts are overly sensitive.

She hit my face with her palm.

“How dare you forbid me to touch what I own?” she angrily asks.

“I am sorry Mistress” I said. I move closer to her, with my cock dangling. I make it throb a few times, to her delight. She touched the head again and I closed my eyes to feel the sensitivity, but not to try to stop her. She holds it, squeeze it thrice and then releases it. “Shall I begin Mistress? I asked.

The moment she nods, three hands work on my body. I touched my nipple and she did not complain, my other hand playing and squeezing the remaining hardness of the body and the freed hand of the husband doing anything to my exposed skin for me to be turned on.

He then saw my opening, but stopped when he felt it is dry and uninviting. He slid one of his fingers to my mouth and I suck and lick as if it was his cock. When he is sure that the saliva is enough, he takes off the finger and begin playing with my hole. I felt a different sensation because that part is not tickled before. He wets my hole with a few finger-licking and sucking and then caressing the hole.

The last two times, he tried to enter me with one finger. Now that it is wet with my saliva, he reached for my cock and wiped with his fingers the precum produced there. He saw that there are remains of my cum on my abs which he collects as well and applied to my anal hole. When he entered me, I felt the need to release again but not sooner. I allowed him to finger-fuck my hole while I am working on my nipple and my cock.

“Aaaahhh…I think I am cumming…” I said in a whisper. He continued probing and sliding his fingers down my hole.

“Yes…” he whispered. “Take all of it”

The triumvirate of pleasure points --- hole, nipple and cock delivers enough to bring me to another orgasmic release. The rhythm of the arms and finger movement iss perfect, in sync to the demands of the heated body.

“I amm…cumming…now…!!!” and I released my third supply of seminal liquid. The continuous in-out motion on my anal opening makes my release more than the previous one. I cannot believe I can produce this much mess.

This time, without permission or whatever, I grabbed the blanket and wipe myself clean of the stickiness. The husband saw what I did, and he was not complaining. I wiped and cleaned and some of the liquid from the first release becomes small, white, soft things, like a lotion that dried before you can apply it to the body.

“Again?” the Mistress ask. She is not demanding anymore, because she knows the effort and difficulty that I have to endure just to give in to her whims.

“I am sorry Mistress, I do not think I can” I said.

“It is just the second hour” she reminded me.

“I am sorry” I said, clearly admitting defeat. Six more hours to go. God kill me now!

“Okay, how about a hundred bucks for every release hereinafter?” she winked.

I looked at the husband. He is nodding and smiling as well.

So, here I have an opportunity to earn more. But the catch is, I must push myself to do more. The task at hand is difficult, but it is not as if I have not attempted this in high school. Then, all I need is a Playboy magazine and some KY Jellies. Now, I have a naked couple, and if I ask, I know that there is a KY Jelly kept somewhere.

“I will try my best to give it another go Mistress” I answered.

“Good, because I have a thousand dollars here, waiting for you” she said. “That is, if you want and work hard for it”.


My positive disposition stops on my fifth release. No matter how good the husband on romance and pre-sex activities, there is just no pleasure doing it anymore. My nipples start to hurt, and my shaft is red and painful due to constant rubbing. By the time I spilled the fifth, any contact is painful especially those areas that I need to properly work out for a hard-on.

“There is a reason why we need two men to service us tonight” the Mistress said. Her voice is pure explanation, no hint of blame or finding fault.

“I apologize” I said, still not moving. “I have not prepared for this”.

“Do not worry, I will think of things that will make you worth our while” she is cleaning some dildoes wiping it with a clean cloth.

The thought of exerting effort makes me weaker. I do not know if I have the strength to continue. If she will request another cumming, I will throw in the towel and walk out --- even without the dollar bills.

But at the back of my mind, I cannot lose this gig. My conscious mind is playing with the scenario that I will be left unemployed the coming days, or weeks until the shit happening on the office will be worked out. I will miss the opportunity to start again, to begin on a clean slate. I will miss the good-looking office, and the officemates I began bonding with.

I will miss how Willie play with Jack on the common bathroom, with the prospect of being caught by another hot stranger. I will miss how Jack plays with my cock, my hole and my balls. I will miss the afternoon delights with Mr Montt, showing how at his age, he can be as hot as hell. I will miss the “company benefits”.

I am getting harder. The husband looks at our Mistress and the Mistress gave him a nod of approval.

“Looks like we haven’t seen the last of you” she commented.

The husband’s free hand is tied again to its previous position. There is no opposition, complaint from him. He is moving submissively as if he knows what will happen in the next hours. He smiled to her, and the Mistress gave him some spanking. His wide, open chest accepts all of it.

She mounts him, without any warning, she mounts him. I can see that the husband is surprised by this sudden movement. He winced as he received the weight of the Mistress. She sits on his core and begin massaging his chest. The cock pulsates with excitement, and each throb hits the behind of the Mistress.

She seems to notice, because she reaches for the hard muscle hitting her from behind without looking. She finds the body of the waiting muscle in an instant, her fingers perfectly hug to the shaft. Her middle finger then moves while the rest stay on their embrace. The finger looks for the head, the tip of the cock and begins tracing its shape, curvatures. The husband gyrates as she is doing this.

“Mistress, your hands are so warm” and her left hand hits his face. She does not want to be interrupted.

“Mistress, your hands are so smooth…” and there goes the sound of her palm to his cheeks.

“Mistress, I want to release…” he begs.

I am surprisingly still with all this coital pre-activity that they are doing. I remain near the edge of the bed’s feet, holding my now limp cock – like a lazy snake’s head on my right hand. I tried squeezing it, hoping that the exhibition before me is enough to make it hard again. I felt the squeeze, but not any pleasure from it. The mind is definitely willing, but the cock is not strong enough.

She is also squeezing her husband’s cock now, on a slow, smooth motion. Their marriage surely makes the physiological positioning perfect to each other, because she knows where to hold without him directing him her. Or maybe they just ritually do the “girl on top” position.

When he hardened to the fullest, she began mounting him. She finds it easy to move to the husband’s lower extremities because she was just sitting on his stomach the entire “massaging”. It is quite a normal activity for them --- she rides, and he pleads, she gyrates and he moans.

She finished first, but she continues to let her husband’s overly excited cock to come in and out of her. She rides faster and faster until I can see clear liquid flowing from the husband’s tummy to his side, concluding that she reaches the orgasmic finish. No moan, no groan whatsoever from her. So opposite to the scandalous noises the husband is giving the entire room.

He came with a few more thrusting, because the moment she knew that he is about to cum, she releases his cock from her vaginal opening and let it slide out of her. I was surprised when the white liquid reaches me through squirting. The wasted semen reaches me on the first three shots and continues to flow from his cock for the next half minute.

The release is huge, mainly because for three hours, he is holding it in, or is it that the Mistress is not allowing him to release.

“Again…” I heard her say. My eyes widen when I saw her automatically slid his cock to her opening again and she bins to thrust anew. The husband is shouting, his head shaking and moving from one side to the other because he is clearly overly sensitive, yet the Mistress utilize his sensation again.

He releases the second time and this time, she did not let the hardness of the cock slip out of her. I can see from her behind that he spurts inside of her, with the remining juice flowing out of her, but she did not stop shoving her nest to his hardness. “Again… again… again…” she is saying continuously. The husband is pleading for her to stop, but she still sit on him loving her lower hip.

“Stop Mistress… please…stop…” he begs.

“Again…again…again… she responded.

“Stop…I can’t…stop…pleaseeee…” he pleads again.

But the Mistress is more determined to bring him to orgasm again. He is too powerless and is in a disadvantageous position to let her stop. I just saw myself rubbing his calves, maybe my subconscious telling my body to help him achieve the Mistress’ objective.

She stopped moving on the third release. I cannot see anything flowing out of her. He should have given all the juice available for him on the first two. Without any liquid to replenish, he can just produce a little.

She stands up and leaves a puddle of white sticky fluid from where she sits. And torture. The husband seems relieved and hurt by the abuse. To my surprise, the Mistress get out of the bed but goes to the headboard, reaches for the husband’s lips and give him a kiss. The kiss is so passionate that I saw the husband’s cock throbbing anew. If she can do this to him by just kissing, I want a piece of that tongue action I said to myself.

“Happy birthday honey” she said after the kiss.

She freed the husband, and she did not register her opposition when I help untying the ropes from her husband’s feet. She gets us both bottles of water (to replenish liquids) and glasses of wine (to be drunk and continue). I accepted both, and was treated to an expensive bottle of sparkling water, and a very delicious red wine.

“We have to leave you here for less than an hour” she said while gathering all the things she used – cleaning them perhaps?

“We will prepare the red room” said the husband smiling.

“Red room?” I asked. I know red rooms are for bondage and torture.

“Yes” he nodded. “We will continue the second part of my birthday celebration there”. They exit the room and I am now alone.

I stand up and proceed to the bathroom. The place is luxurious. The taste of choice on tiles and water closet furnishings are clearly the taste of opulence. From the liquid soap that I used to lather my pubic hear, to the shower head that helps rinse the soap, I can only think that these are specifically ordered. Even the available towel has softness of luxury, unlike the dry and scratchy towel I am using since I left prison.

I come back to the big bed and take a nap. I don’t know if I dreamed.

“Bud, it’s time to celebrate” the husband waking me up from my rest. He is clothed in black fitting shirt and jeans now. His hair in ponytail exposing his jawline. He smells mint toothpaste.

I stand up despite the grogginess because of the interrupted sleep. I followed him outside the room and went pass the receiving area where the Mistress greeted me hours before. Nothing has changed, not exposing any trace of our threesome.

We entered an area similar in size to the main bedroom. It seems to be a studio that can be used as an office or any small meeting set up. The Mistress is sitting on what seems to be a massage bed, situated on the center of the room. Beside the bed are lots of art equipment and … ink.

“Are you up for a tattoo Tyler?” the wife asked.

“I am not sure Mistress…” I responded.

She laughed. “Oh please, drop the Mistress thing. We are past that already”. She finishes the glass’ content with two small gulps. She stood and make a twirl. “We are now into my husband’s world. He is Master here” and gave me a wink.

“I can give you a tattoo for free” he said inviting. He is smiling and projecting a harmless person now, but I cannot take off the image of him fully naked tied and exposed on bed earlier.

“That can be your gift to him” said the Mistress, I mean the wife now. “Please?”

They seem to be a nice couple, even if she transforms to maximum bitch when she is into the Mistress thing.

“If you say it’s free…” I nodded.

He was delighted! He hugged me, and I feel embarrassed because I realize that I am fully naked. I felt his jeans on my crotch and I feel good again. It must be that my body has fully rested.

He then instructed me to lie down after we release from the embrace. The bed is not as comfortable like the main bedroom. It is firm and offers support for the body.

“Would you like me to do you front, or back?” he winked, asking.

“Where do you want your gift to be?” I responded then I also winked. The wife giggled.

“Below the right ribs” he said. “Tender muscles but painful as hell”.

I nodded. I had my tattoo inside the prison on my calves. It also tender and painful.

I was surprised by the cold handcuffs that was placed on my wrists. The wife placed it there, smiling. She then exits the room taking the empty wine glass with her.

The husband then put something on my feet and I realize that I am fully tied up. Reversal of fortune.

The wife appeared with a tray of objects with her. She puts the tray near the table where I can see clamps, dildoes and other things I have no idea about.

“Are we up for another round, Honey?” the husband asked.

“No dear” she smiled at me. “We ran out of anaesthesia, we will use these instead.


The first contact of the needle and my skin is not painful, it is the succeeding minutes that define pain in a new level. The part where the tattoo is being permanently inked is a sensitive one --- it solicits ticklishness and discomfort simultaneously. The brain is confused that it sends signal to my nakedness that what I am feeling is pain. Anything that is first introduced to the body that gives to the body any sensation other than happiness is processed by the brain as pain.

The wife (then bondage Mistress) is helping to ease whatever discomfort is there. Her hands are massaging my naked chest – her movements replicating what she did to her husband on the other bedroom before. She is rubbing all exposed skin and traces the curves of my torso, stopping on the nipples to pinch them. My head seems bursting because of the sensation from the needle’s tip and from her fingernails.

“Are you alright?” the husband asks. He is focused and careful with his movement, the way he balances his gentle touch and firm markings, as if I am a very important client.

‘Yes” I said, trying to recover from the mixed sensation. His voice is low, yet it is soothing. “You will not write both your names on my body, right?”

He chuckled.

“Just unicorns and girly stuffs” said the wife. She seems enjoying the touches, and on this rate, she might not tire until the remaining hours are up.

“Nope, don’t worry” the husband’s tone is with assurance. “I am a professional”.

It is the wife’s turn to laugh.

“The outline is done, brace yourself for more pain” he gave me a wink. Maybe to ease the pain I just subject myself to?

The wife stops touching my chest and go to her tray of things. She lifts a purple-colored dildo and applies something to it. By the way she is doing it, it is incontestable that she knows how to handle a man.

My thought was interrupted by the needle touching my skin again. This time, the contact is smaller, but they seemed to be faster. I winced and closed my eyes, because unlike earlier, I can feel the pain in its pure form. The worst part is that I cannot do anything other than making facial expression. The helplessness makes me weak. The vulnerability of my body to the needle makes me flaccid.

The wife seems to notice because her hands are suddenly on my crotch. She touches my flaccid body part and played with the skin. Again, that sensation. Somehow the sensation made by the contact of another person’s skin to any part of the body creates an unexplainable feeling.

“Honey, you are making me hard” the husband said.

She did not answer. Instead, she reached down to my semi-asleep body part and take in her mouth. I opened my eyes because I cannot waste the sight of her mouth taking me with the wetness and warmth surrounding my flaccidity.

“Shiiiit…” I murmured.

“Show it to me dear” the husband requested. He is now naked from the waist down and looking at my cock on his wife’s lips.

The wife takes the cock out of her mouth and I am now semi-erect. Just like that, my body temperature shoots from normal to hot.

“Do you like this?” the wife put my hardness inside her mouth and produces a slurping sound.

The husband touches his cock and like mine, it is semi-erect. He then plays with the head and in no time, the erection is in its maximum. “Yes. Yes. Suck the head” he commanded.

The wife acceded. The authority reverses. She is now the one obeying the husband, and I will not complain.

The husband continues with his work. He is careful with the equipment touching the body because the wife making “unnecessary movements” with my body part. In some instances, I cannot see her head moving up and down because it is covered by her hair, but the husband is considerate enough to move the hair to one side, so that I can see the full view.

Then, there is the painful sensation again. The husband explained that it is a sensitive area and it is a common complaint with tattoo receivers on that area. He stops for a while and touches my nipple with one hand. He rubs, caresses and pinches it before continuing with his work. Somehow the first few seconds of pain seems tolerable. But when he changed ink color, I feel the sensation again, and gave out a painful moan. He stopped.

I felt something being applied to my butt hole. I looked down and I saw the wife doing some ass work, while my cock was left standing there, waiting---anticipating. The cream, or gel is cold to the touch, and she applied it generously. When our eyes meet, she smiled.

She showed me the toy --- the purple dildo, around 9 inches in length. No words, she just traced the length of it, from the scrotum-like shape, crossing the shaft and then to the head. Her erotic gaze and her naughty smile makes my cock throb.

The husband commenced with his work and the pain is there again. I closed my eyes so that I can do some imaginings to help ease the excruciating sensation. But I am about to start playing flashbacks of prison sex in my head when I felt something working on my anal opening. First, there is someone blowing air on the opening, as if waking up the exposed hole from a slumber and then the touch of the tip of her fingernails.

After a while, she let the hole touch the tip of the dildo, until I felt another motorized sensation, other than the tattoo equipment. It is not a purple dildo but a purple vibrator. The synchronicity of the white noises is enough is relax my thoughts, and the pain from the inking is now tolerable. When she tried to enter me with the tip of the purple thing, I opened my legs wider to give her a good target.

“Nice” the husband commented.

I can feel the tip going in, thanks to the generous gel application. My eyes are closed, feeling the sensation brought about by the purple motor. The stillness of the tip tickles me, and when she started to move it forward, I gave little groans.

I felt lips touching my nipple and fingers working on the other. When I opened my eyes, I saw the husband licking my left nipple his left-right hand on the other. When he saw me looking at him with a wrinkled forehead, he begins sucking and licking the nipple.

“Ahhhhhh….aaahhhhh” I can hear myself involuntarily saying.

I raised my hips to give the vibrator a squeeze, because doing it will be more pleasurable as it goes in and out of me. The movement is going faster, and knowing the husband is not doing the inking, I also thrust with my hips.

I can feel the vibrator inside of me with its rapid pulsating sensation that gives little shocks to my sensitive nerves. The feeling is coupled with the teeth and tongue playing with my nipples. Or few minutes, I am swimming in pleasure, evidenced by the tip of my cock now flowing with clear precum.

And then the inking, and then the pleasuring again. For three hours, the feeling of pain and pleasure in succession is the game. I did not cum --- just on the brink of spilling, but not quite.

My cock is hard and the head is red and shiny. Any rubbing can bring me to orgasmic release. But no such fingers and soft hands come to me and my erection. Instead, I heard clicking and flashes.

“Are you photographing me?” I asked.

“Not you, just your new tattoo” he said. “I keep photographs on my models” he smiled. “In case you get famous”.

“But will they recognize me?”

“No. unless you cock is that famous” he said. He showed me pictures. True enough, it did not capture my face. Just the reddish-tattoo and my hard as a rock cock on the background. I nodded.

Then they let me go. I am freed from the cuffs and the tie. I looked at my side, below the rib. It is there --- a six-inch tribe-like dragon tattoo. There is also something written on alphabets that I cannot understand.

The husband approaches after I finished inspecting the tattoo. He is naked. His smile is mischievous. The wife is behind him. This time, she is carrying nipple clamps. The husband is now behind me, he already climbs the bed. He started kissing the back of my neck, while his hands are now on my chest, looking for the two little jewels of sensation. I can smell his minty breath from his kisses, and his manly scent from our body contact.

He found the nipples and pinch them, squeezing them. He is still kissing my neck and I am trying to look at him, in case he wants to kiss my lips. I like to kiss his. The pleasure suddenly fades when I felt the clamps squeeze my nipples. I gasp but he put his mouth to mine. Our kiss receives my cry of agony. His tongue trying to appease my tensed body.

When our lips parted, came the wife. She is fully naked now, and she is playing with the vibrator by putting it in between her legs. She positioned herself in front of me, teasing. Now that my hands are free, I can touch her, squeeze her tits, finger her clit, fuck her from behind. But the husband sees my game. He jumps out of bed and go to his wife’s posterior.

He bends her on the bed, her vagina fully exposed. It is ready and moist because the vibrator has done its purpose. But the husband is not satisfied. He kneels and position his head between the wife’s legs. One leg is on the bed, making a bigger exposure. He started to lick and the wife moans.

I sit there amused. I watch porn most of my adult life but this is the first time I see a live action partners copulating in front of me. My hands are moving automatically, like those times I am watching porn, moving up and down as soon as it grasps my cock. The voyeuristic sensation is amazing especially when both husband and wife gazes directly at me.

The husband stood up and invited me to him and motioned to be behind him. He applied the same gel applied to me by the wife earlier to his asshole. I offered to apply it for him but he just put an amount of gel to my middle and index fingers. I understood. He then bends his chest touching his wife’s back and enters her. I am ready. I started playing with his hole, while he is thrusting and soon I am inside him with two fingers going in and out.

“Fuck…. Fuck… fuck… me…” he said in between thrusting. I pushed my fingers deeper.

“Fuck …me… with… your… hard…cock….” he requested with a hint of pleading. I cannot hear him audibly because the wife is now moaning really loud.

And I did obey. I placed an amount of gel on the tip and shaft of my cock. I know his limits because I already entered him through my fingers, he just needs to be prepared for a longer and bigger hole occupant. He was surprised by the first thrust, and he moans in pain. He is tight, and because he is tensed by shoving his cock to his wife freely, he is not ready when I come in.

After a minute, we already are synchronized with our movements. He thrusts forward and I backwards, and vice versa. The sensation touching his insides brings pleasure from the tip of my cock to my entire body. I am certain that he feels the same. The wife is already lost in ecstasy. The husband is claiming her from behind while his hands are busy pleasuring her breasts.

Then I saw the nipple clamps attached to me. I am so excited that I don’t feel them clutching me anymore. They are begging to be played with. What I did instead is to tug them and the pain before produce an ecstatic sensation now. The husband is fucking the wife, I am fucking the husband. That alone is mind-blowing, but with the nipple clamp tugging, touching and playing, I can feel something is ready to explode.

My hips are thrusting faster, and the husband follows the rhythm. Our pacing indicates we are near and ready to release. He pulls from his wife and from me and position his wife to kneel before us both. The wife opened her mouth and is ready to receive our spills. The husband motioned for me to jack him off, and he holds my hard cock and starts to play with it.

“I am cumming…” he said.

“Me too…” I respond.

“I am… I am …cummingggg…” he moans as he shoots his load. Some of the squirts reaches the mouth of the wife.

“Ahhhh… I am cummmmmm…” and I release. He positioned my cock to the wife’s mouth and she receives the entire load in her mouth. She closed her lips and the husband jerked the remaining semen from my cock into his wife’s oral opening.

I felt a warm. sticky liquid on my foot as the wife is also squirting her orgasm while I am inside her mouth.

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