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Chapter 1

January 2017

Orchard Park, New York

In Orchard Park, New York, right outside of Buffalo, a yellow skinned man that was short in height and husky in weight sat inside of the master bedroom of a manor. He was shirtless showing off his chest hair along with a tattoo of his daughter name, 'Milena' on his left chest, a tattoo of a crown on top of a lion's head on his left shoulder and a tattoo of a gun and roses on his right upper arm with a tattoo of a broken skull on his lower right arm. The man had his black hair in long curls with his facial hair being in the shape of a chinstrap. The man was Jonas Buchanan, a prominent entrepreneur and a well known drug lord/crime lord from Buffalo, New York that would be turning thirty this July.

His manor was near where the Buffalo Bills played at in New Era Stadium. You could look out of Jonas backyard and see the stadium. The manor had expensive paintings on the walls that were rare to find, chandelier lights on the ceilings and a spiral staircase. The manor had nine bedrooms and five bathrooms with three swimming pools, and a jacuzzi in the backyard. The manor even had a built in pool inside the house in a room that led to the backyard of the enormous residence. Little did anyone know, this morning would be one that nobody would ever forget.

Jonas only wore a pair of black boxers made by Prada, and picked up his daughter. Milena was yellow skinned mug like her father with brown eyes and long curly hair. Most people said she was her father twin, as she was the splitting image of Jonas. She wore a pink tee shirt with white capris and pink socks along with being sound asleep. Milena was seventeen months old, and would be turning two, come this August.

Jonas smiled at his baby, and bent over, kissing his child on the forehead. "You'll never be like me. You better not give anyone the time of day that is anything like me. I'll die, before I allow you to go down the same roads that I've been down."

Jonas had committed several murders personally, over thirty to be exact. He had been living a life of crime since the age of nine, after his maternal grandparents died. He committed his first murder at the age of nine, one month into living the life of a gangster when he killed a man that had slapped his mother in their home, when she refused to pay for the money she owed him for drugs that the man had given her. Jonas shot the man in the head and his mother took the charge, pleading self defense.

He made his first million at the age of sixteen, committing several murders and armed robberies along the way. Jonas started out hustling for the local gang in the projects he lived in, and committed armed robberies with the gang in his teenage years. He robbed a mob family, a biker gang and several drug dealers in Buffalo, and two mob families, along with several drug dealers in Niagara Falls, furthering his reputation that he was a force to be reckoned with. Once Jonas turned twenty one, he began pushing out cocaine and heroin, on a big scale as he learned the tricks of the trade from the gang he was in. He didn't need to rob anymore, he had enough money and a reputation along with a name that meant something.

Now he was worth hundreds of millions of dollars and had an empire at his feet. His cocaine and heroin cartel had its hand in not just Buffalo, but he had his reach into the cities of Niagara Falls, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis and Boston.

A knock on the door caused Jonas to look at the black colored door. A dark skinned African American man that appeared to be in his late teens stepped in the room. He was athletically built with his hair cut low and had no facial hair. The man wore a black leather jacket, a red tee shirt, black Air Jordan track pants with a pair of black & red Air Jordan Nine sneakers. Customized jewelry laid on the man wrists and ears.

"Who do you have in my basement, Nate?" Jonas asked with a look that could kill as he held his infant daughter.

Nathan 'Nate' Richardson was the nineteen year old younger brother of Jonas. Adoptive brothers to be exact. Nate's mother adopted Jonas back when the drug kingpin was a teenager after his biological mother died. Nate was also the protégé of Jonas, and a loyal foot soldier whom was in Jonas inner circle. Nate was quick tempered and let his emotions guide him through plenty of situations.

"Alejandro. Fucking snake ass cop did some foul shit. Motherfucker was trying to set me up. He was wearing a wire. Didn't know how you wanted me to go about this." Nate said while rubbing the back of his neck. He lowered his head and felt uneasy. Nate knew what Jonas was capable of, and realized he made a grave mistake. He then looked up slowly at his big brother and placed his sweaty hands by his side. "How did you know that I had someone-"

"Camera feed." Jonas said sternly while cutting off Nate. The kingpin then stood up off the bed and placed his daughter against his chest and pointed at the surveillance screens on his bedroom wall. "Mommy allowed you access inside, and you brought Alejandro with a garbage bag over his upper body."

Nate lowered his head and swallowed a lump in his throat. He was wrong, he shouldn't had brought Alejandro to Jonas house. "I'm sorry."

Jonas calmly walked over to his right hand man and stared deep into the soul of Nate. A look of anger was on the kingpin face. "Don't bring shit to my house. Ever. Again."


Jonas walked out of his master sized bedroom while keeping his sleeping daughter pressed against his chest. The ruthless boss kept a calm demeanor with a hint of anger as he walked down into his basement with Nate behind him. Jonas stopped in front of Alejandro whom was sitting on a wooden chair with a black garbage bag over his head. Jonas looked behind at Nate. "Take the bag off his head."

Nate approached the garbage bag and took the black colored object off the man. Nate slapped the middle aged Mexican man across the face, waking the man up.

Alejandro Marquez was a cop with the Buffalo Police Department. He had been employed by Jonas two years ago, and was being paid a hefty amount by the kingpin for information and sometimes to commit murders. But he had gotten beside himself, and wanted to snake Jonas, and was trying to catch Nate on a wire.

Alejandro eyes got big as he saw Jonas. The cop instantly pissed his pants as tears came rolling down his face.

Jonas remained calm and handed his daughter over to Nate. Then the kingpin squatted down in front of Alejandro, giving the Mexican man a menacing yet calm stare. "Why did you try to set Nate up with a wire? You know what I'll do to your family, if you don't talk."

Alejandro bit his bottom lip as he knew that he was dead either way it went. But he didn't want his family to suffer, especially for something he did. He lowered his head in guilt and began sniffling. "I had to. FBI, DEA and Internal Affairs is all down my neck. They want you locked up. I couldn't do anything. They made me a deal. Bastards caught me stealing some guns out the evidence locker. They had been investigating me for some time."

Jonas stood up and held a hand out while staying calm as his eyes were fixated on Alejandro. Nate pulled out a black Glock 40 pistol with a silencer attached and handed it over to Jonas. Jonas cocked the weapon back and aimed it at his intended victim. Jonas then calmly shot Alejandro in the chest three times, followed by shooting him once in the forehead. Jonas then shoved the silencer inside of Alejandro dead mouth and fired a shot. The fearless kingpin then handed the gun over to Nate and calmly grabbed his sleeping daughter. Jonas then smiled at the sight of his daughter, and looked up at Nate with a deadly yet calm expression. "Clean my basement. Drop his body off."

"I'm on it."

"Nate, he chose you to set up. He did that cause you are the weakest one out of everyone. Your emotions guide you. You move off impulse. Keep that as a reminder as to why you need to pay more attention, baby brother."

"Understood bro."

Jonas then walked out of the basement while carrying Milena. He had just murdered a man in front of his sleeping daughter, and had no remorse in his veins. He calmly walked into the customer built kitchen and saw a short brown skinned African American woman in her late forties standing by the sink. She wore a purple tank top with white capris and purple sandals. Jonas approached the woman and had a grin on his face. "Mind watching Milena, while I take a shower?"

"Sure thing." The woman said and turned towards Jonas and Milena. She grabbed the infant and smiled down at the baby twin version of Jonas. "She looks just like you."

"I know." He said arrogantly, while grinning at his child.

"Go take a shower. I'm about to make some food."

Jonas turned around and walked out of the kitchen. He approached the spiral stairs and went up.

The woman was Christina Richardson, the adoptive mother of Jonas, biological mother of Nate and the adoptive grandmother of Milena.

Buffalo, New York

The snow was coming down lightly as several vehicles were stuck in traffic, which was normal for the winters of Buffalo. Several police officers were standing behind a brick colored building that was used for a restaurant, along with several agents from the FBI and DEA. Inside of a blue dumpster was Alejandro's lifeless body laying on top of a couple black garbage bags with a black duffel bag containing cocaine and heroin. They weren't expecting to find a dead officer on this particular afternoon.

A tall and athletically toned Hispanic woman with long black hair, wearing a navy blue suit with a white shirt approached the crime scene as several pedestrians were standing or in the cold trying to be noisy. The woman walked up to the dumpster while showing the badge that hung from her neck. She looked at Alejandro's dead body and shook her head. "Motherfucker."

A short and skinny Caucasian man walked up to the right of the woman wearing a black flight jacket, navy blue jeans and a pair of combat boots. He had short brown hair with a clean shaven face and was drinking a cup of coffee out a white styrofoam cup. "Agent Ramirez."

Valencia Ramirez was an agent with the FBI. She had been employed by them for the last four years, and was an officer with the Buffalo Police Department for nine years prior to working for the FBI. She was tough as nails, and took her work serious enough to where everyone thought she had no social life outside of her office.

Valencia looked over at the Caucasian man, and slid her hands inside her pants pockets. "Agent Daniels."

Franklin Daniels was an agent with the DEA, and had been employed by them for the last three years. He had previously worked for the Boston Police Department for six years before he accepted a position with the DEA. He was known for cracking a lot of investigations dealing in organized crime and took pride in his work.

Franklin raises his cup at the female agent as he whistled while looking at the dead cop body. "That's Buchanan's calling card, his signature."

"No shit." Valencia said sarcastically while lowering her head.

"You think it's because Buchanan found out that Officer Marquez was wearing a wire?"

"It's possible. He could've found out. I don't see any other way."

"Buchanan killed two cops years ago. He killed a cop in Niagara Falls, and this is his second time killing a Buffalo Police Officer. He's not holding anything back. Best we talk to Agent Corleone, pertaining to this."

"I wouldn't talk with Corleone, Agent Daniels."

Franklin had a look of confusion on his face while sipping his coffee.

Valencia exhaled as she looked up at her fellow agent. "Agent Corleone is being investigated as well. He's working for Buchanan, which is why we shouldn't talk to him."

Franklin dropped his coffee in shock and was speechless. His mouth was wide open and he slowly collected himself. "Are you sure?"

"Yes she's sure." A voice said coming behind Franklin.

A medium height Caucasian woman that was built like a porn star approached the two agents. She had long brunette hair with green eyes and wore a black leather jacket with navy blue jeans and wheat colored Timberland boots. She was Andromache Rizzo, an assistant federal prosecutor.

"Rizzo, pleasure to see you again." Franklin said sarcastically as he twisted his face at the woman.

Andromache stepped between the two agents and smirked at Franklin. "Are you still mad that I exposed your erectile issue from the night you couldn't get hard with the two strippers?" She asked sarcastically and looked over at Valencia. "Who are the suspects?"

"Jonas Buchanan." Valencia said while trying not to smirk at the erectile comment.

"The head of the Buchanan Cartel?" Andromache asked with a look of concern.

"Correct." Franklin said as he was trying to shake off the embarrassment by asserting himself.

Nate walked inside his luxury apartment located in downtown Buffalo. He tossed the keys on an oak nightstand and walked by the paintings that hung on his cream colored walls and headed into the living room. Nate needed something to take the edge off and headed over to the customized bar that was located in the corner of his living room. He dabbed a bottle of Hennessy and poured the alcohol into a glass. Nate took a sip and froze once he heard footsteps approaching.

A smile came across his face and he looked back and saw a skinny Caucasian woman with dark brown eyes and long black hair approaching him. The woman had on a black bra and a black thong with a pair of black heels. Her hands were pressed on her hips as her lips were twisted. Nate knew the woman would be in a bitchy mood. "Nice to see you too." He said sarcastically.

The woman sighed loudly and glared her nose up in anger. "WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU COMING IN SO LATE?!"

"Because I'm making money for us and I have to do something. I just needed to grab a few things." Nate opened a drawer and pulled out a set of keys. "Got it. Don't take the trucks out. I'll buy you some new cars."


"Bitch, I got shit to do. I got some shit that needs to be handled."

"Fuck you."

"You wish." He said sarcastically.

"I can't stand your ass". The woman said in a bitter voice and turned around, walking towards the hallway.

The woman was Theresa Walsh, Nate's longtime girlfriend. They had been together since junior high school, and they often had fights. Their relationship was looked down by everyone. Nobody felt as if the relationship was a good thing. Most people wished the couple would breakup.

Orchard Park, New York

The night had arrived and Jonas wore a red v-neck tee shirt, black track pants and a pair of black & red slippers, all made by Prada, his favorite designer. He held his daughter in his arms while feeding her a bag of animal crackers for a late night snack. Jonas was sitting on the massive black leather couch in his enormous living room. The room itself could've been turned into three apartments, it was that big. Rare antiques were on display, chandelier lights hung from the red colored ceiling, black walls and a black marble floor was on display. An enlarged television the size of a movie screen at a theater was built into one of the walls along with a black diamond encrusted table in front of the couch.

Nate walked into the living room with a glass of Hennessy in his possession and wore a blue & red Buffalo Bills jacket, a white tee shirt, light blue denim jeans made by Louis Vuitton with a pair of wheat Timberland boots. He sat on the other end of the couch and lowered his head. "I dropped the body off. I'm sorry for fucking up. I should've called you and asked if you could meet up with me somewhere else."

"Nate, don't fuck up again." Jonas said and looked over at his little brother, giving the dark skinned man a cold stare. Jonas turned his focus back to Milena, and watched his daughter hand him a cookie as he allowed her to feed him. Then Jonas looked up at the television that was mounted on his living room wall and watched the report about local and federal authorities finding Alejandro's body. 

"Officer Alejandro Marquez was believed to be murdered by a narcotics cartel that traffics and distributes large quantities of cocaine and heroin throughout Buffalo, Niagara Falls, and into various states. Local authorities as well as federal authorities believe that Officer Marquez was allegedly a soldier within the narcotics syndicate, and believe him agreeing to cooperate with authorities led to his untimely death. I'm Rachel Williamson, here at Channel WBAL News, and we'll bring you more information as we receive updates on this homicide." A woman said on the news.

Jonas grinned at the report as he felt Milena pulling his facial hair. A smile flashed across Jonas face as he picked up Milena, kissing her forehead. "You mean so much."

Chapter 2

The next day

Jonas walked inside a building located in the downtown area of Buffalo, New York. The building was colored black and was the highest structure in the Western New York City. The building was used for the headquarters of a real estate company known as 'Buchanan Real Estate'. Buchanan Real Estate was known for buying, developing and managing several properties, from residential to commercial. The company had its hands in properties outside of Buffalo, such as Niagara Falls, Chicago, Detroit and Boston. Buchanan Real Estate had been in operation the last six years, and had become highly successful during its run. Each time Jonas expanded his illegal empire, he brought forth his real estate business into the cities he was pushing drugs through.

Jonas wore a black suit, a yellow long sleeve buttoned shirt, a black & yellow tie, a yellow pocket square, a black leather belt and black crocodile skin shoes all made by Prada. His curls were freshly trimmed as was the stubble on his face in the shape of a chinstrap. The businessman walked over to a black colored reception desk and looked at the Caucasian female that was doing her internship. "Get Victoria up to my office." He said in a voice filled with control and dominance.

"Yes sir." The blonde haired receptionist said as she picked up the phone and placed a call. "Ms Corleone, Mr Buchanan wants you to head over to his office."

Jonas walked away with the receptionist watching him with lust. He calmly approached the black colored elevators and stepped inside, taking it up to the top floor. Jonas stepped out into a black colored hallway and walked down. He stopped at a desk and looked at his secretary.

Linda Anitov was a young Russian woman in her early twenties, and had been working for Buchanan Real Estate since its sixth month of operation. She was extremely devoted to Jonas, and attended night classes at UB Law School on behalf of Jonas paying her tuition. She had long dark hair and green eyes. Her body was shaped rather nicely with a set of nice breasts and toned thighs, with an ass that wasn't bad at all with enough plumpness to it. Her nails were always done as she couldn't go without them being to her standards. Linda wore a peach Katherine top with light blue jeans and a pair of dark tan open toe heels. She picked up a tan folder off her desk and handed it over to Jonas, without looking at him. 

Jonas scratched his chin and opened the folder, examining the contents as he heard Linda typing away on her keyboard.

"I have all of your appointments scheduled for the next month. You have a 'business lunch' with Ms Mendes, and I'm thinking she wants to maul you in bed. Just my personal opinion. The hotel deal is bound to go through, I have your orange juice sitting on your desk just the way you like it with extra pulp, and I made arrangements for you to come by this 'gala' that the mayor and police commissioner is having. I'd rather spend time eating ice cream and watching 'Casablanca' with my dog." She then smiled and looked at her boss.

Jonas flipped through the contents of the folder and closed it up. He tapped the folder on the desk and gave a slight grin at Linda. "This is why I pay you $300,000 a year. Good work."

"Can I get a raise? With all the hard work, I need a raise to better get myself into shape at a gym." She said jokingly mixed with sarcasm.

Jonas tossed the folder on top of Linda's keyboard and walked over to his office door. "$600,000 if you can get me nine more properties with a return of triple on each one."

"You have a deal."

Jonas opened the glass door and stepped inside his office. The office had a black ceiling, tan colored walls and a white marble floor. Pictures of Jonas with a few celebrities, athletes and other business professionals were hung on a wall along with a glass shelf that housed autographed basketballs, footballs and baseballs. He had a black bookshelf that covered a whole wall, from Niccolo Machiavelli, Robert Greene and Sun Szu to Donald Goines, Iceberg Slim and Jay Johnson, Jonas had books that covered everything. A television screen was mounted on the wall above a bar counter. A glass table was positioned directly in the center of the office with black leather chairs.

Jonas unbuttoned his suit jacket and walked over to a black leather rotating chair that sat behind his black marble desk. He took a seat and opened his cigar box. Jonas pulled out a Cuban cigar along with a diamond encrusted lighter. He smelled the tobacco and placed the cigar in his mouth, lighting it with the lighter as he saw his office door open.

Victoria Corleone walked inside the office wearing a black and white floral designed Chloe dress that stopped right in the middle of her thighs. Her dark hair was placed in a bun as she walked over to her employer desk. Victoria was the Chief Operating Officer of Buchanan Real Estate, and had been with the company since the day Linda started. She was loyal to Jonas, and was responsible for closing out a ton of deals on his behalf. "You wanted to see me?"

Jonas took a puff of his cigar and blew the smoke out while staring at the young woman. He leaned back in his chair and rolled the cigar between his index and middle finger. "You closed out the deal for me to acquire six commercial building that houses a total of twenty one units. Take thirty percent of the sale for yourself."

Victoria eyes got big and she tilted her head. "Really? For me? Seriously?" She asked in a state of shock. Victoria was surprised, and couldn't believe what she was getting. "That's like $5,500,000."

"I know." Jonas said and nodded his head at Victoria, a clear sign of respect from him. He took another puff and blew the smoke out while keeping his eyes on Victoria. "Did your father tell you anything else about the investigation?"

"Just that his whole unit is pissed. They're leaving the murder alone. His unit tried to 'pick up the case' but they got removed by the United States Attorney Office. He sends you his appreciation, for all that you've done. He's trying to figure out who will be handling the investigation. All he knows is that Internal Affairs are working with the FBI and DEA."

"A covert unit is investigating us. They'll bring in some new people and try to sniff us all out, including your father. Keep things quiet. The hotel deal is about to go through. We have different partners in this deal, and this hotel venture is expanding into various areas. Take a trip out to Chicago, Detroit, and Boston. I want you to make sure that everything is situated."

"I got you. I'll check everything."

"Go over the permits, look over the fine details of the contract, and make sure that we're not walking into a bad situation. Have the attorneys look over everything. I'm taking a trip down to Miami, to celebrate Nate's birthday."

"I will. Anything you looking for in particular? Only asking because me and the attorneys have looked at the contract time and time again. We didn't see-"

"Just do it." Jonas said cutting off Victoria, with a serious yet calm voice. He took another puff of his cigar and blew the smoke out through his nostrils as he kept his eyes on Victoria.

"Understood. I'll get on it right now." Victoria said in a fearful voice. She didn't want to anger Jonas. Hell, she knew all about him since her father was a crooked agent that worked for Jonas. Victoria turned around and headed for the door. She stopped and looked back at her employer. "Thanks for the bonus. I mean it. If you ever need anything, just me know."

Jonas nodded his head at Victoria and watched her leave. He then stood up and walked over to an enlarged window that was the size of a wall. Jonas looked out into his city and smoked his Cuban cigar while thinking about how far he had came in life.

July 2010

Jonas was a twenty three year old drug boss, that was pushing kilos of cocaine and heroin throughout Buffalo and Niagara Falls, with his two best friends, Felipe 'Chico' Rodriguez and Dwayne 'Lil D' Mitchell. Jonas owned a barbershop and a bar in Buffalo, and owned a bar in Niagara Falls, as a means to clean his money. Everyone called him 'Jo Jo' and he was one of the shot callers between Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

The morning was sunny, and everyone was enjoying the hot weather. The summer was something that most people in the state of New York loved, being that most of the calendar year was spent having cold weather.

Chico was a tall and athletically built Puerto Rican man that had long hair with a goatee. Tattoos were on his neck, hands and lower arms. He was a year younger than Jonas, and been in the drug game ever since he was fourteen. Chico was hot headed, and was quick to pull a trigger for Jonas and Lil D. He was loyal, and would do anything to look after his best friends. Chico was sitting on his mother porch wearing a white v-neck tee shirt, navy blue jeans and a pair of white & navy blue Nike Air Force One sneakers. He picked up a bottle of Snapple and twisted the top off while looking at a group of Spanish girls that were walking up the sidewalk.

A medium height African American Man that had long braids exited a 2009 champagne colored Impala. He wore a burgundy tee shirt with tan cargo shorts and a pair of burgundy & black Nike Air Force One sneakers. The man was Lil D. He had been in the drug game since he was sixteen, and was always down to ride with Jonas and Chico.

"Yo, what's good?" Chico asked as he looked over at Lil D.

"Same shit." Lil D said while walking across the street. He looked over at the women and licked his lips. "Those bitches got some crazy fat asses."

Chico chuckled and slapped hands with his friend. "Word. Jo Jo said that he should be on his way in a few. He had to drop off one of his bitches."

"Nigga stay with a bad bitch."

"True shit."

A black 2010 Yukon Denali pulled up in front of Chico mom house, causing both men to look at it suspiciously. Then another Yukon Denali arrived which made them stand up, only to get surprised by a Buffalo Police Officer to walk from around the side of the house with a gun drawn out.

The doors to the first Yukon Denali opened and two men that were Sicilian exited wearing black suits along with a dark skinned African American man. The men then calmly approached Chico and Lil D, while keeping their hands inside their pants pockets.

The cop kept his pistol aimed at the two men and cocked it back, smirking in the process. "You two need to tell your friend, Jo Jo, that the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Syndicate needs their payment. We can't someone being independent that's making the moves you three are doing. It just doesn't sit well with us."

Chico twisted up his face and felt himself wanting to shoot the cop and the Sicilian men. "The fuck you talking about, punk ass cop? You come to my mother house with this shit? We don't even know you fucks!"

The cop slapped Tito across the mouth with his pistol causing the Puerto Rican man head to turn sideways as blood shot out of his mouth.

"It ain't even gotta be like that. All my man did was ask a question." Lil D said trying to diffuse the situation as he kept his hands up.

Doors to the second truck opened and two Puerto Rican men exited with them each swearing grey suits along with a Russian man. They joined the group and looked at the crooked cop. "You three are making a lot of moves for some young fellows. We need our piece of the pie. Tell your boss, we want forty grand every Monday, each." One of the Puerto Rican men said as they handed a card over to Lil D.

Chico wiped the blood off his mouth and balled his fists. "We not paying you-"

Lil D stepped in front of Chico, cutting him off as he placed a hand over his Spanish friend mouth. "We'll let him know."

Chico watched the men leave and shoved his friend hand off his mouth. He shoved Lil D, and had veins bluffing from his neck as he was visibly upset. "You should've let me shoot those motherfuckers! You should've stalled them. I could've grabbed the guns from up under the railing and killed them."

"Nigga, we got caught slipping. Ball was in their court. Just cool down. I'm about to call Jo Jo." Lil D shot back as he stared his friend in the eyes.

A 2010 black Range Rover pulled up in front of the house. Jo Jo stepped out wearing a red v-neck tee shirt, black Air Jordan track pants and a pair of red & black Air Jordan Nine sneakers. Custom jewelry laid on his wrists, fingers and ears. Jo Jo had his hair cut low into a fade with his facial hair being in the form of a goatee. He calmly walked across the street while looking at his two best friends.

"YO JO JO, I GOTTA HOLLA AT YOU!" Chico said shouting at the top of his lungs.

Jo Jo could tell that something was up, and he looked his best friends in their eyes while standing in front of Chico mother house. "Fuck happened to your face?"

"These mob niggas just tried to extort us. Some dirty ass cop just smacked me with a gun. Niggas was Spanish and Sicilian." Chico said as he was smacking his hands together while talking.

Lil D cleared his throat as he started to feel a little uneasy. "They want you to drop off forty grand every Monday. They left me a card of a restaurant that I'm guessing they be at. They call themselves the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Syndicate."

"I've heard of them. Give me the card, and I'll take it from there. I'm a need you two to lay low. This syndicate got a lot of muscle and resources. So I gotta be swift with this shit. I'm a have you, Lil D, meet up with the connects from now on. You hit off everyone that we been dealing with. Grab your cousins, Lil D. They about tinge our muscle in here and in Niagara Falls. We not selling shit to anyone anymore, no more clients. Niggas gotta work for us, so we fronting shit. That way we got more muscle. Chico, I'm a need you to stay calm. I'm placing you as the sole muscle, after I finish these motherfuckers." Jo Jo said while remaining calm as he looked around.

Present day

Buffalo, New York

Jonas sat inside his restaurant located in the downtown area while looking across from a middle aged Hispanic woman. He took a bite out of his parmesan chicken and looked around at the customers inside his venue named 'Christina's'. It was named after his adoptive mother and she was the co owner of the place with Jonas.

The middle aged woman wore a dark purple business suit with a white shirt that was unbuttoned enough to where you could see her cleavage and nude colored bra. She also wore a pair of dark purple heels and had makeup applied to cover the wrinkles around her eyes. Her hair was dyed blonde at the roots leaving the rest to its natural color of dark brown, to hide her grey hair. She was Anna Mendes, a prominent businesswoman in the Midwest, of Cuban and Irish descent.

Anna picked up a wine glass and looked around at the interior of the restaurant. She was rather impressed, and chuckled out of disbelief. Anna had been in many five star restaurants, but this was one restaurant that actually had her in awe. "Nice place. Vintage paintings, the materials used in building this place wasn't cheap. I'm damn impressed, Mr Buchanan."

"I prefer to only deal with the best that money can afford." Jonas said between bites of his food.

Anna placed her glass down and leaned forward with her breasts being pushed up against the table. She had a seductive grin on her face and wanted to know more about Jonas. "You started your real estate company four years ago. Prior to that, you owned only a bar and a barbershop. You're mysterious. Tell me more about you."

"What you see, is what you get."

"Is that so?"


"I have a feeling there's more to you, than what you show."

Jonas picked up his glass of wine and took a sip as he looked at Anna's cleavage. It wasn't bad at all for a woman of her age, and he actually contemplated sleeping with Anna. Jonas laid the glass on the table and gave a slight grin. "I come from nothing. Everything I do, makes it mean that much more. I owned a bar and a barbershop, I still own them to be exact. I also opened up a night club, strip club, spa and a beauty salon. I opened up a few corner stores as well. You think there's more to me? I'm just Jonas Buchanan."

"Just 'Jonas Buchanan'? Who and what is Mr Jonas Buchanan?" Anna asked in a seductive tone as she noticed that Jonas had looked at her cleavage. She sucked on her bottom lip while reaching over the table and grabbing Jonas's hands with hers.

"You came here for business, or pleasure?"

"Both. Maybe I lessen my percentage in the hotel venture and increase yours, by giving you some of mine."

Andromache sat inside a conference room in the FBI building in the downtown area and looked at her fellow agents. The room had while walls, a white ceiling and a brown rectangular table.

"I have Agent Franklin Daniels, DEA, here with us. Agent Valencia Ramirez, FBI, is here as well. As you all know, an officer within the Buffalo Police Department had been killed yesterday. Officer Alejandro Marquez, was an informant in a joint investigation that the FBI and DEA were conducting. Agent Ramirez and Agent Daniels were trying to build a case against one of the most well known narcotics cartel bosses known within this office... Mr Jonas Buchanan." Andromache said while looking around with a serious expression.

The agents all made sly remarks about Jonas, and talked to one another. Some didn't want to investigate him, others wanted him badly. Either way, everyone had their own feeling about Jonas.

Andromache stood up and placed her hands on the long rectangular brown table, looking at everyone in the room. "I'm creating a covert joint investigation. FBI, DEA and the Major Crimes Unit from the BPD. I'm bringing in everyone that I believe is a great agent and officer. Im going to be handling this case personally, once we are able to convict Jonas Buchanan."

"We have the perfect game plan, when it comes to building our case." Franklin said in a serious voice. He stood up and slid tan folders across the table to every agent. "We know that Special Agent Corleone daughter works for Buchanan. We also know that Officer Alexander is engaged to Mr Buchanan's adoptive mother, Christina Richardson. The previous investigation that was conducted was close to bringing down Buchanan. Officer Marquez had agreed to become an informant once we were able to catch him with illegal firearms that he stole from the evidence room. He agreed to cooperate and wear a wire, in hopes of catching Nathan 'Nate' Richardson. It seemed as if Mr Richardson actually took a page out of Mr Buchanan's book and didn't blow his lid."

Valencia leaned back in her chair while examining the body languages of everyone in the room. "Marquez gave us enough information to lead us in the right direction. Officer Alexander is working for Buchanan, as is Special Agent Corleone. We should divide teams to better prepare for our investigation come tomorrow morning. One team will be headed by myself with another team being headed by Agent Daniels. My team will focus on the surveillance of Nathan and Samuel Richardson. Buchanan rarely does face to face meetings, so it's best we follow his younger brothers first. Agent Daniels team will follow Officer Alexander and Special Agent Corleone."

A short and stocky African American man entered the room. He had a bald head and looked to be in his mid forties. The man wore a navy blue suit, black shirt and black shoes. He was Special Agent Matthew Lewiston, a known agent with the FBI.

"I forgot to mention that I brought in Special Agent Lewiston, to oversee both teams. He will be working hand in hand with me, on leading this investigation." Andromache said with a grin on her face.

July 2010

Buffalo, New York

Three days had passed since the incident at Chico mother house, and the streets were talking. It was night time, and this was going to be a night that nobody would ever forget. Jo Jo wore a black v-neck tee shirt, black leather gloves, a black Air Jordan track pants and a pair of black Air Jordan Thirteen sneakers. His clothing helped him blend in with the midnight atmosphere. Jo Jo then approached the burgundy colored door in the back of the restaurant and kicked the door down while holding a black AR-15 assault rifle. He calmly walked into the kitchen of the place and pointed his guns at a group of men.

The men had no time to react and were staring at death in the form of two pistols. Two of the men were Sicilian, a dark skinned African American man sat to the right of the Sicilaina men, and two of the men were Puerto Rican, with the Russian man sitting to the left of them at the table. The crooked cop was sitting next to the Russian man, and had his badge on the table. No doubt they were the ones responsible for showing up to Chico's mother house. They belonged to four different organized crime factions, a Russian mob, a Sicilian mob, a Puerto Rican gang and an African American gang. They all placed their hands up and looked at Jo Jo.

Jo Jo calmly cocked back his assault rifle and aimed it at the men while remaining calm. "I don't get extorted. I know who you are. You run your own crews, and try to extort the weak. You got this dirty cop helping you motherfuckers too. Made the wrong move this time around." He then would unleash his assault rifle at the men, killing them as he would deliver three shots to their chests, and a shot into each of their foreheads and mouths.

Jo Jo had wiped out the Buffalo faction of the Buffalo-Niagara Falls Syndicate, and had just killed a crooked cop. He knew the pressure would be on from law enforcement, but he couldn't be seen as a punk. He knew that the men wouldn't try to reason with him, so he had to wipe them out. He also had two African American gangs and a Puerto Rican gang that was working for him, along with Lil D cousins. Now Jo Jo had some muscle that was capable of going to war with him.

Present day

Jonas was inside of a hotel suite by the airport in Cheektowaga, New York. He was naked and fucking Anna from behind while pulling her hair. Anna body wasn't bad either. She was still stacked for a woman of her age and Jonas knew that him giving Anna some dick meant that he'd have more of a cut in the hotel venture. He'd play the game, because he was the game. Jonas knew that he could have more outlets at his disposal by just fucking the shit out of Anna.

"YES! YES! YES! YES!" Anna shouted as her body was rocking from Jonas pounding her. She gripped the white colored bedsheets and bit down on the pillow while feeling Jonas thick cock ran her insides. She hadn't been manhandled like this in some time, and remembered what she had been missing out on.

Jonas pulled the back of Anna's hair forcefully making her moan as he started to pound the businesswoman harder.

"GODDAMMIT!" She shouted at the top of her lungs while her whole body was trembling. She made whimpered moans while biting her bottom lip.

Jonas used his other hand to squeeze the back of Anna's neck and force her face down into a pillow. Her pussy was up there with the best he had, and Jonas had been around the block quite a few number of times.

Chapter 3

Cheektowaga, New York

The night had finally arrived and Jonas walked inside the same hotel that he had fucked Anna in earlier. He wore a grey suit, a white long sleeve buttoned shirt, a grey & white tie, a white pocket square, a black leather belt and black crocodile skin shoes all made by Prada, his favorite. Jonas walked over to a set of brown oak wood doors and watched two men open the doors for him. Jonas stepped inside and saw several individuals inside a ballroom that had a live band playing on a stage and chandelier lights hanging from the ceiling. Jonas spotted a black colored bar and calmly walked by several individuals as he made a trip to the bar. Jonas unbuttoned his suit jacket and placed a hand on the bar counter.

A short Hispanic woman wearing a waitress outfit turned around from behind the bar and looked at Jonas. The woman smiled at him and placed her hands on her hips. "What can I get you?"

"A shot of D'Usse. Make it a glassful."

"Right away."

Jonas scanned the area and noticed several federal agents, cops, politicians, judges, federal prosecutors and prominent corporate individuals. He realized that most people like him don't make it this far, and Jonas reveled in his glory. He was in the class of the elite and had all of its perks at his disposal.

The bartender placed the glass on the bar counter and smiled at Jonas. "Here's your glass sir."

Jonas looked at the woman and pulled out his business card from inside his pants pocket. He placed the card on the bar and grabbed his glass. "I could use someone like you. Set up an appointment and we'll see what your ambitions are."

"Really?" The woman asked with an eyebrow that was raised. She picked up the card and had a look of shock. "Most people in events like this don't talk to people like me."

"I look after the little people, and turn them into people that everyone can admire. Never forget where you come from."

"No doubt. I'm in school too."

"What's your major?"

"Political Science. I go to school at ECC."

Jonas took a sip out of his glass and placed it back on the bar. "I know a few professors. I could arrange for them to give you letters of recommendations."

"Damn. You don't even know me and you trying to help? Are you trying to get into my-"

"No. If I wanted to get into your pants, this conversation wouldn't have lasted this long." Jonas said cutting the bartender off and pulled of a Newport from his pants pocket.

The bartender was in awe over how Jonas carried himself. He was controlling, and made his presence be felt given the fact that a lot of people were looking at him. She pulled out a lighter and was ready to light his cancer stick.

Jonas placed the cigarette in his mouth and leaned forward, watching the bartender light it for him. He took a puff and blew the smoke out while looking around. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it."

Jonas took another puff and blew the smoke out as he watched Anna walk towards him.

Anna had her hair done and wore black & white long sleeves color-blocked gown with black heels. She had a pocket purse in her possession and smiled at seeing Jonas. Anna was ready for another round with the real estate mogul and could care less about the gala. She approached Jonas, flashing a seductive smile. "My attorneys sent the paperwork that states you having a bigger share than the rest of us."

"I know. My attorney contacted me."

"Good, very good. Mind if we dance?"

"I don't dance."

The bartender snickered at Anna being rejected and put her hand over her face once she saw Anna give her a fierce look. "I'm sorry."

"Do me a favor, and let the 'important' people talk." Anna said in a snobbish voice.

The bartender shook her head in disgust and turned around.

"Don't talk to her like that. Never forget that the 'less important' people are the ones that make what we have become the brand we are. You aren't outside building hotels, restaurants, penthouses, loft apartments. They are." Johan said with a voice that was mixed with coolness yet stern. He took another puff of his cigarette and blew the smoke out through his nose while looking over at the bartender. "Don't mind her. Let's go outside. Tell your boss that my company will pay for your whole shift, plus double. Let's go take a walk."

The bartender turned around facing Jonas with a look of shock on her face. "Really? I mean... well damn. Okay!" She climbed on top of the bar and hopped down to the left of Jonas.

Jonas then held an arm out and watched the bartender gladly accept. He walked out the gala with the bartender while smoking his Newport.

August 2010

Niagara Falls, New York

The police and federal law enforcement officials had been on a hunt for the last month trying to indict Jo Jo. Too bad that they didn't known that Jo Jo adoptive mother was in a relationship with a highly decorated officer named Bryant Alexander, a sixteen year veteran within the  Buffalo Police Department. Most people felt happy about the crooked officer being murdered, while some felt that the murderer should be found and sentenced to death. 

The massacre inside the restaurant made headline news, and now he streets were praising Jo Jo, even more than what they were doing before. If people feared and respected Jo Jo before, they were doing it now on a bigger level. He had wiped out the heads of four different Crime factions and a cop, he had more 'juice' now than he ever did. Officer Alexander pulled a lot of strings to make sure that Jo Jo didn't end up arrested, which was the beginning of him working for Jo Jo.

The morning was shining bright, and the weather had a cool breeze to it. Chico climbed out of a white 2009 GMC Terrain. He wore a red tee shirt, black jeans and a pair of black & red Reebok Pumps. He walked up to the double glass doors of a a fast food spot and scratched his chin while contemplating on what he was going to order. He looked back and saw Lil Q climbing out the passenger seat. "Hurry the fuck up."

Lil Q approached his friend and was tossing away a weed roach on the sidewalk as he blew the smoke out. "Shit is fucking crazy. We got everybody on our jocks, my nigga."

Chico chuckled while rubbing his hands together. "True shit. We got everything pumping the right way."


"What you ordering Lil D?"

"I don't even fucking know."

A cop car pulled up alongside the two men and an officer stepped out with his hand on his law enforcement issues pistol. "Felipe Rodriguez, I need a word with you."

Chico raised an eyebrow at the officer mentioning his name. "For?"

The officer used his other hand to pull out two ziplock bags from the back of his waist. "For possession of heroin and cocaine." The officer then dropped the bags in front of Chico feet and pulled his gun out. "Turn around and place your hands on the back of your head."

Lil D stood still as he clenched his jaw out of anger. "You gotta be fucking kidding me. You planting shit on my nigga!"

"The Buffalo-Niagara Falls Syndicate doesn't take it too kindly when others refuse to pay them. They don't like it when others decide to kill off their members." The cop said while having a cocky smirk on his face. He hen pushed Chico up against the double glass sorts and turned him over, face first on the glass. The officer then searched Chico and found a black pistol tucked in the front of Chico waist. "Guns and drugs. I'll make sure that I add this to the list of charges. I got six guns that I'm about to plant on your sorry ass. Fucking spic!"

A black 2010 Hummer arrived and two Italian men along with a brown skinned African American man stepped out. They all had smug looks on their faces while watching the officer arrest Chico.

Chico looked at the men and knew they were behind it with their facial expressions. He then got escorted to the back of the cop car while cursing out the officer as Lil D looked at the men that had exited the Hummer.

"Tell Jo Jo, that the war with us is only beginning. We like you, Dwayne Mitchell. You bring your friend to us, we'll make you rich. Just stay in line and don't bite the hand that feeds you." One of the Italian men said as he pulled out a card and walked over to Lil D. The Italian man placed the card inside of Lil D pants pocket and patted him on the back.

Lil D watched the men leave along with watching Chico being carried away on the cop car by the officer.

Jo Jo then arrived in a 2010 black Cadillac Escalade. He exited the luxury truck wearing a black v-neck tee shirt, black leather belt, black jeans and a pair of black leather Prada Americas Cup sneakers. Jewelry laid on his wrists, fingers and ears as he calmly walked across the street and approached his friend. "The fuck is Chico?"

"This dirty ass cop just planted some shit on him. That syndicate we beefing with, got another dirty cop to help them out. Motherfuckers trying to recruit me. Gave me a card too."

Jonas stayed calm and scratched his chin while staring Lil Q in the eyes. "Give me the card. I'm about to end this shit for good. Keep meeting with the connect. I got this. Call the lawyers, see what they can do for Chico. Recruit your sister boyfriend and his crew out here in Niagara Falls. We about to have that nigga pushing our shit out here with his crew."

"I got you. This shit is getting out of hand bro. They really trying to pin some shit on our boy." Lil D said as he looked down at the sidewalk.

"I got this." Jo Jo said whole looking around as he rubbed his hands together.

Present day

Hamburg, New York

Jonas stepped inside the house that belonged to his adoptive mother, right in Hamburg, New York, a suburb of Buffalo. The living room was colored all purple, to where you would've sworn that Barney the Dinosaur was the house. Jonas had bought Christina the house three years ago, and was glad that he could buy her a type of mansion that she always wanted.

Christina walked from out of the kitchen wearing a cooking apron over her clothes. She walked over to Jonas, hugging him as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "How's my baby?"

"I'm good. Can't complain." Jonas said while hugging the woman that took her into her very own family. "I'm hungry."

"Kinda figured you were. You didn't eat at the gala, did you?"

"No. Didn't trust the food there. I'm running off pure alcohol."

"You smell like it too."

Jonas chuckled at Christina's comment and walked out the purple living room into the kitchen. He grabbed a plate out of the upper cabinet and rested it on the marble countertop. Jonas then made himself a plate of lasagna and garlic bread. "Where's the wine?"

Christina walked into the kitchen and pointed at the wine cellar that was in the back of the kitchen. "There."

Jonas looked back at the wine cellar and walked over to it. He grabbed a bottle of red wine and examined the date. "Not a bad year."

Christina rushed over to her son and snatched the bottle out his hand. "That's not for you. Drink something younger. Anything this year and older is off limits."

"Mom, really?"



"Yes Jonas. Now get something different. You not about to be drinking my stuff, little boy."

Jonas grabbed a different bottle and mumbled under his breath. He then sat down at the kitchen table and popes the cork off the bottle and began drinking.

Christina made herself a plate and took a seat next to her son. "So, you forgot the utensils. Luckily, I brought us some." She slid over the utensils to her child and shook her head. "You need to talk to your brother."

"Which one?"

"Nate. That girl he's messing with, I don't like."

"I don't like her either."

"So talk to him."

Jonas broke off a piece of his garlic bread and took a bite. "Okay. I'll talk to him." He took a deep breath and ran a hand over his curly hair.

Christina could tell that something was wrong and placed a hand on Jonas shoulder. "What's wrong?"


"Don't lie to me."

Jonas exhaled and began tearing away the emotional armor he always wore. "I doubt myself, as a father."


"Look at everything I've done. Been spending my whole life in the game. How can I be such a great father, when I've done all this shit?"

Christina knew Jonas always suppressed his feelings, but she also knew that she was the one person in the world that he would vent to. She leaned over and kissed her son on the cheek and rubbed his back. "You are an amazing father. So what if you killed people. So what if you sold drugs and robbed. Look at what you've become. You've become someone that people can look up to. That baby girl of yours smiles when she sees you. Don't ever doubt yourself, Jonas Buchanan. You hear me?"

"I do. Thanks."

"Now eat, before your dinner gets cold. And tell your baby mother to bring my baby over."

"I will." Jonas then dug into his plate of lasagna and listened to Marvin Gaye play throughout the entertainment system in his mother kitchen.

"I spoke with Bryant. He said that Internal Affairs were working with the Feds on a case. Is Bryant in any harm?"

"He is. Tell him that the Feds will be sniffing him out. Everyone needs eyes in the back of their heads."

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