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Chapter 1 – The beginning

Chapter 2 – The middle

Chapter 3 – The final chapter

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Caroline M is an eBook author from Randburg, South Africa. She is a blogger and a part time Boiler – makers’ assistant.

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Book title: Two Sides of the Story Part 1

Subtitle: Love at First Smile, by Caroline M

Main character: Kate

Chapter 1

She once had a friend. He was not perfect but only perfect for her somehow. She thought they could last through it all but she was wrong yet again. They always seemed like a perfect “couple”. Always with each other, shared little laughter but never shared any tears what so ever. They cared for one another and little did they know about the sorrow that was waiting to happen.

For whatever reason that exists in this world people meet everywhere in particular schools. “Emotional wreck well that’s me” she would say every now and then. There she was in high school, where everything was the way it seemed to be. At least that’s what she thought. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever experienced in her life as a teenager, at the time. Cute, funny and handsome weird looking boys were all around school.

“I remember him,” she said. “How could I not remember him?” To her he was just this weird, cute and crazy boy who at some point she became friends with. “Oh! It was amazing I tell you,” she said with a beautiful smile on her face which could have lightened a dark room from far away. Jake and Kate almost did everything together during school hours. At the time all they knew about each other was their first and last names. They cared less about what other pupils thought of them but cared more about Sam’s thoughts towards them. Friendship was the cause of it all.

Sam was a great friend of theirs. He was just a regular person like them, still is. He always puts God first and knew how to be a “third wheel”. There was this one time that he made Kate and Jake sing a song which they argued that they knew perfectly so, and they did. Yeah! They sang the song alright but it might have not been the greatest idea of them all. There would be times when pupils would assume that Kate and Jake had feeling for each other but were too afraid to tell one another. As always they ignored such accusations. Then during their friendship something usual happened.

Someone was in love. It’s no secret that when you get too attached to someone it gets a bit difficult to let that person know how you feel about them. It’s the feeling you get when you’re with them. It’s the feeling that seems to blow your mind off when you happen to think about them. The smile they put on your face without them knowing. The occasional “Hello” and “I’ve been looking for you”. Instead of them breaking your heart, they turn to sweep you off your feet. When they have to steal from you, they steal your troubles and pain even if it is just for a moment. Always on they are best behaviour when you’re around and all that they do seem to make you want all the simple things which life has to offer. That’s part of love people. You can’t tell its beginning or end.

Luck had nothing to do with it, moving from one grade to the other. It was they are second year in high school. Things were fine at the beginning, for a few months between them. Then came a time in Kate’s mind when she felt like it was time for Jake to know how she felt about him. Kate knew that she couldn’t do it on her own, so she asked for a friend’s help and told him about her thoughts. Sam being a good friend and all did as he was told by Kate and came back. “I have bad news,” he said with a long face. She felt her heart drop and emotionally she was drained from hearing what he had to say. He was not interested in her.

The first time she realised her feelings for him. It was a bright winter afternoon and school was out. There she was at her home taking her school shoes off. Then a thought came in mind that very same day. She realised that every time she got home after school, she would have a huge smile on her face but not because of the people she met on her way home. No! She got it from him who had stolen her heart away the first time she witnessed him smile at her. There were times when she would wonder about how it happened. She thought that she had everything figured out for a moment but what she didn’t realise was how Jake felt about her.

You would think that someone with a proper working brain would have learned their lesson and give up on that person after being rejected, since there is plenty of fish out there in the sea. Unfortunately Kate did not give up while she still had the chance. She never felt the need of doing letting go that easily. She began to see changes in him. His back seemed straighter. He spoke to her no more. When their eyes would meet he would look away. She knew deep in her heart that things would never be the same and that somehow she had angered him. She tried to keep things from falling apart in her life so that he wouldn’t notice how hurt she was. She managed not to let her loneliness and misery define her by not letting it be seen by the people around her. Jake would sometimes pretend to be doing something with other girls in front of her while trying to make Kate jealous. He would sometimes stare at her while thinking Lord who knows what. She would sometimes come across him and want to speak to him but couldn’t find her words or voice. Eventually she began to second guess herself, wondering if something was wrong with her. Confusion also sank in and seeing him cause major depression for her. Then came a time when she had to choose whether to stop pretending as if everything was just fine or to start letting her feelings be known by people around her. She chose to continue pretending but unfortunately for her it was not the best option for someone like her. She would feel that she was losing herself every time she had to pretend to the whole world that she was okay. Kate didn’t know she was destroying herself bit by bit when she was taking in and allowing such pain in her heart. She just kept on hoping for the better ending.

She developed a new attitude but not one of the good ones. “I don’t wish what I have been through on anyone, especially teenagers” she said with a sad tone on her voice. Kate was in her classroom when she heard about a girl she knew who had committed suicide because her boyfriend who was no longer interested in her anymore. Kate thought to herself “Is this how I will end up reacting to my situation when something goes totally wrong?” but she managed to ignore her thoughts and moved on.

Her third high school things began to fall apart. She started too careless about herself. She started to date many boys at the same time. Had a reason for everything but still they were no help because they made her feel even lonelier than she was ever before. “I was not sleeping with any of my boyfriends,” she said. Kate was just trying to keep herself together because she was in love with Jake and the rest were just a distraction. She wanted to forget all about him but it was too late because she was in too deep with her feelings. Then a simple “Hello” changed everything. Yes! Jake had swallowed his pride and spoke to Kate after an almost year of not talking to each other.

“Maybe I’m crazy …” she said “… but I can still hear him laughing, making silly jokes and fooling around in school like it was nobody’s business. Yeah! I remember now carefully that he would talk so loud in order for me to notice him when he was present and attending in school.” She showed a side of her which doubt anyone had ever seen. She almost cried when she was opening up to me about him. “Things they not hard, they just need your full attention that’s all,” she said with confidence. They were still just friends again but their friendship was not the same like before.

Chapter 2

She didn’t really care much about the little details for a few weeks because she kept on the hope of someday changing his mind. In their fourth year things were still the same at the beginning of the year. Then she started again with her thoughts. It seemed though this time around like she had a better chance in succeeding and indeed she did. They would hug in some cases of the days, which meant a lot to her. They then adopted a way of staring at each other. At the time she realised that during the past few years her feelings for him grew a bit stronger every time she either thought or came across him. “He was smart, still is I hope. He was not a person who liked to be told what to do yet again who does,” she said with attitude. Kate never liked the anger in his tone when he would sometimes use while talking to her.

Yes! He had problems of his own but Kate assumed so. She wanted to know more about Jake so she then figured that if she started asking around she would at least almost know it all. Since Jake lived a bit far away from her home, she had limited people who she could’ve asked. She eventually turned to the only person she trusted, being Sam. Kate approached him in a way which he wouldn’t feel like the only reason she talked with him was so that she could learn more about Jake. With the little information she got, she used it to learn more about him by he was acting in school he was a bit shocked when he found out that she knew things about him which he never shared with her. Then it was the last grade in high school for them. It was an overwhelming moment for Kate. She knew that she was going to see a lot more of him around because of the motivational meetings and stuff. She was just wondering outside when she accidentally bumped into him.

It was a sunny day in the afternoon. They started off with a little chat and then it got real when he mentioned the matric dance. Her heart started beating fast after hearing him say that. She couldn’t breathe so she thought that it would be for the best if she walked away from the conversation.

As she was about to turn her back from him, Jake grabbed her left hand and placed it on his left shoulder. He then pulled her closer to him and held her tight. She stood frozen for a moment. They then danced a little bit and while dancing he continued with his little chat with her about the event and his need for a partner. He also mentioned how great it would be for him if she could fill that gap and save him the trouble of searching for the perfect one but since Kate was not feeling like her normal self at the time, she turned his offer down. Of course she later regretted it, after all it’s what she was dreaming about like the moment she met him.

Unfortunately he never mentioned it again. With fewer hard feelings she went with someone else and so did he. A week before the event, she somehow managed to swallow her pride and went straight to his classroom in order to talk with him. It was after school, she waited outside for him and within minutes he appeared. She started to pour her heart out to him. He was flirted to hear it all. Kate couldn’t believe how he reacted to everything she was telling him at the moment and was glad to hear that he felt the same way about her.

It was the night of the event. “It was a night to remember for many,” she said. It looked like everyone was having a great time except Kate. To her it was the most boring day of her life and to top it off she had to watch as her new boyfriend busy making moves on another girl. Like that was not enough, something huge happened. It was time for Kate to head home and since everyone else had decided to party at a nearby place from where they were dropped off. She had to look everywhere for him. Then she eventually decided to call him until she finally found him. He accompanied her home.

On they are way to her home, a few people who were walking behind them dropped a beer bottle and one piece of the scatted bottle left a mark on Kate’s right ankle. Their then soon caught up with them. They were three men and a woman. They looked like trouble makers. They wanted to rob them of their belongings at some point but since Jake knew one of them they didn’t and walked away. Jake had just heard enough and he was a bit fed up as he decided to cut his journey short. They stopped walking for a moment and had a little chat. When it was time for them to share they are goodbye kiss, Jake decided to leave without giving her they first kiss. As he was walking away from her, she was still standing there with shock. After a few seconds she called on him as he was leaving her all alone in the dark but he didn’t look back and kept on moving forward. After a few minutes standing there by her-self, she realised that he was not planning on coming back. Her feelings were crushed. On her way home all she did was cry. She even cried herself to sleep. Even after explaining to him about she felt that day, he pain less attention and that caused him not to show any remorse at all. He told her that he didn’t believe that she cried. He hardly appreciated the phone calls he would receive from her. He would sound like a forced person when he had to tell Kate that he loved her.

Chapter 3

Time came when Kate thought that enough was enough and indeed it was. She broke up with him, he then told her that it was the best thing she had ever than for the both of them. It was something that she had never heard from a break up before but she managed to move on. High school for them was over. They went their separate ways but the nightmare for Kate was not over yet. He wanted her back and with opened arms she welcomed him. He apologised of course, for being a jerk and told her that had changed. She believed him because she was curious to see how he had changed. Without giving herself a chance to think about it, she took him back over a phone call. During the same phone call she also admitted that she was a bit of a control freak when they first dated, so their decided to give it another go.

They would talk every now and then over the phone since they were far apart from each other. They were times when they fought a lot and they were also times when they would fix it all. That lasted a few months. In their fourth mouth together, Kate thought it was time they met up again since they haven’t seen each other for a while. She insisted on going to visit him. They came to an agreement that she would be the one who will be going to visit him since she insisted on it. They both couldn’t wait to meet again.

They were happy and she was also nervous when the day came. On her way to him, she was not feeling okay because in the morning before she left home she found out that one of her family members just died. It was an amazing dog to her. So she had to face the rest of her day with the dog in mind but she did manage to keep her feeling balanced with all the emotions running in her head. After all the travelling she dealt with, she was a bit worn out and had to wait for him in order for him to pick her up. Finally she saw him and everything disappeared. The day came to an end but somebody was not pleased on how the rest of the day went because it was not an exact day planned.

She got home. Tired she was and mostly disappointed. To her the day didn’t go as she had hoped it would. That did not sit well with her at all. She thought maybe it was how he is and he might never change for her no matter what she did. After the horrible experience she wanted him to break up with her even after hearing from a friend that Jake would never do it because he loved her too much. So she thought about it for a few days and came to a conclusion that no matter how difficult it would be for her, it was time to let him go for good. She asked for a friend’s help but knew that at the end of the day it would be her decision to make and her mind was already made up.

A day after chatting to Sam, she started texting him. This is a little bit of what she said “Hi. The last time I did something like what I’m about to say you said that it was the best thing I had ever than for the both of us. So now I’m hoping for the same reaction from you. I have to say though, we tried to make us work but instead we made us worse.” He replied “Amen to that.” She replied “What I’m trying to say is I want out but for good this time.” He then said that it was fine by him and she asked if they could still be friends. “I guess,” he said. That was the end of the relationship.

Kate was used to the feeling that came with pain. She had problems of her own. There were times when she would miss her late aunt and she would cry herself so sleep as always. When Kate was not feeling any physical pain, she would try to hurt herself sometimes so that she would feel again. Pain became a huge part of her. One would say that how she was it is not a healthy way to live but not Kate. She adored physical pain with her whole heart even when all she would receive being emotionally painful. She felt like pain was the only thing being true to her and that it would never abandon her no matter what. This might have been caused by what she chose to do when she was still new to such pain.

Emotionally she is torn apart by every little bad thing which she witnesses. Her love for dogs is without any doubts the most amazing thing ever, it just goes without saying. She might wonder if she will ever trust her feelings in ever loving the right person but she told me that giving up it’s never an option for her since there is no such thing as Mr Right. Some of us need answers in our lives but not because we dull but because we’ve spent most of our times receiving pain of any kind and got affected in a way that even when a good thing comes our way we no longer give a damn ‘cause all the good we know seem to be revolving around pain. All I can say is that you have a choice of being you in all the possible ways possible.

The End!

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