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by Misty Vixen

Snakeskin takes place in a medieval fantasy universe where humans, elves, cat, and lizard people live uncomfortably beside each other. The land they live in is a dangerous place and monsters roam the wilderness. But not all of these monsters are evil or violent. Some are willing to live and let live, and yet others actively seek companionship of what they call the town-dwelling races. And there are those who are curious about sex with someone not just of a different species, but of a completely different way of life, on both sides of that line. Although sex between humans, elves, and the other ‘civilized’ races is frowned upon, sex between town-dwellers and the ‘monsters’ that live in the forests and wilderness of the land is a true social taboo.

But there are always those willing to break these arbitrary and useless rules…

There. There it was.

The deer he’d been stalking for almost an hour now. Brandon raised the bow, arrow notched, trying to keep his movements as slow and cautious as possible. There was no way, absolutely no way, that he was losing this now. Not after all the time he’d spent in the Sage Woodlands today. He was nineteen now, more than old enough to help provide for his family. He’d been doing okay helping his mother out at the bakery over the past year, but it was too stifling in there, too boring, too frustrating. He wanted to be out.

And so he’d had his father teach him to hunt, to skin and clean, to track and to shoot an arrow, and finally, the time was upon him to actually prove himself. Times had been tough at the bakery. One of the other employees had been sick, and another had moved to a different village, so a tremendous workload had fallen on him and his mother. They’d been worked to the bone for almost a solid month. But they had finally found replacements, and now he was being given a chance to prove himself. To prove that he could hunt.

Brandon wasn’t worried about his abilities. He knew he could do it. He’d done it already, many times. But he was alone this time, and he knew that he wasn’t quite as good at stealth as his father was. He wasn’t sure if he was there yet, in that regard.

Eyes wide, concentration honed, Brandon crept forward, moving slowly between bushes and branches, between tree trunks. He got into position, had a clear line of sight. There was the deer, a good size, in a small clearing. Perfect shot. Brandon held his breath, took careful aim, and let fly the arrow. It was a good shot.

A great shot, actually.

So the surge of fury he felt when the deer suddenly shot forward and the arrow landed in a tree seemed pretty reasonable. Cursing, his anger briefly overtaking him, Brandon shot forward, already notching another arrow. No way was he letting this thing go.

He sprinted forward, hit the treeline at the edge of the clearing, hunting for the deer. As he put his left foot down and started to progress forward, the earth beneath it suddenly gave way. Brandon jerked his gaze left and felt pure fear replace his anger.

He was standing at the edge of a drop.

And he was going down.

The world turned sideways, becoming a green-brown rush as he completely lost his footing and fell off the edge. Screaming in terror, Brandon began rolling, hitting stunted trunks and rocks sticking out of the side of the drop, grunting, then yelling in pain. He felt a horrid explosion of burning agony in his right leg, and then something slammed into his head.

And he didn’t feel anything.

Brandon felt like he was floating.

Was he in water? In a lake?

Was he dreaming?

Was he dead?

There was pain, a lot of pain. His leg hurt, his head hurt, other things hurt. He thought there was someone moving nearby. Where was he? What was going on? Brandon tried to open his eyes, only managed to crack them slightly, saw an uncertain figure standing over him. He thought he could see trees, as well, a sky…

And then he was going away again.

When he came to again, there was more coherency, and more pain.

He opened his eyes again, hissing and wincing in pain as he did. The sun was lower in the sky now, (he’d set out after noon), and it was just a bit dimmer. The light lanced into his skull, and he had a killer headache.

You’re awake.”

He heard the voice, but couldn’t see who it belonged to. Whoever it was, it was a woman, and she had a beautiful voice.

Who...are you?” he asked softly. “Where am I?”

You’re in the forest,” she murmured. “I’m...uh, my name is Audrey.”

I’m Brandon,” he replied. The forest...okay, he was in the Sage Woodland. He’d...oh Gods, he’d fallen chasing that damned deer.

You’re injured.”

Uh-huh,” he groaned as a fresh throb of pain hit him. “Fuck, my leg...”

It doesn’t look good. I managed to do something for it, but I’m not very magically adept. I could just stop the bleeding.” There was something kind of weird about her voice. He didn’t know what, but definitely something.

Brandon tried to look around, suddenly wanting to see her. “Um...where are you?” he asked, carefully propping himself up on his elbows. He scanned the area. Obviously he hadn’t gone far. He could see the drop he’d fallen down immediately to his right. He’d come into a small clearing. Scanning it, he couldn’t see Audrey.

I’,” she replied awkwardly. He followed her voice. She was off to the left. He couldn’t see her. She must be behind a tree or something.

What...are you hiding?” he asked.

Sort of,” she admitted.

Why?” A fresh wave of pain hit him and he groaned. He made himself sit up all the way and got out of his backpack. “Shit, hold on, I’ve got a healing potion in my pack here...”

I think it broke,” Audrey said.

He glanced her way again, then pulled open the pack and dug through it. Immediately, he saw shards of glass and his pack was wet.

Oh Godsdamnit,” he groaned, setting the pack aside. “It is broken.” He looked around suddenly and felt at least some relief as he saw his bow. It had survived. So had his quiver of arrows, which had somehow ended up off his shoulder.

If we wait long enough, I can gather more magic, and heal you again. All the way this time, I think. Also, I can get you somewhere inside. There’s an abandoned cabin near here,” Audrey said.

I would really appreciate that. Um...thank you, for helping me,” he replied awkwardly. Who the hell was she? Why wouldn’t she come out?

Okay. Um, I can carry you, but you’ll need to...uh...close your eyes,” she said, sounding distinctly uncomfortable.

I’m not doing that,” he said flatly. Something really weird was going on here, and he was injured and basically unarmed.

Audrey sighed. “I figured as such. Okay, I’m going to come out, but...I need you not to freak out. I’m not...human.”

Not human? Okay, what, are you an elf? A felis?”


A beryl?””

So...what are you then?”

I’m a...serpentine,” she said.

He was silent for a moment, considering it. He knew that dryads and serpentines occupied the Sage Woodland. He’d never seen any personally, but he’d heard stories about them. They were supposed to be defenders of the forest. Some people said they were killers, they’d slaughter anyone they came across, others said they were quite merciful. Well, given what had happened so far, he was leaning towards that.

Okay, come out,” he said.

Okay.” The plants and branches shifted as she came slowly out. Brandon prepared himself, tried to make himself stay calm.

It wasn’t nearly as bad as he thought it might be.

She came out with an almost eerie grace, but there was certainly something beautiful to her movements as well. Audrey had to be about ten feet long. She was covered completely in somewhat shiny light green snakeskin. She looked basically like a human woman on top with a snake body on bottom. Though it wasn’t quite that simple. He thought she would have more snakelike facial features, but no, she looked...almost like a human woman. Or, actually, an elf. She had brunette hair and he saw pointed ears sticking up through it. She had bright green eyes. And she was...well, if he was being honest with himself…

She was seriously hot.

It probably didn’t help that not only did she go completely naked, (as he imagined a serpentine would), but she was really damned busty. Her breasts looked amazing, large and firm and perfect. He couldn’t help but look lower, to her midriff. Where her snake tail began, he thought it would just remain the same size as her stomach, getting thinner as it went down, but no, where a human would have hips, she had a swell of curves that greatly resembled hips. And he could...oh wow. He could see her vagina, a narrow slit inside of a recessed niche in the direct center of her ‘hip’ region. Brandon made himself look back up at her face.

Are you okay?” she asked.

He almost responded that no, he was in a lot of pain, but then he realized she meant if he was okay with her appearance. If he was going to freak out or not. Well, he felt pretty in control of himself. He honestly thought he’d be more afraid of her, but he wasn’t.

I’m okay,” he replied. “Um...thank you again, for helping me.”

She smiled. She had a very pretty smile. “You’re welcome, Brandon.” He shifted, intending to get up, then groaned as a spike of pain hit him. “No,” she said, slithering closer, “don’t get up. I’m going to carry you, okay? Your leg is badly injured.”

He wanted to argue with her, but he knew she was right.

And...he also wanted to be carried by her.

Okay,” he said.

She leaned down, carefully scooping him up in her arms, and lifted him with an almost absurd ease. “Good Gods,” he whispered.

What?” she asked as she began moving towards the trees.

You are really strong,” he replied.

She just smiled again. “I am,” she agreed.

They traveled in silence for several moments. Thoughts drifted through his mind. “You won’t...get in trouble for this, will you?” he asked.

What do you mean?” she replied, glancing down at him.

Up close, she was even more attractive. He was deeply enamored with her eyes, with her lips, and her hair was very sexy.

I’m not sure how it works, um...your hierarchy here in the forest. I’ve heard stories and I’m not sure what the exact relationship between humans and serpentine are...”

Oh, okay, I think I understand now. Well, honestly it’s judged on a case-by-case basis. The relationship you experience with forest-dwelling beings tends to be something you have control over. If you’re being an idiot, or destructive, or disrespectful to the forest, then your relationship will not be good at all if you run into a serpentine or a dryad. We protect the forest in a number of ways. If you’re being good, well...honestly, most of the time, you won’t see us. We are very good at hiding. But sometimes we do approach town-dwellers, for...our own reasons.”

Your own reasons?” She had said that with a strange kind of significance.

She looked up and away from him. “Yes. It’s...complicated,” she replied, suddenly awkward. Well, okay then. Did she have some ulterior motive for helping him out? He supposed it was possible. There were all sorts of myths and rumors and stories about the motivations of forest-dwelling creatures. Then again, he’d never been particularly trusting of them. And Audrey seemed very personable and polite and kind.

If she wanted to do something bad to him, well...there wasn’t a whole lot he could do about it right now. And she probably already would have.

There it is,” she said.

He twisted around slightly in her grasp and saw what she was referring to: a beaten up old cabin, its property wall broken in several places, its front yard overgrown. It had several broken out windows. He thought he might have seen it sometime before, during one of his trips through the area. Well, it was better than nothing, he supposed.

Especially because he thought rain was coming.

I’ll have to set you down here,” she said apologetically.

I’ll be fine, Audrey,” he replied.

She seemed uncertain about that, but went through with it anyway, carefully setting him down on his feet when she arrived at the front door. He winced as he tried to put any kind of pressure on his leg, and ended up leaning against the door frame.

Audrey got the door open and helped him hobble inside. He didn’t think his leg was broken, but it was definitely messed up. Brandon looked around the cabin as they moved into it. He was leaning heavily on Audrey, not that she seemed to mind. She got the door shut with a flick of her huge tail. Despite being abandoned, he thought the place looked actually pretty good on the inside. The fireplace was stocked with wood, there was a chest that looked intact on the floor, and although there wasn’t a bed, there was a huge collection of blankets and pillows off in one corner. It seemed like a pretty livable place, actually.

There’s food and drink over in the chest there,” Audrey said as she helped him over to the pile of bedding.

Good to know...this place seems pretty well-maintained for being abandoned,” he replied as he settled carefully into the pile of blankets and pillows. It was actually extremely comfortable, and as he got out of his pack and took his boots off, he realized just how tired he was. He didn’t want to just nod off right away though.

Honestly, he was way too curious about Audrey. He wanted to talk with her, ask her questions, get to know her.

How often did you get to be social with a serpentine?

And...fuck, it was so hard not to stare at those huge, amazing breasts of hers. They swayed and jiggled very nicely with each movement of hers.

What, uh, were you doing out here?” she asked as she moved over to the fireplace and lit it with a fire spell.

Hunting,” he replied. “I was chasing after a deer when I fell down that stupid drop. Gods, that’s so embarrassing,” he muttered.

Audrey smiled at him. It was a sympathetic smile. “It’s okay, I’ve...blundered into several mishaps myself. Everyone does.”

What about you? What were you doing?”

I was, uh...just out looking for troublemakers,” she replied, and he was immediately struck by the notion that she was lying. Why would she lie? Well, maybe it was something personal. He could appreciate that. Did he have any right to complain? She’d helped him, saved him, possibly. He watched as she moved across the cabin, checking the windows, drawing the curtains.

Is that what you do? I must admit, I’m, uh, unfamiliar with serpentines and what exactly it is you do in the forest,” he said.

Oh, well, defend it, mostly,” Audrey replied. She seemed distinctly uncomfortable, looking out the windows instead of at him. “I find people who are harming the forest in one way or another. Typically I just scare them. Sometimes I have to hurt people. Or kill them. It’s not pleasant, but some people just...won’t listen.”

I’m sorry,” Brandon replied.

Silence pressed in on them as they ran out of things to say. Audrey slithered over to the door and seemed to test it, making sure it was locked.

Are you okay?” he asked finally.

What?” she asked, twisting to look at him, seemingly startled.

You seem really nervous. you have somewhere you need to be, or I making you nervous?” he asked.

No! I mean, um, I don’t have anywhere I need to be. And you...are kind of making me nervous,” she admitted, offering him a small, sheepish smile.

Why? I mean, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to-”

No, it’s okay. It’s aren’t doing anything. And I’m probably not nervous in the way you might think. I just...have something on my mind. And it’s kind of difficult, and it’s hard to try and think about anything else.”

What’s on your mind?” he asked.

She opened her mouth, then hesitated. “It’s...personal,” she murmured.

Okay. If you don’t want to talk about it, that’s fine. I just, I mean if there’s anything I can do to help, just let me know. I really do want to thank you for saving me and getting me here. You really didn’t have to do that,” he replied.

I wanted to,” she said. “And you’re welcome.” She stared at him fully now, her strange snake-like green eyes boring into his own, and there was an intensity in her gaze, something that made him shudder slightly, but in a good way. He could feel some part of himself responding to that intense stare, a deep, primal part of himself.

Whatever lust he’d been feeling before was magnifying.

It wasn’t just that she had big, bare breasts. That was the most obvious. No, she was beautiful. He could tell that more so now that he could actually see her. She had strange, alien features, but they only accentuated her natural beauty, making her exotic and wondrous. His heart was beginning to hammer in his chest.

He wondered how he looked to her.

What do you want to ask?” he asked suddenly, which surprised him, because he hadn’t known he was going to ask that question. But at once he knew she wanted to ask him something. It was just the way she was looking at him, her body language.

I...” she hesitated, clearly wrestling with some decision. “Oh, fuck it,” she said finally. “I was out today because I was spying on you.”

You...were?” he asked. It wasn’t a question, nor was it what he was expecting.

Yes. I’m sorry. I came across you a few weeks ago, when you were out hunting with, I’m assuming your father. I...began following you. At first I was just curious, but eventually I had to admit to myself that it was because I was enamored with you. And today you were finally alone...”


She nodded, chewing on her lower lip nervously. “Yes. attracted to you. I want to ask you...if you would mind mating with me,” she said, and that last sentence came out fast, all at once, as if she wanted to get it out before her bravery collapsed.

Brandon felt an intense pulse of lust and desire ride through him, and his erection finished swelling up, going all the way into being as hard as a rock. So there it was. She had actually just asked him to have sex.

He ran that thought through his head one more time.

A serpentine, an insanely beautiful serpentine, had just asked him if he wanted to have sex with her. This was really happening.

This was happening fast.

But he had an idea that maybe that’s how it was supposed to happen, things like this. Flings, one night stands, affairs.

They happened quickly and all at once and they were fun and furious and passionate.

Yes,” he replied.

Really?” she asked eagerly.

Yes. I really, really want to mate with you, Audrey.”

You don’t think it’s, I mean, weird? I’m a...a serpentine. And I mean it’s not even just a species difference but a cultural difference. You’re a city-dweller and I’m a nature-dweller. We’re just so different, are you sure-”

Yes, Audrey. I’m absolutely sure. I want to do this,” he replied.

Oh thank Vivian,” she whispered, slithering over to him.

He scooted over, to make room for her, and she laid down beside him immediately. He could read eagerness in her body language, and felt his own body responding to that. Oh Gods, how long had it been since he was intimate? Six months now. Six months felt like an eternity, especially when you were a nineteen year old guy who wasn’t very experienced in the sex department and the farthest you’d ever gotten was doggystyle a few times.

Going from doggystyle sex with a human woman to this was a massive leap. Brandon had always known there was something in him that made him seriously consider the notion of having sex with inhuman women. He knew it from the moment he first saw a beautiful cat-woman felis archer come through his small village when he was thirteen and fell madly in lust with her. Or again later, when he saw a lizard-woman beryl merchant pass through and fell madly in lust with her as well. But Audrey was different on a fundamental level.

She was a forest-dweller.

Most would call her a monster, but she didn’t seem like one, and she was nothing like what he’d heard about serpentine. They were supposed to be defenders of the forest, but they were also supposed to be viciously violent and inhuman. Audrey seemed very kind and personable. And extremely sexy. Good Gods was she sexy.

But she was shy, too. He could see it in the way she laid down eagerly but cautiously beside him, see it in her jittery, nervous movements, in the way she stared at him with a kind of tempered excitement, as though steeling herself for him to suddenly change his mind about everything. There was no way that was happening.

It’s okay,” he said suddenly, reaching out and taking her hand, “I’m nervous too.”

She laughed, a loud, startled sound, then looked immediately embarrassed. “That’s good to know,” she admitted. “I’m, uh...very, very nervous about this. I’ve never...well, I’ve never been with anyone outside of my own species before. Especially not a town-dweller. It’s very, uh...frowned upon in my community.”

Is that why you were checking the windows?” he asked.

She nodded. “Yes. I...I’m sorry. I’m not embarrassed to be seen with you, I’m more just afraid of what might happen, what my clanmates might say.”

It’s okay, I understand. A lot, actually. Oh wow, I can’t even imagine what people from my village would say if they saw me having sex with you. Audrey, I’m not ashamed to be seen with you, but I do understand that it’s...prudent, shall we say, to keep this a secret. And I’m perfectly okay with that,” he said.

Thank you,” she whispered, then leaned in and kissed him.

Her lips were full, soft, and hot.

He kissed her back immediately, slipping an arm around her and pulling her closer to him, she let him, letting out a startled but happy sound as he deepened the kiss. Unable to help himself, he laid a hand across one of her massive, snakeskin breasts. She didn’t stop him. If anything, she leaned closer and shifted, giving him better access. Brandon began to grope and squeeze and massage it. It felt amazing. Simply amazing.

That was the word for it.

Audrey easily had the biggest, most wonderful breasts he’d ever seen, touched, or enjoyed in his life so far.

And she was an excellent kisser.

She leaned against him, pressing her lips against his with passion, her eyes closed. She seemed fully lost in the kiss.

After nearly a minute, she broke the kiss and fell back slightly.

How about you take your clothes off?” she suggested, and something about the way she said it and her sultry grin gave him the impression that her shyness was falling away, revealing the more confident woman she was.

I can do that,” he replied. Now that she was being that much more confident, he was actually getting more nervous.

Confident women both intensely aroused and intimidated him.

As he took off his shirt, he hesitated. “Oh man, I’m filthy,” he muttered. “I need to wash myself off...” he said, looking around.

I can help with that,” Audrey said. “Why don’t you get naked, and I’ll wash you off.” She got up and moved across the cabin to a washbasin. “It’s clean and warm,” she said as she grabbed a bar of soap and a rag from a nearby table.

I’ll be happy to let you,” he replied. He paused, considering something. “This cabin is abandoned, right? I mean, it seems pretty well-stocked for such a cabin.”

I...yes, it is abandoned. Or rather, it was, I guess. It’s mine now, to a certain degree. I’ve been...preparing it,” she said as she finished wetting the cloth and wrung it out.

Preparing it for what?”

An encounter like this,” she replied sheepishly, coming back to him and laying down beside him in the bedding. “I’ve been wanting to sleep with someone outside of my species for awhile now. This is the first time the opportunity has, uh, presented itself.” She paused, and that confident, sexy smirk returned. “You were supposed to take off all your clothes.”

He still had on his undershorts. “I know, I just...I’m nervous,” he replied.

Brandon, you don’t have to be nervous.”

Oh, easy for you to say. You’re naked all the time and extremely attractive.”

You think I’m extremely attractive?” she asked.

Yeah, of course I do. You’re amazingly beautiful.”

I...thank you. I have to admit, that’s one thing I was very afraid of. Standards of beauty seem to differ widely between cultures. I had no idea if a human or any town-dweller was even capable of finding me attractive. And as a matter of fact, Brandon, I find you to be very handsome and attractive yourself. So you don’t have to worry about anything. Now take those shorts off...I really want to see your dick,” she said.

He laughed, feeling a bit more at ease. “Okay, okay.” He winced as a fresh wave of pain shot through him from his movement.

Oh, your leg,” she whispered. “Somehow I forgot about that.”

I did, too, actually. Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Believe me, I am not letting a little pain get in the way of some amazing sex,” he replied.

Okay. If you’re sure. It shouldn’t be too much longer before I have enough magic gathered to heal you further. Now, lay back, I’ll wash you.”

Brandon laid back and let her wash him.

She rested the warm, wet rag on his stomach and began to cleanse him, running the soft cloth across his skin.

It felt amazing.

He had never been washed by another person before. Well, excluding his parents when he was a baby, he supposed, technically speaking, but not in this capacity. It was a surprisingly intimate encounter. He expected it to be intimate what with his being naked and a woman touching him and everything, but there was a closer connection between the two of them, a wonderful closeness. And that got especially pleasant when her wandering hand finally came to his crotch. He exhaled sharply as she wrapped the cloth around his shaft and began to massage it gently.

Do you like that?” she whispered.

Uh-huh,” he managed, nodding.

I’m going to make you orgasm,” she said quietly, very close to his ear now. “In fact, I’m going to suck your dick. And I’m going to let you orgasm into my mouth. I understand human men very much enjoy that, and they enjoy having their seed sucked out and swallowed.”

That is very, very true,” he replied.

Good then. I very much want to know what human seed tastes like. So you just lay back, relax, and let me take care of you,” she said.

He nodded, watching her intently.

She shifted, her movements incredibly fluid, and he was again amazed by her grace, then she was down, between his legs, which he carefully spread for her.

How long’s it been?” she asked as she gripped his cock. “Since you’ve been orally pleasured?” she added.

Six months,” he replied, his heart hammering harder.

That’s very unfortunate.”

He nodded, unable to speak any further as she opened her mouth and he caught sight of her small snake’s tongue and then she slipped his cock into her mouth and closed her lips around it. He groaned as she started sucking him off, moving her lips slowly up and down his rigid length. Thoughts were drifting though his mind, not staying for very long as he watched her work. As he stared at this large serpentine woman who was probably eight or nine feet...long? Tall? Whatever, from head to tail, suck his dick.

She slowed down each time her lips got up to the head and then moved back down again, sparking intense pleasure and making him groan even more. He gasped softly as he felt her cup his balls in her hand and then began to gently massage them. Her grasp was warm and soft and smooth, and the feeling was intensely stimulating. He’d never been with a woman who’d massaged his balls before.

This went on for perhaps another sixty seconds before Brandon gasped, “I’m going to come!” and then he started letting off in her mouth.

It was just too much. Not only did it feel out of this world, easily the best head he’d ever been given, but the actual sight of it, actually watching this inhuman snake woman suck his dick was overwhelmingly erotic.

His dick kicked hard in her mouth, and Audrey didn’t stop what she was doing, didn’t stop sucking or massaging his balls. She just kept going, closing her eyes and moaning softly, and he cried out in intense rapturous ecstasy as his cock jerked and twitched, spitting thick sprays of his seed into her mouth. Each time a fresh spurt escaped, a new pulse of pure raw pleasure exploded from his core and filled his body.

Audrey sucked him completely dry, and swallowed everything.

As he finished orgasming, Brandon realized that his leg was hurting because he’d been tensing it when he had been coming.

Holy fucking...oh wow...” he whispered.

Audrey took it out of her mouth. “I take it you enjoyed that?” she said as she moved across the room and opened a cabinet mounted on the wall. There were bottles of what looked like juice inside. She grabbed one, tore the cork out with her teeth and drank from it.

Yes,” he replied, lying flat on his back now, staring up at the ceiling, high and dizzy off of the intense pleasure his orgasm had given him. “Extremely enjoyed it.”

Good. Your seed tasted quite nice, by the way,” she said. Audrey drank about half a bottle of what appeared to be strawberry juice, then recorked it and replaced it. “I understand human men appreciate women cleaning their mouths out after that.”

Uh-huh,” he replied. “Thank you. I do appreciate it.”

Good, because I want to kiss you during sex. You are a very enthusiastic kisser.”

So are you,” he replied.

She smiled at him and slithered back over, then laid down beside him and caressed is chest. “You are very handsome,” she murmured, “especially after you’ve enjoyed a climax.”

Thanks,” he replied, smiling sedately at her. “You are insanely attractive. And I want to do something for you.”

What’s that?”

Can you get on my other side? In between me and the wall? I can do it better if I’m lying on my left side,” he replied.


She maneuvered with an amazing dexterity over him, very careful of his leg. As soon as she was in place, he kissed her again. Audrey made a startled but pleased sound and kissed back, pressing herself closer to him.

Okay, it was time to see if the rules for pleasuring serpentine women were the same as the rules for pleasuring human women.

Not that he had a great deal of experience with that.

He reached down and found the recessed niche where her vagina was. She gasped softly and her whole body shuddered as he found her clit. Yep, that was the same. He began to gently rub it, and she broke the kiss, moaning.

Oh my, this is what you wanted to do,” she whispered.

Yes,” he replied. “You like?”

I love,” she said, and then moaned louder as he began rubbing a bit harder and faster. “Oh yes I loooove...” she moaned.

They continued making out as he pleasured her with his finger, slowly, gradually increasing the speed and strength with which he massaged her clit. Brandon was fully intent on making her come. He wanted to make her feel good, wanted to repay her for what she had done for him. Soon he was vigorously rubbing her clit, no longer able to kiss her as she was crying out in intense, desperate pleasure.

Her tail was beginning to thrash around.

Then he stopped rubbing her clit and slipped his finger into her.

She gasped and moaned loudly. As he began to press up into her most sensitive spot, the movements of her tail intensified and she seemed to be fighting a losing battle with control. “Oh, Brandon, it’s so good,” she whispered, then cried out again. “Keep going!”

It wasn’t much later that she started to orgasm.

As he fucked her with his finger, feeling the beginnings of her climax, he noted how strange and different she felt inside. Although he’d only pleasured two women in his life this way, he did remember how they felt, and being inside of a serpentine was apparently a lot different. Her vagina more felt like...wet silk stretched tautly over something. And oh, the way her muscles clenched and spasmed powerfully around his finger as she came, crying out, her tail slamming into the floor. Wow, he hoped he didn’t get hurt by it.

Brandon imagined that fucking her was going to feel insanely good.

When Audrey stopped coming, he took his finger out of her and wiped his hand off on the bedding. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, huge snakeskin breasts shifting wonderfully. She opened her eyes.

That was incredible,” she whispered. “You are very skilled.”

I’m glad you think so. I really wanted to pleasure you,” he replied.

She smiled at him. “You did. Very effectively. Now,” she said, sitting up, “I’m going to heal your leg the rest of the way, and then we are going to make love. And, if you are amenable to it, I would like you to spend the night here with me.”

I’d definitely be amenable to that,” he replied.

He laid back down and winced slightly as she placed her hands on his leg. “Sorry,” she murmured.

It’s okay,” he replied, then took a deep breath as warm bliss began to radiate out from her hands. She released healing magic into his leg, taking the form of a subtle white glow, and immediately he began to feel better. When she let go of his leg, he moved it, testing it. It still hurt, but it was more sore than anything else.

A good night’s rest would take away the last of the pain.

Thank you so much, Audrey,” he said. “Um...I had questions, about the sex.”

Ask away,” she replied.

Do I need any kind of protection? I mean, I seriously doubt I can get you pregnant, but I don’t know for sure...”

She smiled. “No, Brandon. We don’t need to worry about protection. You may enter me bare, and you may finished inside of me. I’ve come to understand that this is intensely pleasurable for men. Is that true?” she asked.

I wouldn’t know,” he replied. “I’ve never gone bareback before.”

Oh...then I imagine this will be an extremely blissful experience for you.”

I imagine so as well,” he replied, chuckling nervously. “Um...what about, like, sickness, or anything?”

No, you don’t have to worry about that. I’ve done my research. Serpentine are very magical beings. Besides the fact that I know that I have no illnesses or sicknesses of any kind, even if you do, you won’t be able to transmit them to me. We’re safe.”

Okay. And there’s no other...ill effects, that might arise from a, uh, coupling, between two species that are so...different?” he asked.

Not as far as I know. I’ve spoken with a friend of mine, another serpentine, who does this more regularly. She’s mated with several humans and elves, and even a beryl once, and has suffered no ill effects as a result of it.”

Well okay then, I’m, uh...ready. If you are.”

She smiled at him. “I’m ready for you, Brandon. Enter me,” she said, laying down on her back, head resting on the pillows.

He swallowed nervously, already stiffening up in anticipation. He sat up, shifting around, then hesitated again. “ should I...”

Just get on top of me. Straddle me between your knees, the rest should come to you naturally,” she replied, her smile very sultry and seductive.

Okay, he told himself as he got onto her, doing as she’d suggested and planting his knees on either side of her ‘hips’, this is happening. I am actually going to have unprotected sex with a fucking serpentine. An extremely beautiful snake woman. I can do this. He hadn’t even been this nervous when he’d lost his virginity.

Brandon looked down. Well, at least it wasn’t disrupting his...performance. He was as hard as a rock, throbbing in anticipation now, his erection almost painful in its intensity. He could see her vagina just below him, that recessed opening. It looked very wet.

Don’t be afraid,” she said quietly. “You’re going to do fine.”

He nodded, unable to speak just then, and gripped his cock. He aimed it down and rested the head against her opening. Both of them gasped softly as contact was made. Brandon could feel her heat now, and from the way she shifted, he could just feel the anticipation in her. No sense in keeping either of them waiting.

Brandon slid his dick into her tight, wet, serpentine pussy.

The pleasure was immediately intense and powerful.

They both moaned openly now as he penetrated her, pushing slowly inside of her. He was right, he realized as he pulled back and then pushed in again, going a little deeper, careful not to push it all in at once, it felt fucking amazing.

It was unlike any other sex he’d had.

He moaned loudly as he buried himself completely inside of her, and she cried out as he began making love to her.

Oh, yes Brandon!” she cried as he slid rapidly in and out of her.’s so fucking good...I can’t believe how good it is...” he moaned, falling forward and resting entirely on his hands and knees now. He lowered himself a little bit, and once he had that perfect position, that perfect angle, really began to drive into her. She cried out again, even louder, and gripped his back with her hands.

That it’s! Oh by Vivian, that’s it! Keep going!” she begged.

He fucked her furiously, pounding her pussy now, knowing that he was going to have to fight, and fight hard, to hold onto his orgasm. That notion of wet silk came back stronger than ever. She was somehow both extremely tight, while at the same time being easy to slip in and out of. Brandon knew that a lot of what felt flat out phenomenal about the sex he was having was the fact that it was unprotected.

Every guy he’d ever talked to about the subject said, pretty definitively, that unprotected sex was worlds better than protected.

They were right.

He knew in this moment that they were right, and that he would have a genuinely difficult time going back to protected sex. But that was the uncertain future. He was focused on the here and now, focused on this insanely beautiful snake woman he was screwing. Focused on the sounds she was making, the way her body felt as she writhed against him, the sounds her tail made as it began slamming into the floor.

His cock throbbed and pulsed as pleasure overwhelmed him.

This was bliss.

This was rapturous ecstasy.

This was paradise.

Brandon stared down at her enormous green breasts, bouncing beautifully in rhythm with his thrusting, and felt another pulse of ecstasy shoot through him, pushing him that much closer to orgasm. No, not yet. He wanted more, so much more, wanted to last longer. He rested one hand against one of her huge breasts and groped and squeezed it.

Kiss me!” she moaned, and he responded immediately, dipping down and pressing his lips to hers. She gripped him tighter, holding him against her as he pounded her, sliding rapidly in and out of that stunning inhuman pussy of hers, and the kiss sent sparks of new intensely passionate pleasure through him.

He could tell that she was enjoying this just as much as he was.

He made out with her, hips working furiously as he drove into her, feeling her strange, alien body moving against his, their skin brushing together, the strange, dry quality of her own flesh that he absolutely loved the feel of.

Audrey,” he gasped, breaking the kiss.

What is it?” she whispered, staring up at him, her eyes wide and wild with lust.

I’m...I’m not going to last much longer.”

Oh,” she said, a smile spreading across her beautiful, strange face, “that’s okay, Brandon. You can come whenever you want. I have some control over my own orgasms...I’ll start coming with you. And besides, we have all night to do this, and tomorrow too if you want to stay longer...” she said, staring enticingly up at him.

Yes...” he groaned. “I want more.”

Me too. So much much. Now come in me, my human lover. Fill my serpentine pussy with your human seed. Make me swollen with it,” she whispered harshly.

He moaned loudly and it was like someone had pushed his orgasm button. Audrey had pushed it. The things she was could he not come?

The first pulse of pleasure was like a hammer striking an anvil, an explosion of force and pleasure and intense, impassioned, lusty ecstasy. Brandon briefly lost touch with his senses, with the world around him.

There was only her and the orgasm.

And, oh Gods, he could feel her coming too.

Her vagina clenched powerfully around his cock, getting hotter and wetter as the muscles began to massage his rigid length, making him scream loudly in intense bliss. And his cock kicked hard, spitting out the first huge spurt of his seed, then kicking again and again and again, caught in the tight, writhing confines of her vagina as he pumped her full of his seed one, hard contraction at a time. Each time his dick twitched again and released more of his seed into her a fresh eruption of raw rapture was released and careened madly through his body.

For however long his orgasm lasted, he was completely lost inside of it, inside of her.

And then it came to an end, and he came down from the intoxicating high of the climax, and opened his eyes.

He was staring down at her. She was staring up at him.

That was...” she whispered.

...wondrous,” he finished, and kissed her.

She moaned and kissed him back, and they laid there together, him still inside of her, connected at the purest, deepest physical level.

Eventually, he pulled his softening cock out of her and rolled carefully off of her.

Was your first time with a human good?” he asked sedately, staring up at the ceiling, which was spinning now.

She laughed. “Of course. Didn’t you hear me? How about you? Was your first time bareback and with a serpentine amazing?”

Far, far beyond amazing,” he replied.

Several seconds of silence passed, and when Audrey spoke up again, she sounded hesitant. “Brandon...” she said.


Would you be okay with making this a more regular thing?”

Yes,” he replied immediately. “I want that so much. You are an amazing sexual partner, and such a nice woman. I...”

You what?” she asked.

Well, I want to get to know you.” He hesitated further. “If that’s too much, if you just want this to be sex, I’m okay with that.”

Brandon, I want to get to know you, too. I like you, a lot.” She rolled over, facing him, head propped on her hand, smiling sedately at him. “I want to make this a regular thing, I want to keep having amazing sex, and I want to get to know you.”

Relief flowed through him. “That’s so good to know.” He yawned suddenly. “Oh, excuse me, I’m sorry.”

It’s okay, I’m tired too. And you should be exhausted. Besides blowing two loads, getting hit with a healing spell this powerful can sometimes make you sleepy. So we’ll sleep here together tonight,” she said, pulling a blanket over them. She wrapped her arms around him. “You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll keep you safe.”

Thank you,” he whispered, already getting intensely drowsy. He held her back, feeling more comfortable than he had in a long time.

Before he drifted off, he thought: Maybe falling down and nearly breaking my leg in the middle of nowhere wasn’t so bad.

And then he was asleep, holding and being held by Audrey.

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Hi, I'm the author. I'm no one special. I live somewhere in the US and, (obviously), I love writing erotica!

After some thought, I've come to realize that three things seem to set me apart from all the other ten million erotica authors out there.

The first is that I tend to write from the perspective of regular, average twenty-something men. After hearing about all the billionaires and NAVY Seals and cowboys, I figured maybe it was time to hear from someone a bit more...real. Someone people could relate to.

The second thing that sticks out is that while I've come across tons of erotica about hot babes being slammed by monsters, (werewolves, vampires, even dinosaurs and BIGFOOT for fuck's sake!), there wasn't much out there about regular dudes banging hot monster chicks. And they need love too, right?

The final thing that I didn't even realize at first and I've since tried to cultivate because I believe in it, is that I'm all about sexual equality. I'm not really here to condemn or kink-shame anyone, but I just like the idea of consent, sexual respect, and both parties getting what they want out of the sexual encounter. (Or I guess I should say all parties, depending on how many people are fucking at once!)

If you like my work and want to get in touch with me, there are a few ways that can be done.

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Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!


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