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by Misty Vixen

Blind Date takes place in a futuristic setting. Humanity has settled among the stars and discovered another dozen or so alien species living out there. Several decades have passed and humanity has, with a fair amount of success, settled into the galactic community. However, despite a fairly healthy attitude towards sexual freedom and liberation that evolved over the past several hundred years, most humans are very uncomfortable with the idea of interspecies sex and romance, thus it is a large social taboo to date or sleep with an alien. Despite this, there are those who shrug off the social contract and love how and who they want to love.

This was so goddamned stupid.

Why, why did he ever think that this was a good idea?

Robert sat in a booth at a small corner cafe that sold sandwiches and soups and wondered if perhaps he should just leave, because he figured there was a good chance that he’d been stood up. And that wasn’t an entirely unreasonable thing to do, he supposed. What if he woman he’d gotten paired up with was just as anxious as he was? Or maybe decided she could do better than a blind date? This was a stupid idea.

As he started to finally come to the conclusion that he should leave, because it was fifteen minutes past the set time, and then the door opened. Robert looked over at it, and all his thoughts ceased.

When he had signed up for the human/alien pairing site, and had opted into the blind date portion of the site, they had asked him which kind of alien women he would be okay with dating, and which he preferred not to.

He had chosen three.

The xenians, with their milky white skin, petite frames, glowing white eyes, and tech-studded bodies, had certainly caught his eye over the past few years.

The cyvits, who were basically cat-people, were also very nice to look at, and he’d often found himself wondering about what it might be like to be naked and in bed, making love with a woman who had soft, warm fur.

But he had secretly been hoping for a dysil.

And the woman who was coming in through the door was not only a dysil, but honestly a stunning example of dysil beauty.

Dysil, as a lot of the more conservative human types liked to point out, looked like demons. The women, specifically, were likened to succubi. Especially considering that dysil tended to be very physical, affectionate, and often outright sexual people. They loved very freely. All of these factors combined and made him really, really like dysil women. They were rare in his colony though. It was a mixed colony, but not only was most of the populace human, everyone else were either xenians or cyvits.

Part of him felt guilty at putting all this emphasis on physical appearances, but at the moment it was literally all he to go off of right now. He knew nothing about her except for her name. But he was happy to spend time getting to know her.

It occurred to him, suddenly, that she might not be his date. Robert realized that he was projecting, she could be here for some entirely other reason. But she looked dressed up, like a woman on a date, and she was looking around the diner for someone. Her eyes fell on his, and as they stared at each other, she smirked.

The smirk became a smile as she began to cross the diner.

He continued staring at her, and felt very much like a creature caught in overwhelmingly brilliant headlights. There was something almost predatory in her smile, like she’d seen something that she was going to consume.

What the hell did that mean?

Was it good or bad? Was it something that didn’t translate across cultures? No...he’d seen human women with that look before. Not looking at him, per say. Now that this mysterious dysil woman had locked eyes with him, she crossed the diner immediately, making calm, confident strides towards him. Oh please let this woman be his blind date.

Hello, Robert,” she said.

Hi, Selena,” he replied, trying very hard to get control of himself again and at least try to pretend like he wasn’t completely floored.

Selena sat down across from him in the booth. She looked insanely hot the small black dress she was wearing.

It showed off a lot of cleavage.

And she had a lot to show off.

Her beauty was, he realized as he studied her face, enhanced by some expertly applied makeup. Her brunette hair was shoulder-length and down, framing her face. Two little black horns, polished and gleaming, stuck out of her forehead. And her skin. Her skin was a bright, vibrant orange tone. It looked beautiful and smooth and flawless.

I’m sorry I’m late,” she said. “I...lost track of time,” she admitted sheepishly. “I was watching something, got really into it.”

It’s fine,” he replied. “I, are so beautiful,” he said, feeling stupefied by her beauty, by his own lust and desire.

Thank you,” she said. “You’re pretty cute yourself. What’s say we order?”

That, uh...that sounds great,” he replied.

Robert had to get his shit together. This was a date. He didn’t have a great deal of experience with them, but he at least knew some of the basics. Keeping up his end of the conversation was supposed to go a long ways towards making a good date. Although the diner was kind of hole-in-the-wall and simple, (she had suggested it in their very brief conversations over the net), it did at least come with a tabletop holographic menu. They each picked their meals.

So, tell me about yourself, Robert,” Selena said, smiling at him from across the table.

Even her smile was amazing.

Well...huh, I guess it’s kind of embarrassing, now that I think about,” he murmured.


I don’t have much of a life.” God, he was fucking this up. Five minutes in and he was fucking this up. He could feel panic and frustration setting in. You were supposed to be impressive on first dates, but there was nothing impressive about him. How did he ever think he could make something like this actually work?

Robert,” Selena said, her voice a bit more serious now.


I want you to try and relax. I can see a lot of inner turmoil going on right now. You’re young, and I’m guessing you’re very intimidated by me and this setting. Am I right?”

He laughed nervously. “Yes. Very.”

I understand. I want you not to freak out. I’m not going to judge you poorly or unfairly. You don’t have to be amazing. You don’t have to impress me. I’m honestly just looking for an easy, fun night.”

He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. Several thoughts came to him, wanting to question her, figuring out if she was meaning something else, if there was some other meaning behind her words,, he stopped those thoughts, with a bit of difficulty. No, he was going to take her words at face value, and trust what she said, and act accordingly.

Okay,” he said. “Thanks.”

You’re welcome,” she replied, her smile returning. “Now, you were saying?”

Oh. Um. My life. Well, I’m a...I guess, you could say technician. I freelance designing websites, running IT maintenance for a few local businesses, and working on a few pieces of software and apps I’m planning on trying to sell.”

Okay, that all sounds pretty awesome,” Selena replied. “It sounds like you have quite a life.”

Well, I mean, I spend all my time by myself or working. I live alone, I don’t really have much in the way of friends, I don’t really go out a lot. My free time is taken up by...” he hesitated. Would this even be worth bringing up?

By what?” she asked.

Well, I’m kind of...designing a game.”

A video game?”


That’s so cool! Why would you hesitate to bring that up? That’s like what you should freaking lead with,” Selena replied.

Well, I mean, video games are pretty common nowadays. Lots of people play. But there’s a difference between ‘I play browser and app games’ and ‘I spend hours alone in a room designing a video game’.”

Well, I think it’s cool,” Selena replied firmly.

Their food came after that, and they began eating. As they chatted in between bites, Robert began to actually relax. Selena was very personable, very fun, and surprisingly flirtatious. There were certain things that people kept private about their profiles, to certain degrees. If you wanted to, you could post more cryptic answers to things.

Both of them, it seemed, had chosen to do so for their ages.

He’d posted his as Under 30. And Selena was Over 30.

Him being twenty two, she was at least nine years older than him. But he thought she was older than that. He had an idea that she might approach or even pass twenty years older than him. Hell, maybe even twice is age. People’s age was a lot harder to determine nowadays. Humans tended to live well over a hundred now, and they retained their youth through most of it through a combination of genetic manipulation and cosmetic surgeries and another half-dozen technologies meant for such a thing. Middle age was considered to be something that happened to you in your sixties or even seventies now.

It was harder to discern for aliens, because they all had different signs of aging.

Selena had that kind of strange paradoxical appearance of looking young, maybe around his age or a little bit older, except at the same time she seemed like an older, mature woman. And he imagined that sometimes, when you were looking at her, you saw a young woman, sometimes you saw a hot older mature lady.

It was strange and also strangely alluring.

Robert had always had a serious thing for older women.

She told him some simple things about herself. She was a bit of a free spirit. She’d moved to this colony about a year ago, after living on a terraformed moon, and before that she lived on an island community, and before that a space station, and at one point she’d spent six months as a hostess on an interstellar cruise ship. He felt more and more intimidated as the conversation continued, and found himself listening to her tell stories more and more often as they kept talking past their meal, but Selena also had a very comforting presence.

It was a bizarre but not unpleasant experience.

Okay, how do you feel about a walk?” she asked suddenly. They’d been sitting in the booth for about forty minutes now after having finished their meals. Plenty of time for the food to settle, and the bills had already been paid.

Sure,” he replied. He’d actually planned for this part, because he’d made sure to think ahead, to the next part of the date. “There’s a park near here that’s very nice. I think it’d be a good place to walk through.”

Take me there,” she said, and they got out of their booth.

He hesitated for a moment, then he offered her his hand. She took it immediately, favoring him with a warm smile, and laced their fingers together.

His heart began beating a lot faster and harder, but he made himself calm down. Robert started leading her out of the diner, towards the park.

The park looked even better than he remembered.

Or maybe that was because he was holding hands with his date. His blind date for the night. Selena, the mature, insanely hot dysil wearing the tight, tiny black dress. She was holding his hand, their fingers laced together, and for some reason that he was not able to put into words, even in his own mind, there was something very intimate about that.

And he really liked that feeling.

So I was curious...why’d you pick non-humans?” Selena asked.

They’d been walking in silence for a little bit now, following the path that wound through the park, between copses of trees and alongside a little artificial river that eventually let out into a koi pond. He wondered when she was going to ask that.

Well, aliens,” he replied.

Why? I mean, I’m not judging, obviously, cause so do I. I was just curious as to why. It seems to me like humans...” she hesitated, then trailed off.

Humans what?” he asked.

She sighed. “I don’t want to offend you.”

Try me,” he replied.

She looked over at him, as if trying to determine whether or not he was serious, or perhaps whether or not he could take it, then pressed on. “It seems to me that among all the races in the galaxy, and I have, um, extensive experience with all of them, the humans are the most, uh...xenophobic.” She paused. “No, wait, scratch that. Okay, technically speaking, the kai and the avix are far more xenophobic, but they are so xenophobic that ninety nine percent of their races never leave their space, and the ones that actually do choose to go out into the galaxy are really cool, so I don’t really count them. And while I think xenians are a close second, humans still edge them out for that top contender...sorry if I’m being a bitch.”

No, it’s fine,” he replied quickly. “You’re right. You’re pretty much totally right. In my experience, my own race has had the most difficulty with acceptance of other species. It sucks. I mean, I...” he hesitated now.

She smiled. “You what?”

He sighed. “I feel like I’m one of those people rushing to their own defense with a resounding cry of ‘I’m not a racist because insert generic, useless statement here’. You know?”

It’s okay. I don’t feel like you’re a racist person, unless you are hiding it really well, and I mean, at that point, does it matter? Yeah, it sucks if someone has shitty thoughts, but everyone has shitty thoughts. What we say and what we do are what really matter. But so far, you are treating me great. You’re having natural conversations with me, you seem to respect me not as an alien, but just as another person, another being.”

That’s what I was going for, I guess. I mean, really, I’m not sure what I’m ‘going for’ because this all feels pretty free-form. Honestly, the thing I’m really ‘going for’ is showing you a good time,” he replied.

She stopped and he stopped with her. They were in a small, almost enclosed space, the peripheral of the place mostly covered by bushes.

You’ve been doing a great job so far, Robert,” Selena said. “I’m having a really good, really relaxing time. And because I tend to believe that good behavior should be rewarded, and because I like to tease and entice, I have a question for you.”

His heart began hammering in his chest. “Uh...okay, what is it?” he replied.

She smiled. “Would you like to see, and touch, my breasts, and make out with me?”

Yes. Definitely yes.”

Her smile became a smug smirk. “Obviously,” she said, and then reached up and pulled down the straps of her dress.

Whoa, wait, right here?” he asked, looking around.

Right here,” she confirmed. “Don’t worry, public nudity isn’t illegal and we aren’t doing anything sexual. I don’t care if someone sees me naked and hey, if someone does come across us, you get to get seen making out with a hot, older alien chick.”

I...well...okay,” he said, and then it really didn’t matter anymore because she pulled the front of her dress down and her breasts tumbled out.

Holy God,” he whispered.

They were the best breasts he’d ever seen in the flesh. And because they were real and right here in front of him, he thought that that made them the best tits he’d ever seen ever, including the no doubt hundreds, if not thousands, he’d looked up online.

Don’t be shy, touch them,” Selena said quietly.

They were big, and firm. She had to be a triple-D cup. Her bright orange skin was a little brighter here on her breasts, and her nipples were small and pink and so, so sexy. Swallowing nervously, his dick now an almost painful erection straining against his pants, Robert reached up and laid his hands on her breasts.

There’s a good boy,” she whispered. “Do what you want with them.”

Robert hesitated a bit longer, then began to squeeze and grope them. He’d only ever been with human women before, and even then, only two of the relationships he’d had had gotten serious enough that they’d taken their clothes off around him. Neither had been anywhere near as busty as Selena was. Good lord, her tits were amazing.

She let him squeeze and massage and grope, seemingly content to just let this happen. Oh wow, he could feel her nipples against his palm.

He looked back up at her. “I want to kiss you now,” he said.

I’m not going to stop you,” she replied quietly.

His heart really hammering in his chest, he let go of her breasts and stepped closer to her, staring into her eyes. She was as tall as he was. That didn’t really register until right now. He leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. She immediately responded, hugging him to her, kissing him deeply and making soft, happy sounds of pleasure. It was like paradise, kissing her. It was an intense rush of excited jittery wonder.

Especially when she parted his lips with hers and slipped her alien tongue into his mouth.

It was different from a human’s tongue. It was a little narrower, and there was definitely a strange, but not unpleasant, taste to her. Robert found himself hugging her back, then sliding his hands down and settling them on the swell of her ass.

She had a really big ass.

He wanted to very desperately to see her naked, to fuck her doggystyle, to be driving into her over and over again, listening to her scream in ecstasy. Was that going to happen? This certainly seemed to point towards yes, if he didn’t fuck this up. Then again, he probably shouldn’t expect too much. Expecting sex rarely worked out well for anyone, it seemed. But he hoped for it, and would pursue it as politely as he could, all the same.

Because fuck, he’d never wanted to have sex with anyone in his life as much as he wanted to have sex with Selena just then.

Her tongue found his and she twisted them together, moaning louder now as he squeezed her thick ass. He eagerly twined his tongue back with hers, wrestling with it, mixing their saliva, tasting her. Loving every second of it.

He wasn’t sure how long it lasted, but eventually Selena broke the kiss. They were both breathing heavily by that point.

My, my,” she said, her eyes wide and kind of wild, “you are quite the enthusiastic kisser.”

I am,” he agreed. “You are so hot and so good at kissing.”

Thank you, I’ve had a lot of practice. And if you thought that was great, just wait until later on tonight,” she said.

Wh...what’s going to happen later on tonight?” he replied, trying not to sound too eager. He felt like he was in a bit of a daze.

I won’t spoil the surprise. I promise, you’ll love it,” she replied as she put her tits away and brought the straps back up. “Now, we’ve had our fun. I want to move onto the next part of the date. You got to chose this, do you mind if I choose where to go next?”

Not at all,” he replied.

She smirked. “I could get you to say yes to pretty much anything right now, couldn’t I Robert?” she asked smugly.

Yes,” he admitted. Because she really could.

Well, luckily for you, I am a good woman, and I won’t take advantage of this fact. Come on, I want to go bowling,” she said as she finished up.

She reached out.

He took her hand. “Bowling actually sounds awesome,” he replied.

And they began walking away.

The great thing about the colony he lived in, or, more specifically the part of the colony he lived in, was that there were a lot of awesome things within walking distance. He’d walked to the diner, and he was interested to note that Selena had walked there as well. So she lived nearby. He wondered if he had ever seen her around, since they lived in the same area. Subsequently, the bowling alley she wanted to take him to was just a few blocks over as well.

It was heading towards nighttime by now. Not there yet, not even twilight, but the shadows were getting long.

He found himself wondering, intensely, how this night was going to end.

God, he hoped Selena offered a happy ending.

There’s almost no one here,” he said as they came in and looked out over the rows of empty lanes.

Yep, isn’t it great?” she replied as they approached the front desk.

It is,” he replied. “It’s...peaceful.”

Yes, peaceful. I like peaceful.”

They got a lane, then went down, found bowling balls and punched their names into the machine. “How often do you go bowling here?” Robert asked as they pulled their shoes on.

It’s been a little while, actually. Haven’t been here in two months,” she replied.

Why not?”

Not sure, really. I guess I’ve just been feeling introverted lately. Actually, that’s honestly the reason I’m even here now, with you. I felt like I needed to get out and do something. What about you? What made you do this?”

He thought about it as he finished tying his shoes. “I guess...I was tired of being lonely. I like being alone, but I also like hanging around other people. And, I mean, obviously I was hoping for an awesome date night.”

Which includes getting laid?” Selena asked with a smirk.

Well, um, I mean-”

Relax. I was just teasing. It’d be stupid to assume that a young man looking for a date with a hot women isn’t trying to get laid. Besides,” she said, leaning over and laying her hand on his thigh, “good things come to those who wait.”

I...see,” he murmured.

All at once he remembered kissing her, the intensity of the experience, her breasts in his hands, and he felt an annoying, uncomfortable erection beginning to form.

What about you?” he asked, trying to distract himself. “Why were you feeling introverted? If you don’t mind my asking.”

I suppose I don’t,” she said, standing up and taking her bowling ball. She went up and sent her ball rolling down the lane with an amazing precision and speed. She hit the pins dead on and got a perfect strike.

Unless you’re amazing at this game, I hope you don’t mind losing to a girl,” she said with a smile as she came back.

Not at all,” he replied.

Good. Take your turn, then I’ll answer your question.”

He took his turn, managed to knock down five pins with the first throw, and three more with the next. Not too bad. Honestly, he was just glad to hit pins.

Okay, I went through a total garbage breakup three months ago. Not to drag drama into the date, though you did ask, but I wasn’t in the best of places. I was dating a xenian guy, he was sweet, but he ran with a kind of racist crowd, and after six months, it was getting kind of serious, but that old cliché came up where all his lame guy friends kept insisting that I was whipping him and basically forced him to chose between me and them. And he chose them, like an idiot. I was the best chick to ever walk into his life, and I liked him, but ultimately it was for the best. I mean, if he was seriously stupid enough to think that he’d have to choose between me and them, as if I’d make him make that choice, then we shouldn’t be together.

But I did like him, and I took it hard, so I went on kind of a spiral of partying and drinking and sleeping around, this really isn’t first date, anyway, that lasted a month, and then I went into a two month introversion. And then I decided to, you know, come out of it. And so I signed up for the site, went looking for a human blind date and found you.” She paused, looked away for a second, sighed. “Is that too much?” she asked, looking back at him. “I...have a hard time pruning back on what comes out of my mouth. It’s, um, screwed up a lot of dates.”

It’s fine, this is...honest,” he replied.

She smiled uncertainly at him. It looked strange on her normally confident face. “You value honesty, then?”

Yeah. It’s important, but it’s also just...refreshing, I guess? The few dates I’ve been on have all felt so...artificial.”

I know exactly what you mean, Robert,” she said, smiling more genuinely again, and a lot more confidently. “I think we’re going to continue having a great night. Now, let’s get back to bowling. I want to get through at least two games.”

She got up and went to take her turn.

He watched her intently as she went.

Selena was definitely different from any other woman he’d known in his life.

They ended up bowling three games.

When they were finished, the two of them headed back outside and started walking slowly, aimlessly, through the colony.

Are you having fun?” Robert asked. They’d just been walking and holding hands, not saying anything. When he’d asked her what she wanted to do next, she’d just said ‘walk around’. He’d been thinking of things to do next, and he had several ideas, but walking around worked out fine for him. He just liked being around her.

He could already tell that Selena was pretty amazing.

Yes,” she replied. “I’m having a lot of fun, actually. I’m sorry if I’m being quiet.”

It’s okay. We don’t have to talk the whole time. Sometimes it’s nice to just walk along, holding hands, enjoying the company.”

She favored him with another one of her beautiful, warm smiles. “It is,” she agreed. Then she paused. “So, I have a question.”

I probably have an answer,” he replied, feeling nervous again. She had a look on her face like she was about to ask something important.

I’m honestly pretty satisfied with this date, so, um...if it’s not too, you know, blunt, would you want to come back to my apartment and fuck?”

He stopped and she stopped with him. Okay, he hadn’t been expecting that at all. She really was very blunt.

Yes,” he replied immediately. “Yes, I’d like that a lot.”

She laughed. “I kind of figured. Well, come on, I’ve been guiding us there. We’re just a block away. I’m going to blow your fucking mind.”

I have no doubt,” he replied.

They started walking again, and then Selena began walking faster, and he hurried to keep pace with her. By the time they actually came to her apartment, she was jogging and so was he, following after her, heart pounding in excitement, jittery from lust and apprehension. A lot of thoughts were racing through his mind.

He was actually going to have sex with her.

He was going to fuck a seriously attractive, older, alien woman. How long had it been since he’d gotten laid? Robert would like to pretend that he didn’t know, but he did. He really did. Eight months. That was when his last relationship had died with a fizzle. And he hadn’t managed to work up the courage to try and begin another one, or even to initiate a one night stand. He could’ve even hired a prostitute, but he’d been too anxious to even do that, and guilty. He was perfectly okay with escorts, but his thought was that if he had this much difficulty getting laid, then how bad would he be feeling paying someone to have sex with him? Not for himself, he didn’t really see sleeping with a prostitute as low or wrong, but for them.

They’d have to sleep with him, and apparently that wasn’t very desirable.

Although maybe not. Selena seemed shockingly into him. She seemed downright eager to get him up to her place, strip naked and fuck him.

Despite his growing concerns about being able to do anything to please her, because he had no doubt that she’d been with not just one but several guys who were certainly far better and more experienced than he was, he couldn’t stop thinking about what she’d look like naked. He’d already seen her breasts, and they were simply amazing.

They managed to make it to her door. She opened it, missing swiping her thumb the first time, and basically yanked him through it. As soon as they were clear of the door, she shut and locked it, then turned to face him and kissed him deeply and roughly. At the same time, she began guiding him back through her apartment. He couldn’t even get a good look at it. Both of them were breathing heavily as they stumbled back through her place.

Somehow, they made it to the bedroom.

As Selena let go of him and stopped kissing him, she pushed him back onto her bed, which was huge and comfortable.

You’re really into this,” he said, marveling.

Duh,” she replied as she reached down and grabbed the hem of her dress. “Take off your clothes, we’re going to take a shower.”

I...okay,” he replied, and kicked off his shoes. Getting back to his feet, he took off his shirt. “I had the impression you wanted to move straight to bed.”

I did, but then I realize we’ve been out for awhile now and probably could use a shower, and...okay, honestly, I just like fooling around in the shower. It’s so hot.”

I’ve never done that before,” he replied, undoing his button and zipper.

It’s awesome,” she replied as she pulled her dress up and off. Now all she had on was a pair of black silky panties. “Come on,” she said, turning around and pulling her panties down. Holy fuck her ass was amazing. Thick and round and amazingly shaped. And she had awesomely broad hips and nice thick thighs.

This was going to be incredible.

He took off his pants, then his socks, then hesitated at his boxers and instead opted to follow her into the bathroom. She was just getting the water running in her shower as he came in. “Okay, perfect,” she murmured after testing the water. She turned to look at him and he glanced down. He could see her pussy now.

It was a bare, bald slit between her well-padded thighs. And he could see her tail. He’d almost forgotten that she had one, a thin black tail that ended in a pointed triangle tip. It was waving back and forth behind her, disappearing and reappearing around her broad hips.

What’s wrong?” she asked.

I,” he glanced down uncomfortably.

Oh! You’re worried about your dick. Don’t worry, Robert. I don’t care. Just take your boxers off and get in this shower with me and I will fucking amaze you,” she replied easily.

He nodded, grabbed his boxers, hesitated a bit more, then pulled them down, freeing his dick. He felt horribly exposed as he stepped out of them. Besides him having trouble being naked in front of anyone else, he had more trouble being naked in front of an extremely attractive older alien woman. Selena just looked down.

You’re fine,” she said. “Trust me. Now come.”

Well, that made him feel a little better, at least. She didn’t seem like she was lying out of concern for his feelings. Though she could just be a really good liar. Well, what difference did it make then? She obviously wanted this to keep happening, and so did he, so without further hesitation, Robert followed the curvy dysil beauty into her shower.

Everything else seemed to disappeared as she closed the sliding glass door. They were together in the enclosed, warm, wet space, naked, just the two of them. It was like this shower was their entire world right then.

He supposed, in a way, it was.

Selena stepped up to him, staring intently at him, her brunette hair darkened and plastered to her head, making her look somehow sexier, and then she kissed him again. It wasn’t quite as furious and intense as their time making out in the park. It was softer, calmer, though it was still passionate. He kissed her back, hugging her and then sliding his hands down her smooth back, settling them on the large swell of her orange ass.

She moaned softly and slipped her tongue into his mouth. And oh fuck he could feel her big, wet bare breasts pushing against his chest, skin on skin contact that was electrifying. His erection felt nearly painful, throbbing in anticipation of something that hadn’t happened in way, way too long. Selena pulled back after a bit.

How about I blow you?” she suggested.

Um, wow, uh, okay,” he replied.

You can return the favor later, if you’d like.”

Oh yeah, definitely. I can do that.”


She dropped down to her knees and looked up at him. “Now, Robert, don’t be afraid to start coming. I’m giving you permission to come in my mouth. I totally swallow.”

Holy shit, um...awesome,” he replied.

She was throwing all this crazy sexual stuff at him so casually and he had no idea how to handle it, other than to just go along with it. Selena reached out and gripped his cock. Her grasp was firm and he felt a pulse of excitement burst through him. A woman was touching his dick. Then she leaned in and kissed the head.

Excited sexual bliss sparked.

She stuck her tongue out and dragged it across the head. “Holy fuck,” he moaned.

She grinned and giggled. “Someone’s sensitive,” she said, then moaned softly as she continued licking the head of his cock.

He groaned loudly in response. “Oh fuck, you have no idea.”

I’m gonna find out,” Selena said.

Then she took his dick into her mouth.

So far, Robert had been with women of his own species, his own age, and about his own level of sexual experience. Being with Selena, staring down at her, watching her work...he realized it was like being with a porn star. She looked like a professional escort or a porn star as she began bobbing her head smoothly, working his cock and making pure ecstasy explode into him. “Oh my God, Selena,” he whispered as she cupped his balls in her hand, gripped them gently, and began to massage them. There was this thing she was doing where she was making her movements incredibly slow each time she reached the head of his cock.

It was a hundred times better than anything he’d felt before.

And this was just the oral she was giving him.

She made a pleased sound and kept going, smoothly bobbing her head while continuing to massage his balls. He moaned louder and suddenly he was coming. It happened all at once, startling him as his whole body seemed to clench and that first burst of absolute rapturous bliss erupted out of him, out of his core, and filled him.

Oh Selena!” he cried as his cock kicked hard in her mouth and spat out the first thick load of his seed. And Selena kept sucking. She kept massaging his balls. She was working his shaft with her other hand. It was beyond amazing.

Oh fuck! Oh fuck Selena!” he moaned, panting in desperate pleasure as he orgasmed hard into her mouth, his dick kicking over and over again, spitting out thick spurts of his seed as fast as it possible could, each time it twitched it sent a fresh wave of insane pleasure through him. Selena sucked him completely dry.

She kept sucking even after he was done coming, then slowly pulled his cock out from between her pressed together lips.

There,” she said as she stood up and turned away from him. “Now you know what a proper blowjob feels like.”

She stepped up to the showerhead and then gargled and spat. Then she seemed to pause, considering something, and then grabbed a small bottle of mouthwash from one of the shelves built into the shower wall. She gargled with it as well and spat, then replaced the bottle and turned around to face him again.

I figured you’d be happier if I did that,” she said.

It’s much appreciated,” he replied, catching his breath, leaning against the wall. “I mean, just...oh wow.”

Amazing, huh?”

I think that was the greatest orgasm I’ve ever had in my life,” he replied.

Just wait til you come in my pussy,” she replied.

That reminds me. Um...despite all the fantasizing I’ve done about, uh, sex with alien women, I’ve never gotten around to actually doing research on the reality of that. Like, is there any kind of risk of reaction between our body chemistries or do we need protection?”

No, none of that. I have condoms if you’re paranoid, but I promise you will enjoy yourself far better if you do it unprotected. Bareback sex is the fucking best. But no, we don’t have to worry about negative interactions, STDs, or, obviously, pregnancy.”

Okay,” he replied, deciding that he’d trust her with this.

Although to be totally honest, he was really just thinking with his dick right now. He really, really fucking wanted to have unprotected sex with her.

She passed him a soft, wet washrag. “Wash me,” she said. “Don’t be afraid to linger,” she added, grinning at him.

She turned away from him and he began rubbing the washrag across her back. She let out a happy sound. “That feels nice,” she murmured as he kept going.

Are you really enjoying all this?” he asked suddenly, which surprised him, because he hadn’t meant to ask it at all.

Yeah, of course I am. I thought it was obvious. Why do you ask?”

I just mean, it seems could, you know, be on a date with someone more, uh, suited to you,” he replied.

Another dysil? I’ve had enough of my own kind for a lifetime.”

I guess I mean, someone more, uh...similarly skilled? And maybe someone older?”

Here, bring your hands around to my chest,” she said, and he did. She gripped them and settled them over her breasts. Fuck, she had such amazing tits. “I understand where you’re coming from. You think I’m insanely hot, you think you aren’t all that hot. Plus, there’s over a decade of age gap between us, and I’m more experienced than you are. So you’re nervous about why I would be bothering with someone like you.” She paused, then gently pulled his hands away from her breasts, turned around and faced him.

I know this might be hard to believe, but...I prefer guys like you, at this point. I mean, obviously I couldn’t know what I was walking into with a blind date, but from getting to know you tonight, you have a lot of nice qualities. You’re kind, considerate, funny, polite. You listen. You can hold a conversation. Maybe most importantly of all, you talk to me without that subtle tension that a lot of other people do. That racial tension. No, I get the feeling the only tension or apprehension you’re feeling is from how much I intimidate you. I’m old are you?”

Twenty two,” he replied.

I’m thirty eight. Quite the gap. Listen, Robert. I’ve had the guys you think I’d be more interested in having. I spent my teens and my twenties dating and sleeping with them. And it was fun. I don’t know if it was fulfilling. I mean, sometimes it was, but not generally. Typically, I was just using them as sex toys, and that was fair, because that’s what they were using me for. And that was fun. But not long after I began cruising into my thirties, I tired of it. There’s a lot of posturing and frustration and bullshit that goes on with relationships like that. There’s also a lot of detachment, and that’s great if that’s what you’re looking for, but I decided that I was going to try for something with a little more permanence. I mean, not like a marriage or a super serious relationship, but something with more passion. And...”

And what?” he asked when she hesitated.

This is gonna sound bad, I guess, but I found what I was looking for in guys like you: young, inexperienced, awkward. I kind of tend to date guys like you for maybe three or four months at a time, kind of, um...breaking you in, I guess? And then I end it. I mean, I’m not trying to be a bitch, I don’t set out to hurt anyone, and I’d say at least half the time the breakup goes okay. And I don’t lead anyone on. I’m honest about my intentions. It’s just that, guys like you tend to be totally blown away by me and my sexual abilities, and tend to be very sweet and kind and giving and just generally nice to be around. It’s...intoxicating, to be at the center of all that attention. But I’m an independent kind of woman, and eventually I like going back to being alone, so...”

So you break up,” he replied.

Does that make me a bad person?” she asked hesitantly.

No, I don’t think so at all. I mean, so long as you’re honest about the nature of the relationship, I think it’s fine. I mean, I personally think you’re doing something awesome: you’re a super hot older woman fucking young, insecure guys and, hopefully, boosting their confidence.”

Confidence is good,” Selena said. She hesitated, then began chewing on her lower lip. “So, I’ll be totally honest, I’m super horny right now...”

Let me eat you out, then we can fuck here in the shower,” he replied.

She smirked. “Confident. I like it. Show me your oral game.”

Glad to,” he said, then kissed her on the lips and dropped to his knees.

He’d done this before, and with apparent success. He tried not to worry too much as Selena raised one leg, resting it on the lowest shelf, exposing her alien pussy to him. It looked reassuringly like a human pussy.

Try not to get anxious,” she said quietly down to him, “I’m really sensitive.”

Okay,” he replied, and then reached up and spread the taut lips of her pussy. A shudder went through her as he touched her. Robert told himself he could do this. He’d done it before. It wasn’t all that hard.

He stuck out his tongue and touched the tip of it to the pale orange nub of her clit. Selena shuddered again and moaned loudly.

Oh that’s right,” she whispered.

He kept going, slowly massaging her clit, stimulating her, making her moan again, louder this time. He kept licking, slowly beginning to apply more pressure, and gradually going faster. That’s what he remembered: start out simple, gentle, slowly go faster and harder. By the time he was using all of his tongue, licking rapidly at her alien clit, listening to her cry out in intense pleasure, he slipped a finger up into her and began fucking her with it, pressing up into her most sensitive spot. And apparently that did it.

Oh Robert!” she screamed and then she was coming. Holy fuck, he had made her orgasm. He could feel her vaginal muscles clenching hard around his finger, almost trying to suck it back in as he kept fingering her and eating her out.

Yes! Lick that pussy!” she shrieked as she climaxed almost violently. “Oh my fucking God yes! That’s fucking the best!

He kept going, invigorated, as a hot spray of feminine sex juices escaped around his finger, getting all over his wrist and forearm, mixing in with the water from the shower. He pleasured her until she’d stopped screaming and heaving.

Okay,” she whispered, “okay, that’s enough.”

He stood up, wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. “So...I did a good job, I take it?” he asked, grinning at her.

She hugged him to her, squeezing him. “You did amazing,” she whispered in his ear, which sent chills down his spine. “You are about to get the most amazing pussy.”

She kissed him on the lips, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He kissed her back, reaching around and down and grabbing her ass again. God, he loved her ass. She pressed herself up against him, her perfect, wet, naked body feeling just stunning, and then she turned them, so that her back was against the wall.

Selena broke the kiss. “Here,” she whispered, and she shifted a bit, then brought one of her legs up and settled her heel on the back of his calf. “Now...” she murmured, reaching down between them, she gripped his cock and expertly slipped it up, so that the head was sitting at the entrance of her alien vagina, and she lowered herself slightly, pushing him in just a little bit. Selena rested her forehead against his, staring intently into his eyes.

Fuck that pussy,” she said.

Robert moaned loudly as he pushed forward with his hips, burying himself deeper into her vagina, and her voice joined his. Holding her close to him, he started fucking her. She groaned and cried out as he penetrated her, completely burying his cock in her. His heart was hammering violently in his chest and he was almost trembling now. This was easily the best, most erotic sex he’d ever had in his entire life.

It felt beyond amazing.

Selena was right: if he thought getting head from her was good, he had no idea. Her pussy felt ten times, a hundred times better. He felt like he was high on drugs. Selena clutched at his back as they came together, united as intimately as possible. He was inside of her. The pleasure was phenomenal. She smiled and kissed him again.

How does it feel?” she whispered. “How does my pussy feel?”

Selena, it’s-oh God, it’s so good,” he moaned, hardly feeling articulate at all.

How good?” she asked, grinning at him seductively.

It’s the best sex I’ve ever had.”

Good boy,” she whispered, the moaned again loudly, pushing herself against him.

Oh fuck, Selena...I’m not going to last very long,” he groaned.

That’s okay. Come whenever you want. We’ve got all night and you just gave me a fucking world class orgasm. Actually...” her grin became more seductive and devious. “I know what pushes your buttons,” she murmured.


She leaned in closer to his ear. “Come in my pussy,” she whispered. “Don’t you want to fill my pussy up, Robert? Don’t want to blow your load in my completely unprotected alien pussy?” she asked softly.

He moaned loudly and triggered almost immediately.

One hand on his back, one on the back of his head, she moaned loudly as he thrust deep into her. “Oh, that’s a good boy!” she cried out.

He was coming. He was orgasming into her, completely bareback, and it felt beyond pleasurable. He groaned loudly, totally losing himself as his cock began twitching and kicking violently inside of her, spilling his seed in thick, powerful spurts. She moaned against him as he slammed into her, pushing her against the wall. Waves, intense, powerful waves of raw pure bliss blasted through him with each contraction of his dick. Robert moaned and grunted and cried out as he pumped her alien vagina full of his human seed.

He emptied himself completely inside of her.

When it was over, he fell against her, gasping and dizzy. And he was still inside of her. It felt wonderful inside of her.

How’s that for fucking on the first date?” she asked, still holding him.

No words,” he groaned, then carefully pulled out of her.

I understand. So I’m assuming you’re interested in spending the night?” she asked as they began to actually clean themselves off.

Yes. Enthusiastically yes,” he replied.

She laughed. “Good.”

He hesitated. “Selena?”


What is this, exactly? Is this a one night stand? Or...would you be interested in dating me?” he asked cautiously.

At the very least, I would be interested in having sex with you on a semi-regular basis. I might even be interested in claiming you as my boyfriend for several months. Maybe even longer. There’s just something about you...I like you. And you eat pussy so good. Eat me out every time we see each other and there’s a great chance I’ll keep you around for a long time.”

I am so okay with this,” he replied.

Good. Now, finish washing up. Take me to bed and show me that infamous youthful sex drive.”

Robert fully intended to show her all night long.

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Hi, I'm the author. I'm no one special. I live somewhere in the US and, (obviously), I love writing erotica!

After some thought, I've come to realize that three things seem to set me apart from all the other ten million erotica authors out there.

The first is that I tend to write from the perspective of regular, average twenty-something men. After hearing about all the billionaires and NAVY Seals and cowboys, I figured maybe it was time to hear from someone a bit more...real. Someone people could relate to.

The second thing that sticks out is that while I've come across tons of erotica about hot babes being slammed by monsters, (werewolves, vampires, even dinosaurs and BIGFOOT for fuck's sake!), there wasn't much out there about regular dudes banging hot monster chicks. And they need love too, right?

The final thing that I didn't even realize at first and I've since tried to cultivate because I believe in it, is that I'm all about sexual equality. I'm not really here to condemn or kink-shame anyone, but I just like the idea of consent, sexual respect, and both parties getting what they want out of the sexual encounter. (Or I guess I should say all parties, depending on how many people are fucking at once!)

If you like my work and want to get in touch with me, there are a few ways that can be done.

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