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by Misty Vixen

Pink is a contemporary paranormal erotica. In this universe, humans and ‘monsters’, or paranormal entities, live side by side in a modern day society. Humans by far outnumber them, and as a result, most paranormal entities tend to be second class citizens and pariahs, and romance between humans and ‘monsters’ is, at best, taboo and exotic, at worst, regarded with disgust and sometimes outright hate and even violence.

She was looking at him again.

And this time she’d actually caught him glancing at her. But she smiled at him. It looked like a very intentional smile. What the hell did that mean? Nick quickly looked back down at his meal, fighting the anxiety rolling around in his guts. This woman, this shockingly beautiful dark-haired woman, had been coming in to the burger joint he tended to eat at several times a week. He’d noticed her right away the very first time because she was probably the most attractive woman he’d ever seen before.

She was tall and slender, wearing a simple black dress that stood out in stark contrast to the pale, flawless skin. Her shoulder-length black hair was worn down, framing her beautiful face. She had bright blue eyes and an easy smile. He felt kind of like a creep, checking her out, but more than once now over the past few days he’d seen her looking at him very intentionally. And God was she so hot. In fact, one of his most recent thoughts was that she seemed too attractive. He felt almost intoxicated when he looked at her.

And he noticed several other guys checking her out pretty much all the time as well.

It suddenly made him suspicious that she might be a paranormal. His initial thought was a vampire. They were supposed to have abilities to make themselves more attractive and seductive, but he wasn’t sure if he believed that, and while vampires could do a lot to hide their vampirism, they couldn’t hide fangs, and he didn’t see any. So was she just that attractive? It was possible, and yet, he still couldn’t shake that feeling.

But what was really getting to him was…

He wanted to talk to her. He actually wanted to ask her out.

For the most part, he rejected this notion. First there was the fact that although the entertainment industry portrayed that as something guys should do, if they saw a hot chick they should just work up the courage to ask her, in reality that was just...weird. And kind of creepy. Or at least that was the impression he got from reading personal accounts online. On top of that, he was not a very brave or confident individual.

He’d never seriously hit on a woman before.

But there was something about this mystery lady that imbued him with a strange kind of courage. Like, for some reason, he had the idea that if he actually did hit on her, she’d respond well to it. Which kind of furthered the notion that she was a paranormal. In a world where humans and paranormal beings lived side by side, it could be very hard to tell the difference. Sure, with something like a Valkyrie or an elf it was pretty easy to notice. But a lot of the other beings could pass very easily for human.

Nick glanced over at her again.

She was staring intently at him now. Her eyes were strangely alluring. Suddenly, all at once, he decided ‘fuck it’. He was going to try this. He was done with his meal, it was his day off so if this turned out crappy he could just go home and try to forget about a bad experience, and worst case scenario, she just said no. If she did, he’d apologize for bothering her and leave. He stood up, looking back at her now, and she offered him a bright smile.

Okay, he was going to do this.

Nick began moving across the burger joint. There weren’t that many people around, at least. He thought he’d feel more nervous, but surprisingly he didn’t. Nick crossed the room and came to stand next to her table.

Hi,” he said.

Hello,” she replied, smiling up at him.

Would you mind if I joined you?” he asked. He didn’t know any pickup lines, but he was also ideologically against them.

They always sounded so fucking stupid.

Not at all,” she replied immediately.

My name’s Nick.” He sat down across from her at the table, then spent a few seconds just looking at her. She was even more beautiful up close. But it wasn’t just her looks, he began to realize, it was her presence. There was something about her that was just...powerful and intense.

So...what’s your name?” he asked.

Oh wow, I’m sorry. Totally forgot that. Robyn,” she replied, smiling awkwardly and blushing. “It’s nice to meet you.”

You too.” He paused. “You wanna go for a walk, Robyn?” he asked. At this point, he was really just kind of going with it.

Yes, I’d like that,” she replied.

They got up and headed out of the burger joint. He was a little surprised to realize that she was almost as tall as he was, which was about six foot even. They stepped out into the warm autumn sunshine. There was a pleasant, cool breeze on the air. They began walking slowly together down the sidewalk. He had an idea to take her to a park nearby.” Crap, he had no idea what to say. Then inspiration struck. Well, maybe not inspiration, but at least it was something to say. “You’ve been looking at me for several days now,” he said, then immediately wondered if that was a weird thing to say.

She snorted and smirked. “You’ve been looking at me, too, Nick.”

Well, I mean, you’re really attractive.” He paused. “Uh, sorry if that was weird. I’m, heh, I’m not good at small talk.”

It’s fine. I accept your compliment. I think you’re pretty cute. That’s why I was looking at you,” she replied with an easy smile.

I, um, thank you,” he replied. Was she hitting on him? It didn’t really seem possible. Was he misinterpreting this situation?

As they walked on, he tried to examine the situation.

Nick did not lead an exceptionally interesting life. He lived alone in an apartment, working a simple job as a cashier at a pretty decent grocery store. At twenty four, he thought it was kind of sad, but it was steady work that he knew how to do, he was actually full time, he’d gotten three raises so far, and they were beginning to train him on other stuff. He had a car and no debt. Nick also thought he was quite boring.

Consequently, he didn’t have a great deal of experience when it came to women. He had literally no experience when it came to paranormal women. Growing up in a world where vampires, werewolves, elves, and other, more exotic beings lived alongside humanity meant getting at least basic knowledge of the paranormals. But he’d never really known one on a person level. Not because he’d avoided them, he didn’t have any real problem with them, but more just because he happened to live in a city that was largely human-based.

Or maybe that was just his perception.

So why was this woman interested in walking and talking with him? Why was this happening out of the blue? Could it really just be luck? He supposed that as often as his luck went bad, it should, statistically, go good once in awhile.

Was that all this was?

If that was the case, he wasn’t going to let fear and social anxiety stop him from making a genuine attempt to try and get a date with this beautiful, pale, dark-haired woman named Robyn. He tried to keep talking with her.

So, uh, where do you work?” he asked.

I work from home,” she replied.

Really? What do you do?”

I create art, in a broad sense. I’m a graphic designer. Typically I do covers for books, I design logos for companies, sometimes I do album art and promotionals.”

Holy crap, that’s awesome.”

Yeah, I guess so. Sorry if I sound a little apathetic about it. I’ve been doing it for twenty years at this point.”

He glanced at her again, suddenly wondering how old she was. She didn’t look a lot older than him, so she couldn’t be out of her mid-twenties. Although obviously she’d have to be given that she’d been doing her job for twenty years. Then again...he’d seen women in their late thirties who looked like her. Age was a really hard thing to figure out. Did it matter?

What about you?” she asked. “What do you do?”

Nothing impressive,” he replied. “Just a cashier at a grocery store.”

That can be interesting...” she hesitated. “Okay, I guess I feel for you there. I’ve done that before. It’s boring as hell most days.”

It is,” he agreed. They came to the park they’d been walking towards and he led her inside. “So...I’m going to be honest, I don’t really know entirely what I’m doing. I’ve never...just approached a random attractive woman and hit on her, let alone just started taking a walk with a total stranger,” he said.

It’s okay, I understand. We need to get on the same page,” she said. Robyn stopped suddenly and sat down on a bench overlooking a small stream that cut through the park. He sat down beside her. There was no one else around right now.

Before we go any further, I need to lay my cards on the table. This will probably help give you a better idea of what’s going on,” she said.

Was that good or bad?

Okay,” he replied, a little cautiously.

Full disclosure: I am a succubus,” she said, then stopped talking.

So she was a paranormal! Robyn seemed to be studying him now, no doubt waiting for a reaction. Well, he wasn’t going to freak out or anything. There were a lot of stories about all the bad, awful things succubi did to men, and he was sure some of it was true. But he knew there was no stealing of souls, nothing like that. Succubi couldn’t actually make you do anything. Sure, they could seduce you and talk you into things, but so could human women. Succubi just had a leg up because they could project themselves as insanely hot women, and, as he could now attest to, they did seem to have mild magical abilities that made them seem somehow more alluring than they already were. But he didn’t mind any of this.

In fact, he was getting really excited.

If Robyn was a succubus, and she’d been apparently trying to get his attention for a few days now, and had agreed to let him take her on a walk, then there was a really good chance that whatever her endgame was, it was sexual.

And sex with a succubus was supposed to be the greatest thing ever.

Okay,” he said.

She laughed, and he was surprised to note that the laugh was nervous. “‘Okay?’ That’s it?” she replied.

Yeah. Okay. You’re a succubus. It makes sense. I thought there was something about you, that you seemed abnormally attractive. I mean, um, you are attractive, it’s just-”

Relax, this is just a projection. I can change it literally at any moment. So, I mean, you’re cool with the fact that I’m a paranormal? That I’m a succubus?”

Yeah, definitely,” he replied.

Okay, wow. Awesome. Continuing my full disclosure, I want something from you.”

What’s that?” he asked.

A date. I want you to take me on a date today. I’ve got a few places I want to go. Basically, what I’m hoping for here is to go out on just a regular, normal date, and for you to treat me like...a regular person. I mean, basically, keep talking to me like we’re talking now. You’re actually doing a good job.” She hesitated. “You really aren’t intimidated by me?”

Oh yeah, I’m very intimidated by you,” he replied. “I’m just...trying really hard not to let it get to me. And, honestly, the more we talk, the more comfortable I feel. And I would enjoy taking you out on a date. Although I have to warn you, it’s been a little bit since I’ve been on a date. And even then, I’m not particularly skilled at dating.”

Just don’t try to bullshit me,” she replied.

Bullshit you?”

You know, don’t try to do stuff you’ve seen in movies or read in books or read about online from ‘pickup artists’ or whatever. Just...” she laughed, “it’s going to sound super cliché, but just, you know, act like yourself. Although the confidence is good. Keep that up. Also, I’m going to do something that’s going to set you at ease.”

That piqued his interested. “What’s that?”

She smirked at him now. “I’m going take you somewhere secluded, and I’m going to jack you off into my mouth.”

Whoa, holy shit, seriously?”

Yeah. Come on, I’m a succubus. Sex is my language and my life. Or is this going too fast?” she asked uncertainly.

No, no, it’s fine. I’m, uh, I’m okay with that,” he replied.

Her smirk returned and she stood up. “You boys are so easy.” She offered him her hand. “Come on, let’s go.”

He took her hand and let her pull him up. She was very strong. They started walking along the path together, deeper into the park. It opened up farther and spread out. It was a pretty good-sized park with a path that went all through it, several stands of trees, a small lake, a few gazebos and fire-pits and picnic areas.

As soon as they reached a thicker area of the woods, Robyn took him off the path and began leading him in between the trees. The land inclined sharply and the two of them worked their way down it carefully. Well, Nick was careful. Robyn didn’t seem to have any trouble at all. They finally hit a flat patch of land and stopped. He looked around. They were definitely secluded. She was smiling seductively at him.

Would you like to kiss me first?” she asked.

Uh, yes, I’d like that a lot,” he replied.

Then do it.”

He stepped up, leaned in and pressed his lips against hers. She kissed back, tilting her head slightly and moaning softly. An electric pulse of excited pleasure went through him as their lips made contact. God, she tasted like...honey and sugar and strawberries. And she smelled amazing. She slipped her arms around him, hugging him to her and deepening the kiss, slipping her tongue in. At once he realized it was not at all like a normal tongue: it was longer and forked and surprisingly prehensile. It made him falter slightly.

Are you okay?” she asked, breaking the kiss.

Yeah, I’m great. Just...your tongue. It startled me,” he replied.

Do you mind it? I can change it to a normal tongue...”

No, I like it actually. A lot. Keep it,” he replied.

She smirked again. “Good boy.”

Robyn resumed kissing him. As they made out, twining tongues now, (it felt weird but in a really good way, twisting around his own), he reached down and groped her ass. She had a nice, firm ass. Then again, it wasn’t her real ass, in the sense that she was a shapeshifter. Well, sort of. He wasn’t sure actually, but he knew succubi looked decidedly inhuman in their natural shape. He was suddenly curious as to what she looked like.

Fuck, how hot would it be to fuck a straight-up demoness when she actually looked like one with horns and a tail and the pink skin and everything?

But was that considered inappropriate? There seemed to be a lot of uncertainty about how succubi felt about fucking in their natural form. He knew a lot of human guys didn’t like it, but he also knew some succubi considered it extremely personal and intimate. Well, he was going to avoid the topic if that was the case.

She was plenty beautiful in this form.

Okay,” she said, breaking the kiss again and dropping to her knees. “Let’s get this show on the road, Nick.”

He swallowed nervously as she undid his belt and button and zipper, digging his rigid, pulsing cock out of his pants. Showing his dick to women had never stopped being a nerve-wracking experience.

But she didn’t react poorly to it at all. She just gripped it firmly with one pale hand and, staring up at him with that same almost feral grin of seductive lust and her wide, bright blue eyes, began to jack him off smoothly.

Nick had never had a successful handjob before.

He wasn’t sure if it was something about him or something about the few women he’d had agree to jack him off, but he’d never orgasmed from a handjob.

Robyn was giving him an amazing handjob.

There was something electrifying and intensely satisfying about her touch. She didn’t even have to spit in her hand.

Holy fucking shit,” he groaned.

You like that?” she asked, her voice husky. “You like getting jacked off by a slutty succubus?”

Yes,” he moaned, “I fucking love it.”

Good boy. Come in my mouth. Come for me, Nick. I want you to blow your fucking load right in my mouth. I want to swallow for you.”

Fuck, that was just making it a lot more powerful. His cock throbbed as she jacked him off, pumping his cock smoothly and quickly. He didn’t know if it was the fact that she was a succubus or that it had been so long since his brush with the opposite sex (almost a year now), but she had him coming in under a minute and a half.

Oh fuck!” he cried as the orgasm burst into existence and his cock kicked hard in her grasp. Robyn was crouched lower now, her mouth open, his dick pointed directly at it. She moaned loudly as the first thick spurt of his seed went right into her mouth. She kept moaning along with him as he came into her mouth, pleasure bursting through his body in way he hadn’t felt in...possibly forever. Was this the best orgasm of his life? If it was, what would sex with her be like? He groaned, gasping in desperate pleasure, as he watched her jacking him off into her mouth, his seed flying in thick sprays between her lips, some of it getting onto those luscious red lips. Holy fuck, this was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to him.

Eventually, his dick was just dry-kicking, and there was nothing left to give. When it was done, she put it into her mouth and sucked powerfully as she pulled it out between her pressed together lips. He groaned at the fresh burst of pleasure. As soon as she let it go, he put his dick away, suddenly feeling extremely exposed. He had never pulled his dick out anywhere but in a bathroom or bedroom. Robyn still seemed very calm and relaxed. She licked her lips and stood up, still smiling that sultry, seductive smile at him.

So, feeling more relaxed?” she asked.

Yeah, kind of,” he replied. “I’m also feeling kind of exposed...”

It’ll be okay. I’d know if anyone was watching us. I take it that felt good?”

It felt amazing. seemed like you were actually getting off, too.”

I was...I guess it’s a redundant question, but in my experience men like being asked that. I don’t know how much you know about succubi, but we actually only experience the pleasure we produce,” she explained as they started heading back.

So...that means you can’t, you know, uh...”

Masturbate? No. I can’t. But don’t fret. It’s super easy for me to get laid. But yeah, that’s kind of what I like about guys like you. You have the best orgasms. Which means that I have the best orgasms. This is going to be a really fun night,” she said.

I think you’re right,” he replied, still feeling in a bit of a daze as they made their way back up the hill.

It was definitely going to be a fun night.

She decided that next, she was going to take him to see a movie.

According to her, it didn’t matter overtly which movie, but she agreed to go with him to see a horror film he’d been meaning to catch for a little while. Nick noticed that he was getting several interested stares, and although it made him feel a few different things, mainly it just felt nice. It was good to be on the other side of that particular situation for once. He was the one with the extremely attractive woman.

They got their tickets and some sodas, then went into their theater.

Robyn insisted that they sat at the back of the theater. Given that she was a succubus who seemed to know what she was doing and had sexual intentions in mind, he went with her without complaint. They sat down in the back row, near the middle. The movie was in its third week, so very few people came, and none of them sat near him or Robyn. He wondered if she had any kind of influence over that. Well, either way he was happy.

Especially when she got to the next part of the date.

They were past the credits and maybe fifteen minutes into what was shaping up to be a lame, but perhaps entertaining, horror movie, when she set her hand on his lap. He felt a jolt of excitement shoot through him at the contact.

Robyn-” he whispered.

Shh...” she replied, and then proceeded to get his pants undone. She got it all done and his cock out with just the one hand.

Robyn, please-” he said quietly.

Nick, I told you to trust me. I think you just need help relaxing again,” she said, then she leaned over, kissed him on the cheek and lowered her head.

He gasped softly as he felt her breath on his exposed cock. Holy fuck, she was going to give him head in a movie theater. Nick remained seated upright, almost rigid, staring intently at the screen. He prayed that he could keep quiet throughout this, that no one would notice. He felt horribly exposed. He groaned very quietly as she stuck her tongue out and began to drag it across the extremely sensitive head of his erect cock.

Fuck,” he whispered.

There’s a good boy,” she replied softly, then she took it into her mouth and started bobbing her head slowly.

Her oral was out of this world.

Nick fought hard for control of himself, not to make any noise, as her lips began slowly moving up and down his rigid length. They slowed even more when they got to his head, which was causing explosions of absolute rapturous bliss. The pleasure was intense, filling him. His cock pulsed and throbbed in response to the attention.

Oh Robyn,” he whispered.

She moaned quietly. She knew exactly how good this felt, he realized. He wondered if she would be the one to break the silence. Fucking hell, he was actually getting sucked off by a succubus. This was something he’d fantasized about for years now. Nick had always known that he was weird, because pretty much as soon as he’d started finding girls attractive, he’d been intensely attracted to the inhuman ladies, the paranormals.

The werewolves and vampires and elves and succubi.

He had wanted desperately, for years now, to make it with a paranormal woman. He’d watched probably thousands of hours of porn relating to them at this point. And yet he’d never even met one in real life. Well, that probably wasn’t true. He’d probably met at least some, since some of them could hide it, but he’d never known any personally. Never worked with any, talked for any length with any knowingly, never got to know any.

And then, suddenly, today, totally out of the blue he met a succubus that wanted him to take her on a date, and was apparently totally cool with jacking him off and blowing him. God, please, please let her go all the way tonight.

He thought about getting laid by a succubus and suddenly started coming in her mouth.

He couldn’t help it. Watching her sucking his dick, feeling her work her incredible succubus magic as she orally pleasured him, and thinking about what it might feel like, what it might look like to fuck her brains out, was just too much.

Nick bit back a groan, making an odd, strangled sound and laid his hand on the back of her head. He didn’t mean to, but he forced her head down as he started coming in her mouth. He could feel his cock hit the back of her throat. But Robyn didn’t gag or try to stop him at all. She just moaned quietly as he shot his load into her mouth, practically coming down her throat right now. His dick kicked furiously as he orgasmed, ejecting as much of his seed as it could, and Robyn kept sucking the whole way through.

And she was even massaging his balls. Holy fuck it felt amazing.

When he was finished, she put his dick away, sat up, and took a drink from her soda. Then she leaned over. “There you go, cutie,” she whispered. “Feel better?”

Uh-huh,” he replied, sitting back and settling deeper into his seat.

Good. Now we can relax and finish the movie. Then I’ve got another surprise.”

He almost wanted to just abandon the movie, but Robyn seemed to want to watch it, so he put an arm around her and felt a lot more relaxed when she laid against him.

Robyn wanted to take him clothes shopping.

He wasn’t sure exactly why she wanted to do this, but as before with sitting in the back row, she seemed strangely insistent on it. So he went along with it, partially because she was so seductive and because last time had yielded a huge reward, but also because he was honestly curious. Plus, it wasn’t like he had a better idea right now.

And so they’d come to a mall and were making for the store she wanted to go to. “So, tell me about yourself, Robyn,” he said as they walked around. He was actually feeling a lot more relaxed around her now. He supposed having a woman making you orgasm twice, and shooting your load pretty much down her throat, which she willingly swallows, did that.

Well, I was telling the truth about my art job,” she replied. “I live by myself in a house on the north edge of town.”

How old are you?” he paused. “I’m sorry, that was a rude question.”

No, I don’t care. I’m one hundred and twenty.”

Holy shit, seriously?”

She laughed. “Yep. Succubi live for a long time. I’m hardly out of my twenties, I guess you could say,” she replied.

Damn. You must have seen so much...”

The world is a lot different nowadays. And it’s getting different faster, I’ve noticed. It used to take freaking forever for a new piece of tech to really catch on. I like it, honestly. I like the fast pace.” She snorted. “Obviously, given how our night’s been going. I’m not freaking you out, am I? I realize this is pretty fast.”

I...don’t get me wrong, I love this, but it is kind of jarring,” he admitted.

You going to be cool to keep going?” she asked.

Yes,” he replied. “I’m so cool with continuing.”

Good. You’re gonna love this next part,” she replied with a sultry smirk.

Nick was very excited to figure out what came next. Robyn stopped before a clothing store, one of the more upscale ones, and led him inside. She held his hand, lacing their fingers. He felt his heart starting to thump hard again. They walked slowly among the aisles, getting to know each other a bit better while she checked out clothing.

How long have you lived here?” he asked.

Three years now,” Robyn replied.

Why’d you move here?”

I spent decades kicking around the world. When you spend thirty years living in huge, loud-ass cities full to bursting of crazy people, you suddenly find yourself wanting to live in someplace a bit quieter and calmer. This place seemed like a nice compromise. It’s a decently sized city, lots of cool places around, but it’s way calmer. And not a lot of paranormals around, either. That makes it a lot easier, too.”

It does?”

Yeah. I’m not entirely sure why, but paranormals, at least when there’s a crapton of us together in a big city, tend to like...bullshit each other a lot. There’s a lot of like...internal politics, I guess? Everything has a hidden meaning, a subtext, subterfuge everywhere. Mostly it’s harmless, done more for fun than anything else, and I enjoyed my fair share of it, too. It’s just gets tedious eventually. It’s something I’m liking about you, though.”


You don’t really seem to be trying to bullshit me at all.”

I’m not.”

And I like that. Okay, perfect,” she said, grabbing a pair of jeans. “Come on.”

He followed her back through the store to the changing rooms, which were off in their own hallway. She walked all the way down to the end, taking him with her, and pulled open the door. “You want me to wait out here?” he asked.

Nope,” she replied, and pulled him into the room.

What are we doing?” he whispered as she shut and locked the door.

Something filthy,” she replied, dropping the clothes on the floor and then pushing him up against the wall. She kissed him deeply, moaning as she did. He kissed back, once again becoming lost in her taste, her body, her wonderful lips. God, she was so good at kissing. She only made out with him for a bit before suddenly shifting him and making him sit down on the bench. “Now Nick,” she said, reaching down and undoing his pants, pulling his cock out. “You just sit there and let me take care of everything.”

Yes ma’am,” he replied.

She just kept smirking at him and reached down. Working fast and dexterously, she undid his pants and got his cock out for the third time tonight. Once it was out and she seemed satisfied as to its hardness, she stood up and pulled her dress up. She was not wearing panties. She stood directly in front of him, hands on her bare hips.

Like what you see?” she asked.

He could see her pussy now. As he stared at the pale bald slit between her trim thighs, he found himself wondering what it really looked like, in her natural form.

Yes,” he replied, “I do.”

Good. You, my handsome date, are about to get some bare succubus pussy. Count yourself lucky. Lots of guys pay shitloads of money for this.”

Believe me, I feel like the luckiest man to have ever fucking existed.”

Robyn laughed. “Good.” She turned around, showing him her nicely rounded, pale ass, and lowered herself into his lap. She didn’t even need to slick up his cock with her spit. Nick was worrying about fucking inside of a changing room. Didn’t people get in trouble for this? Did Robyn have some kind of way of preventing anyone discovering them? Or maybe some way of getting out of it if they did?

But then, as the head of his dick made contact with her bare pussy, he stopped worrying about anything at all.

Robyn moaned along with him as she lowered her ass into his lap, taking his cock into her amazingly tight, hot, and absurdly wet vagina. He groaned, staring down as she sheathed herself around his rigid length, and then began to ride it. Holy God, this was like being in a fucking porn. He watched that perfectly shaped, pale ass begin to slide smoothly up and down, his cock disappearing into her over and over again.

And she was doing this without resting her hands on his knees, like he’d seen a lot of women do in porn. She was simply standing, using all of her own muscles to support herself, seemingly without effort. Well, she was a succubus.

And the pleasure.

Holy fucking shit the pleasure.

It consumed him. His dick felt like it was awash in a sea of absolute, unthinkable bliss. And Robyn was moaning too, trying not to be too loud.

Oh wow, you must be in love with my pussy cause that feels amazing,” she moaned.

Uh-huh,” he gasped. “I just-I...oh God, it’s so fucking good Robyn.”

Don’t try to outlast me,” she said. “Come whenever you want. Trust me, there’s nothing wrong with a good quickie, and I come when you come.”

He nodded, then reached out and grabbed her hips. She moaned loudly as he yanked her down hard, thrusting his cock up into her, and then he was thrusting up, pulling her down, and she helped him get into a perfect steady rhythm.

This was the best sex he’d ever had in his entire life.

And he was having it in a changing room.

Nick kept shoving his cock up into her, grunting as he fucked her, listening to her moan in desperate pleasure, and he didn’t try to hold back. He let the pleasure burn into him, let the rapturous bliss fill him, let her succubus pussy ensnare him with absolute ecstasy. And then he was coming into her, he was pumping her pussy full of his seed. His cock twitched and spasmed furiously as he came into her, and she moaned loudly as he pulled her down tight over his dick as it jerked and kicked and spurted out thick sprays of his stuff.

He was coming into her and it felt amazing.

Absolutely fucking amazing.

When he finished, he went slack, gasping for breath as he fell back against the wall. Robyn slowly stood up and his sticky, softening cock fell out of her. She pulled her dress back down, then turned to face him.

You need to like...clean up?” he asked as he got his breath back.

Nope. Bonus of being a succubus. That was fucking awesome,” she said. Her face was flushed and she looked very mellow, very sedate. He knew exactly how her orgasm had felt, and knew how good she was feeling about right now.

Shall we keep going?” she asked.

Uh, yeah...yeah, let’s do that,” he replied, putting his cock away.

He got up and they headed out of the dressing room.

They lasted for maybe another hour.

Mostly, Robyn just took him around the mall. She’d ended up only buying a single hoodie, and probably then only because she’d feel weird about the fact that she hadn’t bought a single thing despite spending so much time in the store. And she pulled it on and led him through the mall, past various shops. They stopped at several different places: a video game shop, an actual arcade, a merry-go-round, and finally they came to stand before a large fountain outside. He noticed that Robyn was getting fidgety and nervous.

No, not nervous. Anxious.

Hey, are you doing okay?” he asked as they stood staring into the fountain.

Yeah,” she replied. “Just, you know...” She looked around. “Horny.”

Oh,” he said, looking at her. “Is that so?” he asked, and stepped closer to her. As he settled his arm around her and laid his hand on her hip, holding her closer to him, he surprised himself. It wasn’t something he’d normally do. But, besides the fact that they’d actually fucked now, there was something about Robyn that was just...invigorating, and confidence-inspiring. He was sure some of it had to do with the fact that she’d been pretty up front about everything, but some of it also had to do with her being a succubus.

She shuddered at his touch and began breathing more heavily. “Yes, you bad boy,” she said, “you make me want to fuck really bad. How about we go back to my place and I can show you what a filthy fucking whore I am.”

I would love that,” he replied.

Good. Come on. Hurry up.”

And they began heading back to her place. They didn’t talk very much as they first headed back to the restaurant they’d met in and then got into her car. She began driving him back through the town. “Are you nervous?” he asked.

What?! No,” she replied immediately. He looked over at her. She sighed. “Okay, maybe.”

What could you possibly be nervous about? I mean...we’re just going back to your house to have sex, right?” he asked.

Yes,” she said. “I mean...technically.”

Okay, I’m admittedly a little nervous now. What do you mean by ‘technically’?” he asked.

It’s nothing bad. And it’s sex, and it’s okay if you say no. I just...have something I wanted to ask you. It was the actual reason I started hitting on you.”

The reason you started just staring at me silently...what is it?”

She snorted. “Okay, yeah, fair enough.” She hesitated, glanced over at him briefly, sighed. “This is so fucking embarrassing. I’m a fucking succubus. Okay, whatever. I’ll just come out with it. What I wanted to ask you was, would you be willing to fuck me in my natural form?”

He stared at her. This was not what he had been expecting. “And that...made you nervous?” he asked finally, more confused than anything else.

Well yeah,” she replied, as though that should be obvious.


You really don’t know?”

No. I feel like I’m missing something.”

So you are okay with fucking me in my natural, succubus form? With the pink skin and the tail and the horns and the six and a half feet tall?”

Hell yes, I am,” he replied. “That sounds fucking awesome.”

Oh thank fuck,” she whispered. “It’s kind of a big deal. A lot of guys want to fuck a succubus. I mean, obviously. But so, so few of you humans want to fuck us in our natural form. And, I mean, for the most part, it’s not too big a deal. But generally, having sex in our natural form when we aren’t projecting just feels a lot better. There’s so much more pleasure and, well...intimacy.” She glanced at him and then pulled off the street into what was apparently her driveway. She lived in a pretty nice, two story house.

That sounds nice,” he replied.

That doesn’t make you uncomfortable? The intimacy?”

No, should it?”

No! It’s just that basically one hundred percent of the guys I hook up with are, you know...not looking for real intimacy.” She turned off the engine and got out.

He joined her and they started heading for her house. “So what do you mean when you say ‘real intimacy’?” he asked.

I guess I’m not too sure on that myself. I guess...when we have sex, it’d be, you know...less like a hooker and a guy paying her for fucking or a one night stand, more like...a boyfriend and a girlfriend doing it?”

He stopped as they reached her front porch. “Robyn, are you...asking me to date you?”

She hesitated. “I mean...maybe?”

Seriously? You want do date me? You don’t even know anything about me.”

I know. I’m sorry, forget I said anything,” she replied quickly and unlocked her door.

He followed her inside and shut the door behind him. “Robyn, I didn’t say no. I just...this seems kind of sudden, and weird. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing.”

Yeah. I mean...okay, I guess it’s kind of, you know, cold, but I do want to date you partially because if it does go wrong, I know I can just...leave. If I really want to. I just...move fast. I’m sorry if this seems like a lot all at once. When you’re a succubus and you’ve been around for as long as I have, everything gets, uh...different.”

Nick reached out and took her hand. “Robyn, how about we just...go to bed together, and enjoy that, and then talk about how we feel after?”

She smiled and seemed to calm down. “You are surprisingly confident right now.”

It’s as much a surprise to me as it is to you. I think you’re just having that effect on me,” he replied.

Well, it sounds like a good idea. Come on.”

She laced their fingers together and led him through her house. It was a nice house, and there was a lot of art up on the walls.

Are all these yours?” he asked.

Most of them,” she replied.

You’re really talented,” he murmured.

Thanks, though it comes from decades of practice,” she replied.

She took him up the stairs and into what had to be the master bedroom, her bedroom. Her bed was huge, it dominated the room.

That’s a big bed,” he murmured.

Yep. I had it custom made. Kind of need one when you’re a succubus. For all the...activities,” she replied, then hesitated. “Is it weird, when I talk about all the other people I’ve fucked?”

Not weird, I guess. I mean, it’d be unrealistic to expect a freaking succubus to not fuck a lot, or even to not talk about it. Right now, I don’t care. I just want to see you in your natural form,” he replied.

So you’re not just okay with it, you’re actually into it?”

Yes, totally. The idea of fucking you in your natural form is very enticing.”

Well then, let’s get to it,” she said, and quickly stripped naked.

She looked great naked, but he also knew it wasn’t at all an accurate representation. He’d never actually seen a succubus go from their projection to their natural form, or vice versa. It had always just been one or the other in the videos he’d watched. So he had no idea what to expect. And, consequently, was surprised, (and maybe a little disappointed), when Robyn abruptly shifted into her succubus body. It just...happened.

One minute he was looking at a hot, slim, pale, dark-haired woman who’d taken off all her clothes, the next he was staring at a demoness. A succubus. He thought there’d be more with the actual transition.

But Robyn herself was not a disappointment.

Holy fuck,” he whispered.

She was indeed a good half foot taller than he was. Her skin was a deep pink in color, and good God was she curvy. Damn was she a curvy woman. Her breasts were enormous, definitely bigger than triple-ds, and yet they looked impossibly firm, impossibly perfect. Which made sense, given that she was a succubus. They were topped with the sexiest light pink nipples he’d ever seen. She had that perfect hourglass figure, her stomach trim and going in, though not ridiculously, it fit her proportions, and then broadening out a great deal to her huge, round hips and her sexy thick thighs. God did she have amazing thighs.

He could see her pussy, which almost looked like an idealized version of a vagina, in between her thighs. Behind her, her tail swayed back and forth, a whipcord thin black tail that ended in a triangular tip. She had a very sexy, short red hair in between two black horns that began at the back of her head and curved up along the sides of her skull.

So...well...this is me,” she said.

Holy fucking shit, Robyn,” he whispered.

What?” she asked.

You are the hottest succubus I have ever seen. I mean, I’ve only seen them online, know, porn, and you are just...holy fuck, you are insanely hot,” he replied.

She smiled a surprisingly shy smile. “You really think so?”

Yes, I really think so. I Can we, uh...”

She smirked now. “Yes,” she said. “Come along, my handsome date for the night. I’m going to make you come so hard.”

He didn’t know what to say to that, so he just took her hand and let her lead him to her bed. Holy fuck, she was so hot and so tall. He’d never been with a woman taller than he was. She had to be six six or even six seven. Fucking damn, he didn’t realize how much he loved very tall women until he’d met her. They got to her bed, and then she turned and began to undress him. “Try not to be nervous,” she said as she took off his shirt, “this will be an excellent experience for both of us.” With his shirt off, she dropped to her knees.

Nick got his shoes off and she undid the belt, button, and zipper of his jeans, then pulled them and his boxers down. His cock, steel hard, came out pretty much in her face. She leaned in and kissed the head, sending a spark of pleasure into him and making him catch his breath. She gripped his hips and made him shift over, out of his pants and boxers that pooled around his ankles, and then sat him down at the edge of her bed.

Here we go,” she whispered, and then she took his cock into her mouth and started working it. Both of them moaned as her long, forked tongue moved over and around the head while she sucked him off at the same time.

She took his cock briefly out of her mouth. “Don’t be afraid to grab the horns. They’re there for a reason,” she said, and then put his dick back.

Fuck,” he whispered, settling his hands on her large, black horns. He gripped them firmly, then pulled her head down hard into his lap, forcing his cock into the back of her throat. She immediately swallowed as he kept it there and he cried out as he felt all those wet, tight muscles contract around the head of his cock, massaging it and sending bursts of pleasure into him. She swallowed several more times before he ended up gripping her horns a bit more tightly, readjusting his hands slightly, and started violently fucking her mouth, forcing her head up and down rapidly, making the head of his cock hit the back of her throat.

She moaned loudly as he did this.

That it’s you succubus whore,” he groaned as he forcefully fucked her in the mouth. “Take it you fucking bitch!” he screamed and she cried out even louder.

He hoped he wasn’t going too far and he was surprised he was even doing this, because he’d never said anything like this to his other girlfriends, but Robyn seemed extremely into it. “Fuck, Robyn, you’re going to make me fucking blow my load...” he groaned.

She moaned something in response and began moving faster, intensifying the pleasure as he let go of her horns and sat back, resting on his palms, watching her work. Having a pink-skinned, horned demoness suck you off was beyond amazing. The pleasure kept building and within seconds she got apparently what she wanted: an orgasm.

Robyn began to moan loudly along with him as he voiced his pleasure and began shooting his load into her mouth. She sucked his cock completely dry, totally draining him while massaging his balls with one hand and working his shaft with the others. Pleasure washed through him, intense, white-hot, sexual gratification.

She got every last drop out of him and then he fell back against the mattress as she took his cock out of her mouth. “There, a good way to start the session,” she said, standing up. He looked up at her. Holy fuck she was tall.

She towered over him and smirked down at him. “Happy?”

Beyond,” he replied.

Just wait. I know we’ve had unprotected sex already, but sex with me here, in my...natural domain, I guess you could call it, in my native form, with me really putting all my considerable skills to’re going to fucking lose it.”

I’m very much looking for to that,” he replied.

She just turned and walked away. He stared at her huge ass and he could see her tail swaying back and forth. Fuck, her tail was sexy.

She disappeared into her bathroom, and he heard her gargling and spitting, then she came back. “Come on,” she said, getting onto the bed, “up here.”

He got up and followed her, crawling to the middle of her huge bed. “Let’s not fuck around,” she said, spreading her very long legs, showing him her perfect demonic pussy. “You’re still hard, get the fuck inside of me.”

Yes, ma’am,” he replied, laying down between those huge thighs of hers.

He was still hard and he felt insanely horny. He felt turned on like he hadn’t been in awhile. His lust was a living thing, an electrical, elemental force inside of him. He laid the head of his cock up against the entrance to her pussy and holy damn he could just feel the heat coming off of her like an oven.

Nick entered her succubus pussy.

He slipped right in and yet felt it tighten and constrict hard around his cock. He groaned loudly at the exact same time she did.

That’s it,” she moaned as he drove into her. “Fuck that pussy! Fuck my whore brains out!” she screamed.

He laid down on top of her and began groping her huge tits as he kissed her and began driving rapidly in and out of her, utterly ensnared by lust. Robyn had been completely right: fucking her here, like this, was the most pleasurable, erotic thing he had ever done. He had no idea what he had done to deserve this and didn’t care right now because he was absolutely in love with how this felt, and from the way Robyn was shrieking he could tell that so was she. He kissed her deeply in between her screams of lusty pleasure, feeling the way her vagina, which was the hottest, tightest, and wettest pussy he had ever been inside of, clenched around his dick, massaging and milking it in a way that he knew would be impossible for human women. She had her long legs wrapped around him and was thrusting against him with her broad, powerful hips.

Come in me,” she growled at him. “I want your seed inside of me so fucking bad. Give it to me...” she moaned loudly.

He couldn’t have disobeyed her if he’d tried.

Nick triggered immediately, his cock spitting out more of his seed into her waiting, willing succubus pussy, and oh God it felt like it was actually sucking him, milking him, massaging him as she began to orgasm as well.

The pleasure was monumental. It was like a seismic event, a bomb going off inside of him. His whole body responded to the orgasm, to the mind-blowing pleasure. He could feel his dick kicking and twitching violently inside of her as it spat thick spurts of his seed into her. He was pumping her demoness pussy full of his seed, he was actually coming into a succubus in her natural form. Each time his dick twitched it sent a fresh pulse of absolute rapturous ecstasy through him, filling him with bright pink wondrous pleasure.

He didn’t know how long his orgasm lasted, but when he finally did come down off that high, he was deposited back into his sweaty, exhausted body gasping for breath and laying against her, his head pillowed on her huge breasts.

Neither of them spoke for several minutes.

Nick?” Robyn asked finally, when their breathing had calmed down. He was still inside of her. He loved being inside of her, just resting there.

Yes, Robyn?”

How would you feel about making this a regular thing?”

He sat up, a bolt of excitement shooting through him. “Seriously?”

Yes,” she said, looking down at him. “Hell yes.”

I’d love to, just seems...”

Listen, you just gave me like the most fucking amazing orgasm. I have to remind you, I only get the same amount of pleasure that I give. And apparently I can give you fucking shitloads of pleasure, I made you come so fucking hard. That was intense. My life has gotten certainly easier in the past few decades. I have enough money that I don’t really have to do anything I don’t want to, so I’ve obviously gotten a lot of the things I want. And really, just recently, I wanted...well, you, I guess. I mean, someone like you, who turned out to be you. Someone who’s cute and uncomplicated and single and has the fucking best orgasms and actually wants to fuck me in my natural form. You hit a lot of my buttons, Nick. So yes, I want to make this a regular thing.”

I...okay, wow. Yes, I want to do this like...all the time. Although, shit, I’ve got work tomorrow...” he murmured.

Call in,” she replied easily. “Actually, quit. How about I hire you to be my living fuck toy? Would you like that?”

He blinked at her. “Fucking seriously?”

Fucking seriously,” she replied. “I told you, I have money. Like, a lot of money. And I can make more money pretty much at any time. I can cover all your bills pretty easily. I can just give you access to a secondary account that I can funnel funds into every month automatically so you can go buy whatever you want. You get money and amazing pussy, and I get fucking amazing mind-blowing orgasms and companionship.”

Uh, yes. Deal,” he replied immediately.

She grinned and hugged him. “Good. Now, I hope you don’t plan on getting much sleep tonight, because I’m going to fuck your brains out.”

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Hi, I'm the author. I'm no one special. I live somewhere in the US and, (obviously), I love writing erotica!

After some thought, I've come to realize that three things seem to set me apart from all the other ten million erotica authors out there.

The first is that I tend to write from the perspective of regular, average twenty-something men. After hearing about all the billionaires and NAVY Seals and cowboys, I figured maybe it was time to hear from someone a bit more...real. Someone people could relate to.

The second thing that sticks out is that while I've come across tons of erotica about hot babes being slammed by monsters, (werewolves, vampires, even dinosaurs and BIGFOOT for fuck's sake!), there wasn't much out there about regular dudes banging hot monster chicks. And they need love too, right?

The final thing that I didn't even realize at first and I've since tried to cultivate because I believe in it, is that I'm all about sexual equality. I'm not really here to condemn or kink-shame anyone, but I just like the idea of consent, sexual respect, and both parties getting what they want out of the sexual encounter. (Or I guess I should say all parties, depending on how many people are fucking at once!)

If you like my work and want to get in touch with me, there are a few ways that can be done.

First, here's my Twitter.

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Thank you for reading this, I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it!


PINK. Copyright © by Misty Vixen. All rights reserved.

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