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The Newlyweds

The Inheritance

An Unsuspecting Delivery

About the Author

The Newlyweds

On a cold Friday morning, Jack had realized that leaving the slider open was a huge mistake. As he got out of bed he had to walk over the previous night’s mess, which consisted of clothes thrown astray by the feverish love-struck couple. Jack and his beautiful bride Emma decided that they didn’t need a lavish vacation to the Bahamas or any other tropical retreat, but instead chose the northwest state of Washington to celebrate. Having been the newlyweds that previous evening they hoped on a flight to the hotel that they got for, what one would call a “steal”. This of course was Jacks idea so surely it was a good call. The hotel was recommended to them by a good friend, but they failed to realize that Washington was cold this time of year and that it rained all the time. As jack made his way to the slider, Emma awoke in a stammer of grunts and groans.

“Ugh, gah, why did we choose this place again? I’m freezing Jack,” Emma said with a bleach white face.

“Well it was cheap and off the beaten track like we wanted,” stated Jack, who was sure that this would please his new wife.

Emma, who was not impressed by Jacks answer, made her way out of bed and into the bathroom. Only a few seconds had passed and out of the bathroom came Emma, screaming and flailing about in a rather sporadic fashion. Once Jack saw the fiasco take place, he bolted to the bathroom to investigate the cause.

“HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!” yelled Emma as she swung a towel violently at the open doorway.

“Emma what is wrong?” asked Jack.

“LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT!!” yelled Emma again, as if the first show of yelling was not enough.

There, on the wall was a giant spider. Giant would be selling it a bit short to be honest but to Emma, anything with more than four legs was not of this Earth. Jack, who on many occasions, would have to drop anything he was doing to rush to Emma’s aid or else the world he lived in would stop. This occasion was clearly much worse because like the poor choice in locale, Jack had picked a pest infested Hotel. After the crisis was handled and everything seemed to be back in order Jack finished getting dressed and switched on the television. To his surprise however, the screen flashed with a bright white glow then went black. Of all the days for this happen, the day of the playoffs. For Jack, this simply could not stand. He made his way to the phone to call the front desk. Picking up the phone, he dialed the front desk number only to find that the phone had no dial tone.

“Emma, did you know that the phone or TV didn’t work?” asked Jack in a puzzled tone.

“Jack…why would I know this? And if I did I would have mentioned it.” Emma replied in her usual irritated voice she used when Jack asked silly questions.

Jack, having little to no patience at all, made his way for the door. He would get this fixed, and complain about the spider and how the television did not work and demand a upgrade. In Jacks mind, the request seemed worthy of recourse. Upon reaching the desk, he quickly realized that it being the weekend of the playoffs, no one would be here. Feeling rather defeated with all the bad calls he made up to this point he headed back to the room.

“No one is here.” Jack told Emma in a dreary tone.

“Well it is the playoff weekend and it is shitty weather outside.” Emma tells Jack in an almost comforting manner as if to assure him that he was not a total scre up.

Jack and Emma decided that they would use the patio for some relaxing air seeing as the weather turned around and was now sunny out. About twenty minutes went bye and out of nowhere there was a knock at the door. Jack stood up to head to the door but before he could reach it an envelope was slid under the door. Emma being the curious person that she was made in inquiry as to the reason why this envelope found its way into the room. The envelope was addressed to both.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Skaarsgard please accept our humble apologizes to the condition of the room you have been given and know that enclosed you will find a fully paid upgrade to a suite of your choosing to the Hotel overlooking the ocean. I know the owners there and told them about you two being here. Again, I am truly sorry. JTV, Manager

“well what a breath of fresh air this is!” Emma yelled with excitement.

“let’s pack up and head over there then” Jack said happily to Emma.

Both packed as fast as they could and hugged before leaving for Hotel over looing the ocean, the one with a working television they hoped, and one that had no spiders.

The Inheritance

We all dread the thought of our loved ones passing, but on a Thursday morning, the worst news had befallen the Stewart family. Grandma Sharon was a loving lady and made it a point to have her will include Jax and his wife May. In the will, she had left them her summer get away up in the hills of California. Jax had known this place well having spent many a blistering summer doing tedious chores and what seemed like slave labor. He now wished more than anything that his Grandmother was still here.

“I wonder what she is doing up there. She was so kind” Jax said to May. He had always believed in the great beyond, albeit not a religious man, he still hoped that Sharon went on to a beautiful place.

“Jax, I am sure she did. She was so sweet and loving. For her to leave this place for you is testament to her kind heart.” May explained to Jax with a soft voice. May had been the brace for Jax to lean on in his time of need, and hearing that he would inherit this lovely summer homemade her happy for her husband.

The home was of a lavish design having a full wrap around, enclosed Ivory colored porch that most homes didn’t have. It had four bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms. Of the four rooms, one stood out in Jax’s eyes the most. The room was lacking in size, but the entire back wall was a mural of Winnie the Pooh. Because Jax had a love for the show as a child, his grandmother painted the mural on the wall for him. Little did he know, it would survive all this time.

“I cannot believe this mural made it through the ages.” Jax said to May while staring wide eyed at the wall. May did not look to impressed, as she had frowned a bit when seeing the silly wall design. It was not that she disliked Winnie the Pooh, but to have it take up and entire wall of a bedroom, she had an issue with that. She did however contemplate the idea of a future child‘s room.

“What did you have planned for this room?” May asked Jax, in a hope that he would already had a plan to tear it down or at the least know what to do.

“I had a feeling you would ask. Sharon stipulated in the will that the wall was to remain untouched.” Jax tells May, who at this point, was not surprised having known Sharon for her robust nature of being stubborn and tricky.

“Can I see the will, Jax? I want to see if there is anything else we need to know before we go making changes.” May asks Jax, in a patient and calm voice. Jax hands her the will. May starts reading the portion of the will that involves the home. It reads:

To Jax: We made so many memories together in this house, along
with the mural I made for you, I want you to have it. Please do not
make any alterations to the wall with the mural on it. It is precious
to me, as are you.

May turns toward Jax and with a loving gaze says, “Alright darling, we’re keeping it as is and honoring her wishes.”


What would normally be a dull and rather boring Monday morning turned out to be rather mysterious and full of questions. Shana started her day like normal, waking up at 6:30AM promptly and started the coffee pot. She always had to have her coffee when she woke or else, even the cats knew this to be a ritual of hers. Both Munch and Guinness being black and having some white fur slept soundly in the bed next to her and even rarely under the covers. Last night was rather old and the cats ended up sleeping under the covers and sadly one of them ended up scratching Shana.

“Well thank you for the bleeding wound…” Shana says while glaring at the cats, who seem to be without a care about the wound inflicted.

Soon after the morning ritual and a shower there was a ring at the door. Shana, who hated feeling rushed, took her time getting dressed and made her way down the stairs to the front door. The landing was chilly and she shivered a bit. It had snowed the night prior and she was normally use to the cold having been from New York. She unlocked the door and opened it. At the base of the door was a rather perfectly square box, equal on all sides and wrapped in brown shipping paper. Aside from the wrapping, there was no indication as to where the mysterious package came from.

“Who the hell delivers a package like this with no information on it?!” Shana stated brashly.

After a brief period of deliberation, she decided to go ahead and unwrap the package. Tearing through the paper like a Christmas lunatic, not stopping until the paper lay on the ground in a heap. Shana could not understand why a delivery was made in the first place. She had not ordered anything and was not expecting a gift of any kind. Examining the exterior of the box, Shana could make out a series of letters evenly spaced to read “O P E N W I T H C A R E”. This being the only set of words on the box, she examines the back side. The box was a sleek black and had swirls of blue, almost as if the galaxy had morphed into a box, and delivered itself to her. The box stood about 4-foot-tall and was equal feet wide. It had a keyhole on the lid.

“If I did not know any better, that keyhole looks like a key I have!” stated Shana in surprise. She remembered a key that was given to her by her Boyfriend William not just ten months prior.

Rushing upstairs she fetched the key, almost plowing over the cats who, just as she, had a bizarre look of amazement plastered to the face. With key in hand she made her way back downstairs to open the box and put an end to this excitement. Like she suspected, the key slipped in with ease and she turned the key cautiously and hurriedly. There was a small clank and the lid popped up just a smidge. Setting the key down she hoisted the lid open to find William, knelt on one knee, cheesy look on his face.

“Will you marry me, Shana?” asked William.

“WILLIAM, I SHOULD SMACK YOU SILLY!” replied Shana with a certain flare of rage.

William was not too sure how to respond but repeated the line over. Before he could finish however, Shana had started to cry and with a sobbing voice replied, “Yes you goof”. While this would have been a normal day much like the others, it turned out to be a special day, even the cats got to enjoy as they ran out the door to play with the wrapping from the box.

About the Author

David Holm is Game Writer who, after serving eight years in the Armed Forces of the United States, has looked to join the ranks of the Game World and become a valued asset to the rich stories of Fantasy Fiction Games. After earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Full Sail University, he aspires to create many great stories in video games, much like the ones which molded who he is today.

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