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By Isabelle Corners

Chapter 1 (Fantasy)

The Fantasy


A large and sweaty man had his fingers wrapped around my throat. I held my breath as his grip tightened. His mouth was inches from my own. His breath was more pleasant than it should have been — it smelled of expensive bourbon with a hint of cinnamon.

“Is this your only daughter?” The big man asked my father.

“Yes,” came the gurgled answer from the corner of the room.

“She’s very — pretty.” He drew out the word pretty. It was almost a southern drawl. He could have been mistaken for somewhat charming, especially to girls who swoon at the drop of a sexy accent.

“Shoot him.” These were the next words out of his mouth. He said them directly to me, but I knew they were meant for his henchman — the lanky beast of a man with red eyes and tattoos up and down his arms that had accompanied him here today. This man currently had his gun aimed at the back of my father’s head. Their business was dirty, for sure. But I had no idea why they had come. Why did they want my father dead? My heart raced as I heard the gun cock.

“Please, please — I’ll do anything,” my father begged.

The big man let go of my throat and aimed his own gun at my stomach. He pressed it into me and laughed. I closed my eyes and prepared to die.

“You already had six months, Mister Case. Six fucking months. And did you make even one payment during that time? No. That makes me very sad. Trust me when I say I don’t like having men shot. It always makes a terrible mess. I’d rather they pay me back.”

“I will! I’ll pay you back!”

“Six goddamn months, Mister Case.”

The big man spit onto the ground next to me to emphasize his point. I felt the gun push into my stomach harder.

“What do you want with us?” I shouted.

The big man laughed again. I opened my eyes and got a very good look at the scar across his right cheek. I cringed at the sight of it — twisted and long — like a snake that was forever attached to the man’s face.

“Does she know who I am?”

“No,” I replied.

“My friends call me Richard. Your father knows me as The Crocodile. I make men’s fantasies come true. I’m a pimp, young lady. And your father borrowed some money from me. Yes, I’m also in the loan business.”

So, he was a pimp? A thought flashed through my mind. What if I gave myself to him to save my father’s life? I was a virgin — surely that had to be worth something to a man like this.

I felt my stomach fall as I choked out the words:

“Take me.”

The big man pulled his gun away from me. “Really? You want to come with me, young lady?” There was that drawl again on “lady”. It made me sick to my stomach every time he spoke. It was as if he thought of himself as some kind of gentleman.

“Yes. I’m a virgin.”

“No!” My father shouted. “Please don’t hurt my daughter. Just shoot me!”

The big man stepped back and took a good look at me. Yes, I was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt, and my long red hair was pulled back, but I knew I still looked good.

The big man could see that too. He looked right into my eyes and smiled wide. “Green-eyed pretty lady. Green-eyed ginger. And a virgin too? Now we’re really getting somewhere. What do you think you’re worth?”

“More than you could afford if not for the current situation you’ve put us in,” I replied.

“Oh, I like this one so much.”

He cupped his palm to my face and massaged my cheek. I trembled as his breath caressed my upper lip.

“Please take me and let my father go.”

“You’re a brave woman, Miss Case. What’s your name?”

I couldn’t get it out. I didn’t want him knowing who I really was. He could find out if he wanted to, but I didn’t want it to come from me. My lip shook as he stroked it with his index finger.

“Never mind your name then. I’ll think of a suitable one for you. You understand that by agreeing to come with me you will be mine forever?”


“Oh, God! No!” My father screamed.

“Yes, forever. Your father’s debts are great enough to warrant such a deal. And I can make a lot of money off of you.”

“Ok. I’ll come willingly.”

The gun was lowered and put away. He motioned for his thug to take the gun from my father’s head and it was done. To me this signaled his acceptance of my offer. I stuck out my hand to shake on our deal.

The big man took it and squeezed.

“Forever,” he said.

I felt like I now knew what it was like to sell your soul to the Devil.


Several months passed without much of note. I was kept in The Crocodile’s penthouse suite at the Peacock Hotel & Casino — one of Vegas’ most expensive and exclusive resorts. I wasn’t allowed to leave, so all my food was delivered via room service. Expensive clothes arrived for me daily and I was made to try on dresses and parade around the suite for The Crocodile’s pleasure. But he never touched me beyond a squeeze of my leg or a wandering hand sliding a little too close to my sex. He said it was too tempting to claim my virginity for himself, but that would “spoil” the product. He did take every opportunity to put his face as close to mine as he possibly could and just breathe on me. I think it was just one of the ways in which he reminded me who I belonged to now.

“You’ll join the other girls after I sell your virginity off,” he promised me on an almost daily basis.

One day he brought me a tight fitting red dress that accentuated all of my curves. He brought in a hairdresser to style my hair — she trimmed the frizzy ends off and made my hair smooth like red silk as it flowed around my shoulders and down my back. She didn’t say a word to me the whole time she was there. I think she was afraid of my captor.

“Tonight is a special night,” he whispered into my ear. “Daddy is so proud of you.” He swirled his finger around my cheek and planted a soft kiss on the back of my neck that sent every one of the hairs on my arm standing on end.

The dress had a plunging V-neck that showed off a little too much of my ample cleavage for my liking. The Crocodile wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He rested his head on my shoulder and swayed me around the room as if we were dancing. I always let him do or say whatever he wanted. I feared my father’s life would be in danger if I talked back to him.

When we were done dancing to the silent music he stepped back and admired me. His eyes seemed to pivot back and forth and all around as they took every part of me in.

“Tonight could be the night you lose your virginity, my sweet Fantasy.”

Fantasy. That was the name he had given me. I held my real name deep within the bowels of my own heart. He would never get it out of me. But I have to admit that I liked the name he had given me. Fantasy — it was as if I wasn’t real — I wasn’t really here. I was just a dream, and thus not really under the control of this disgusting man. I was perfection itself — something outside the reach of everyone around me including The Crocodile. I drew a kind of strength from my new name and the feeling of all this not being real that it gave me. I couldn’t share that with my captor though. He could never know that I liked it.

“Daddy, are you selling me tonight?” I asked. He had instructed me to always call him daddy and it always gave me a lump in my throat each time I said it. But I had to be obedient.

“More like using you to place a bet,” he said. He drew out the last word as he usually did.

He was using me to place a bet. Was my virginity going to be gambled away in some card game? I had no idea if my captor was any good at such games, and part of me told me to doubt it. He had gotten rich from selling women’s bodies and giving out loans to desperate men like my father. He didn’t strike me as being a gambler — a man who enjoyed taking risks. He seemed more of a believer in sure things like finding men who would pay a large amount of money to take a beautiful woman’s virginity. There had to be something else about this game if he was going to use me as his bet.

I closed my eyes and tried to imagine the kind of men who might take part in an illicit game like this. In my mind’s eye I imagined shadows of powerful men surrounding me and knew that whatever happened to me it would not be pleasant.

“Are you ready, Fantasy?” He asked.

I applied some bright red lipstick and checked my face in the mirror one last time. I let my hair hang over one eye. Part of me didn’t want to fully see what was in store for me tonight. I would have hid under all my hair if I could.

“Yes, Daddy. I’m ready.”

He took my arm and led me out of the penthouse.

Chapter 2 (Cal)

The Billionaire


I closed the door behind me. The room grew silent as I strode in. I placed my hand on the small of the cocktail waitress’ back as I whispered in her ear:

“I’ll have a scotch on the rocks.”

My hand slid to her ass and I squeezed her cheek. She didn’t even flinch. She leaned in and whispered back:

“Meet you upstairs later?”

“Wait till two and knock three times,” I said.

“Of course, Mr. Wyatt,” she replied. She blew me a kiss as she sashayed off to get my drink.

I sat down at the gold encrusted table of six men and made sure my gaze fell on every last one of those bastards. I wanted them to know I was about to take every last penny they had brought with them. I knew that they knew it too. That was just the way this game was going to go. So many of them had in the past.

The dealer — a tall African American man with a baritone voice that could lull anyone into a false sense of security — smiled at me as he asked, “Are you ready, Mr. Wyatt?”

“Yes, Carl. I’m absolutely ready.”

“Ok then, let’s begin, gentleman,” said Carl as he began dealing cards to each of my soon to be victims.

“Cal, congratulations on the Diamond award. The Peacock is the finest casino in Vegas,” said a fat little man with wispy hair. This was Henry Siegan and I watched his hands shake and sensed he was fully aware he was about to get eaten.

“Oh, Henry, thank you. It’s wonderful.”

No one else bothered to say a word. They just sipped their drinks. Mine was set down before me and I raised my glass.

“Let’s play poker, gentleman.”

The waitress locked the door. No one was to be allowed in from this point on. This was the most exclusive game in Las Vegas — The Golden Table. A one million dollar buy in was the current cost. Few dared to play this game, as I was the undisputed master of the table. I had won the last four games. Was it luck or something else? I’m sure some of my victims suspected I was managing to cheat them somehow. I wasn’t — I was just that good. But it made these men fear me even more than they already did and that was a feeling I enjoyed very much.

There was a heavy knock on the door. “Let me in,” shouted a man whose voice I recognized instantly — Richard “The Crocodile” Hoffman. Richard was the biggest pimp in Las Vegas. He was currently staying at my hotel, so I felt an obligation to at least hear him out. I waved for the waitress to open the door and let the fat bastard in. He entered and slammed his drink on my table.

“I want in,” he said.

“Richard, you’re late. We’re about to start. Get out of here and come back next week,” I said.

“Cal Wyatt, you’re going to want what I’m offering.”

“Is that so?” I asked. The others laughed at my playful tone. “If it’s not a million dollars then I don’t know why you’re here.”

“I could give you a million dollars - yes, of course I could do that,” he said. “But I have something much more valuable today — a girl.”

We all laughed at that one. “Really, Richard? You think you’re going to buy your way into tonight’s game with one of your hookers? That’s something else, man. Get the fuck out of my room.”

The scum had the nerve to move in next to me and press his sweaty mouth against my ear. The only reason I didn’t turn around and clock him in the face was because he was proving mildly entertaining.

“Let me show you the girl,” he whispered.

I stood up and everyone’s eyes fell on me. “Gentleman, this man — The Crocodile — wishes to take part in our game tonight. He’s late and smells like he’s already drunk. He doesn’t want to pay our normal entry fee. He’s just got one of his whores to offer us. Do we let him join us? I have to admit, the only reason I don’t beat the shit out of him and throw him out is because I don’t want blood on my table or my floor. Should we let him play?”

“It’s up to you, Cal. This is your house we’re in tonight,” said Henry.

I grabbed The Crocodile by his shirt collar and shook him a bit just for fun. “Let’s see the girl.”

He ran to the door and swung it open. I had to hold my jaw up when I saw who was standing behind it. The girl looked to me about 5’6” and had long red hair that flowed down her back and around her shoulders. It seemed to be as smooth as still water. She walked in slow and careful. Richard took her hand and brought her before me. I looked her over at close range. She just looked down at the ground and smiled.

I placed a finger under her chin and tilted her face back upwards. The room seemed to spin a bit for me. I was sweating and my pulse quickened. My cock was also jumping around my pants like it wanted to be released. But I somehow maintained my composure. I always maintained my composure, but standing before this girl it just got harder than ever to accomplish.

Her full red lips seemed to call out to me. I wanted to kiss her so bad — no, needed to kiss her. I obviously couldn’t do that here in front of all these men. But for the first time in my life I was getting very close to losing control. My eyes locked with her dark green eyes. I kissed her cheek and removed my finger from beneath her chin. She lowered her gaze to the ground once more. I stepped back and admired the trail of her curves. I spent nearly a minute focusing my gaze on her large breasts and feeling an impulse to reach out and touch them. Of course, I restrained myself. I couldn’t help thinking that she was the live action version of Jessica Rabbit and I needed to make sure I got in on the action. The red dress clung to her thick hips. I imagined myself grabbing a hold of her and pressing our bodies together. I wanted to squeeze her juicy ass as I sunk into her. I could feel pre-cum leaking out of me just from staring at the girl. That has never happened to me before and I’m certain it never will again.

“Wow,” I said. “Ok, Richard, where did you find her?”

“Never mind that. But she is a virgin,” he replied.

“What’s your name, Miss?” I asked.

“Fantasy,” she said in almost a whisper.

“Fantasy. Is that your real name?”

“Yes,” she replied.

I was sure it wasn’t, but I wasn’t going to argue. She certainly seemed like my fantasy come true. I knew then that I had no choice but to let The Crocodile play and I had to win tonight’s game. No one else was going to be taking Fantasy home. I had one more thing I had to check though.

“How old are you?”

“Twenty,” she replied.

“Whoever wins tonight can keep Fantasy with them for one week. Then she must be returned to me. But trust me, one week with this young beauty is worth far more than the paltry entry fee this table usually charges,” said Richard.

“Let him play,” became the chant of every man in the room as they eyed Fantasy. I was sure there were a lot of very hard men here in that moment.

“You’re in, Richard. Sit down.”

I pulled an empty chair out for him. I placed one for the girl directly next to my own.

“I hope you won’t mind if Fantasy serves as my good luck charm for the evening?” I asked my prey.

“Not at all,” said Richard.

The cards were dealt. I grinned at the girl who was looking down at her pale hands. They were shaking. I placed a hand over them.

“It’s okay, sweetheart. You’re going home with Cal Wyatt tonight.”

She didn’t look up.


The game went on for hours. Finally, it was down to The Crocodile and me. I had gotten very lucky. I was holding a Royal Flush. I looked The Crocodile in the eyes and grinned.

I laid my cards down. “Royal Flush. Looks like the girl goes home with me. Don’t worry, Richard, I’ll be gentle with her.” He threw his cards down in anger. I didn’t even bother to look at what he had.

I collected my chips and stood up. “Excellent game, gentleman. I’ll see you all next week?”

“I might need a break next week,” said Henry. “You’re killing me, Cal.”

“It’s what I do, Henry.”

I took Fantasy’s hand and helped her up. “Well, enjoy the rest of your evening ladies.”

“One week, Cal. Just one week,” said Richard.

“Of course, Richard. No more and no less. I promise you I’ll enjoy every second of it though.”

“Whatever, asshole,” he muttered.

“I let you into the game, Richard. Don’t forget that. You put the girl up as a bet. So if you're sorry you’ve lost her now, well, it’s too fucking late isn’t it, buddy?”

I patted Richard on the shoulder as I led Fantasy to the door. I knew he was a dangerous man and could do all kinds of damage to me if he really wanted. So I must admit that I took a perverse pleasure in tormenting him about his loss. He needed access to my casinos in order to stay in business. On the same token, I needed him. Whales would come to my casinos and order up girls from Richard. Hell, sometimes I’d order them some of Richard’s girls as a gift to entice them into spending more money. Richard and I had big business with each other. Each of us knew that he had to toe a certain line with the other. But the money that flowed between us kept us both on the mostly straight and narrow.

“One week, Cal. One fucking week,” he muttered under his breath.

“Yes, one week. You sound like a broken record, Richard. I’ll see you next Saturday. Say goodbye to Daddy, sweetheart.”

“Bye, Daddy,” said Fantasy.

Chapter 3 (Fantasy)

The View from Innocence


We stood in silence in the elevator. He looked me over and grinned. He was a tall man in a perfect and crisp dark Armani suit. His chiseled face and sharp nose gave him a hard-edged look, but he still managed to soften when he smiled at me. He had dimples that could fool someone into thinking he was innocent. His deep-set bedroom eyes were the darkest shade of brown I had ever seen. At this point though I still was unsure of what kind of man I had been given to. But he didn’t seem all that bad. He took his jacket off and slung it over his shoulder. I could tell his arms were thick with muscles. I thought about reaching out to touch him, but I held back.

I was glad to get away from The Crocodile and his cinnamon breath — even if it would only be for a week. I turned to my temporary owner and looked up at him.

“What are we going to do?”

“You’re mine now, for the next week at least. I can do whatever I want to you.”

It didn’t seem like the kind of thing a man would say if he planned to go easy on a woman. He had a fierce look about him. Yes, he was business like, but his whole being emanated with great power. I didn’t even know who he was, this Cal Wyatt. Just one of a great deal of very rich men in this city and I assured myself that his wealth had probably not all come innocently. No man in Las Vegas was completely innocent.

We got to the top floor of the hotel and the elevator door whirred open. Cal grabbed my arm and pulled me out.

“Ow, you’re hurting me,” I said.

“Didn’t I just win you in a poker game?” Cal asked.

“Yes, but you could try to be more gentle.”

“I’ll try,” he said. “But most women I’m with aren’t fans of gentle.”

“I bet you bring a different woman up here every night. You use them and toss them out, don’t you? How is it going to be for you to have to deal with me for an entire week?”

“Don’t talk so much,” he said.

He scanned his keycard on the door and swung it open. He shoved me inside and my breath quickened as I looked around the penthouse. Stunning is the only word that could describe it. Yes, I had been living in Vegas luxury for the last few months, but The Crocodile’s suite had been nothing like this one. I looked out the window at the gorgeous view of the strip. The lights seemed to flicker and entrance me in a way that they hadn’t done for a long time.

I collapsed onto the black leather couch. Cal stood before me and blocked my view of the city. He unbuckled his belt and thrust his pants down. He threw them to a corner of the room and took the rest of his clothes off — everything except his underwear. He towered over me with a huge bulge in front of my eyes.

“Virgin, right? I promise not to hurt you this time,” he said. “Please take off your dress.”

“Can we just talk for a bit first?”

He pulled me to my feet and whispered in my ear:

“We’ve got a whole week for talking, Fantasy.”

He kissed my neck and then worked his way to my lips. I pushed him away. I wasn’t going to let him have me without at least giving me a chance to speak.

“My father —”

“I don’t care about your father,” he growled.

‘Please, Cal, right? Just listen for a second. I think you can help me.”

“Help you how?” He asked.

“Help me get away from The Crocodile.”

“You’re going back to him in one week. So enjoy your time away.”

“Please,” I begged.

Cal wrapped his arms around my waist and thrust me forward so that I was now pressing against his body. I felt his cock prodding into my stomach. He grabbed a fistful of my hair and yanked it back as he bent down to kiss me. I wanted to resist him, but he was too fast. His tongue explored my mouth and I found my own reluctant tongue soon gave up and joined his. Heat spread through me. I was very attracted to this man — I can't deny that. My pussy was growing wetter the more fervent his kisses became. His hands glided over my back and tugged at my dress.

“Take off the goddamn dress,” he said.

I stepped back and turned around so Cal could unzip my dress. He yanked it down and helped me pull it over my head. He whirled me back around to face him. He grabbed my wrist and pressed my hand to his muscular chest. His heartbeat was out of control.

“You are having some kind of effect on me. I’m not used to that,” he said.

He reached behind me and unhooked my bra. He got down before me and pulled my panties off. I stepped out of them and he tossed them to the side.

“Now it’s your turn. Pull my boxers down and shove my cock in your mouth. Do it.”

“I don’t know what I’m doing,” I said.

“I’m going to teach you now. Just do everything I say and you’ll be fine. Do it quickly though!”

I got down on my knees and pulled his underwear down to his ankles. His cock sprung forward. I gasped at the size of it. It was long, thick, and the veins were engorged. He was leaking pre-cum.

“Wrap your hand around it,” he commanded.

I obeyed and formed a tight grip on Cal’s shaft. He groaned as I stroked him up and down. More pre-cum leaked out of the tip. I grew curious and flicked my tongue out over it. He tasted salty, and I decided that I liked it enough to swirl my tongue over him again.

Cal placed his thumb on my bottom lip and pried my mouth open. He grabbed my head and pushed me down on his cock. I choked as he rammed it around my mouth. If this was how rough he was going to be with me then it was going to be a difficult week for me to get through. The only thing I could do was to be a willing participant. If I weren’t perhaps he’d send me back to The Crocodile where I might be punished.

My lips formed a tight seal around Cal’s shaft and I rolled my tongue over his throbbing veins. He pushed me down and held me there for a long time before yanking my head back and pulling out of me. I tried to catch my breath, but just couldn’t seem to do it. My chest was rising and falling rapidly now.

“Please don’t hurt me,” I pleaded.

“You’ll be fine. But you were going to make me cum so I need to rest.”

He collapsed on the couch beside me.

“You have no idea how attracted I am to you,” he said.

“Is that — good?” I asked. After how he had treated me I wasn’t quite sure.

“Yes, it’s a little too good,” he said.

He moved in for a kiss. I opened my mouth to receive him. His kisses were so intense that they overwhelmed me. I had been kissed before, yes, but certainly not like this. This was a man who wanted me with a passion I had never imagined possible. But I knew it was probably just lust. I was his possession after all — even if it was for just one week. There was no chance for anything besides one week of powerful lust. But I wasn’t so sure I would even survive till the end of it.

Cal climbed on top of me and held my wrists down over my head. I was sinking into the comfortable couch. He kissed my neck and worked his way down my body making sure his lips touched every part of me. He paid special attention to my nipples, which he tugged gently at. They were pink and puffed out now and it felt amazing when he rolled his tongue over them.

He pressed his mouth to my ear. “Tell me you want this,” he whispered.

“Yes,” I said. I couldn’t keep myself from this man. If he wanted me he was going to have me, so it was a good thing that I was filled with pure need for him.

He squeezed my wrists and for some reason I found this very erotic. I was fully under his control. There was no way I could escape. I had to submit to his desire for me.

I moaned as he pressed against my body. I knew there was something wrong about losing my virginity to a man that won me in a card game, but Cal was making sure it felt more right than I wanted to admit. My eyes fluttered and I trembled as his hands glided across my skin. I don’t know if it was subconscious resistance or not, but my thighs were pressed together. Cal slid his hands between them and pried them apart. He traced my wet slit. His fingers pushed me open and glided over my pussy lips. I twisted about beneath him. The only fingers I had ever felt down there were my own. Every sensation made me shudder.

He pulled his fingers away from me and licked my juices off of them. “You even taste better than any other woman.” Then he made his way back down to my clit and massaged it in a circular motion. I found my butt naturally lifting off the couch cushion and my back arching of its own volition.

“Mmm,” I said. I was in a dream like state now and Cal was the man in charge of this dream. He sped up and with the increase in speed I felt my sense of place disappearing. The only thing I could see before me was Cal. He rubbed harder and I moaned so loud I thought I might break his crystal chandelier.

His mouth was back on my nipples now. His lips brushed against them and his hot breath made me tremble. With his free hand he grabbed my breast and squeezed as he sucked my nipple. His teeth clamped down on it and the pain that shot through me caused an uncontrollable scream to be released. I reached out and grabbed his arms. I dug my nails into his muscles and he bit harder. I was sweating and shaking now. My eyes rolled back and everything flickered. “Cal, I’m gonna cum!” I shouted.

His tongue followed the line under my breast. His big fingers were so fast now that I could not keep my pleasure inside for a moment longer. There was no way to resist. I thrashed about and moaned. I had never felt so good in my entire life.

He climbed off of me and rolled me onto my stomach. I was jolted out of my trance as he squeezed my ass cheeks and then pushed them apart. He pulled my ass up so that I was on my knees now. And then he grabbed my hair and yanked it backwards so hard that my neck arched up and I screamed. God, it hurt like hell and I wasn’t sure why he was back to causing me pain again. Logic told me I should get away from this man, but the other part of me wanted to see where this pain would lead — I had a feeling it would all turn to pleasure soon enough.

Cal prodded my entrance. “You’re mine now, Fantasy. Part of you always will be after this,” he said as he pushed himself inside of me. I felt him spreading me open as he went deeper. My pussy was so tight and seemed to be trying to expel him. I pushed back on him and this only caused him to slide deeper into me. Each thrust sent pain searing through me.

“You are definitely a virgin,” he said. “Your tight little pussy feels so good wrapped around me.”

I clenched my teeth and waited for the pain to transform and oh my god did it ever. He sped up and pulled my hair back again, but this time I was so lost in the moment I barely noticed. I let out a string of constant moans as he fucked me.

I felt it building very slow at first — a tremor that started in my legs and spread up through the rest of me. Soon I was a shaking and screaming mess. Tears came, and then my eyes rolled upwards again and all I saw was a burst of black and white swirling before me. It was like someone was pressing on my eyes. Cal reached up and wrapped his hand around my throat. He continued to drive into me as I came again. And then he exploded along with me — spraying his cum into me. His orgasm sent me into a spiral of one after another as he kept driving his hard cock into me even after filling me with his seed.

When he was finally done he pulled out and lied down on top of me. He kissed my neck and played with my hair.

“Wow,” he said.


I woke up in Cal’s bed the next morning. I was wrapped up in a red silk sheet and his arms were around me. I had to blink a few times before adjusting to the light of the room flooding in through the windows. At first my heart raced as I tried to remember where I was. And then I thought of last night again and how Cal had claimed my virginity.

I ran my fingers through his tousled brown hair. His eyes fluttered open and a wide smile swept across his face. “Good morning,” he said in a very sexy gravelly voice.

“Did you sleep well?” I asked.

“Better than I have in years. I guess you’re real after all, huh?”

“Yeah, I’ve been real for twenty years now.” I laughed and he pulled me in for a deep kiss.

I pushed him away. There was something that was bothering me about all this. I was certain that Cal would get tired of me and would send me back to The Crocodile now that he had what he wanted. After all, I was sure I was just a thing to be had in Cal’s mind. Men like him would surely become easily bored spending too much time with the same girl.

“Are you done with me yet?” I asked him as I sat up.

He sat up and brushed a hair out of my eye. “Done with you. Done with you. I’m not sure why you would even ask that.”

“Well, you took my virginity. The fun must be all gone for you now, right?”

“That’s ridiculous.” He kissed me again. His lips were warm against mine and for a moment I forgot that there was even a need to question him.

Chapter 4 (Cal)

Fantasy for Breakfast


“I’m going to keep you for the full week at least,” I said.

“And then what?”

“I’ll have to give you back to Richard. I’m sorry.”

Her head went down and I watched her clutch the sheets.

“You could help me get away from him. Pay my father’s debts. I don’t like asking you to do that, but you’re my only hope. I would never ask for another thing in my life. I swear,” she said.

I sighed. “It’s more complicated than that, Fantasy. Richard supplies my wealthiest customers with their girls.”

“So find another pimp,” she said.

“You think it’s that easy? My customers like Richard’s girls. Those are the ones they want. Like it or not, he’s the highest class pimp in town. I own multiple casinos and I can’t afford to lose Richard’s services. Not only that, but I do owe him in a way.”

“No one owes that man anything,” she replied.

Fantasy buried her face in a pillow. I pulled it away and placed my finger under her chin. I tilted her face up to mine and kissed her again — this time with more passion. I was going to enjoy this woman while I had her. I pressed my hand against her breast and she sighed.

“Maybe you’ll change your mind by the end of the week.”

“Maybe,” I said as I pushed her back down and climbed on top of her. I sucked on her earlobe and she moaned. It seemed that I had successfully distracted her and brought the focus back on what we needed to do while we were together.

I placed my hand on her side and grabbed a hold of her juicy body. My cock was throbbing, but I would be patient this morning. I kissed down her neck and sucked on her pale shoulder before moving down her arm.

“That tickles,” she said. “But I love it when you kiss me everywhere.”

“It’s a good thing that I love to kiss you then,” I said as I moved down to her fingers. I opened my mouth and she slipped her index finger inside of it. I grabbed her wrist and sucked the tip of her finger. This elicited a moan so I took her deeper inside me and swirled my tongue over it. She made even more appreciative noises, so I let her finger go and made my way down her hand — kissing her palm and wrist.

When I was done I moved onto her breasts. My tongue rolled over her nipple, which soon became fully erect. Her nipples were puffy and pink. They were surrounded by large matching pink areolas. Everything about her seemed light and fresh. She was not like women I had been with before. She seemed unbroken by the world despite her present life circumstances.

I squeezed her breast as I sucked. My cock was jumping now. Her breasts had a way of making me want to press myself against her hard. I kissed her soft belly and moved further south now. I needed to taste her again. When I got to her pussy I admired the perfect shape. I know it’s a cliché, but it was like a perfect pink rose unfolding before me. I pulled her legs apart and watched her spread open. Her juices were running out now, so I darted my tongue inside of her. She tasted like honey and I pulled back for a moment to savor every drop of her. I lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my neck as I pulled her forward and went deeper now. She twisted around an awful lot and let out a loud lingering moan as I explored her pussy.

I pushed my tongue deeper inside of her. Her ass lifted off the bed so her cunt could receive more of me. I dug my fingernails into her thighs as I swirled her clit around my mouth. I sucked on it hard until she lost all control. She grabbed my arms tight, probably to keep herself from thrashing so much.

“Oh, God, Cal! You are so good at this,” she said.

I sucked harder and she began to shake. Her juices gushed out of her and I lapped up every last drop. Her sensual sounds were all I needed to inspire me to continue. I didn’t let up at all. I made her cum again and then again for good measure. I wanted her not just to know that I had control over her, but to feel it as well.

I moved back on top of her and thrust my fingers into her soaking pussy. “Everything is very sensitive now,” she said as her body shook against me. But her sensitivity did not deter me. I pounded my fingers in and out of her as she screamed. A look of pure ecstasy was etched on her face. I watched her eyelids flutter as I made her cum again.

Now it was my turn. I grabbed my cock and guided it to her entrance. I couldn’t wait to feel her wrapped around me again. I eased my way into her and once again felt the resistance of her tight cunt. But I pushed harder and was soon deep inside of her. I slipped my hands under her ass and pushed her up against me. Her eyes were closed tight. I kissed her forehead as I took one slow thrust after another. She opened her eyes and neither of us seemed to be able to pull back from the other’s gaze.

“You are so damn beautiful,” I said.

“No,” she replied. “But thank you.”

“I’ve never met a woman like you. You’ve got something the rest of them don’t,” I said.

“What’s that?” She asked.

“I’m drawn to you in a way I can’t really explain. It’s like I’ve been waiting for you, Fantasy.”

I rocked into her and let myself go as I felt her walls pulse around me. Intense heat seemed to rise off her body. We were both sweating and lost in the pleasure. I looked at her again and felt like perhaps there could be a way we could make this work. I could buy her freedom from Richard. A man like him always had a price he was willing to accept. It didn’t matter to me what the cost would be.

Fantasy moaned as I sped up. She smelled like lavender and sex. The sound of our skin slapping against each other began to lull me into a trance. I felt myself reaching the point of no return. I didn’t want to cum yet, so I pulled out. She gave me a look that seemed filled with desperation and desire.

“Why did you stop?” She asked.

I kissed her forehead again in response. I climbed off of her and lied down beside her. I watched the light wash over her pale skin and illuminate her freckles. I rolled her onto her side and reached around to massage her breasts. She moaned as I played with them. She pushed against me and I once again felt her wet slit against the tip of my cock. I reached down and guided myself inside of her. I pounded into her as I squeezed her nipples.

This girl was perfect in every way. I just needed to feel her from every possible angle. I sped up and fingered her clit as I fucked her. She screamed and pushed back on my cock. She gyrated on it and we both moaned at the same time. Her juices flowed onto my cock as I pumped cum into her. My arms were tight around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

I would wake up every morning like this if I could.


We sat in matching white robes as we ate the breakfast we had ordered from my restaurant downstairs. She devoured her steak and eggs with the devotion of someone who hadn’t been eating well in awhile.

“Slow down before you hurt yourself,” I said.

“It’s delicious and he doesn’t feed me very well. I’ve mostly been eating his leftovers.”

“That’s terrible,” I said.

“He wants to make money off of me — not spend it on me.”

“Well, he didn’t make any off of you last night.”

“Maybe he has something else in mind.”

“Maybe,” I said. And that seemed like a reasonable idea to explore. Maybe he was using Fantasy to get something out of me. She might even be working with him on whatever it was, for all I knew. I wanted to trust her, but if I trusted people in this town I would not be where I was today.

“He lost on purpose, didn’t he?” I asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said.

“Come on, Fantasy. Don’t play this game with me. What does Richard want from me?”

“Whatever it is he hasn’t told me,” she replied.

I decided to believe her for now, but I sensed that I would have to pay close attention to her. And I had to monitor myself to make sure I wasn’t opening up to her too much. Whatever it was Richard had sent her to obtain, I had to make sure she didn’t get it. But for all I knew, maybe she already had.

“You can trust me, Cal,” she said. “The only thing I want is for Richard to let me go and leave my father alone.”

“I’ll see what I can do about that,” I said.

Her smile grew and her eyes seemed to brighten.


“Yes. I’ll call him later and find out what he wants.”

I reached over and took her knife and fork from her. I cut up a piece of her steak and fed it to her slowly.

“At the very least, we have six more days together. Take your time,” I said.

“I just realized that all my clothes are in Richard’s suite,” she said.

“We want to avoid him as much as we can,” I said. “We’ll go shopping after breakfast.”

She leaned in for a kiss. I pressed my lips to hers and forgot for a moment that she was a possible spy. She was a weakness for me that I knew could easily be used against me if I wasn’t careful. I’m not the kind of man who is used to having a weakness, but there seemed to be nothing I could do to resist this one.


Fantasy was occupied with the view from my window, so I took the opportunity to sneak down the hall into my home office and give Richard a call. He answered and I could hear the sounds of a roulette table in the background.

“Make it quick, Cal. I’m about to win a lot of money off of you. Are you enjoying the girl so far?”

“How much do you want for her?”

“Slow down, Mr. Wyatt. Are you offering to buy the girl from me? She’s not for sale.”

“Come off it, Richard. You and I both know you have a price for everything.”

“I hate to repeat myself, Cal, but the girl is not for sale.”

“I’ll pay whatever you want,” I said.

“Whatever I want, huh? That’s a generous offer, but I don’t think you’re capable of delivering what I want. Enjoy the rest of your time with Fantasy. Fuck her good for me, Cal. When she comes back to me she’s getting a taste of daddy.” He laughed and hung up.

“Goddamnit, Richard,” I shouted as I shoved my phone back into my pocket. Why wasn’t he willing to sell the girl? Every pimp has a price. I made a commitment to myself right there that I would find out what he wanted and give it to him.

Fantasy knocked on the office door. I opened it and saw her standing there with a sheet wrapped around her body. The sheet was just low enough that I got a glimpse of the top of her gorgeous breasts.

“Is everything ok?” She asked.

“I tried to buy you off Richard. He’s not selling.”

She looked down at the ground. “Oh.”

“Just give me time to figure it out. Let’s get you dressed so we can go shopping.”

Chapter 5 (Fantasy)

Shopping and Sad Stories


I was not a virgin anymore. And I was wearing the same dress I had on the night before. Cal was in such a hurry to take me shopping that all I had time for was a quick touchup of my makeup. But my hair still felt as smooth as the night before, and Cal kept casting glances at me as we walked through his casino hand in hand. His grip was tight and he’s a fast walker, so I had a hard time keeping up with him in my heels.

I looked around at the people having a good time at Cal’s casino. Slot machines clanked and balls rolled across roulette tables. The colorful crystal chandeliers and waitresses in fancy cocktail dresses reveal this is not an ordinary casino. There were an awful lot of well-dressed people who I am certain were placing very large bets.

We made our way to the shopping area where a fancy dress boutique awaited our arrival. Cal knocked on the door — even though inside of a casino the place was still open by appointment only. A woman in an elegant black dress answered. I estimate she’s in her forties though she has barely a visible wrinkle. Cal took her hand and kissed the top of it.

“Ahhh, Rebecca, it’s good to see you. You look well,” he said.

“Mr. Wyatt, you’re always a welcome sight. Who do we have here?”

She shifted her gaze to me and looked me up and down. She gave an approving smile and took my hand.

“Her name is Fantasy. She’s one of Richard’s girls. She needs some new dresses for the week.”

I was shocked to be introduced as “one of Richard’s girls”. Is that how he really sees me?

“Fantasy. That’s a beautiful name. She’s absolutely lovely, Cal. You should keep her.”

“I’m working on it,” said Cal.

A few months ago it would have been unheard of for me to hear myself being talked about as if I were just a thing to be owned. But it was my new reality. Still, if I had to be owned by someone it would be to a man like Cal Wyatt. He’s got plenty of charm and money to go around. I was certain that he would take good care of me. Part of me just wanted to break free from him though and go on the run. If I could just get back home I could convince my father to abandon Las Vegas and come with me somewhere Richard can’t find us. I wanted to believe that Cal would be able to free me from Richard, but the pit forming in my stomach as I hear the words “one of Richard’s girls” repeated in my head just confirmed that Cal doesn’t plan to fight too hard to keep me.

Rebecca took my hand led me inside the boutique. Cal followed and locked the door behind us. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful designer dresses than hung from every rack. Just for fun I checked one of the price tags — $25,000. My heart jumped as I realized that without Cal I would never be able to afford this place.

Rebecca held a gorgeous blue evening gown up to my body. “That color will look good on her,” said Cal. He then pulled a black dress with a plunging V-neck off a rack and held it up to me. “This one will show off her assets quite well.”

I tried on dresses for what felt like hours. Several times I found Cal’s fingers climbing my neck. He kissed my shoulder and whispered in my ear: “I’m ready for you again.”

I turned to him and decided it would be an appropriate time to put up some resistance. I needed to make him work harder for me. I was certain Cal Wyatt was used to always having his way with any woman he chooses. He needed to learn that I was not like his other girls.

“Why don’t you go outside and wait for me to finish. I’m sure you have business to attend to,” I said.

Cal laughed. “What’s gotten into you all of a sudden?”

“Nothing’s gotten into me. I don’t want you hovering over me all the time. It makes me feel you’re no different than The Crocodile.”

Cal grabbed my arm and squeezed. “You will not compare me to him.”

“Cal, we’ll be finished in just a bit,” said Rebecca.

He took a deep breath and let go of my arm. “Fine, I’ll send someone down to get the dresses and the girl,” he growled.

After Cal left, I felt as if I might be able to escape. But as I tried on another dress I just realized that such a way out was not possible for me. If I disappeared on my own I knew that Richard would have my father killed. If we tried to flee Vegas together I was certain he’d hunt us down. No, it was better to give myself to Cal for the week and then resign myself to life as a high-class prostitute. I reminded myself that I was the one who chose this life and now I must accept it.

I chose five new dresses. Though I didn’t see the final bill, I’m certain that the total was well over a hundred thousand dollars — easy. Money was no object to Cal Wyatt, that’s for sure.


Once I was back upstairs, I found Cal waiting for me with several more casual outfits. “I figured you’d need something a bit more relaxed in addition to all those designer dresses.” He held up a cute pink camisole. I checked the tag and laughed. It was going to be a bit too small for me, but I’d find a way to squeeze into it for his enjoyment. My breasts would be well accentuated.

“I’m sorry about earlier,” I said.

“I won’t tolerate another outburst like that, Fantasy. Do it again and I’ll send you back to him early.”

“Please, Cal —“

“You’re mine this week, so start acting like it.”

He produced a small box and opened it before my eyes. A large blue diamond necklace waited inside. Cal moved behind me and put the necklace in place. The light brush of his fingers was enough to remind me that Cal holds more power over me than I’m willing to admit. I felt myself growing wet as his hot breath sweeps across my skin. He took his time with the clasp.

He twirled me around and stepped back to admire his work. He let out a low whistle. My pulse sped up as I looked down at the huge blue diamond. I couldn’t possibly accept such a gift.

“Cal, you should take this back,” I said.

“It looks beautiful on you. I feel like it’s meant to be yours.”

Cal took my hand and pulled me towards him. I rested my head against his chest. “Put something casual on and we’ll go up to the roof. I want to show you something,” he said.


Cal’s private helicopter sat on top of the roof of the Peacock Hotel & Casino. I looked over at it and shook my head in wonder. Once again I found myself unable to imagine how one man could have so much money. It’s like absolutely nothing for him to spend it either. I looked down at my diamond necklace that serves as further proof of this. Why give me such a gift if he’s just going to send me back at the end of the week?

I leaned against the railing and looked out at the city of Las Vegas. Dusk was settling in and the horizon had a purplish hue. The lights began to come on. It was really something to watch from this high up.

Cal grabbed me from behind and I felt his strong arms around my chest as he pulled me back. I felt the bulge in his pants. It was impossible not to. He kissed my neck, which sent a shudder through my body. Six more days of this would feel like heaven to me. Cal caressed my breasts. He certainly seemed to have a fascination with them.

He sighed deeply and turned me around to face him. He tilted my head up and smiled down at me. “Give yourself to me.”

“I don’t even know much about you,” I said.

“There’s not much to know. Before meeting you last night I simply lived the Vegas high life. I drink too much, gamble too much, and spend too much money on escorts. Would you believe me though if I told you that before you I hadn’t been with a woman in six months?”

“I wouldn’t believe you at all,” I replied.

Cal laughed. “Yeah, I couldn’t blame you for that. But it’s true.”

“Still not buying it, Mr. Wyatt.”

“Lisa, that was her name. Lisa is the reason for that six month hiatus.”

“Was she pretty?”

“Yes, though not as beautiful as you. Still, I was starting to develop feelings for her.”

“Uh oh, I get the feeling that Cal Wyatt doesn’t often develop feelings for women. Were you in love with her?”

“Let’s not go that far,” he said. “Anyway, I’ve already said too much.”

I was saddened that he wouldn’t open up to me more. “Tell me something else about you then. Where did you grow up?”

“I’m from Los Angeles. Can you believe that?”

“That I definitely believe. Are your parents still alive?”

“If they are, I wouldn’t know. I never met them. I was a foster kid. Twenty seven different foster homes.”


“Yeah, twenty seven, and not a very good one among them, except for one — Old Mr. Wyatt and his sweet wife, Tina. Both dead now, but they were my last home before I turned eighteen.”

“So you changed your name to theirs?”

“Yes, as a way to honor them, I suppose. They didn’t have any kids of their own. The line was going to die out with Mr. Wyatt. So I became his unofficial son, though I changed it after he died, so he never even knew.”

“That’s a depressing story, Cal.”

“It is not,” he said. “I think it reveals that despite being a giant asshole, I still have a heart in here somewhere.” He chuckled and brought my hand up to his chest. It was beating fast again, just like last night. I sighed. He pulled me in for a deep and passionate kiss that made me feel as if the concrete beneath us was shaking.

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