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Remember Me


Nanea Knott


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Chapter One

Willow pushed Chase off and got out from under him at the same time. Rolling him onto his back, she wanted to make sure he didn’t fall asleep on his face and stop breathing. Sometimes, men slept like the dead when she’d finished with them. She’d fed and rested, it was time to go. He would never know she’d been there.

She and Chase had been lovers for several weeks, but it was time to call it quits. The relationship wasn’t going anywhere, it never would. Chase was a good man, but he wasn’t her mate.

Moving slowly, she got off the bed and walked naked to the window. She could see part of Lake Washington from the Seattle condo, but she wasn’t interested in the view. Willow was using the light to gauge if she had enough time to take a shower. Timing was important, she couldn’t afford to get it wrong.

It was overcast; it could be closer to dawn than she thought, there was no way to tell. Glancing at one of the bedside tables looking for his phone to tell her the time, she saw that it wasn’t sitting on the charger. It probably lay on the floor in the living room where Chase had dropped his pants.

Willow padded into the living room to find her purse and dig out her phone. It was just after five in the morning. It was better for her to get dressed and go. There was no point in showering, only to put on dirty clothes.

Locating her panties near the bedroom door and her bra over by the sliding door, Willow put them on. She gathered the rest of her clothes near the couch and retrieved her heels from the bedroom. Chase always wanted her to wear them to bed. The predawn light from the windows made it possible for her to dress without turning on a light. A sudden light might wake Chase, and it was easier if he stayed asleep.

Willow picked up Chase’s clothes, took his phone out of his pants pocket and put it on the charger. Throwing his clothes into the bathroom hamper, she then gathered her things and went straight out the front door. Taking a key from her purse, she locked the door. Leaving the building, she passed no one. Pulling her coat closer, she hurried to the bus stop in the early morning chill. The sun would take a few hours to burn off the thick mist before shining through in the afternoon.

When she got to her place, she put her purse on the small table next to the front door and dug around in it for Chase’s key. Opening the small drawer of the table, she tossed the key inside watching it drop until it settled. It clinked against the other keys already covering the bottom of the drawer. Willow considered the little silver key. Leaving it there meant she would have to look elsewhere to feed. Changing her mind, she took it out of the drawer and left it sitting on the table. It would go back into her purse later. She might use the key one more time. Willow went to take a shower and fell naked into bed for a couple of hours.

Willow woke with the alarm, flipping her long dark hair out of her face, she got out of bed. Dressing quickly, she got ready for work. A piece of toast and a cup of coffee served as breakfast on the way to work. Her office at Expert Realty was on the 17th floor of a tall building in Downtown Seattle.

The elevators opened to the long reception desk that took up most of the lobby. Her office was on the left side. Willow had requested it because it was the farthest away from the elevator and not in the direct sight line of the entrance. They would have given her a cubicle in the middle of the office being only a real estate assistant, but she used her looks and charm to get the office she wanted. She had gotten the interview because she was qualified. She had probably gotten the job because she was good-looking, but Willow was determined to do a good job. To do that, she had to decrease the chances of her being a distraction in the office for others and minimize interruptions for herself. Willow would never get any work done if she caught the traffic from the elevator too. She usually stayed in her office until she had to do something she dreaded, make copies. It wasn’t making the copies that bothered her, it was the morning ritual that usually went with it, the conversation with Chase. He was her co-worker.

“Willow, would you have dinner with me tonight?” Chase asked.

Looking up at him, she smiled even as he stood too close to her 5’6’’ frame. As usual, she pretended to be surprised and pleased. This time, she had to turn him down. She had plans for tonight. “I can’t, how about tomorrow?”

He grinned. “Tomorrow it is.”

Smiling pleasantly, she walked away knowing he was watching her. Chase always watched her; most men did, all day long, every day. She often wished it could be different, but it never would be. They couldn’t help themselves. It was a biological imperative. Humans were always attracted to her.

Willow was a succubus.

She went to her office and sighed heavily while glancing at her computer. Determined, she tried to focus on work, but couldn’t keep her thoughts from thinking about the state of her life. Chase was good looking and charming. He stood over six feet tall and had the opposite of her coloring with his blond hair.

He asked her out almost every day, and since she needed sex to live, she usually accepted his invitation. He’d been kind, generous, considerate and an enthusiastic lover. She could have him every night if she wanted. There was just one problem. He wouldn’t remember it, ever. None of her lovers did. Neither did anyone else.

Being a sex demon was lonely. If it weren’t for the SDA, Willow wasn’t sure how she would manage. The Sex Demons Association helped drive away the loneliness that was just a part of life for most sex demons. If humans asked, the initials stood for Single, Dating, and Available. She’d thought up a different name for the SDA. She called it Sex Demons tired of being Anonymous. The SDA meetings were set up for sex demons to find out any news, and to socialize. Tonight’s party was also the once a month BYOH, bring your own human. It was the sex demon version of potluck.

Willow sat at her desk and remembered the first BYOH party she’d ever attended after she moved here. She recalled being excited. The meetings she had been to previously had just been regular meetings. This would be her first BYOH ever. That night, she’d arrived with someone she’d met on the street an hour earlier. He’d been tall, and good-looking. Allowing him to pin her to a nearby wall and have sex with her let her know he had a big cock. She brought him with her thinking he would be a good guest at the party.

The entire room had cushions and pillows of various sizes strewn haphazardly. There were a few places to sit and relax near the tables laden with the food. Willow arrived a few minutes after it was supposed to start, but already people were naked and writhing on the floor, both human and demon. The smell of it all had been amazing. The air inside thick with the scent of desire. It coated the back of her tongue, and her stomach growled. Sounds of pleasure filled the room. A female sigh, a male groan, and the sound of flesh meeting flesh made her own skin tingle with anticipation. The expressions of sexual pleasure on the faces of the participants made her smile. It was going to be a good night.

The man Willow brought with her was immediately snagged by another succubus. Willow watched as he hurriedly undressed for the blonde kissing him. There were a few humans engaged in conversation with demons. They were standing around snacking from the table nearby. At the time, Willow wasn’t interested in food, she was hungry for more sex. Lucky for her, her friends had brought other humans to share.

A muscular blond man was lying naked on cushions by himself. From the contented look on his face, he’d been ridden to climax at least once already. He looked delectable. As soon as she neared him, he gazed into her eyes and smiled. His cock hardened as she watched. Willow unbuttoned her blouse and stepped out of her shoes. He watched her closely, and she could see the pupils of his eyes dilate. Dropping her top to the floor, then unhooking her bra to drop it as well, she made sure he got a good look at her smooth, flawless, ivory skin. He took a deep breath while watching her move.

Unzipping her skirt, she let it fall where she stood. Slipping her fingers into the sides of her panties at the hip, she wiggled, pushing them down her legs. Stepping out of the pile of clothing, she waited for his reaction.

His eyes surveyed the landscape of her flesh as he put a hand up to help her get down on the floor next to him. She ran a hand over his muscular thigh while leaning over to kiss him. Willow didn’t even bother asking him his name.

Taking control of the kiss, he tasted her thoroughly. Grasping her arms, he drew her down on top of him ravishing her lips. He flipped them over to get on top of her and Willow allowed it. She spread her legs and let him settle his hips there. He slid his lips across her cheek, licking her neck near her earlobe only to suck on that choice piece of flesh a moment later. Thrusting his hips between her legs, he rubbed his hardness against her wetness.

His chest heaved with each breath rubbing against her, driving her nipples to hard points. He moved down her body to fasten his mouth onto one of the firm nubs, while he massaged her other breast with his hand. Sucking hard on her breast, he flicked her nipple with his tongue. He lavished the same attention on the other breast leaving her breathless.

Continuing to move down her body, his hands resumed touching and caressing every inch of her. He ran his tongue over her ribs while his hands held her hips and slid further down her body until his face hovered over her wet pussy. He gazed down at her center and licked his lips. Taking a few tentative licks at her clit made Willow moan. Moving his hands from her hips, his fingers held open her slick petals while he tasted every inch of her sex.

Willow lost the ability to think. Writhing with pleasure, the need rolling through her body told her she needed more. She needed to feed off the natural endorphins humans secrete during sex. The hormones, the sweat, and every labored breath nourished her. The warm liquids released from the human body during the height of the act were what gave her life.

As if he could sense her need, he moved up her body and pushed his cock into her all at once. Willow moaned and bent forward, grabbed his muscular ass and squeezed. He jerked and then started moving inside her. Willow slapped his left ass cheek saying. “Harder, baby.” He jerked again and then obeyed. His handsome face was covered in small beads of sweat, and she took one of her hands and passed it over his cheeks and forehead. He kept pumping out hormones almost faster than she could absorb them. Willow understood why someone had brought him and silently thanked them for doing so.

Faster and harder, he slammed his cock into her and Willow loved it. He balanced on one arm never breaking his rhythm to reach between their bodies and massage her clit. Willow imploded gasping for breath. She needed him to come inside her, the dessert to the feast. Willow moved her hips, encouraging him to keep plunging his cock into her. She grabbed his ass again, urging him to keep going.

He groaned, and with a deep groan, he began filling her with his liquid heat. Every time he pulsed, more of his hot cum would stream into her. Willow squeezed her vagina to milk his fat dick and still, he kept coming. After one last hard push, he was done. He rolled off her and settled next to her trying to catch his breath.

Willow lay there content for the moment. She looked over at him and realized he’d fallen asleep. Standing to get something to drink, she gathered her clothes and placed them on a table that had been set up for the purpose. While she was standing there naked, a handsome, muscular, black man caught her eye making her hungry again. She’d fed on five men before the meeting was over. It had been a good night for her, and she hadn’t had to feed for at least two days.

Feeding reminded her of Chase. She had been feeding on him instead of going out and finding new partners every day as she had to do before sleeping with Chase. Whenever she did, she had to leave him before he woke up in the morning. Sex demons had a rule, pay attention to the time. Dawn was the deadline. She had learned the hard way a long time ago to follow the rules. It tends to freak a man out to find a woman in his bed with no memory of how she got there—no matter how good-looking she was.

Shaking off the good memories of her first BYOH meeting, Willow looked at the time and sighed knowing the day wasn’t even half over yet, but she was looking forward to her plans after she got off work. She worked steadily with little interruption until it was time to go. Finishing out the rest of the day by leaving very little for tomorrow had her feeling great as she drove to a small, nondescript building in Kent.

* * *

Willow pulled up to a single-story building and got out. She had decided not to bring a human to contribute to the BYOH tonight. BYOH was always optional. Willow planned to attend the meeting and go the dinner with a friend at a restaurant down the street.

She looked up at the building. It seemed to be the same color as the sky overhead. It was Autumn, and at this time of year, the forecast usually showed only a long stretch of rain. Willow ignored the fat drops falling from the sky and didn’t bother with an umbrella. She wouldn’t get sick, sex demons never did. She didn’t worry about what she looked like either, even soaking wet, she was gorgeous. Succubi were considered beautiful under any circumstances, survival at its finest.

Adjusting her skirt, Willow walked into the building. She strolled down a short hallway then walked into a large room containing a circle of about thirty folding chairs in the middle. The walls were painted beige with no decorations, a nondescript multi-function room able to take on a theme at a moment’s notice. Off to one side, there were two long tables laid out with different dishes, desserts, and drinks. Willow glanced away from it to look for her friend Shelly.

She’d met Shelly Graham at the first SDA meeting she’d attended. Willow had gone to the one in Kent because the meeting happened on a day when it was convenient for her. She kept going because she had met Shelly and others that had become her friends. When Willow decided to continue attending, Shelly was already losing interest in them but decided to continue to go to spend time with Willow. “I’ll go with you Will,” Shelly said. “But I happen to like being anonymous.”

“I don’t see how you can,” Willow replied, “It’s frustrating not to be remembered and not valued for being a person but as a sex object. The meetings remind me I’m a person, not just a succubus.”

Shelly smiled. “I find it thrilling when you see someone every day, and regardless of how they act towards you, you know their most private preferences. It’s exciting to know the prim man you ride the elevator with, who speaks to everyone in a brusque ‘don’t bother me’ voice, has a secret. He loves to have his ass spanked with a wooden paddle. We get to know all the sexy secrets people hide from others. Besides, you know as well as I do that sex demons who try to ‘expose’ themselves…” she grinned, “…are severely punished. Being anonymous allows us to hide in plain sight. Unless I find my mate, there’s no need for anyone to know who, or what I am. The world, as the saying goes, is my oyster.”

Willow grinned remembering the conversation. Shelly was ever the optimist. Willow found her friend sitting in her usual seat on the left side of the room. Shelly was dressed in a blood red skirt and blazer set with a black satin blouse and three-inch black pumps. Her strawberry blonde hair was pulled back in a sleek chignon. Her cherry red lips curved into a smile and her blue eyes sparkled when she spied Willow.

“Hi Sunshine,” she greeted when Willow sat down next to her.

“Hey,” Willow replied.

“How’s it going?” Shelly smiled.

“The same as always.” Willow sighed and placed her handbag on her lap.

“Let me guess,” Shelly said. “You slept with Chase last night, and he asked you out again, this morning?”

“Yes,” Willow answered forlornly.

“Is he boring you in the sack already?” Shelly teased.

Willow scoffed. “No, but every time I sleep with him, he acts like it’s the first time.”

Shelly smiled patting her arm. “For him, it is.”

“I know. I hate it,” Willow complained.

Shelly was gentle when she replied. “That’s just the way things are for us. No one remembers us. Sexy pictures come out blurry, video recordings show nothing but snow. Credit card statements are overlooked and forgotten.”

“I know all of that, but don’t you ever get tired of it?” Willow asked turning to look at her friend.

Shelly shrugged. “Sometimes, but there’s nothing we can do to change it. If you keep thinking about it, you’re going to make yourself crazy. Until, or unless, we find our mates, the way our lives are right now, is all it's ever going to be.”

Willow wanted to argue, to rail against the unfairness of it all, but she couldn’t. Shelly was right. The fact that no one remembered having sex with them is what allowed demon-kind to hide from humanity in plain sight.

While Willow and Shelly sat talking, the room had filled with people. The humans brought for the BYOH gathered mostly near the food table. Anyone walking into the room right then would have thought it was a meeting only for beautiful people. Tall, muscular men with chiseled features stood next to stunning women ranging from tall and statuesque, to petite, and curvaceous.

Shelly and Willow stood to speak to their friend Keely when she walked in. Keely Beck was a sultry redhead with killer curves and flashing green eyes. Keely attended the meetings regularly as well. She’d said her job made her even more anonymous because no one even wanted to know her name. Keely was okay with it most of the time, but she thought it might be nice if, occasionally, a man remembered her as more than the “redhead with the nice ass.” Keely was a stripper, correction, exotic dancer, and one of Willow’s best friends. The two women couldn’t be more different, but Willow valued her friendship. Keely could be blunt almost to the point of being abrasive. She didn’t care what people thought and always made it a point to say so when she thought someone was sticking their nose where it shouldn’t be. Despite her attitude, Keely had a lot of friends.

Willow thought everyone should have at least one friend like her, a person who will tell you the truth, even if you don’t want to hear it. Keely had never been cruel, but she didn’t hold back either. Keely told Willow she was only coming to the meetings to spend time with her too, but Willow knew she came for her own reasons. Keely probably hadn’t given it much thought until someone had put a name to the way she’d been feeling, lonely.

For the most part, the sex demons who attended were dissatisfied with their lives in some way. The SDA meetings started as a way to bring the community together to talk about their issues. One would think perfect-looking people wouldn’t have issues, but it wasn’t true. As a sex demon who could have sex with anyone, anytime, anywhere with no consequences whatsoever, every day was one big orgy. Until you realize that like everything else repeatedly done, it gets old.

When Willow had first moved to the city, she’d slept with just about every man within a mile of her home. Sometimes, she went to clubs, picked up three men at a time, did them all before dawn, and left. Willow often screwed men in her car, and then left them standing on the sidewalk.

She never hurt anyone and had no regrets, but it wasn’t fun anymore. She’d already been through the perpetual orgy stage, and now a sense of longing for something more permeated her every waking moment. Eventually, everyone Willow knew had been there, done that, and now attended the meetings to try to figure out what to do to try to alleviate the ache they felt.

* * *

Todd Kreski called the meeting to order. He stood a few inches over 6 feet tall with short, dark blond hair, light brown eyes, chiseled features, and broad shoulders. He’d been endowed with a lean, muscular frame. As one of the well-liked leaders of the SDA meetings in the area, he was a gentle man with a ready smile. “Welcome, everyone. Please take a seat,” he announced with a velvet voice. “A friend of mine, Phillip, is here tonight.” He gestured to a handsome man with dark hair and blue eyes seated next to him. “Phillip's got a problem, and he’s hoping we can give him some advice. Phillip has found his mate.”

The whole room gasped with excitement. He’d found the only human who would remember having sex with him, they would be his mate for life. Phillip stood and shook Todd’s hand before turning back to the group. “I did find her.” Phillip beamed. “She got hired a couple of days ago to be my boss' assistant. I didn’t know what she would be to me. I mean, how could I? She was bringing something to me, and her hand brushed mine. Let me tell you guys, instant hard-on. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. She touches me and my skin tingles.”

The crowd was breathless, each imagining what it would be like with someone who made them feel that way. At one time, Willow had hoped Chase would be the one for her. She remembered lying next to him in the dark in the early morning hours, gently stroking his hair while he slept. Leaving him before sunrise, she hoped he would tell her in a few hours he’d had a good time, and wanted to see her again. Willow remembered seeing him smile at her in the morning. She was so excited she might have finally found her mate. Then he asked her when she was going to agree to go out with him. She smiled to hide her disappointment and agreed to go out with him again. A succubus still had to feed.

Phillip was still talking, and Willow focused her attention on him. She could live vicariously for a moment.

“I knew the minute I touched her that she was the one,” Phillip explained, “I never thought it would happen to me. I try to behave normally around her, but I can’t. Every time I get near her, all I want to do is touch her. She probably thinks I’m a freak. I keep finding ways to get close to her. That was all before I even slept with her. Now, it’s even worse. I can’t think of anything else but her. I need to find a way to get her to marry me.”

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be with her?” Someone asked.

“I would, but I screwed up. I slept with someone the day after I slept with her. Right now, my mate thinks I’m a man-whore. She also thinks I might have done something illegal. She remembers me leaving with another woman, knowing we were probably going to have sex. The woman I left with doesn’t remember anything, of course. My mate is baffled as to how that happened. I found out from another co-worker that she has concluded that the most logical explanation is that I must have drugged the woman resulting in her memory loss. My mate also thinks I might have assaulted the other woman, and she’s just too traumatized to remember.” The audience groaned in sympathy.

“What are you going to do?” Someone asked.

“I don’t know. I was hoping for a suggestion.” Phillip searched the faces in the room.

“You could ask Marissa.” Someone suggested.

Marissa Davis is a respected leader in the area. If she didn’t know the answer, she could probably find out. “I tried calling her, but she hasn’t returned my call yet. Anyone?” Phillip pleaded.

A woman seated near Willow raised her hand. Todd recognized her with a nod, and all heads turned towards her. “Try talking to her again,” the woman suggested. “If she is your mate, she won’t be able to stay away from you for long. It’s only a matter of time.”

Phillip shook his head. “I tried, but she’s mad at me right now. She can’t even stand to be in the same room with me. Despite her attraction to me, I’m afraid she’ll reject me. If that happens, I’m done. I barely know her, but I already crave her. If she rejects me, I won’t survive. I haven’t fed in three days.”

The room got very quiet. Willow knew if he didn’t feed soon, his instinct for survival would take over and he would have almost no control over whom he fed on by day four. If he could get past that urge and still not feed, on day seven, he would die a quick, but painful death.

Most demons feed every day or several times during the day if they need to skip days for whatever reason. Going more than two days is something most demons avoided. No one else had suggestions for him, and Phillip sat down despondently. The meeting went on as normal, everyone sharing their stories of having great sex that no one remembered but them. Willow didn’t feel like talking, she’d already told the group about Chase. People had nodded at her with understanding as she related how she had the same conversation over and over with him.

Todd ended the meeting reminding them they were part of the underworld of beings that lived with, and loved, humans. He reminded them to be kind to the humans they fed on as those humans could turn out to be their mates.

The group of demons moved to the table of snacks where most of the humans stood. It didn’t take long before everyone was stripping. The smiles on the faces of the humans and the glazed looks in their eyes told Willow none of them would remember a thing.

Willow and Shelly decided to pass on the skin buffet and keep to their original plan. Shelly hadn’t brought anyone for the BYOH either, but she did stop to get a kiss from a man with blond hair before they left. She said she needed one for the road.

They gathered their belongings and headed out the door. Keely had something to do before going to work. If not, she would have stayed. Keely never missed out on the human sex buffet. They hugged each other goodbye in the parking lot. Willow and Shelly made plans to meet at a place just up the street. Someone stopped Shelly to ask a real estate question. Willow left saying she would meet her at the restaurant.

Willow’s thoughts wandered as she drove up the street. What would it be like to meet her mate? She tried to imagine it and couldn’t. Most demons believed that once you found your mate, and then had sex with someone else, it wouldn’t be the same. Phillip didn’t say anything about that, but Willow had heard if you found your mate and slept with someone else, you would still be hungry. Once you had the four-course meal which in essence, was sex with your one and only, sex with everyone else felt like just a snack. It seemed that once you found them, no one else would do. It was also rumored that for some demons, if you tried to sleep with someone else after your mate, you could also get sick, but Willow had never met anyone who’d been through the experience.

Willow pulled up to the restaurant but waited in the car. She did her best never to eat alone. Men approached her constantly. She often didn’t get a chance to eat. Sex demons didn’t need to eat, in fact, they could completely live off sex, but to do that, Willow would have to have a lot of sex, and she refused to live that way anymore. It bored her to always be looking for new partners. There were days when that was all she did. As time when on, she figured out that there were other things to do with her time, and she enjoyed eating food.

At one point, she considered becoming a stripper like Keely. The hormones of the male patrons flooded those places. It would be so thick, she could practically drink them just standing in the room. Eventually, she dismissed the idea after thinking about having to sleep with a drunk when she needed to get off. She might be a sex demon, but dammit, she did have some standards.

Keely loved being a stripper. It was exciting for her to know she could pick a man in the audience, any man, and leave with him five minutes after she left the stage. Willow wasn’t sure it was her idea of a good time, but she could see Keely’s point. Sex demons needed sex to live. It wasn’t an option. Willow supposed it would be like having a buffet to choose from, versus having only one thing on the menu. Thinking of a menu made her stomach growl.

She glanced at her watch. Shelly seemed to be taking a long time to get there.

After ten more minutes, she was starting to worry. She couldn’t figure out what could be taking Shelly so long. It was only a five-minute drive to the restaurant. Maybe Shelly met someone on the way and had taken them home, she’d done it before. Though, if that were the case, Shelly would’ve called. Willow pulled out her phone to check to see if she missed a call, she hadn’t. Finding Shelly’s number, she pushed the button to call her and waited for her to answer.

Chapter Two

Detective Greg Stewart hung up his cell phone and cursed. He’d broken up with his last girlfriend a few weeks ago, and she was still calling to ask him to do things for her. It was insane. Women were beautiful and amazing, and he didn’t know how he was going to do it, but he was done with every last one of them.

His best friend and partner, Shane McCann had told him to get rid of her as soon as he’d met her. Greg didn’t listen. Six months later, he was done. Most of those six months he had spent listening to her either crying or yelling when he caught her lying again. After all those months of dealing with her cheating and manipulation. He was finally free of her. Greg told himself he’d been looking for the real thing and got sidetracked. No matter what, he was going to take the time he needed to get it together before he ended up doing this again. He was going to do himself a favor and take some time to figure out what he’d done wrong. Why he kept choosing the wrong women. He planned to keep his hormones on a tight leash long enough for his brain to work it out. If he didn’t, a pretty face with a nice ass would have him on his knees. Greg didn’t want to go through that again. While he was praying the answers would come to him soon, he would focus all his effort on work.

Curiosity had him following a couple of cases he’d heard about from other jurisdictions. There’d been attacks all around the Seattle-Tacoma area in the last few days. Not that crime was unusual in the area, but what made the cases interesting were the victims. They seemed to be random, but Greg had a feeling a connection existed. No proof of that surfaced so far, but when it came to his job, he always relied on his gut instinct, it had never been wrong. Too bad it didn’t work so well for his love life.

Releasing a sigh, he ran his fingers through his dark hair. He’d just cleared the most pressing cases he had been working on, and while there were always more, for the moment, he could take a breath. He thought about using up the remainder of the day at the firing range and getting in some practice.

Shane kept giving him crap about not being able to shoot for shit. Shane, the marksman, could put a bullet hole in a leaf on a tree at 50 feet with a crosswind blowing. Greg was glad his partner was still around to give him crap about anything.

Shane had been shot during an investigation three months ago. He went to interview someone on a stolen car case, but the timing wasn’t good. He had interrupted a drug deal. Greg had been glad the dealer was a crappy shot. Shane put the shooter down with a single bullet before passing out from his injuries.

Instead of the firing range, Greg went home and cleaned his apartment. Being a bachelor who spent most of his time away from home, meant his living space often looked like a hurricane had just blown through. He stopped cleaning when Shane called. They’d been assigned a new case, a car accident, a weird one, apparently. Just the kind of thing Greg would find interesting.

When Greg arrived, Shane filled him in on the details. From what they could determine so far, the accident wasn’t an accident. Preliminary evidence said it was intentional. Greg studied the other car, it was a heavy older model car that had been reinforced. It had been altered to ensure damage. Aside from the crushed front end, the car looked perfectly fine. The other driver had chosen the collision car well. They managed to get out of the car right before it hit and then took off. Greg walked around to take a look at the victim’s car and was contemplating his next steps when he heard a phone ringing.

* * *

“Hello?” a male voice answered.

Willow didn’t think anything of it. “May I speak to Shelly, please?”

“I’m sorry she’s not available, who is this?”

The tone of the man told her something was wrong. “This is her friend Willow, who’s this?”

“I’m Detective Stewart with the Kent Police Department.”

“Police? Where is Shelly? She’s supposed to meet me.”

“Where?” The detective asked.

“At the Range Restaurant, where is Shelly?” she asked again.

“Would it be possible for you to meet with me, right now?” he replied instead of answering her question.

“Um, sure, but I don’t understand,” Willow said.

“What’s your last name, Willow?”

“It’s Harris. What’s going on?” she replied.

“There’s been an accident. Ms. Graham is being taken to Raven Hill Medical Center.”

* * *

Greg asked Shelly Graham’s friend Willow to meet him at the site. He needed to find out as much about the victim as he could and more importantly, who might want to hurt her. He was glad Shelly’s phone rang. Normally, he wouldn’t have answered it, but his gut said it was important. He hadn’t even known it was in the car until he heard it ringing under the passenger’s side seat. The phone wouldn’t have been found until hours later when the car was at impound. Greg hoped to learn something from the woman he talked to on the phone. He now knew where Shelly was going, the question was where had she been? According to her license, she lived and worked in Bellevue. Why was she in Kent?

As soon as he’d taken a good look at the scene, he’d leave it to the techs. Other officers were taking witness statements. He would take a look at all of them later to help him get a better picture of what had happened. Shelly’s injuries were bad, and he wondered if she would make it. Greg would do his best to find answers for her and her family. He would start by questioning her friend.

* * *

Willow left the restaurant and drove back down the street. The traffic was terrible. She crawled towards the intersection and could see the flashing lights up ahead. It wouldn’t be possible to turn at the intersection. The police had blocked off the street. Willow parked nearby and walked the rest of the way. The Detective had requested she meet him at the accident site.

Walking over, she forced herself to take her time. Anxiety was riding her hard, but she didn’t want to trip in her heels from not watching where she was going. The officers had already put up a few bright work lights, and Willow focused on where she put her feet, paying attention to her breathing. It was only now sinking in that Shelly could be seriously hurt. As she moved closer, she took in the details of the accident. Shelly’s car had been T-boned on the passenger’s side.

Willow felt cold creep up her spine when she saw all the blood on the driver’s side. The window was broken. A bloody jagged piece remained in the door while the rest looked like pink glitter on the ground and there was blood. A lot of it. Is Shelly still alive?

She approached an officer at the edge of the crime scene tape, telling him her name and asking for Detective Stewart. He pointed at an officer standing near the car that had hit Shelly. The officer called out to the detective to get his attention.

The first glimpse Willow had of Detective Stewart was his ass. He was bent over scrutinizing something. He straightened up when he heard his name called. Willow noted he was a few inches over six feet and broad-shouldered. The hat he wore made it impossible to determine the color of his hair other than it was dark. Willow was struck by his golden hazel eyes reflecting the bright work lights. She noticed his angular features when he turned towards her, his thick dark brows knitting together for a moment at the interruption.

When their eyes met, she felt her heart skip. Detective Stewart was handsome. Her skin tingled when he gave her a small smile. She wanted to see him really smile as she lay under him in bed. Then she reminded herself to keep her hormones under control.

If the detective caught her scent, she could be on the ground with him on top of her in the middle of the road within five minutes. It didn’t take much for her to imagine him working to get her skirt up and her panties down. Then Willow remembered where she was and what had happened. The detective was supposed to be investigating what had happened to her friend. If she confused him with sex, she wouldn’t learn anything. She was certain other demons would want to know what happened as soon as possible.

Willow smiled at him and waited until he was done. The other men standing around him were staring. She reminded herself Shelly could be dying or dead, now wasn’t the time to screw around. Even though Shelly would disagree.

“Miss Harris?” Detective Stewart greeted, “Thanks for coming. Could you please wait over there? I’ll be right with you.” He gestured at an area of the sidewalk to her right.

“Sure.” She walked over to get out of the way of other men who moved toward the vehicles. Once she got there, she turned facing his direction to wait for him. He leaned over to talk to an older man wearing a white jumpsuit and gloves. Noticing how Detective Stewart’s pants clung nicely to his beefy behind, she admired the view.

Another man wearing a white jumpsuit was walking near her at the time, and he suddenly turned towards her as if she were a beacon in a storm.

Oops. I’m leaking hormones like a teenager.

Hormones made sex demons irresistible to everyone with very few exceptions. Willow could direct who would receive the brunt of the scent she released. If anyone nearby found her attractive, the scent would encourage them to approach. When unlimited sex was still a novelty for her, she was ashamed now to admit that she had used it to control men. She had often used it to get a guy to masturbate in front of her in public places just for fun. Since they wouldn’t remember it, back then, she thought no harm, no foul.

She’d also used it to teach someone a lesson once. There was a man she met in a club who grabbed her arm and told her she was going home with him. Yanking her arm back she walked away from him. He grabbed her again, and whispered harshly to her, “Bitches don’t walk away from me.”

He began dragging her away through the crowd confident he would get what he wanted. Instead, she bombarded him with so much of the scent of her hormones that he nearly passed out. Ordering him to get on his knees, pull out his cock and start stroking himself in front of everyone, he obeyed. The bouncer threw him out still stroking. Standing in the doorway, she watched as he came on the sidewalk all over the shoes of a police officer. He got arrested for indecent exposure.

At the time, she smiled thinking about how he would wake up in jail the next morning wondering how he got there and no one would be able to tell him. The next day, she forced herself to admit that although she had a lot of power over humans, to continue to do things like that was just cruel. Since then, she did her best to control herself—no matter how much some might deserve it.

“Charlie!” Detective Stewart shouted.

“Huh?” The man replied stopping right in front of her while looking dazed. “Did you say something, honey?”

Willow shook her head and smiled.

“Charlie,” the detective called out again. “I called you to help process the cars, not to talk to the witnesses.”

“Oh, uh, sorry,” the man mumbled red-faced.

Willow smiled pleasantly and did her best to keep her hormones to herself. Charlie walked over to where the detective stood with another man wearing a white jumpsuit with CSI printed on the back. Willow was trying to be patient, but she was anxious about Shelly. “Detective Stewart?” she called.

“Yes?” he replied turning slightly towards her.

“I know you’re busy, if you want to do this another time, I can give you my number, and you can contact me whenever it’s convenient. I need to get to the hospital. I’m sure you understand.”

The detective paused for a moment, then walked over to speak to her.

* * *

Greg couldn’t believe his eyes. He’d never seen a woman so perfect-looking. He could see himself running his fingers through her long, dark, silky hair while gazing into those blue eyes of hers. She was on the thin side, but she still had enough curves to keep his attention. It would be his pleasure to feed her by hand, every time she was hungry. Greg would be more than happy to appease every hunger she had.

A snug-fitting skirt emphasized her waist and hips. In his head, the fantasy played of him holding onto those hips while he pounded into her from behind. He shook his head to clear the images. Damn, she was beautiful. Her eyes were practically glowing in the light, and he would dream about those perfect ruby lips for days.

Then he remembered he was supposed to be a professional. It wasn’t in his best interest, or even vaguely helpful to the case, to act like a tool. The promise he’d made to himself crossed his mind. It reminded him, again, why he wouldn’t fall for another pretty face. Greg took a deep breath and prepared himself mentally to go over and talk to her. He needed to get some important questions answered, and his lack of ability to get it together was keeping her from finding out about her friend.

He glanced over at her again, trying to muster up the courage to talk to her. It was ridiculous, he felt like an awkward teenager. It started raining again, and she wasn’t carrying an umbrella. Her light-colored blouse was clinging to her in all the right places, and he groaned. He reminded himself yet again that he had a job to do.

Greg almost had a grip on himself until he gazed over at Willow again. She’d caught a chill. He could see her nipples through her blouse. He would have to make her wait a little bit longer. The front of his pants had become uncomfortably tight.

He didn’t want her to leave, but making her wait was the wrong thing to do. He’d seen Shelly right before the ambulance took her, and he hoped she was in better condition than she looked. He kept making Willow wait because he couldn’t control his raging hard-on. The shame of it killed his erection, and he walked over to her. “I apologize, Ms. Harris. Thank you for waiting.” He pulled a small notebook out of his pocket with a pen.

“Please just call me Willow. It’s not a problem, I’m just worried about Shelly. Can you tell me anything?”

“She was alive when the ambulance pulled away,” Greg replied in a flat informational tone as if telling her what time it was. He didn’t want to upset her. She wouldn’t be much use to him if he made her cry.

“Thank you. That makes me feel a little better. What did you want to ask me?”

Greg looked at her hairline to avoid looking directly into her eyes and getting distracted. “Do you know where Ms. Graham was before she was supposed to meet you for dinner?”

“Sure, we were at a meeting together,” Willow said.

Greg looked down at his notebook preparing to make notes. “Where was the meeting held?”

“Just down the street a couple of blocks from here,” Willow answered.

“OK, and what was the meeting about?” Greg said glancing up at her when she paused.

“Uh, well it’s more a get together for friends than an actual meeting,” Willow said tilting her head slightly. “It’s a support group of sorts.”

Her answer was a bit vague, and he would pin her down later on it, but first, he needed to establish a timeline. “I see. What time did the meeting end?”

“About an hour ago.”

Greg asked her a few more questions then took down her name and contact information. He thanked her for her time and told her he would call her again within the next couple of days with more questions. He watched her walk briskly away back to her car as he watched. He didn’t want to keep her any longer. Greg would find the time to interview her more extensively later.

* * *

Willow’s cell phone rang as soon as she got in her car. It was Todd, the SDA Group leader.

“Willow, thank God. Shelly mentioned the two of you were going to dinner at the Range. I got an important phone call from Marissa and decided to stop by and tell you both in person,” Todd said. “It took me some time to get there because I had to drive around an accident on 228th. When I got to the restaurant, you weren’t there. I was concerned.”

“The accident you passed, Shelly was in it,” Willow said.

Todd gasped. “Is she all right?”

“I don’t know. They said she was alive when they took her to Raven Hill. I’m on my way there now.”

“OK, before you hang up, what I stopped by to tell you was that we have received threats. Somehow, humans know about us, and they’re determined to see us wiped out,” Todd said.

Willow frowned at her steering wheel. “How is that possible when everyone always forgets?” she asked.

“I don’t know, but please be careful.”

“I will,” Willow promised double checking to make sure her car doors were locked.

“I need to try to reach a few more people, but I’ll see you at the hospital,” Todd said.

Willow hung up wondering if what Todd had talked about had something to do with Shelly’s accident. She left the parking lot and swung around to get on the highway heading north. Ten minutes later, she took the off-ramp to the hospital wondering what was going to happen next.

Willow parked her car in the parking structure of the hospital and walked across the main lobby to get to the ER. A long service counter stood on the right side of the room next to the large automatic double doors to the emergency area. The counter had been sectioned off to allow for privacy. She stood in a short line to wait.

A pretty young woman with dark blonde hair and blue eyes looked up, prompting Willow to step forward when it was her turn. “How can I help you?” the woman asked.

Willow noted the woman wasn’t wearing a uniform, but her name tag read Karen Nicholson, R. N. “A friend of mine was just in an accident and the officers told me she was brought here. I‘m here to find out how she’s doing,” Willow said.

“What is the friend’s name?” Karen asked staring at the monitor in front of her.

“Shelly Graham.”

Karen typed on the keyboard. “Yes, Ms. Graham is currently in the ER.”

Releasing a little hormone in the hopes Karen found her attractive, Willow planned to persuade Karen to let her back to see Shelly or at least give her some information regarding her condition. Willow watched her eyes glaze over for a moment before asking “Is it possible to see her?”

When Karen’s eyes came back into focus, she informed Willow that she was only allowed to grant admittance and give information to immediate family members of the patients. Karen apologized for not being able to assist her further. Willow thanked her for her time and walked away, she would have to wait until either a male demon arrived to persuade the nurse or Marissa arrived to take charge. To avoid being a distraction, Willow waited outside.

It didn’t take very long before a tall incubus named Sam Ainsley walked up to her a few minutes later. Willow was glad to see him. He hugged her and asked her how Shelly was doing.

“I don’t know, the nurse wouldn’t tell me anything,” Willow complained.

Sam smiled. “Leave it to me.”

They walked back into the ER waiting room together, and all eyes swung their way. The women were focusing on Sam. He was a handsome black man with cocoa-colored skin and light brown eyes. His deep, resonant voice caused the women nearby who heard him speak to shiver pleasantly. Within minutes, both Willow and Sam were escorted by Karen to Shelly’s bedside. A doctor and a nurse were with Shelly when they arrived. Willow and Sam extended their scent and looks of admiration replaced expressions of consternation. The medical staff left when Sam made the suggestion.

Shelly had cuts, bruises, and bandages everywhere. She opened her eyes and winked. “Thanks for coming. Before you ask, I feel like shit.”

Willow laughed.

“I think she needs help to heal,” Sam noted.

“How are we supposed to do that? You just sent out the people who could have helped her a minute ago,” Willow chided.

“Just go find somebody,” Sam said.

Willow walked past the curtain and went to find the doctor again. She couldn’t find him, but there was an orderly walking by, a husky man of medium height with chubby cheeks. He wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, he had the right equipment, and he didn’t seem to be gay. He would do. “You’re a big guy, aren’t you?” she asked smiling. She released some of her scent, and his eyes glazed over. Touching his arm to focus his attention, he smiled at her and followed her back to the room.

Willow moved the curtain aside for him and closed it behind them. She turned around and saw Shelly’s feet up in the air with Sam pumping between Shelly’s thighs. He pushed in once more and jerked, letting out a soft groan. Willow frowned. Sex demons couldn’t live off sex with each other, both would eventually starve to death. Crucial chemicals were missing from the mix when going from demon to demon.

“She looked like she was gonna fall unconscious. Her hormones won’t work if she’s out cold,” Sam explained.

Shelly’s eyes opened again.

“Shelly, Willow brought you this nice man to make you all better. Turn it on, girl,” Sam said tucking himself back into his pants. Shelly moved her head slightly in a nod and Willow could smell the scent that Shelly was giving off to attract the man. Willow moved out of the way and stopped sending him the small pulses of hormones to keep him docile while they stood there. The orderly jerked slightly when his body registered the new set of hormones Shelly released into the room. He walked over to her when she beckoned lazily with her fingers. “I need you to give me all you got big daddy,” Shelly whispered.

“Yes, Ma’am,” the orderly answered politely pulling down his scrubs to reveal a nice hunk of male hardness. He then stepped into the space vacated by Sam and pushed into Shelly with a slow but constant pressure. He immediately started an age-old rhythm that gets all human hearts pounding. The hormones in the room ratcheted up to the point where even Willow, who had excellent control, was breaking out in a light sweat.

“I need to leave,” Sam said. “Or this two-some is going to turn into a threesome.”

Willow hung around for another minute to make sure the orderly was doing his intended job before turning around to wait outside as well. They were sex demons, but it didn’t mean they didn’t value privacy.

Megan and Darryl arrived shortly after that, and they were staying the rest of the night to be with Shelly. They would continue to snag people for her to speed up the healing process. Megan Winston was a slender dark-haired beauty with caramel colored skin and brown eyes that were so light, at times they looked gold. Before the accident that killed her mate, she was vivacious and bold with an adventurous spirit. After the accident, she became quiet and reserved. More than a few demons expected her to choose death over living without her mate, but somehow, she was still here.

Darryl Hartwell was a tall, broad-shouldered man with pale skin, curly brown hair, deep brown eyes with long dark eyelashes. His full lips often displayed his tendency toward moodiness, but he was one of the kindest people Willow knew. She was glad to see them. It was anyone’s guess where Sam had gotten to, but since the nurse who’d let them in seemed to be on an extended break, they had an idea of what he might be doing.

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