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Prequel to I Can’t Forget



The Andersons


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Fran’s best friend Greg is coming to visit. They have been friends for nineteen years, she intends to have fun and just chill. But the night they spent together a few years ago still lingers in her mind and she hopes they can be more.

Greg can’t wait to see Fran, spending time with her is always fun. He can’t forget the night that they spent together but he knows that he is not who she needs. But will he be able to keep his hands off her?


Francine Thomas pulled her car to a screeching halt in the arrival terminal at the airport. As soon as she saw her best friend Gregory Anderson, she hopped out the car and raced over to him. As he walked toward her she noticed the envious stares she received from some of the females in the pick-up area. She totally understood their envy because Gregory Anderson knew how to put a woman’s heart on pause. His complexion was dark chocolate personified. His six feet four inch frame had a medium build most women dreamed about. His strikingly handsome face was further accentuated by deep dimples in each cheek. His chipped tooth provided a mysterious edge to his polished features.

“How was your flight?” She asked

“It was bumpy, I felt nauseous the whole time.” He responded with a sick expression on his face.

“Awww, poor baby. You will be fine.” She said with a smile.

“I guess…” He placed his small duffel travel bag into the trunk then got into the front passenger seat.

“I can’t believe you’re here!” She squealed.

“So what do you have planned, are you going to show me around town?”

“I thought we could hit up the theme parks and then check out downtown Orlando and International Drive.”

“No roller coasters! I can’t deal with the height.”

She laughed, “I know, we won’t be going on anything crazy, so calm down.”

Fran made her way through the busy evening traffic to her apartment. She was so excited even though she and Greg spoke on the phone every day. She had not seen him in two years. He was busy with law school and she had just started working as an accountant after completing her Masters in Accounting a few months ago. He being here brought back so many memories of when they were younger.

They both grew up in Jamaica where they developed a close friendship. They had been friends for nineteen years since she was six and he was eight. A lot of people thought they were more than friends but apart from a brief childhood romance when she was eight and he was ten, they were just great friends. He had moved to New Jersey when he was fifteen and they had lost contact for four years. But thanks to social media he was able to reconnect with her when he turned nineteen. They picked up their friendship right where they left off. They were always on video chat and instant messaging often filling each other in on their day.

She moved to Daytona Beach, Florida to live with her dad after completing her undergrad in Jamaica. Greg was also living with his mom in Florida when she migrated which was roughly two hours from where she lived. They were both excited that they would be able to see each other. Even though they claimed that the relationship was purely platonic. They had this perfect bond where they understood each other completely except for when it came to the feelings they had for each other. However they both had to admit that the long history they had and the memory of one visit in New York indelibly changed their relationship. They had both given into their feelings and had gotten a taste of each other. It was one night of soulful surrender that they both could never forget. They had both decided that they did not want to ruin their friendship but the moments still lingered in the back of their minds.

Greg looked across at Fran, her face was exactly as he remembered but her body was that of a voluptuous woman. When he saw her getting out of the car at the airport, he struggled for air. The sun dress she wore displayed her curves. She was thick where it counted and he definitely remembered all the places. Her lips were bright red which drew attention to her mouth. It’s bad enough that he remembered what they felt like but to have them on display in his presence was a temptation that was sure to defeat him.


Fran twirled around her tiny apartment showing Greg where he could find everything during his two week visit.

“So what do you think?” She asked.

“It looks perfect,” said Greg but he was staring at her face. He felt the need to close the distance between them.

“You haven’t hugged me since I got here,” he said with a mischievous smirk.

“I’ll hug you Greg, but no funny business.” She said with a smile. As his arms closed around her they both felt it. The undeniable chemistry running like electricity between both their bodies. He looked down into her eyes and whispered,

“You are so much trouble…” then he dropped his gaze to her lips. Fran trembled in his arms as he leaned forward and covered her mouth with his. He took her mouth with great urgency, dispelling years of pent up emotion. After what seemed like an eternity, he broke the kiss. They were both gasping for air.

“We can’t keep doing this,” she whispered against his ear. However she didn’t feel as convinced about it as she felt she should. Greg tilted her chin upward towards him and he responded,

“Just a kiss between old friends.” He knew he had just opened Pandora’s Box because the sexual tension between them was so intense you could cut it with a knife. Fran left the room to recompose herself and to put some distance between them. This would be an exceptionally long two weeks.

Greg watched Fran as she walked out of the room. She was a forever kind of girl and he could not make forever promises. He didn’t want to get married or have kids. If the relationship with his father was anything to go by, he didn’t think he would be a very good fit for the kind of man she deserved. He knew Fran would never go for a fling and that sort of thing would mess up their friendship. But if the chemistry that just sprung to life was anything to go by he would have an exceptionally hard time keeping his hands off her.

* * * * *

Fran walked into her apartment extremely tired from a long day at work. She was in no mood to take Greg sightseeing this afternoon. She hated that she was being such a poor host. However she would make up for it starting tomorrow. She was off from work over the next ten days that he was here. She was so lost in thought that it took her awhile to notice the wonderful smell coming from the kitchen.

“Hey, what’s all this?” She asked as she looked around the kitchen. Parts of the meal were displayed on the granite counter top. It looked like he used all the pots she owned. She hoped he intended on cleaning up too, it looked like a hurricane came through there.

“Hey…you, I figured I’m here so I might as well make myself useful.” He said with a smile.

“It smells great.” She responded.

“What’s on the menu?”

“Steamed Fish, vegetable rice and a tossed salad.”

“Whoa, you went all out. You didn’t have to do it but I’m honored. It smells delicious I can’t wait to taste it.”

He waved his finger at her, “Not until you get in the bath I drew for you. Tonight I just want you to relax.”

“Ummm…,” she was rendered speechless. No guy she had ever dated had ever done anything like this for her. It was so romantic and she could really use that bath. But this wasn’t a date and he wasn’t a guy she was dating. She had to be careful with her heart and try to remember that this was her childhood best friend. It was just a nice gesture for a friend.

“I know your job is pretty stressful and you probably just needed a night to relax.” She really couldn’t be mad at that. He literally read her mind. Why is he still single? She could definitely get used to coming home to this kind of treatment.

“You definitely know how to treat a girl.” She said with a smile.

“Only for the best, now get in that bath.” He said with a wink.

“Ok sir!” she said in a mock attention stance. She went upstairs in a better mood than when she came home. She walked into the bathroom and tested the water with her fingers. It felt just right. And what was that heavenly fragrance coming from the water? He sure knew the art of seduction.


Greg hoped she would relax, he had an idea and he wanted to see if she would go along with it. Hopefully the romantic gestures would be enough to persuade her at giving it a shot.

Fran made her way to the dining table which was set for two with lit candles. It was an intimate setting. There was wine chilling in the ice bucket in the center of the table. This just proved that her best friend still had the power to surprise her after nineteen years.

She was glad she changed her mind about putting on her pajamas and chose a simple maxi dress instead. She had put on some perfume and run a brush through her hair too. It was silly, this was her best friend. Why was she so concerned about her appearance?

He pulled out her chair and waited for her to sit then he pushed in her chair.

“You smell nice, how was the bath?” He asked as he took the seat across from her.

“It was lovely,” she said with a whisper. Why was she whispering this was Greg her best friend.

“I’m glad you liked it, dig in.” She took a bite of her fish. It melted in her mouth.

“Mmm…this is great. What kind of sauce is it in?” She asked. For a moment it was difficult for him to respond. After watching her mouth across the table he was done. Seriously who gets turned on by a woman eating fish? But that was exactly the problem. He was turned on by everything she did and the shit wouldn’t go away.

“It’s in a coconut sauce.” He responded in a husky tone.

“It’s good,” she responded barely above a whisper. If he kept looking at her like that the fish wouldn’t be the only thing that’s good. He cleared his throat.

“So I have a proposition for you.”

She let out a sigh. “I should have known that all this came with a ball and chain. Let’s hear your proposition.”

“What if for the remainder of the time I’m here we just explore our feelings?”

“What do you mean explore?” She asked in a tone that gave a soft warning. She decided to hear him out before assuming anything.

“Well we have always shied away from hooking up apart from that time in New York where we totally indulged. I can’t forget the experience. What if we make this time together about us with no expectations, just us living in the moment?” He anxiously awaited her response.

Fran sobered up quickly. This was a real mood killer. Of all the people he should have known that she could never be so cheap and frivolous with her emotions.

“You know what I don’t get, how you would go to all this trouble to ask me for a roll in the sack. And then when this is over then what? We know practically everything about each other. Would it be so bad for us to try at a relationship?” She got up from the table to leave the room. He held her arm to stop her from leaving.

“Fran, I wasn’t trying to insult you. The fact is I don’t feel I’m worth what you deserve.” She pulled her arm away.

“What you are afraid to admit is that you feel that the minute we get together it will crash and burn. Then you will lose your closest friend. Living in fear like that will let you miss the love of a lifetime!” She walked towards the stairs then paused on the first step.

“This was a perfectly good evening until you ruined it with your bum ass proposition. Be a man.” With that she quickly went upstairs to her bedroom, so he wouldn’t see the tears streaming down her face.

Greg thought about going after her but decided against it. She probably needed some space to cool off. He decided to clear the table and clean up the kitchen.


Fran tossed and turned in her bed. The clock on her bedside table displayed 3:15 am. Her stomach rumbled. She remembered her unfinished dinner and the argument with Greg. Did she overreact? It would be devastating to them both if their friendship deteriorated because of the unresolved feelings between them. She guessed she could sort it out tomorrow. Right now she needed food. She hoped he hadn’t tossed the rest of the meal. Hopefully he was asleep in the guest room and she wouldn’t have to settle this until later in the day.

As she made her way down the stairs toward the kitchen she heard the television. It was turned down to a low volume. When she got to the landing she could see him faced down on the couch in basketball shorts. He didn’t have his shirt on. She hurried pass him before he caught her staring.

The kitchen looked spotless, it no longer looked like a hurricane had passed through it. She checked the fridge and noticed he had covered her plate and wrapped up the remaining goods. There was even dessert. She felt bad, that she didn’t finish the meal. She owed him an apology too. After closing the fridge, she saw him standing by the door.

“Ummm…hey, I had midnight cravings.” She said with a small smile.

“Well that’s why it’s here. I did it for you.” He said with a tinge of anger.

“Greg, I’m sorry I didn’t finish the meal. It’s just that you got me so upset and I was hurt…”

He touched her hand and said, “I also owe you an apology. I don’t want you to think I don’t value you. I really do and that is what makes this so complicated. Forgive me.”

“I forgive you.” She laughed.

“Alright pass me a plate that fish came out better than I expected.” He said excitedly.

Over the next few days they went to theme parks, museums and clubs in Orlando. Fran was really getting used to his physical presence. Not just for the extra company but because somewhere over the past ten days she realized how much she loved everything about him. Maybe she was in love with him all along and had been denying her feelings. Their bond was incredible, she hoped he felt the same.

* * * * *

Greg had one day left in his trip. They were able to keep their hands off each other all this time. However they were both struggling at this point after being so close to each other. The chemistry that cackled between them was becoming intense. They were also burnt out from all the hectic activities. They decided to spend his last night watching movies. He had an action adventure selection. She had a romantic comedy selection.

Greg allowed his mind to wonder awhile. What if he really gave the relationship angle a chance? He could definitely get used to seeing those legs all the time. And the taste of her lips. He definitely wanted to taste her core. She got up and went into the kitchen. He watched the sway of her hips as she walked away. Yeah he could definitely get used to it. He switched off the television and went into the kitchen after her. Play time was over. It was time for him to get rid of the sexual tension buzzing between them.


Fran needed some water because after two hours on the couch with Greg. She needed to save herself before she did something stupid. She looked up from the counter and saw him coming towards her. She was so lost in thought that she didn’t hear the television go off. She looked into his eyes and knew the movies were over for the night.

“Greg that’s not fair, you promised me you would watch my romantic comedy.” She said mockingly towards him.

“Don’t worry we’ll be making our own romantic comedy.” She looked at him with a blank stare. He took the glass from her hand and placed it on the counter.

“Come Here.” He said in a husky voice. She went willingly. He tilted her chin up towards him and covered her lips with his. She broke the kiss and whispered,

“What are we doing Greg?” He pulled her closer and whispered against her ear,

“Something we should have done from the beginning.” He lifted her into his arms and carried her upstairs to her bedroom.

Fran looked at Greg through aroused eyes as he gently placed her on the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head.

“Undress for me baby.” He whispered. She pulled off her leggings and her cami. She didn’t have on a bra, so the only thing that was separating them was the black thong she wore.

He let out a low whistle.

“God damn you’re beautiful.” He said with much appreciation. She blushed. He leaned his body over her and kissed her neck.

He whispered by her ear, “You’re the definition of fine wine. You have aged to perfection.” He then covered her mouth with his.

She opened her mouth immediately for him, their tongues wrestling together. Small sounds of pleasure escaped from the back of her throat as he continued his assault on her mouth. She arched her body up to his to reduce the distance between them. Rubbing her core against him.

“Not yet baby, I need you wet.” He whispered as he made a trail of kisses between her breasts all the way pass her navel until he got to her core. He slowly removed her thong. She opened her legs wider and he tasted her. She screamed in pleasure. The sensations rippling through her body as she got multiple orgasms. He reached over to the night table and retrieved the foil packet he had placed there when he undressed. Her eyes widened as she watched him roll the protection over his thick shaft. He climbed over her and gently lowered his body to hers.

“I’ll try to be gentle.” He whispered. She nodded while holding his gaze. He positioned himself and gave a hard thrust. She gasped. He then found an easy rhythm which she matched perfectly.

After that first thrust he knew that the effect she had on him was uncontrollable. This night changed everything and it felt like they gave each other their hearts.


Fran opened her eyes slowly as she remembered the events from last night. She looked at how sexy Greg looked sleeping beside her. Then again, he looked sexy all the time. He never had off days. He was still naked and her eyes drifted down his ripped body which was getting her aroused.

“Like what you see.” Came a low grumble from him. She didn’t realize he had opened his eyes.

“Good Morning to you too.” She said with a lazy smile. He reached over and kissed her. She sighed with contentment. Eventually they broke the kiss.

“So, where do we go from here?” She asked.

“Definitely, not back to friends. We’ve been way beyond that for a while.” He replied and kissed her on her forehead.

“So do you think we should give us a chance?” She asked eagerly.

“I want to get myself together first with my career and my finances. There are certain things that I want to do in a relationship that I can’t do now.” He replied. “If I wanted to take you on a date right now. I can’t do that because I’m broke. I just really need some time to get my life together.” She thought it sounded like a cop out. They both understand each other so she would have understood if he couldn’t take her on a date now because he is a struggling law student. She decided to not push the issue.

“I can respect that.” She replied and looked at the window. Dark clouds had already started to roll into the sky. A few minutes ago it was a perfectly blue sky, it was kind of how the mood in this room was going.

“That does not mean that I don’t want you or that I would never date you. You have a lot of the qualities I want in a woman and you have your life together. I just don’t have my crap together yet.” He replied then got out of bed. “I’m going to take a shower, I need to be at the airport an hour before my flight leaves.” She knew he had just dismissed the conversation.

“Okay, I know your showers are like almost an hour. Don’t use all the hot water.” She said with a laugh. He smiled and waved her off and went into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later her cellphone rang. She looked at the display but didn’t recognize the number. The area code looked like it was from West Palm Beach. Maybe it was one of Greg’s brothers trying to find out about his flight. She decided to answer it.

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