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Zariah loved him. Tahir claimed to have loved her. He was engaged, but she was not. Together, they freed each other’s sacred flesh from the agony of lonesomeness, forming a communion that was entrenched in lust. If not for her best friend, Sauda, Zariah would have Tahir all to herself. Instead, Zariah settled for the distinction of being maid of honor at her confidant’s wedding in two weeks. Two wretched souls lay.

It wasn’t always this way.

Once upon a time, Sauda and Zariah were close to identical, cut from the same cloth. Although they remained close friends during the years, the two eventually became older as their priorities changed. Sauda dreamed of marriage, children and to work as a doctor. Zariah, her younger sister by three months in age, only dreamed.

Then the day came when Sauda broke the news that she had met someone. Zariah was jealous; in the back of her mind, Sauda was not as dazzling as she was. Zariah’s body was as dainty as a Hollywood celebrity, she believed, but all that changed the night she met Tahir.

Well over six-feet-tall, dark complexed with jet black hair and honey-hazel eyes, Zariah nearly fainted when she met Sauda’s beau. Extending his hand for a polite shake, Zariah giggled nervously as Tahir introduced himself to her. His handshake was gentle but firm, the skin inside of his palm as warm as a summer’s night.

Later that evening inside of her home, Zariah crashed onto her living room floor, green with envy. He’s so this and he’s so that. She began to wonder. Where did Sauda meet him? Does he have a brother or a cousin?

Alone to her thoughts, Zariah figured a cold shower would ease her restless mind. Hoping to rid her temptation, she scrubbed away the guilt forming between her sodden legs. The devil had been busy with her since the moment she saw Tahir. The thought of tasting his forbidden fruit was crippling to her. When all else failed, she cried herself to sleep in resentment, complaining to her Lord and Savior.

“What makes Sauda so special? Why am I so undeserving?”

Unable to detach from her vivid imagination, Zariah pictured Sauda’s lover inside of her, prodding her canal down to its root.

At work the following day, Zariah spent her morning searching for Tahir through social media. Finding him through Facebook, she sent Sauda’s boyfriend a private message of congratulations.

It should’ve ended there, but it didn’t.

Concealed behind her fakery and phony well-wishes, the flattery continued. A week later, Zariah’s messages and “polidicking” snowballed into daily good morning(s). What soon followed was an invitation for Sauda and her new heart to meet at Zariah’s place for wine. Her intention? To get a closer look at Tahir. To safeguard her agenda, Zariah invited co-workers and neighbors to attend. The occasion? All for Tahir. Zariah had to see him up close for herself. Who was this man? Where in the hell did he come from? She was desperate to know.

Throwing her head back in counterfeit laughter throughout the night, she’d cut her eyes to the corner of her home where she crept on the low. Staring across a crowded room, Zariah watched as her new crush stole the energy at her gathering. Charming and funny, she noticed her guests all captivated by his commanding aura. The way he said “hello.” The way he spoke so assuredly was one of a kind. All the women that evening adored him, circling his handsome frame as Sauda appeared gratified that her lover had been accepted.

Sipping her fancy Chardonnay, Zariah watched Tahir as her heart plummeted, dripping inside of her promiscuous thong. Then Tahir stared back before pretending to look away, preoccupying his mind elsewhere and that’s when Zariah knew she had broken him.

Yes! Tahir had passed, giving her the green light to go forward. In her book, he had dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.” Meanwhile, Sauda never saw the deception coming. For that was the night, Zariah desired a slice of Sauda’s dark-flavored Nigerian pie and would move heaven and earth to get it. Hell or high water, Zariah would have him. Crossing through rushing rivers, she would leave Sauda to drown knowing Tahir was on the other side.

A year later, Sauda and Tahir began having problems and Zariah was there. Playing the fences, Zariah supported them both, albeit discouraging her best friend with bad advice while encouraging her crush to seek “higher ground.” As Sauda contemplated her next chess move, Zariah captured her king; Tahir ran toward her with open arms and Zariah accepted, offering him a lifetime ride at the amusement park inside of her bedroom. She was thirsty.

Moaning, groaning, punishing her with raw intent, Zariah released all but a drip of her earthly nectar onto Tahir. An amazing spectacle this dark gentleman was, he could do no wrong to any part of her. Teasing, flirting, smashing into her well like a battering ram, there was no escape. Even if Zariah had wanted him to stop, her lips couldn’t verbalize a surrender; she had nothing left. Screaming together for their first time, it seemed as if their two bodies had been made for one another. Like a drug, they both became addicted. Zariah opted to keep up her charade as long as her sobbing insides could withstand.

The thrill of Tahir not belonging to her made every back arching orgasm worth it. For Tahir, Zariah was an assured and safe get away from home. He would never have to play “life” with Zariah. They would never have to worry about bills, children or repairs to their house; Sauda would soon fulfill that role. In fact, the only repairs Tahir was concerned about was repairing the pipe work to his mistress’ shuddering vagina.

Six months later during the summer months, Tahir and Sauda became engaged and Zariah was enraged. Days later, Sauda would ask her confidant and close friend to be at her side. Zariah bitterly agreed.

Feeling betrayed, Zariah contemplated for the perfect ending to her best friend’s life but quickly thought against it. No. She wouldn’t go that far, not over a man. After all, she didn’t want marriage; fucking her best friend’s soon-to-be would suffice. Sauda could have whatever was left afterwards.

Two weeks before a scandalous wedding would happen in Greece, Zariah and Tahir were back underneath her sheets. Tahir said his goodbyes the only way he knew how, breaking the back of his secret lover, goring her lathered well to orgasmic bliss. Then, to his mistress’s despair, he used his tongue to tickle at her sprinkling juices as sap flowed from her tree of life. Riving from the pleasuring pain, the toes on Zariah’s left foot curled against her will as she cried out another loud tune; her soul exhuming itself from her body.

“Leave her!” Zariah shouted to her half-hearted lover. Tears falling from her lonely eyes. “Start a new life with me,” she demanded. “Ever since I knew your name, I’ve loved you – I’ll always love you. I hate that you’re marrying Sauda and not me.”

“We’ve been here before.” Tahir reprised. “I can’t. You know how I feel about this.”

“But you told me you loved me,” she complained. “How could you say that and not mean it?”

“I tell Sauda that I love her, too.” He answered back.

“Then why are you marrying my best friend if love is just meaningless to you?”

“Of course I love her!” Tahir shouted, lifting himself from inside of her. “Are you crazy, woman? I love Sauda with all my heart which is why this must come to an end before the wedding in two weeks. I must be whole before our Lord and Savior sees this marriage through.”

“What about me?” She asked. “Where do I fit into all of this?”

“Zariah, you are the most incredible specimen I’ve ever had,” he complimented, “better than my fiancé. Unfortunately, as a wife, you do not compare. If it were not for that, I would already be married to you. Sauda can never know of this,” Tahir warned. “Tonight, once I leave from here, things must go back to the way they were. You are my future wife’s best friend, confidant and maid of honor. Nothing more, nothing less.”

“I hate that you’re doing this.” She cried. “Why are you so cold?”

“Woman, why are you so thirsty?” He asked. “Is it not enough that we’ve shared the same bed? How could you be so thirsty and selfish to think of yourself when there’s a wedding in less than two weeks?”

“Thirsty?” She asked. “I’ve only been thirsty for you. No one else!”

“What else is new? Soon, I’ll marry my precious jewel and you and I will no longer be. Our union must come to an end, tonight.”

“Then I shall tell Sauda,” Zariah threatened. “It’s the right thing to do. She should know about us and what we’ve been doing.”

“No! Woman you can’t do that!” Tahir panicked. “The truth about us would bury her, for sure! I am begging you! What will it take for you to keep your mouth closed about this? How much?”

“What I want, money can’t afford. I’ve been your secret long enough. Sauda should’ve known about this from the beginning.”

“Ho, where was your heart in the beginning? All of a sudden now you’re so brazen and bold. What do you want besides my love? I’ve entertained you long enough!”

“My wish you can’t afford and you’re no better than me! We both take part in this!”

“I accept that.” Tahir responded. “Please, allow me to pay you to keep this between us.”

“I am not after any of your money. I have a problem that is much bigger than anything you could ever provide for me. I am sick. I’ve fallen ill and need your help.”

“Sick?” Tahir laughed, raising his devilish brow. “Ho, you couldn’t spell sick if you’re life depended on it. “What are these games you speak of?”

“I am too sick!” She yelled in anger. “I’ll prove it. I’ll spell it for you.”

“Well then, make it quick!” Tahir demanded, snapping his finger. “I need time to myself to figure out how to break the news of our affair to Sauda.”

“H-I-V.” Zariah spelled. “That’s how you spell sick. Now, who’s the thirsty ho?”

The End

Author’s notes: A Thing or Two about Thirsty

Numerous times I have been asked my purpose for writing this book. It started with a conversation among a group of colleagues about the dangers of infidelity. Is it worth it? To each its own. Perhaps for some other couples, the fantasy of an open relationship makes their union more fulfilling -- I am no expert on who’s right or wrong.

Nowadays, while more than half of marriages end in divorce and couples compete with each other through social media for heart icons and “likes,” gone are the days of genuine love and affection. Sex is easy to find, out there and among other things. To me, that should be all the more reason to be honest with each other. At the least, if a gratifying relationship or marriage is no longer what we want then say that. Give me the opportunity to pick up the pieces of my shattered heart and move on. I am a big boy, I can deal with adversity. What I can’t deal with is a liar, cheat or a friend that’s make-believe. People play too many damn games out here. While I enjoy penning about my own warped perception about who’s thirsty or not, I have to remind myself that people are only human beings. We are all victims of the flesh and susceptible to temptation if we’re not careful.

Unfortunately, Thirsty is out there. People live that life. Someone close to you is thirsty, too. You just don’t know about it, yet. Please believe that this is not some one-sided battle of the sexes when it comes down to it. Men and women are both thirsty. Be careful of the cup you sip from and who you drink after. Years ago, my mother taught me that life is education. As an artist, it is my duty to use my talents as a teaching tool. This is a fictional story with non-fictional value.

Why lower your standards, biting the fruit falling at the bottom of the tree? You are too good for that and deserve better. Climb to the top as far as you can go and then reach for what’s rightfully yours. That requires work, which takes time, patience and persistence. You might slip once in a while, but if you’re strong you can always pick yourself back up. A wise man once said that we should not block our blessings. By settling for less, you are preventing yourself from receiving all that’s been waiting for you. This is your party. When are you going to show up to receive your gift?

Watch who you call a friend. The world is full of haters and their associates but not many true friends. Be wary of the one you call your sister and the fellow as your brother. Protect your heart.

Men and women are flesh, not perfection -- you can’t blame them for that. We all fall short of the glory. If it happens, whether you decide to leave or stay is your call. The universe put it into my heart to write Thirsty for you to read, enjoy and reflect. Be responsible. Be smart. Date safe. I love you all.


To my beautiful wife. Thank you for believing in me throughout this entire journey. Our love for one another keeps us bonded, but it was the spirit that drew me into you and keeps me grounded.

To my mother, for instilling the importance of education in me at an early age and for never giving up on me.

Last but not least, Thank you to all of my fans and supporters for continuing to download my works and helping me strive to be better.

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Born in Washington, D.C., Nathaniel began journaling early throughout his teenage years before discovering his passion for writing. Thus far, Nathaniel has self-published several short story titles under both the non-fiction and creative-fiction genres.

Last year, Nathaniel self-published Stroke of Luck, a tear-jerking account about his wife's battle to overcome a cryptogenic ischemic stroke. The book was widely praised and went viral, eventually earning the newlywed couple a segment on WJLAs Good Morning Washington, News Channel 8. Since the exposure, Nathaniel and his wife, together, volunteer their free time to speak publicly about their story, hoping to raise awareness of the onset of stroke in young adults.

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