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Abduction 2140
A Drogons’ fate series

T.J. Quinn


Orlando, Florida

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Chapter 1

Whimpers and small cries filled the hallways of the mothership as the Slythonians walked around, preparing everything for the slaves’ auction. It was their job after all: provide the best slaves in all the galaxies.

“Are the slaves ready, Eskol?” Rurik asked, his forked tongue hissing the words.

The Slythonians would be easily described as huge lizards, able to walk on two feet, but still covered with brownish scales and with beady eyes, and let’s not forget their tail, hovering behind them, and known as a potent weapon they used whenever in need. They wore long, dark tunics that covered their bodies and several golden accessories, and the highest the rank the more accessories they would wear.

But the Slythonians weren’t warriors, they preferred to let others fight while they dedicated their time to search the galaxies for the best slaves they could find. Their reputation as the best traders wasn’t built on words but on facts. They possessed the fastest spaceships and the best technology known in all the galaxies that money could buy. They were able to travel through space and time, likes others would cross the street to get to their homes.

Coming from a small planet, without lofty ambitions, they had become the most known merchants in all galaxies, who stopped at nothing to get what they wanted, providing their clients with all they needed, no matter what that was.

For that night’s auction, they had traveled very far, to gather a good group of specimens they were sure would sell quickly.

“Yes, Captain Rurik. They all have been collared and prepared.” The trainer answered, bowing to his captain.

“Show them to me.”

“Of course, Captain Rurik.” He opened the gate leading to the slave cells and stepped aside to allow his Captain to go in.

A long row of specialized cells, sealed with metallic vertical bars and containing a simple bunker and small bathroom facilities, lodged females from a few different species. Most of them had been purchased from their families, but others had simply been abducted.

They only looked for humanoid slaves. Even species like theirs seemed to be more attracted to that kind of females, so amongst their slaves, you wouldn’t find women such as the Slythonians, unless, of course, a customer would specifically, ask for them.

“We have an excellent group this time.” The captain said as they walked down the hallway, pointing at the naked bodies of the slaves imprisoned in the cells.

“Yes, Captain.”

They reached the cells where they kept one of the two human females.

“Open the cell.” The captain ordered, approaching the female in it.

“Stand up for inspection, slave,” Eskol ordered the woman, and she reluctantly got up.

“These Earthlings… I believe we should remove their body hair, permanently.” The captain suggested, observing her thoroughly, as he ran a finger through the woman’s arms, belly, and mound. “They don’t add anything to their bodies.”

“Very well, we shall do it immediately.”

“When did you capture these ones?” the captain asked, with a slight frown, barely perceptible under the scales covering his face.

“In the year 2140, captain. May I know why do you ask?”

“Look at them, Eskol. They look practically the same. The same hair color, the same eyes’ color, the same body type… are they related?” the captain pointed out.

“No, captain. They were abducted in different continents. Earthlings have been experimenting with genetic improvement.” The slave master explained. “I guess that’s why they all started to look alike.”

“When did they start doing that?”

“According to our data, around the year 2100, captain.”

“We must stop going to the future then. These females are too dull to interest our customers.” The captain ordered.

“Who are you? Who gave you the right to bring us here?” The woman, object of their observation, ranted, furious.

“Shut up, female, you are not entitled to question us,” Eskol ordered the woman.

“I won’t be shut up by you, you disgusting lizard.” As soon as the words came out of her mouth, the collar she had wrapped around her neck discharged some kind of drug into her body that immediately paralyzed the woman and inflicted excruciating pain, making her fall to the floor.

The captain lets out a cruel laugh. “Eskol, didn’t you explain to them the function of the collar?” he asked, turning to look at his man while crouching next to the helpless female.

“Of course, I did, Captain. I believe she chose not to believe in me.”

Rurik grabbed a full fist of the woman’s hair and pulled her head up, forcing her to face him. “The collar you’re wearing will react that way every time you chose to disobey a direct order, female. Here, you are nothing more than merchandise, meant to answer questions, not ask them. Is that clear to you now?”

The woman whimpered, as the drugs’ effect washed off, and nodded.

He dropped her hair and stood up.

“It is time to ring them.” He ordered the slave master. “Our customers will soon be here.”

“Very well, captain. We shall proceed immediately.”

The captain nodded and left the room.

Eskol called his assistants and one by one, they took the females out of their cells and inserted small metallic rings on the female’s left nipple. It was the Slythonians’ brand, and all of their slaves carried one. Most masters would remove it after the purchase, but meanwhile, it was the traders’ way to identify their merchandise.

The ring also carried a tracking device, in case some of the merchandise was stolen from the traders.

Once the ring was inserted, Eskol proceeded to remove the human female’s body hair, leaving them with just their blonde manes, falling down their backs. The slaves were finally ready for the auction, and the customers were starting to arrive.

The cells were opened, and he ordered them to form a line.

Quickly, all of the females obeyed, none too anxious to experience the fate of the human female.

“You shall follow my orders, immediately and in silence. I don’t want to hear any cries or whimpers. Are we clear?” he asked, with a stern tone.

“Yes, sir.” The answers came promptly.

“You will be taken to the auction room, and you shall wait there until you are summoned to the center of the stage.” He explained. “Don’t even try to escape, because your collars are programmed to stop any intent you make, and in addition to the pain you will feel, you will be severely punished for it. Are we clear?” he asked again.

“Yes, sir.”

Eskol turned to one of his men and asked him to take the women to the auction room before he turned one last time to face the slaves. “I expect your best behavior. Don’t you dare to make me look bad in front of my superiors or the customers.” The threat sounded even more ominous in his hissing tone, and no female would even dream in dismissing it.

They left the room following the other Slythonian and Eskol joined Captain Rurik on the transportation room, where the customers were being expected.

“Ah, Eskol, our first customers are arriving.” Captain Rurik informed when his slave master approached.

“Right on time, captain. The slaves are ready and waiting in the auction room.”


Warriors and dignitaries from all the galaxies around arrived at the Slythonian’s mothership. They liked to use their ship for these auctions because their planet was in a remote area of the galaxy and few customers would travel that far for a simple auction.

Captain Rurik was about to abandon the transportation room to start the auction when an unexpected customer was announced.

Chapter Two

Asgar looked out the window of his command center and stared at the starry night. He was on his way back to his home planet, after a new fruitless search for a possible breeding mate.

For some reason the men of science from his planet were not able to explain, for the past one hundred years, only a female was born out of ten children. With numbers such as those, their population had decreased to the point the king and his council had to take measures on the subject. And though they had searched throughout the galaxy to find the appropriate mates for their males, so far, the search had not been successful. The females they had mated so far, had proven to be unable to carry the Zuvrakians children, and the future of his species was starting to look very dark.

“Asgar, I have news that might interest you.” Egil, Asgar’s second in command informed, as he approached his superior.

Asgar rubbed the protuberances running through his temples, in a vain intent to calm his frustration.

“What is it, Egil?” he asked, impatient.

“The Slythonians are having an auction not far from here.”

“Why would I be interested in their auction? We are not looking for slaves.” His harsh tone denoted all his frustration.

“I know that, but the Slythonians are known to get females from all over the galaxies. They usually get species we haven’t even heard about.” Egil replied, ignoring his commander’s tone. He too hated to fail their king’s commands.

“Why haven’t we been told about this before?” Asgar asked with a frown.

“They hadn’t been on this side of the galaxy in a long time,” Egil explained. “I just got news that they are very close to our position and they’re having an auction in just a few hours.”

“I guess we won’t lose anything by paying them a visit.” Asgar agreed. “Do you have their coordinates?”

“Yes, of course.”

“Then set course to meet them. Perhaps, the gods will favor us this time.”

“Right away.” He nodded and gave the coordinates to the pilot. It would only take them a few minutes to reach the Slythonians position.

When their ship entered the area where the auction was taking place, Asgar was surprised to find several other ships around, surrounding one of the biggest vessels he had seen before.

“I guess they have a full house.” He said with an ironic grin.

“Their reputation precedes them,” Egil assured.

Asgar turned to his communications’ officer. “Ask permission to board and attend their auction.”

“Yes, sir.” He opened communications with the Slythonian ship, and soon Asgar and Egil were boarding the trader’s vessel.

“Lord Asgar. You honor my ship with your presence. It is the first time Zuvrakians have visited us.” Captain Rurik received them with a courtier smile on his reptilian features.

“Yes, it is, and yet you seem to know who we are,” Asgar replied his greeting with a nod.

“It is my job to know any potential customer in the galaxies, Lord Asgar. My name is Rurik, and I’m the captain of this ship, and he is Eskol, my slave master. Welcome.”

“Thank you, Captain Rurik. He is my second in command, Lord Egil.” Asgar made the introductions, and the Slythonians nodded.

“I believe you are here for the auction, correct?” Rurik asked.

“Yes, of course.”

“Then let us not waste any more time. The others wait impatiently.” Rurik signaled the hallway behind him, inviting his last guests to join the rest.

Asgar and Egil nodded and walked down the hall as invited. Asgar was surprised to see the Slythonian vessel was not only big but also luxurious and apparently technologically advanced.

“I see that you admire our ship, Lord Asgar. It is our home away from home, able to take us to the confines of the galaxies at the highest speed known.” Rurik explained as he walked beside him. “This vessel provides us with all we might need.”

“It would be interesting to explore it with more time,” Asgar admitted.

“We would be honored, Lord Asgar, perhaps when the auction is over.” Rurik accepted, pleased with the warrior's appraisal.

“That would be perfect, Captain Rurik.”

A few moments later, they entered a huge room, where several males occupied the chairs displayed around a circular stage.

Rurik invited the Zuvrakians to take seats near the round stage and walked to one of its sides along with his slave master to start the auction.

“Welcome all to our humble vessel.” He greeted his customers. “Tonight, we have brought you an excellent selection of females from all over the universe. I am sure you will be thrilled with them and will fight to get your hands in at least one of them.”

Cheers came from the crowd before he proceeded.

“As usual, I shall present you each and every one of the females, and then they will be exposed for you to examine at your will.” He explained. “Only after that, shall we start the auction and the highest bid will take away the prize. May the gods be with you.”

He had concluded before he made a signal to his slave master.

One by one the slaves came out to the stage, as Captain Rurik described them and extolled their qualities and best features.

Despite the beauty of some of the females displayed, Asgar felt no attraction whatsoever by any of them, until the last two. Rurik described them as humans, from the planet Earth, a small planet on the fifth quadrant of the galaxy, further than any Zuvrakian had ever been. His soul didn’t make the call he had been waiting for so long, but he knew he had found the right race, all his instincts cried out that truth, and when he looked at Egil, he could tell he was feeling the same.

After the show, the customers were invited to examine the slaves, and the Zuvrakians didn’t waste any time with the other females. They went directly to where the humans stood, with their hands behind their backs and their eyes lowered to the floor.

Other customers were examining them as well, running their fingers down their alabaster skin and their golden hair, weighing their perfectly round breasts and even poking their holes.

The females endured the exam, in silence with their eyes locked on the floor, never facing the customers and Asgar assumed they had been instructed to do so. He recognized the collar they carried on their necks, so their obedience and acceptance was not a surprise.

The customers were summoned to return to their places since the auction was about to start.

Egil leaned over to his friend. “Are you going to buy them?” he asked, in a soft murmur.

“Yes, I believe they are the right species. I’m sure you felt it too.” He confirmed his man’s suspicions.

“Yes, I did. Though I doubt this will be easy. There are plenty interested in them.”

“Fortunately, our planet has more than enough richness.”

Egil nodded, and they turned to watch the auction. One by one, the females were sold, and after a rough battle, Asgar managed to buy the human females. He was sure two of his fellow Zuvrakians would find in them, their breeding mates.

After all the sales had been completed, Asgar and Egil joined Captain Rurik for the promised tour of the vessel.

“Ah, my lords. I’m happy to see you have bought two of my jewels.” Captain Rurik said as he closed the distance between them.

“Yes, and I wanted to ask you if you have more of their species.” Asgar went straight to business. They had no time to lose, but he didn’t want their enemies to know they were after something in particular.

“More humans, you say?” Rurik asked for confirmation.

“Yes, more humans.”

“No, not right now, but we intend to get some more. Would you like me to warn you of our next auction?”

“Yes, we would be very pleased to hear from you. I’m sure the specimens we bought today will give us immense pleasure.” Asgar confirmed, hiding their urgency and their real need. “When do you think, you’ll have a new auction?”

“Oh, soon, sure before the end of the next lunar cycle on my planet, Lord Asgar. I’ll make sure to warn you in time.”

“Thank you, that would be much appreciated. Now, show me this fantastic vessel of yours.”

Captain Rurik nodded and spent the next few hours showing their vessel to their guests. Something told him that he would do great business with the Zuvrakians and that pleased him more than anything.

So, he showed him their farms, where they grew and bred most of what they ate, their medical unit showed the ultimate advances seen around the galaxies as everything on the ship.

“We have spent a lot of money on this vessel, as you can see because it really is our home away from home. We spend a lot of time in it, traveling all over the galaxies and quadrants, wherever our job will take us, so we need, efficiency and speed. It’s vital for us.” He explained his guests.

“Yes, I totally understand. We, the Zuvrakians, chose a vessel for its speed, weaponry, and resistance, nothing else.” Asgar stated.

“Of course, you are a people of warriors. We avoid wars as much as we can. They’re bad for business.”

The men chuckled and proceeded with their tour.

By the end of the tour, the women were handed to them along with the software containing their language.

“Here, we’ve uploaded the most important languages of planet Earth. Unlike most of us, they have hundreds of different languages on their planet.” Rurik informed, handing Egil a small disc unit.

“Thank you, that will be most helpful.”

When they finally returned to their vessel, Asgar and Egil were certain they had new allies in their quest against the disappearance of Zuvrak, even if those partners didn’t know how far their alliance went.

Chapter Three

As soon as they left the area where the Slythonians were, Asgar opened a communication channel with his king, Brynjar.

“Asgar, I was expecting you earlier.” His King stated in slightly scolding tone.

“Yes, we were supposed to be home by now, my king, but I am sure you will like the reason we were delayed,” Asgar explained with a pleased smile.

“Care to elaborate?” Brynjar asked, with a deep frown, his metallic gray eyes shining dangerously.

“I beg of your patience, my king. This you have to see for yourself. We have set course for Zuvrak, and we will be arriving as soon as possible.” The severe tone on Asgar’s tone must have convinced the king of the importance of the news because he insisted no more.

“I shall see you all then.” He nodded as he closed the communication and Asgar turned to look at Egil.

“Are the females installed?”

“Yes, they are. Should we remove their collars?” Egil asked, curious.

“No, not yet. They have been through a lot, and they may panic and do stupid things. The collars will restrain them better than anything.” Asgar replied as he walked out of the command center. “Take me to them, I would like to talk to them.”

“Of course. I’ve downloaded the software the Slythonians gave us, so you should have no problem with your translator.” Egil informed as he guided his friend down the narrow corridors of their ship.

“Yes, thank you for thinking of that.”

“I settled them together in a guest room and gave them clothes to put on. I thought they would enjoy each other’s company.” Egil continued as he opened the door and stepped aside for Asgar to get in.

Both women were standing near their chamber’s window looking outside chatting in a low voice. They were wearing the tunics they had been gifted with.

“Greetings, ladies. I am Asgar de Zuvrak and he is Egil. I wanted to welcome you aboard our ship.” He greeted them. They weren’t exactly short, but they surely didn’t reach six feet tall. “May we know your names?”

One of them took a step towards him. “I’m Rosalind, and she is Erin.” She introduced themselves. “Are you taking us home?”

“Yes, we are taking you to your new home, our home planet Zuvrak.” He explained, with patience.

“Our home is on planet Earth. You have no right to take us to… wherever you’re taking us.” She ranted, taking another step.

“That’s no longer possible, we’ve bought you, and by our laws, you now belong to us.” His tone wasn’t menacing, just so matter-of-fact it froze both women. “We are thousands of light years from Earth. You are not returning, and as soon as you accept that, the better it will be for you.”

Asgar watched the female clench her hands into fists and smiled. Despite their size, there was a fire inside them, which gave him high hopes for their future.

“It will take us a brief time to get to our planet. Use the time to rest and eat. It will do you good.” He nodded and left the room, followed by Egil.

“Quite a feisty one, our little Rosalind,” Egil said, with an amused grin.

“Yes, I noticed that as well. They will make two Zuvrakians very happy.” Asgar nodded. “See that they have anything they need.”

“Yes, of course. The men on the ship are curious and would like to meet the women.” He informed with a cautious tone.

Asgar shook his head, stopping to face his second in command. “I understand their eagerness, but I believe we should leave that to after we introduce them to the king and his councils.” He ran a hand through his long black hair, undoing the braid he usually wore. “Despite the way we might have felt, they have the last word on this and the last thing we need if to get our men’s hopes high just to kill them again, if we’re wrong.”

“Yes, I know.”

Asgar patted his friend’s shoulder a couple of times before he headed to his private chambers. It had been a heavy day, and he needed a respite from all of it.

“I’ll see you at dinner.”

“Very well.” He entered his chambers and let the door slid behind him.

Pulling the clothes off of his body, he went straight to the bathroom and into the shower stall. The soothing waters of his planet fell on his body cooling the fire burning inside him. Seeing those women on the Slythonians vessel had filled him with so much hope, that for a moment he had been afraid that hope would have clouded his judgment. When Egil had confirmed he felt the same, his hopes had spiked to the roof. Could it be possible they had finally found their matching mates? The species that would be the perfect match with his that would save his people from disappearing?

Once out of the shower, he put on another one of his suits. Made of a unique fabric, it fitted their bodies like a second skin and allowed them to stay warm and to transform freely, without ending up naked every time that happened.

Those few days their journey would last were going to feel as long as a hundred rotations around their sun.

He wished Brynjar had come with them on that trip. It would have solved the situation immediately and who knows, perhaps one of the women was the king’s soul mate, but his guts were telling him things wouldn’t be that easy.

By the time, he joined his men at the dining area, the topic of conversation was their special guests. The men were anxious to see them and interact with them, and it was hard to calm their spirits. In the end, they all agreed the king and his councils had to confirm the facts before they could celebrate.

Asgar kept away from the women. He didn’t want to exacerbate the crew’s feelings, and somehow, he sensed the women needed that time alone to think of their new life. They had provided them with enough material on their planet, so they knew where they were getting and what to expect.

According to Egil, they had seen the material but had asked no questions at all.

Hopefully, they would feel more calmed when they finally reached the planet, and they were able to start their new lives.

Zuvrak finally appeared on their screens, and all the men cheered. They were home, and in a few hours, they would know if they had succeeded in their mission or not.

The vessel landed on the capital’s main docks, and the crew was dismissed.

With Egil’s assistance, Asgar guided the women into the vehicle that would take them to the palace, where the king and his councils waited.

“Where are you taking us?” Rosalind, one of the females asked when they were about to enter.

They were wearing warm, dark blue, tunics since the temperature of the planet was usually low. The planet was very far away from its sun.

“To meet our king.” He explained, containing his impatience.

“I thought you had bought us as sex slaves.” She continued with a frown. “Are you selling us to your king?”

“No, I’m not. Your purpose on our planet will soon be revealed to you. The sooner you get into the vehicle, the sooner you’ll find out.”

She snorted, but finally entered, followed by her friend and seconds later they were on their way.

Chapter Four

Asgar looked around with pride. Their planet might not be as exuberant as others, but he still found it beautiful, with its blue mountains, its orange oceans, rivers and lakes, its metallic gray buildings and all in it.

The women seated next to him on the vehicle that hovered through the streets of the capital were mesmerized by all they were seeing, but they remained in silence.

They finally arrived at the palace, a massive fortress, capable of giving shelter to most of the citizens living in the capital, in the case of an attack, it stands out proud, on the top of a hill. It was the safest building in town, and it lodged all of the ministries as well.

The vehicle stopped in front of a massive, black door guarded by two armed soldiers.

Asgar hopped out of the vehicle and helped the women to do the same. He could tell they were nervous and shaking. Though Zuvrakians didn’t look that different from humans in their usual form, they did change a bit, when their beast came out.

Egil was the last one to exit the vehicle, and they quickly walked towards the council room. They had been notified the king and the councils were waiting there.

Egil had sent the women’s language software the day before, so all the translators should have been updated by now.

They finally stopped in front of another set of heavy doors, and Asgar turned to look at the women. “You must wait here, with Egil until the king summons you,” he informed them, and they nodded.

Looking at Egil over their heads, Asgar nodded at him before he walked in.

“Greetings, my king.” He said as he entered the room and the doors closed behind him, nodding at the other four men in the chamber.

The king and the councils were seated at an oval table, and Asgar was invited to take a seat as well.

“Ah, Asgar, finally. We are anxious to hear from your long journey.” The king said, his eyes locked on Asgar’s.

“I’m sure of it, my king.” He looked around with a frown. “Where’s Haakon?”

“On his way. We warned him, but the weather up the mountains has been difficult. We won’t wait for him, so tell us.” The king ordered.

“Yes, but if it weren't for an unplanned event, the news I would be carrying would be disheartening, at the least. Two lunar cycles traveling around the nearest quadrant proved to be a complete waste of time.” Asgar started relating his journey. “None of the female we came upon stirred us, not even on a basic level.”

The king’s face was a stony mask, but Asgar could see the turmoil inside him.

Brynjar knew better than anyone, the problem the lack of females meant. His own dynasty was threatened by it.

“What changed?” The king asked, in a measured tone.

“When we were on our way home, Egil was notified of a slave auction being carried away by the Slythonians, and I decided we had nothing to lose and much to win, so we went to the auction.”

“You are aware we are not looking for slaves, Asgar.” Fritjof, the Public Health Council, said, in a stern tone.

“I’m well aware of that, Fritjof. But, yes, the Slythonians trade with slaves. The good thing about them is that they usually bring females from all over the universe. They have the capability to travel through the galaxies and the quadrants as easily as we travel around Zuvrak.” Asgar continued explaining. “So, we thought there was a good chance of finding females from species we weren’t familiarized with, that might turn to be mates.”

“That was a long shot.” Fritjof intervened once more, but a cold glance from the king efficiently silenced him.

“What did you find on board of the Slythonians’ vessel?” the king finally asked.

“As we thought, they had females from species we had barely heard of.”

“And?” the king was impatient now.

“There was a species in particular that called our attention. The Slythonians were auctioning two females from a small planet of the fifth quadrant, called Earth, and we decided to buy them, at all costs.” Though Asgar’s expression remained serious and composed, he knew his eyes shined with enthusiasm. “We thought you would like to see them and judge for yourself, my king, but I’m sure you will agree with me in this.”

“Where are these females?” the king asked, with an ironic smirk. He knew Asgar way too well.

“Right outside the door.” He got up, ready to get them when the king gave the order.

“Bring them in, please.”

Asgar nodded and walked to the door, opening it, and letting the other three in.

There was a slight disturbance in the room as the women got in, followed by the thickest silence ever.

All the men were staring at the females, mesmerized. And they were scaring the women, too. They had approached Asgar and Egil as if looking for protection on the men on the other side of the room.

The King was the first one to come out of his astonishment. “They are from planet Earth, you say, Asgar?”

“Yes, my king, they are. They have translators implanted. Her name is Rosalind, and hers is Erin.”

The king closed the distance between them, and the women took a step back.

Brynjar was an impressive man, one that would easily unnerve the bravest warrior, with his almost white blond hair, his olive skin, and his gray eyes, but especially with his stony, imperturbable expression.

“Welcome to our planet, ladies.” He greeted them.

“Thank you.” Rosalind was the only one that answered, crossing her arms over her chest, but Asgar could tell she was being sarcastic. The woman had nerves, he granted her that.

The king turned to look at his friend. “You were right. There is a lot of potential here.”

“More than just potential, my king.” The voice of Fritjof surprised them, and they turned to look at him.

“What do you mean?” the king asked him, with a snarl. But one look at the man’s transfigured face gave him the answer.

He turned to look at the women, and the one that had remained in silence had a quite similar expression on her face.

Asgar did the same and frowned. “Are you sure, Fritjof?”

“Did you claim any of them?” the man asked without bothering to answer Asgar’s question.

“No, no one did. I considered more prudent to wait until we got here. I can sense their soul mates’ potential.” Asgar explained.

Fritjof straightened up and walked towards the king. “She’s the one.”

“Are you sure?” the king repeated Asgar’s question.

“I’m totally sure, my king. You know I was the most skeptical one, but one look at her and my whole body responded, followed by my heart and my soul. There is no doubt in my mind.”

“Very well. But you’ll have to go slow on this, you understand that?” the king asked, lowering his tone.

“What the hell is going on here? Would anyone mind explaining this to us?” Rosalind asked, apparently impatient and on the verge of an explosion. “I believe we deserve an explanation.

“Rosalind, please.” Erin pleaded, with her eyes still on the tall man standing in front of her.

“Your friend is right, you do deserve an explanation.” The king said, facing the women. “Please, join us at the table, and we shall explain why you have been brought here.”

They walked to the table and took a seat, but there was mistrust and some fear on their expressions.

Chapter Five

The men took their places, and the King started the explanation.

“We are a small planet of Drogon Warriors with only a few million inhabitants. Most of our planet is uninhabitable, so the population concentrates in only a few cities.” He displayed a hologram in front of him, illustrating his words. “On the last one hundred rotations to our sun, the number of females born decreased to alarming figures, to the point we had to start looking for alternatives on our neighboring planets, but though we have been searching for several rotations now, we have failed to find suitable mates amongst their females.”

“That’s terrible. It could mean your extinction.” Erin blurted out, forgetting about her natural shyness for a moment. She had been a genetics expert back on Earth. “What kind of studies have you made? Could I take a look at them?” she continued until she realized everybody was looking at her. “I’m sorry. Please, continue.” She lowered her head, as heat colored her cheeks.

“Why would you want to look at the studies?” Fritjof asked, in a soft tone.”

“I am… was a doctor back on my planet, expert on genetics.” She explained with a slight frown.

“I would be more than happy to show them to you. A new pair of eyes might see something we’ve overlooked.” The man suggested, looking at his king for approval.

“Yes, of course. That’s a promising idea.” The king nodded. “Asgar and Egil were commissioned to travel to the next quadrant in search for possible mates for our males, but they were coming back empty handed when they found you.” The King finished explaining.

“And you think we are compatibles, is that it?” Rosalind asked, in a scornful tone. “You have to be kidding me.”

“We’re certain of it.” The king replied in a stern tone. “I understand you are upset and this is too much for you to take, but your arrival has brought hope to our people.”

“Well, forgive me if I’m not thrilled you consider me a walking womb.”

“Our mates are much more than pure wombs, and I am sure you will find out that soon enough, Víf Rosalind.” The king scolded her, in a cold tone. “They are part of us, the other half of our soul.”

“I’m afraid I stopped believing fairy tales a long time ago, but since I doubt my opinion will matter in this case…” she made a small pause, “I really would love to get some rest.”

“I can understand these must have been difficult days for both of you, but I really would appreciate if you would bear with me for a little more time.” The king asked, but Rosalind was smart enough to understand it was an order.

“Of course. What else would you like to know?”

“What did you do, back on your planet?” the king asked, crossing his fingers in front of him, drawing the woman’s attention to his long, black claws.

She dried swallowed. “I used to be Chief Executive Officer for a marketing company.”

“A position of power, I can see.”

“Yes, you could say, I formed the company as soon as I left college, with a friend. She passed away a few months ago, and I decided to sell the business.” She explained in a cold tone, apparently not comfortable with sharing that information.

“I’m sure we’ll be able to find something here to keep you busy. Our planet is your home now, and we want you to be as happy as possible.” The King concluded.

She snorted, and Erin kicked her under the table.

“Of course. That'd be great.” She said, rubbing her leg, glancing at Erin.

The door opened up, hitting the wall, and startling the people on the room.

“What did I miss? I came as soon as I could, but the snow had other plans.” He said as he walked into the room, his leathery wings, similar to those of a bat still displayed as well as his long, dark claws, coming out from the back of his hands. A fur cape floated behind him as he crossed the room.

“What the hell…?” Rosalind cried out, and both women jumped up from their chairs and took a few steps away.

“Haakon… you’re scaring our guests.” The king snarled, getting up and striding to stand in front of the women.

“Hello, brother.” Haakon nodded, and in just a few moments the wings and claws were gone. “Did I hear the word guests?”

“Yes…” the king started, determined to scold his younger brother, but his words were caught up in his throat at the expression on Haakon’s face.

The man took a deep breath as if sniffing the air and froze on the spot. With a wicked grin on his face, Brynjar stepped aside and allowed his brother to take a good look at his future.

“Is this for real?” he finally muttered, with a deep frown, as if he couldn’t believe what his instincts and his soul were shouting at him.

“You tell me, little brother. Does it feel real?” The king asked, looking back and forth from his brother and Rosalind.

“But… how is this possible?” he was still struggling with his feelings. His olive skin had become so pale it rivaled his blond hair.

“Asgar’s journeys finally paid back.”

“But… a soul mate?” these words were for the king’s ears only, and he simply nodded.

Haakon finally looked away from the woman and focused on his brother. “What about you?”

“We hadn’t reached that part yet.” The king informed.

“God, I hate this...” Rosalind murmured through gritted teeth. “Can anyone explain what’s going on here?”

Her question attracted the new man… thing… whatever he was’ eyes towards her once more.

“How rude of me. Please, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Haakon, the king’s younger brother.” He said, nodding.

“Brother? You mean the king is like you?” she almost cried out.

The other men shot the newcomer a dark look, and if looks killed, he would have dropped dead.

The king let out a heavy sigh and turned to look at the women. “We, the Drogons, are all like him, even our females.”

“Jesus…” Rosalind cursed and took another step back.

This time, Erin was the one calmed and serene. “You seem to be a fascinating race.”

“How can you say that? They’re like some… dragons…” Rosalind insisted.

“I’m sorry if I scared you, it wasn’t my intention.” Haakon apologized, taking a step closer.

“Scare… who said I was scared?” she grumbled, recovering her cold blood, and facing the strange man standing in front of her, though her heart was still thundering frantically inside her chest.

He grinned at her and bowed. “Good, I would hate to disturb you.”

She let out a deep sigh and turned to look at the king. “Perhaps, we could call this meeting over?”

“Yes, of course. Egil will escort you to the guest rooms.” The King finally accepted.

“But…” Haakon protested.

“Not now.” It was a precise order, and the other man silenced, as he watched the women leaving the room with Egil.

“Damn… we could have waited for that.” Fritjof grumbled, pounding the table.

“I had no idea we had visitors. I would have been more careful if I had known.” Haakon let his powerful body fall over a chair and rubbed his tired eyes. “Damn… you could have warned me.”

“How does it feel?” the king asked with an amused grin on his face.

“Like a hammer to your stomach,” Fritjof answered.

“You too?” Haakon asked with a smirk.

The other man just nodded.

“How is this possible? Where are these women from?” Haakon asked, and Asgar filled him in.

“And how are we getting more women from this planet?”

“The Slythonians will bring a new cargo soon, and they will let us know. Hopefully, we will be able to find a few more matches amongst them, but unless things change, we should start planning a trip to this planet.” Asgar explained.

“That won’t be easy.” The king frowned.

“No, it won’t. According to what the traders told us, the planet is very far away from here, and unlike us, they have eight thousand million inhabitants.”

“Well, at least that means they can spare a few females,” Haakon said in a scornful tone.

“Fortunately, one of us has found his mate.” The King stated with a wicked smile.

“Do you really think she will ever let me get near her?” a self-deprecating smile showed up on his face.

“She will, eventually. The mating mutual, and though she might fight it, she will end up surrendering to it.” The king comforted him.

“Or so say the legends.”

“Did it feel unreal to you, Haakon?”

His brother didn’t answer, but then again, he didn’t have to. The answer was written all over his face.

“Any idea when the Slythonians will be back?” Ingvar, another one of the councils, asked.

“No, I considered it wouldn’t be wise to show them our urgency,” Asgar replied.

“You’re right. That information would be dangerous in the hands of our enemies.”

“So, we just sit back and wait?” Haakon asked, not very pleased. He was a man of action.

“No, we sit back and wait. You and Fritjof have a lot to do, conquering your soulmates and making them love the Drogon in you.” the king corrected him.

Haakon chuckled, but there wasn’t much joy in his laugh. Showing his drogon to the women had been a nasty move, one that would require time to erase.

“Is that an order, my king?”

“You might consider it as you wish.” His brother nodded. “Keep me informed and go slow with your woman. She is strong-willed and determined. You’ll only have trouble if you confront her or tried to force her into accepting you.”

“Give me some credit.”

“I am, Haakon, but this is new for all of us. We know little to nothing about their species, and as you said, the whole soul mate thing had been a legend so far, we have no idea what will come out of this.” The king advised him.

“You should be the one with a soul mate, not me.” He grumbled, jumping to his feet.

“Perhaps, the gods will be kind to me, next time.”

The king dismissed the council and left the room.

Asgar and Haakon were the last ones to leave.

“What made you bring them?” Haakon asked, curious.

“Believe it or not, it was an instinct, like a damn voice inside me. I knew none of them was my soul mate, but I could feel the potential in them, and so did Egil. We had never experienced such a thing.”

“Very well. We have to make sure the future queen comes with the next cargo because I have no intention of becoming king.”

Asgar chuckled, but he knew Haakon meant every word. His place was out there, in the mountains, raising the cattle that fed most of the Zuvrakians, free and reckless, not sitting on a throne he never desired.

“I assure you I will do all in my power.”

Chapter Six

Captain Rurik turned around to look at his slave master. He was sitting behind his desk, looking at the information on the women they were planning on abducting.

“Are we ready to go down to the planet?”

“Yes, Captain. We’re just waiting for you to approve the targets.”

The captain looked once more at the pictures his hunters had brought back. “Why wasn’t this one taken into consideration, as well?” he asked, pointing at a woman with a fabulous auburn mane, smiling at the woman in the center of the picture.

“We had, at first. Those two live together and have no family ties on the planet, but then we realized the other woman wasn’t able to walk for herself.” The slave master pulled the picture up to the hologram projector and amplified the part where the redheaded woman was, signaling the strange object she was sitting on. “She uses that device to move around.”

“Damaged goods.” The captain stated.

“Yes, captain, that’s why we ruled her out.”

“Good decision. Her friend, on the other hand, will be quite a catch.”

“Yes, I believe so too.”

“Then, proceed with the abduction, as discreetly as possible. We don’t need to alert the humans about our businesses on their planet.” He warned his man, closing the files with the five females they had selected for this trip.

“Of course, captain. Our men have been warned and prepared to eliminate any possible threat.”

“Perfect. Tell them to proceed.”

The slave master nodded and left the captain’s quarters. Ten of his best men were going down to the planet, for the capture of five different points of the planet. This time, they were looking for variety, and that was something abundant on planet Earth.

Eskol went straight to the command center. He always followed up close the abductions. They had been orbiting on the dark side of the planet’s moon, avoiding all of their primitive scanners.

The Slythonian men were going down to the planet on small vessels that would go down to the surface wearing their special shields that would make them invisible to the earthling radars. After that, they just had to land near their targets and materialize on their homes, abduct them, and return to their ships.

Eleanor let out a heavy sigh. It had been a heavy day, and her instinct kept telling her it still wasn’t over.

She wheeled her chair into her apartment building and smiled at the doorman.

“Good evening, Miss Eleanor, you’re back early from your therapy today.” The man greeted her.

“Ah, Mr. Jones, how are you? My therapist had an important meeting tonight, so she wasn’t able to keep her appointment with me.” She replied, with a scowl. She wouldn’t have minded, if the woman had warned her with time, instead of doing it the minute she entered the gym facilities.

“Oh, that sucks. And she made you go all the way down there to tell you that?”

“Yes, I know… the good thing was I used the time to swim a bit, so it wasn’t a total waste of time.” She replied entering the elevator the man was holding open for her.

“I’m sure Miss Sasha will have a delicious dinner waiting for you.”

“We can hope, can’t we?” she winked at him, as the doors slid closed and the small box moved up to the ninth floor.

A few moments later she was opening the apartment’s door and going straight to the kitchen. “Sasha, are you here? The therapist didn’t show up today.” She shouted out, sure her friend was around.

She had told her she would be home early.

“Eleanor… I have company, would you mind going away for a couple of hours?” Sasha’s voice came up from her bedroom.

For a split second, Eleanor felt an excruciating pain in the face of rejection of those words, but then common sense kicked in, and she knew something was wrong. Sasha would never kick her out of their apartment.

“Sure, I’ll see you later.” She replied in a loud tone.

Scared, with her cell phone ready to dial 911, she wheeled her chair to her friend’s room. She had to find out what the hell was going on.

“But before she could reach the door, this one was smashed open against the wall and the strangest creatures she had ever seen come out, holding Sasha prisoner.

“Get the hell out of here.” Her friend shouted, struggling to free herself from the creatures.

Eleanor was so surprised, she wasn’t able to move a muscle.

“Sir, our men in North America, have been spotted.” One of his officers warned Eskol.

He had been monitoring the actions in Europe and in Asia, other two continents on the planet.

“Damn, let me see that.” He pulled the image his officer sent him and watched the live transmission coming from the cams his men were wearing.

“She wasn’t supposed to be home.” He grumbled, furious.

“According to what we heard, she had a cancellation.” His officer explained.

With a deep frown, Eskol opened a communication channel with his men on the planet.

“Get rid of the other woman.” He ordered, furious.

“We can’t, sir. The woman is fighting like a wild beast.” His man replied, clearly having trouble to submit the female they had imprisoned. “There’s no telling what she might do if one of us let her go.”

“Damn, damn… do all you can to knock her down and then bring them both here. We’ll deal with the second woman when you’re out of there.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sasha struggled harder to free herself to no avail. She had been changing clothes in her bedroom when the creatures appeared in her room. She had let out a cry and had run for the door, but before she was able to reach it, they had trapped her, and she had been struggling and kicking since then.

When she heard, Eleanor announcing her arrival, her struggles increased, and she tried to send her friend away, but the creatures wouldn’t let that happen.

They burst out of her bedroom into the living room, and despite her prayers, Eleanor was still there, helpless on her chair.

Distracted by her friend’s presence, she didn’t see the needle on one of her captor’s hand until it was buried in her belly, with its content squeezed into her.

“Sasha!” Eleanor yelled, finally coming out of her stupor.

But instead, of running away, she charged against the creatures, determined to get a hold of her friend, that had gone suddenly still and quiet.

One of the creatures grabbed her before she hit the floor and the other one turned to face Eleanor, holding a similar syringe in his claws.

She threw herself to the floor and crawl as fast as she could away from him, hearing his hideous laughter as he walked after her.

He mumbled a few things she wasn’t able to understand as he kneeled next to her, pinning her to the floor.

Njal growled when he was finally able to subdue the first female. The other one tried to escape, but she was no match for his superior strength, and soon he had her pinned to the floor as he injected the tranquilizer into her system as well.

That one wouldn’t last much, but they didn’t like to leave a witness behind, so with both women secured, they finally returned to their vessel.

“All set, sir, we’re heading back to the mother vessel.” He announced to the slave master.

“Are you bringing both women?” Eskol asked, still frowning.

“Yes, sir, we had to, she had seen too much.”

“Very well, we’ll dispose of her later.”

Njal nodded, and as soon as his partner had the prisoners secured on the back of the ship, they headed back to the mother vessel.

Chapter Seven

Eskol waited for the vessels on the boarding room, anxious to confirm if the merchandise was as good as promised. He had noticed the Zuvrakians interest in human females, and he would be more than pleased to satisfy their wishes.

One by one the females were carried into the room by the men, putting them on a table for him to examine. They were perfect.

The ones brought by Njal and his partner were the last ones to arrive. Njal let the one they had gone looking for over the table and Zadok let the other one slid to the floor. They were still unconscious.

“Excellent job with this one.” Eskol congratulated his hunter.

“She’s the feistiest I’ve ever seen so far, sir. We had a lot of trouble subduing her.” He admitted.

“Yes, I was able to see some of it. We have to collar her while she’s sedated.”

“Yes, sir, that would be wise.”

“Take her to the cell,” Eskol ordered.

“What should we do with this one, sir?” Zadok asked, signaling the other woman.

“Get rid of her. I won’t ruin our reputation offering damaged goods.”

“Yes, sir.” The hunter pulled her up to his shoulders, and he was about to leave the room when Captain Rurik entered the room.

“What’s going on here?” he asked assessing the people around him.

“The crew was forced to bring an unexpected guest back to the ship, Captain,” Eskol replied, motioning the hunter to leave the room.

“Is she the female I asked you about?” the captain asked, stopping the hunter.

“Yes, sir, she is. I was just ordering the hunter to get rid of her.”

“Get her on the table.” The captain ordered, and the hunter immediately obeyed.

Eskol opened his mouth as if to protest, but the captain’s expression made him hold back his protests.

The captain examined the female, for a few minutes. “We’ll keep her, despite her problem, I’m sure we’ll find a buyer for her.”

“But…” Eskol started but the glance the captain gave him, silenced him effectively.

“Zadok, take her to a cell.” He watched the hunter leave the room before he turned to look at his slave master. “There is a lot to do if we want to have everything ready for when we arrive at the meeting point.”

“Yes, sir, you’re right.”

“I know you don’t see eye to eye with me with this last slave, but my instinct tells me we shall profit from her.”

“Very well, sir.” But he wasn’t convinced, and he sure as hell didn’t plan to waste his precious time on her.

Eleanor came to herself a few minutes later, just to find herself lying on a cold metallic floor. Her head was pounding hard, and she was feeling nauseated. She looked around with narrowed eyes, carefully, not sure of what she was going to face as soon as she opened her eyes wide. Apparently, she was alone, in some kind of cell, with a small bunker and basic bathroom facilities. The bars that closed the cell seemed as if they were electrified or something since they were glowing menacingly.

She was still wearing her own clothes, and the only thing different she could perceive was a metallic collar wrapped around her neck. She tried to remove it, but she wasn’t able to even sense where the damn thing locked.

Letting out a growl of disgruntle, she looked around once more. She needed to use the bathroom, urgently, but her wheelchair wasn’t anywhere around. She would have to crawl to get there.

She was halfway there when she heard Sasha.

“Eleanor, are you there?”

Waves of relief flooded her. Sasha was somewhere close. “Yes… in some sort of cell.”

“Yes, me too. Are you alright? Did they hurt you?” her friend asked again. Sasha had always been overprotective of her, and she loved her for that.

“I’m fine. But they didn’t bring my wheelchair.” She protested, smiling when she heard her friend’s chuckle.

“Shut up you two, you’re going to attract the lizards here.” Another voice sounded some place nearby.

“Sooner or later, they’ll come for us.” Another voice sounded.

“Well, I rather have it later.” The first voice grumbled.

“How many of us are here?” Sasha asked, sounding worried.

“So far… four voices…” the first voice replied. “I’m Anya, from Norway, by the way.”

“I’m Gil Ra, South Korea.” The second voice introduced herself, as well.

“I’m Patricia, from Brazil.”

“Sasha, from the USA.”

“I’m Miranda, from Mexico.”

“And I’m Eleanor from the USA as well. But, I have a strong feeling I wasn’t supposed to be here.” She added, finally reaching the toilet, and struggling to get on top of it.

“Why do you say that?” Gil Ra asked, too curious to stay quiet.

“First, because there is one of each country, and second, because I’m sure I’m not good enough for whatever their plans.” She explained.

“Don’t put yourself down.” Sasha protested.

“I’m not, I'm just realistic. They abducted females, from all over the world. I’m sure they’re not after scientific knowledge.” Eleanor replied, making one more try to reach the damn toilet.

“What the hell are you doing, Eleanor?” Sasha asked, clearly worried.

“Trying to use the toilet.” She explained, huffing heavily. It took her a few moments to finally sit on the toilet.

“Where do you think, they are taking us?” Miranda asked, in a low tone, with a thick accent.

“No idea, baby, but unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do. Just judging by the number of lizards that went for us, we’re outnumbered, out of our planet, and god knows where.” Sasha replied in a cold tone.

Eleanor managed to do her things and slid down from the toilet before they heard a swish sound, announcing the arrival of the aliens.

Eskol entered the dungeon area and looked around. The women were awake. They had implanted the translators and collared them all, including the one the captain had insisted on keeping alive.

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