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Eternal Earth

A Hound Series Novel


Layla J Omorose

Eternal Earth

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Copyright © 2017 by Layla Omorose

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Thank you to all those who have continued to support me and believe in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself.

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Love and peace to all and always remember…

Oblivion is just the beginning.







































Chapter 1

It was rare that Adien, Trinity Hound of Earth, one of the most powerful beings in existence and ultimate playboy, let himself become flustered over a woman. An even longer time since he had sulked in his unwanted desire, instead of finding some big-breasted babe to fuck all night long. Yet here he sat, at the bar, in one of the most elegantly decorated ballrooms he had ever seen, brooding over a woman he had sworn to keep his distance from.

The room’s long tables were covered with soft cream-colored tablecloths that complimented the professionally polished wooden floors. Softly lit candles stood as centerpieces for each table, and were surrounded by a small bouquet of wild flowers. Scattered about were various drapings and other decorations that not only added to the overly priced feel of the room but also Adien’s boredom.

Giving a heavy sigh, he downed the rest of his drink. The dark alcohol burned as it traveled down his throat. Finished, he slammed the glass down on the table with more force than he intended and ignored the bartender’s glare as he turned his attention back to his surroundings. Adien’s gaze scanned the large crowd of bodies as he tuned out the dull music that played in the background.

What the hell am I doing here? He thought for the hundredth time. Why had he allowed his bastard brother to drag him out from the pair of lean legs that had been wrapped around his waist? He had been in the middle of some serious fondling when Radien and his dark aura showed up. An instant mood killed if he ever saw one. One glance at him and his company was dressed and out the door quicker than Adien could take his next breath.

Damn it and damn him.

His brother had cost him a much-needed release.

Why did they have to bring me here?

Nothing good would come from this… nothing good at all.

Adien spared a quick glance over to the opposite side of the room, wondering just how long it had been since he had last seen her. A year if he wasn’t mistaken. Three hundred sixty-five days since he had last seen his golden-eyed obsession. Fifty-two weeks since he had last felt a flutter in his chest or true heat in his veins. From the first moment he had seen her, his life had taken a turn for the worse.

Damn her.

After all this time, thoughts of her still consumed him. The feel of her warm skin against his continued to linger in his senses while her earthy scent remained engraved in his mind. The only time he felt anything like his old self was when he thought of her… of holding her, touching her… fucking her senseless on the ballroom’s hardwood floors.

With a heavy groan, Adien turned back towards the bar. He was going to need a few more drinks if he was going to make it through this party. Maybe, if he got wasted enough, he could ignore the thick erection pressing against the fly of his slacks.

“Let me get another round,” he told the bartender, who continued to glare at him.

Too distracted to care about the overweight man’s unexplained hostility, Adien waited for his drink. His mind wandered back to that night a year ago when he had first seen her… more like stalked her from her closet. Back then he hadn’t had time for tact. The life of his brother’s mate had been at stake. While he and his brother weren’t on the best of terms, Adien couldn’t sit back and let an innocent woman suffer. The one time he decided to take the higher road and be the better person, his world was turned upside down.

Beautiful… mine…

That’s what he had thought, his hormones consuming him, until her birthmark, several shades darker than her skin tone, caught his attention. Feeling like a pervert but unable to stop himself, Adien had taken a peek under her towel and froze. There, covering her side and twisting down her hips was a mark identical to his. Panic had consumed him, flushing out the desire he had felt.

The Fates had played a cruel prank on them. A mate was not something he wanted. Not after what happened with Persephone, who was not only married to Hades, Lord of the Underworld, but was the reason for the bad blood between the god and Radien.

Sour thoughts continued to consume him. All too clear the images of how she had used him, pretended to care about him only to get to his brother, played in his mind. Like a fool, he had fallen for her lies. Their selfish actions had haunted him for over a millennium.

There was only one person who deserved his trust, and that was his sister-in law and his brother’s mate, Melody. She was the only reason the relationship between him and Radien had improved. They no longer wanted to kill each other… just beat each other to a bloody pulp occasionally.

Yet even with all that had occurred, there was a part of Adien, a part of himself that he hated, the part of him that secretly wanted the bond his brother had found with Melody. Adien was tired of the revolving door of women that entered his life. The stream of nameless women that groped and threw themselves at him, claiming to want him when all they wanted was his status, bored him.

But to get what he wanted he would have to open himself up again. He would have to place his heart in the hands of another person, and that was something he was never going to do… ever.

“Here,” the bartender’s harsh tone drew Adien from his sulking. Giving the man a quick once over as he practically slammed the small glass down on the bar top, Adien was unimpressed with what he saw. Fat and balding, wearing clothes that were too small for him, reminded Adien of some type of nasty goo. However, that did not excuse the fact that the man had pissed Adien off.

Giving the worn man a chilling stare of his own, Adien fought for control over his rising temper. It wouldn’t be wise for him to kill the man in such a public place. Although, if he didn’t get control over his hostile emotions and do his damn job, Adien couldn’t be held accountable for his actions.

“Drink up.” The man sneered at him. Before he could think better of it, Adien was reaching across the bar, gripping his hostile host by the collar and pulling him in. Several patrons at the bar turned to see what was happening but quickly went back to their polite conversations and drinks when Adien gave them an angry sneer.

“If you value your life,” Adien growled, his powers suddenly coursing through him, begging for release, “you will shut the hell up, control your fucking attitude, and happily serve me my damn drinks.” His eyes narrowing dangerously, he dared the man to say something. “If not, you and the glass mirror behind you will have a nice, long, conversation about server hospitality.” The man’s face drained of color. “Understood?”

The man nodded.

“Good.” With that Adien released his hold, watching with dark amusement as the male stumbled to catch his balance. Saying nothing more, the bartender headed over to the other end of the bar, leaving Adien to his thoughts.

It’s really been a year…

From his brother’s mating to his mortal enemy’s release, it felt much longer than a year. Or maybe time seemed to be dragging thanks to the long nights where he woke up in a cold sweat, his body rock hard from having wild dreams of him and his obsession tangled in a ball of sweaty limbs.

Turning back around, Adien once again scanned the crowd, looking for the only thing that would bring him peace. He found her on the far side of the room, surrounded by a small group of suit-wearing men. His gaze focused intently on her, he tried his best to ignore the way his heart skipped a beat from a single glance at her. Breathtakingly beautiful, she shined in her floor-length gown. By the way the dress hugged her toned body, Adien knew it was custom made. The V-cut neckline showed just enough of her pushed-up cleavage to have his mouth watering for a taste. Her once-short hair was cut into a short bob, where the hair in the front was longer than the back. With the hairstyle leaving the sensitive flesh of her neck exposed, he imagined taking his tongue and running it along the length of her slender neck to her collarbone and then even lower to the swells of her breast. Picturing her in his arms again, but conscious this time, made him groan and down another shot to calm his raging hormones.

She must have felt his gaze on her. Slowly, without breaking her conversation, her eyes sought him out. Their gazes locked, and Adien felt his world shift once again. For a long moment, he found it hard to breathe as she continued to hold his stare. Mesmerized, he envied the way she was able to keep her calm while he felt as if he were going to jump out of his skin. When she broke their connection, another guest demanding her attention, the feeling of loss settled in his chest. Despite that, Adien continued to watch her as she greeted those gathered around her. Each time she smiled, even though he somehow knew it was false, desire rocked him. Longing assaulted him as he wondered if she would ever smile at him. Not that fake smile she gave everyone around her, but a real smile that made her eyes sparkle.

Really, Adien… sparkle? This is business…

“Yeah, business… there’s nothing business about this,” he grumbled, all the while watching her.

“There you are,” the familiar voice came from beside him.

Dragging his attention from his obsession, he focused on the woman approaching him. At seeing her, he couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face as she navigated her way towards him.

Melody, the Trinitymate of Light and Radien’s mate, was beautiful in her midnight-blue gown. With her, now, snow-white hair pulled into a tight bun, she practically glowed. Adien watched her, noting the numerous pairs of male eyes that followed her. The fact that her belly was large and round made no difference to the men that looked over her with hungry eyes.

Their desire angered him. The blatant disregard of the fact that she was clearly with child or the large diamond ring on her finger that indicated she was married made him want to bash them over the head… repeatedly.

“Adien.” It was obvious from her labored breathing that her pregnancy was taking its toll on her. “Thanks.” She smiled up at him.

“Not a problem.” Like always, when he was around her, he found his spirits lifted and he was able to smile easily. “We wouldn’t want your oversized protector causing a scene.”

Her laugh was filled with warmth and took his thoughts away from his own horrible situation.

It never ceased to amaze him how close the two of them had become within the last year. Melody was the sister he had always wanted. He would gladly trade both his siblings for her if he could.

“Adien.” She sighed as she hobbled onto the stool beside him. “You promised to cut back on your drinking.”

“And I have.” He paused before saying, “For the most part.”

She rolled her eyes, and he groaned in defeat. “Cut me some slack, Mel. I’m barely holding on here.”

“I can see. Are you drunk?” she asked him just as the bartender returned.

“No,” Adien dryly responded.

Drunk? He wasn’t drunk, far from it. He was too focused on his obsession as she chatted with the men that hovered around her like vultures. Watching men who weren’t in the same league as her laugh and throw flirting smiles her way made Adien more jealous than he cared to admit aloud. Each lustful gaze or subtle touch to her bare shoulder or arm spiked his anger.

“You better get used to that. She gets that kind of attention everywhere she goes.” Taking the water she ordered, Melody wobbled her way to her feet.

Quickly, Adien held her steady as she moved from the bar stool.

“You okay?” Her harsh breathing bothered him. Just where the hell was his brother?

“Yeah, thanks.” She smiled at him. “If I’d known I’d be this tired, I would have taken up Radien’s offer to carry me around. Well, behave yourself. I’m off.” With a wave of her hand, she made her way through the crowd of people, leaving him alone with his thoughts and raging libido.

Growling low in his throat, Adien turned away from the sight in front of him and barked at the bartender to fix another drink.

“This is going to be a long night,” Adien whispered to himself as he gazed back over his shoulder. His gaze lingering on her, he once again took in her enticing body and felt himself harden even more.

It was going to be an extremely long night.

Harmony Sonders was many things but aloof and naïve was not among them, especially when it came to men. At least she wasn’t anymore. That was why she knew the moment his eyes focused on her. From across the room she could feel the heat of his gaze as it traveled along her body. Feeling suddenly exposed, her cheeks flushed a light red as she chatted with the head advertiser of her company. Halfway aware of what he was saying, she watched her admirer from out of the corner of her eye. There was a familiarity about him that she could place. Like she had met him before, not too long ago, but for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out where she had seen him. She was sure that she would remember someone whose presence demanded the attention of every woman, and some men, in the room. Even she had snuck a peek at him when he had first arrived.

A brief glimpse at him and her body had come to life. The cool gray three-piece suit he wore had been perfectly tailored to his body. The black shirt and red tie he wore complimented the golden-brown hue of his skin, while the red pocket square added a little touch of sophistication to an already elegant ensemble. Standing out in a sea of black suits and boring smiles, he was by far the most enticing man she had ever seen. Then there were those eyes… those bright-green eyes that were focused so intently on her that it made her weak in the knees.

Absently, Harmony wondered whose guest he was. Her party was invite only, and she had personally sent invitations to every person. She had conducted business with more than half of the people here, and the rest were potential partners. So, to see such a powerful looking man at her party sparked her interest and added some excitement to an otherwise boring party.

“Ms. Sonders?”

Reluctantly, she turned her attention to the gentleman in front of her. “I’m sorry, Jack. My mind wandered off. What were you saying?”

Jack Whitfield, her oldest and most-trusted advisor, smiled at her and continued with what he was saying. “The new line seems to have made a great impression overseas and was well received by the consumers. There’s no doubt that we have secured the buyers for our new line.”

At the end of his statement, he touched her arm, a light and fleeting touch that meant nothing to her, but she swore she heard a growl echo from the handsome stranger over by the bar… or maybe her mind was playing tricks on her.

Because what kind of man gets jealous over a woman he doesn’t know. Stop being so self-centered and focus. Harmony chastised herself.

“Did you hear me, Ms. Sonders?” Jack touched her shoulder again, and another growl vibrated through the air around her.

Did she hear him? Was she listening? No, not really. While she loved hearing the good news about her newest line, he wasn’t telling her something she didn’t already know. The phone call she received that morning told her exactly what she expected to hear.

“Yes, I did. I expected nothing less from your hard work.” She smiled sweetly at him. Growing bored with their conversation, Harmony looked for a polite way to end it.

“Harmony!” The familiar call of her name grabbed her attention. Looking past Jack, a wide smile spread across her face as she spotted her youngest sister, Melody. Shock and excitement made its way through Harmony as she excused herself from Jack’s presence.

It had been a few months since she had last seen her sister, thanks to the complications of Melody’s pregnancy. Although she said she would come, Harmony didn’t expect to see Melody. Not when it looked like her sister couldn’t walk without the support of her new husband.

“Harmony!” Melody called as she struggled to make her way through the thick crowd of people.

As much as she wanted to run and knock people out of the way and embrace her sibling, Harmony couldn’t be that rude. The people here were some of her top benefactors and pissing them off would do nothing but hurt her reputation. Instead she excused herself with a polite smile and carefully made her way to her sister, acknowledging those who waved at her with a smile and a “thank you for coming.”

“Melody,” Harmony called over the voices of the crowd. Reaching out, she embraced her big-bellied sister, careful not to put too much pressure on her stomach.

“Where have you been?” Harmony asked as they separated. “You look like you’re ready to pop. Here”—she grabbed her sister by the hand—“come with me to my private table. We can catch up there while you rest your feet.”

“I’m fine,” Melody said as she pulled her hand free. “I’m used to it.”

Harmony raised a brow, not at all convinced by her sister’s words, especially when she looked like she was ready to fall over. But, Harmony wouldn’t press the issue. If she had learned one thing about her baby sister, once she made up her mind she rarely changed it.

Sighing, Harmony dropped the topic. “How is everything? I heard you handed your company over to your vice president not too long ago.”

“I had no other choice. With the pregnancy, I just couldn’t keep up anymore. I figured it would be best for me to step away for a moment.” Melody paused.

Harmony frowned, not sure why a sudden flush came to her sister’s face.

“Besides, Radien is too much of a distraction at work.”

Ah, so that’s the reason. Harmony shook her head. “It’s supposed to be a work place, Mel. Not your own private after hours’ spot.”

“I know, I know, but… I can’t help it.” The last part Melody mumbled, and Harmony gave an amused chuckle under her breath.

“Your exhaustion probably has more to do with Radien than the babies.” With that, Harmony gave a pointed stare at her sister’s outstretched belly, which Melody rubbed a manicured hand over while her face flushed a deeper scarlet.

“Something like that.” The smile that spread across her sister’s face was one of pure adoration. It was a smile that appeared every time she spoke of Radien.

“So, where is Mister Mom?” Harmony couldn’t suppress the laugh that escaped her at her sister’s frown.

Teasing Melody was something Harmony had taken a liking to. She couldn’t help it. The handful of times she had seen Radien, he had been hovering over his wife like some over-protective parent, which had, she admitted, scared her when she first met him. His presence alone was intimidating, and add to that the fact he was well over six feet tall and had a build that could nearly block out the sun, he was downright frightful.

For a moment, Harmony had questioned her sister’s sanity for marrying someone who looked like they could punch an elephant through a wall. But after seeing them together, the way his gray eyes softened when he looked at her and the tender way he held her, catering to her every whim, Harmony had relaxed a little in his presence. She might have even developed a small sisterly bond with him. Although, she was pretty sure if he heard her referring to him as Mister Mom, he would kill her.

“I resent that comment.” Harmony jumped at the sound of Radien’s voice as it thundered from behind her.

“I—” Turning around, she began to explain herself. Before she could open her mouth further, she was scooped into a bear hug that had her feet dangling in the air.

“Radien… I can’t breathe.” She coughed.

Laughing, he placed her back on her feet.

“What took you so long?” Melody’s voice penetrated through his laughter.

“My beauty.” Instantly, Harmony found herself forgotten as Radien turned his attention to his wife. Closing the distance between them, he wrapped her in his arms.

Watching them, Harmony felt a small piece of longing for someone who would look at her as if she were the only one in the world.

Been there, done that, and what did it get me? A concussion and three weeks in the hospital. Harmony shook her head, blocking out the unwanted memories. While she was happy for her sister, Harmony knew that type of happiness was out of reach for someone like her. Life had made sure to drill that point into her head after her long years of marriage to her ex.

Again, she shook her head, refusing to go down that road again.

“I’ve missed you.”

Harmony turned away from the couple just before Radien crushed his lips to his wife’s.

“I see you two need a moment.” Knowing when she was a third wheel, Harmony left the loving pain and headed towards the bar. A hard drink was what she needed to put unwanted thoughts back to the back of her mind where they belonged.

Chapter 2

With her drink in her hand, Harmony watched them glide effortlessly across the dance floor. Their movements harmonized, not even her sister’s big belly seemed to stop their rhythm. Harmony watched with an annoying ache in her chest that wouldn’t go away. The dark memories from the time she had spent with her ex-husband refused to leave her alone. Absently, her hand went to her stomach. Till this day she didn’t know when their relationship had turned sour.

Had he always been abusive? A monster lurking behind a beautiful smile?

No, she thought.

There were times in the beginning of their marriage when he was sweet and loving, caring and supportive. At those moments, she truly believed he had loved her, times where he would take hours to make love to her, over and over. There was no part of her body he didn’t explore… she had loved him the most then. Yet, before she knew it, tender caresses were replaced with hard punches, while harsh curses took the place of soft whispers, turning the man, she once loved more than anything else in the world into a twisted monster that haunted her dreams and most of her waking moments.

How about we stop going down this road… Harmony took another sip of her drink, the liquor burning her throat as she continued to watch her sister.

“Sickening, isn’t it?” The voice came from beside her. Smooth and sensual, it vibrated through her body, making her pulse quicken.

Ignoring the increasing pain from her side and her rapid heart rate, Harmony took another sip of her drink before she spoke, “most days.”

Although she hadn’t looked at him, she could feel the weight of his stare on her.

He gave a light chuckle that made her heart skip a beat. It was intoxicating as it sent shivers down Harmony’s spine, and she wondered what his laugh would sound like.

Would it be smooth like the sound of his voice, capable of conjuring up the most provocative images or a deep and resonating sound from within his chest?

He sighed. “Love, isn’t it grand.” His sarcastic tone made her smile. He sounded as distrustful with the feeling as she did. Yet, there was no denying the fact that her sister was in love and loved in return.

“I wouldn’t know.” With a heavy sigh, Harmony finally turned to look at him. When she did, his emerald eyes held her captive. Their intensity made them shine with bits of golden specks. Never had she met a man with such vibrant and richly colored eyes. She had seen green and hazel eyes before, but they were nowhere near as outstanding as the ones that stared at her then. She didn’t think the vibrant colors of the coral reef were as beautiful as his eyes. Had she not been leaning against the bar, she was sure her suddenly weak knees would have given out from under her.

“Adien.” He extended his hand to her. His smile showed off a pair of perfect teeth that any dentist would be envious of.

“Harmony.” She placed her hand in his.

Raising her hand to his lips, he placed a light kiss on the back of her knuckles.

Harmony couldn’t lie and say that he wasn’t handsome. She had known that from the brief glance she had gotten of him earlier. But up close, dear god, he was gorgeous. In fact, he was the handsomest man she had ever seen, which given her profession said a lot. After dealing with cleanly cut male models, she appreciated his manly handsomeness. Youthful and masculine, he appeared no older than thirty-five, yet the aura that surrounded him said that his appearance was deceiving. That behind those eyes lay a lifetime worth of heartache, which she couldn’t begin to understand. His lips, full and plump, made her want to trace the curve of his top lip with her tongue.

When he released her hand and rose back to his full height, Harmony’s gaze traveled down his body. The gray suit he wore molded perfectly to his frame, hinting at the toned body hidden underneath. Images of what he looked like naked assaulted her, and she had to look away from him before her wicked thoughts were reflected in her eyes.

“A pleasure.” She turned back to see him smiling at her. Breathless, she could do nothing but stare at him, while desire coursed through her. The soft feel of his lips still lingered on her skin as she struggled to form a coherent thought. “I take it you are the hostess of this lovely party.” He continued as he waved the bartender down.

“That I am.” Harmony returned the smile, and his gaze focused on her lips.

“Sir?” she heard the bartender ask.

“Gin and tonic,” Adien answered, without taking his gaze away from her.

Nodding, the bartender turned his attention to her. “Ms. Sonders, would you like another drink?”

“Yes, one more of the same. Thank you.” Finished ordering her drink, Harmony turned her attention back to Melody and Radien as they continued to glide across the dance floor, a futile effort to distract herself from both the vibration of her birthmark and the man standing beside her.

Adien stood silently beside her as she watched Radien and Melody. The couple was currently swaying back and forth to the soft music, staring into each other’s eyes like they were the only two in the room… it made him sick.

Bored with his brother’s happiness, Adien turned his attention back to the woman at his side. He couldn’t take his eyes off her for longer than a few seconds. Every time he looked at her, the memory of her in his arms, with nothing but a towel covering her, went through his mind. Remembering the weight of her body in his arms, the warmth of her breath against his neck as he carried her, made him rock hard.

While the memories he had of her was enough to send his body into overdrive, reality was enough to have him going insane. The changing in her breathing when he had kissed her knuckles and the way she smiled at him made him want to take her into his arms and ravage her on top of the bar.

Damn it. He scolded himself but he couldn’t stop his thoughts.

He needed to focus more than ever. Iraon’s release, thanks to Melody’s stolen blood, had caused a shift in the balance of power. In the last year, Iraon had been busy trying to find the location of the remaining cages. With the help of the Universe of Death, Thana, it was only a matter of time before the beast found what he was looking for, which led him to the reason he was here. If Iraon wanted to free the next beast, he would need the blood of a trinitymate, the blood of a female who was destined to become a mate of him or one of his brothers. Since Melody’s escape from Iraon’s lair and her pregnancy, she was never left alone. For a creature like Iraon, it was too much of a hassle to attack her at that moment. Harmony, however, was another matter. She didn’t have twenty-four-hour surveillance on her. She was free to come and go as she pleased, making her a very easy target.

Dragging his gaze away from his obsession, Adien looked around the room once again. Nothing seemed out of place, but appearances were deceiving in his world. Recording every face to memory, there was no one that drew his attention. Adien glanced over to a table by the front entrance, where his father and new mother-in-law sat. Although they seemed wrapped up in their own little world, he knew better than anyone that they were more aware of the people in the room than both him and Radien combined.

Confident that the place was secure, he returned his attention to the woman at his side… well, she had been at his side.

Puzzled, Adien scanned the crowd, his gaze frantically searching for her. He found her on the dance floor, in the arms of another man, smiling as she was twirled to the music. Jealously and another, darker emotion, swirled inside him as he watched the pair. Lust shined bright in the human male’s eyes as he dipped her and his gaze focused on the cleavage left behind by the low-cut neckline of her dress. Pulling her back to him, he ground a very evident erection against her.

Annoyed, Adien was moving towards them with a deadly purpose. Pushing past the people in his way, he ignored the satisfied smirk on his sister’s face and his brother’s scowl.

What do you think you’re doing? Now is not the time for this. Calm down and head back to the bar. His father’s voice echoed in Adien’s head. If he was in his right frame of mind, he might have listened, but the moment he locked gazes with her from the dance floor and saw the flash of heat in her golden gaze the rest of his common sense when out the window.

Mine… The word echoed loudly in his head as he reached her.

“Can I cut in?” How he managed to keep the venom out of his voice as he spoke to the pair, he didn’t know. All he knew was that if the male’s hand slid farther down her waist, he was going to rip it off.

“Wait your turn.” The little man responded and then turned his back to him as if he was no threat at all.

His anger getting the better of him, Adien grabbed the man by his shoulder, smiling as he winced in pain. Turning the man around, Adien stared him down.

“I wasn’t really asking.” Adien growled as he pushed the man aside.

Wrapping his arms around his obsession’s waist, he possessively pulled her to him. “May I have this dance?” He looked down at her as they began to sway to the music.

“It seems you already have,” she said softly as she looked into his eyes.

“Yes, I have.” Smiling, he spun her and then brought her back to him. As they danced, the piece of him that constantly screamed in rage and anger quieted down, and all he was left with was the blissful feel of her body as it pressed against his.

Chapter 3

It was rare for a man to take Harmony by surprise and spark her interest. It was equally as rare for man to make her feel small and frail. Yet this man was able to do just that. There was no doubt in her mind that he had more strength in his strong hold than most men had in their entire bodies. Not sure if the sudden heat in her body was a good sign or not, she let him lead her in their dance. As they moved, she couldn’t tear her eyes away from him. His body, hard muscle under the black tux he wore, moved against her in a sensual rhythm. The warm hand that caressed her bare back made her heart skip a beat.

What was wrong with her?

Her head was going fuzzy as inappropriate thoughts made themselves at home in her imagination. She wanted to melt into him. Mold her body to his and let him have his way with her until the sun rose. Inhaling, his scent wrapped about her. He smelled like the earth, like the wild and beautiful trees of an exotic forest—wild, untamed, powerful, and all male.

He dipped her again, long bangs falling in front of his face. Unable to resist, she pushed the soft locks of hair from his face. Shades of brown and red mixed in his head to form a unique color that enhanced the emerald glow of his eyes.

“Harmony.” He pulled her to him. “A beautiful name for a beautiful woman,” he whispered into her ear as he brought their bodies closer together.

The heart of his breath against her neck sent shivers down her spine and had her heart pounding against her chest.

“Adien’s not too bad either.” Smiling at him, she wasn’t prepared for his next move.

Adien couldn’t stop himself, nor did he want to. She was a tempting vixen, and he was the tempted fox. He had to have a taste of her. His will along with his self-restraint vanished the moment he had taken her in his arms. Thrown out the window the moment she spoke his name in the most seductive voice he had ever heard. All sorts of images of her screaming his name while he drove himself deep inside her consumed him. To make things worse, he was sure she hadn’t even noticed the change in her voice, or the way she was staring at him in anticipation. The need to claim her lips had become more than he could bear. Without a second thought, he captured her lips with his. Finding her tongue, he suckled on it.

At first the shock to his aggressive kiss seemed to leave her momentarily stunned, but that evaporated with a sigh as she moved her mouth against his. Instantly, his body hardened even more, making it painful for him to stay in his clothing.

He shouldn’t be doing this in public… shit, he shouldn’t be doing this period. Yet as her mouth moved against his in a decadent rhythm, he lost all coherent thought, growling into her mouth as he continued to press her body into his.

With his head spinning, there was only one thought that consumed Adien’s mind. A thought he was sure would get him slapped if he said it aloud, but he would say it anyway. Just as he began to suggest they move to a more private spot, they were interrupted.

“Adien.” On his shoulder, he felt his brother’s strong grip.

Adien growled as he broke his life-threatening kiss.

“What!?” Adien snapped, refusing to let go of his obsession’s waist.

“Now is not the time. Let her go,” Radien told him.

“Adien.” Melody called next. “Please, calm down. You have to let her go.”

Never. Mine. His mind screamed. Shocked by his train of thought, Adien withdrew from her. Slowly coming back to his senses, he looked around. His little display of public affection had gained the attention of the entire room.

“Shit… what the hell am I doing?” He raked a hand through his hair.

“Adien.” From behind him, Harmony called out. Once again, the primal part of himself that he kept under strict lock and key fought for control over his body. As much as he wanted to turn and embrace her in his arms, he wouldn’t. Not again. He had already dug a hole so deep he didn’t think he could get out of it. If he continued, he would lose himself completely.

“Do something about this.” His voice raw, Adien pushed past his oversized brother. While he intended to leave, there was something holding him in place, keeping him from vanishing and heading home.

Lost in the fogginess of her mind, the only thing that mattered to Harmony was the man that had set her body on fire. She reached for him, taking a step forward as he walked away from her.

“ADIEN!” she screamed. Through her haze-filled mind, she could make out the wide width of his back as he stood in place. “Don’t—” Her voice became stuck in her throat as he turned to face her. Instantly, her need vibrated through her. When their gazes locked, Harmony’s breath caught. He took a step towards her, and she stopped breathing altogether.

“Adien… not now,” a voice said, a familiar voice that she had heard somewhere before. She just couldn’t remember from where. The same way she couldn’t remember what she had been doing five minutes ago.

Adien. Her mind reached for him again, and her heart called for him even though she hardly knew him. Her body needed him. He took another step towards her. Again, she heard that familiar voice telling him to stop. She growled. It was that voice that was keeping him away from her… she didn’t like it.

“Shit,” she heard another voice say. This one she had never heard before. She crouched, ready to strike. “Freeze the room.” The strange voice ordered.

Harmony’s gaze scanned the room, looking for a face to the voice, but all she saw were fuzzy shadows. The only thing she could see clearly was the man she wanted to wrap her body around. Another growl escaped her, and with it, a strange power surged through her. Closing her eyes, she savored its feel. It was a power that would help her reach her goal.

“Damn it let me go to her.” Adien’s enraged voice vibrated through her body, shaking her down to her marrow.

“No.” There was that familiar voice again.

Where were these voices coming from? Who did they belong to? More importantly could she rip them apart with her teeth?

She let loose a howl that echoed through the room.

Where was she anyway?

Her head started to pound. But she didn’t flinch. Her attention focused solely on the male in front of her, her desire to have him controlling her every thought, her every move.

Suddenly, Harmony felt the air around her still. Panicking, she tried to move her arms and legs, but she was frozen in place. Her fury latched onto her as more power coursed through her. However, she couldn’t enjoy it. It was too much too soon. Her body felt as if it were going to burst apart. Her chest ached. Sweat started to form over her brow as her hands trembled. Gripping her chest, she doubled over in pain. She was dying, and she knew it. A scream ripped from her as she fell to her knees.

“Damn it.” She could barely hear the familiar voice now.

“Let me go to her.”

Adien… His voice calmed her, easing the pain that coursed through her. Adien. She needed him. He was the only one who could save her. On shaking hands and knees, she reached for him, hoping and praying that he would pull her from the darkness that wanted to consume her.

Adien. Please, help me. All he needed to do was wrap his arms around her, and she knew her pain would evaporate. Just like when they danced and he had held her possessively in his arms.

We…were dancing?

That’s right. They had been dancing. Flirting and lost in each other. Everything had seemed so right. So then how had it ended up like this?

“Adien. You know you’re just going to make it worse… Melody!” The familiar voice boomed again.


Where was her sister? The night’s events came to her in bits and pieces. As her memories of the night became clearer, so did her vision, until she was able to make out the large figure standing next to Adien.


“Harm…” Instantly Melody was kneeling before her, her large belly resting on her thighs as she gripped Harmony by the face, forcing her to focus.

“Mel…ody.” Tired from the pain, Harmony rested against Melody as she pulled her into a tight embrace.

Even thought she was in her sister’s arms, Harmony’s gaze once again found Adien, who stood next to his brother, silently watching her with an unreadable expression plastered across his face. Once again, the heat and desire, that dark power that had finally started fading as she held on to her sister’s round body, came back full force, hitting Harmony so hard and quick she jumped out of Melody’s hold and was once again withering on the floor in pain.

Dear god, would it never end?

All Harmony wanted was for the pain to stop.

Adien’s first instinct was to rush over and wrap her in his arms, comforting her until those golden eyes once again looked at him in a mix of lust and challenge. Granted, that was how she had ended up in her current condition, withering around on the floor in pain, fighting to beat back a beast she didn’t know existed within her. As much as every protective and male instinct in him demanded he go to her, he remained where he was, standing still next to his brother, who watched Melody like a hawk as she tried to calm her sister.

“Adien, don’t do it,” his brother whispered.

“I don’t need you to tell me that.” Adien replied.

“Melody, is there anything you can do?” Bion. His father’s voice came from nearby.

No, I’m the only one who can stop her. Adien gritted his teeth.

The need to go to her was becoming too much for him to ignore. But if he went over there, it would mean nothing but disaster for his current way of life. He could see it clearly in front of him. He would go to her and take her right there on the floor, not caring that his family was watching. In her current state, she would let him, would welcome him with her lean body and take whatever he gave her until neither of them could move. Then she would mark him as hers, and he would do the same. She would tie herself to him without knowing the consequences of her actions or the truth of the man she had just given her life over to. There would be no way he would resist her. She would dominate him with her need to mate, and he would let her because she was marked as his. Then, once they came back to reality, she would hate him.

For reasons that he was not going to entertain, he hated that thought more than anything.

While Adien struggled with himself and the unknown future hovering above him, it took all his willpower to stay in place and not go to her. Though if he had any sense left, he would have just left the room and never looked back. But common sense had left him the moment he first saw her.

“What the hell?” He raked his hand through his damp hair.

“Stay put.” Radien clasped Adien’s shoulder and pulled him back. Surprised that he hadn’t noticed he moved. Adien didn’t fight his brother.

“What’s wrong with me?” Harmony’s horse and cracked voice echoed through her pain. He watched her body tense as another surge of power rocked her body. Again, her agonized scream vibrated through his body.

Fuck it. He needed to help her.

Knocking his brother’s hold off his shoulder Adien headed towards her. Ignoring Radien and his family’s disapproving glares, Adien kneeled beside Harmony.

“Forgive me,” he whispered as he clenched his hands at his sides. Reaching out, Adien ran his hands though Harmony’s disheveled hair. Her needy moan caused raw desire to rock his body.

Gritting his teeth, he forced back the beast that demanded he claim what was marked as his.

“Harmony, look at me,” Adien gently commanded as he noted that not only had her nails grown longer, but her molars were sticking out from under her top lip.

Slowly, Harmony’s head rose and her gaze met his. For a brief moment, her golden eyes, bright with power, held Adien paralyzed and he watched with a hungry gaze as she pushed herself up from the floor. On all fours in front of him, with her dress riding up and exposing her lean legs, she gave him a sinful smile and he prayed for strength as the beast inside of him demanded he mount her.

Shaking his head clear, Adien focused back on the task at hand, forcefully reminding himself that this was not Harmony he was dealing with but the hound that was slowly awaking inside of her.

Harmony moaned his name, and his cock twitched.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” She spoke, and the voice that came out of her was not her own. It was a voice so low and seductive that it called forth every wicked desire Adien possessed.

“Harm—” Melody started.

“Shut up, this has nothing to do with you.” Harmony’s bright gaze shifted to her sister, and then Harmony looked past Melody to Radien, who towered behind her. “Worry about your own mate and not mine.” With that Harmony turned her attention back to a shocked Adien.

Again, she moaned his name as she crawled into his lap. “Take me.” Leaning her face in, she licked his lips, and he had to bite back a groan. “Right here, right now, in front of everyone.”

Someone help him. He wanted to, so bad that he was sure his head would explode from the needy desire coursing through his veins. But, he would not give in. Not when the woman in front of him knew nothing about him or herself. He refused to turn her into something worse than him.

Shoving her from his lap, Adien gave her a cold stare. One that he prayed didn’t betray his true feelings as he rose to his feet. With her gaze following his every movement, she licked her lips and spread her legs for him, showing him the skimpy black panties she wore that barely covered her.

Although a large piece of him enjoyed the view, another piece of him found her disgusting in that moment.

Truthfully, while their conversation at the bar had been the first time they had ever spoken, Adien knew that Harmony would be mortified if she could see the way she was exposing herself, not only him but her sister’s husband and others as well.

The creature before him might entice him, but it was the woman hidden beneath her desires that he wanted to know and take to his bed. The desire that had waged war against his body and senses immediately died out, and he was able to face her with the cold numbness he was used to.

“Adien.” She continued to beckon him. “I know you want me.” Crocking a finger at him, the straps of her dress fell from her shoulder, and she bit down on her bottom lip.

“Is that something you’re sure of? That I want you?” Adien said coolly.

“Oh, yes. The bulge in your pants told me so. Now come.”

“What bulge? Do you see one now?” Adien raised a brow.

He watched as her golden gaze went to his pants.

Frowning, she brought her gaze back up.

“Disgusting.” He spat the word, and the way her eyes widened told him she wasn’t expecting him to say that. “Disgusting and weak,” he continued. “If I wanted a whore, I know where I can go for that.” He raked a disgusted gaze over her. “A woman who has no morals and values, who would show herself to the world, has no place in my bed or by my side.” Turning from her then, Adien walked back over to his brother and father, who watched him with surprised expressions.

“Adien, you are mine.” He heard her voice, sure and positive.

Looking over his shoulder, Adien gave her a smug smile. One that infuriated everyone he knew. “Baby, if you think you can tame the untamable, then you are more than welcome to come and try.”

Chapter 4

Underworld: Deep in Tartarus

It had been a long time since Azuzela, the Mistress of Temptation and the Fornicator of Damned Souls, had visitors. So long that she had forgotten what it was like to entertain someone other than herself. As she stood staring at a face she hadn’t seen in years, she couldn’t help but reminisce about the life she had once lived, before heartbreak and darkness had consumed her.

With perfectly created features—lips that weren’t too big nor too small, and catlike eyes that demanded the attention of anyone she wanted—she had been the epitome of beauty. Although she was short, barely reaching average height for a human female, she had a toned body that was curved in all the right places. Add to that the long highlighted brown hair that flowed like cascading waterfalls down her back, there wasn’t a male—human or otherwise—that she couldn’t have. Even the powerful male standing outside her cage had fallen into her bed more times than she could count. Her list of lovers was long and impressive, but there was only one man she still craved above all others.

Adien… His name was a soft whisper along the walls of her mind.

Azuzela remembered all too well the way he had moved against her. Skilled and powerful, she lost count of how many times he had made her orgasm back in the old days. Their time together had been passionate and intimate. Touching her in places no one else had. It wasn’t long before she found herself addicted to him… a laughable idea given who and what she was. Yet, it had happened. Before she knew it, he had become the only male her body longed for.

Back in those days, she had been a weak and pathetic excuse for a Trio member and a disappointment to her dark lord. Thinking that she had fallen in love with him and that he had loved her back, she defied her creator and thought she could change…

Another laughable idea, Azuzela soon realized. She would never forget the cold and heartless way Adien had left her… the way he had turned his back on her when she was willing to give up everything for him. She wished she could go back in time and kill him then.

Adien would pay for his betrayal, just like the rest of the mortal world would pay for her imprisonment and the banishment of her dark lord. Just as soon as she was free and regained her power.

After being locked up for so long. her beauty had faded. Her once full and thick hair was now stringy and dull. A body that was once toned and curved had wasted away into nothing. She looked like a ragged old hag. All because there was no one around to feed her powers, to lust and fight over her. To worship her like she should be worshiped. Here in the deep depth of Tartarus, a dark hell that had consumed all her energy, Azuzela was alone. At least for the moment, if the beast in front of her was any indication of what was going on up in the human world, she would be free of her prison soon enough and once again able to bask in the life luxury.

“Hello, Azuzela, you don’t look so well.”

Stepping closer to the bars, Azuzela turned her attention to the dark male in front of her. Her lover at one point in time, they had been a disastrous pair. Sex and violence had followed them everywhere they went. “Iraon. It has been a long time.”

“Indeed, it has,” he responded as he stepped closer to the pulsating bars of her prison. “Too long by the looks of it.”

A sad smile crossed her face as she spoke to him. Iraon was still as handsome as she remembered. His dark features added to the dangerous aura that surrounded him. The red velvet color of his hair, like always, was at odds with his browned complexion. Yet, it didn’t take anything away from him. In fact, it made him appear exotic and forbidden. A tempting sin that you knew you shouldn’t commit but did so anyway. Dressed in western-styled clothes that seemed to be tailored to his chiseled and cut body, he seemed a bit too happy at pointing out her current appearance.

“As you can see, without the adoration of my subjects, I am a shadow of my former self. But you look as if you have been enjoying your freedom out in the human world.” She responded.

“I have. The world has changed since we roamed free, but the basic construct of humans has stayed the same. They are still the lowly creatures they have always been. It is easy to ignite anger and war between them. They are greedy beings that will commit whatever atrocity to get what they want.”

“They have always been like that,” Azuzela said dully.

“Yes, but in this new day and age, greed, sex, and violence are rampant. Slowly, they are destroying their futures and covering the world in darkness.” Iraon paused. Closing his eyes, he seemed to be savoring something she couldn’t feel.

No, she took that back. She could feel it, the decaying world above her that beckoned her return. It was an intoxicating feeling that had become foreign to her during her imprisonment.

Shutting her eyes, Azuzela relished the power coursing through her. For the first time in a long time, she started to feel like her old self as she opened her eyes, her glowing gaze meeting Iraon’s black stare.

“You can feel it, can’t you? Right now, some pathetic human woman is being raped and murdered by a man who had wanted her since she was little. His anger and rage at her for marring someone other than him, the lust that burned at the pit of his stomach for over twenty years, it all pours out of him, tainting the world as her blood seeps into the ground. This is what you have been missing, Azuzela. The world has missed us. It is time for our return.”

Yes. It was time that she was freed of this forsaken prison and her powers were returned to her. Chaos and destruction, sex and violence—they all called to her as the world above her spun out of control.

“See, just from that one act, you are already looking better, and that was just a small taste of what is happening now. Imagine what it will feel like once you are free.”

It would be her playground, a place where she could be free. “Tell me, Iraon, have you found her, the Trinitymate of Earth? The one whose blood will restore me to my former glory?”

“Yes,” was Iraon’s reply.

Instantly a dark smile appeared on Azuzela’s face. As more dark energy flowed into her, she felt freedom within her gasp.

Iraon had been gone a long time, too long if you asked her. As Thana stood in Gazini, her dark lord’s castle in the Neither World, looking out her bedroom window at the dark nothingness around her, she was growing impatient waiting for the beast to return. Not to mention, she had grown sick and tired of babysitting his pets. Between the she-bitch he kept locked in the dungeon and the disgusting half-witted devil that couldn’t compete a single mission given to him, she was ready to ram her head into the wall.

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