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An Amser Studios Short Story


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Amser Studios is a collection of works that connect by following the “Amser Studios Timeline”

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An Amser Studios Short Story

Snap. Another twig breaks beneath steel toed boots.

Sun beams down, kissing the ground and everything in between. It's hot, humid, moist, uncomfortable.

The woods are thick with lush, green land and wide trees with feathering branches. The soil is rich and dark in color. Against the skin, it feels soft.

Long, freckle splattered legs burning a light pink color move fast through the trails of the forest preserve.

Determined, a young woman bearing a heavy pack pushes forward, through the heat and down a path marked by symbols painted upon trees.

Birds chirp and flutter their wings to fly from one branch to another.

Their sweet song is beautiful, harmonious and cheerful, but it's giving this young woman a headache.

Dirty blonde brows twisted in concentration, Fin pushes through the heat and toward the opening of water up ahead.

Still water.

It's a pond.

Fin breaks for the water, causing her pack to bounce to the rhythm of her fast paced trot.

When she reaches it, Fin drops to her knees and throws her pack from her shoulders. Reaching down, she cups the water and raises it to her lips for a drink, bacteria be damned.

The water is warmer than she would have liked, but it's still water. Fin drinks it greedily, one handful after the other until the front of her shirt is soaked from pond water and sweat.

Then she falls back, onto her elbows and hoards the air for continuous pant after pant.

The way the forest surrounds this small body of water is beautiful. If she hadn't already known of it's existence, if mankind hadn't drawn it out on a map, she's sure it would have been concealed well enough that she'd have walked right by it and not have suspected a thing.

A yellow orb sits up in the sky, high above the body of water, it's resonating heat scorching.

Fin's eyes narrow to slits.

Unblinkingly, she stares up at the star.

It hurts, not just her eyes, but her soul, as well. Something in her cringes at the sight of the sun, but she's stubborn and refuses to look away.

That is, until her body locks up and she drops onto her back. Eyes wide and mouth agape, she's pulled from her body and taken somewhere no human should have the ability to go...

Into the heart of time.

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Please Note:

Amser Studios is a collection of works that connect by following the “Amser Studios Timeline”

See the full timeline:



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