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Dream Wife


Mario V. Farina

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She said, "At last, we meet! Robert, I love you!"

I first met her in a dream. It was about a month ago. I had gone to bed at the usual time. I don't know when it began, but it was the most unusual dream I had ever had. I was in the hallway of some building, which, to this day, I would not be able to identify. I was walking toward the window at the far end, perhaps several hundred feet from where I was located. I could see a woman approaching me from that distance. She was young, slim, about five-five, with long auburn hair. She was wearing a beige suit. As she came closer, I could see that she was very beautiful.

As we walked toward each other, I felt slightly ill at ease. Should I say, "Hello?" Should I simply nod? Should I ignore her? I was not a demonstrative person. If I had been, I might have smiled broadly, and exclaimed, "Beautiful day! Don't you think?" But that wouldn't have been me; hence my befuddlement.

It was she who solved my problem. When we were some yards apart, she smiled directly at me! As she came forward, I could sense that she wanted to speak. I slowed my pace, and she strode directly to face me. She said, "At last, we meet! Robert, I love you!"

My face must have turned all shades of red. "I . . .I . . .don't understand," I stammered. She gave a light, musical laugh, then spoke again, "Of course you don't," she said. "My name is Estelle. You are Robert Lyons. We were destined to meet this way. You're dreaming. I love you very much!

To say I was bewildered, would be like making the gargantuan understatement of the year!

"I know you're mystified, Robert, my dear," she said. "You're twenty-three, I'm twenty-one. You live in a world of reality. I live in a dream world. When you dream, you come to the world in which I live. You have the ability to live in both worlds; I exist only in a dream world. I've known I would meet someone like you since I was a child, and I have been in love with that person for most of my life. I was destined to be your dream wife! You never knew this because you did not know about my world. I am introducing it to you now. I am offering you the opportunity to visit me in dreams when you sleep. In this way, we can get to know each other better. I will leave your dream now, but will be with you the next time you sleep. When you wake, please meditate about what I've said. I believe karma has taken control!

Up to this time, I had not made any serious female attachments. Perhaps, I was being too finicky. I knew I should think seriously about getting married at some time in the future, but the idea of marrying a dream woman had never occurred to me. Would it make any sense to do this?

The remainder of my sleep time was dreamless; however, upon awakening, my meeting with Estelle came instantly to mind. I did not fully understand what had happened. Had it all been merely a dream, or had it been some sort of special paranormal event? I did not know the answer, but I did know that I wanted to see Estelle again! Though my meeting with her had been short, I knew that I had fallen in love with her!

I don't know how a day could pass so slowly. All I wanted to do was sleep, so I could be with Estelle again. I went to bed an hour earlier than I usually did, but sleep would not come. I began murmuring, "Estelle, Estelle." It was a good thing I lived alone. I'm sure anyone overhearing me might have thought I was having hallucinations. I don't know when it finally happened. I fell asleep and dreamed.

Estelle was sitting on a small tan-colored couch in a neat living room. She was wearing a white blouse with a blue skirt. She smiled. "Robert, I've been waiting for you." She patted the seat to her right. I sat where she indicated. I tried say something in the form of a greeting, but words could not pass from my lips.

She stared lovingly at me. "I've missed you," she said softly. It was then I found my voice. "I've missed you, too," I replied in a tone matching hers.

"Have you thought about our meeting yesterday," she asked?

"That's all I was able to do," I stated. "I don't know how I got through the day!"

"You must have questions," she suggested.

"Yes, Estelle. How can this be happening. Am I truly asleep? Everything seems so real!"

"You're sound asleep in your bed, Robert, dear," she said.

"How can I be asleep and doing all this dreaming at the same time," I asked?

"Dreams don't require a great deal of time," she explained. In just a few seconds of dreaming, hours of events that would take place in your world, can happen."

"But what about reality, Estelle," I queried. "Aren't dreams hazy? I feel that being here with you, conversing, feeling the warmth of your body, provides a measure of reality, wouldn't you agree?

"Yes, Robert, both worlds are real. People have given them different names so that they can talk about them without getting confused."

"Estelle, darling," I spoke passionately, "I can't live without you! Can I stay in this world with you forever?"

She smiled again. "Dearest," she said. "I love you, but what you're requesting is not simple, nor practical! I need to talk to our Dreams Administrator to ask whether what you're asking for can be done!"

"What in the world is a Dreams Administrator," I blurted? Why is one needed? Dreams don't need one!"

"Dear, dear, Robert," Estelle said with a look of tolerance on her face. "Order is needed even in the midst of chaos! You and I are in a dream! As I've already said, in a dream, a great deal can happen in a very short time. For example, a dream might occur, where, in just a few seconds, actions that would normally require hours to happen, take place. Forever, is a very long time! You might dream through many years of living in just minutes. Suppose you got old in a dream and died. Your dream would have to end. But you only died in the dream! In the real world, you would wake up and find that you have lived most of your lifetime in a tiny time span. You could now live another lifetime! What sense would that make?"

"You said you wanted to talk to the Dreams Administrator. What would you want to talk to him or her about," I asked?

"I would ask to see if we could find a practical way of our living together for a lifetime without complications caused by waking up."

"Well, I certainly wouldn't mind if the complications involved living another lifetime with you," I quipped.

"Don't be silly," she retorted. "Thanks for saying that, but we need to find a way that can actually be used."

"Maybe we could set up a system where we alternate; I would spend a week with you in Dreamland, then you would come to my world, and spend a week in Real Land!"

"That might work for a while," she said, "but wouldn't it be confusing for the kids, not knowing whether they were real or parts of dreams? After we were married, there would certainly be kids, of course! Even in Dreamland!"

I had to agree. Suddenly, as I ruminated, I was struck with an idea. "Estelle," I exclaimed excitedly, "do you suppose the Dreams Administrator would approve of your coming to live with me permanently in my world?"

"I don't think that's possible," she objected. "I'm not real! You created me with a dream! I look real, feel real, sound real; all because I'm in your imagination. When you wake up, I don't exist! How can I come to your world when the only world I can exist in is Dreamland?"

"You have to be real, Estelle," I said resolutely! You've told me that you love me! I believe you! Surely, you wouldn't be able to say those words, in the way you say them, without being real and meaning them!"

"My dear Robert," she replied sadly, "I may be saying those words because, in your imagination, this is what you want me to say! My dear, we are in a dream. It's your dream! You are real. At this very moment, you are sleeping in a bed in your home. It may be the case that what I say and what I do, are what you want me to say and do! Maybe, I'm like an actress in a movie, and you are the director."

"My darling, Estelle," I won't accept what you're saying! I know of a certainty that if you were with me in the real world, you would love me! Please find out from that Administrator person if what I'm suggesting is possible."

"Dearest Robert, I will do that," she said! The dream ended, and I found myself entangled with the sheets on my bed.

I didn't know what time it was. The sun was shining. I got up, threw on some clothing and walked out into the sunshine. I had no idea where I was going. I just walked. Soon I came to Central Park. I found a seat and sat down.

I leaned forward and put my hands over my eyes to cover them. Somehow, I couldn't face the light. I couldn't even face the day! Estelle had told me that she might not love me. She had told me that her love might only be in my imagination. I didn't realize how much what she said had stung me. I thought her love was genuine. But, I realized now that everything I had experienced might have been make-believe, fantasy-time in dreams.

"Hello there!" It was a feminine voice. I opened my eyes to see who it was. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was she. She was wearing white. Was she only a specter, a creation of my imagination?

"Estelle," I exclaimed. "Is it really you?"

"Yes, my love," was her response. "I got a yes to my question! I can be with you now in real life! And I know something that I didn't know before. My love for you wasn't your imagination. I do love you. I do! I really do!"

"Estelle, my dear, how is it possible that you have become real? Where do you live? Where were you born? What do you do?" I couldn't believe this enchanting woman I was speaking to, was the Estelle of my dreams."

"I live in an apartment near here. I was born in Dreamland, Michigan! Isn't that something! I'm a nurse! I have no idea how it happened! I don't care how it happened! All I know is that I'm here with you, and that is all I want. All I want is you."

I didn't know how it had happened either. Maybe it was a dream; Maybe I'm still dreaming. Maybe none of this is real. I don't care. Real or not real, it is happening, and has happened. Today, is the tenth anniversary of our meeting in the park! Estelle and I were married. She became my dream bride. Today, she is my dream wife!

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