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Legend of the White Werewolf

Book 11

A French Kiss

By Crystal Dawn

Cover by Eagle Eye Covers

Edited by Eagle Editing

2017 Copyright by Crystal Dawn

This book is a work of fiction. All contents, including names, places, and events are the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to persons, living or deceased, or to businesses, locations or events are completely coincidental.

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Legend of the White Werewolf-

The Forgotten Ones

Ariel, a divorced mother of two and a bestselling author, meets Blake at a bar. The two are attracted to each other and eventually come together. Ariel discovers that Blake is a werewolf and he has turned her into one as well. Blake discovers Ariel is the famous writer that has been publishing accurate werewolf romances and his council has been trying to find her for some time. When Ariel makes the change to wolf, everyone finds out that she is a white wolf, part of the legendary line thought extinct.

Now Ariel’s family may be in danger for their bloodline is sought after by every unmated alpha. Ariel herself is targeted by a group called the forgotten ones who had faded into the background, but now show themselves again hoping to use Ariel or her family to rise to power and eventually rule the world like they always hoped to. As if being targeted by obsessive outcasts from the wolf world isn’t enough, the reason Blake was in her corner of the world was to set up a pack. His brother Drake is their alpha, but the pack has grown too large for the resources available to them where they are. Rather than move the whole pack, they decide to divide into two packs. Half stay with Drake and half go with Blake. Through the danger, abductions, the stress of starting a new pack, a vicious ex-girlfriend, and all the difficulties of a dramatic change from human to wolf, Blake and Ariel find their love is strong. They build their new pack along with their new relationship letting nothing hold them back.

The Second Son

This story follows Matt, Ariel’s youngest and Sally the female he cares about but is unsure of whether he is willing to make the change to wolf for. Matt makes the change when Sally bites him because she is in heat and out of control. With the decision taken out of his hands, he makes commitments to the werewolf world that includes joining a secret organization that he really doesn’t understand. He carries out a mission for the wolf military and accepts his place with them.

Matt’s Aunt Daisy dies and his little sister, Mikee is born. Dru and Danny meet which sets off a whole chain of events and coyotes come to Ariel and Blake for protection. Matt and Sally are called to California to try to help prevent a pack war between two large packs there. Danny begins to show signs of growing up and leaves to stay at Bubba’s pack for a while so he can be close to Dru. Drake is obsessed with Ariel’s sister, Char, but events seem to conspire against him.

Nigel and Bekka

This is the third of the series and is set largely apart from the others. Nigel has everything set in place to pursue Aunt Bekka and put her in a position where she’ll be forced into his company. It never occurred to him that others would also be after her. He wants to take her back to his pack near London, but can he convince her to forget the past and love again?

The Prodigal Son

Danny is the older of Ariel’s two sons. He doesn’t always act like it and he needs to leave home to become a man. He falls in love with the daughter of a pack alpha who challenges him to be all that he can be by putting him at the bottom of the pecking order and allowing others to treat him poorly. When Danny finally snaps, he knows he has to become a wolf to deal with his temporary pack mates.

He gets an opportunity for revenge on Hemple who abused Dru, who Danny had just mated. Danny and Dru go through one challenge after another but things that would tear the average couple apart just make them stronger.

Drake’s Desire

Blake’s twin brother Drake finally gets the chance he’s been waiting for to claim his mate, Ariel’s sister, Charlotte. She fights any signs of attraction to him and outside forces try to tear them apart. He must struggle and fight to claim his white wolf mate. He’s lucky she’s ready to fight at his side. When the smoke clears, will they be a couple or will she walk away?

Boomer’s Beauty

Boomer had made mistakes and now he was paying for them. He would check on Charlotte's sister and see that all was well with her. The problem was he got the feeling something very bad was happening and he was forced to kidnap Opal to save her.

Feeling forgotten and abandoned by everyone and waiting for the evil stalking her to claim her, Opal is shocked by her reaction to Boomer. He's special to her and while she senses he feels it too, he'll never give in to those feelings.

Will love conquer all, or will love be abandoned when evil stake's its claim?

Milton’s Mate

Opal’s daughter, Ziva, is finally coming to visit Boomer’s pack. She is a lonely bitter reclusive female who doesn’t want a mate and wants nothing to do with wolves.

Milton has finally matured and become more like the wolf Boomer always wanted his son to be except he still isn’t interested in settling down.

When the two meet, they are surrounded by danger and destruction, but there is something between them.

His Harpy

Ariel’s ex finally discovers the secrets his second wife has been keeping. Danger lurks everywhere and he must decide to stay or go. Can he forgive her for not telling the truth and will her supernatural status turn him off?

The Doctor and the Daughter

Clint was the doctor for Boomer’s Pack. He liked his job or at least he had before he had met Ziva. It wasn’t because there was anything wrong with her, it was because that damnable Milton had stolen her away from him. It was true he could have tried harder, so why didn’t he? He’d really liked and cared about her, but some little something was missing between them. That was enough to make him doubt that they were truly fated mates.

He suspected Ziva had ended up exactly where the fates had wanted her to and the little bit of interference he had done had only pushed Milton to claim her sooner. Now her daughter Libby was coming for an extended visit. Clint couldn’t help wondering what she would be like. From what Ziva had said, he got the feeling she would be cool and not overly friendly. Ziva had hinted she might need a doctor’s care for some condition. That certainly made him wonder what was going on.

Clint loved Opal and Ziva, so it made him wonder how he might react to the daughter. All he knew is he would give her the benefit of the doubt and try to be her friend. If she took after her mom or grandma at all, he was sure they would get along.

Sealed With a Kiss

Manning feels lost when he's sent into retirement from his SEAL team. It's finally time to turn to his family and rediscover his roots.

Prissy is a strong female in the pack Boomer, and Opal, who is Manning's mother, lead. Manning annoys her from the start, but an attraction heats up between them.
When they go into the world of blood drugs undercover, will it push their relationship forward, or end it completely?

Legend of the White Werewolf

Book 11

French Kiss

Trent had spent too many years in France with the wrong woman. He wanted to make the right choice this time, but he was gun shy. When he and Jazel are recruited by Damon to work undercover, he’ll get to know her well enough to make a final decision.

Jazel had given up any hopes of mating until she met Trent. But he’s pulled her heart every which way and she doesn’t know if she can take any more. By the time this mission is over, they’ll be together for good, or done.


Trent woke covered in sweat and shaking like a leaf. It wasn’t a very manly feeling to be terrified of a woman, but then she wasn’t really a woman anymore, was she? It made him appreciate his family more now that his eyes had been opened in a way that couldn’t be ignored. He was free, but he didn’t really feel it.

When the vampire, Chief, had come to him, he’d not been smart enough to understand or truly believe. “Your wife is my bitch so you might as well give in and let me change you too.” He’d said.

Over the years, Trent had realized his wife was selfish and spoiled, but he’d never doubted her love for him and their children. That had changed. He’d worked hard to get their three children settled and on the path to their future. There had just been something evil in the air. It told him their kids were best as far from their home as possible.

Trent had come home and Chief and his soon to be ex-wife had been playing on their bed. It was a bed he’d never sleep in again. He’d packed a bag and left. The next day he came with some hired help to get those things he considered his. Next, he’d filed for divorce with the video pulled off the camera in their room. His wife had denied her affair, but the camera didn’t lie.

Apparently she’d thought vampires didn’t show up on film. It was one of many signs that she wasn’t as smart as he’d given her credit for either. As far as he could see, their whole life had been a lie. When Chief had gone down, she’d begged and cried for him to come back to take care of her. Not because she loved or missed him, but because she was on her own and felt lost.

He’d be more careful next time and not fall into a trap. He wouldn’t trade anything in the world for his three children, but they were grown and now he’d live life for himself. It was time to grab the bull by the horns, get back to his roots, and find a life worth living.

Chapter 1

Going Home

The trip went well enough as he got to NYC. He was glad to be back in the states and he had to admit, he’d missed home. Why hadn’t he been back sooner and more often? His wife was needy and didn’t like him to leave her side. She’d always said it was because she loved him so, but that had been proven to be a total lie. That was okay, because things would now be the way they should have been all along.

No woman would ever control him that way again. His eyes were open wide and they would stay that way. His family would never be neglected by him again, especially the mother he had loved so much and felt a heavy burden of guilt over. Never again, he swore.

Rather than fly to Ohio, he decided he would buy himself a SUV and drive. It wasn’t like he wouldn’t need a vehicle of some sort. A friend of his owned a dealership, wasn’t that convenient and he had invited him to visit. He gave Harley a call.


“Hey Harley. This is Trent. I’m in New York right now.”

“Come on down. I’ll text you my address. I’m in New Jersey where all the smart people go.” Harley chuckled.

The guy was a riot. He’d visited the vineyard and somehow Trent had noticed him and they had talked. The guy was an ex-Seal and Trent’s brother was a Seal at the time. They had a lot in common, even if most of it was through their families.

Harley was recently divorced with a wife that had done something similar to what Trent’s had. Both had grown children that had recently left the nest en masse to avoid the parental conflict. Harley’s problems had come a few months prior to Trent’s. He had remade himself and bought a car dealership. Trent was about to remake himself and find a new business as well. This one would be all his since he wouldn’t marry into it

Trent caught a bus to New Jersey and a taxi to Harley’s place. The man was waiting for him when he arrived. They shook hands in greeting and sat down to have a cold one before they did anything else. After a long conversation about nothing of any real importance, Harley asked a question.

“What was this guy’s name?” It was probably because what had happened to each of them was just so much alike.

“Chief was what he called himself. That’s all I ever knew. It didn’t matter except I got the feeling he was bisexual and wanted us both. Weird huh?” Trent asked.

“Same guy that nabbed my wife. Did you know he claimed to be a vampire?”

“Yeah. I knew about that. Guy offered to change me. I wanted nothing to do with him. I’m still looking over my shoulder and will be until I get to Boomer.”

“Craig Boomer?” Harley asked. His friend was looking at him with new interest. “He’s a leader in that area.”

“Yeah, his people are like a pack.”

“There are packs here too. They’d see to your safety and give you an escort if you ask.”

“You think I need one?”

“Yeah, I do. Chief is gone, but there could be others. The guy had crazy followers.”

“So you a member, of a pack that is?”

“I am. What about you?” Harley wondered.

“I’m an honorary member, right now. Who knows what will happen.”

“You a cousin?”

“Yes, that’s what they call us. I was already married and settled when everything happened. At the time, I thought to live out my life where I was without being brought into that world. Things have changed a great deal.”

“It’s a good world for the most part. Boomer’s pack is a good solid one. Ariel’s is the best, but you may not be able to get into that one.” Trent laughed. “Why is that so funny?”

“My aunt already invited me to join them if I want to. She’d take any cousin in, that lady is family oriented. Ariel is a force of nature. Mom’s not as forceful, but she does alright.”

“A nephew of the white wolf. Wow, I never thought I’d meet anyone in that family. Maybe I have and didn’t know it.”

“None of us advertise the connection. It doesn’t pay. I’m pretty sure that was why Chief was interested in my ex.”

“It sure as hell was why he wanted mine. He was looking for a way into my pack.”

“You the pack alpha?”

“Should I be insulted you had to ask?” Harley asked with a grin to show he wasn’t.

“No, many alphas do other things. I recognized you as an alpha, just not if you were a council man, warden, sentinel, or what.”

“Sounds like you’ve learned a bit about our race after all.”

Trent chuckled. “I’ve been reading Ariel’s and Roc’s books. It’s been educational. Mom assured me they are dead on. Even the vampire books have a few shifters in them. Not to mention witches, they also hide in our family.”

“Always good to know a witch if she’s the good kind. So let me in on your plan.”

“Since Ohio isn’t that far, not like Arkansas would be, I thought I’d buy something to drive off you and head that way.”

“Good plan. I’ll give you the pack price. Some of my people can go with us and we’ll meet with Boomer. I’ll take single guys or gals. We’ve mostly guys that are single since we’ve not many females. Maybe we can get some matings in place. Just let me handle the details. Just tell me what you’re looking to buy.”

They discussed the various points of the SUVs Harley had on hand until they decided on one. The price was good, Trent had expected it to be. His buddy had a cook and supper was served. After they ate, Harley showed him to the spare room. In the morning, everyone would eat breakfast before they headed out.

All he had to do was let his mom know to expect some company and get a good night’s sleep. He’d already signed the purchase papers and paid for his new full size SUV. Harley would get temporary tags and they’d be good to go. One stop shopping, he’d never had it so good. Maybe pack life was the way to go after all.

Sleep found him and this night, those terrible dreams stayed away. Was it because he’d left his old life behind? Maybe it was because he was headed toward his family and he knew they would help him? It might even be the security of new friends. Whatever it was, he woke rested and ready to take on the world.

“Good morning!” Harley said as he stepped into the dining room.

“I hope so. I’ve not had one of those in a while.”

“Change is in the air and I have a feeling it’s for the better.”

“You’ll fit right in with my family.” Trent assured with a chuckle.

“Do they really know things?”

“The females in my family always had a small amount of that. I’ve not been around them since they’ve changed, but I’ve heard it’s amazing now.”

“It’s hard to grasp such power. Wolves are a little leery of things like that and fluid magic.”

“I’ve been told that. Magic of that sort is hard to relate to by anyone that has none. It’s hard to understand what a magic user will do with it or when.”

“Exactly. Wolves fear being turned into frogs. There’s a rumor one of the pack alphas working on the Chief case was accidently turned into a frog by a young witch.”

Trent chuckled. “It’s true. She changed him right back, but he kept his distance for quite some time. Harry is something else.” Trent said.

“You know him?”

“No, it’s a she and I’ve only heard some unbelievable tales. She gets in more trouble than the average human teenager. At least she seems to learn from it.”

“That is always a positive point.” Harley agreed. “Will she be at Boomer’s?”

“No, she lives and works around Blue Eye Missouri unless she’s on a case. I’d heard most of Chief’s organization broke down into small groups. They are using local packs for much of the work hunting down the fragmented groups.”

“I’d heard something similar but no facts to support it. My people are here so if you’ve got everything packed, we can go.” Harley said.

“It’s all ready to go. I’ll grab it and follow you.” He picked up his bags by the door and headed out after Harley who walked him to his brand new SUV.

Trent got in the driver’s seat taking a deep breath and enjoying the smell of his new car. It was a beautiful color, platinum. The SUV was big and a couple wolves hopped in the back. There was another SUV that would be following them at a distance to keep an eye on things.

“I thought we’d split the driving since it’s about a ten hour drive. We’ll stop in four hours for lunch and make the other decisions as we go if that suits you?” Harley asked.

“Sounds like a plan. Although we may have to make a stop sooner since I drank a lot of coffee this morning.” Trent admitted.

“I was sure we would. Everyone will need to stretch their legs.” Harley observed.

At that point they got on their way. Conversation helped the trip go faster and the two in the back contributed once the ice was broken.

“I hope to find a male willing to come back to my pack with me.” The female, Sandy admitted. “I have a big family, a rare blessing in our world these days and would hate to be far from them.”

“For the right female I would relocated. I love my pack, but I need a mate. A fated mate is rare so if I found one, I would do anything to please her.” The male, Troy admitted.

“Our world is getting back on track.” Harley said. “The white wolf has helped us in many ways. She’s shown us that if our packs work together, we can help our people find their mates and be happy. With fated mates, children are assured.”

“Ariel is one smart cookie.” Trent agreed.

“You know her?” Troy asked.

“Not as well as I did as a kid.” He admitted.

“What was she like?” Troy wondered.

“She’s beautiful, kind, and talented at everything she ever tried. We lived near her until I married and left the area. Her boys were little bitty when I started my family. I heard Danny waited until he was older to have kids. Matt was older than me, but in his early twenties still. I hope to visit around the holidays. They always had lots of good food and fun.” Trent described.

“I never thought of her as being around people. In my thoughts she was always remote, distant.” Sandy explained and Trent nodded.

“Ariel has always said she is just a person. You’ll be surprised if you ever meet her.” Trent assured.

Talk continued for a while then it slowly dribbled down to nothing. Sandy and Troy were asleep and Harley was on his head piece talking away. Life for a pack alpha must be exciting and rewarding, but busy as hell. When he finally was through, Harley pulled his head piece off placing it in his computer bag.

“So tell me about what a pack alpha does. I want to understand it before I meet my step dad.” Trent explained.

“It depends on if you’re a good one or not. Surely you’ve heard of Hemple?”

“Yes, but only the basics.”

“There was a time many believed that the pack was there to serve the alpha. That was Hemple’s way. A new type of alpha has dominated the scene. It started in this country, but it took a while to gain a foothold everywhere. Not that there haven’t always been some good ones. We take care of our pack instead of them providing for us. I know all my members. If one is in trouble I aid them anyway I can. A pack alpha takes orphans raising them as his own. We rule with love and understanding.”

“That sounds beautiful. The human world needs some of that.” Trent admitted.

“Know too that we also make hard decision and sometimes we have to destroy someone.” Harley offered.

“Ferals and criminals?”

“Yes, and each one hurts.”

“What about Boomer?”

“A good wolf, a good alpha. He made a mistake once, but he separated his pack from it. It turned out to be a good thing in the end.”

“When he kidnapped Aunt Charlotte?”

“Yes, your aunt is a good woman. That mistake could have resulted in death, even of the youngest son who was a teenager.” Harley explained.

“They’d kill a boy?”

“Wolf justice is often harsh. It has to be to keep strong and hard beasts in line.”

They stopped briefly at the two hour mark and Harley started driving. Talk picked up again as Harley explained some of the ways of the wolf. They also discussed other kinds and how to tell when they were around.

The conversation died and not long after that Harley said he was pulling into a truck stop. It was lunchtime. The second Harley pulled up to the gas pump and stopped, the two in the backseat woke. They hopped out and hurried in as he filled up the tank. Pulling up to the building, he went to the bathroom then joined the others in the restaurant.

The others took the buffet, but Trent order the breakfast special available all day. He was stunned at what the others, even little Sandy, put away. “Wolves usually go for all we can eat. Saves us money.” Harley said with a wolfish grin on his face. Trent expected he’d get used to things.

They finished quickly and Harley paid before they took off again with Trent driving. He had a small earpiece he used to call his mom and update his progress. The conversation lasted ten minutes and they said goodbye. She never acted like she blamed anyone except his dad, but he felt guilt roll over him anyway.

Miles further down the road they stopped again to walk and use the bathroom. Harley drove now and Trent felt the pull of sleep. When he woke, they were about to stop again. “We have a possible issue. There was a car that followed us last time we stopped. They got back on the highway when we did and have stayed within a few cars of us.” Harley explained.

“What do you suggest?” Trent asked.

“Let’s see if they follow us when we exit this time.”


Harley veered into the exit at the last second tires squealing. The other car did the same thing. Now everyone involved knew what was happening. They were being followed and those that followed them knew they were aware of it. Trent had hoped the excitement wouldn’t start until he reached his family.

The car kept its distance, but stayed where those inside it could watch them. When it was time to go, it continued to follow them. “Now what?” Trent asked Harley.

“We can let them keep following us since I don’t see much it hurts, we can try to lose them, but it could be hard on your new SUV, or we can have the SUV behind us try to take them out.” Harley observed.

“You’re right. I don’t want to mess up this SUV. Can we trap them?”

“We’ll do it when we get closer to Boomer’s pack unless they quit following by then.”

“Okay. We’ll just have a wait and see outlook then.” Trent agreed. “I just don’t see why they would follow us or how they would know I was here.” Harley shrugged his shoulders. It was a mystery.

They were drawing closer to Boomer’s pack and Trent was both excited and nervous. His family hadn’t acted like they blamed him for being self-absorbed for so many years, but how could they not? His mom especially had needed him, had needed them all and this Boomer she was now with had been the one to save her. Not that he wasn’t grateful to him and Aunt Charlotte for sending him. He just knew little about the guy.

His mom being freed had only occurred because Boomer had owed Aunt Charlotte a favor and that was how she’d collected. She’d sent the pack alpha to check on her sister. The whole thing sounded crazy, but not any crazier than the supernatural world they were now a part of. He’d try to make it up to his mom if he could. Easier said than done, but he would try. As a child, his mom had been the most important person in his life. Most young boys would say their dad, but not him or his brother.

“They just turned off. Our tail is gone.” Harley observed.

“I bet they come back again. They just followed long enough to be sure of where we are headed.” Trent looked in his mirror seeing the car was indeed gone.

“I believe you are right. They may have also been aware that Boomer sent someone to see us in.” Harley admitted.

“He did? Where are they?” Trent looked around.

“The black SUV by the side of the road.”

Trent watched as they turned completely around to follow them. “You sure they are on our side?” Life had made him a lot more nervous than he’d ever been before.

“Yes, Boomer gave me a description of the SUV and those in it.” Harley confirmed. “We are in Boomer’s area now. It’s unlikely anyone will bother us unless we go further away.”

“They almost killed my sister on the turn into pack lands.” Trent pointed out. “No one had expected that.”

“Yes, but Boomer upped security and started a security company. He uses his pack lands to train potential guards. There are vast resources available to him now he didn’t have then. Only a fool would attack so close to his pack house.”

“Some of his enemies in the past have been fools. Hopefully they’ll back off now that they’ve seen how they’ll be dealt with.” Trent said. He wasn’t like his brother and violence was not something he was used to dealing with.

It wasn’t long before a huge house came into sight. His discerning eye could see where an addition had nearly doubled the size of the place recently and not far away was another huge building that was covered entirely in metal. That building could be anything. There were signs of prosperity everywhere.

They were greeted by a dozen people, mostly males. He’d admit he was disappointed none of his family had come out to see him. After all the danger that had visited them, he couldn’t blame them. Males grabbed the luggage in the back and carried it in. When they entered the living room he was separated from the others and taken to the kitchen. He turned to see if Harley was upset, but he just waved for him to go on.

Entering the kitchen, it felt familiar. It reminded him of his grandma’s house. That was a place he’d not seen in many years. Trent wondered if that house was even standing. Either way, his memories of that place were strong and happy. Maybe the happiest he’d ever had. At least his father had been alright when he and his siblings were young. His gaze moved to the table and those who sat there.

“Hello Mom.” He moved to her chair to kiss her cheek and hug her. She smelled just like she had when he was young. Looked the same too.

“Trent, it’s so good to see you. I’ve missed you.” Opal admitted. He saw a lone tear track its way down one cheek until she wiped it away.

“I’ve missed you too, Mom.” Now he looked at the male sitting next to his mom. He didn’t look much older than she did. This male had strength, power came off him in waves.

“This is my mate and pack alpha, Boomer.” His mom introduced.

Trent held his hand out and the male took it and they shook. The guy seemed okay, but he would wait to form an opinion. Maybe he was a little late in looking out for his mom, but he was here now so he would. He saw his sister, Ziva, and his niece, but his brother wasn’t here.

“Hey Sis.”

“Hey yourself. This is my mate Milton.” Ziva said and he saw a young guy with a pretty face. Wow, she’d gone after a teenager. Hell, she didn’t look much older herself.

“Nice to meet you, Trent.” Milton held out his hand so he gave him his and they shook. Next he turned his attention on the young girl next to Milton.

“Libby? You’re all grownup.”

“Hey Uncle Trent. This is my mate, Clint.”

“Nice to meet you Trent.” Another handshake.

“So I made a new friend who escorted me down here and he’s a New Jersey Alpha. He has the top of the state. I’d like all of you to meet him.”

Boomer looked at one of the guards and they left. A moment later, he returned with Harley. “Nice to see you again, Boomer.”

“Always nice to see you, Harley. You don’t get away much.”

“Ha. Neither do you. It takes a lot of time to run a pack right.” Harley admitted. “I’m single again too which makes it even harder.”

“I’m sorry to hear that.” Boomer offered.

“Don’t be. A vampire seduced her. He was trying to get power through mates.” He admitted.

“That’s something I’d like to discuss with you in detail later.” Boomer offered.

“Certainly. I think some of the plans started might still be in play even though the one that started them isn’t.” Harley suggested.

“That clears up everything.” Trent said sarcastically. Things in this supernatural world were clear as mud. “I want to be in on that talk since my ex went nuts over a vampire too.”

“Sounds fair enough.” Boomer said.

They sat and talked with the others a little while before Boomer excused the three of them so they could speak privately in his office. Milton and Ziva were given the responsibility to see the others settled. Before they had a chance to begin speaking, there was a knock on the door. It was his Mom and it was clear she intended to stay for the discussion.

“Opal will be in on this discussion. She is a true partner in running the pack and all that entails.” Boomer beamed at her as she moved a chair close to him and sat down.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable discussing my sex life around my mama.” Trent admitted. They’d called her mama when they were little. Funny how those things came back to you when things got bad.

“Wolves are very open, Trent. I’ve had to get involved with the sex lives of several pack members.”

“How many were your children?”

“Besides Ziva and Manning? Does Libby count since she is a grandchild?”

“Fine.” He knew better than to argue with his mom. She always won.

“Okay, let’s start this discussion.” Boomer said.

“My wife was targeted because they wanted to lure me into whatever they were doing. I thought I loved her once. She seemed strong and she told me she loved me more than anything. There was a time I believed her. Now, after all that’s happened I can see she was a weak person looking for whatever made her feel the best. This vampire offered her something I couldn’t. The bite has its own pleasures.” Harley admitted.

“I guess my situation was the same. He told her he wouldn’t see her anymore if she couldn’t pull me into their group. She went a little crazy when I refused. This vampire Chief, he came to France and met with me directly. I told him no. He seemed to accept it and he left. My ex-wife continued to try to lure me back. It’s one reason I came here. Getting away from her and back to my family seemed the best thing to do.” Trent admitted.

“It looks like Chief intended to attack pack alphas and white wolves through their mates.” Boomer noted.

“It looks like he knew which ones were the weakest.” Harley admitted with bitterness.

“Maybe he did you a favor? Everyone seems strong until tested.” Boomer observed.

“Maybe you’re right.” Harley said. Trent still didn’t contribute much, but he listened to all that was said.

Chapter 2

Who is He?

Jazel was putting in a hard day running her crew and now Prissy’s too as she was called away to be with Manning because they’d both almost been killed. Because Prissy was wolf, she was back on her feet almost right away. The surprise was Manning who should have died. Not that anyone wanted him too. Instead, Boomer had changed him and given the doctor the help he needed to heal him. He’d woke up just in time as Trent had finally arrived.

Opal and the rest of the family was excited beyond belief because she hadn’t seen her son in years. It also helped that Manning was on the road to recovery and it wouldn’t take long now. The feeling of relief could be felt by all.

Most wolves find this stupefying, not seeing family for years, since family was so important to them and they questioned what kind of man he was. She had seen pictures of a much younger Trent and she would admit, she found him attractive. Now as they finished up the day, she was summoned along with others to meet Opal’s youngest son.

The guys razzed her as she left, nothing new there. She went with the pack house her goal. Her belly felt twisted with nerves, but it made no sense. It’s almost supper time and she’d eat with the family as she often did. Entering the house she made for the kitchen. Much of the family was gathered there, but the visitor was nowhere to be seen. Sending a look to Prissy, her friend just shrugged.

Either she didn’t know or she couldn’t say. Food was warming on the stove, but no one had fixed a plate yet. Jazel grabbed a beer out of the fridge and popped a top. It looked like supper was waiting for the guest of honor. Small talk started up and they discussed several things, but none of them of any importance. Why bother since they would stop to eat whenever the others made it.

It was maybe twenty minutes before Boomer, Opal, and two males headed into the kitchen and she saw Ziva’s and Opal’s eyes meet. The nod from Opal told them all it was time to eat. Without a spare moment, everyone jumped in to help and the food was on the table in no time. Somehow, Jazel found herself between Harley who she barely knew and Trent who she only knew of.

In this group of mostly wolves that were hungry, filling a plate was the most important thing to do. Since someone hadn’t shared that with Trent, she handed him one of the trays when she was done so he would fill his plate. He ended up with a fair amount of food so she didn’t worry for him. The learning curve here could be ruthless in some ways.

Jazel sniffed the air and scented something wonderful. It was male and bracing, it smelled like the forest after a rain with a hint of something spicy she couldn’t define. The biggest surprise, the aroma came from Trent. Dear goddess! Why was she throwing her a curve ball now? Wolves lived and died by their noses and they also were drawn to special males or females by them. It had never happened to Jazel before and the timing sucked. She knew some would say there was no bad time to find the right one.

Maybe she would just ignore it. So much was going on now with the security firm opening soon. Her best friend had just mated and more of the construction responsibilities were on her while she helped train Prissy’s replacement.

A man like him would be so much trouble. Watching him eat as he spoke to his family and friends made her wonder if he’d be worth it. Trent looked up and their eyes met causing heat to roll through her. Dear goddess she’d never felt like that before. Harley said something snagging Trent’s attention and the rush of heat cooled. Thank you Harley.

Things would certainly be interesting with Trent around. It made her wonder how long he was staying. Jazel helped clean up before she turned in. The morning would come around too soon with the hard work and long hours that were beginning to get hard on her.

First thing in the morning as she got her crew going. There was a surprise. “Ziva, what’s up?”

“Alpha needs to see you as soon as you can make it. I wasn’t busy so I thought I would come and see what you’ve been up to.”

“Do you know what’s going on?” Jazel gave Ziva a hard stare.

Ziva giggled. “That might work on your crew, but it won’t work on me. I might have overheard something about an undercover assignment, but act surprised or they’ll know I told you.”

“Right now that would surprise the hell out of me. We’re running behind and I’m training a crew boss. Who’ll fill in for me?”

“Someone suggested Milton. We’re not doing anything right now so he agreed. He seems to believe you’ll want this mission. Do you?”

“Hell, yes to the hundredth degree, but he won’t like this job much. Maybe they’ll appreciate me more when I come back.”

“There’s more. Boomer is bringing in a new hire to train with Milton so you won’t have to go back to the crew. You’ll be working in security once you get back.”

“Hell yeah!” Jazel considered doing a jig, but she didn’t want to seem unprofessional. She would be in management in the security firm and wanted respect. Instead she high fived Ziva who smacked her hand back. “I’ll make sure the guys are on task and put one of the trainees in charge. Hey, Ray! Get over here.”

The guy hurried and stood in front of her. “Yeah, Boss?”

“I have a meeting with Boomer. You’re in charge until further notice with Humphrey as your second. Got that?” She gave him a hard look.

“Whatever you say, Boss.”

“That’s the spirit.” Jazel chuckled. If she was finally out of here, she was thrilled. It wouldn’t seem real until Boomer told her. “Lead the way, Ziva.”

“Remember, you know nothing.”

“Gotcha. Just like the Sergeant in that old war series.”


“Never mind. It was before your time.”

Ziva turned and hurried to her SUV and got in the driver’s seat. Jazel hopped in and they took off. Preferring to drive, Jazel hung on to a side bar in the vehicle. Ziva was an okay driver, but Jazel was a good one. Not that there was much traffic and they weren’t driving far, but Jazel had been in a wreck a couple months ago when rogues were trying to attack the pack. It had been a brave and successful move to crash into their lead truck, but she had been seriously hurt and almost died.

Now she thought about it every time she was in a car. It made no sense since she’d caused the wreck herself. Boomer had praised her quick thinking and she would do it again under those types of circumstances, but riding in cars still made her nervous. The scent of her own blood came to mind but thankfully they had arrived.

“Still having trouble?” Ziva was hard to fool.

“Just a bit. It’ll ease with time.” Jazel looked at the front door.

“Go get ‘em tiger.” One of Ziva’s favorite saying even though she was and lived among wolves.

Jazel gave her a salute then hurried up the stairs. As she made the way back toward the kitchen, she saw there was a group gathered around the table. “There you are.” Boomer looked up. “Let’s go to the office. Trent and Opal, come on. We’ll be back shortly.”

Ziva jumped into Milton’s lap. Jazel knew he’d wait as long as he could before checking on the work crews. By then they would be goofing off and he could get on to them. Maybe it would make them think twice next time before misbehaving. Thankfully, it was no longer her problem.

She and Trent took seats across the desk from Boomer and Opal. “I know you’re both wondering what I want to speak to you about. Trent, you’re up in the air about what you want to do and Jazel, you’re wanting to get started on the security work we’ve had planned. Right now the pack has been working on bringing the remnants of the blood drug business down. I thought you might be interested in helping, Trent, because the vamp who messed up your life was the one who started this shit.” Boomer waited for Trent’s answer.

“I would like to help, but I’ve never done anything like this before.” He didn’t really sound convinced either.

“Jazel is tough as boot leather. She would be going in with you. A human and wolf mixed couple would be ideal. Even better if they think you don’t know she’s a wolf.” Boomer continued.

“How would that be a help?” Trent looked confused. Jazel was confused too.

“We think they might try to blackmail her. If they feel they have her under control they might let her deeper into their group. We’ve not been able to get past the bottom feeders they use to distribute their drugs. The drugs are more dangerous than ever because they no longer have the proper ingredients and now they are mixing in whatever they do have. We’ve had a dozen fatalities in the last month.”

Jazel looked at Boomer and Opal. “What if they try to dose either of us?”

“Damon, Marissa, and their kids are coming to visit. She’ll cast a spell on you that will not allow them to give you a drug, but if they try, all they will remember is they did it.” Opal explained.

“I’ve heard a lot about them. I knew Marissa’s mom, but she was born after I left.”

“That’s right. I believe they are distant relatives since she is a white wolf. You’ll like them. They are great people.” Opal said.

“I can do this as long as I don’t have to fight. I would ask for some self-defense lessons if we have time before we go.” Trent requested.

“Jazel is an excellent instructor. The two of you can start right away.” Boomer grinned. Harley had left a few people behind, but an emergency had called him back right away so there was nothing interfering with Trent getting trained.

She felt a little set up. Yes, she was an experienced instructor with other supernaturals. Humans were different and required more patience and she would have to hold back a great deal so as not to hurt him.

“She looks a bit delicate.” Trent observed.

“Looks can be deceiving. Just follow me.” Jazel wore an evil smirk. “Do you need to change first?”

“I’m fine. I went jogging this morning. There’s lots of construction going on.” Trent observed as he followed behind her.

“Pack is growing.”

“It looks like a large community. So you’re a she-wolf?”

“That’s me.”

She led him to the gym which was housed in a large metal building. “I wondered what this was used for.”

“It’s a combination of a bar, gym, and rec area. That way we stay close to home and don’t get into any trouble.”

“Sounds like a good idea.” He came to a stop at the edge of a taped off area.

“This is where we fight, spar, and train. Do you want to put on some protective gear?”

Trent took a good long look at her. It would have been insulting had she not seen the gleam of desire in his eyes. “I think we’ll be alright.”

“Okay. Step into my parlor…”

“Said the spider to the fly. Are you trying to tell me something?” He stepped past the tape and a second later was staring at the ceiling. “I think a tank is running loose in here somewhere.” Trent chuckled.

She’d give him points for sense of humor and the ability to laugh at himself. “Where did you say the protective gear was?”

Now that he realized he had a lot to learn and that even females could knock him on his ass, they’d get started. Once they got into the lessons, she was relieved to find he learned quickly, was in better shape than expected, and he was fun to be around.

“So what did you do at the winery?” Jazel asked.

“I was an owner operator. My ex was part owner too. She ended up with a part of the business, but I got paid out. She’d lose it by the end of the year if her dad hadn’t set it up in a trust and I’d bet money on that. Her lawyer will be trying to get her access to the business and the money it makes.”

“What will you do now?” She threw a jab and he ducked.

“I’m looking for a winery to buy. It would be best if it was one that wasn’t doing the best. I’ve got the skills to turn it around and just enough money to do what has to be done.” He admitted.

“I don’t think any wolves own a winery in this area although Boomer was thinking about investing in one.”

“Why would that matter?” Trent moved back as she took another shot at him. He was fast for a human.

“Pack helps pack. We use wine, we even sell it at the restaurant. It would give you a leg up. Of course you’ll probably need a security company and we have one that’s as good as any and comparably priced.”

“You involved with the security company?”

“I am, but why did you ask?”

“You can fight and I know Prissy is an owner, figured you’d be too.”

“Boomer is an excellent alpha. He helps and encourages his members to own businesses and go to college or training in whatever they like. Pack pays for a lot of it.”

This time Trent was distracted and Jazel clipped his chin sending him to the floor. “I think it’s probably lunch time. Can we take a break and come back later?” He asked.

“Sure. You have a phone?” Trent pulled it out and she grabbed it. “My number is in it now. Call when you’re rested.”

Jazel moved out ahead of him. She lived at the pack house right now, but eventually would get a place of her own in the subdivision Boomer was buying out, one house at a time. Trent was in the pack house for now too. It was a good fit for him since his family was all nearby. With her rank, she was on the bottom floor. Once she got to her room, she showered and changed.

Going back to the kitchen, something smelled marvelous. Opal had been cooking and apparently they were Trent’s favorites. Jazel loved her meat loaf with fried potatoes too. Her sweet cake was to die for. Apparently Trent had a good idea about getting to lunch early. The food was out and fair game. Jazel was starved and filled her plate.

She was sitting down as to eat as Trent walked in. “Mom, you fixed my favorite meal. It was worth coming just for that.” He kissed Opal’s cheek and she blushed with delight.

Meals were even better now that Trent was here and the next day, Manning came back. He and Trent hung around a lot for a few days before Trent got back to training with her. Trent had improved making her believe Manning had been training him. Jazel was pleased since they had little time before they had to go.

Damon and Marissa arrived with their three kids. The little girls were walking but the boy looked too little to travel halfway across the country if you didn’t know he was a wolf. Opal settled them in personally and they stayed in their suite to rest until supper. They would be here two days before moving on to NYC.

After supper, Marissa met them in the office. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” Jazel said.

“I hope it wasn’t all bad.” Marissa chuckled.

“Only what I heard from the bad guys.” Jazel joked.

“It’s best to keep them guessing.”

“What bad guys?” Trent asked.

“I was just joking, but Marissa works with Damon. She worked on the Chief case.”

Trent’s eyes went to the baby strapped to her. “I didn’t tell Damon until his part in the case was practically over. He’s a council man not a warden anymore although no one can tell.” Marissa informed. “Now both of you sit and let me spell you. It only hurts a little.”

“She’s joking about the pain unless you piss her off.” Jazel assured.

“It’s done. Good luck and stay safe.” Marissa and Damon left the next morning.

A full week had passed since Trent had arrived. Supper was over and some of them lingered over the rum cake Opal rarely made. It was excellent with coffee. The flavors meshed perfectly.

“Jazel, Trent, I need to speak to you.” Boomer said when he was done eating and saw they were too.

They followed him into his office with Opal bringing up the rear. She loved the way Opal and Boomer presented a united front. Opal had been good for their alpha and if Jazel had mixed feelings at first, she’d gotten over them quick. Their female alpha had changed the way things were for the females among the pack. It was truly a case of they could do whatever they wanted to if they had enough talent.

As many females were going to college and other training now as males, maybe more. Others in the surrounding area were asking to join their pack. Sometimes they were members of other packs and that caused problems. Boomer would contact the council and sometimes they allowed the transfer, other times they didn’t. Even pack alphas had to follow the lead of the highest authority. Or at least they should most of the time.

“It’s time to start. We’ve set up a background for each of you, clothing, a house, and a car. Everything you need will be available. Just remember these people have access to all the spy stuff generally available and will use it.” He pulled two envelopes out of his desk drawer and handed one to each of them.

“What’s this?” Trent asked as he opened the envelope and peered inside.

“It’s the information you two need. Jazel has experience, follow her lead. We’ll try to keep an eye on you, but don’t count on us being able to get to you quickly. Any questions?” Boomer looked at them expectedly.

“Maybe after we look at the information.” Jazel replied.

Opal grinned. “That will help you know what to ask.”

“I guess you’re dismissed until you have questions or it’s time to go.” Boomer concluded.

Everyone got up and headed back to the kitchen which was now empty except for those cleaning up. Once Opal saw the cleaning was getting done, she and Boomer headed to their room leaving Trent and Jazel alone at the table. “You have anything to tell me about this mission?” Trent asked.

“What makes you think I know anything more than you do?”

“You live around here where this has been happening and you’re involved in security. Tell me you don’t know anything.”

“I might know a bit. You heard about Prissy and Manning? They were working on bringing down these people. Damon got some of the worst ones, but now the group has splintered and it seems every petty criminal is trying to get their hands in the money pot. Are they dangerous? Yes, but I can’t imagine they are as dangerous as those originally in charge or even the second group to take over.” Jazel assured him.

“So we won’t explode?”

“It’s unlikely because explosives can be expensive and require knowledge to set up. I don’t think these guys are nearly as smart or capable as the others were. I’m hopeful that it will be a quick in and out. We’ll also be putting trackers on their distributors and suppliers. Others will take them down. That’s mainly what this is, a roundup.”

“You make it sound so easy. I’ll bet it won’t be.”

“Just follow my lead and you’ll be fine. We’ll be leaving after breakfast so read your packet and figure out your questions for in the morning.” Jazel walked off. She intended to study her packet too. It paid to know everything possible.

She went looking for Prissy who was probably home cleaning house. Manning didn’t want her doing any hands on security work so she watched the cameras four nights a week for twelve hours a night. It was routed to their house so she was relatively comfortable and nowhere near the action. It was a case of position pays.

Although Prissy wasn’t the only one it was done for. Some college students, expectant mothers and those with newborns also had feed routed to them at least part of the time. Who knew, someday that might be her. She’d always thought about a family, but never really believed it was possible for her. Prissy gave her hope since she was a lot like her.

“Hey, girl. Whatcha doing here?”

“I came to get some information from my favorite prego female.” Jazel replied.

“About your mission?”

“Exactly. Some of the people might be the same.”

“Okay. Dude, he was the worst one but I heard Damon finally got him. The others were also drug addicts. I’d be surprised if any of them are still alive. The drug made them rot from the inside out. The place he operated out of was Dude’s Place, but it won’t be called that anymore.” Prissy offered.

“You’re not much help.”

“That’s what happens when the long arm of Damon goes after someone. Problem is there are always some riffraff looking to move in and up. Those in it at the time would be either caught or dead. Just be careful. These guys aren’t smart. The only reason Damon’s had trouble taking them out is there are so many of them. You knock one out, two take his place.” Prissy explained.

“His place? Are they all males?”

“Unfortunately no. The females are worse than the guys. Keep an eye on Trent. He’s an attractive guy and they’ll be all over him.”

“You sure he won’t be interested?”

“No, those females look like death walking.”

“So how do you know so much?”

“Some of the stuff I watch at night is from the surveillance of their hangouts. We’ve been able to pick up times when they’re active, a few names, but mostly I’ve isolated pictures of the active dealers. These guys are meaner than Dude even to each other. We got footage of them setting one of their own on fire and taking bets for how long it would take for him to stop screaming.”

“I’m wondering if Trent can handle this now.” Jazel remarked.

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