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First and foremost, God deserves all of the glory, without him I am nothing. I acknowledge my family and friends for always supporting me through it all. Also, I thank you guys for believing in me in the times when I didn’t believe in myself.

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As I open my eyes, my vision is blurry. I wave my hands in front of my face. The only thing I see is white specs. I try my best to look around me. I am in complete darkness and the only sounds I hear are the ringing in my ears. I bring both hands to each ear to try and stop it. I feel pain when my hand reaches my forehead area. I bring my two fingers to my temple where a huge knot rests. Not remembering how it got there, I begin to panic, only to realize that I am in some confined space. My eyes widen and I immediately begin counting backwards from ten to think rationally. My head is pounding and I’m feeling woozy. I try to stretch my legs out. Whatever they touch does not budge. I try to reach my arms out with the same results. The ringing has settled in my ears and all I hear is this eerie silence. Suddenly, my body jerks forward, before rolling back almost knocking the wind out of me. I gasp, clutching my chest with one hand and grasping the back of my head with the other. My mind is in a frenzy when I realize that I am in the trunk of an obviously moving vehicle. I searched my mind for the events that led up to this point.

Something vibrates under me causing me to jump. I roll over to see the dim light from my cell phone. My cell phone! I grab it immediately putting in my code.

“C’mon c’mon please have signal,” I whisper, holding my phone up for a better view. I press BigBroQuan in my contacts. It rings and rings and rings with no answer. Paranoia begins to set in as the warm tears run down my face. My hands begin shaking as I try to type in my lock code again. My fingers slide, pressing the wrong number. I take a deep breath before typing it in correctly. My signal is weak so I hold it up as high as I can.
Going through my contacts, I scroll until I see Romeo’s contact. *Tap* It rings and rings and rings when suddenly:

“Hello?” I hold the phone close to my ear.

“Romeo! Please help me.” I speak as loud as I can, hoping no one on the outside can hear me. To try and lower my voice, I cup my hand around my mouth and receiver.

“Hello? I can’t hear you who is this?”
I glance at my phone to make sure that I called the right number. When I place the phone to my ear I hear, “At the tone, please leave your message.”


My mouth drops.

“Fuckkkkk!” I yell out in frustration, before ending the call. Throwing my phone, I try to gather my thoughts as best as possible when I hear my phone vibrating. I pick it up, answering it without looking.

“Please help me!” I am full blown crying at this point.

“Monique, what's wrong baby girl?” Romeo’s voice booms, full of concern.

“I don’t know what’s going on. All I remember is waking up in a trunk of a moving vehicle.” My voice is trembling as I try to speak clearly and quietly.

He blows. “Now is not the time to play Monique. I have a lot going on right now.”

I begin sobbing even harder.

“Romeo listen to me! Does it sound like I’m fucking playing? I think I’ve been kidnapped.” I hear a lot of shuffling from his end of the line and then the jingle of keys. All I hear is noise and I begin to get nervous thinking he is speaking and I can’t hear him.

“Romeo, are you still there?”

“Yes, I’m here baby girl. Tell me something. Do you have ANY clue where you are? Can you hear anything that sounds even the slightest familiar?” I hear the door slam. It sounds like he is jogging until I hear the bing of his car.

“No I-” the car comes to a halting stop and I begin to get frantic. I feel like I am about to pass out. My heart is beating out of my ears and it feels like there is an imaginary weight on my chest.

“Romeo, the car has stopped.” I drop the phone from my ear slightly. I cover my mouth to hide my sobs.

“Monique! Monique!” I place the phone back to my ear. The only noise I can get out is a small peep. I hear two doors slam, one right after the other.

“You have a iPhone right?” I nod my head as if he can see me, clenching the phone tight, like it would save me right now.

“Send me your location real quick.”
I quickly go to his contact, sending him my location when the trunk pops open. I gasp before covering it with my hand. It is pitch black outside.

“Bitch what are you doing?” I hear this unfamiliar voice. It’s raspy and deep like he’s been smoking cigarettes his whole life. He coughs before grunting. Before my eyes adjust to the night and I can get a clear view of my attacker, a fist flies across my face knocking me out cold.

Torn Between the Game and Love
By: Courtney Monya

Chapter 1

"Papa! Granny! I'm getting ready to leave!" Monique screams from the front door of her grandparents’ house. She has her whole life packed in the back of her truck ready to make the big move to Texas. Her grandmother, Mary, appears from somewhere in the back with her grandfather following behind.

"Let me check behind this girl. You know she'll forget something in a minute," Mary fussed. Lester chuckles at his wife, "Well who do you think she gets it from?” The glare he receives causes him to laugh even harder as he makes his way out of the front door into the attached garage.

Lester was preparing to say goodbye to his granddaughter whom he raised from a baby. As many times as her spur of the moment ideas led her to leave home, she always came back. This time was going to be different though. Lester knew the day would come when Monique would really step out onto her own. More like LEAP, but he knew that she would be covered.

He began to inspect Monique’s 2014 GMC Yukon which he bought her this past Christmas. He climbs into the truck, grabbing his spare key from his pockets. When he presses the button to start, the low fuel light immediately starts blinking.

He shakes his head. “This girl never keeps gas.” Buckling his seatbelt, he puts the truck in reverse before heading off to the store.

"You might need this," Mary says, holding up a bag full of underclothing and personal items. As goofy as Monique is, she just laughs and grabs the bag from her grandmother. She thanks her grandmother for checking behind her.

Growing up, Monique loved the fact that her bedroom was at the front of the house. She was literally across the hall from the door which led out to the garage which further led outside. All throughout high school, she would sneak her boyfriends in and out without being caught by her grandparents.

Making her way down the hallway and to the left, an aroma hits her nose almost immediately making her mouth water. She walks into the kitchen where Mary is stirring a pot of Rotel before turning to the pantry for chips.

Let Monique tell it, her grandmother makes the best Rotel, because she uses spicy ground sausage mixed with mild ground sausage instead of ground beef.

“Please tell me you have the spicy Doritos chips Granny.” She sneaks over to the sink. She reaches into the drawer beside her, grabbing a spoon. She tiptoes back over to the stove, glancing over her shoulder. Putting the lid to the side she positions the spoon in her hand. Right when she is about to sneak a taste she hears:

“If you touch anything before it is finished, I’m breaking off your fingers.” Monique grabs one hand into the other mouthing ‘ouch’. She knows her granny is crazy. She brings the spoon to her mouth eating imaginary Rotel.

“Granny it’s just Rotel. It looks finished to me.” She tries to dip the spoon into the pan again, only getting popped by a spatula.

“Give me five more minutes Chile, the rolls are almost finished.” Mary puts on her oven mitts and walks over to the modern double walled oven. She leans over grabbing the handle, opening the oven, before closing it again.

Taking off her heat resistant oven mitts, she walks over to the stove. She begins stirring the Rotel to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the boiler.

Monique squeals before bringing her grandmother in the biggest hug, rocking her back and forth. If anyone was to ask Monique what was her favorite food she would always tell them bread. In her words, “Got to stay cornbread fed.”

Deciding to wait for the rolls to finish Monique sits down at the island, grabbing the remote, and turning on the TV. The Voice logo flashes across the screen and goes straight to Adam Levine setting up to sing his song


“Baby, I'm preying on you tonight. Hunt you down, eat you alive. Just like animals, animals, like animals-mals.” She sings along smiling big as she watches her ‘baby daddy’ perform.

The house alarm beeps alerting them that someone has walked in. She leans forward, looking down the hallway to see her grandfather walking her way. He stuffs some keys into his pocket.

“You have a full tank. That should get you there with no problems. I also left you $200 in your console for rainy days.” Monique whips her head in his direction, her eyes jumping with joy.

“Rainy days, I said, Monique Shante,” he sternly states. She holds in her smile and nods her head. You know it’s real when they say your whole name. Her granny sits a huge bowl of the Rotel and chips in front of her and Monique immediately digs in.

She feels a presence next to her when she hears her grandfather’s voice.

"Are you sure you want to leave? You know you can live here as long as you'd like right?" Lester jokes covering his ‘grand baby’ with kisses. He leans her back tickling her like he did when she was a child. Even though she has other siblings in Texas, her grandparents make her feel like she is the only child.

Her mother’s name is Carmen. If you didn't know any better, you would think Carmen is her twin, only with a lighter complexion and burgundy hair. What a firecracker she is. "A lady never reveals her age,” in the words of Carmen.

"Yesssss papa,” Monique giggles.

"I have to make this move or I will forever be dependent on you guys," she continues, wiping her face of his kisses.

This is the last thing she wanted. She knew they wouldn't be there always. As she was beginning to get all emotional thinking about being without her grandparents, she snaps back to reality when she hears a vehicle pulling up outside. The silver Chevy appears with the rims shining. That could only be one person.

"TT!" Monique screams running out of the kitchen, down the hallway, through the garage outside to greet her aunt and cousins. She is instantly embraced in a group hug.

"I can't believe my TT baby is really leaving me," Mecca emotionally says.

"Awwww TT! Don’t do that! You know I'll bust out crying in a second.” Within that very second Monique's eyes were filled with tears. Everyone gathers around comforting her with sweet sayings like ‘everything will be alright’, ‘God has you’, ‘we'll come visit soon.’ Monique looks at her childhood home once more. It is a nice auburn brick house. The grass is always green and cut. The roundway driveway surrounding the fountain is always sparkling clean. She climbs in her truck before saying to herself,

"This isn't goodbye. Goodbye is forever. This is see ya later.” She pulls out her phone before snapping a picture with her tongue out.

GOODBYE Louisiana. HELLO Texas she posts to snapchat and with that being said she was, in her own words, "on zee way.”

Chapter 2


Lawddd a couple of hours feel like decades on the road. In and out of traffic. No matter how turnt I was or how many snapchats I posted, I promised myself I would NEVER make that drive alone again. I am only ten minutes away from ma dukes house and I have to gas up. I glance in my rearview mirror to see a car riding my bumper. I tap my brakes to try to get them to give some distance. They swerve into the next lane, barely missing the car beside them. When they pull up on side of me they honk the horn. I honk mine back, speeding up to mean mug them. I hop in the fast lane, accelerating.

I see a Chevron logo that says next exit. I get off on the exit before pulling into the gas station. Reaching up, I open my sun visor mirror. I lean my head from side to side before pushing down the mirror to look a little further down.

"Let me check myself real quick just in case I run into my la'juvie Donovan. A betch gotta be cute!" I apply my MAC Lustreglass in Love Nectar gloss to my lips, popping them.

Why are you trying to impress him anyways? You said it was just dealings no feelings. My subconscious smirks at me. Sometimes I wish she would mind her business. Yes I did say that, but I still have to look cute for my boo. So deep into my thoughts, I absentmindedly adjust my fitted dress, look to see what pump I am at, then start to walk towards the store.

I hit something solid. "Oww!" It’s someone's chest I run into almost knocking me off balance. Strong, muscular arms grab me swiftly to break my fall. I grip onto them regaining my balance as I give a quick squeeze. My attitude is already brewing till I look up to the face of this stranger. Zamnnn daddy what’s your name? My subconscious gives a devilish grin as she runs her tongue across her top lip.

"Uh... umm... sorry I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going," I say while taking in this cutie before me. He licks his bottom lip with a swift movement of his tongue and gives this boyish grin.

"You good Miss Louisiana.” How does he know where I’m from?
He points to my plates as if he has read my mind.

"I guess I can let it go if you tell me your name.” He smiles. Oh, he think he is slick. "Monique... and you?"

"Romeo... but you can call me Rome.”

Rome? Baby we go by government names round here. Ain't no nicknames bii, my subconscious smartly remarks.

"Umm no... I think I'll call you Romeo.” I smile back at him.

"That's cool with me ma, I recently moved here myself. Well not really recently but it’s been a couple of years."

"I recall me telling you my name is Monique not ma..." I mock his accent playfully rolling my eyes "....but where are you from?"

He throws his head back in laughter like I said the funniest thing ever, showing a smile that has me melting on the inside along with my subconscious dramatically fainting and fanning herself. On the inside I am sexing him in my mind. While on the outside, I stare back at him blankly.

He straightens one arm while grabbing right below his elbow with the opposite hand. "Smart ass. I likes that tho, but I'm from Atlanta." At this point I cannot stop myself from smiling like a schoolgirl. I figured that was where he was from by the accent and it doesn't help that he is fine as hell. My eyes roam down his body as I begin to wonder if he has the total package. If you know what I mean. He clears his throat, startling me out of my thoughts. Oh yeah I forgot to reply. I blink up to his face containing my grin.

"Yup! Wouldn't be me if I didn't talk shit.” He stares at me with a knowing grin, tilting his head to the side. He almost looks intrigued. We are just standing here sizing each other up when I decide it’s time to break this silence.

“Anywho. I have somewhere to be and people to see.” I turn to walk off before glancing over my shoulder. He is just standing there with this smirk on his face, rubbing his chin with his thumb and index finger. I flip my long black wand curled weave over my shoulder before twisting my hips a little harder than before. Not too much but just enough. I walk up to the counter where this handsome beige colored man greets me.

“Can I get 60 on pump 5 please?” No response. I look and see him staring back at me. I furrow my eyebrows, extending my neck a little. He shakes his head like he’s trying to wake himself up.

“Sorry ma’am…. It’s just that you’re so beautiful.”

“Aww.. Uhh thanks?” I hand him three twenty dollar bills before turning to walk out the door.

“Don’t forget! Pump 5 boo.”
When I come back outside, homeboy is posted on my truck. I almost get whiplash when I see him pumping my gas I just purchased. "Ummm... don't get too comfortable boo, I don't know you like that.” I raise my eyebrow before searching around my truck. His eyes follow me as he begins to laugh.

“What are you doing ma?”

“Ohh I’m just looking.” I size him up, still searching around my truck.

“You put a tracking device on my truck? You trying to kidnap me?”
He looks at me as if I grew another head.

“What?” I question. “They told me to watch out for people like you.”
He raises his hand to his chest and scoffs like he’s offended. We stare at each other for a second before bursting out laughing. I wipe the stray tear under my false eyelashes. We sigh at the same time. I look to him and see that he is still laughing.

“I sounded crazy huh?”

“Yeah ma, just a little.” He pinches his index finger and thumb together. “But you know what they say about crazy girls.” He licks his lips, obviously amused at some insider.

“I actually don’t. Why don’t you enlighten me boo?” I cross my arms, playfully shifting my weight on one side.

He raises an eyebrow. "Boo? Well in that case boo I'll text you later.” He turns to walk off but looks back and says, "What you said your number was again?" He holds up a rose gold iPhone 6s plus.
I roll my eyes for what seems to be the hundredth time with this fool. "If you call that game then you gotta come harder than that boo boo.”

He smiles for what seems to be the thousandth time and licks his lips for the hundredth. I know because I counted. Lawd he has to stop doing this to me, and I know he knows what he is doing. I would have sworn I saw a smirk play on his lips.

"You right that was pretty corny...." He laughs. ".... I'll see you around ma. Uh! I mean Monique," he adds, laughing even harder when I slap his arm and mean mug him.

"Oh and even tho that mug was almost believable, a smile looks wayyy better on you baby girl.”

Baby girl? hmm, my subconscious teases as she sips her imaginary tea. This bitch.

Dude seems like a cool person. It wouldn't hurt to befriend him. Would it? I climb into my truck, resuming the navigation.

Chapter 3

"Sooooo...." Ja'Myra smirks at me as she helps me unpack. Ja’Myra is my younger sister by 2 years who's a feisty fashionista that will curse you out in a second. Try her and find out for yourself! She picks up my Mesh Tribal Tattoo Print Jumpsuit that I ordered online. Checking the tag which says ‘one size fits all’ she slowly tries to place it behind her back.

"Sooo what?" I question, trying to neatly organize my belongings my way; in other words finding the quickest way to stuff everything away.

“And betch give me my shit. You ain’t slick.” I reach behind her snatching my bodysuit from under her. She has the nerve to try to sit on it.

"So what? Don't act dumb betch. I know you told Donovan that you made it," she says, annoyed.

"Geez calm downnn..." I laugh, "...what makes you think he even knows I'm here? I don't talk to him like that.”

"Lie again," she says playfully through her teeth putting up her strongest pimp hand.

"Bruhh! Chillllll..." I throw my hands up in surrender,"...I haven't spoken to him since the last time I was here.”

My best friend Lexy and I are headed to Houston to celebrate Fourth of July weekend with my mama and sister. We about to turn up, cut up, and slay the city. Adjusting my seat belt so that it isn’t choking me, I turn the radio up full blast before sitting back. “Slow down Nique damn! I swear if I would have dropped this green.” She grips her grinder and paper that she just recently poured the bud onto.

You wouldn’t have did shit. Now don’t forget to put that filter in there hoe.” She looks at me confused. I reach above to grab the pack of RAW Rolling Papers Filter Tips, handing them to her. I am not trying to burn my nails. I begin to admire my freshly done chrome stiletto set. A car honks beside me alerting me that I am in their lane. I honk back before giving them the meanest mug like it wasn’t just my fault they were honking in the first place.

Hmm.” I look over to see the blunt being passed to me. I take a short puff before taking a second, longer one. I squint my eyes a little as the smoke gets in them. I exhale slowly before taking a long drag and passing it back. The high immediately takes over as I smile, allowing the smoke to massage my lungs. I begin to choke causing me to roll down my window. “Shake back," Lexy teases. I flip her off before snatching the blunt from her fingers.

Migos song “Freak No More” begins to boom through my speakers. I nod my head to the beat as I look over my shoulder, turn on my blinker, and merge over to pass this slow car in front of me.

"Ayyy this my shittt! She's a stripper naked dancer, but she's begging me to wife her! When the first time I met lil mama she was a one nighter!” I look to see Lexy pretty much performing the song like she’s the rapper. I quickly pull out my phone, grinning.

Niiqqueee! Stoppp," Lexy squeals covering her face from my snapchat video.

"Girl! You were rapping that song from your soul hunty. Awww you don't want to be a freak no more friend?" Tears form in my eyes from laughing as I watch over the video one last time.

I type the caption This Thot*skeleton emoji* before posting it.

"Nahh I was talking bout you la'mama!" she says matter-of-factly.

"Well it takes one to know one..... FREAK. You know they say the shy ones be the freakiest ones, but that ain't none of my business though," I say, sipping my imaginary tea. My eyes widen as I glance over before slamming on my brakes hard.

"What the....Nique you trying to kill me?!" Lexy yells dramatically holding her chest.

"Guh nah I almost passed up Raising Cane's. Betch I'm hungry," I say parking and getting out to walk inside.

"Jesus take the wheel. PLEASE!" I hear her saying before getting out.
We walk up to the counter lit as a christmas tree. My eyes roam over the menu board as we wait for the person in front of us to finish ordering.

Bruh want everything. What are you ordering?” I ask Lexy but she doesn’t respond. I look over to her and she has this lustful look in her eyes. I follow her stare to this light skin dude behind the counter. He stands about 6’1” ft. tall with blonde-brownish curly hair. It looks like he could be mixed with something. He almost favors the rapper Kid Lucas.

What can I get for you?” His attention is on Lexy as they size each other up.

She’d take some tongue with a side of meat if you’re involved,” I respond. Lexy’s eyes grows wide as she pushes me. He laughs showing off a bottom grill that screams Daddy.

Don’t mind her sir. My friend is not well if you know what I mean.” She brings her index finger up to her temple, moving it in a circular motion.

Il est correct belle.” Whatever he said just rolls off his tongue causing my jaw to drop slightly.

What language is that, and what did you just say?”

It’s french and I just said it’s okay beautiful.”
Lexy’s bright ass turns tomato red in the face as she is left speechless. “I’m going to go to the restroom real quick.” She turns and walks away revealing her dump truck of a booty. I look back to see ol’ dude grinning and licking his lips.

I guess I’ll order for the both of us. Let us both get the Box combo. One with lemonade and one with a fruit punch.” He punches in my order on the screen.

Oh and can I get a extra piece of toast too.” He nods his head before asking.

What is the name for your order?” I think for a second before telling him to type in Big Booty Ling Ling. He just smiles before informing me that my food will be ready shortly. I walk over finding a booth to sit in before going to the condiment bar and grabbing us some napkins and setting them down. Lexy walks out of the restroom to the table. Right when she is sitting down, her nickname from me is called out, stopping her in mid air. She glares at me before going to get our food. She puts up her index finger before grabbing the tray and walking the food over to our table. ‘I’ll be right back’ she mouths to me before walking away.

I don’t know what you quiet for betch, I know you trying to get that meat,” I say loudly on purpose just to see her turn red again.
Quietly eating and scrolling through snapchat I come up on one particular name that catches my eye. I tap on the picture. "Pull up on a kid, pull up on a kid baby.” I roll my eyes at Don clown ass dancing to young thug in front of a mirror.

"Zamnnnn you over there smirking like you got a d*ck pic or something. Let me see," Lexy walks up to the table sliding in the booth. She leans over, looks, and leans back.

"You really had me thinking it was something.” She smacks her lips.

"Didn't nobody tell ya uglyass to look! Ya nasty!" I say not even looking up from my phone as I type.

I'm about to pull up. *smirking emoji*
Almost instantly the blue triangle changes indicating he's opened the message causing my heart to drop to the floor. I wasn't expecting him to read it that fast! I wait a few minutes before opening the message. I don't want him knowing how anxious I am to hear from him. I take a couple more bites of my bread and sip some of my drink before refreshing my page. I open his message.

*annoyed emoji* Stop playing bro. You're not even here.

"Ughh! I hate that word.” I say that louder than intended causing Lexy to look up from her phone confused.

"Don says bro in almost every other sentence! Bro this. Bro that. Ugh! Bro dees nuts," I say, annoyed.

"Girl, you know that's the word in Texas the same way you use bruh.” She laughs causing me to roll my eyes.

"I hope they get stuck ho... missed me!" She hops out of the booth in time to dodge the handful of ketchup packets I throw. This Bitch.

Not your "bro" & you never know. I may be closer than you think *sunglasses emoji* I send back before throwing my trash away.
As we are walking out of the door, Lexy waves at the dude. “So did you get his number?” We are now walking to my truck.

His name is Ari and apparently we are in his hood, West End or whatever he said. His fine ass is only 20 though, Nique. He a baby,” She whines.

Bitch you say that like you are 30 years old, hell. You are only 21.”

True but still. He lives all the way here and I stay all the way in Louisiana. What can I possibly do to him? I told him to add me on social media though.” I cut my eyes at her.

You childish,” I laugh, “and West End? Where is that?”

I think he said Liverston or something like that.” I grab my phone typing Liverston, Tx into google. It pops up saying Livingston, Tx instead.

"How much longer do we have Nique?" Lexy groans as she walks to the passenger side.

"About an hour and a half but guess who's not driving because they're tired?" I look to her. With a blank expression on her face she says "I'm guessing you?"

"Ding ding ding!" I clap.

"You was mothaf*ckin right," I say in OG Maco's voice. I kind of lied but not really. I really am tired but I really want to see what the move is with Don. They say don't text and drive right? She walks to the driver side past me purposely bumping her shoulder to mine before getting in. Her short self adjusts the seat to where her chest is damn near touching the steering wheel. She checks her mirrors before reaching her hand.

What you want?” I slap her hand.

Your phone for GPS duh uh.”

Betch you act like we don’t have the same phone.” I grab her phone, typing in the address before handing it back to her. She snatches the phone out of my hand with a attitude before putting the truck in gear and speeding off.

Not even 30 minutes into the drive and I am knocked out. I am talking Deebo vs. Craig on Friday type knocked out. When I open my eyes I am in my truck alone sitting in front of my mama's house.

After getting over my waking up confusion, I see Lexy walking back to the truck. "DAMN!" She jumps back squaring up causing me to look at her like she lost her mind. "Girl I didn't know you was awake.... over there looking like something off of WrongTurn 2.” She grabs her stuff along with some of mine. What is she talking about, I said to myself, I went to sleep on fleek and woke up.

"Oooo!" I jump a little opening the mirror. My eyeliner is smeared, hair is a mess, and my lipstick is all over my jaws. She was right! Hell, I scared my damn self.

Getting out to unload my belongings I realize my truck is empty meaning that Lexy had already taken everything inside. How sweet of her! I reach in my lap for my phone not feeling it. I almost have a mini heart attack as I hop out the truck to look for it. I end up finding my phone between the seats. I unlock my phone to see an hour old snap from DonSaucin23. I open it to see a picture of some random dude leaning against something smiling. What the...? It took me a second to recognize him as the "why you always lying" guy from vine. This dude here.

*crying laughing emoji* I'm serious clown! I type walking up the stairs only to be surprised by my sisters, mama, brother, cousins, aunties, and most importantly...... a table full of FOOD! Won't He do it? The first thing I do is rush to the bathroom to freshen up. Knowing my mama she's probably live on Facebook right now and I can't be seen by her thousands of viewers looking a hot ass mess.

After eating and catching up with family we are now watching Love & Hip Hop. "Bruh I love Cardi B. She a trip!" I say.

"If a girl has beef with me,she's going to have beef forevaa," my little sister, Diamond, and mama say at the same time. Diamond is goofy as ever and always keeps up with the latest dances. She is like the sparkle in my eye. Let my mama tell it, though, she needs to “keep up with them damn lessons.”

I hear Ya. Well pull up then

I read, and that's all it took. I'm off the sofa rushing to change clothes in no time. I grab my all black sweatsuit set from Pink by Victoria's Secret. Grabbing my personal items I rush to get in the shower. After drying off and finishing my hygiene, I text him telling him that I am on the way. I walk out the door, speaking to my mother, Carmen, before walking out of the front door.

Mhmm. Ya ass better not bring back no babies.” I look back to see her flipping me off before closing the door and locking it behind me. I sync my phone with my radio as I turn on the GPS. Clicking on Pandora, “F*ck Boy” by Trina begins playing through the speakers. Singing along to the lyrics I peel off driving like a speed racer.

Pulling up to the familiar address I let him know I'm outside and to open the door. I check myself once more to make sure I'm looking right before getting out to walk towards the house.

He opens the door and steps aside to let me in looking me up and down as I do him the same. I'm not even going to lie, his pretty boy thuggish swag has me feeling some type of way. He almost resembles Donny Savage. I didn't realize I was so deep in my thoughts until I hear the bass of his smooth voice.

"Mmm, damn Nique,” He chuckles. "You gone just stand there looking? Where my hug at?" I'm caught. I have to play this off.

"Boy you look like a where my hug ass dude.” I grin walking into his arms that never fail to calm and secure me. He laughs rocking me back and forth playfully moving his hands up and down my back, squeezing each time he gets to my fatty. I walk to his room jumping in his bed immediately making myself at home. He follows and sits on the edge, pulling my legs into his lap, massaging them in circular motion lighting my insides on fire.

"So what's up Nique it's been a minute. I missed you.” He is speaking slowly in the way that always seems to put me in a trance. I don’t know what it is about his voice.

For the next what felt like ten minutes, which actually was an hour, we caught up on what had been going on in our lives. Him with basketball and me with wanting to start over and change my environment. I really enjoy talking to Don, and even though I told him in the beginning it would only be sex, I could not deny the fact that my feelings were growing deeper and deeper for this man each time I came to visit. You would think the distance would keep them at bay, but it made them stronger. I don't plan on telling him either. I'm sure they'll go away.

Before we knew it the sun was going down and it became semi-dark in the room with enough lighting on the both of us. How romantic right? Now I was laying down and Don supporting himself on his elbow beside me continuing his massage from my legs, to my thighs, up to my shoulders, and back down softly placing kisses as he went. We hadn't even slept together yet but there was always this strong sexual tension between us and everyone could see it. So deep into my thoughts I didn't realize I had involuntarily closed my eyes till I felt a pair staring back at me. When I open them our faces are mere inches apart. His lips are slightly parted as he stares into my eyes.

"You good?" he softly asks now rubbing circles towards the apex of my thighs. I don't trust my own voice so I nod. "Good," he cooes and in that moment he begins to lean in. I silently gulp. Oh no, I hope this man can't hear how nervous I am because it feels like my heart is beating through my ears.

Chapter 4

Everything is moving in slow motion. Nervous isn't even the word for how I am feeling right now. I have never been a big fan of kissing and he knows it, but I will never admit my constant yearn for when our lips meet.

Don't stare at him you idiot! Close your eyes. My subconscious barks at me while eating her bag of popcorn.

My eyes close the moment our lips touch igniting something inside of me that I can't quite put my finger on. His kisses are soft deepening with each peck, and too soon they stop. "Hmmn," I purse my lips like a child leaning in only to find his lips out of reach. What the...? I open my eyes, clearly pouting, to find him smirking at me. "What?" I ask, annoyed.

"Uh uhhh Don, that kissing shit ain't for me. It's just not..." He mocks me, waving his hand, obviously amused "....I can't tell Nique.” This dude is really killing the mood.

"You know what Don?" I say mushing his face and rolling over to get out of the bed. He chuckles and with one swift movement of his arm he has me hooked to him with my back against his chest and his mouth inches from my ear. "Do you really think I would let you get too far?" he whispers into my ear placing a light kiss there. I really hate when he does this shit. He KNOWS his voice is too deep to whisper. So all you hear is the hushed bass in his voice like the men from those sex shows. Bruh.

Laying me back down Don is now hovering over me with a smirk playing on his lips. When my eyes reach his face all traces of anger dissolves as he reaches to caress my cheek. Here I am staring up at the face of this beautiful man with skin so smooth like milk chocolate. Even with a baby face the subtle growth of a goatee appearing hints to maturity, and also brings attention to his lips. Those lips.

"Nique...." He whispers in my ear bringing me out of my trance " still mad at me?"
Mad at him? What is he talking about? As I search my mind, confusion on my face, thinking of what I could possibly be mad about, I feel his lips on the nape of my neck. "I take that as a no," he smiles as he starts to lightly suck on the area. "Mmmm," is all I can gather out of my thoughts to say. Making his way from my neck to my chest, his hands begin to explore my body almost aggressively as his kisses are still passionate and light. The combination alone has my mind in the clouds not even realizing that he's managed to get my shirt and bra off.

With each kiss grows a hunger as he makes his way from my chest kissing his way down my stomach to the top of my yoga pants. He grips them with his teeth, pulling along with his hands, and I raise my hips to help assist him leaving me butt ass naked. "Damn Nique," he sits back licking his lips instantly making me cover up with the blanket, self conscious under his stare.

"You don't have to hide from me baby I want to see it all," he says tugging the blanket from my grip. I squeal as he grabs my thighs pulling me closer to him, to where they are on each side of him. Massaging circles in them he begins to get closer and closer to my girl. Using his fingers, he traces my outer lips before sliding two fingers up my slit collecting the moisture there and bringing them to his lips. At this moment all you can hear is my soft breathing and the faint sounds of music that I didn't even realize was playing.

Right as I was slipping into my thoughts Don picks me up to where my thighs are around his shoulders and he's face to face with my girl. "Wait!" I pretty much whine. My heart is beating a thousand miles per hour. "What's wrong?" he says causing me to squirm from the warmth of his breath.

"Nothing. It's just that..." I nervously say, twiddling my thumbs "... this has never happened before.” He places me down causing me to scoot up in the bed away from him only to be stopped by him grabbing me.

"What do you mean this never happened before? You've never had sex before?" he asks causing me to give him that 'Really Nigga' look.

"No, I mean this what you were about to do," I say waving my hands to make a point. He looks at me and then it dawns on him.

"So you're telling me, Nique." He pauses dramatically. "That you've never received head?" I nod my head, a little embarrassed. "So let me get this straight. You're saying no one ever ate that pussy from the back while making that ass clap" he grins.

"Don! Stop playing you know that's what I'm saying," I whine. Seeing that I was serious he brings his voice down to a whisper saying, "Well we're about to change that right now."

He stands in front of the bed grabbing his phone out of his pocket and before I can question what he is doing the music gets a tad bit louder. This clown. I smile big as I hear Under by Pleasure P begin to play through the surround sound in his room. Admiring how much he can actually dance, I giggle as he starts to strip tease. "I'ma hold my breath until you feel it in your chest when I go under," he sings horribly. Spreading my legs with his hands he positions himself to where he's laying in between them. Grabbing me by my thighs pulling me closer to him, he places kiss after kiss causing me to jump a little.

Smirking, he spreads my lips with his fingers licking his tongue out purposely missing my pearl. I'm sure to tease me to death. Using his thumb to apply pressure to the aching spot, he sticks out his tongue then back in slowly like he's savoring the taste. As he applies more pressure his tongue begins to get quicker with each stroke.

"Don," I whimper grabbing the top of his head trying to push him away only for my hands to be held down with both of his. He then grabs ahold of my pearl in his mouth sucking, nipping, and licking feverishly on my girl as if it was his last meal. Struggling to free my hands from his grip, I try my best to scoot away from him as he won't let up. Arching my back off the bed, I can't help the involuntary moans escaping from my lips. He pushes his shoulders forward causing my legs to lift a little, and then he finally releases my hands only to place them around my thighs holding them in place.

"Mmm, just like that," he growls.
Using one hand, he applies pressure to my pelvic bone leaving me anxious to see what he is going to do next. With the other he inserts two fingers inside slowly thrusting in and out and from side to side. Throwing my head back in pure bliss, I can't stop the almost silent curses slipping from my mouth. I'm on cloud nine with no way of coming down. As if he wasn't torturing me enough, Don sticks his tongue out in short but quick licks applying pressure as he went. Pushing against his head with no luck, I could feel the intensity building in the pit of my stomach causing my legs to shake and come down only to be pushed back up.

"Mmhmm don't hold it in, baby, let me hear you.” He continues licking and slurping on my pearl. Not being able to contain it any longer I scream out his name as my body shuddered uncontrollably with him not letting up.

When I finally come to my senses, I look down to see him already looking up at me with the biggest koolaid grin on his face.

Sensitive to his touch, I jump with each kiss as he starts making his way back up till our lips meet. Running my hands up his chest and down his back, I begin to suck on his neck and nip at his ear at the spot he likes. He groans pressing his erection into my girl before grabbing my hand and placing it there. I grab him through his shorts purposely teasing.

"Nique," he groans. Finally releasing him I gulp silently feeling that he is bigger than I thought he would be. He pushes his hips forward pushing himself to my entrance causing me to wince a little from his size. Taking my nipple into his mouth while skillfully playing with the other, he starts to push himself even further. Right when he was all the way in “Mama” by Boyz To Men starts playing on my phone indicating that my mama was calling. "You want to answer that huh?" he asks biting down on my shoulder. Nodding my head he reluctantly hands me my phone. I take a deep breath before answering.

"What the problem is," I say into the speaker.

"The problem is it's almost 11 O'clock and we over here already dressed waiting on your ass Nique," Carmen fusses.

"Oh and tell Don I said Hey!" I hear my sister say in the background.

"Ay, Wassup Ra?" Don says like we're not connected at the moment.

"Give me 30 minutes y'all, here I come," I say.

"30 minutes? What the hell-" I hurriedly hang up before Ra ass gets to talking.
I grab Don's face pecking him lightly on the lips.

"I have to go hun”. Giving me the saddest puppy dog face ever he pulls out of me bringing me closer to hug him.

"It's cool Nique,” he sighs. “I'll guess I'll just die from blue balls but I guess you're worth it.”

I look at him before bursting out laughing, playfully swatting at him.

"Shut up boy," I began tying my 22" virgin Indian weave in a ponytail pushing him back onto the bed "You look like blue balls.” I begin stroking his manhood up and down before taking him all in my mouth.

"Fuckkk," he says leaning his head back. Going up and down rolling my tongue around the tip as I come up, I watch as he clenches and unclenches his fist at his side. Moving at a faster pace, I replace my mouth with my hand stroking up and down as I trail the sensitive skin under his shaft with my tongue. Caressing my face, I feel his body begin to tense telling me that he is almost near. Making an 'O' shape with my mouth I begin to suck ferverishly moving my head in a side to side motion. Moving his hands down to massage my breasts, his hips involuntarily buck pushing himself deeper causing me to pull back enough to not choke.

Tightening my lips around him he comes undone with the sexiest groan I have ever heard. Slowing the pace down I suck and suck until his body relaxes completely and his breathing slows down. Looking up he has his eyes shut tight with his nose pinched between his index finger and thumb.

"You alright there?" I laugh straddling him massaging his chest and shoulders. He obviously is at a lost for words because he gives me a thumbs up. Laughing even harder, I hop off the bed grabbing my purse heading to the bathroom to clean up.

After finishing my personal hygiene I walk to Don's room to see him the same way I left him. Placing a kiss on his cheek I turn to walk to the front door.

"Ima walk you out Nique," he finally says getting up to put on a pair of basketball shorts.
Opening the door for me as I'm getting ready to walk out is when he moves his head a little putting his arm out to block the way. Confused, I look up to see him looking down at me with his lips puckered.

"Goofball," I say leaning up to peck his lips once then twice, deepening the kiss before making my way to my truck.

"Monique what are you getting yourself into?" I say aloud, sighing as I drive off.

Chapter 5

“So you’re telling me you haven't talked to him not once since ya'll nasty asses were over there freaking it?" Ra questions with one eyebrow raised.

"Nope," I answer scrolling through snapchat. "There isn't a point in us really choppin it up.... we just messing around."

"Mhmm, messing around my ass. You can be in denial all you want, but I know what's up Nique," she walks out of the room.

"How about you know dees nuts!" I scream after her slamming the door to my room.
I walk over to my bed sighing as I fall back onto it continuing my scroll on snapchat. Pointless snap. I tap through it. Someone lip singing to a song they don't know the words to. I tap through it. Black screen with music playing in the background. I tap through all of it. I never watch people's full stories. I just tap through them. My subconscious shrugs. It's not like I deal with them. My phone starts ringing indicating someone is calling me on FaceTime.

"Hey babeeeeee," I answer grinning from ear to ear.

"Don't hey babe me betch, you acting all funny now you out of state huh?" My best friend Ty mugs at me.

"Ty, I made it here today and betch I just talked to you earlier before I hit the road," I say.

"Yeah, you’re right. I'm trying to make sure yo ass don't start acting hollywood on me boo," she smiles innocently. "Anywho, how do you like it out there? Are the niggas cute? Got some meat yet?" She bombards me with questions.

"Woah woah Ty slow yo crazy self down guh. First of all, yes I like it so far. It feels different. A new environment equals a breath of fresh air," I say inhaling deeply. "Second, I haven't been paying attention to anyone even though I ran into this fine dude from Atlanta at the store. Last, betch no that's the last thing on my mind right now. I'm trying to run my bands up before I even think about a nigga.”

"Well yeah you right. If it don't make money then it don't make sense. Owwww," she semi-raps sticking her tongue out causing me to playfully roll my eyes. "Now tell me about this dude you ran into. How he look? Can he dress? Did he have an accent? Does he look like he working with a bungaloid? Better yet, what that mouth do?" She attacks me with questions again, getting hype.

"Geez Ty, calm yo fast in the ass tale down.” I begin to laugh, wiping the tears out of my eyes. Hearing my mama's truck pulling up outside, I pick up my phone, putting on my shoes to get ready to walk outside. Knowing her she's probably going to be sitting in her truck for a minute before actually coming in anyways. "He's really handsome girl. He's light skin with a bunch of tattoos. He's not that much taller than me but he is pretty tall. He has this nice rico suave type vibe going with a nice build. You know I don't like chubby dudes girl, but he's not really chubby. He's muscular and you can tell he goes to the gym a lot," I say, propping the phone on the dresser listening to Ty rant about how she thinks guys who are really muscular have small you know whats.

Since I knew today was going to be majority of me getting my belongings together, I dressed pretty comfortably with a black fitted halter top, black joggers showing my new belly ring, and my black and white Roshes. I adjust my joggers so they're not raised like high waist making my booty look long. Running my fingers through my dark auburn 20'' Indian deep curly weave, I glance over myself in the mirror. I would like to say that I have a hourglass shape and I'm far from skinny, but I do have curves in all of the right spots. 42DD with a booty like POW!

"If I lost a little more off my midsection I would be fine as hell Ty..... Ty?" I look over to my phone to see that she hung up. Ty never believes in saying bye, she just hangs up even if you're in mid-sentence, but that's my snow bunny. I'll call her later.

When I first met Tyler, aka Ty, my mind was beyond blown at how ghetto she sounded. She was going off on some dude from behind me and you would have sworn she was black if you were just listening to her. My first thoughts of her was that I knew she was forcing it until I actually got to know her. She is real life crazy as hell but I love my Ty Ty.

Grabbing my phone off of the dresser, I open my door to walk outside to see what my mother is up to. As I'm walking down the stairs I see my sister Diamond making a dubsmash. I smirk as I come up behind her snatching her up. "Diamond watch out!" I yell causing her to jump hard screaming at the top of her lungs. When she realizes it's me she elbows me in my stomach causing me to double over from pain and laughter.

"Damn noodlehead," I hear her mumble as she walks off.

"Oooo! I'm telling mama.” I take off running with her hot on my tail begging me not to. "Maaaaa!" I yell towards my mother as she is getting out of the truck.

"Don't listen to a thing she saying mama. You know Nique is a liar," she says causing me to stop in my tracks seeing the glare my mama gives her.

"Ooo shit, you done did it now," I mumble stepping out of the way.

"What I told you about that L word?" she asks sternly staring Diamond down. Diamond is just standing there looking crazy.

"You don't hear me talking to you?" My mama starts walking closer causing me to back away out of habit, even though she isn’t even talking to me. She has that effect on people.

The pop she gives sounds off. "Don't let your mouth overload your ass, ya hear?!" she says as Diamond nods her head crying. "Shut up! Before I really give you something to cry about little girl."

Ra walks up to me obviously sensing the tension in the air. "Danggg, who died?" she asks too loud.

"Uh uh," I hit her, shaking my head from side-to-side silently letting her know right now is not the time. She puts her mouth in an O shape, understanding it's better if she keeps her mouth close.

"Where you bout to go Nique?" Ra asks me walking to the passenger seat of my truck.

"Well, I came out here to speak to mama but I changed my mind now.” I chuckle. "You know how she gets when she is mad. Just take her anger out on everything in sight.” Ra nods her head, laughing in agreement.

"Wellllll," she looks at me with a mischevious look on her face. "Since you're already out, let's run up to the park right fast and see who's out.” I look at her like she's crazy.

"What's at the park?" I ask.

"A basketball court," she responds in a duh tone. I wave my hand motioning for her to explain what the hell that has to do with us.

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