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Demoniac the anti god

Anonymous behind the story

By arozy saputra

Copyright 2016 Arozy saputra

Isbn 9781370853021

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Might be contain typo. I hate touchscreen. And sorry for the grammar. I can't speak english.

Victor diavoz is a immortal tyrant with an alter ego personality. On planet grenada he is known as anti-god. Is the opposite of hestius the god of heart with the same talent.

Victor is better known as demoniac. The NGC (Natural Greenpeace Center) search results in grenada show evidence of demoniac influences in the hearts of prospective gods and mutants. It is not certain whether he is alive. Because there are no traces and evidence of death. Nobody even knows where he is now. Based on the analysis, the possibility of demoniac tied to the demon empire in the underworld. Gives him various strengths including time traveling.

On this short novel i will tell you how he can obtain his power and personality. The most naughtiest demon god on the grenada.

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µTable of contents

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Chapter 1


Once upon a time in grenada. In the past. There is no time standard. Because there is no certainty about when victor lived. Because there is some evidence to suggest that Victor lives in some time. NGC parties are also difficult to assemble the evidence and the existing timeline.

I must confuse you because I am talking about planet grenada. Indeed it is my imaginary planet. Too complicated to pin down. I fantasize about the planet without clarity. It just happened when I was in the third grade of elementary school. I will let your imagination play and make you ask about terms you do not know.

To compile the history of demoniacs, the NGC is pacing in many places. Request vip access to the forbidden place. Like the presidential palace and military base. It's a tough task but it does work. One by one the demoniac history reports and stories can be compiled. Although only partially. But I think that's enough to write.

Let the story begins...

"Drop the womb!" A drunken man is angry in front of the door of the room. His left hand holds a knife. The smell of alcohol really smelled from his mouth. His right hand knocked on the door, trying to break down hard. His expression looked angry and desperate.

"No shawn, I want to give birth to this child, he is innocent." In the room there was a woman who was 7 months pregnant. Sitting on the bed carrying a baseball bat in both hands. Fear. Tears trickled down with trembling hands. The door to the room was detained with tables and chairs stacked together.

"Come on jane, you're a whore For what to have kids? There are many men waiting for you." Shawn could only knock on the door. Too difficult to break the door empty-handed.

"Just find another woman to be cheated, I'm tired of prostitution, I want to be a normal woman." Jane's voice softened with tears. "A fucking lady! Get out of the room! Or I'll kill you!" Shawn's bursting emotion gave him the energy to keep breaking the door. "No, you're a jerk, just go to hell!" Jane's screams and cries sounded heartbreaking.

The door began to sway. The tables and chairs that held the door began to vibrate. Jane looked restless and frightened. The baseball bat in her hand looks ready to be swung. Jane was really upset. The door is little by little open to make jane confused what to do. When Shawn's head began to look as the door opened slightly, jane looked toward the window. Without wasting time, Jane went straight to the window and waved the stick in her hand. "(crack)...!"

Shawn who saw Jane break the window rushed to break the door. "Jane, you have to pay my debt!" Shawn shouted. Jane tried to get out of the window. At the same time Shawn began to enter the room. "Pay your own debt." Jane came out the window and ran off. Shawn who went straight to the window looked furious. "JANE!"

Jane laboriously ran away from the window without direction. It was night and the street was quiet. The residential area is shabby and nobody is seen nearby. The street light was dead. There are only a few lights that light up from a distance. Jane ran toward the lamp. Hope to get help. Shawn chased behind. Jane circled the block to fool shawn. Shawn's drunken state made it easy for her to escape.

Jane gets to a closed minimarket. Jane is hiding in the alley beside the minimarket. She kneels in the pile of garbage. She leaned against the wall and his legs straddled. Her vagina was wet. It seems that jane will give birth.

A painful jane groan pushed the baby jane out of her womb bit by bit. Jane held back the shout so as not to be heard by a bewildered shawn in search of Jane's whereabouts. His voice was heard in the distance. "Jane, come out!"

Jane ignored him and continued to press on her stomach. Her beautiful face was wet with sweat and tears. Her hands were confused looking for something to hold. A very painful moment for jane. Blood saturated jane short skirt. No panties she wore. And finally a small red baby who cried softly. As if to know if her mother was being chased. Jane, exhausted, looked relieved. She picked up her son and placed it between the plastic and the dustbin in the place. "Grow healthy." Her warm kiss before she left. She did not want to shawn find the baby.

Jane stepped out of the alley with difficulty and caution. The baseball bat is still in her hand. She saw shawn in the distance and approached her. "Jane, what's wrong with you, Women job are making love, Serving men's desires, Is that why women are created?" Shawn approached jane with a swaying, drunk move. Jane could not say anything. She prepared her bat. As they approached each other, Jane swung her bat directly at Shawn's head. Shawn was sprawled. But shawn's hand held her hand. Shawn was lying with Jane on it. Jane struggled and shawn tried to stab his knife. Jane reached for the shawn knife. The struggle of the two people in the middle of the road was seen by a young man from a distance. The young man ran closer.

But shawn had poked jane's stomach and jane had time to grab his knife and pierced shawn's chest. They both died.

Blood began to spill. The young man had reached jane and shawn and was exhausted after running. Too late, nothing else could be helped. The young man called the police.

In short in the morning the place has been surrounded by police. They found the jane baby and took him to the hospital.

Jane baby was handed over to an orphanage. Police did not find relatives of jane or shawn. Jane was vagrant. While shawn was born in an orphanage. So jane baby treated by orphanage. They named him victor. A name that has not been used by another child in an orphanage. That's how the orphanages give names to be different from each other.

Victor grew into a quiet child. He never talked to anyone. That makes him ostracized and nicknamed the weirdo. wherever, bullying is always there. Victor's soul grows wild with the training of the bully children. Victor day is very boring to tell. Victor does nothing but daydream and feel the bullying torture.

Up to school. Introversion is clearly seen in victor's self. He ignores anyone. No one appeared to him. His eyes are empty. He is considered a strange child. And already predictable. Correct! Bullying.

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