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Capital Gain

“Watching that door won't make things happen. If you want to talk to the guy, approach him. Make yourself known,” said Payton. “You aren't the shy type. Go for it.”

The blonde cashier who'd worked the register for the past two years flashed her co-worker a toothy grin. She was opinionated when it came to men and she didn't mind sharing her expertise on the subject.

Stop speculating about me, and mind your business. I want nothing to do with him,” lied Infiniti Collins as she dragged her smoky gray eyes away from the swinging double doors of the beer distributor...

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Capital Gain


Political Pusher

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Capital Gain

Capital Gain is the increase in the value of an asset between the time it is bought and the time it is sold—



Anoki Strong Arrow blatantly misquoted the preamble of the constitution in an effort to reinforce his point.

We the people... in order to form a more perfect fucking Union... practically annihilated an entire Native American population.” He could barely contain the seething rage that dilated his pupils and increased the blood flow circulating through his heart, and body. “How can you help them destroy us? Have you forgotten the history of this country?”

“Of course not,” whispered Dakota White Dove while glancing apprehensively around the beer distributor. “Lower your voice. This isn't the time. This is not the place.”

“Do you know that the U.S. Constitution describes us as merciless Indian Savages?” he asked while ignoring her plea to control his voice.

Screw silence.

He wanted to be heard. He expected to be noticed. “That document was both ordained and established by thirteen racist colonies, yet nowhere in that political rhetoric does it denounce the invading of Indian territories for the purpose of stealing land— There is no mention of the broken treaties that promoted their lies and forced us to fight against oppression and slavery.”

Anoki Strong Arrow knew that the bloody American legacy had been forgotten.

It was archived and buried beneath the sacred grounds of North America alongside the carcass bones of the slaughtered buffalo relatives.

No one spoke of the past truths.

Long gone were the tales of the butchered bison who were systematically hunted to the point of extinction for the sole purpose of starving the American Indian.

Anoki Strong Arrow was neither surprised nor dismayed that his people were edited out of American History. The only time they became relevant was during the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Then the Indians were trotted out like show horses and praised for helping the Pilgrims...

Bull Shit.

Anoki Strong Arrow continued to speak. His summer brown skin became flushed as his blood pressure rose even higher, “I refuse to do nothing. You are family. This is my clan.”

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