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Chapter 1

He takes a deep, slow breath. His heart is racing, but he is calm. Slowly, he draws the string of his bow, further and further, until he anchors his hand at his chin. He holds his breath. His heartbeat pounds in his ears. After a moment, he releases the shot with a muffled snap.

That was a good shot. He feels it, he always does. And just a split-second later, the arrow finds its mark. A small rabbit, sitting in a clearing just fifty feet from him. Happily, he puts the bow on his back, and walks over to pick up the rabbit.

Finally, this was the third he tried to hunt down. Burne and Mason would make fun of him all night if he came back empty handed. He pulls the arrow out of the rabbit’s back, and put it back into his quiver, tossing the rabbit over his back. Softly humming, he walks back to their camp.

He loved to hunt. When he was on the hunt, there was just him and his target. He would forget all his worries, all his fears. And the peak of the hunt, these last moments, they are just something else. When he draws his bow to finish the hunt, he feels truly alive. There’s nothing like it. Well, there is something, actually. But before he could finish that though, he sees the campfire gleaming though the trees.

“Oy, there you are!” That’s Burne. “What took you so long? Got attacked by a rabbit?” And Mason. They both start laughing with deep, rough sounds. “Oh, I can keep that rabbit to myself if you don’t want any.” That should shut them up. “Nah, you know I’m just kidding, kid. We even found some berries for the stew!” Yeah, that’s Mason. Big mouth, but he’s not that bad, really. He just likes to play rough.

He sits down by the fire, pulling out his knife to skin the rabbit. His father taught him how to hunt, and how to skin, gut and cook the animals he killed. Proficiently, he skis the rabbit and prepares it for cooking. It was a simple stew, but with some berries, it would be quite tasty. He might not look like it, but Burne is actually a pretty good cook. He may not know his way around a kitchen, but he could make a good meal even in the middle of a forest.

“Hey Mino.” He didn’t hear her coming, like so often, but he smelled her scent as she walked behind him. A very pleasant scent, like a wild flower. “Hey Maggy.” She sits down next to him, and starts mashing the berries for Burne’s rabbit stew. Mino smiles as he continued cutting up the rabbit in small pieces. Sitting by the fire with her, it’s nice. She had her smooth, black hair bound to a ponytail again. It really brings out her sharp features. As she turned her head, he quickly looks back to the rabbit.

After a few more minutes of preparing the food in silence, Burne mixes together the meat, berries, herbs and even some wine into the pot. Just a few minutes on the fire, and the air was heavy with a smell of spicy stew. Suddenly, Mino hears a low rumbling. “Was that a bear or your stomach, Mason?”, Maggy says with a playful grin. “Oh, if I don’t get food soon, I’ll turn into a bear!” “You mean fat and lazy?” Damn, Maggy really had the best comebacks. Mason looks at her fuddled for a second and then they all began to laugh. “If you weren’t a pretty little girl, I’d come over and kick your ass!” he says, still laughing. “Oh, you wish you could, I’m sure.” “Oh, is that right? I think someone just volunteered for first watch tonight.” “Fine with me.”

And so, they eat the stew. It is delicious, at least for a meal in the forest. Mino sometimes misses his mother’s cooking. But he really can’t complain, he’s had it worse. As Mason went to wash of their pot and dishes in the nearby river, they all lied down to sleep around the fire. Except Maggy of course, as she took her place on a rock so she could keep watch. While falling asleep, Mino watched her for a bit as she was playing with a dagger. He was dazing off already, eyes almost closed, when he saw her look over to him. She seemed to smile a little.

Chapter II

“Slow and steady.” A deep, soft voice whispers right next to him. He has heard this phrase a hundred times, yet he would never ignore it. Slow and steady he draws his bow. “Feel it. Focus on your target. With all your mind, focus on it. Your body will do the rest.” So he does. He sees the deer grazing on a glade just about 70 foot from him. A clear shot. He breathes in, slow and deep. His eyes fixed on the deer. He slowly exhales. Completely calm now. And then he feels it. He can’t describe the feeling, but without thinking, he loosens the arrow on his target. Time seems to freeze as he watches the arrow fly. He sees the deer look up. Alarmed. Startled. A look of panic. And then the arrow strikes it, right in the chest. He turns around with pure joy. “I did it, daddy!” “Yes you did, son.” He sees the pride in his father’s face. Together, they walk over to get the deer. He feels kind of bad. They hunt only to feed their family, and never cruelly. But he just killed for the first time. He doesn’t really feel like celebrating. But as he comes closer, the deer’s head suddenly jerks up and looks at him. Its sad, dead eyes look right at him. “You killed me.” it seems to say. In shock, he looks up to his father, “Do you see that!?” But as he turns to him, his father’s face looks at him with sad, dead eyes. “You killed me.”, he says in a dark, deep voice.

He jerks up. “Whoa, relax it’s just me.” Still in panic, he looks at Mason. “It’s okay, it was just a dream. You okay?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” “Good. You’ve got last watch.”, Mason says and lies down next to the fire. It’s not really a fire anymore, just some gently glowing embers. Mino puts some more wood into the fireplace, poking around in it with a stick. Damn, that was a really scary dream. His gaze wanders around the camp. Mason seems to be sleeping already. Burne is snoring slightly. Maggy is sleeping peacefully, with a faint smile on her face. Her black hair frames her face, her pale skin in stark contrast. She looks a bit ghostly like this, without her lively turquoise eyes looking at him. She’s still wearing her leather pants and top, with a dagger still at her belt. He never quite understood how she felt so comfortable in tight leather clothes. She says that she needs unhindered movement, but Mino can’t imagine wearing such clothes all day. But they do fit her. As his gaze wanders across her chest, he quickly looks away again. He shouldn’t be looking at her like that.

Burne and Mason are wearing leather armor, too. But not at night. And not a tight one, but thick leather on top of their normal linen shirts. Mino wears just some light linen shirts with a light leather jacket on top. That, and good, soft shoes is all a hunter needs, like his father always said. And a sturdy pair of pants, so they aren’t ripped to pieces by the underbrush.

He misses his father. He spends the next few hours thinking about times long past while taking care of the fire. As the sun finally rises above the trees, he wakes his companions. They have a long day ahead of them.

They packed up camp quickly, and continued their journey. They kept themselves entertained with some light banter, and Mason told another story of his. How he supposedly rescued two beautiful elven sisters from a group of bandits all on his own, with only a little help from his brother. But of course, gentleman as he was, he did not even sleep with them. “Yeah, because you forgot to mention that they were like 300 years old and probably grannies.” his brother added. “Oh shut up, you’re just jealous.” It really never gets boring with the brothers around. While they were still haggling up ahead, Maggy looks to Mino amused. He smiles back, but they say nothing.

After a long day, they reach a tavern, near a road through the forest. “Ahh, finally a bed again! And some beer! Oh, I’ve missed this.” And so, Mason disappeared in the crowd, heading straight for the bar, his brother following him close behind. Mino just smiles tiredly and shakes his head. “How about we get ourselves a room, hm?” he hears Maggy say, smiling at him. He looks at her puzzled for a second. “Uhm, yeah, sure. Can’t wait to finally put down the bag pack.” She chuckles, shakes her head and leads the way. Did he say something wrong?

There’s quite a lot of people at the tavern, so all they could get was a single, two bed room. “You don’t mind right? We’ll just have to snuggle a little.” Maggy says with a laugh. “Uh, sure, fine, whatever.” Oh boy, this is going to be an interesting night. He’s still in thoughts as they load off their stuff in their room, imagining all the ways this could go wrong. He doesn’t want to make it awkward, like it was nothing special. But for him, it was. Why can’t he be cool about it, like Mason? If they found out he had feelings for Maggy, they would make fun of him all the time. What if she didn’t want him in the group anymore? They are all he has!

As they walk back to the bar, Maggy stops. “Oh boy. We’re gone just five minutes and they already made friends.” He is snapped out of his thoughts and looks at Maggy. Following her look, he sees the brothers with mugs of beer, sitting at a table with an adventurous looking guy. He’s actually quite handsome, with a hint of dangerous. If he just looked like that guy, maybe then Maggy wouldn’t just see him as some town boy with a bow. The guy looks like is usually surrounded with women. Even now, there’s two women sitting close, hanging at his lips. They look like the just want to rip his clothes off right there on the spot. What is it about this guy?

As Mino and Maggy come closer, Mason sees them. “Heeey, there you are!” he shouts, raising his mug at them. “You gotta meet Joon, he’s got the best stories!”. The guy, Joon apparently, what a stupid name, nods at Maggy with a sly smile, “My Lady”. God, what a jerk. “Oh please, forget it.” Maggy says and grabs Mino by the arm, “Let’s get something to eat.”

After a pretty good meal and some ale, they go back to their room. “I’ll be right back.”, she says and is already out the door. With a shrug, Mino brings his back pack in order, making sure everything is properly stowed away. “Always take care of your gear. It will save your life one day.”, his father always said. As he leans his bow and quiver to the back pack, Maggy comes back with a big bucket of water. “Ah, I can’t remember when I had a bath for the last time. This isn’t quite a bath, but I will do. You should clean yourself, too, by the way.” “Uhh, yeah sure, I’ll just go pee first.” Wait, did she mean he smells? Well, to be fair, he probably does. Still, that kinda hurt. He walks out of the tavern, and as he walks up to the tree line, he sees a shadow move in the forest. “Hello?” No answer. “Eh, probably just a deer.” He takes a leak and walks back. As he walks, it suddenly hits him. Did she mean they should have washed themselves simultaneously? That would mean he would have seen her naked. His heart races at the thought. But she would have seen him naked, too. Oh, why can’t he look like Mason, or Burne. Or like that Joon dude. Well, it doesn’t matter now, that chance is long gone. Wait. Actually, she's still going to see him naked now. He just won’t see her. Damn, that was a bad move.

Still shaking his head at how stupid he is, he gets back to the room. Maggie’s sitting on their bed already, sharpening her dagger. Her hair is still wet, but she is already fully clothed again. She smiles at him, but then looks back at her dagger. Awkwardly, he quickly undresses and washes himself, with his back turned to her. As he puts on his shirt again and turns around, Maggy puts her dagger right next to the bed. “Come on, we should get some sleep. Let those mug heads get wasted, we have another long day ahead of us.” “Alright.”

And so he lays down next to her, his body feeling heavy as lead. He smells her scent again, even stronger now. She really does smell good. He feels her warmth next to him, their arms softly touching. His heart is pounding, but his tiredness is still stronger. He quickly falls asleep, dreaming both weird and exciting dreams.

He feels someone shaking him softly. “Hey Mino, wake up!”, he hears Maggy say. “Huh? Is it my watch already?” he replies sleepily. “We’re in a tavern, dummy. No, something’s up. Don’t you hear it?” And while he’s still rubbing his eyes, he does hear it. The horses in the stable are neighing in fear. Suddenly, a cry breaks the night. Like someone was both surprised and terrified. Even creepier, the cry stopped as abruptly as it started. As he looks over, he sees Mason and Burne lying in their bed. No, actually Mason lies on the floor, still fully dressed. Like he just fell asleep on the spot. “Shall we go check it out? I’ll get my bow.” “Yeah, but let’s not wake the brothers.” With a few short grabs, he puts his quiver around his back and takes his bow. He thanks his father for his advice. Always keep your gear in order at all times, you never know when you need it. He looks at Maggy and nods at her. With her dagger in her hand, she nods back.

Silently, they leave the room. But just as they do, they hear another loud voice. “Ahhh! What are those goblins doing here!?” They look at each other in shock. “Damn, goblins?” he whispers. Why does he have to sound so afraid? She probably thinks he’s a coward, it’s just some goblins after all. “Yeah, we definitely need to wake them now.”, and she’s already back in their room. He looks through the door, and sees her shaking Burne wildly, while kicking Mason. They both just grunt and turn around, almost simultaneously. “You mug-headed morons, wake up! We’re under attack for fuck’s sake!” Wow, he hasn’t heard her curse like that often. She sounds like she might be afraid, too. And if she’s afraid, they are fucked. Better take their stuff and run.

Maggy finally got the brothers to wake up, and they quickly grab their few belongings. “Let’s get the hell out of here. If goblins attack this tavern, there’s gotta be lots of them.” How does Maggy know all this? And how can she always stay so calm? With quiet sounds of discontent, the brothers follow Maggy and Mino as they leave the tavern through the back.

They just moved a few steps towards the forest as two goblins jump at Maggy, seemingly out of nowhere. With a surprised yelp, she is thrown off balance. She still manages to quickly lunge to the side, dodging an attack of the first goblin. But moving right into the spear of the other goblin. He hears her moan in pain as the blade penetrates her left shoulder. It’s not a deep wound, but she is clearly in pain. “Maggy!” he cries out in fear.

Chapter III

It was still in the middle of the night when she woke up. She heard crickets chirping nearby. An owl quietly hooting in the dark. She looks to her left and sees Mino cuddled up to her. She smiles. He probably would be so embarrassed if she woke him up right now. What is it with him? He obviously likes her, but why is he so awkward about it? She has given him enough opportunities to make a move. What is he so afraid of?

Well, at least it’s not her. Not like all those boys back home, who couldn’t stand the idea of a girl who isn’t helpless. Maybe she shouldn’t have kicked ass like she did. No, actually, she regrets nothing. Still, every guy just disappears as soon as they get to know her. Afraid of her being a strong woman. Afraid of her skills. And then there’s one guy who is not afraid of her being a badass, and he’s still too afraid to make a move? Or maybe he is afraid of her? Of her powers? Ugh, she should really just stick to adventuring and kicking bandit ass. That’s easier. He is quite adorable though.

Suddenly, the horses start neighing wildly. Did something stir them up? They almost sound…afraid? Maggy gets up, standing next to the window. It’s pitch black outside, she can barely even see the outline of the stable. She can see movement though. Something metallic reflecting the low shine of the moon. Figures moving around.

She turns around and softly shakes Mino awake. “Hey Mino, wake up!” Huh? Is it my watch already?” he replies sleepily. “We’re in a tavern, dummy. No, something’s up. Don’t you hear it?” While he is still rubbing his eyes, the horses neigh again, sounding even more afraid than before. Something is definitely wrong. “Shall we go check it out? I’ll get my bow.” She smiles. Mason and Burne would have just laughed at her for worrying. Mino always takes her serious. “Yeah, but let’s not wake the brothers.”

While he grabs his stuff, she takes up her dagger and looks over. The brothers are still sleeping. She looks back to Mino and they nod at each other. They make a good team. But they were barely out the door when a cry breaks the silence. “Ahhh! What are those goblins doing here!?”

Damn, goblins?” She hears the fear in Minos voice. The brothers would probably just look forward to a brawl, but that what’s going to get them killed one day. A goblin may not be a threat, but they always attack in big groups. She learned that from the many adventurers who came through their shop back home. “Yeah, we definitely need to wake them now.” And then flee while they still can. But she doesn’t say that. She doesn’t need to.

She tries to wake up the brothers, but they just grunt and turn away from her. “You mug-headed morons, wake up! We’re under attack for fuck’s sake!” Sometimes, she would like to just hit them with something. Like with a club. In the face. God, some day those stoic asses will get them all killed.

Mino was already picking up his stuff as she tells Mason and Burne to move their asses. They are surprisingly cooperative. They mumble a bit, cursing her quietly, but they did get up. Quickly, they take all of their packs and move out the back of the inn.

It was still completely dark. She had a bit of elven blood in her, but not enough to see in the dark. She saw a little better, but not much. They will just have to be careful then. She moves ahead, turning back to gesture the others to hurry. Just as she turns forward again, she sees something jump at her. A little bundle of rags, reaching maybe up to her waist. The goblin impacts her before she can react. She almost falls, but with a quick step back, she regains her balance. Finally, she recovers from the shock. Her eyes widen, her body and mind getting ready to fight. She feels her heart racing, but in a calming way. She sees the goblin swing his dagger at her. She spins around, away from it. Just as she wanted to pull her own dagger, she feels pain explode in her left shoulder. God, how could she miss the other goblin? She really needs to pay more attention. Not being careful will get her killed one day. But not today. With her right hand, she grabs the goblin’s spear. She looks at him, eyes burning with anger. That fucker will regret attacking her. She feels the energy surging through her. A burning sensation, moving from her chest into her left hand. The goblin looks at her in terror as her hand starts to glow, just a split-second before he is hurled away by a blast of magic. Pulling the spear out of her shoulder, she spins around. Using the momentum, she throws the spear at the first goblin. A powerful throw. She can already feel the impact. And so does the goblin, apparently. He looks at her with a face of panic just before the spear pierces his chest, sending him to the ground. He’s not going to get up again. She still feels the fight rushing through her. She looks around quickly, but no more goblins attack.

She turns around, calming down a little. “Come on guys, we gotta get moving!” They all look at her, but don’t move. “Are you okay, Maggy?” Mino is the first to react, rushing towards her. “Yeah I’m fine. You know I can handle myself.” Mason and Burne seem to sober up rapidly now in the face of danger. They catch up quickly and draw their swords.

Quickly but silently, they sneak towards the trees. As they disappear in the shadows, they all turn around to look at the inn. People are screaming in panic. Horses neighing in panic. Some seem to be fighting back in panic. It pains her to be unable to help, but there’s just too many goblins for just the four of them. With a heavy heart, she turns around, looking at her comrades. “We should go. There’s nothing we can do here.” They look at her and nod. No one disagrees, but she saw it in their eyes. They hate to just leave those people here to die just as much. And so, they turn their backs on the inn, disappearing into the woods once again.

Chapter IV

“Hey, Mino!” he hears Maggy’s whisper. He looks over to where she should be, but doesn’t see anything. A smile appears on his face. She’s still here. He thought he had to see Maggy die when those goblins attacked her. Frozen and unable to move, unable to help, unable to protect her. That can’t happen again. He will have to train harder. The smile turns into a look of grim determination.

“Mino! Come here!” He snaps out of his thoughts, and sneaks in her direction. As he comes closer, he finally spots her, leaned against a bush. “Damn, you’re great at hiding, you know that?” “Shhh, not so loud! Look, over there.” She’s still whispering, pointing past the inn from yesterday. Which is now in control of the goblins that attacked, apparently. There’s goblins patrolling, and some just standing around. “Yeah, I see them. They are suspiciously well organized, right?” “Yeah, someone’s must be leading them. Not a goblin, though. I don’t think we can take back this trading post or whatever they call that.” “Yeah, agreed. Let’s just head back to camp.”

Back to Mason and Burne, who should be preparing a lunch right now. They’ve put up camp not too far from the tavern in the middle of the night. Doubling the guards is real fun when you’re just four people. But it’s better than getting killed by goblins in your sleep. Still, Mino was still quite tired, he could barely sleep after a night like this.

He could smell the camp even before he could see it. A smell of something delicious saturated the air. Burne really could have been a royal cook in another life. Maggy turns her head at him and laughs. “They may be stupid mug-heads sometimes, but Burne’s cooking really makes up for it.” But before Mino could reply, they reached the edge of their camp.

“Welcome, welcome. Tonight’s royal dinner is almost ready – some berries, some plants, some ale, I think I even added some spices? Anyway, it’s a pot full of delicious, served by your Highness Mason Himself.” While Mason was bowing down before them, evidently enjoying himself, Maggy and Mino were just staring at him in surprise. “That…actually smells really good, Mason. What did you put in there?” “Oh Maggy girl, don’t you ever listen to me? It’s forest stuff and ale!”

Damn, brother, that actually smells better than expected!” Burne appeared between the trees, a dead rabbit hanging in his hand. “You, too, brother!? I can throw some stuff in a pot, I’m not that stupid.” Mason usually isn’t so overly dramatic, he must be in a really good mood. “You okay, Mason?” “Oh, Mino, I’m great! I’m not just hungover, but also tired as fuck and feel like eating a whole boar by myself. So you all better sit your asses down so we can eat, all right? And if those little fuckers attack again this night, I’ll rip their little heads of and eat them for breakfast!” Okay, that’s Mason again.

They all had to wait a little while longer, though. Mino skinned the rabbit quickly, but it took almost half an hour until it was cooked. By the end, Mason’s stomach was rumbling like an angry bear again. But as they were finally eating the soup, it was as delicious as it had smelled. Eventually, they were all done eating, and leaned back, resting for a bit.

“So, where are we headed now, guys? Further west?” They were on their way to Duskbrook, but Mino has never been there before. “Yeah, we should arrive there in a day or two. Gotta get that bounty, finally!” Mason says, with a distant look in his eyes. He is probably already seeing himself spending it. Probably on way too much alcohol, like always. “Well, let’s get going then.”

Mino barely remembers anything about that afternoon though. He was almost falling asleep the entire time. And now that they’ve made camp again, he got first watch. Great. Well, at least he will be able to sleep through later. The others just lay down about ten minutes ago. The crackling of the fire is the only sound he hears. It’s comforting. The flames dancing before his eyes, the wood crackling, the soft warmth. It’s a good night. He might have drifted off into sleep, if he was not suddenly woken up by the snap of a twig. He turns around, hand already on his dagger. But it was only Maggy.

Relieved, he relaxed again. “Hey Maggy.” “Hey. Can I sit?” “Uhm, of course?” She let out a long sigh. “I wanted to ask you something…in private.” “Uhh…okay?” He was wide awake now.

“You were kind of…weird yesterday. When we were in our room. Like you were uncomfortable with being in a room alone with me. You aren’t afraid of me, right?” “What? No, no, why should I? I mean, you are a total badass and stuff, but why should I be afraid of you?” She was wringing her hands, like she was really nervous. Finally, she looked him in the eyes again, “Well, you know. All the boy in my town were afraid of me when I got my powers. Most men we meet, they are so…intimidated by me. Like they can’t handle a girl who isn’t helpless. And I hate that, you know? I just don’t want you to be scared of me, Mino, okay?” She looks so adorable right now, he just couldn’t help it. How she smiles awkwardly at him, a little scared even. He hasn’t seen her scared before, not like this. He just wanted to take her in his arms and not let go. “Of course, Maggy, I like you just the way you are.”, he whispers, smiling at her. On a whim, he puts his arm around her shoulders. She looked surprised for a second, but then smiled and leans on him, putting her head on his shoulder.

And so they sit there together, cuddled up, looking into the campfire. Feeling Maggy so close to him is…exhilarating. He feels all fuzzy on the inside, his heart pounding. He feels her hair on his cheek, he smells her intoxicating smell, felt her chest expand with every breath, pressing against his. It’s like the world stopped around him. But it didn’t. And soon, she will leave him again and go to sleep. But in that moment, he couldn’t think about that. There was just this moment. He closes his eyes, a smile on his face. He can’t remember ever being this happy.

“Hey, Mino?” Her voice was just a low whisper. “Yeah?” “Why were you never like this before? You never get this close. Even in bed yesterday, you felt so tense and uncomfortable.” “I…err…I don’t know. It’s just not something I’m used to.” “What are you afraid of?” “I don’t know, it’s just…” “It’s just what?” “I don’t know, I guess I was just afraid that it would be, you know…inappropriate. That you wouldn’t like it.” “Oh Mino. Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart. Was does your heart say?”

His heart was racing now. But it was not saying anything. That would have been too easy. He just doesn’t know what to say. What if he just said the truth? He has no idea what would happen. No idea what she was going to say. What Mason and Burne are going to say. It would be so weird. But as he looks into her beautiful eyes, he was suddenly filled with a certainty. He just doesn’t care. All he cares about is being with her. She still looks at him in anticipation, smiling softly. “My heart…just wants you.” And it’s out. His heart is pounding so fast now, he can hear the blood rushing through his ears. His hands are shaking, and he can barely breathe. She laughs softly and looks away.

His body turns cold, like he was thrown into a freezing lake. His heart feels like it just stopped. Even his vision began to blur, like his body couldn’t take this much fear. He shouldn’t have said that. What was he thinking? “Oh Mino… Why have you never said anything before?” “I…I was afraid you wouldn’t want to be my friend anymore. And I can’t lose…” But before he could finish the sentence, she leaned forward and pressed her warm lips on his.

And again, the world just seemed to stop. After a second of shock, his body finally obeyed him again, and he softly kisses her back. Feeling her lips on his, feeling her nose in his face, her smell – everything was just so intense. Like there was nothing else in the world right now, just her. And his body no longer felt frozen, but like a wildfire exploded in his chest. He feels like he would burst with joy, and there are tears in his eyes. They separate again, slowly and carefully. He chuckles awkwardly. “Wow, that was…something else.” He looks in her eyes, her face still right in front of his. Her eyes sparkle back at him, a sly grin on her face. She looks down at his mouth, biting her lip. He laughs and pulls her in closer again.

After a few seconds, they laugh and separate again. She cuddles up against him again, and they just sit there, looking in the flames as they lick and dance across the logs.

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