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All I know, humans have a noble heart. A gentle soul. A smart mind. They can also feel a variety of emotions. And most of all, have logic.

Hey, you! Yes, you! The human I call the most perfect being. Please, allow me to tell you. At least, let me inform you that I do exist. That I also have taste, heart, soul, and love.

I am a very beautiful mannequin. My beauty exceeds the standard of other mannequins. That's how I think of myself every time I hear the amazement of the boutique visitors who see me through the window. In the beginning, I was not concerned with my appearance, but after the owner of the boutique never considered me, then I want to be seen by him.

I do not know when exactly I live in my body as a mannequin right now. Almost everything that belongs to human is in me. I'm not a dead object. I can speak with my language. I can move with my style.

Perhaps, it’s all because of the intense desire to be acknowledged by the handsome human. For some reasons, sweet and magical things suddenly appear to come to help me. Pushing me close to love. Encourage the man to feel my love.

Thank you for the skill of a toy entrepreneur who had sculptured me with great details and caution until I was formed. That was where my origins came from. That was where my fate began. As a mannequin.

Oh yes, I'm the only one in my world, who understands the human. No other mannequins I can make friends with. The ability to learn things and understand something quickly came from somewhere. Humans call it the intuition’ term. Something like that.

It really hurts to be a character who can only see the favorite person without ever being seen by him. Unfortunately, I do not know how to change this yet. How to get his attention.

I want him to fill my lonely heart. I want him to care about me. Although he could not hear my voice and reply to my shouting, I want his eyes always on me. I miss him to realize that I'm real. I am in front of him. And in love with him.

I know unrequited love should not happen in my story. I’d rather prefer a happy ending. Although my life is unlike other normal love stories, I believe my love is not unremarkable.

So, would you please hear my story?



Close but feels miles away,

how helpless we are ...


A man and woman were staring into each other’s eyes with full of admiration. Biting and catching each other in a bursting arms. In a dimly lit boutique, without adequate lighting.

The moonlight that penetrated the window’s curtain further clarified the body silhouettes of couples who were being drunk of uncontrollable passion. Taking turns alternately. Rolling over. Gripping. No matter how much sweat that moistens their bodies. Fingers and lips wandered everywhere. Racing in the sigh of breath and the constant moan of pleasure.

Eventually the couple moved in a fast rhythm. Combined beautifully. Until they managed the peak of passion to accomplish together, breathless and satisfied.

For a long time they hold still in possessive possessions with each other. The man, who was in control, did not want to shift his muscular posture from above his woman. He continued to give light kisses on her neck and shoulders while occasionally tasting them. Her laughter became a magical breaker that had been created between them.

"You are heavy, Matt." The woman stretched her body as she pushed Matt's chest away.

"Hmm ...," Matt replied lazily. He pulled his chest back against her body again.

" The morning will soon come. We will be seen by your employees if we are not hurry," she protested.

"In a moment, Claire, I'm still anesthetized," Matt whispered hoarsely.

Matt's lips were back guerrilla. Claire giggled as she felt the tip of his tongue playing with her earlobes together with the warm breath from his lips.

"Anyway you have to get up." Claire turned her face to the left and right, avoiding Matt's face trying to steal a kiss from his lips.

"I'm already awake, my dear Claire," Matt muttered meaningfully. She grabbed Claire's hand toward the part of his body.

Claire shrieked softly. "Are you kidding, Matt?"

Matt stroked Claire's long brown hair falling loosely around his smooth shoulders, looking at Claire's swollen lips. "I want you more."

That morning, they repeated a passionate struggle once more. Moved tirelessly as if he had never done it before. Tasted the awesomeness of romance together again. And again.


Matt could not help thinking. He frowned because of getting confused. Just left briefly to the bathroom and Claire had disappeared as fast as lightning without leaving a trace of their love at all. Like one night stand only. Not even her clothes were left behind. Instantly the silence in the room was piercing for Matt.

As written on the agenda, Matt had an appointment with Fiona this afternoon. She was his designer and his flagship deputy at the company. There was no time for him to think about where Claire had gone. The only info she could get was her name.

Matt was hurry to open the window’s curtain and unfold his boutique carpet. The boutique was located in the shopping center of ​​the city's elite area. There were still several more branches scattered in several malls downtown and neighbourhood. Matt managed to make his boutique into the largest and exclusive boutique in the city.

Matt also had a cafe and production house business, the kind of business that made him familiar in the world of models and celebrities. This was the opportunity of temptation that Matt could have greeted with ease but never served because contrary to his principle.

He knew his face and style impressed playboy look. But he did not have the playboy attitude. He never wanted to get involved with many women. The business empire he had pioneered since graduating from college was more intriguing than the perfect ladies who had come to him.

Until the skinny woman, who was far from the sexy term, appeared in front of him. Just like that. Like falling down from the sky. Unclear origin. Suddenly she had taken his attention from his beloved business. Claire, the bully of concentration.

Her skin was pale white as marble. Tapered face was framed by long dark brown hair, a tiny little nose, long eyelashes like doll, and thin pink lips.

Nothing special. Except one. Her eyes. The sparkles managed to hypnotize his passion when Claire was looking at Matt wistfully. Reminded Matt of the lake color in a storybook. Dark and deep green.

A bell clinked Matt's attention to the open door of the boutique. He saw his employees came in and began to fix the contents of the boutique.

"Strange," Doni said suddenly in front of a mannequin.

"What's so strange?" Lily asked.

"As I recall, I put this pretty mannequin at the window show with two other mannequins, but why is she standing in the middle of the room now?"

"It's not me who move it on," said Lily.

Matt became interested in hearing the conversation of both employees. He walked toward Doni and Lily to find out what's going on. Without looking at the mannequin, Matt caressed the material of the evening dress being worn on the mannequin.

"Fiona's latest work?" Matt asked.

"Yes, the design for the collection you ordered last week," Doni replied.

"Put this mannequin back in the window, do not forget to put on shoes and accessories." Matt glanced at his watch. "I have an appointment, maybe I will be out until night. Rika has not arrived yet?"

"No, maybe soon." Doni picked up the mannequin while carrying him a little.

"Be careful, do not scratch its skin," Matt said casually and then rushed out boutique.


I liked today’s weather. Bright and warm. But the sunshine was so strong to my eyes.

That was what made me aware of my current position. I was placed parallel to two other mannequins. In a boutique storefront that titled DESIREE. A luxurious and beautiful boutique for exclusive customers. Old and young. Fashion lovers who did not care about spending money and those who loved to add their collection of clothes.

My current standing position gave me more glances of passengers more than the other mannequins on my left and my right. It made me the center of visitor attention. The prettiest.

The boutique is very elegant. The yellow light of the lamp and various colors of clothes hanging in various angles could create its own beauty. The golden curtains blend in contrast with the luxurious red carpet all over the floor of the room.

Ouch! I got stiff when I had to keep up the arm with style like a statue. As I moved my arms down, I felt the strap of dress slung over my right shoulder. The silk dress that wraps my body must be very expensive, the material was very light and smooth, sticking to fit and beautiful in my body.

Sometimes, I felt lucky to be a favorite mannequin to boutique clerks. I felt lucky to be a showcase display in this luxury boutique.

"That's beautiful!" cried a boutique visitor.

"Can I help you?" Lily asked, approaching the visitor.

"It's been a long time since I've been looking for a moss-green dress exactly like the one worn by this statue, and the model also suits my taste." The visitor looked at me from top to bottom as she stroked the dress material I was wearing. "I hope the size fits."

"You can try it," Lily said.

"Can I?" the visitor asked enthusiastically.

Lily nodded with a smile.

"If so, let me try it."

"The fitting room is over there," Lily pointed toward the back of the cash register.

Oh, this is the part I'm most worried about. When the clothes I was wearing wanted to be tried by one of the boutique visitors. I would be seen naked in front of the window, though for a while. I was ashamed!

"Poor you, dear mannequin," Doni said. He draped a large and long brown scarf to cover my body. It could only cover a little, but better than nothing.

"I’ll take this dress," the visitor said when she came out from the fitting room.

"How about take another look at the same shoes and bags, ma'am?" Lily asked.

The visitor shook her head. "I already have a them at home."

"All right, let's pack it up," Lily said. They both walked to the cashier.

Doni smiled grinning at me. "Looks like you have to wait, dear mannequin, it’s almost lunch time."

Oh, no! Do not leave me with this scarf alone.

I found one of the human habits that is strange. Hunger. Why do they need to eat? I thought that's pretty troublesome.

When the boutique was deserted, I walked sideways toward the shelf on the left wing. I took the clothes randomly and wore it as soon as possible then twisted the scarf from Doni around my neck.

On tiptoe, I returned to my last position in front of the window. The natural style might be like a mannequin. I had to wait until all the boutique employees came back .

"Hey, look! This mannequin is gorgeous," a teenage girl whispered to her friends while pointing at me.

"Yeah right, I've never seen a statue with pretty dress like a goddess from paradise," her friend said while looking at me admiringly.

"I love the dress, so chic and girly!" she muttered. "She looks like a fairy girl waiting for her lover."

The girls then went on the streets whispering. I was dreaming of another humanity. Whispering with a giggle. Is that fun?

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