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To my beloved Mom and Dad, as well as Karl and Euko, I love you so much. This one's for you.


It was midnight. Darker than any nights I’ve been to. The only light that lit my tiny room was the moon. I looked into it. The more I stare, the more bigger it got. But that was the only thing I could do in the middle of the night. Stare at the moon and the stars at the vast skies and wait for the knock.

Alas! It came. I knew it would come but I did not expect the knock to be at the door. I was expecting a knock in the windows, instead. In my great surprise, I stood up on my own two feet and walked toward the front of the white painted wooden door.

I opened it and the person I saw on front of it was dad wearing his rosary on his neck, wooden stake on his pocket and a long riffle on his hand. I was about to ask what is happening but he spoke out first.

“Are you okay?” He asked me. I looked my eyes from the tip of the riffle down to its handle.

“I'm fine.” I said.

“Wear your rosary; stake should be on the desk.” He ordered me.

I knew why dad was like this because as far as the citizens of this town were concerned, all of us here were surrounded by thirsty bloodsuckers that were all lurking in the shadows. They were living among us. We all knew that. And that was the only reason why Dad was so protective. What can I do? I suppose that all mothers and fathers would do the same thing in order for their daughters and sons not be bitten by vampires. And also, they did all things for them to be safe.

“Stake's at the desk,” I pointed with my index finger the stake at the top of the study table just beside my bed and my Dad's gaze followed the direction I am pointing to.

“Rosary? . . . in my pocket.” I continued.

“Better wear that.” I obeyed his order.

After he assured that I am well and okay, he left me alone inside my tiny bedroom. He did not even know what I would do tonight. He did not even know that her eldest daughter was risking her life. After all, this is not the first time that I would meet a vampire in the middle of the night. Before, like a couple of weeks ago, I used to do this every night. I had done this kind of thing before. Not once, not twice, but many times that anyone would ever thought.

A couple of minutes later just after Dad left my room, the anticipated knock came. And as always, it came from the window. I quickly opened it and grabbed his pale cold hands. Then, I helped him got inside my room.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“It’s been a week since I last climbed in your bedroom.” He said smilingly.

“Stop fooling around. Are you okay?” I asked in a low tone so no one could hear what we were talking.

“I am, Fe. I am.” He replied.

“Thank God.” I said hugging him and I felt the coldness of his body.

“How about you?” He was asking me with glares on mine.

“I am that is because Dad was over protecting us.” I replied.

“Good. Did you saw any vampires at your backyard?”

“No. No one.”

“Fine. Take good care of yourself while I am away so no one could harm you.”

“Yes, boss.” I teased, and then he smiled.

“I need to go someone was coming. I think it’s your sister.” He said. I looked at the door and looked back at him, but he was gone.

I nearly forgot that he was extraordinary, who had not so ordinary who had act so ordinary skills that humans, ordinary people, did not have, except in movies. A moment later, the door opened and my little sister popped out. I grabbed her by her waist and we sat on the bed.

“It’s late Lucy. Why are you awake?” I asked her.

“I can’t sleep,” she said

“Why?” I asked again.

“I still was having nightmares about vampires. “She answered.

“Nightmares?” I asked again.

“Would there be good vampires?”

“I think so.” I remembered Ethan.

“You know what? Just tell me a story.” She asked me. And that’s what I did.

Next day, I was awakened by a phone call from a friend and her name was Alex.


“Have you heard the vampire?” She asked.

“No!” I replied and then yawned.

“He people caught the vampire and they all voted to burn them at the City Plaza.”

“No way!” I exclaimed in great surprise

“We need to see that!” She shouted.

I hung up the phone. I went with my own two feet to the bathroom. I clasped with my hand the knob of the door and gave myself a low sigh. I wonder who that vampire was. I hope it’s not Ethan.

After washing myself up, I headed straight outside my bedroom and went downstairs. When I was about to leave the house, I nearly forgot my phone, which was at the table inside my bedroom.

I made my way again to the bedroom door when I saw Zoey in front of it.

“Fe!” she exclaimed after she saw me.


“Where are you going?”

“Just at the plaza.” What are you doing in front of the door?” I asked her.

“I was about to give you this.” She handed me a list of things that I need to buy in order for us to live.

I grabbed both the list and the money on her hand and after I got my phone, I headed outside.

When I was at the plaza, I heard screaming and babbling of people around the tall wooden wall. I was pretty sure that these people would go to kill this bloodsucker.

“Hey!” Alex called out as I tiptoed to see a glimpse of what is happening.


“Have you heard the vampire?” She asked


“What he’s too handsome to be burned but too bad he’s a bloodsucker.” Alex said.

“Please stop!” I ordered her.

I moved closer to have a better view because I was so nervous and kept myself thinking about Ethan. Where he was right now? Is he safe? A lot of questions lingered and popped out from nowhere and started making me more nervous. What if he’s the one tied up in the pole?

I quickly manage to find a way. When I saw, the vampire’s face, I was so relieved that it was not Ethan. But I could not express my relieved face, when I saw his friend tied up at the pole and people would try to burn that guy.

“Burn that murderer!” Someone exclaimed.

“He’s not a murderer.” I whispered to myself that was so low, so no one could hear me, as well as Alex.

“Burn that unkind species!” Another one shouted in anger.

“He is not a bad vampire.” I whispered again. This time Alex heard me.

“What are you talking about?” She asked in her curiosity.

“Just do me a favor.”

“What?” She asked.

“Just buy me all things in here.” I said as I give the list to her.

“And I’ll just give it to Zoey,” She said.

“Fine. Thank you. I need to go.”

“Where are you going?” I heard her shouting at me but I just ignored it. All I wanted to do now was to save Ethan’s friend. The first thing popped inside the back of my head was to find Ethan and let him know about it. But I had to find him first.

I ran as fast as I could from plaza to my house. I went straight at the backyard. I looked around but no trace of Ethan.

I knew it was not safe but it was the only way to find him. So I came up with decision that I need to go inside the woods to find him and to save his friend.

But circumstances made me believe that it was wrong to go to the woods alone. As far as I know, every people who entered this wood were found dead and their blood was all gone, as well. But I could not help it, I found myself here inside of it. I had to save that vampire, even though it was against other people’s decisions.

“Ethan!” I shouted as I looked around to find if someone was here.

“Ethan!” I shouted again. This time, I was nearly screaming. I ran again as fast as I could but I did not know where I was heading.

“Looking for someone?” Someone asked as I made my very last step then, looked at that person.

“Ye…yeah!” I hesitated to answer.

“I heard you were calling Ethan, right?” I slowly stepped back with my right foot.

“Afraid of me?” He asked as I managed to move another step backwards, then, another one.

“No.” I nearly shouted. Then, I realized that this man in front of me wanted to kill me and suck my blood until I was dead.

“I guess Ethan made a wrong choice. He saved his friend but his love will die soon!” This time, I was crying without even realizing it.

Tears after tears dropped across my face. I am terrified. I am also frightened. But what can I do against those vampires. I just an ordinary girl and that vampire were ten times stronger than me, than anyone else in the world.

“You know me, right?” He asked with his fangs out.

I nodded as I scan the whole surrounding and found a branch of tree near me that I could use to help me fighting and defending myself.

I hastily grabbed it but I was able to reach it and got back to my original position. He supply move into the thin air and held my neck, as well as the branch of tree I was holding. He crushed the wood within his hand and whispered something inside my ear.

“Don’t move. Or else, I’ll break your neck.”

The quickly released me when I ceased to move. But I made a decision to get the rock beside me and hit him hard. The attempt I made was so unfortunate that. I hit only the space behind me because that vampire was so swift. Enough to dodge every move I would make.

“You disobeyed me!” He said and something hit my head and all turned out to be black.


I was awaked by the echoes of the sound of Ethan’s voice. My eyes seemed so heavy and all things to me were blurry. I blinked a few times but it was still the same. I blinked again and I saw Ethan’s face so clearly. He held my face with his cold hand. I looked at him and I came to a realization that I am tightly tied up at a strong tree upside down.

“Are you okay?” He asked me in concerned look upon his face.

“I’m okay!” I replied.

“Let me untie you.” He did what he said and when I was full alert now on what was happening, I came to another realization that the vampire who tied me here was Ethan’s stepbrother.

“He was my stepbrother!” He said.

“I Know.”

“How did you know?”

“I saw it inside your wallet. The picture, I mean”

“The picture?” He asked curiously.

“Yes, I think your stepbrother wrote the words at the back of it, saying “I’ll break you and take everything you love.”

“He wanted me dead.” He replied.

It was late at night that made me a little bit nervous because my dad did not know where we are and I am pretty sure that he was worried enough that he could kill himself.

I looked around but there were no trace of Ethan’s stepbrother. Even Ethan could not sense his brother around. Our eyes locked together as well as our hands, when we decided to get out of this horrible place.

In a speed of light, his stepbrother punched him in the face that almost knocked him off. I screamed in great horror as I covered my mouth with my hands. I got his attention and moved forward to attack me.

We made a way toward me as swiftly as the wind. He graced my wrist that I could let go. I did all of my best but he just tightened it and grinned. I looked at his red eyes, and all I could see was vengeful eyes. It was vengeance that made him into a monster. He held me closer to have a better aim on my neck. This was the end, I supposed.

I could feel the fans against my flesh but it was still not piercing my skin to dark blood. When a couple of seconds had passed, Ethan shoved him with his hand. I’ve never seen such push that strong that made his stepbrother hit the tree.

A series of punches were thrown by each one of them. I could hear the sound of fist against the flesh that made a horrible sound to my ears.

On Ethan’s one final blow, his stepbrother lost his consciousness and fall on the ground. Ethan, however was so weak that made him part. I ran quickly into him.

“You need blood.” I suggested.

“No!” He replied.

“You need it or else you’ll die!” I shouted at him.

I offered him my neck to take a bite and suck blood but he refused.

“Come on! Drink up!” I ordered him but he still refused. I saw my stake not far away from us. I grabbed it and ran back to him. He was no lying on the ground and he could not do any kind of movements.

“I need to do this because I don’t want to lose you. I love you.” I cried.

I stabbed my left arm with the wooden stake and blood quickly oozed from it. I put it on his lips and I could see it on his face that he could not resist his thirst for blood.


I was awakened at the hospital with bandage on my left arm. I saw Zoey and Dad there. They explained me everything. They knew everything that I was kidnapped and my Dad nearly killed Ethan when he showed in our house.

When I was out now, I quickly ran at the backyard and saw Ethan there waiting for me.

“I love you, too.” He said.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“It was my response to your confession last night.” He replied.

“You saved me.” I replied.

“No, you saved me.” Then, we kissed.



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Sneak Peak: Frozen Bow

Finally, I saw it again. Maybe, it would take months before seeing it again. Summer time was the only season I love. Though in the Central Continents, they were able to experience true summer unlike in the Northern and Southern Continents. It was all day time from the morning until midnight it was natural for us to experience this.

I was out for a couple of hours and it feels like the sun never heat up. The ice in the land never melted that is why our island was called Frostland. Other countries in the Northern Continents, also felt the same thing like ours.

The bell rang and it was a sign that all of the people in the island must not go beyond the frozen wall. I quickly ran to my igloo and found mam with a basket of goodies. I look at it and it was fresh meat and vegies. I put a thought in my head about how the Central Continents planted vegetables, fruits and tress. Of course, no plants would able to live on such cold place.

It was around seven o’clock in the evening and the sun was still. A horn was blown. That was a signal for the head Frost Magician to close the entrance to the Frostland. His other apprentices also helped him to close the frozen wall and to keep us safe from to monsters lurking outside.

A shout from the outside of the wall was heard by all people near the entrance. I quickly took myself a glimpse of that person running and the head Frost Magician quickly stop the closing of the frozen wall for a minute and let the man enter.

I looked at the boy’s face and I saw it was Sommi. I quickly ran into him and try to ask him why he’s late but I refused myself to do so. I looked at his Magic Staff and found the silver blue marble thing. He’s been training, I guess but he did not say anything until I snatched his staff.

He gave me a look and I quickly gave the staff back to him. I am afraid that I did not have magic to fight him. He’s great at using Ice Magic and I am great at nothing. Why I am blessed with a body without any magic at all.

On the past sixteen years of my existence, I suffered from getting teased by all of the people around me for having no ice powers. I always asked Mom why I did not have abilities like that. She always answered that God gave me more than others can have. Of course, I was not able to understand that, so I just decided for myself to learn archery to protect myself my monsters and many other cruel things.

My mom always talked about how high my precision was when I shoot arrows at the snow man that mom built using her powers. She supported me even though she knew herself that I did not even have a little hope on acquiring Ice abilities.

“How are you?” Sommi asked.

“I’m fine. How about you?” I asked him and I realized that he looked tired.

“I am fine, as well. But a little bit tired because of training.”

“I see.”

Mom called for my help and I left Sommi alone. I gave a quick last look at the walls and it was completely closed. No one’s able to go out and no one was able to get inside. I got the knife from my mom’s hand started to out the cabbage soaked in hot water into pieces.

A bunch of kids was going to come by eight at the outside of the igloo for storytelling mom had been doing ever since like the other children, I listen to every stories mom told about the Frozen Bow, Dark Aurora, Frozen Flower and many more. As I mixed the ingredients into the cauldron for the soup, I saw Euko slipped outside, I saw her through the window.

I quickly looked at her and I saw other kids playing with her. They all filled with joy. Joy that I wished I had when I was young. But, fate forbids me to have joy in my life. Because I lived like a normal girl without magic and people treated me like I’m nothing.

“There’s Ines!” A bunch of kids shouted. Some of them were pointing a finger to mom and some of them have smiles pointed on their faces.

“Hello!” Mom said to the children and gave them the faintest of her smiles. She asked them if they were ready for the story she prepared. The children shrieked in their excitement.

Mom gave me a look which was a signal for me to pour hot soup on the cups she prepared and gave it to the children to heat them up. Of course, we were all dreading for heat because we lived on a frozen land.

Mom started her storytelling to children and I also started distributing cups of soup to children. I handed them one by one. I got myself a cup too to heat myself. I quickly got another one when I saw Sommi standing at the back of the group of children. I saw Teks also and I was able to give him a cup too.

“Are you listening to your mom’s stories, too?” Sommi asked I nodded drinking a cup of soup.

“Coldman? Interesting!” Teks said and I looked at him. I realized that he also was listening to my mom story.

I knew about the Coldman or should I say mom told me about the Coldman’s story, when I was young Legend of Coldman. Coldman was a boy with mask and he helped other people, like a superhero. I believed about everything about the Coldman because my mom said that she saw him once and spoke to her once when she was seventeen years old.

No one knew about the Coldman’s identity because of the mask that hid his face. No one even knew where he or she lived. No one even have an idea about his or her family.

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